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Thursday, August 14, 1924
j'1' .
Randolph Agricultural Department
E. S. MILLS APS, JR., County Agent
DISBURSEMENTS OF THE W L Stutts, vital statistics .. fl.00
COUNT . OMM1SIONER Rot-cue Brower, same $1.00
A-vfceboro Hdw Co., one spray
r ,, , . , . . i for court house $6.00
. , - UM o: " jUheboro Ice & Coal Co., ice for
I me ooard 01 count ; c n.n.isioners houM ,
Expert M.0M VMm la Stale
Office Days
First Mondays
in regular session
A delegation of fanners from Ran- Miss Dorothy and Marv Joe PhU-
J V k. . . .. tf , ; . U I ; . t o:i- o: : 1
1141a tj uin. .i c ua ciiis wui- n ' wi oner vuy, cic vision uric r , ,
tor the arncolraral conditions. On
trip they plan to visit different
farms en route looking over herds of
livestock, pastures and crops in gen
eral. We hope in this way to get
ssso valuable information, that we
can pat into practice in our own
work here.
Clover Sick Land
In traveling over the county I
often hear farmers refer to certain
fields as being clover sick, stating
that the field once grew good clover,
aat that it will not grow it any more.
j The answer to this is that the land
&as become lime sick instead of clover
aiek. All land has a certain amount
ef Bme, but legumes such as clover
takes up a lot of lime, and the land
sooo comes to the place where it will
aot grow good clover. Farmers who
fcarve in the past limed their land
take this claim more than any one
cose. Lime will not stay in the soil
fear especially if you are getting a
M. G. Edward, eradication tuber-
I culosis in cattle $185.70
Roads p. S. Millsaos. salary C. A (ft. $66.66
jfri.w4 Interstate Cons. Co., construe- : Linnie Burkhead, work on tax
I tin $2,688.62 books $48.00
First National Bank, 60 days ,C. H. Julian, tax supervisor $1Z5.00
i interest on not 1 .60 M. r. Talbert. work on tax
maintenance $6140 books iikj.uw
W. J Patterson, nam 180.30 Mrs. G. S. Suwrs. same $36.00
Mrs. Liizie Allred and daughter, Ernest Ridge, same $101.00 B. B. Brooks, mdse. for prison-
Lucfle, Miss Pauline Cox, Mr. C. H. J. R. Auman, same $113.95 era $185
Julian and daughter. Miss .Catherine, h. F. Hinshaw, , same $82.75 J. M. Brown, 5 dayi court crier $15.00
were the guests at the home of A. G. j J. p. Wicker, same $90.00 S. A. Frailer, conveying lunatic $30.00
Jones near Pleasant Garden Sunday. Ij. H. Cox, tame $31.25 C. J. Lovett, same .i $4-00
Miss Pauline Curtis, who has been S. D. Surratt, same 62.12 Minnie Lee Hoove?, court stenog -
at Greensboro for the past two Walter R. Brown, same $102.60 - rapher ; $58.00
weeks, has returned home. I W. L. Coltrane, same $110.22 E. J. Miller, capturing distillery $5.00
Mrs. D. M. Jordan, after spending J. M. Harrison, same $50.00 S. A. Frailer, same . $5.00
some time with relatives here, has H. N. Brooks, same $81.10 S. D. Lowe, boarding prison- ,
returned to her home in Richmond, 1 A. P. Richardson, same $63.98 era . $138.75
Va. R. L. Richardson, same $101.70 P. L. Walker, sumoning jurors $ .60
Peter Allred is building a filling R. J. Lawrence, maintenance and S. A. Fraxier, same $1.50
station at his farm on State Highway i construction $228.72 G. L. Craven, capturing distil- '
No. 75 midway between Ramseur and S. A. Pickett, maintenance and lery $5.00
construction $319.20 J. C. Ridge, Summoning jurors $1.0G
Clarence Poe, contsruction .. $60.50 J. A. Ward, same 42.00 ,
R. E. Moffitt, same $722.70 S. D. Lowe, same $8.00
D. W. Bulla, construction and G. L, Craven, same 60
labor $309.12 W. L. Coltrane, same $1.00
The LaFollette managers are ig
noring no field In their search for
votes in the November election. It
is planned to carry the fight into
every state in the union and North
Carolina and o there southern states
will not be overlooked. The LaFol
lette men are expeetinr at least 20,
009 votes in North Carolina. Accord
ing to the statement of the Socialist
leaders in Ashe vine the entire Sodal-
j - "t y - -
istie strenrfi in the Western pari of
the State will be thrown to the La-Follette-Wheeler
ticket. The Social
ists expect te snake a better abowinf
la the state Jor LaFollette thaa any
socialist eandldat-haa ever been able
te make. Net only are the LaloOetta
managers expecting the larger part ef
the Socialist rote, bat the votes of
many ef the Progressive faith - who
have net la the past desired to ally
themselves actively with either of the
oldparUea,- ' - 1 '
Mrs. J. D. Schoolfield, of Greens
boro, is visiting relatives here this
Mr. and Mrs. Neuma Curtis, of
Ramseur, were the guests of L. H. Ben S. Lambert, construct $1,045.06 C. J. Stedman, same $1.00 t
Curtis and family Sunday. Standard Oil Co.. ras and oil $189.88 A. K. Pugh, same MJ
Mr. E. M. Hurley spent the week- Ingram Filling Station, same $101.40 0. D. Lawrence, same $2.00 ,
end at Mebane. Southern Oil Co., same $78.50 A. L. Campbell, same $Z.00
Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Melvin, of Newsom Motor Co.. same $56.19 T. T. Adams, same 60
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hughes, in
Therefore when the clover begins
fail, and grow in patches it is time to Sout'h Franklinvine Sun(J-
Wy anower appucauon ox unw. Mr& j g Teague of 1 Gar
Wtenhme is discredited because there d was h' g d
was libt enough put on the land to 1, .
produce the proper results.
I Mrs. M. H. Free
i i . - mil iiu mis. liflty iucivm, uj
rooogrowtn or ciover ana cut ii on. Greensboro Mrs, Melvin's par- Seagrove Hdw. Co., tools and re- H. W. Younts, same $2.60 j
fOO.ll U. J. X11I1$ bcuiiv . . w
1 Oi 1 I T i- T71 17 1 AA '
Vyttiuiuia obvri nu iruit aj.9 iua- v. hi. xveariu, nnc fi.vv
teri&l for b rid ire S33.31 R. L. Coooer. cflDturinir distil- I
Asheboro Hdw. Co., material and lery $5.00
construction $231.56 A. C .Cow mileage, July .... $29.06
fat less than a ton per acre and . Ethel, and Mr. nH Mm Cat. . MtnumH 1122.74 J M. Rmvn. rjnrurinr HisfilUrv SK.OO
swdm land will require twice this ,and Free of Cedar FaIiS( ere here Lurin Cranford, 1 mo. labor $80.00 Newsom Motor Co., welding bars
a sn j p, .for a short while Sunday afternoon. Bud Lowe, same $80.00 jail $4.00
wlf i,fT k,?ZJ Mr. J. T. Bule and family were vis- . Bill Lowe, same $80.00 Asheboro Grocery Co., mdse. co.
Kgs farrowed I durmg : Anrast . and I itors ftt h Saturda and SunJGrady Lowe 20 days labor .. $61.60 home $35.60
SEr-S Zvt , SZiL nfi3 Uake -MiUikani same $41.60 R. Hv Ingram, drayage co. home f 2.221
Oe spring markets u ComparisonE i of Mr c p Fox and fami,y Bnd jr. ' Armsteafl York, 1 mo. labor $80.00 R. C. Johnson, mdse. co. home $20.60
tL SS kJ1 fn a i,T7hi L Staley of StaJey- vi8itor8 at c- p- Smith' 9 dayg ,abor 27-72 Asheboro Ice & Coal Co., ice
T " " . "j, I tne nome 01 Mrs- Anna rox ssunday Hobert Allred, 16 days labor J49.Z8 for county home $9.76
tw seasons of the year when pork afternoon. L. F. Carle, 8 days labor .... $31.60 R. S. Ferree. mdse. for county
arices are at their higest. The farm
er who has pigs farrowed during the
next sixty days should plan to meet
this market in the spring. By run-
i 1 nn nas en elected president of Catawba
Miss Mozelle Kimery is spending W. M. Burrow, 1 1-2 days labor $4.00 home $10.20
this week with relatives at Greens- C. C. Ridge, 20 lbs. nails $100 Asheboro Drug. Co., mdse for
boro. Wilson Motor Co., Ford Motor county home . . $6.70
H. T. Garrison and family, Floyd car $215.00 So. Crown MiUinr Co.. mdse.
ZZFiZZ tuJL o7tvl a1 1 1 Welch, S. L. .Welch and sons, Percy J. M. Shaw, 10 lbs. hard oil .. $1.50 county home $67.95
yon have them, and green crops dur-1 and ayde( Duncan and Robert West g F Craven and repairs $774.59 Asheboro Bank & Trust Co.,
EL ftrLu li Tn nfndlof Greensboro, were among our vis- J. R. Surratt, 3 days dragging $12.00 Jury tickets $114.10
t Zr L fiftv Znd Tor!itors "y- Claud Pervi construction . . $30.00 Asheboro Bank & Trust Co.,
two hundred and fifty pounds for, p. w.nt1 i.ff tnT,,taxr , - T r o:-.i. j ;i eonnc tonnn
the spnng market. Sow some rape or th fc, t . . Vo,,nD.' T- r t iU as iKr imon
and oats during this month, for early . . g c - hriAaa :KRftn
Mrs. Anna rox and daughter, An- J. A. Holder, 2118 ft lbr.
na, and Mr. R. p. Garrison and son, A. D. Gray, labor on bridge $11.00
Robert, made a business trip to D. A. Henley, 660 ft. lumber $16.50
Greensboro one day last week. Frank Powell, 1000 ft lumber $23.00
Several people are attending the C. C. Routh, 1000 ft lumber $30.00
revival meeting at the Holiness H, T. Braji, labor on bridge .. $5.00
church this week conducted by Rev. A. B. Ellis, 1 1-2 days labor . . $8.50
J. E. Shaw, pastor, and Mr. and Mrs. General Fund I
Frank Bean, of Maryland. A. C. Cox, salary $208.84
John Sumner and Russell Parks D. M. Weatherly, same $166.66
were at Chapel Hill Sunday. A. M. Cox, same $75.00
T. F. and Robert M. Jordan went W. A. Lovett, same $100.00
to Winston-Salem Saturday evening. Lee M. Kearns, same $166.67
Mr. W. J. Moffitt and family at- lola, Lowdermilk, same $75.00
tended the protracted meeting at . Tilley, janitor, $60.00
Shiloh Sunday. W. B". Fulton, listing property $40.00
Rev. W. F. Womble, presiding el- J.-T. Wood, same $120.00
iler Greensboro district, will hold his C. H. Julian, same $46.00
Fourth Quarterly Meeting for Ram- C. L. Lewis, refund tax error. . $5.86
seur and Franklinville charge and J. C. Bridges, same $5.67
preach at Franklinville M. E. church C. E. Kearns, same $11.86
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. J. W. Robbins, election expense $6.00
Dewey Pugh and Lenah Pugh, Ada R. W. Fuller, same $6.00
Newsom and Pauline Curtis went to W. L. Thurber, same $12.00
Candor Sunday. J. C. Allred, same $6.00
C. L. Allred is putting on a special John Rush, same $21.84
three days sale of dry goods and W. D. Spoon, same $16.14
notions, beginning August 14 at his Colbert Farlow, same $3.00
store on River Drive. S. A Robins, same $3.00
D. Coble went to Jackson Springs John B. Trogdon, same $6.00
Sunday. A. C. Lowdermilk, same $6.00
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Steed and daugh- H. N. McMasters, same $3.00,
ter, Neola, of High Point, were the Zell Brown, same $15.00 :
guests of L. F. Fentriss Sunday. C. W. Brower, same $6.00
Wm. McDaniel, of Graham, was the Burt Swaney, same $3.00
truest of his brother, J. A. McDaniel, C. S Swaney, examining lunatic $2.50 ;
Saturday and Sunday. Randolph Tel. Co., rent $15.25 '
T. A. Wrenn, Misses Maggie and Tpwn of Asheboro, water and !
Kepha York and Ethel Way went to lights $31.08
Liberty Sunday. J. D. Bulla, vital statistics, reg. $27.50 ;
Miss Ethel Way entertained a num- W. A. Bunch, premium of pol- j
ber of her friends Thursday evening icy $264.00,
in the way of a social. Many games Asheboro Printing Co., supplies
were played and all had a good time. county offices $45.80 !
Mr. J. A McKInnon and daughters, Lee M. Kearns, July postage $11.62 :
Misses Ethel and Leila went to High Lena Hilliard, salary C. S. a $60.00
Point Sunday, accompanied by Miss The Courier, supplies county of- f
Thelma Hutchenson, of High Point, . ficeg $37.00.
who had been visiting here the past J. A. Ivey, vital statistics $12.00 ;
week. Mitchell Printing Co., record !
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Slack spent the; book $57.73,
week-end at High Point at the bed- John W. Curtis, burial two Con- i
grazing and another sowing the last
f September. This will carry you
ever until spring when another seed
ing should be put out in March in
rder to carry the hogs left on the
farm and the pigs, over until grass
comes. A plan of this kind is espec
ially suited to the farmer who has
grain to sell. The shoats will pay
him from fifty to one hundred per
ent more for the grain than he can
market it direct. There are probably
a lot of hogs in the county at the
present time that are ready for mar
fat I would be glad to help get-up
a car of hogs at this time and help
ship them if you will give me the in
Socnxation. Hogs are at the present
time bringing a good price on the
markets, and will be higher during
the next thirty days than they will be
any more before spring. Why can't
we join hands in a cooperative way
and get our hogs on this top market.
The postoffice at Franklinville has
been equipped with lock boxes.
Mrs. A. K Hobson was paralyzed
Saturday morning and her condition
b considered serious.
Mr. A. V. Jones and family and
Mrs. Minnie Allred spent the week
end at Raleigh with the family of
K. T. Sorrell.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Brown, of El
lerbe, who have been on a motor trip
through the western part of North
Carolina, visiting Asheville and Blow
ing Rock, returned by way of Frank
ftrriTle and were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. G. P. Craven, Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Jordan left
Monday for Raleigh for a few days
visit with their son, R. B. Jordan.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Baldwin, of
Goldsboro, are visiting friends and
idatives here.
ss Bertha Scott, of Siler City,
pent the week-end with her sister.
Miss Opal Scott, at the home of G.
P. Craven. '
side of M. L. Burke, who is seriously
federate Veterans $40.00'
M. H. Burkhead, Election ex- !
- pen bo $6.00
Change of
"When change of life began
oa me," says Mrs. Lewis
Usher, of Lamar, Mo., "I
suffered so with womanly
weakness. I suffered a great
deal ef pain in my back and
sides. My limbs would cramp.
I didtft feel like doing my
work, and there are so many
steps for a woman te take on
a farm. I was very anxious
to get better. A friend rsc-oxBUstesded
te- me and I began tulnfc R
1 certainly Improved. I went
theeeihehahge of Mfelrlth
wsl ay trouble; Ioaa Ughr
" At th aeihont 40 to
U every woman has te past
ttooBfk a oxttieal time, oAkfe.
It ealled tho Change of fifi
At ' this time. aoH Ojhaasoa
ttat' tbm-tisbu :e7ttea. :
: are -already ooffee-.
any ef Ita troubles
Wma, take CarduL It.
helo reo. Mi tt 1m
Norfolk, Va August 15, 1924
Tickets good 8 Pays and 2 Nights in Norfolk.
Round trip fare from Asheboro, N. C, $7.25.
Pullman sleeping cars and high class day coaches.
Special train leaves High Point 8:05 P. M. August 15th.
Arrives Norfolk 7:45 A. M. August 16th.
Round trip tickets on- sale from all stations on Southern
Railway in North Carolina August 15th, for this excur
sion. See eircular.
Tickets from branch line points sold for regular trains
connecting with SPECIAL TRAIN at junction points
mainline Charlotte to Danville. Tickets from mainline
points Charlotte to Danville on going trip August 15th,
sold for special train only.
All tickets good to return all regular trains up to and
including train No. 3 leaving Norfolk 6 :10 P. M., August
18, 1924.
Grand opportunity to spend week-end at Virginia Beach,
Ocean View, and other resorts.
Fine surf bathing, boat excursions, sight-seeing trips.
Fishing at Ocean View this year is the best in many years
and great catches are reported frequently. Don't miss
this opportunity for a few days fishing.
Make your pullman sleeping car reservations early.
For farther information call on any Southern Railway
Ticket Agent
Asheboro, N. C
. : ijji u-l ill....,
Division . Passenger Agent
Charlotte, N. C
v. l.i u.-.l ...
Alaiiiaitce Laundry 1
Gives' Aslieboro Service '
4 't i
v ' B)mvcautdmdiid '
j; Iujbriciprtlof tlic
h: m a'B nickefncrV; -f
v Wagon in Asheboro Three Times Weekly:
xfAvnAv wpriMPoriAV flATTmriAV t
Guatan teed Service
- VWU Appreciate Your Orders
". ;. 4
. .
' Flat Work, per pound
Damp Wash, per pound j.
Rough dry,' per pound Ix.
Complete washinir and ironinj? for X ;
JNfidJowiwes on
ear aunertwi ? Mn i rmn v
n wr4ecaaM they are Urge and do ocrt need to
t ;Upaaiped op to htnl t. ' v UJ JUUV U-.iitm
'n flex ben4 adv and t'tbA-h
.... thbampt . j turj .w,,v-Hf
Bvt thU flexing U hard a Mxw t doc& . -.
ytat hat recently developed a new cord fabric "'
called SupertwUu It stretch et arxnrt tvrko at fat
ordinary cord. It was especially developed for
Balloon Tlrei and It found only la Coodyeaf '
Balloon Tire. SvtrtwUt U your kMur&oce of y
long wear and freedom from tronbU - ,'
At our new low prfc we can put Coodyearv, :
Suptrtvltt Balloon Tlrei cm yoor car at less thaa .
you've been paying for the regular ilxo tiree now "
on your car, '...: ; v f,v '.:".,
; ' aSj today and experience thi real ttrdl cl .' '
v, QOoodyear Balloons on your dr. , ' ; .;, - , . '
"Aslieboro Motor Car Company
17 v
1 i
V T v "
n::c:;, Dzzhi k
. -
-4 . w .
' ' ' - . .... J J

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