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County Otfers
o D por» n,t,eS
' a „d Others
VOL.* 1 "'" -
ffl VEARI939
Li. * -j
--. | HaPP eningS RUth
Culled From
erf ° r °Fiies in Chrono
frttsr!er r "
C ° !o gical Order.
- Moore, well
contractor, killed in
at Sandy Mush.
Jenkins, aged
instantly hilled
kb, ('. C.
1 ° - i.n ns Tabernacle
January . .
(1 ,.,. r s in ' hffside.
l: ' ~ v • visit!d by
i be 1" ta
, Qual
nc-d m
and wickl;'-
[■ v ' • * ' 'i
• „ t oi M.
i'-theri'ord County
•nd branches at Union
kill! am! - iiivulak; the Faimersj
te k *Tra* C«'ipany Forest City
ranch at  n close doors.
Lipaiiy. at Chimney Hock, closes
B February 17.- -Union Trust Com-
A„y. oi Sbelhv, opens two branch
Kiik> in County —one at Rut her-«
Brrftcn and one at 1' or est City. * j
■ February "2*7. —Juhn Kennedy, aged j
B. voW-V.nown Confederate veteran j
Kd busings man. and son M. B.
Kennedy, dies at Avondale.
I March ]. JJnifln Trust 'ompanv.
■ § oju ns haidTafCaro-
■ March 10— W. L. Long, of the
Ba Ridge community, loses $2,100 |
Hem povke while on way to hank t » i
Hpuiii the money. j
■March lib Disastrous tiro sweeps I
(:' Chiunev R»ck, destroying' j
Be building, resulting in a lossj
H'u::rdi 21- Rutherford Conn-; '
B' »ives ' live-at-hi me" luncheon
Mi p. .-gram to farmers of county
H meeting in Spindale.
IWilliamstim. X. named by
■ :> Stat: Bank Kxuinim r John
Bchvl! a> li(|tii«iator »! In- defunct
■iherford county l-inks.
B c 'P (, i'> Gap, kii: (| v. ■! 1 in sisting J
■ '
■i (W V Tin,l' T
■ 111 s iiith; rford county j
I and i. )ciation j
■" •jpnns n ; n forest: City. |
■ ' ' kepovi of tftc Farmers
■* ""'! l'ust Company filed with
■ 'lerk ( ,f Court.
Hpril i;i __Tii„
■ I • nu county Election
' iresl City's population
""Seventeen (.Confederate
I ' 11 h: annual reunion irt
■ ' !i .i-(|tn r ,
.'''|' ;, nnual banquet of 1
; n plsothermal
I ounty Re
| ' eld in Ruther
■ ■ IV(I \\ if . .
Br l!ntv . ' " a nincls re-elected
■l 1 . lu, an, and county G..
By :jo. » . .
B«n> i " 1 " ' ! ' ta n Legion posts
Biting ol ' ld War (lead b y
■>ne 2. T. i,
WK So!(i LlU( ; dam ilnl Pow-
nU l loi 'frclosure sale
■ fWd .'° unly ' s POPO
- a &ain
■ tcIISUS.
cjUST KSB-.J Sfcutsrcsy T'loram'! s¥■ g y c ar { er
! //x V ,■'»>-\ >\ \ r\' > 4 -'///,
|-—:^f>-n^am&tn3icis!cin.-u tmrrms-c£7x V 7"7~"|j / ... ' f / /// / fy / j ///f
// i/ T\t -- ■■ /--"z~ /. -'nCNN/ /\/
' •h ! |i //j /21
W/^McWW/^ few I fr ,
I yA ' 4// • 3? - .v /"Mil/ /// A
i —i VMj/wa I ■ /> - ,// mwy///y i
7 W/A, / y . 'y//y/'/f ~ v • U V/# j|v//
• y /Af/k /7 *'"7'//y///////
- y f-■/ . y'//yyy/'//v tv / *—• / v,
VV/ 7/ 7 7-7/ V 7/. '
y, ' ///„ / // ill
Official figures 011 Forest City's popu— |
lation given at 4,008.
June 7.—Democratic and Rjeputy- j
lican primaries held.
•June 8." -Fay Green, of Spindale,]
killed in auto collision in Forest City, j
June 12.—Methodist Women's |
Missionary Societies of the Marion,
District hold annual meeting in the j
Spindale Methodist church.
June 1 *). —Thomas. Tate, well-j
known Insurance representative o1 j
Ci iff side, killed by accidental dis-- j
charge of shotgun.
June 21. —Gordon Green, 21, of j
Spindale, killed by accidental dip- '
charge of shotgun.
June 28. —Rutherford county
Democratic conven : on held in Ruth
-1 erfordton, and delegates to state
convention named.
July s.—Second primary held.
July 10.—Mrs. R. Led better, of
HtnikUa, succumbs to heat; the
first death resulting in county from
I extreme heat.
July 21).—-Fred E. Wel.b, aged 43.
member of board ol aldermen
'Forest City and prominent, business
man die 4 in hospital in Atlanta.
August 12.—County tax rate fix
- * l
ed by county commissioners it $1.75 j
on ii.e SIOO property valuation.
\i.; ust 1 -1. .Mrs. Fannie W. Car.-
j treii appoint d superintendent of
! in/;' re welfare, succeeding Mrs. V
' ,
B. .toss, resigned. * ,
August 10. -Dillon Mode, aged J
i 2 L Spindale, killed by lightning
iwhilo praying near bis home.
I 21. -Fire destroyed plant
of Forest City Laundry, located in
old public school building, resulting
in $15,000 loss.
August 28. -James lliner Thomas.
fon» er head of Farmers Bank and
Trust Company, and leading business
man of Rutherford county, dies.
September I). Rutherfordton and
Spindale voted almost five to one in [
favor of selling public utilities plants |
to Southern Public Utilities com-j
September 16. —Forest City re-j
jeets, by small margin, proposition
to sell water and light plants to
South: i n Public Utilities Company.
September 22. First of a series
of joint debates between Fred D.
Hamrick, Republican county chair--
man, and S. P. Dunagan, I.)emocra +~ J
county 'jhairman, held in Ruther
September 23.—Rutherford county
fair opens.
September 20. —Second of a ser
ies of debates between Hamrick-
Dunagan held at Caroleen.
September 30.----Final Hamrick
| Dunagan debate held at Ellenboro.
j October 1. —Harvey Propst, well-!
iknpvvn (/older Valley farmer and
former office* >iu)t 'and lallfid.-by.vun.
"known parties from ambush.
' October 2.—Green River Bapti-t
Association opens annual association
'al meeting at Bills Creek Baptist
! church.
j October B.—-Forty-first annual ses-j
jsion of the Sandy Run Baptist church
(convened with the Spencer Baptist
i church, Spindale.
j October 20. —\V. P. Ilall, aged
j 11, of Ihe Hall-Rudisill Drug Com
-1 panv. Forest City, dies.
October 30. — George Tate, of
Cliffr ide, kills wife and wounds self
in attempt to commit suicide.
Novi rnber 4. —Democrats carry
all district and county offices, ex
cept one, in el ction.
November 10.- - First National
Bank of Forest City, opened for
November 11. --Several thousanel
people attend Armistice Day celebra
tion in Forest. City.
November 11.- —Commissioners of
Town of Spindale announce a re
duction of :;0c on the SIOO valua
tion in town taxes.
Xovemb r 12.—Fred Mcßray.r
appointed county recorder and 0. J.
Moeneyluim solicitor, to take office
January 1, by boards of commis
I sinners and education.
November 28. —Chimney Rock
Mountains, Inc., sold "under tore
closure sale for SBOO,OO.
December I.—New county offi
cials take oath of offiee. George H.
Blanton elected chairman of board
of county commissioners.
December 5.—C. C. Moora % ap
pointed county tax supervisor.
December 11). —G. B. Howard
elected president of Rutherford
| County Club at meeting held in Spin
j dale House.
Ministers To
Meet Monday
Ministers' conference of the Sandy
jßun association will hold its regular
monthly meeting Monday morning.
Dec. 29th, at ten-thirty o'clock, at
the Alexaneler Baptist church. All
ministers of the association are urg
ed to attend. -A good program has
been arranged by the committee and
business of importance is to be at
tended to. Brother ministers and
pastors be sure and come help carry
en the great work of the association.
-7— ~
Forest" City, R-l. Dec.
section was visited with one of the!
biggest snows on Wednesday, that !
had been in a long time. Traffic
was almost stopped for several lav«
The Harris school closed until Dec- j
The crowd at Sunday school was
small on account of the bad weatb
er. o>i Wednesday afternoon at 2:30
a short program will be givm ar the
church, and the children treated.
Messrs Kenneth Dobbins and Zon
Robinson were present last Sunday
night and organised general leaders
for our D. Y. P. U's. Miss Paulino
Cole was elected leader with Mis:
Joyce bland associated leader, Miss
Zennie Randall, secretary; Mr. Mar
vin Ha> r»s chorister and Mrs. .Lao
Robbins organist. We hope our B.
Y. P. U's. work will grow.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hen
son a line girl on Dec. 8.
Miss Ruby Robbins, of Boiling
Springs college is spending the holi
days with home folks.
Mr. X. F. Wcssingi r is improv
! ia°' after several v. . vl: s :l«ness
Misses and deyce tfland
spent last Friday night with Mr. and
Mis. P. R. Greene of near Cliilside.
Mr. and Mrs. Guilford oung are
j visiting Air. and Airs. AI. AT. oung.
Wishing the Courier and its many
readers a Alerry Christmas and Hap
py and Prosperous New Year.
Rutherford Woman
Dies At Lattimore
Lattimore, Dec. 22. —Mrs. J. P
McCurry died at eight o'clock Sat
urday morning at her home one mile
west of Lattimore, following an ill
ness of five weeks with a liver tio.i
bie. Mrs. McCurry before marriage
[was Lucinda Tessener and was 47
years of age at the time of her death.
! She joined Wall's Baptist church ii
Rutherford county at the age of IT
and was married 23 years ago. Sur
viving are her husband and five chil
j dren, Erastus, Howard, Blanche. El
| mer and Lula.
1 • Also surviving are two brothers
j Columbus and Dolphus Tessener and
one sister, Mrs. Andy McCurry. The
! funeral was held Sunday afternoon
at 1 o'clock at Walls church, serv
ices being conducted by Revs. Z.
and I. D. Harrill and Bert Bridges.
The McCurry family moved into
) Cleveland five years ago.
One SI,OOO Colfax Township
Road Bond Purchased at
Commissioners' Meeting.
Rutherfordton, Dec. 22.—At the
last meeting- of the Board of County
Commissioners it was decided to
purchase Colfax Township road bonds
and the following resolution was a
d opted:
Upon information furnished that
R. S. Dickson & Company of Char
lotte, holds Rutherford County Col
fax Township Road Bond in the
j principal sum of SI,OOO, same being
one of a series of bonds dated 15
day of February, 1918, and due l n .
1948, bearing interest at 6 per cent
■ per annum.
■ And said R. S. Dickson & Com
j pany having offered same to Ruth
! erford county on this the sth day
|of December, 1930, at par and it
| appearing that the sinking funds
| provided by Colfax Township, Ruth
erford county, to meet said bond.-:
i upon their due dates, is bearing
only 4 per cent interest.
It is thereupon ordered and di
rected by the Board of County
Commissioners of Rutherford coun
ty that said offer of R. S. Dickson
&: Company for thf redemption of
said bond at par be accepted, and
the Treasurer of Rutherford coun
ty is hereby directed and authoriz
ed to purchase and redeem said
bond according to offer, out of the
[sinking fund provided for Colfax
Township Road Bonds.
| Widely-Known Citizen of Hoi
j ly Springs Community Suc
cumbs to Illness of Two
I Harris, R-l, Dec. 22.—The-entire
community was shocked last week
'to learn of the death of Mr. James
M. Roach, which occurred at his
home near Holly Springs church
Thursday night at eleven o'clock. M; -
Roach had been in ill health about
• two months, and had undergone
j treatment at the Rutherford hospi
jtal. Upon his return home it was
•thought he was improving, but deat'i
! claimed hiai Thursday.
| Funeral services were held Sa -
! urday afternoon at two o'clock at
| Tanner's Grove Methodist church.
'interment was in the church ctnr
itery. Rev. D. H. Rhinehardt, ol'
j Cliifside, pastor of the deceased, wa--
'in charge oi the funeral service.
| Despite the heavy snow, a large num
ber of sorrowing friends and rela
j tives were present to pay their ia -c
I tribute of respect to the deceived.
; The pall bearers were Messrs T \\ :..
; and Ed Huskey, Edward Allen, I* rar .-:
1 Toney. Memory Morgan and ...
! Tate. The large floral ofrermg v. .
borne by Misses t lara Lynch, Ala!
i Gjrt/en, Lou Amos, Daisy Ilenson.
Irene Green, Mary Crow, Ehzabtto
Owen, Reba Roach, Rutll Hens»*.!
and Agnes Green.
Mr. Roach is survived by his wid
!ow and five children, i Catherine,
j Herman, Iberia, Louise and James,
! Jr., all at home. Two brothers, II
jc. and John Roach, of Avondale,
|survive, also four sisters, Mrs. P. I*.
Street, Union Mills, Mrs. J. B. Holli
| fielc}, Gastonia; Mrs. Taylor i ale,
jof Ellenboro and Mrs. D. B. Pu--
i nam, of Leona, Tenn.
! Mr. Roach was well-known thru
lout the entire county; a pr gressiv
farmer and a good citizen, a good
: father and husband, and was held
! ir. high esteem by all of his nun
erous friends. He was a member >'
the Avondale Methodist church, wherj
|he had held membership for a num
: ber of years, and took a prominent
| part in the work of the church. He
! was also a member of the Masonic
, order.
Mr. Roach was forty-nine years of
I age.
Miss Jean Andrews has beautiful
ly planned a Christmas program to
be given at Salem church Wedn's
' day 24th.
1 2 Pages
SI.OO Per Year in Advance
Wide!y-K.nown Farmer and
Community Leader Dies at
Home on Rutherford
ton, R-.4
Rutherfordton, R-4, Dec. 23.—Al
bert Morehead, aped 46, widely
known farmer and one of the com
munity's outstanding- citizens, died
at his home near Oak Springs Bap
tist church, on this route. Monday
morning at four o'clock, alter a short
illness of pneumonia. Mr. Morehead
was taken ill several days ago with
a severe cold which developed into
pneumonia, and resulted in dea. u
Monday morning.
Funeral services were held Tues
day afternoon at one o'clock at Oak
[Springs Baptist church. Intermer.
j .vas in the church cemetery.
Mr. Morehead is survived by hi
j widow, who before her marriage WJS
I Miss Minnie Johnson, daughter of M..
j and Mrs. Thomas G. Johnson. Three
children survive, Mrs. Thad Connely,
of Rutherfordton, R-4; Francis and
J. C., at home. One brother, Ed
Morehead, of Union Mills, R. F. D.,
and one sister, Mrs. Harvey Barnes,
of Union Mills, survive, also his
father and step mother and one halt
brother and one half sister.
Mr. Morehead was a member o:'
the Camp Creek Baptist church,
where he joined when nine years old.
He had since lived a consecrated
Christian life, and was always found
at his post of duty in the church.
Comments From
Forest City R-2
Forest City, R-2, Dee. 22.—We
have had the largest snow that has
i'ell for a long 1 time in this county.
It reminds me of the snow that
fell when I was a boy.
Mr. James Roach, who lived near
Holly Springs church, was buried a(
Tanner's Grove church last Saturday
I want to say that I enjoyed read
ing Mr. Griffin's history of the
j sheriffs ;f the county.
Mr. X. E. Walker was the first
j sheriff that, the writer remember-,
i holding that office.
Mr. Walker was the one that eu:
J the rope when Daniel Keith was han.:-
' If taxes were as easiyl paid today
!as they were back in those days ii
j would not be so hard on the tax
j payers as it is now. But we have to
{pay big taxes, and we have to get up
■ the cash. It doesn't look fair for the
Jtax payers to make good the money
j ' hat was lost in the banks,
i I think it would be fair for all 4 >
! curtail the schools of the county on
month in t:"u year to help raisti that
money, instead of making the tax
payers pay it again.
.J. W. HILL.
' On Tuesday evening, December
1(5, an appreciative audience assem
bled to enjoy the annual recital giv
en by the music pupils of Miss Katli
lerine Goggans. With a background
of Christmas warmth aijd cheer which
radiated through the stage setting,
the interpreters of music rendered
' their compositions in calivj simpli
city and artistic technique. From the
smallest child to the most advanced
'student, there existed a love of nvt
! sic which revealed itself in each in
terpretation by the different stu
! dents.
Varied in mood, in length and in
maturity was the excellent program.
Miss Mary Jones will entertain at
'a four course dinner on Wednesday
, evening at the "Dutch Grill" in
I honor of her brother, Mr. Bill Jone.-,
and his guest, Mr. Bufcrd Turner,
'of Knoxville, Tenn. Covers will
'laid for ten. Misses Bernice Kanipe,
j Lucy Shehan, Esther Rollins, Mary
! Jones and Mrs. Bess Jones, Messrs
'Joseph Womble, C. E. Brackett, L.
I S. Allen, of Philadelphia, Pa., B.i
ford Turner and Bill Jones, of Knox
viile, 'lenn.

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