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    VOLUME 58, NO. 35 _$2.00 » Year in Alleghany County SPARTA, NORTH CAROLINA THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1947 “ $2.50 a Year Out of Gouty
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Nationally Known Horses Entered In Sparta Show
Aft other Class
Added For Big
Event, June 2(1-21
Several, Who Took Part In
Show Last Year Are Ex
pected To Return
Sixty-nine entries have already
been received for the Sparta
Lion’s Club annual horse show,
’June 20 and 21, Tom Greene
stated this week. Those entered
include nationally famous horses
in-the 32 classes to be entered in
the show. One additional class,
called the Alleghany county class,
has also been added, it was stat
Some of the best known horses
which are to be in the show are
given below in their classes:
Walking horse' division—Wilson
Merry Boy, owned by Dr. Moir
S. Martin, of Mt. Airy, has been
recognized in the National Horse
man for three months during last
year. Scottsboro King, owned*
by H. A. Johnson, of Mt. Airy,
and Carolina Pride, owned by
John Francis, of Hickory, will
also be the starting walking
In the roadster division will
be Little Greyhound, owned by
R. A. Covington, of Vinton, Va.
He is known as one of the fast
est horses of the nation. Bonnie
Dare, owned by W- G. Grantham,
of Conover, will also be shown
in the roadster class as will the
horse owned by H. G. Childress.
In the five-gaited division will
be such famous ones as Genius
Times, and What A Surprise,
owned by John Fjfancis^u^CMt
ness class are Roan King, owned
by H. A. Johnson, and another
by Mrs. Chas. P. Wells, of Galax.
Radiant Firefly, owned by H. J.
Isenhower, of Conover, the win
ner of the Salisbury Stakes, will
be featured in the three-gaited
Here for the second time in the
jumping division will be Mint
Chap, owned by Anne Hanes, of
Salisbury, and will be ridden a
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Rural Carriers
Name Officers
R. G. Taylor And Mrs- L W.
Wagoner Re-elected Pre
sidents Of Ass’n,
R. Glenn Taylor was re-elect
ed president of the Alleghany
County Rural Carriers Associa
tion at the annual convention
Saturday night. Mrs. I. W. Wag
oner was re-elected president of
the Woman’s Auxiliary of the
Other officers re-elected were
A. Vance Choate, vice-president;
Edd J. Pugh, secretary-treasurer;
and secretary-treasurer of the
Woman’s Auxiliary, Mrs. Edd J.
All but three of the members
of the association were present
at the meeting. Those unable to
attend were Ralph C. Gentry, E,
Leff Wagoner and Mack Woodle.
Several especially invited guests
were also present for the meet
ing. 7 • .
H.. R. Garriss To
Be Here Tuesday
Howard R. Garriss, Extension
^ plant pathologist, will be in
Alleghany county next Tuesday
to give demonstration on spray
ing and dusting itomatoes for the
control of tomato late blight in
this area, it was learned here
this week.
The schedule for the demon
strations is as follows: / ,
Mrs. H. B. Rector’s at Ennice,
9:30 a. m.; Miss Bertrice Absher’s
at Sparta, UilB a. mr; Mrs. Ray
Caudill’s at Whitehead, 1:30 p.
m.; and Mrs, Clarence Kennedy’s
at Turkey Knob, 3:30 p. m.
The public is cordially invited
to attend. *' '
Plans For Sparta
Methodist Church
Have Been Approved
Dr. H. Guy Moore, of Fort
Worth, Texas, who will speak
qn the Baptist hour, Sunday
at 8:30 e. s. t., over stations
will spank in con
tha series of
home, school
ighany WU
To H0I4 Meeting
Thurs., June 12
Reports Of Committees Will
Be Given; Officers
To Be Named I
The annual meeting of the Al
leghany Associational Woman’s
Missionary Union will be held
at the Liberty Baptist church,
at Whitehead, on Thursday, June
12, at which time the theme will
be “Jesus Calls Us,” it was an
nounced this week.
A special program has been
planned for the entire day and
the morning session will open j
at 10:30 o’clock when the regular
business session will be held. Re
ports will also be heard from the
following committees: report of
superintendent, Mrs. R. E. Rich
ardson; mission study Teport, Mrs.
F. G. Walker;'stewardship report,
Mrs. A. O. Joines; community
missions report, Mi's. T. S. Mox
ley; literature report, Mrs. E. E.
Caudill; and orphanage report,
Mrs. Gene Irwin.
Mrs. D. H. Craver, of Boon
ville, state community missions
chairman, will speak on “Take
The Task He Gives You Gladly,"
during the morning session.
During the afternoon session
reports of committees will be
heard and officers named for the
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More Funds Are Needed; C.
C. Castevens Is Build
ing Chairman
Plans for the new building for
the Sparta Methodist church have
been approved by the committee
and are now in the hands of the
chairman, C. C. Castevens. And
Mr. Castevens pointed out that
he would be happy for any in
terested members to see' the
architect’# drawings now in his
The building will be erected
on the same site, where the for-,
mer building stood before it was
burned. It has been especially
designed to fit the needs of the
church as wfell as for the lot it
will occupy.
Mr. Castevens said that a num
ber of people had already made
and paid their pledges; but that
there were many, who had done
neither as yet. “We will need
more money than has already
been pledged,’’ he declared and
explained that the assistance and
cooperation of everyone would
be needed before the new build
ing is completed. “We hope* to
start work in the near future,”
he concluded.
Raids On Stills
Continue; Two
Destroyed Tues.
Five Men Arrested On Public
Drunkenness Charges
By Officers
Two more Allegheny county
liquor stills were destroyed as
the law enforcement officers once
more destroyed the stills and the
ingredients of “White lightning.”
One 50-gallon still, located in the
Saddle Mountain section, was
destroyed as was 200 gallons of
mash. The other, also the 50-gal
lon type, located near Roaring
Gap, had 1400 gallons ready for
distilling. A member of the A. T.
TJ. made the raid with Sheriff
Glenn Richardson and Chief C.
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\ ■■ -
Laurel Springs
'! To Have Revival
. A revival service will be hell
at the Laurel Springs Baptist
church next week, beginning
Sunday, June 8, at 8:80 o’clock
p. m. Rev. W. R. Grigg of Win
ston-Salem, will assist the pas
tor in the work.
The pastor, Rev. Kenneth Sny
der, has extended a cordial in
vitation to the public. A. daily
vacation Bible school will be
held each morning from 9:00 till
12:00 o'clock. All children, age
ranging from three to sixteen,
are urged to attend these classes.
Gryder Speaks To Veterans
On Farm Improvements, Wed.
W. H. Gryder assistant dis
trict supervisor for the veteran
farmers’ training program spoke
tp the combined classes of ninety
veterans at a special meeting at
the Sparta high school Wednes
day morning. t
Mr. Gryder pointed out tfc the
veterans the importance of im
proving farms and stressed es
pecially the importance of pef
manent farm improvements aufch
as soil conservation, repairing
and improving farm buildings,
homes and equipment and the
landscaping of farm grounds. j
/The increased use of purebred
livestock as well as the use of
certified seeds by Alleghany
farmers was also strewed by the
district supervisor. Veterans were
also urged to make their farm
Ralph Cheek, vocational agri
culture for Sparta high school
who has assisted the veterans in
the farm trainirife program,; was
commended by' My. Gryder for
his interest and work done for
the program.
The veterans went on a field
trip to Burnt- fell farm, .owned
by W. B. Austin, of Ashe county,
where they were shown new
methods of cutting grass \ for
silage as well as methods of
building silos with the new
Sisalkraft paper, Methods of us
ing D. D. T. for control of flies
were demonstrated by J. T.
Higgins To Speak
At C. Of C. Meeting
Here On June 13
Other Features Planned For
' Dinner Meeting; Special
Guests May Be Invited
Carlisle W. Higgins, former
^lleghany attorney, who has re
cently returned from Japan,
where he acted as chief prosecu
tor under General Douglas Mac
Arthur (luring the absence .of
Justice Joseph B„ Keenan, of
Japanese war criminals, will be
the guest speaker at the regular
meeting of the chamber of com
merce on Friday, June 13 at the
community building at 7:30.
An authority on conditions in
Japan, the speaker is expected
to bring a timely message from
that war-torn country, from
whijh he has recently returned.
Mr. Higgins, who is now mak
ing his home in Winston Salem
is well known not only here in his
native county, but throughout the
state and nation as well as in
ternationally for his administra
tion of justice.
For many years he was the
law partner of the late Gover
nor R. A. Doughton. He repre
sented Alleghany in the State
House and Senate. He served as
solicitor of the eleventh judicial
district and later was appointed
U. S. District Attorney for the
Middle District, a position, which
he held until he was called to
administer world justice in Ja
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Special Term Of
Court is To Open
Here On June 23
Jurors Drawn Ou Monday;
Presiding Judge Is Yet
To Be Named
The jurors-for the special term
of superior court to be held June
23 were drawn by the county
commissioners at the regular
meeting of the board, Monday
morning. The presiding judge has
not as yet been named.
The jurors by townships are:
Gap Civil—C. G. Richardson, C.
R. Roe, Cable Wilson, Oscar
Shumate, Reid Hampton, Mun
cey Crouse, F. A. Porter, D. C.
Bledsoe and Luther Edwards.
Cranberry—Callie Wyatt, Fred
Miller and Jones Tilley. ~
Piney Creek—E. C. Wyatt,
Herbert Osborne, L. Carl Caudill,
Clarence Kennedy and Carlie
Hash. ,
Glade Creek—Robert 'Norman,
Edgar Wright, Reid ' Hudson,
Gwyn Truitt, Andy Wagoner and
Mart Caudill.
Whitehead—Harmon J o i n e s,
Coonley, Caudill, Bill Wagoner
and Everett Hoppers.
Cherry Lane—Frank Brooks,
Jesse Crouse, Wayne Holcombe,
Sam McKnight and Sherman
Parther’s Creek—Troy Pugh,
George Perry, Clark Sheets and
Carl Jones.
Attend Meet Of
Juvenile Judges
-- •• /
Gene R. Irwin, juvenile coujct
judge for Alleghany, and Swan
son Edwards, welfare superinten
dent, were among those to attend
the conference for juvenile court
judges held at Salisbury on Tues
Dr. Ellen Winston presided at
the morning session of the meet
ing and Joseph P. Shores, pre
sident of the N. C. Association
of Juvenile Court Judges,, pre
sided at the afternoon session.
Rev. C. D. Hutton, of Glade
Valley, will conduct the services
at the Sparta Presbyterian
church Sunday morning at eleven
o’clock, it was announced yes
terday. f
'The public is cordlalljr invited
to attend.
Young “Ike” Is To Be Married Soon
Barbara Jean Thompson, daughter of Col. and Mrs.
Percy W. Thompson, who will get General “Ike” for a
father-in-law, when she weds Capt. John Sheldon Doud
Eisenhower, right, son of the army chief of staff. They
will be married at Fortress Monroe, Va., June. 10th.
Motorists Are Reminded Of
New Regulations Requiring
Issuance Of Driver License
To Make Survey
Of School Needs
For Alleghany
W. F. Cradle, Member Of The
Planning Division Of N.
C. Board Coming
At a meeting of the county
board of education and the county
commissioners on Monday, the
vital needs of schools of the
county were discussed and tenta
tive plans for the necessity of im
proving physical properties, out
W. F. Cradle of the planning
division of.the N. C. Department
of Public Instruction has been
invited by the Alleghany board
to visit the county and to make
recommendations, following a
complete survey of the needs.
Representative Cradle can give
us a long-range view of the situa
tion and can give some helpful
1 advise so that the needs of the
county can best be served and
the money spent most wisely for
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4-H Club Girls
To Meet Friday
Miss Pauline Oordon, specia
list in home management, will
give demonstrations on room im
provements at a meeting of 4-H
club girls and their leaders at
the community building tomor
row morning.
An all-day meeting has been
planned beginning at nine o’clock.
Girls from the 4-H clubs from
Ashe county will also be present
for the demonstration and will
be accompairjed by Miss Ella
Mae Crosby, hofne agent for
Ashe- county.
Re-Ex animations Will Begin
oJuly 1; To Be Issued
Alleghany motorists along
with all Others throughout the
State are reminded that in accor
dance with the law passed by
the 1947 General Assembly of
North Carolina' requiring the re- ,
issuance of Motor Vehicle driver
license the following schedule has I
been made: the period beginning'
July 1, 1947, and ending on De
cember 31, 1947, is the time for
all driver license holders whose
surnames begin with the letters1
A or B to apply'for new license.;
Persons whose names do not be
gin with one of the above let-1
ters cannot apply for re-issuance
of license in this period. i
The period beginning Jan
uary 1, 1948, and ending on June
30, 1948, will be the time for all
operators whose sur-names begin
with either of the letters C or
D to apply for re-issuance of li
cense. All Motor Vehicle drivers
whose sur-names begin with a
letter other than A, B, C, or D,
will be notified by press releases
at the proper time as to when
they should appear for the re-:
The operator’s license issued
under the 1947 Safety Act shall
automatically expire on the birth
day of the license in the fourth
year following the year of is
suance, and no license shall be
issued to any operator after the
expiration of his license until
such operator has again passed
the required examination.
Everyone will get a complete
examination. The examination is
made up of four parts. These
parts are: (1) An Eye test (2)'
Highway Sign test (3) Driving
Rules t^st (4) Road test.
The poorest visual reading
that will permit passing with
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VFW Post To Purchase Land
For Bldg.; Committee Named
A drive to raise funds and to
erect a club house for the
loc?tl Post of the Veterans of
Foreign Wars has been launch
ed and an effort is. being made
to secure land on which to erecj
the building, Cecil J. Murray,
post commander, reported this
At a meeting of the post last
Thursday night, a special com
mittee was named to investigate
any property which might be
suitable for a building site. Nam
ed on the committee were Dough
ton Perry, J. B. Tucker, Cecil
Murray and Ted Porter. Other
members volunteered to assist
the committee.
More funds than the organisa
tion now has will be needed if
a. permanent club house is to be
erected it was pointed out and
most of the members have pledg
ed their support. The post now
has approximately $250 in the
As soon as the )land can be
purchased other committees will
be appointed gnd other plans
will be made.
Elder Edd Douglas, of Galax,
Va.* wai assist Elder E. D'. Dancy
at the services to be held at the
Piney Creek Prin
church on June 7
announced this wet
is cordially* invited to attend.
July 26 Is Date
Set For County
To Make Decision
Representatives Of Organize
tions Appeal To County
Commissioners For Voto
At a meeting 0f the Alleghany
board of county commissioners
on Monday it was decided, follow
ing the requests from heads, of
organizations to well as in
dividuals, to asks that the board
of elections call an election
regarding the establishment of
an A. B. C. store for the sale of
liquor under the control of die
A. B. C. Boards of the county
State. The date for the election
is set for July 26.
Hundreds of citizens had sign
ed petitions asking that the mat
ter be put to a vote, county of
ficials reported and representa
tives of the Veterans of Foreign
Wars, American Legion, Cham
ber of Commerce and Lions Club
and other groups also asked that
an election be called because they
felt that legal handling of alcohol
would make for moral improve
ment of the county. It was point
ed out that several individuals
had expressed the belief that it
would cut down 'public drunk
enness, drunken driving and
other crimes associated with the
present handling, one official
While officials pointed out that
the improvement of condition^
was the primary purpose of ask
ing that an election be called, it
wag also announced that the re
venue would probably total
$100,000.06 and that this could
be used to. a good advantage foe
schools and other purposes.
It was also explained that sines
so many had requested a vote,
that in calling an election every
one would have an opportunity
tq express themselves on the
matter. “If the majority of the
people do not want it, the elec
tion will tell this story and those ,
that want it should also be satis
fied,” one man said.
This same question was put to
a vote around ten years ago and
the measure was defeated by less
than 200 votes, it was pointed
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Twxo From Sparta
Receive Degrees
Chas. D. Choate And Dsrit
Richardson Get B. S. De
grees From Wake Forest
Charles Dean Choate, son of
Dr. and Mrs. P. L. Choate, and
Doris Richardson, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Cknnel Richard
son, were among the 151. grad
uates to receive degrees at wake
Forest College at the commence
ment exercises, Monday night.
Both students, completed their
studies in January but no di
plomas were awarded at that
time. Miss Richardson received
a B. S. degree in business admin
istration, and has been employ
ed with the civil service com
mission in. Winston-Salem, since
Mr. Choate, who was majoring
in general science, also received
a B. S. degree and is now employ
ed with Choate Motor Company,
Among those from here to at
tend the exercises were Dr. and
Mrs. P. L Choate apd Mr. and
Mrs. Clennel Richardson.
Truck Wrecks;
Has No Brakes
A truck-trailer, driven by Fred
Hamptoh, ol Sparta, Route \
left the highway near Twin
Oaks about two o’clock last
Thursday, When he was unable
to lessen the speed of die truck,
due to faulty brakes, officers re
The driver was not

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