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County Offers
Opportunity To
a nd Others
"Rale Per Acre"
Wi'l A "^ P '  ; n Charlotte Jan
"uarv 9-Get Good
. , and boys in Cool
> have averaged :«
r:, t. tho acre ,n the
1 , i by the forest
C ° nte t'- ••,»i. ; iu!). and conducted by
City ' 0 f Agriculture of
1001. These men
nd the bale-per
held at the C ar-
f c rv, a mber of Commerce on Jan
' ; compiled by the
, Committee of the Ki
-1 , h ov. that on 200 acres
- ' nls clu i, on-i h«l*«
!,,y, made 20,! bal..
, ~t a cost per acre of
cotton. • i i ii
. , i; Thi , ni ,r .price includes .he
" .;♦ ?m c- SIO.OO per acre,
following item. .
~,i -J.i0.00 an acre ior
v.nt on i'"" l '
labor at 2(; cents
for 15 cents
i " , o *••• an acre for aepre
. 50 cen.s
for ginning,
ed and fertili
The total value of the cotton in
til'' contest ?11,!»ia.64. I The
total cost, including the items listed
above,. MS $10,713.56. Practically
all the cotton in the contest was
Coker No. 5, or other inch-staple!
cotton, and brought a premium of .
from 1-2 to 3-4 cents a pound at j
the Alexander Mills. The Agricul- j
[oral Committee is gratified at this
showing, in a year when the ci°p j
Conditions were such as to cut all j
crops far below a normal yield, and .
frhen cotton is selling as low as it i
has tb'« yw; r h ? gunil
boys are to be congratulated on the
results of this contest.
The men making the required bale- j
per-acre average on their •ontest i
jlots are: P. V. Bostic, S. T. Towery, j
L. Hunt, Frank Gregory, L. D. j
fittman, K. P. Hamrick, P. L. Ken- j
ledy, W. L. Upton. G. W. Hardin, 1
fates Holland, J. A. Grose, M. D !
"arson. T. C. Matheney, .J. B. Ham- j
ick. Clyde Hamrick, Xorman Mor- 1
|sn, Sam Flack, J. M. Price and j
»eorjre P.lan ton. J
Tht- boys making the required ;
ield are: Bela Morgan, Vonnie
iamrick. Teddy Walker, Lonnie
umraers. Glen Hollifield. Ray Pad
ett. Frank Washburn, Baxter Dog-
Ptt. John Withrow, J. O. Toms, J.
• Lewi?, Lester Bailey, H. C. Vick-
Hay Hunt. Marshall Matheney,
nice Price, James Holland, Jake
"ce. John Reid Hamrick, Pai l
amrick, Arrow Summers. Robert
Paul Toms, Fay Matheney
tin Toms.
I west City Gets
Praise On Looks
Li some years past the enter
l!: ~ ;tni attractive little town of
! n - * ity. turned for the beauty
parking system, adorn-
Georjre Jones of the Bostic
with plants and flowers of
brightness of color, has spe
"u;(l ln out-door decoration for
| 'hiisuuas season, but travelers
Kh Forest City tell The Ob-
p 1 the town has out-dec
r this year, in both pro
|°v n a,u ' taste. On each approach
I e "wn hlazes an enormous
f. and on P"fh side the highway
f ' Un Osteons make an avenue
I ' n attractiveness, while in
f corporate limits the streets
I 1 1'" in tine fashion.
L d!e lines of Christmas
[ aiu ' of brilliant
loon ci-.» ...
I . while every store
ii'iine is garlanded and
I. an,! i'.fhted, so that the
ablaze with Christ-
I When it com
jp(;. r H p ,: ', t ' or Christmas this
j v 1 county munici-
I prize.—Charlotte
| rv er.
|;\ L f Ura K: "? -pent the Christ-
I • ,
~ • 1 relatives m Spar-
i '
Debt Paying Checks, Released
Tuesday, Will Pay Over
$6,000 of Town's Debts
if Plan Carried Out.
I The suggestion of Roger W. Bab
! son, to clear any town's debts by
: circulating debt paying checks, has
been accepted by the Forest City
Kiwanis Club, and a movement was
started by the club Tuesday that
| will clear off the books of local busi
ness men more than $6,000.00 if the
j plan is fully carried out. Only fifty
, $5 debt paying checks will accomplish
: the task, and the number of checks
j in circulation, if increased —ar*l this
:is likely—will clear more debts in
The plan is this: A business man
pays $5 for a certified debt paying
i check with the promise that he will
j immediately pay a local bill of like
I amount by giving this check. The re
| cipient takes the same check, endors
es it, and immediately pays a local
; bill of $5. The check goes through
| twenty-five hands and with the
, twenty-fifth endorsement the holder
can cash the check at the Nation
jal Bank here.
| Fifty of these checks were re
leased here Tuesday and more are
to follow. The plan, faithfully car
j ried out, will work wonders in clear
. ing up local debts, and work a
hardship on no one.
Keep your debt paying check on
the move.
Florence Mills
Treats Employees
The Florence Mills, of this city,
treated all employees Christmas
giving each one a large bag filled
eral hundred bags were given out to
the employees. A large number of
bags were also given to the needy
of the city, regardless of whether
they were employees of the mill ov
not. The names of several needy
families adjacent to the Florence
village and in the town were furn
ished to the mill office, and each
family were remembered.
Forest City, R-3, Dec. 30. —Mr.
' Cliiford Fortenberry and Miss Liz-!
zie Millwood were married Wednes-j
jday afternoon, Decembei 24, at the |
home of the bride's parents, Mr. j
and Mrs. Will Millwood. The cere- !
; mony was performed by Rev. W.
|P. Crowder. Their many friends and.
] relatives wish them much joy.
j Mr. and Mrs. Forest Fortenberry j
, entertained the young people with 1
! a tacky party Thursday night. Those j
j enjoying the occasion were, Misses j
Lorena EJridges, Vonnie Gross, !
' Mossie Yelton, Pearl, Mary E., Ruth ,
and Lucy Crowder, Be.rtha anil i
Ethel Ford, Beulah Millwood, Ger- j
trude and Gladys Fortenberry and •
Messrs Summey Grose, Harvey Yel-,
ton, Grady Bridges, Clarence Roi
ilins, Lawrence Ross, John Carpen- •
! ter, Paul Crowder, Theodore Lucka
doo. Vonnie Grose won the prize (
1 for being the tackiest girl. Paul j
; Crowder( and Theodore LuckaJdoo
I won the })rize for being the takiest i
• boys. !
Misses Pauline and Lorena Bridges,
j and Macy Humphries were dinner.
: guests Sunday at the home of Mr. j
and Mrs. Paul Crowder.
I Mr. and -Mrs. W. T. Luc-kadoo *
I spent the Christmas holidays in
Shelby visaing i\2rs. Ludkadoo's ■
Miss Gettrude Fortenberry ' en-1
i }
tertained her friends with a party j
j Saturday night. A large number were
present and many interesting gamos |
were played. All enjoyed the oc- •
casion very much.
Chief C. R. Price, of the local'
police force, warns the citizens of
Forest City to keep house and garage j
doors locked and to watch articles
outside which are likely* to be stolen,
as there is quite a bit of petty
thievery occurring in the city.
j Officers Get Negro
And Stolen Goods
Haywood Smith, negro, of Char
lotte, was taken in custody here Mon
day charged with entering Harrill
Brothers store near West End and
taking approximately S3OO worth of
| groceries, dry goods and notions
Saturday night. The store of Harrill
Brothers was entered Saturday night,
: the , burglar utilizing a very ingen
' ious plan to secure entrance. He
crawled under the floor with a brace
•and bit and bored a number of holes
, through the floor and broke a hole
through large enough to permit his
; entrance. He then opened the back
I door and carried out a large quantity
l of goods. The theft was reported
j Sunday morning to Chief Price, and
iby good detective work he and Mr.
! Martin Green located the negro Mon
\ day morning in Grahamtown. He
was placed in the county jail. On
i Monday afternoon officers Garret
Edwards, Chief Price and Detective
, Carl Johnson, Seaboard Railway of
; ficer of Charlotte, took the negro
oack to Grahamtown and after a
! search by the officers the loot was
i found. The negro then admitted the
| theft. Smith came here sometime
| ago with a show, and had been spend-
I ing his time since in Grahamtown.
: Sergeant Austin Price arrested
two white men Thursday night who
| were found in Mr. Clarence Hunt
j ley's garage, attempting to get a
j way with his car.
! On Saturday night Chief Price and
! Austin Price arrested two negroes
; charged with stealing coal and wood.
Mark and A. C. Lovelace, Jr.,
sons of Prof. A. C. Lovelace of
Caroleen, will broadcast a program
of popular songs over the Spartan
burg, S. C., radio station WSPA.
Thursday afternoon, beginning at
4:m*«fclock. ' •
In the Dec. 18th issue of The
j Courier, Mr. R. L. Leckie, of Bos
• tic, had a communication criticising
ithe dumping of garbage and refuse
!on the highway, near Second Broad
| river bridge. In his letter, Mr. Leck
|ie requested the Mayor of Forest
| City to "persuade the sanitary de
j partment to find a dump not on the
Mayor Davis asks The
| Courier to make this statement for
.him: "So far as I know, the city
has dumped refuse on pri
i vate property, or this place com
i plained of by Mr. Leckie. The city
j has a dump of its own."
It seems that the dumping com
plained of by Mr. Leckie has been
I done by private parties and without
'consent of city or county .authori
) ties.
Rutherfordton, R-l, Dec. 2i). —
Mr. Birch Hamrick and Mr. Char
lie Davis of Detroit, Mich., are
spending two weeks here with rela
■ The young folks enjoyed a party
at Mr. G. N. Mcßrayer's on last Fri
day night.
! Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Germane
Huntley on December 18, a fine boy.
i Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hawkins of
i Alexander, spent Christmas day with
Mrs. Hawkins parent's Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Smith.
i Mr. and Mrs. Gilford Ledbetter
j Misses Annie and Ella Hamrick of
. Spindale, Mrs. Lela Davis of Green
Creek, Polk county, Messrs Birch
Hamrick and Charlie Davis of De
: troit,' Mich.. Mr. Beryman Hamrick
and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Smith visited
Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Jones during
the holidays.
| Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pintuff spent
' Saturday and Sunday with the lat
! ters' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
; Smith.
| Misses Nell and Grace Mcßrayer
| who teaches at Mill Springs and at
1 Gaffney, spent Christmas with their
Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Mcßray
i er.
Mr. and Mrs. Price Hand and son
"Bill" spent the holidays here witii
Mrs. Minnie F. Blanton.
State Wide Contest —Willis
Towery Post Wiii Give
Prize to County Winner.
• The Willis Towery Post of The i
American Legion 'is urging every j
high school student in Rutherford i
county to enter the State Wide Oia-!
torical contest which the North Car
olina Legion sponsoring ' this
spring. They feel that some Ruther
ford county boy or girl can win one
of the valuable prizes which are of
fered in this contest. The prizes are:
a gold medal and $75.00 in cash for
the speaker, $50.00 in cash to
the second best speaker, $25.00 in
cash to the third best speaker, and
$15.00 to the fourth best speaker.
The Willis Towery Post is offering
a county prize to the best contest
ant in Rutherford county. This prize
will be enough money to take the
contestant to the district contest
and they also offer to pay the way
of the local winner to Raleigh -:o
take 'part in the final contest.
j The subject of the oration is "The
j American Legion." W. L. Brown,
j Post Commander, has secured enough
i copies of a complete history* of tliG
jN. C. Department of the Legion for
j every high school in the county to
j have one. These books, which are a
j valuable addition to any school li
! brary, will be presented to the
I schools entering the contest by The 1
| Willis Towery Post.
The finals in the county contest
, i
will be .held in the county court j
on February 20th. The district!
elimination contest will be held l
Match 6th, and the state finals will
be held in Raleigh March 20th. All j
the high school principals in the I
county have received the rules and
regulations of the and a ■
TTumb'ef'' - have signified f
their intention of entering.
Mr. Adam Street
Died Friday
Mr. Adam Street, aged 52, died
at his near Sandy Mush Fri
day night following an illness of
five days of pnetimonia. Funeral
services were hekL Sunday afternoon
at two o'clock at Florence Baptist
church with Rev. L. N. Epley and
Rev. C. C. Matheny in charge. Tn
|term,ent was in the Cool Spring;- -
j Mr. Street is survived by his wid
ow, eight children, one brother and
two sisters. He was a member of the
! First Baptist church, of Forest City.
j Harris, R-l, Dec. 29. —Rev. I). J.'
j Hunt filled his regular appointment
at Holly Springs Saturday and Sun-,
j day.
j The Woman's Missionary society
met Saturday afternoon at 1:30 o'-
clock and had their regular meeting
as usual. Following the program new
i officers were elected as follows:;
iPresident, Mrs. Annie Briscoe; vice-!
!president, Mrs. A. N. Henderson;
secretary, Miss Ina Robbins; treasur-:
!er. Mrs. J. T. Robbins; organist,
j Mrs. G. M. Cole; program committee, j
Mrs. E. M. Roach. The personal ser
vice committees will be elected at
'our next meeting.
J We invite all our members to be ;
! present at our next meeting to help
!us have a good program at the be-.
ginning of the new yeai.
| On account of the bad weather
there was no B. Y. P. U.. Sunday
1 night.
i Mr. J. L. Robbins (better known as.
Bud) of Forest City died Sunday
, and was buried Monday at HolU
! Springs Baptist church. He leaves a .
wife and nine children which are as.,
follows: >irs. Junior Splawn, of
Harris, R-l; Mrs. Jim Early, of p
(Cherokee Falls; Mr. Paul Robbins,,!
•of Atlanta, Ga.; Carlan, Alfred, J-j
8.. and William, Misses Arrie and p
| Sarah, all who are at home, six
brothers and two sisters and a num-,
! ber of relatives and friends.
;M. M. Huntley and D. J. Hunt had
' charge .of the funeral services. j
Mrs. Sam&ntha Cole is on the bic-A
list again, we are sorry to r.oze.
Officer! ?%, Man
Afte-V^. 'd Chase
Shelby, Dec. 29* A driver of a j
motor express truck, alleged to have i
been intoxicated, used his big truck
to battle off officers in a wild chas°
between Shelby and Forest City
; Wednesday night. Thursday he and
• his companion were in jail here and
the automobile of Dr. R. C. Hicks,
' which was struck by the truck Is
badly damaged.
' Thursday night Deputies Ed Dix
!on and Bob Kendrick were called to
■ the Ora mill where the two men—
Enoch Arden, the truck driver, and
; George Wall— were said to be caus
ing trouble. As the officers arrived
|the two men fled in the express
; truck. Without lights the truck sped
jup the Forest City highway. Every
' time the officers' car got near the
| truck would slow down to block the
: car in such a manner that the officers
i were held back. Near Forest City
. Dr. R. C. Hicks, of Shelby, caught
'up with the truck and the pursuing
| car. As he started to pass, the truck
| driver thinking perhaps that it was
the ear of the officers coming alon
side, stopped, threw the truck
(reverse, shot back at a 20-mile per
i hour speed, and crashed upon the
j Hicks automobile, badly damaging
•it. Then the truck dashed forward
j again, the officers pursuing. Just
jout of Forest City on the Henrietta
j road the officers caught the truck
'just as it crashed into another car
| and a post. Both men were brought
{to jail here. It was necessary to get
ja wrecker to move the Hicks car
!from where the truck backed into
; it. Deputy Dixon said Thursday that
jhe was of the opinion fhat the truck
! meant to crash his car as it had
, thrown in reverse once before
■the car of Dr. Hicks was struck. As
; it. was the truck barely missed the
i car of the officers as it hit the other
! Mr. R. R. Blanton, former coun-
! ty solicitor, moved his law office from
j Rutherfordton to Forest City Wed
nesday, and is now occupying offices
on the third floor of the Union Trust
' j Company building. Mr. Blanton had
[.been in Rutherfordton six years as
L i county solicitor. lie formerly prac
ticed law here, and upon the crea
[ tion of the recorder s court in Jan
luary, 1013, Mr. Blanton was ap
pointed as'the first recorder. He wa v
then elected for one term and serv
ied two years. He was succeeded by
. the late Matt Mcßrayer who serve !
two terms. Others holding this or
ifice have been O. C. Erwin, three
terms. John Bean, one term, W. J.
j Mode, one term, and the present
recorder Fred Mcßrayer, who \%a>
sworn in Thursday.
He was elected county solicitor
in 11)24 and has served since in that
capacity, being succeeded Thursday
by Mr. O. J. Mooneyham. During
Mr. Blanton's six years in office he
has prosecuted over 7,000 criminal
Death Claims
Mr. J. T. Carver
Forest City, R-l, Dec. :)0. —Mr.
Jackson" Taylor Carver, 81, a veter
an of the War Between the States, ■
died at his home on this route 1 ues- '
day night after suffering a stroke of
paralysis. He had been in ill health ,
several months.
Funeral services were held Wed- '
nesday afternoon at three o clock
Pleasant Grove Methodist church,
near Forest City, with Rev. J. W.
Williams, pastor of the Forest Cry
Methodist church, in charge. Inter
ment was in the Pleasant Grove ceme
Mr. Carver is survived by eight
children, as follows: Mrs. H. L.
Sane, Forest City, R-l; A. C. Ca •-
ver, Roebuck, S. C.; Mrs. Jim Nor
mon, Forest City; E. M. Carver, Hai
lington, Mont.; E. C. Carver, Ruth
erfordtor.; Martha Carver, Forest
City, R-2-, Bob Carver, United States|
Army and Mrs. W. B. Green, For
est City, R-2. Three brothers and
one sister also survive.
Mr. Carver was a veteran of the
War Between the States, having
been a soldier in Company E, 1-ith
Battalion, North Carolina Troops.
8 Pages
SI.OO Per Year in Advance
Was Sheriff of Rutherford
County in 1894-98—Funer
al Held Christmas Day.
Rutherfordton, Dtc. 2i>.—James
(Vance McFarland, aged 72, who
! served Rutherford county as sheriff
| from 1894 to 1898. died at his hone
.here Wednesday afternoon, Decem
jber 24, after an illness of three year*.
His son, J. Edgar McFarland, is now
Rutherford county's sheriff while his
father, the late John E. McFarland,
j was sheriff of the county from 1872
|to 1878.
j Funeral services were held Christ;-
j mas day,at three o'clock, at Brittain
j Presbyterian fchulch, with Rev. T.
;S. McElroy, pastor of the Ruther
; fordton Presbyterian church In
charge, assisted by Rev. J. W. Hoyle,
! pastor of the Rutherfordton Metho
| dist church.
Active pall bearers were ex-shtrii?
Eel Beam, ex-sheriff J. W. Beason,
ex-sheriff C. E. Tanner, C. B. Ju>-
: tice, 11. 11. Harton and J. M_Hodg..
Ex-slieriff W. C.Hardin was proven •
Jed by illness from attending as an
j active pallbearer. A large number
Jof Rutheri'ordton's leading busin.
i anc| professional men v - attended as
j honorary pall bearers.
j Mr. McFarland was Dorn May 28.
i 1808, and at the time of his death
[was 72 years and six months of age.
He was first married to Miss Lucy
Hampton, who died in 1916. His
| second marriage was to Miss Belle
Halmer, of Shelby, who survives. He
was one of the county's leading citi
zens, and during his lifetime took
an active part in the civic and com
mercial activities of the county.
Mr. McFarland leaves five daugh
ters, Mrs. W. F. Green, of Green,
-wood, S-. C;~M-rs>-Jr- t Sr MtFarlarff: —•
of Forest City; Mrs. Maurice Hen
drick of Cliffside; Mrs C. I). Mc—
Ewen, of Charlotte, and Mrs. Percy
Helms of Bessemer City. Four
sons, Augus A. McFarland, Charles
L. McFarland and J. Ed. McFar
land of Rutherfordton and John'e
McFarland of Hickory. Two sister .
Mrs. Addie Lewis of Gainesville, Ga .
and Mrs. W. J. Alexander of Aril
more, Okla., also survive, with one
half sister, Mrs. Belle Duckett, of
Forest City and a half brother, J.
E. McFarland, of Hollis.
. ■
A special midnight show at Horn's
j Theatre will go on at 1 I :30 Wi 1-
'nesday night. December 31, for the
| entertainment of those who wish to
| watch the old year out. The special
Offering will be Paul Whiteman ant'
his band in "King of Jazz," present
ing a new era in sound and color
I entertainment. Words can not des
! cribe its exquisite beauty, its melo
dies and breath-taking spectacuhi;*
magnificence. A wonderful program
11- r the occasion.
The Romina for its midnight show
will entertain with "Tom Sawyer".
, which will appeal to all, old an:!
young alike.
i Wednesday night, December 01,
should be a gala one in Forest City,
(With these magnificent offerings by
local theatre men.
Mrs. J. R. Packard
Dies In Cliffside
Cliffside, Dec. 31.—Mrs. J. R.
Packard, aged 50, died at her home
here Wednesday morning at ten o'-
clock, after an extended illness. She
had been in ill health several month
and her death was not unexpected.
As The Courier goes to press fuo
eral arrangements were not com
Mrs. Packard is survived by her
husband, seven sons and three
daughters, also several brothers ami
Caroleen, Dec. 30.—The Commu
nity Woman's Club, of Henrietta,
has postponed their January meet
ing from New Year's day to 1 hurs
day, January 8, at which time th
meeting will be- held with Mi's. J.
F. Timmerman in Caroleen.

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