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Ο in ton Chapel ΑΜΕ Ζ ion Church
1901 Rozzells Ferry Road
Rev Morgan W Tann, Minister
Cast Stonewall ΑΜΕ Ζ ion Church
\779 Griers Grove Road
Rev. Jamas Ε McCoy, Minuter
Gethsemane AME Zion Church
531 Campus Street
Rev. George Ε Battle Jr.. Minister
Or ice ΑΜΕ Ζ·οη Church
71» Brevard Street
«•v. Smith Turntf III. MiniHf M>lor
Oreenville Memorial AME Zion Church
4UMontieth Drive
Little Rock AME Zion Church
403 N. Myers Street
Rev Williams M. White, Minister
Walls Memorial AME Zion Church
Î722 Bancroft
Rev J.T. White, Minister
Greater Bethel ΑΜΕ Church
301 Grandin Road
Rev. L.S. Penn. Pastor
Baha'i Faith
4122 Providence Road
Antioch Baptist Church
3701 Monroe Road
Rev. Preston Pendergrass. Pastor
First Baptist Church
1020 South Church Street
Rev. J.B. Humphrey, Pastor
First Mount Zion Baptist Church
1515 Remount Road
Rev. F.G. Lower y, Pastor
Friendship Baptist Church
3301 Beatties Ford Road
Rev. Coleman W. Kerry Jr., Pastor
Gethsemane Baptist Church
1300 S. Winnifred Street
Rev. C.E. Dewberry. Pastor
Greater Mount Sinai Baptist Church
1243 West Boulevard
Rev. Norman E. Kerry, Pastor
Greater Providence Baptist Church
1829 Cleveland Avenue
Rev. J.W. Wallace Jr., Pastor
UBI/llll V."Ulin
1401 Hatteras Avenue
«•v. L.J. Wallace, Minister
Mayfield Baptist Church Memorial
700 Sugar Creek Road
Dr. L. Dlggs, Pastor
Mount Carmel Baptist Church
412 Campus Street
Rev. Riddick, Pastor
New St. John Baptist
Newell-Hickory Grove Road
Rev. R. H. Leak, Pastor
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
517 Baldwin Avenue
Rev. Andrew Cuthbertson, Pastor
St. Luke Baptist Church
1109 Rodney Avenue
Rev. L.O. Parker, Minister
St. Paul Baptist Church
1401 N. Allen Street
^Rev. PauM^JDrurT^gjPastof
'it Paul Communitjjjy^ËTchurch
2200 Julia Avenue
Rev. Robert M. Young, Pastor
Salem Baptist Church
5318 Salem Church Road
Second Calvary Baptist Church
114 Nelson Avenue
Rev. J. M. Kennedy, Pastor
Tabernacle Baptist Church
1115 Redbud Street
;Rev. W.A. Rorie, Minister
University Park Baptist Church
2154 Senior Drive
-Rev. James E. Palmer, Pastor
T t
"Christ The King Center
*425 E. 17th Street
-Father James J en y on. Priest
United House of Prayer
:«321 Beatties Ford Road
Elder C. Wllkêrson, Pastor
'Derita House of Prayer
F52Ô Cheshire Road
Cider S. Ford, Pastor
•Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church
1001 Beatties Ford Road
J|Aev. Bryant E. Clancy, Pastor
• »
Cathay Memorial ΑΜΕ Church
J*} Chicago Avanua
Jtav. Ell Prica. Pal tor
Logan Chap*I CME Church
«60S Parkton Road
Jlav. Jam·* L. Cotton, Pastor
Weeping Willow ΑΜΕ 1\όη Church
ΧΜ Bllllngtley Road
(«•v. J.W. Menderaon, Pattor
WmpaonGllleaple Unlftd Methodltt
S40 Wlntton Street
Wev. Jamtt McCallum. Mlnltt»r
Am»v J«m« Pr»»byterHn Church
im Wnl Bouleverd
Kov. M.A. Cochr«n·, PMtor
Plrtl United Pre*byteti«n Church
»1 N.B. 7th Street
Rev IJ Moor·, Ρ «l'or
prior H eight* Preobyterlen Church
HS Skyland Avonuo
Memorial United Preebyterlen Church
MM Boottl·· Fora Hood
,· I
H#v.*I.W. Olven», Potior
I». Poul United Pretbyterlon Church
■OOlnton Church Rood
(Τον Robert L Wellon, Potior
Moteovllle Avonuo Unltod Proobytorl·
SO* Stetetviiie Avonuo
••v. Wllburn M Sender·. Minuter
Mount Morloh Primitive ΒορΙΙιΙ Churl
147 W Trode Street
Hev Thomo» W Semuett. Pettor
Merereth Primitive Beptltt Church
ttJO Boncrolt Street
Hev Jeme» A Prleion, Pettor
"The Sovereignty Of God In Salvation99
"■"·· ciuiior-m-enter
The Prophet's Column, Inc.
Editor's note - This is the first
of a three-part series of mes
sages to appear in the Post in
the coming months.
Part I
God is sovereign in the
salvation of every sinner that
ever gets saved. What do we
mean by that? We mean that
God saves whom He pleases
and whom He pleases, He
In Rom. 9:13 and 15 we find
these words; "As it is written,
Jacob HAVE I LOVED, but
He saith to Moses, I (God) will
have mercy on whom I will
have mercy, and I will have
compassion on whom I will
have compassion."
The ninth chapter of Ro
mans is a chapter in the Bible
most preachers skip over and
never preach from. Why? Be
cause they cannot harmonize
the Sovereignty of God in
saving a sinner with their
human reasoning and their
"free will." This chapter sets
forth that God is responsible to
no one and can and does do as
He pleases in saving a sinner
or reprobating a sinner.
What does He mean when
He says "Jacob have I loved?
Before the foundation of the
world God loved Jacob and
elected him to salvation in
Christ. God does not elect a
sinner to salvation in Christ on
the basis of anything in the
sinner. God's election of a
sinner to salvation in Christ is
based purely on the will of
God, His pleasure. Listen to
the Word of God; "According
as He hath chosen us (belie
vers) in Him (Christ) before
the foundation of the world,
that we should be holy and
without blame before Him in
love:" (Eph. 1:4) So we see_
there that God chose Jacob
"in love" before the founda
tion of the world. This is true
of all the elect of food. I was
chosen in love before the
foundation of the world. That
God would choose the chief of
sinners, J.M. Little, in love
and piece me in Christ. Salva
tion was planned by the Fa
Jtjgr before Φβ foundation of
"tfte world. It God had not
elected a certain number to
salvation, no sinner would
ever be saved.
The sinner is dead in très
(the H i' y°U haUl
(the Holy Spirit) quickened
X"Ti ""β,ϊ:·' -"
' ?Ρύ·« *»«kens you y^
"pIn HÏÏlT
Ρ In Hell. In order for anv
>inner to be saved you must t»
"«toed by GoS ÎS
rPIJ",..y°Ur spirit is dea<l to
111 tell you this in pass
ing; after a sinner is made
alive by the Holy Spirit he still
cannot come to Christ on hie
own, no, you cannot. Only the
Holy Spirit can lead a sinner to
Christ. Listen to the Word of
God; Rom 8:i4 "Foras many
as are led by the Spirit of God,
tney are the sons of God." If
you soul winners so-called can
h! ,1 Ρ00Γ Sinner to Chris'·
hen^there are four persons in
God-Head. According to
my Bible there are only Three
Persons in the God-Head
In the case of these two
brothers, Jacob and Esau
God loved one afcd hated the
other and elected one and
reprobated the other before
they were bom, why? Verse u
r^US' thatthe purpose of
2ïh. t0 election
might stand, not of works, but
of Him that calleth r
rJnhi?.uerSe ,ets us ^ow
WOR^ha0Sa,lvation lsn°'by
RKS. Paul also makes it
-Γν f.lear in EDh.2:8, 9 that
salvation can not be words.
For by grace are ye saved
™8h fa'th; AND THAT
WORK* ,°f God: N0T OF
, , ,, ljest any man should
boast. There you have it. If
there is one hair's breath of
works in your salvation you
are not saved! Trotting down
a church isle, giving the prea
cher your hand, turning over a
new leaf, resolving to do bet
ter, cleaning up your life etc
are all Works.
This idea of trotting down a
church isle and giving the
preacher your hand and your
heart to Jesus smells of the
brimstone of Hell. How many
individuals have said I gave
rny heart to Jesus? Did /<,„■>
Where and when in the Scrip
ture did the Lord Jesus tell
you to give Him your heart9
Vou listen to the Word of
God. And He said. That
which cometli out of the man.
that defileth the man. For
from within, OUT OF THE
HEART of men, proceed evil
thoughts, adulteries, fornica
tions, murders, thefts, cove·
tousness, wickedness, deceit,
lasciviousness, an evil eye,
blasphemy, pride, foolish
ness: All these evil things
come from within, and defile
the man. (Mark 7:20-23) My
friend, all that is in your heart
and you tell me you gave all
that evil to the Lord? You did
no such thing. What would the
Lord do with sin? He hates sin
and you will too if you are ever
going to come to know Him.
The Lord Jesus does not want,
and will not have your old
natural heart. The Lord pro
mises to give you a new heart
(Ez. 36:26). Read the 26th
chapter of Ezekiel and pray
that the Lord will give you a
new heart. If He doesn't give
you a new heart you'll never
get foot in the kingdom.
If God had made the choice
based on something in these
two brothers, Jacob and Esau,
He certainly would not have
chosen Jacob, why? The very
name Jacob itself tells us. The
name Jacob means, cheat,
supplanter.liar, thief etc.
Esau was the gentleman. I'm
glad God did not make the
choice for His elect based on
"anything in them if He had, no
sinner would ever be saved.
Man by nature hates God.
Have you ever seen that you
hate God9 If not, then the god
you know, is not the God of the
Bible, the god you know is only
the "figment of you imagina
tion ." Now you let that soak'
in. Horn. 8.7 Because the
carnal mind is enmity (ha
tred· against God: There
it is, man hates God by nature
and if you are ever to be saved
the Holy Spirit is going to show
you when He brings you under
Holy Spirit Conviction that
you hate Him. God the Son.
and God the Father
Let's look at God's Sover
eignty again m verse 1H of
Rom. 9. "Therefore hath He
mercy on whom he will have
mercy, and whom He will He
hardeneth." You can't make
God have mercy on your soul
But if you take your place
before Him as a guilty sinner,
a lost sinner. He wil have
mercy on you.
r··· :amuua&!*Mm&
"These messages are kept in print
by the love offerings of our friends
who love the truth preached under
the power of the Holy Spirit that
awakens sinners and edifies saints,
mail all contributions to The Pro
-phte's Column Inc., 9626 Feldbank
Dr. Charlotte, N.C. 28216."
Around The Wicket Gate - Chapter Five
Reprint from Prophet's Col
unhealthy nature-the (ear to
inhealty nature -the fear to
>elieve. Vet have 1 met with it
>ften so often that I wish I
nay never use it again It
ooks like humility, and tries
ο pass itself off as the very
ioul of modesty, and yet it is
in infamously proud thing in
'act, it is presumption playing
Jie hypocrite. If men were
afraid to trust their God is at
jest an absurdity, and in very
ieed it is a deceitful way of
refusing to the Lord the ho
lour that is due to His faithful
ness and truth
How unprofitable is the dili
gence which busies itself in
finding out reasons why faith
η our case should not be
saving! We have God's word
ror it. that whosoever believe
h in Jesus shall not perish,
jnd we search for arguments
Ahy we should perish if \*e did
relieve If any one gave me an
.•state. I certainly shoujd.not
.•ommence raising questions
as to the title What can be the
jse of inventing reasons why I
should not hold my own house.
)r possess any other piece of
property which is enjoyed by
me? If the Lord is satisfied to
save me through the merits of
His dear Son, assuredly I may
ae satisfied to be so saved. If I
lake God at His word, the
responsibility of fulfilling His
promise does not lie with me.
out God. who made the pro
But you fear that you may
not be one of those for whom
the promise is intended Do
not be alarmed by that idle
suspicion. No soul ever came
to Jesus wrongly. No one cao
come at all unless the Father
draw him. and Jesus has said,
"Him that cometh to me I will
in no wise cast out." No soul
ever lays hold on Christ in a
way of robbery ; he that hath
Him hath Him of right divine;
lor the Lord's giving of Him
self for us. and to us, is so free,
that every soul that takes
Him has a grace-given right to
do so If vou lav hold on Jesus
5y .the hem of His garment,
without leave, "and behind
Him. yet virtue will flow from
Him to you as surely as
without it He had called you
nut by name, and biden you
trust Him. Dismiss all fear
when you trust the Saviour
Take Him and welcome. He
that believeth in Jesus is one
of God's elect.
Did you suggest that it
tvould be a horrible thing if
you were to trust Jesus and
yet perish'' It would be so But
as you must perish if you do
not trust, the risk at the worst
la not very great
Ί can but perish if 1 go.
I am resolved to try
For if I stay away. I know
I must for ever die."
Suppose you stand in the
Slough of Despond for ever;
What will be the good of that'.'
Surely it would be better to die
struggling along the King's
highway towards the Celestial
City, than sinking deeper and
deeper in the mire and filth of
dark distrustful thoughts! You
have nothing to lose, for you
have lost everything already.
therefore make a dash for it,
and dare to believe in the
mercy of God to you. even to
you "*
But one moans. "What if I
come to Christ, and He refuses
me?" My answer is, "Try
Him." Cast yourself on the
Lord Jesus, and see if He
refuses you. You will be the
first against whom He has
shut the door to hope Friend,
don't cross that bridge till vou t
come to it! When Jesus casts
you out. it will be time enough
to despair; but that time will
never come. "This man re
ceiveth sinners": He has not
so much as begun to cast them
Have you never heard of the
man who lost his way one
night, and came to'the edge of
a precipice, as he thought, and
in his own apprehension fell
over the cliff He clutched at
an old tree, and there, hung,
clinging to his frail support
with all his might. He felM
persuaded mat, should he quit '
his hold, he would b< dashed in '·
pieces on some awful rocks
that waited for him down -.
below There he hung, with the
sweat upon his brow, and
anguish in every limb. He '
passed into a desperate state
of fever and faintness, and at
last his hands could hold up his
body no longer. He relaxed his ^
grasp' He dropped from his -,
support ! He fell-about a foot
or so. and was-received upon a
soft, mossy bank, whereon he
lay, altogether unhurt, and
perfectly safe till morning.
Thus, in the darkness of
their ignorance, many think
that sure destruction awaits
them if they confess their sin,
quit all hope in self , and · i
resign themselves into the
hands of God They are afraid ■·'
to quit the hope to which they
ignorantly cling. It is an idle
fear Give up your hold upon
everything but Christ, and
drop Drop- from all trust in '
your works, or prayers, or
feelings. Drop at once! Drop
now ' Soft and safe shall be the ''
bank that receives you. Jesus
phrist, in His love, in the r
efficacy of His precious blood,
in His perfect righteousness, .
will give you immediate rest ,
and peace. Cease from self
confidence Fall into the arms
of Jesus
Nine Seek
Five School
Board Seats
Continued from Page 1 ;
:ontroversy that has develop
;d about some of the candi
dates involving alleged offers
)f political jobs, the financial
status of one candidate, the
personal habits of another and
school board candidates who
voted for our publicly stated
support for firing School Su
perintendent Rolland Jones.
In the Democratic race for
lieutenant governor Howard
Lee and .Jimmy Green swapp
ed charges of offering John
Jordan a political job in ex
change for his endorsement
after Green openly admitted
having made such an offer in
violation of the law. Jordan
finished third in the August 17
primary behind Lee and
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