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"-Continaeci For; four Days nd
' " Nlthte rritay, 26th, School
. Ifcfct ? EtWWts. -
Wadneaday morning, September Z4th
and will continue through Saturday,
the 27th, four days and four nights.
Tha nuuiagement baa .perfected Ma
nlaanJbr the fair-and fverythlrig will
iaUeadineesaea iba-Mtfclorlthc
opening of tha biggest and beat fair
ever held in the ceuntyr; People from
all over the "county as well, a adjoin
in? eoonuea are inierenea, jura every
indication ia that the attendance thia
Larfcst EaroDimrit la History
' a " a a ' a. m ' an e . -T'
ox scnooi -inaicanons rout r
To Good Year' Work. '
tfonday morninr, September th,
the Aahebore city -eehool opened with
the larieei-eJtoiidejMe in? the hiatory
of the achooL The opening day. there
were 819 pupili enrolled. The inamj
i : l. a. i.- i a I. - 1
gradei were aa follows: First, : 121;
second, 103; third, ,115; fourth, 107;
fifth,' 76; laixth, rTSt; eenth, 67;
eighth 0ninflv i 61; tenth,! 80;
elerenth, 22. " ;!
KI Superintendent W. H. McMahaif as-
nooneec that things are already uVi
inn' alonr nicely' and will be running
smoothly within a few days. tThis
year will be unusually large and tte y4,r there are two sessions instead
of one, as was the case last year. The
pupils march in the building at 8:80,
and at 8:40 the tardy bell sounds.
This is Western Union time.' At noon
there is an hour for lunch, from 12:00
to 1:00 o'clock, and at 8:00 and 8:15
in the afternoon pupils are dismissed.
The opening morning a large num
ber of parents and friends of the
school were present .at the opening of
the school, and while there was no
Chanel service, Mr. HcHahan made a
few announcements and welcomed the
new teachers and pupils. All indica
tions point toward a splendid years
exhibits more numerous and
than ever before. (' . - i .
Especially; the agricultural and live
stock exhibits are expected to surpass
all former efforts. Already the known
entries will make these departments
bigger and better than 'they ' have
ever been in the history of the county
fair. The poultry show promises to be
one of the chief features of the fair.
More space has been provided for all
exhibits and it is anticipated that all
departments will show a decided im
provement over former years. ,
The fair management especially
calls attention to the changes in the
fancy work department. Refer to the
1923 catalocr foe entries which will
be added to those laid dpwn in the i Parents At& Invited To
irae - catalog, or u we arcs catalog
has been mislaid and you are inter
ested in entering an erhibit in this
department write Mr; W.'.C. York,
Aiheboro, N. C, for full particulars.
Entries may be made of table linens,
bed linen, quilts, handkerchiefs, coun
terpanes, and in the infant's and old
ladies' -sections in addition to those
given In the 1924 Catalog, "
v Up to 9 o'clock the opening day of
' the -fair everybody will be admitted
free of charge Free parking space
may be had just across , the street
from the' fair grounds. '
School day will be Friday, Septem
ber 26th. All school children will be
admitted free this day whether school
has begun or not.
Attention is called to the fact that
all exhibits must be in place by 9
o'clock Wednesday morning. -
The fair management has engaged
the Narder Brothers . Show- for. the
duration' of the fair. A number of
free aeta have been: provided.
It is unred that every person in the
county make an effort to attend the
Masonic Ritual To Bo Used-
Prof. M. a S. Noble Will
1 : Deliver the Address,
i ' : . - mT i tt rt
FOUR mmsnr2 OPITM democrats SHpy w im SS 4 F All
h'AlUX NKXT I. KK U1U1UUUU11 Ul Pftf rTIPAI. STHii;V vwh--
i rrrriTTrfi wirkrt nnnrm
First at SeazTove Tnesda--Oa
: Succeeding Days at i i lia--
: ;say. State
Four community fairs wifl be'held
in the county next week. jThe "nrst
pf these fairs will be held at Seagrove
uext Tuesday, September lth.. This
will be the first event of its -kind held
at Seagrove, the fair there - having
been organized this year. However,
Is Dependent on
Railroads Confident Port
Development Will Pay.
pmmrAi. STRAVeVrcYi
Davis WU1 Not Campaign In IMINS'CUARGS
Far West Republican Fear
Election of Democrats.
i . ' ..
i It has been announced by R- K.
Stewart, Master of Num F. Reid
Lodge No. 844, A. F. and A. U., of
uiga nun, mat una tooge ,P , ac- ti,e lower pa bf i
cepiea uie mvivation 01 ue vowrey county indicate that the fair will en
Board of Education of Bandolph eoun-) joy J gooi patronage. Ther is a
WJfi&P-e?.ne new i la?ge section of the county fo be Serv-
school buUding at Trinity, N,.G... . 1 this community fafrFah. the
I he cornerstone ceremonies will De . fai- manBmmmt hks rmt f o'rth ' ex-
Governor - : Cameron Morrison
launched the campaign for the devel
opment of ports and water commerce
(By David F. St Clair.)
Washington, September 8- John
Supervision if EojdJls Not Po
I Utkal Question-Percent. -
1 '
ego vOBiparea
uavis oeeision nm to carry iu cam-)- , i,-l-.-v.- i; " t,
paign personally into ine iar wesi- issac . .,.v.
ern and Pacific Coast states is in- ;didate for Governor, made a charge in.
ku mm ismnrrata tn ! his fsneeoh at AsheboTo that the sup-
for North Carolina at Rockingham I mean that in those former Republican ! erviswa of the state banks has been
Monday night and devoted his speech gtrongholds where LaFollette has careless, iwd went to -state the
of an hour and a half to show the shown greater strength than Davis , large number of bankf allures in torn
people why water transportation is Democrats will be encouraged toparison with 'hational bank' failurea. ,
essential. He made an earnest appeal throw their votes to the progressive He has continued to make this ChSrge
tor pud nc support oi ine program ol t eket in order to defeat Cohdge. wnerever ne ns nww i
held on Saturday, September 13th, at ' efforts t get au the people in 'he tate port and ship commission's Every Western state where Davis is , statement issued Saturday by' the,iiiihwuihk1 "u:,the adjacent territory interested
pressive program has been, arranged '
in program. I believed to have a fighting chance ;-trporatn--MnsioB- ww -
.u- t j The linvernnr stated in the nnemnff ,;n k nnctaH ho tha nemnrrals losses 10 OeDOSHOrv wirouKii v' -.,
for under tiie leadership of Mr. Bruce Wednesday, the 17th; Aeiom-' of his address that "our one weakness , but states like California, Oregn(ure of nataohaT banks during 1923p
Cra Pwr- M; C. S. Noble, of muriity falr at nint Hill will-be held i that we have only one mode of , Washington and the Rocky Mountain ; were double M-W depositors in
the State University, wUl deUver the j for the consecutiYe ' season, transportation for the ever-increasing I group where in many instances : the failurj iofj statt i banks.
""SI88, v ' Thursday, the 18th, is the date for the commerce of our agricultural, indus-1 straw votes show the progressive! Fifteen f &632'0 '"ft
.The exercises will begin promptly fair at 'Holl Springs. : Earmer fair trial, and commercial life". "Our j ticket running ahead or neck and with resources l tf! ZX95fi98 failed
at 4 P. M;, and will be presided over . jj be held on Friday fheTlOth, ! only means of transportation is by neck with the Republican ticket and during the jeer", wbile three of the
by Supt. T. Fletcher Bulla of the Extensive preparations -e : being raU for long and short hauls, and the Democrats showing a poor third. 83 National hanks, wito resources Of.v
county schools. Mr. U F. Ross, ! ade for thege fairg nd leverv indi-' sometimes by truck on short hauls".: word will be passed to the Democrats . $4,501,550 collapsed. .There are seven.
Chairman of the County Board of h,d- L,ofi s. il -ni d,riik air But. according to the Governor, we when the need it. what to do to times as many state 'Man a-a.;;
1 tksn malra 4ka fnvma M. . " u . . . 1 J i. 1 . a a. :iL a ' . . X ' I 1 UnUa tVANffh ihM nmtlAVflAII '
ucation, will tten make the formal re- former efforts m attendance
rt for the Masonic ceremonies and j fa tne number and Lht - of
cornerstone will be laid with the v.iujt T
irs will
and ' should not be content with rail trans-! elect Davis.
the ' portation alone, but should develop
u;K;fo f . :f and use the Z.uUO miles ot waterways
usual masonic ritual under the leader- ! m:t ;-J - 1 in the state in order that we mav
. it rt. . . . . T W1UUIUIUV1 "HI; " ' . .. . .
snip oi n. iv. oiuarc, masxer oi ixuma , hnnfu at tllB -nimtv fail- which he- have additional service.
F. Reid U)dge of High Point. Braxton ng the 24th, and prizesSv-lil, be of
Craven, Sunder of Tnmty College, fered tfte begt commuit? ,air as
was one of the first members of the ' ,ui. I 4-:-
lodge, and the stone will contain the
words "In memory of Braxton Cra-
m. . m x.; :. M ft."
viem la'onaver, enainnns 0( ,1
Democratin national committee; in "a
iair at nunn unns uuruiv il uunuuHi & - ' j . ... t
X net ell o ni ; It isiiTkS. M; Heptemner ;Hifeeetiianr
r t Ti . v. lv - ; '.'-""".1 mnuuMf Miwn
wresung . w see uie mings uhiw are
grown in the county and what is be
ing done along many different lines
of endeavor whether you have an ex-:
hibit to makoor not. , '
Meet Teachers Friday
The school committee of the Ashe-
boro Woman's Club is aranging for
all parents and guardians who have
children in tne school to meet at tne
school building Friday evening. This
meeting is, for the purpose of meet
ing the new teachers of the faculty
and becoming better acquainted; with
the old teachers, thus making', tms
the best year in the history of ; the
school; Not only are the parents es
pecially urged to come out on this oc
casion, but the school Doard as well
will be present f
ven." The speaker will be introduc
ed by Prof. J. Ralph Weaver, head of
the Tnmty township schools.
He cited the development of water
transportation and port facilities in
Maine, Alabama, Louisiana, Virgin
ia and other states, which have voted
money for ports, and wherever it has
been done it has been a paying prop
osition te the people of these states.
By way of showing that water
transportation development is not a
Deflation Charged
Maine Goes Reput'ican'
TTns.f filial MtllCTia- f TWITl ftleC-
The cornerstone, which will be of uu : fi, .fDf f; sfnm Mnn.
limestone, will contain a copper box show that the Republicans elect- ' new departure he cited the democ rat
in which will be deposited a history , d their candidate for sjenatoi by a ! ic national platform which he says
of the institution, and other impor-I jnajority of approximately 60,000
tant data. On one side the stone will votes ny elected a Governor by a
majority of 36,000, whcn: was less
than the normal Republican-majority
in the state. Four years ago, the ma
jority was about 26,000 and .four
be inscribed with the Masonic Em
blem and inscription, while the other
will bear the words "In Memory of
Braxton Craven", followed by the
names of the members of the County
Board of Education, Architect, etc
The new building replaces the old
Trinity college building and will be a
modem structure to accommodate tne
High School for all of Trinity town-
snip,, and tne elementary grades ior
the town of Trinity.
' Trinity High School, comprising
the consolidated schools of the whole
township ..providing, for a population
tut t .1... 6..ikwuI nAAlA ...11 nA An
WJL DWV WUIHUIU TT 111 uwil w.t
.Monday, September 29th, the date
Opening being due to the necessity or
teaching in- private residences until
the hew building is ready on January
1. iv Prof. J, Ralph Weaver, Superin
tendent of the high school and of all
sehobla of the township, baa already
aertiontanr-sm depresMontatloeatwd. with his jamiiy in xnnity.
makes a clear-cut declaration for de.
velopment of inland waterways. He
also asserted that Catvin Coolidge and
John W. Davis are in the present
campaign advocating the development
of these inland waterways. The Gov-
years ago over 65,0O0.AH four Re- j ernor stated that the state is paying
publican candidates for (Congress were j an annual freight bill of $55,000,000
elected. toC.ft1' 8 referred to what he declared to be
ph a move on the part of railroads to
V increase the freight by ten , million
Married In Circus Tent dollars. Freight- rates are 33 1-3 per
. cent highe" this state than in Vir
An unusual setting for .marriage glnia. He minted out that the peo
was that of the wedding oOim Lila J ple pay the freight bill, but do not
Bowman, of Climax, tOjMr.-Alfred G. pay tax for the support of the state
Jobe, of GreensboroV which took I government for the reason that the
Port and Ship Measure
Is Economic Question
-John G. Dawson, state chairman of
the Democratic executive committee,
has Issued a statement in which he
states that the state ship and water
transportation ia not a political ques-1
; - tlon, but is an economic question. He
' says that the Democratic party as a
political organisation would act un
wisely In taking skies -a the propo
sition. In concluding his statements the
democratic leader asserted that "it
will be my purpose that the demo
'eratie orgmnhtation devote ita esMrgie
to the segelar banes now before the
- people, end that the state- ship and
water transportation question be left
unhampered by partisan eoa side ra
tion." J,
Mr. Dawson declared that the mat
ter weald be thoroughly dlsessaeS and
considered by the people before the
general election and they would
doubtless raoord aa intelligent ver
dict upon its merits. He discouraged
any attempt te put the question be
fore the voter as a matter for po
litical argument between .the demo
crats and republicans during the com
ing campaign. -
" City Water Supply Low
A teqoeat comes this week" from
the Mayor of the town to the people
te ase sparingly of the city water.
During the long dry spell the present
water supply has ran very km, 'and
now there is only enough te tide ever
by using sparingly.. It is urged that
- - "each dtisen ase rare ia this, matter
so there will be M'serious shortage
h .' until ft U possible to use the new
' dam, WhOe there ia still a considers-r-
- ble water In the present " system,
J. there la no a-eufffclent supply, for
, ; . watering lawnsvwashhig Tare, ' and
- . imrinkllr.r stteeta.' 'For this reason
;." tae facte are jni before the people ef
,'.'r tne towm. with suumrsnc that thia
i'j .wwrd of esetlen jrlU cheerfullr ; be
' y" '
'It is apparent that the exigencies
of partisan politics have pressed
Secretary ef Agriculture Wallace to
reverse and stultify himself in the
statement he issued on September 4,
charging the last Democratic ad
ministration with responsibility for
the deflation of agricultural prices
and the consequent distress among
American farmers. Mr. Wallace's lat
est explanation of the farmers' bank
ruptcy and poverty during the near
ly, four years of the Harding-Coolidge
regime at least adds variety te his
contributions on the subject It is the
fourth or fifth version of the farm
ers' sad plight he has offered since
"The true cause of the present and
recent condition of agriculture is to
be found in the deliberate policy of
deflation pursued by Republicans
theaueives. The written record of
their culpability will be cited. It be
gins with the resolution adopted by
the .Republican 66th Congress. This
resolution was offered by Senator
McCormick Republican, of Illinois.
Here it is: j
'Resolved. that tha federal re
serve board -be directed to advise the
senate what steps it propoaee to take
er to recommend to the member
banks of the federal reserve'- system
to meet the existing inflation in cur
rency and credit and the consequent
high prices, and what further steps
it propose to take or recommend to
mobilise credits in order to move the
1919 crops.'
. This resolution was not merely the
undertaking of Senator McCormick
am an individual Republican. It waa
part and parcel of the policy ef his
party. The Republican platform of
1920t.adopted more than a year after
the passage of Senator MoCormick's
resolution, contained - this declara
tion: , "W pledge ourselves to aa earnest
and eonaistent attack a pea the high
eost of living by rigorous avoidance
of farther , inflation in our govern
ment borrowing and by courageous
and Intelligent def elation of our over
xpaaded eredit' and currency.' ;
''Senator Harding, Republican can'
dldate . for " the . presidency, in bis
speech ef sjcceptance (July 22, 1920.)
malt this policy hie own.- - .
'Cross' expansion- ef currency and
credit have depredated the .dollar,'
said Mr. Hardier. 'Dotation on Ahe
one bund and mLoratinn mt the 100
eent dollar on the ether ought te
euve bwm begflu- on , the -tlay after
the armitrtlre. W pledre that eemiwt
end ecnKUteet aiterk whlct the plst-
lorm eovsnanu. t Me wm eturript Irv
(Mllignt and eeursgeoet deflation
place Thursday night M jast week in
the Bod Morton circus itenj, fn ureens
boro. The ring cereinQhy was used.
According to Mr. Mortoh this was the
56th marriage to tafeff place under
state taxes have been taken off the
great mass of the people.
The Governor expressed confidence
that the port and terminal develop
ment would pay for itself, pointing
tusxent during tne years oi ms ex-iout tha(. it has done g0 everywhere
perience as a snow unsn S" ! The state's factories turn out
is" the daughter of Mnd, Mrs. Sam tonnai-e than t.hf. of the stab
Greenstrf ' MtdmP 1 etl
' Nown shores, although we are building
Alamance Democrats Name Ticket I maEnificent ones in Virginia, . be
Alamance Uemocrats name licket cause we dt down and refuse tQ use
1 the opportunities God gave us".
The Democrats of Alamance county Cnnrlmlino' with a reWncs n tv,
have named the following ticket for state-owned ship feature of the pro
posed port terminal development, the
ror bnemi, . U. btory; Kegister Governor declared many people ree-
' tional banks, though. , the proportion
Such a policy will of course be of- of f ailure is five tei one. , If dis- -
ficially denied but it is admitted at ; credit belongs anywnere,:. Hie wm
headquarters here that Mr. Davis ! mission says, t belongs the f aU
cannot in a few ffliort weeks campaign ! ure of the National .banks, And the
convince the West that he is a pro-! more so because State banks ag gressive.
What there is of the Dem- j lowed to exist for the service of the
ocratic party in most of the states people, in weak communities Where
west of the Mississippi River is i a National bank wouldnot be char
closer to LaFollette than to Davis. '. tered. -..'
LaFollette's selection of Senator , No Political Issue. , ,
Wheeler of Montana as a running! Supervision of bank U not a mat
mate and the defeat of W. G. McAdoo'ter that should ber concerned r with "
in the New York convention have ! politics, the statement declares, de-
pionng tne fact tnat enen nucruevous ..
subjects have been brought, into tne
discussion. The statement reads
"Col. Isaac Meekins, , Republican ,
candidate for Governor, has been re- J
ported in the press a criticising the
supervision of State bank in this '
State, on account of failure of State
banks, and Is reported to have set up
a comparison ot the small number of i
failures of National banks and . the
larger number of failures of . State
banks as condemning v the State
banking system. It ia regrettable that
comparisons of this; character should
be made for partisan purposes. There
is no politics 4n the supervision of
either ytate -or National banks, Su--pervision
-of both systems of., banks
is carried on through expert bank
examiners -who follow almost iden-1
tical systems of examination nd su
pervision, and any effort to discredit
or' undermine either system by com
parison with the other is unjustined
Prof. w. C. Dula? Principal 'f 'the
High School, will teach the languages,
and the other high seool teachers will
be as follows: Miss Emma L. Chaffin,
mathematics; Miss Florence Kirkman,
history; Miss Ruth Hickerson, Eng
lish: Miss Annie Groome, Science.
The teachers in the elementary
school at Trinity will be Mrs. Kate I the fall election
Norment, first grade; Miss Mary for Sheriff, C.
vTmV vS"' i ""l?f Vee l M R' Surveyor. ister their fears over that possible un
son, third; Mrs. Blanche Farlow, Lewis H. Holt; Coroner, Dr. R. M. wh.n 0v, tw
ntuirTroxler; Legislature, W. S. Coulter; North Carolina owned and operated
Adrian M. Can-oil; railroads from tho aH
County Manager, W. O. Warren; Morehead to Aycock and made money
County Commissioners, John T. Love, out 0f it. He expressed the belief
Dr. Chas. E. Kernodle, J. Archie Long that it would not be necessary to buy
and R. B. Newlm. ; and operate ships for the reason that
successful port development will
bring private owned ships into North
Carolina ports.
The Governor proposes to be on the
fourth: Miss Bessie Johnson.
Miss Carrie Miller, sixth; Miss Cam-state Senate,
mie vaugnn, sevencn.
For the Archdale school will
AnrnoBO nowenf ftiLIJ .''
, : t to ma are mix uosiebt
. ;., . rfiKVi-u-i-
'' The Ashebore Rosier? Mill ere
making prfrstlon te Mraifservre
ladlee silk hosiery. The eompany has
thlMAM mm nrk tin An n mm k .
ehlne for V.lttirg siik ho..-ry and f"" f,r,1(, ' 'V""!? "W1!:.
exr-ct to bare Vm In.uiw'bl the h,,1r' 'V11 I s.'
eourme of few wVs. .Ti those l.uJTf n " "'' know
made will be a Indies' pare silk' hose JT? tU. Az4 eppereeUy Urease
and a fibre silk fce arronling to th) I w." he-e aware ef then
rrnt PiB, ,f the ton-peny. Thl.j hefore refrslnl front ry
lose be mde so that It en he f?ttntin "f? ta k" tL,'', Fh"ri'
for fl fKl rr r,.,r M, If Mons and eUUmsflU. Now, K.0 the
-r. fr,nrriy the - M.Rnet- "HnOIWlr fc.-
..i.iUlnr Con-.rsny. of Clinton. Isnn-1 '? ,!lr!.'," Hr W! M P'" U
has bn en.l hr lha W.I ,m. n"1 '"'" Wr,
rsny to Uk ri.srr of this rw de-l . V T
lartm.nt. 1,. nrrir.1i A sVs- i """'""
Mrs. Hunter Hannah, Principal, and
Misses Nancy Singleton and Ruth
For Miller school, Misses Lena
Thornton and Mary Trueblood; and
Miss Grace Burton at Prospect.
Music teacher for Trinity and Arch
dale, Mr. Harve Stahl.
practically put the Democrats out the
race in the far West.
Therefore, good political strategy
for the Democrats at this time, is to
encourage the third party where it
has a chance to defeat the Republi
cans and where the Democrats have
no chance. There are two good rea
sons for this strategy: Democrats
have been able to work with the La
Follette progressives in all internal
tax legislation and the tariff and
there is small chance that the La
Follette party can capture the Presi
dency in the November election.
Accordingly, it is the policy of the
Democrats to ignore all attacks made
upon the party by Senators Wheeler
and La Follette. Mr. Davis in none
of his speeches so far has made any
direct allusion to the third party and
Chairman Shaver has charged the
Republican party with being wholly
responsible for the existence of this
now "K-rtv": Li"RolipHei.rn. he ported
out. ia the natural bitter fruit of Ke- and mischievous. . i'vwijML
publican domination oi tne govern- "There " were1 fifteen failures oi
ment for so many years. State banks in; this State last ,.year
; 'j''t'rry other hand practically all and nly. .three' failure of National
the speechea'bhnportant lUpiAUcanibaiik States
leaders since theopenin'g of the cam-, banking jsystem'.rbr Ita'BupervisionT
paign have contained ferocious at- Not at alL; If It, discredit f either
hacks upon the candidates of this , ;t would discredit the s National : sysi
new party. James M. Beck, the pres- tem; for while 'there 'were exactly -ent
Solicitor General of the Coolidge ; fjve times as many -State banks that?,
administration, told a Republican failed, there are nearly- seven- times" :
gathering here that the Democratic as many State aa National bank in
candidates were not in the race this: the State and11 the nertentaga ot
1 - j U i. . i . . -. -
lime auu uie one uanr vnai. nc ra. Btate DBnJf? will Tabs than- . Xi.u.-
was the possibility that LaFollette ft biiCTSrr. 5S SSsutfSS
would recede enough votes to throw land only 83 National banks Tha
the election into congress with three failure of c gut fc fcJ.:
months uncertainty as to who would wa8 nct result of the failure
be the next President with a panic ; 0f National banks. - fr : .
in the meantime. If congress had to , 1 . ',J" 1 . - Vv
determine who should occupy the ouopori nomu, .-,,
'The. State' banks that failed in
1923 had total ranlt.l . fl.
$2)0,500 and the total capital stock of
White House Mr. Beck foresaw a
cloud of bribery and debauchery en
compass Capitol Hill.
Mr. Beck finally admitted the real National bank in- the State i that
stump practically every day between I cause of his fear was that if La-failed in 1923 was 32S,000. --, .
now and election in the interest of Follette and Wheeler were allowed to "Total resource of State banks
the port terminal development pro- ; go on gathering votes, the country that failed in 1928 waa I2J.1.B.098:
(By W. fl. Willis.)
Until further notice the hour
our evening services will be 7:30.
Rev. W. F. Woitrble, presiding elder,
will preach next Sunday evening, and
bold our fourth quarterly conference.
The writer officiated at the mar
riage service Monday of Henry
Swaney and Sarah Garren, young peo
ple of the Caraway section.
Rev. G. W. Clay Is conducting re
vival services at Farmer this week.
The. psstor will be In his pulpit
Sunday morning, and will preach on
"Good Results from Looking into a
Chairman Dawson
Against Debates
In a (si,..l Prirtav sftj.r- Eosal until he has covered the state, i would be delivered into the hands of total resources of National bank in
tin DemSc Ch John a. mLn'toTtY bk yTih T'ImJ?, "TV
awson went on record as opposed t ' Z.&lg lJ11 lction and Brother Charlie," and the devil 601JSGQ. -r-'- ". -
Farater CsstaMiiiity Fair
' The Community Fair at Farmer will
be held en the 19th. People from all
the surrounding sections are urged to
bring eoroethlng for exhibit. This
Fair ia not intended for Farmer alone
but for the whole southwestern part
ef the county.
. A table will be prepared for serv
ing a ptcnle dinner, and everybody I
urged te bring a . basket, and let ui
make the occasion one of social pleas
ure, ae well as educational value. .
-'vi i l v.
Aiheboro ToHa?e Cash '
' ' ' 4nd Carry Grocery
The IX' fVnder Groeery Company,
of Norfolk. has leased from Mr.
K. U Hsdrick the eullding now ecru
pid. as the Pulck seise room, next
do to '-rt-jr-i Hardware ' Com
pany on Depot street, for the purpose
i oTrxning up a rasa and esj-rv re-
Dawson went on record as opposed
a joint discussion with the republi
cans by Angus Wilton McLean or
any other democrat.
The republicans cannot discuss
their own party record, and there
fore would be forced to an effort to
obstruct an honest and open con-1
sideration of "matters involved," he 1
set forth, adding that the democrat- 1
ic party record can be better pre
sented to the people when the speak-;
er is "ten rree irore participation in
humorous and trivial subjects."
A Mr. McLean made the accept
ance of the debate challenge of Cot.
I. M. Meekins, his republican oppon
ent, subject to approval by the demo
cratic executive committee, Mr. Daw
son's statement serves st a rejection
of that proposal or any other chal
lenge that might come from the G. 0.
P. camp.
.Hi full statement follows:
"It has been the policy of the
democratic party to discuss fully
before the people the pending is
sue that an intelligent understand
ing of matter concerning their in
terest mar be gained and it has
been found and is admitted . that
such an' understanding cannot corns
from ' joint - discussions, . especially
when one participant - cannot dis
cuss bl own party, record, and
would, therefore, be forced to -aa
effort to obstruct.' an honest and
enen eonslderatiea ' ef matter in
volved. - ' - ' A-
Thst Mr". McLean la eemrpiciooe
ly well trustified te ' take eare ef
hlmsolf In any dlsoisskio end te
present te the people the greet rec
ord of ' hi party Srchlevetnenta,
achievements ' unsurpassed in - any
state in the anion, la 1 admitted
ior rauncaiion or rejection. The would now be to pay. The Democrats I should' also be borne in mind,
proposition calls for the issuing of have no chance but with Dawes and; when comparative"' criticism et this '
$ 7,000,000 in bonds for the purpose of ! Beck the spectre of "Brother Charlie" , character is, offered, that the lib-
developing ports and if necessary the ' always finally looms upon the horizon j erality of the State banking system
issuing of another million and a half and Bill of Old is espied in the back ' has encouraged and developed back
for the purchase of ships. ground with gnashing teeth. ing facilities and - conveniencee in
Even President Coolidge is begin-: the small town all over the State -
To The Art Patrons
tail rocrr, 'Work will be Urtd everywhere, but be can better pre-
irpiTMKnsu,, ,n in, installation f the Mnt, as eU ether oeroocretie
ruirnure an-1 fixture aiessssrv to srs en. th a treat bertv
boro rit -1
will nrr
S'r-rt '
Vr. U. J... (
I " r r, ! i
I .. '
i r 1 y - I ) 1 f
- I.I
I r
"f si1 prrtiri
.. In tl, ,!-,.,-'
U t.s ltuUraa sd-
thsr;lds with the
1 r
tie .epeafc.
eeeaad and
the display end arransviaent of' theithe worxlorful advaneameaa and ;
stork to he carried. The D. I'endrrjbtill'ling ef the state enrfer the adr
Ornrery Company eperetse a chain of ml nisi rat l ef the rismeeraUe par
I7& rash and esrry grocery torSily, when Irft free frm parUrlpsUoa
Uriphf!t Knrth Carolina and In hnmorum and trivial euMeets.-
SanUxs Vi.!ni un-W the lisree ef i "This r-t rnly ppl.e to' Mr. Me
nnwr tuirss. i ne eompany rtt i'it
e r;otation f tarrying aality gro-
T " ldt(l f t!hs ennv
i I arolinian, formerly
t c f 'i - - rs. J!e c t Ui
' T'- f"t t ! it
ha ,
Ihm r
et i
J .
rry t
lie e-niany te
tm'ler the a
s nt a 1
-i s'-.le's
i In
e eentmittee.
i, and. are
We hope to make the Art Depart
ment one of the most attractive, as
well as the best exhibits of the fair
this year, and those in charge of this
department earnestly request all
those having exhibits to please bring
or send in time to enter. This applies
to anyone in Randolph county. Get
your fair book and read carefully all
the things listed In this department.
Best of care taken of exhibits.
MRS. J. D. ROSS, Asst.
Assault Wife With Hatchet
Mrs. J. F. All red is lying in a crit
ical condition In Dr. i. Wesley Long's
hospital ss the result of an assault
by her husband Monday afternoon.
The couple lived on the High-Point
Greensboro road In the "Palmist'
Tent" and in the absence of tha own
er ef the UaL Mrs. J. Harrison, who
is U Kentucky attending the fairs.
Allied had been attending te the bee-
mese. rrem sppoerartces, Mr. and
Mrs. Allred had Just finished a meal
wnen nr.. Allied, assaulted hla wife
with a hatchet, which, was thrown taa
feet, penetratiag 4he shall Just . be-,
hiasi tha right ear... It waa only by a
mall atargia that the large blood
beseel inside the bead was missed,
and the brala vaa exposed. Mrs. All
red, wae picked ep by a ear and tak
en te the hospital wbera an operation
waa penonned anr later her husband
was taken te the city JaO where he
1 being held without bond. Mr. All
red wee tee Intoxicated te carry en
a conservation, bet Insisted upon ase
Inf hh wife, which was eiet perevit
tsL Mrs. Ail red's eondKiosi 1 con
sidered eatreroely grave, . ,. '
Bey Carve Unlaw C&erai
DwIpVl lUcfisrdaen, ef We4 fend.
ning to see red. In the shadow of where National banks wenM tint
the new statue of LaFayette in Bal- permitted to operate, and upon small
timore, the President warns the coun- capitalisation ' that - would not be
try against the assaults of socialism ' permitted - under ' the - National sye
and the red dragon upon the const!-; tem. ' '
tution. Senator Wheeler will doubt-! "In several States ef the Union
less call on LsFayette, one of the , there were more bank failure in the
leadens of the French Revolution to one year of 1923 than in all the his
replv to this speech of the President tory of both Stat and National
The real fear of the Republicans is banks in North Carolina. The tar-rer
not tne election 01 Robert M. Lat-ol
lette or Charles W. Bryan
Presidency but of John W
They are now URfng these scarecrows
to keep Davis off the reservation. If
Davis succeeds in working up any
real enthusiasm before the election,
the Republicans, it is believed here,
wilt attempt with the spectres of La
Follette and Bryan to stage a panic
Youthful Slayers Get
life-Terra Sentence
torx N0?,,,1 b?nk. N-rth Carolina
, arm in euier Ktatea rha.n . nrk
failure have been In much greatar
proportion than in North 'Carolina,
"rt"" w lrKe pari-due to- the
rapidly iuctuatmg -and . radically
changing economic condition that
have prevailed, and It should be as
sumedthat both State end National
banks and bank sunervisors will
profit by these experiences. Criticlmn
for DUrelV nartlHan Minuui aulii '
Nathan F. Leopold. Jr. and Rich
ard A. Leob. two sons ef mtllloaslras.
of Chlosgo, tried for the kidnapping
am niunier 01 a sen 001 do y neighbor,
itooerx rranxs, were reeteraay morn
ing sentenced to life tern in the pea
Hentiarr bv Sadn Inhn V r,lnr
The trial eras long drawn "ent, and
there was much speculation a to
tha outcome. , m
tha young peopl from hla section
Wlie have left for school are; Ml
OU and May Wrenn, U Ells High
8cholt MisaeeCertrud nd Swaante
Bray, te Raroseur Illgh School 1 and
MUe Maude Lee Tne. te Greensboro
C"f i " , ,
- Mr. u w. Tearne and famny t
rnded the eld oldlere' rswnUm at
Sue. City last week,, Tb-y were
eooowpanWd by Mr, U Ol Uuff and
.. Mlse Mal.le Kwirg will Ueve the test
of this week, fir Jjipl Eprlnrs where dt
Ueerer Reeaiva At Home ef
. r,4m,"' Nesr Fullers
Tha eooruf enminl TToevcr r
which Was aniiourired fnt the I
Saturday in SepU-mlr, l..-m 1
Changed to the f r t f-' in I
tober, whUh bo 0,1 . 1 t ;
This ehnnpa 1 ,fin 11
eount of ti,s lurnirr 1! .
with tlie rime fur ti,e I
te fair. The r-nnl..n i i
the horn of Mrs, J . !
.. ' , G.
Bleste N
Tvarly rrf,,,
Una .' . I.;.'"!
Cle I- I -r;
Ilyn t, I
tMrd t
he ftws in v.r t-e eon i, for
Vr. V. ,'.l i'i!r and Y, r. Irsrke
DTH I' ) U ! .11 fl kniflillji
I r-
I 1
1 1
sntt er w, K, Ktrnsrdwm f U-Ve pi are
t- be-a vi g (fi ' rt f or
'J dsjr Hr. Rii sr-'-' i ri-a
i r r i - t , i i
' ' r r r - a f , 4 m H kl

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