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    iost Of The News
\11 The Time
der Recei
Camp Sa
Work Has Been
In Effort To Have
Of Ten Days Ago'
ded And To Allow j
Snpona To Remain'
I W. Sample ApCustodian
And Is
Orders To Send <
T o Various
[her Camps
ovi'i ish efforts on the '
al citizens during the
o have the order movly
127 of the Civilian
Corps from South- i
orders came through !
tructing Lt. John W.
ibandon the camp on 1'
d Friday of this week. < 1
le has been appoint-' r
IE - : tne camp proper
K - ibly will remain here
I v- ifter the boys I
E. . has been instruct- <
E them to the follow- t
E nips ated in North Car- j
I- N Holland, Lexington.
I. Bu Ungton. Statcsville, I
Eton izabethtown. (1
eeks it has been (
Iprc tl ' the local camp would ,
I s metime between
I. an December 20.
I led principally by i
; v sk< 11. R. I. Mintz and |
B Keziah. contacted state
I . ernm< nt officials in a
L effort to keep the camp at
McCormack, assistant ]
p :-.'ster was scheduled to
r he:- morrow for a connee
with private citizens, but'
ippears doubtful whether
p-.;i come.
Little Bits
Of Big News 1
1ew> Events Of State,
Nation and World-Wide
Interest During Past
Week l
cp Killed ]
persons wore killed *
curungion mis wvium? j ,
K'l an automobile and a . ,
Idcd on an ice-laden 11
way near there and collid- ;
-: lfic force. The col- jt
lien was followed by fire, |
t-\'h burned the victims, all (
%roes. beyond any hope of' <
' unit ion. Three other Ncgr- t
- '.'ere injured in the crash, t
' only line of them remain
to a hospital tonight and .
is expected to recover. The ,
Negroes were members v
' ' party going to Chocowini''
h Beaufort County, to at' iri
a funeral.
'?rchusini; A gent '
vnator I IVnton Starry of
fefin will be the State's new
-fetor of Purchase and Con- (
' 'iirecding Capus M. i <
' "nick. In announcing the c
^ointment and acceptance <
".-'lav Governor Hoey descr'
Senator Stacy as a "prac- t
1! buyer ' with experience r
basing agent for a di- <
!' i.f t:ikik/u\ *
I U'vnnj trvopn m l,,v (
W;ir ;iii?l as a buyer of f
I -rrlics for ins mercantile est- j
% -?fc: tent and farm*. For lft f
I he came to the 1
I -de Senate this year to re
Guilford and RocklngM*?
counties, Senator Stacy <
grated mercantile cstabllshH
"ts in Ruffjn anil Reidsvillc.
I large-scale farmer and
I United States, in a
8 mal note that cover- [
hi ore than the Panay j
''f. virtually demanded j
pledges Tuesday that j
door would stay open
1 ;d| Americans and
'r"4n interests in China
I ,f'" '* free from "unlawful
'""inn Secretary of
I t ^U" ln'csented Japan a
^ing "a formally refor
ik "^''Cfion of regret"
B'V of Uie gunboat
I ' "mpletc and cwrupre- j
I i>"!' 'h'lfiiuuticaUoHB." and |
I \ ^iiirdnee that definite
psge sic)
t f
ved To Aban
ipona Thursc
y Despite Ev<
Congressman J. Ba
Takes Stand k
Communications During
Past Week Representative
From This District
Wages Fight To Have
Camp Retained Here
Clark Recognizes Value Of
Forestry Program To The
People Of This Section
And Has Done
Best For Camp
Regardless of the outcome of j
he battle waged during the past
ew days to retain Camp Saxina
at Southport, Congressman
T. Bayard Clark deserves the ('
gratitude of Brunswick county ke<
:itizens for herculean efforts [ jes
nadc in the interest of this pro-1 th(
ect. , I pr<
In one letter to a prominent; an,
orestry official in this state. juni
Congressman Clark said that "in , mc
some respects Brunswick has wh
Shnntincr Wild 7
Is Easy F
Mr. And Mrs. Lyman Bass
Recently Returned To f
Their Home In Buffalo,1
N. Y. After Annual Hunt-'
ing Trip
! n
Lady Who Has Seven
Grandchildren F u r t h er (j
Establishes Her Right ?
To Title Of Sportswoman
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman M. Bass v
eft for their home in Buffalo. S
Y. This terminated a three- j e
vceks visit and hunting trip, du- a
ing which they were the guests I "
)f George M. Brooks, of the Seiside
community, near Shallottc. ?
Phis was the seventh annual trip
nade by Mr. and Mrs. Bass to _
he home of Mr. Brooks. | V
Early Tuesday morning Mr.;"
ind Mrs. Bass each got fine wild j
urkey gobblers while hunting on i
he land of M. L. Holden, near
Shallottc. Mrs. Bass brought
ler's down from the limb of a M
;rce, 33 feet from the ground.'
Hie beautifuj bird weighed 15 i
rounds and Mrs. Bass was 69 J
fards from the tree in which it j
vas perched.
Wednesday evening Mrs. Bass j (
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i th,
Bishop Darst To iT"
wr. .. f. n/.;//;
i isu k I in mi o i pn
? old
The f'iglit Reverend Thomas | thf
Darst will visit St. Phillips <
Church. Soutliport. to confirm a .she
:lass of twelve persons on Thurs- j cai
lay night at 7:30 o'clock. arc
Bishop Darst has recently re-i nci
.nrncd from the Triennial Con- of
mention of the whole Episcopal i as
Church, which was held in Cin-1 em
' ' "nnirtv. I . , 11
:innati, and win icu U1V Wll^i V |?kv*
jation of the meetings there. The j in
>ublic is cordially invited to this! cui
Jubilation Short
Finder Of
Napoleon Davis, middle- i
aged negro of Lolanj, was I
disappointed when he return- | 1
cd home last Wednesday |
night, and discovered that I j
the two bills he brought home j i
were worthless stage money. 1 j
Davis, en route to Leland
from Wilmington, was walk- '
ing along the causeway near ;
Redman's Creek. Casually I
he glanced to the side of I
the causeway, and his eyes t
fell upon two "gold" certifi- j \
catcs. marked 1100.00 and j
$20.00 respectively. Cautious- j r
1 y and suspicious lest some- j f
one were looking, lie quickly \
tucked the two bills inside ( 1
his ccit pocket to? iJie keep- j 1
tag. j i
: STi
A Good
lay And
?ry Protest
yard Clark
i Favor Of Camp,
onffressman J. Bayard Clark (
;n one of the forgotten countof
the state". He stressed ,
: importance of the forestry ,
>gram to citizens of this county j <
:! urged that this camp be left '
molested, even at the expense of J (
iving the White Lake camp, |j
lich also lies within his district, j t
I \
urkey '
or This Lady
The name plate on the front i
f the local bunk is being .
hanged this week from Peo- [ |
les United Bank to Waocaraw
Bank & Trust Co. This
hange was made necessary
ecause of the recent sale of |
he deposit liabilities and as- !
ets of the former institution. | i
This is the third time that j'
he name of the bank has 1
eon changed. Originally it
ras known as The Bank of
outhport. That institution
loscd in February, 1and
, few months later re-opened
nder the name of Peoples 1
lulled Bank.
ecurity Office
Manager Visitor!
anager Of Wilmington '
Field Office Of Social 1
Security Board Spent (
Tuesday In Conference f
At Southport 1
Jeorgc W. Jeffrey, Manger of
; Wilmington Field Office of 11
> Social Security Board, spent I,
esday in Soutliport conferring L
tli employers and their re- j j
scntatives with respect to the j (
l-agc insurance provisions of j
Social Security Act. j (
Considerable interest is being;
>wn by employers and wage ,
ncrs in lump sum benefits that .
: being paid now to wagc-carrs
who have reached the age j
sbwe January 1. as well
to the relatives of deceased | f
ployees who have died this }
ir. Anyone who is interested > ]
any part of the Social Se- c
rity Act can obtain inforuia- j
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-Lived For >
One can imagine that
3avis" mind was occupied
villi visions of a bigger Sana.
Clans and rap tubus Christ- c
nas tide, as his heart beat j t
iceainc quicker. True it is, be "
vasted 110 time in getting I
ionic. f
He met his wife with. <
Look licrc what I found". i
is he presented the two bills. t
I was only a matter of a v
ew seconds, however, that <
he true character of the bills C
vas determined. i
The negi'O, it might tie add d.
bore the ignominious dc- r
cat somewhat bravely, and it 1
vas not long before he, too, . 1
iad joined in the choruses of |v
i'jgkltt he had provoked IC
'rom ti;e rest of the family. Js
1 News paper Ii
Southport, N. C., MV
Three Schools
Record Perfect
For Red Cross
Reports From Southport,
Bolivia And Waccamaw,
Schools Indicate Unusual
Interest As Each Grade
Becomes Active Member
southport Canvas Still Is
Incomplete And Active
Work Will Continue
Here During The
Next Week
A note of encouragement was
sounded in the annual Red Cross
nembership drive during the past
veek as three schools. Southport.
3olivia and Waccamaw. reported
:hemselves as one-hundred per:ent
This means that each grade in
:ach of these schools has become
esponsible for one Red Cross
nembership. In addition, several
mtside memberships were secur;d
by the Bolivia school children.
This incomplete report does not
nean that Shallotte and Leland.
he other consolidated schools of
:he county, are not cooperating
vith the Red Cross. No report
las been received from them as
In Southport the canvas so far
las been very incomplete, and
;he Rev. A. L. Brown, chairman
>f the membership committee, is
ixtending for one week the time
or securing local memberships,
[t is hoped _t'_ h^ve s Red C-'Sg
sticker displayed in' all represenative
stores and business places
n Southport within the week.
Recorder Hears
Numerous Cases
Several Cases Covering A
V a r i e ty Of Offenses
Were Tried Wednesday
Before Judge Joe Ruark
In Recorder's Court
Several cases covering a wide
,'aricty of offenses were disposed
>f here last week in Recorder's
Alvin Koontz, wnue, was lounu
juilty of driving a motor vehicle
vhilc under the influence of lijuor.
This was his second con,'iction
on this charge, and this
:ime he was driving without his
.icensc. He was given 90 days
>n the roads and his drivers li;ense
was rovoked for an addi:ional
12 months.
Johnie Walker, colored, was
'ound guilty of reckless operadon.
He was required to pay a
:ine of $25.00 and the costs of
;he case.
Robert Murray, colored, was
'ound guilty of driving an autonomic
while he was under the
nfluence of liquor. His driver's
icensc was revoked for a period
>f 12 months, he was required to
my a fine of $50.00 and the costs
>f the case.
George Suggs, colored, pleaded.
;uilty of charges of driving an
LUtomobilc with improper lights,
rudgment was suspended upon
mymcnt of the cost.
I*. M. Messick. white, pleaded
juilty to charges of failing to
itop before entering the highway,
le was required to pay the costs
H uir taw .
W- M. F . Murray, colored,
tlcaded guilty to charges of
ailing to atop before entering the.
lighway. Judgment was suatended
upon payment -of the
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Worth West Club
Women Meet
The North West Home Dcmtnstration
Club met with Mrs.
Mwliu Kri.. December .'ird.
Hie meeting was called to order j
ty the President Mrs. Skipper: j
ipening song was sung and the
hit* collect repeated. The meet-1
ng was then turned over to I
he leader, Mrs. Marion Posher. j
vho gave a very Interesting
lemonstration on Christmas gifts. |
lifts were exchanged by the j
Mrs. Dosher presented each j
ncmber present with a gift. De-1
icious refresluncnts were served I
ty the hostess. Those present,
cere Mrs. E. R. Skipper; Mrs.
ico. O. Cjaylcr Mrs. J J. Peters,
lad Mrs. I.t. ?. Doaher.
a A Good Con
Wednesday, December ]
ado Tn
Splendid Fight
Show Is Staged
Thursday Night
Boys Of Camp Sapona
Make A Fine Showing
Against More Experienced
Battlers From Wilmington
Adam Dill Leads Camp
1 Boys Defense Of Fistic
Laurels With FirstRound
Victory Over
Big Bill Scoggins
In a thrill-packed fight card
(staged Thursday night in the
| Southport gymnasium the boxers
| of Camp Sapona slugged it out
I with the boys from the Manley
Athletic Club, of Wilmington, and
managed to win three of the
eight events from their more experienced
opponents. In most
events, however, the Sapona boys
were allowed weight advantages
! over the visitors.
| The Wilmington lads took two
[bouts by knockout and three by
I decision and lost one knockout
(and two decisions to the camp
I fighters.
Adam Dill, curly-headed slug[ger
of the Camp team, topped
(off the evening's program when
I he scored a knockout victory
| over Bill Scoggins. The Wilming(Continued
on page 6)
Methodists Plan
Special Service
Christmas Music By Soloists
And Choir And Special
Message By Pastor Will
Mark Two Sunday Services
Following is the program for
two special Christmas services to
be held Sunday at Trinity Methodist
Morning services 11:00 a. m.
Voluntary: "Glory to God in
(the Highest" (Harrington) Choir.
Hymn: "O Come All Ye Faithful",
Choir and Congregation.
Apostles' Creed (in unison).
! Pastoral prayer.
Anthem: "Come and Worship",
t (Wilson) Soloist: Mesdamcs Corilette,
Morse. Hall. Davis.
Responsive reading.
Gloria Patri.
New Testament lesson.
Offertory duct: "The Angle's
I Song" (Nolte), Mcsdamcs nan
' and Corlette.
Hymn: "Joy to the World",
| (Handel), congregation.
Sermon:: "The Christmas Prcslent
to the Ages", pastor.
Hymn: "O Little Town of Bethtlehem"
(Redner), congregation.
I Benediction.
Evening Worship at 7 :J0
; o'clock:
Voluntary: "Gloria in Excclsis
Deo", Choir.
! Hymn: "Hark the Herald Anjgcls
Sing", congregation.
Anthem: "And There Were
:Shepherds" (Ashford) Mrs. L. T.
[Yaskell and choir.
Anthem: "AIhjvc the Sleeping:
World" (Wilson t Mrs. Harry Cor|
lette and choir.
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Schedule For
Club Meetings
Following is the schedule of
meetings for home demonstration
clubs of the county for next
Friday, December 17, Boon's
Neck Club meets at 2 o'clock
with Mrs. Stafford Hcwett: Saturday.
December 18, Southport
Club meets at 8 o'clock at the
apartment of the home agent:
Monday. December 20, Town
Creek Club meets at 3 o'clock at
the home of Mrs. E. C. Woodbury:
Tuesday, December 21. Iceland
club meets at 2:30 o'clock
wiUi Mrs. Rufus Williams.
1-H Girls' clubs:
Thursday, December 16, Bolivia
juniors at 11:15o'clock: Bolivia
seniors at 10:30 oclock; Friday.
December 17. Lock wood's
Folly club meets at 11 o'clock:
Tuesday, December 21, Lelaiid
senior at 10:35 o'clock; Lelaud
Junior at 11.35 o'clock.
1 - " '
r pi
[5,1937 r
North Caroli:
Man Be
PAYNE?On the
Carolina's No. 1 desp
who engaged a cabin I
Camp may have been
Wash Turner. A. W.
Clark York at the righ
this year in Wilmingto
Fifty Thous
| Lawsi
A cold spell of unusual
j ration has been experit
| here during the past \
j and Southport citizens
hopefully looking forwar
release from the grim j
of Jack Frost.
During the past week
mean low temperature foi
local weather bureau has
' SI and one-half degrees,
illustration of the small
tuation in the temperatu
shown by the average
' reading for the week, 41
grees. Saturday was the
est day, with a mini
reading of 25 degrees a
j maximum reading of 45
| sreos.
The Agricultur
Outlook For 1
L . ?
County Agent uoason
lines Prospects For
mers During Coming
(Editor's Note:?Following
[first in a series of four a
! prepared by County Agent
[ Dodson giving an outlook
1938 farm program.)
The Bureau of Agrici
Economics, assisted by rej
tatives of the Agricultura
justmcnt Administration, tti
I tension Sendee, Bureau of
j Economics, and the State
i cultural Colleges and Ext
Service, Washington, D. C
J that the outlook for flue
! tobacco in 1938, is such as t
gest the need of a cut of
10 percent from the acrcag
vested in 1937, if the p
i marketing situation is to be
* tained. This would mean
-? 4. OCA fh/
i crease to sdoul oou l>?
; acres from the 958 th(
acres harvested in 1937 and
pares with an average o
thousand acres in the 5
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Two Large 1
Leaving this week for 1
Smyrna, Fla., where he
continue his fish bust
during the winter and p<
bly go to Louisiana in
spring. Lewis J. Hardee
newed his incmbcrsliip in
Southport Civic Club ^
expressions of apprcciatioi
the efforts that were put
ward the past year. At
same time, he said he
that the club was in a f
tion to really do somctl
for Southport in 1938.
Although, as stated,
may go to Louisiana in
spring, Mr. Hardee is
much impressed with
possibilities for the deve
I ment of Southport as a ii
fishing center he intend;
place a couple ctf fcif t
na's No.l Bad '
Jieved To Be Visitor
? ??!:
9 en Jfl
left, above, is Biii Payne, North
erado. It is believed that a man
Holiday night at The Pines Tourist t<
either Payne or his confederate, i
Petit is shown in the center and A
t, above. Both were captured early!a
n. 5
and Dollar ?
nit Instituted Here!'
* !*
Charles E. Cause, Adminis-;a
trator For William Elmer t.
iEK Edwards, Enrollee At ?
Camp Sapona, Brings e
Damage Suit r
d to _____
,ra?]) Phillip Allen And Lela p
thp Smith Torgerson Are ,,
r ,|le Made..#Co - Defendants
been ' In Action Begun ' ,v
An i Here Lest Week
flue- ??
re is A lawsuit to recover the sum r
high of fifty thousand dollars from 111
' de" Phillip Allen and Lela Smith Tor- ?
,0'^ gerson for the death of William a
mum , _
ll(j Elmer Edwards, enrollee at Camp ?
de- Sapona, on August 22, 1937, has j1
been instituted in Superior Court ^
at Southport. t
_l Charles E. Cause, admtnistra- a
. tor for the deceased is named in
>rt I ' the notice as plaintiff. The firm 7
of Burns and Burns, Whitevllle,
AOO wU1 brin? the suit for damages.
M iX I The complaint alleges that j |
' the sum of fifty thousand dollars j |
is due the plaintiff for "the j
Out- wrongful death of William Elmer!
Far- Edwards on 22nd day of August. '
Few 1937. caused by the negligent, j
wrongful, and unlawful owning, r
maintaining and operating and |
electric power and light line from !
is the the city of Southport across the
property of Phillip Allen and ter-'
.rticles jYiinating on the property of Lela
t ?h Smith Torgerson."
for the warrant of attachment has '
been issued against the property t
of the defendants. | h
alturai j c
TaIi- Service Club
ic ex- Banquet Planned *
Home _____ I,
Agri- The District Banquet of Coun-1
ension ty Service Clubs from Bruns-13
feel wick. Duplin, Pender and New j u
cured Hanover counties will lie held on I n
o sug- Thursday night. December 16, at ,,
about the Wrightsboro club house, (|
c bar- which is located just off the Wiliresent
mington-Burgaw highway at h
main- Wrightsboro.
a de- J. E. Dodson, farm agent, and ...oon.i
Mrs Marion Smith Doshcr, home |
>usand agent, plan to accompany a nunt-'
com- bar of Brunswick county Service i
f. 815 Club boys and girls.
year As may as possibly can arc
:) urged to attend the banquet.
Local Boats To
To Fishing Parties
Mew hero for sendee early in the
will spring. They arc large enough
ness for the purpose and he pro>sst
poses to equip them for big
the game fishing far off shore,
re- He thinks that for next
the spring and summer the biggivith
est need at Southport will be
it of hotel and boarding house acfor
commodations. For the parthe
tics making the long trip out
felt for big game fish it is ab>nsi
solutely essential that a night
liing j be spent at Southport. This
in order, that an early start
he may be made, the fishing
the grounds reached and a full i
so I day be put in at the sport,
the | The boats return to port late
:lop- in the afternoon and the
port ; sportsmen could either spend i
; .to another night hero, or go dt,
Ccu'jpuej on page six) j
The Pilot Covers
Brunswick County
! '
$1.50 PER YEAR i
)esperado Seen
In County After
Police Battle
4 '
/Ian Believed To Be Either I
Bill Payne Or Wash Turner
Escaped Police Trap
Monday Afternoon And i
Made Way To Wilming- ,
ton . i
/Ian Of Same Description
Rented Cabin At Pines i
Tourist Camp Where
He Treated Wounds
The trail of a man believed j i
3 be either Bill Payne or Wash
"urner led through this county
tonday night after he escaped
police trao laid for him bv ? |
Wilmington officers and highway
atrolmen on the Masonboro loop i
Monday night a man came to
he Pines Tourst camp, at Leland, Ji
i a Wilmington taxi and engag- i1 '
d a cabin. He gave Jesse Lee ,
[ayes. 14-year-old attendant a!
he service station, a quarter and J j
sited him to get some adhesive 1 |
ape and bandages. The youth
aid the man had a bleeding lac- j
ration on his r.eck, anil a badly ? J
washed finger.
A short time later the man I |
isappeared from the camp, and I l |
t was reported that he went tc j ''j
he nearby home of Matthew r t
Valker, colored, and either hired f ,
r forced him to take him away <
n hie automobile.
f.'.,.wdo5 flight a pj*-k-tip truck Jaj
,.,.n ..toleii 'fi'cm I-.*, hi TloT'in- t
on, at Lanvalle. which is only I '|i
few miles fropi Leland. It was I ; j
eported that the pickup came i I
iy the Murray Bobbins filling
tation at Bell Swamp, where it | , ;
ras recognized. According to the H
tory, there was a large crowd y
fathered about the station where (j
tmck had smashed into one of id1
he brick pillars. ' Whoever the J j *'
river was, he showed a ilisposl- r' i
ion to keep clear of the crowd, f f j |
nd turned toward Southport.
Another pick-up was stolen J . !#
'ucsday night at Shallottc, and '
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Equipment For }
Local Hospital ji
'ortable Rotary Comprcs
sor was k*iti 10 cruris- il
wick County Hospital J ^
From Members Of Hos- ( I
pita! Auxiliary
The Brunswick County Hospi- '
al was recent recipient of a va- ft ,
.table atkiition to its operating 1 tl
quipment when members of tho V,
lospital Auxiliary donated a j
ortable rotary compressor that ]ii
lready has been used with mar- 1 u
ed success.
'Hie apparatus is an electric jfvjj
notion pump that is particularly 11
seful in connection with treat-' 9|
lent of sinus, or in tile perfor- <J ',
lance of a tonsilectomy. One of 199
lie functions of the pump is to flu
lear blood from areas effected BD
>y the operation.
Tide Table/jj
following is (he tide tabl* I \,|
for Southport during tho next I I
ueek. These hours are appro-!
xiniately correct nnd were fur-1 *' .<
nlshed The Stale Tort Pilot
Ikvnilnh Hill cnll rtoliV <lf fho '
lUlUU^II lit" ? 7
Cape Fear Tilol's Association. 1
High Tide '-ow Tide 1/ HI
Thursday. December 10
8:27 a. in. 12:10 a. m. H
15:35 p. in. 1:0*J p. in. H
Friday. December 17
7:'.'0 a. in. 1:11 a. in. I^D
7:18 p. in. . 2:01 p. in. 1 II
Saturday, December IH flU
8:15 p. 2:52 p. m.! ?H|
Sunday, Dcecmlier III j
' :05 a. ill. 2:58 a. in.* 9 |
9:10 p. in. 3:11 p. in. V
Monday, December 20 i
10:110 a. III. ".:!!) a. III. JH j
10:11 p. in. 1:30 p. in. BH
Tuesday, December 21 I
10:58 a. in. 1:11 a. in. MB"
11:10 p. m. 5:20 p. in. |j|l
Wednesday. Deecmbcr 22 t J
11 a. i". | UN

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