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County Commencement Friday,
LwabrrtOB'o Young Mon Debater* Lent to Laurtabarg Young La dir*. WMI*
Laartnbnrg Lad* Taka II on on at Sanford—Throe Hr boat* In County
Three Scotland county schools are
eligible to aead debating team to
Chapal Hill tha latter part of thia
month to enter tha contest for tho Ay
cock Memorial Cup, which will bo
contested for by tho High Mmols of
tho State.
The Laurinburg school had the dis
tinction of winning both the attramt
hre and tha negative side of the ijnia
lion: Resolved that the United
States should adopt tha policy of
greatly enlarging tta navy. Tha
•ehool at Spring Hill woo the same
Mtsaes Mary John and Mary Fields
bald ap for tha affirmative side of tha
question and engaged Messrs. Robert
Proctor and Ertla Carlyle, at tha
Lumber too High School, bore at tha
graded school auditorium, while
Keaars. Edwin Gill and Edgar Whit
aker, taking tha negative aide of the
question, debated the team of the
Sanford High School at their own
Principal of tfaa Laurinfaarg Schools.
Prof. Babb is Jastly proud of th*
fine work that bis school is doing, and
aspects to go to Chapel Hill with tfaa
Laortnbuxg debaters and eaptnr* th*
Ayooek Manorial Cop.
The d abate Kara waa largely at
tended, tfaa large school saditorium
being Mad with an interested gath
ering gg Scotland county people. At
the appointed hour and Just following
a musical selection by Mlsesa Eugeaia
Fairly and Carolyn Patterson, Mr. X.
EL Glbeon, who presided over tha
^testing, stated, the object and intro
duced the speakers.
Miss Mary ‘ Fields came first and
pat ferth a most planeible and con
vincing argument for enlarging th*
navy. She handled the subject easi
ly and received gaits an ovation at
the cksa* of her remarks.
Mr. Bobert Procter followed Miss
Fields and prsnentsJ tfae negative aid*
of the matter in a manner that was
meet pleasing to Ms beaten.
Than cans* Mias Mary John, wfae
Ilka Mica Fields, captured the andb
•see with a well prepared and beauti
fully delivered argument for the af
firmative aide, and she like bar eol
league, won the approval ht the large
Hr. Krtlc Carlyle doted for the
Negative and proved to he quite a
polimhed apeaher. He held hit bear
er* tleealy daring hit entire talk, and
proved hi* ride of the qutttion to be
a* nearly correct at potaJbta.
Then came the rejeteden. each
gpnakar cooing on the program as
. While the judge*. Hen. L. M. Blae.
of Giheon, Rev. B. M. Dixon, ad Bed
Spring* and Prof. Wad* Cranford, at
McOotl, 8. C., were making up their
doth Ion. a ebons warn rendered by
the high school ttadente.
The debit ton of, (he Judges, which
favored the affirmative aide, wne
greeted with delight by the large ao
viaMng debater*. as mm ad thma
*<* *hny had bean beaten be
fore the dsrtffiia waa raadwnd.
Tmwedlttdy fallowing the dcM*.
• wiflH waa ghm at the wheel
kaOdteg in hanor cd the viatten.
The Oilman aahee), which waa te
have debated with RoberdeH aad Hoff
man, la entitled to aatar the final de
bate because of the fact that neither
of tho opposing schools would enter
into the debate.
W a gram. Ilka Laurinburg, won on
both lidos of the question. At boats
they won from Mason's Cross aad
their negative team won oror the
Laurel Hill team.
Scotland will have the privilege of
tending three teems to Chapel BUI.
Those entitled to go are; Xieeee
John, Plaids, and Meeen. GUI and
Whitaker, of the Lstortnburg school;
Misses Nancy White and Hortenaa
McGregor, aad Mceara. Allison Gib
son and Douglas Siieraors, of the
Rockdale school, Gibaon; Messrs.
Johnson Matthews, Clifton 8mith,
Daniel Stubbs aad Mies Grace Mon
roe, of Spring Hill school.
Spring Hill Sdmal BxccUe—Mrs. Uv
lagstsn Recovering.
All the acquaintance* or Mr*.
Chariei Livingston, of Riverton, will
b* glad to know ah* is rapidly re
covering after a successful operation
ia the hospital at Fayetteville.
Mte* Martha Watson is visiting In
Mr. D. W. L Smith is lost com
puting a new dairy house. His large
hsnl of cows make a pretty picture
tint memlng si the green rye tdH1
The faw lawns that are sodded to
grain in this community are now
showing np nioely. The ladies of Wa
gram got busy last Spring and beau
tified several spots by the streets with
beds of bright flower*. 'This spring
would be a good rime to (tart shade
trees. My, but some of your yards
look uninviting in July aad August
to the country passerby, so blistering
8pring Hill High School is coming
into its own now. Thera sasms to ba
a great spirit among ths students.
They not only had the winning busiest
bull team this sea sou. Their score
board shows more victorias ia bus*
hull than any other country school ia
Scotland. Their debating team will
go to Chapel Hill, and the County
Commencement Is yet to be heard
There are men aad women in a
giuat many of ths Northern states
who know msra shout ths bluffs,
growth sad beauties of Lumbea River
than you da. So many eea R only
where the public roads lead them
aeraea aad where you soma ta the
swimming hale. Why not arrange
a weeks boating party end make ths
trip ef ISO er S00 miles down this
river in the Spring or Summer!
Ways* McNeill, of Wsgism, might
put you wise to the cost of canoes,
tents, cooking kits, ate.
A Fmk Ir.
D«p«tr As* iff Icnu p. Smith ex
hibited to tW Atm* nan Tuesday,
• han Rtf Oat woo entirely oat ok tho
ordinary and wy, Tory freakish. It
wrtgho nno farter of a pound) re
floated I 1-t inches of a porfoetly ear
net tap* On* to Marti around its ends
aad I 1-8 taohaa to mascara araoad
tho cantor of It.
W* omuroatod that A send It to
Col. Al Palrbrothcr, who la wa an
rallably informed Tory fond of tho
fndt, bat A aaya that A ox poets to
Am it or or to tho first old bon oa bia
place that doretepoe a mania far
“esttin' ” and la waMart that the >•
oolt will at boot A twins If not trip*.
Mr*. Utah Bettor.
TA aawoaa Learie borg frlanda
of Mn. Um Mtah wiH bo «tod to
Aon that she is MaoVsria* tram an
attaoh at flwky okM sA has atf.
Mn. Utok An Aon at It. Parts
with Mn. T. L. Northrop dm A*
death at Dr. Nntbop, and it wao dsr
tag hor otrtt thooo that rtto woo atrlab
Br Hour M. Norik,
The last faw days of oar Lord’s I
Ufa on earth art known aa Pass low
Week, or tha weak of hia sufferings.
We have already seen how Ho oame
>oto the city on Palm Sunday. Begin
ning with that time we will trace aa
wall as possible tha course of ovents
to the end. Not far from Jerusalem
was the little town of BoUiany where
Mary, Martha and Lasanu lived.
Now Jaaaa and Hie disciples ware
there each evening of this weak and
spent the night at tha home uf these
friends. On Monday as He came in
He pronounced the cures against the
barren fig tree.. Having taught in tha
temple that day He went again to
Bethany. Tuesday was a very event
ful day in which ha contested with tha
rulers, answering all argument* which
they coaid bring, giving them alto
those great parables written la the
flat and 22ad chapter! of Salat Mat
thew. Wo do not know what Ha did
on Wednesday, but it is likely that Ha
rested. About this time Jadas closed
hia bargain with the chief priests. On
Thursday He comes for the last time
into the city tending two men to pre
pare for the Passover. It was that
night when Supper was over that
Jesus gave the greatest of all Hia
discourses. These are found in five
chapters of Saint John's Gospel be
ginning with the thirteenth. Whcu
He was through spooking they sang
the Halid, which is Psalms 114-11A,
and then went out across the break
into the Garden of Cathsamaae.
It erne there that Jaaaa agonised
in prayer, naving ten Ms diaeipJvt t
tebiad Him. They am* not able tali
watch with Kim aaa boor, rnamltii
JriiwwOT tepUtasreyd ViA. ..hM
a Mss aad tha mob arrested Jesvt |
Pater raatnted tha affront hot
would not allow him to aaa hit
Lang before day on that Friday
ing they carried Him before j
tha father-in-law of tha high priest i
Next they carried Him to ^“'-fhsf <
who waa acting Ugh priaat A faw :
af the mien who had remained awake i
for the occasion met Him thara aad
baring questioned Him condemned
Him unfairly. They left Him then
until day-Ugbt aad they aaaamlilad
the Sanhedrim, or Jewish court Dur
ing this tima they mack ad Him and
spit on Him, aad Pater denies Him.
Whan It was light they tried Him be
fore their court aad afterwards teeh
Him to Pilate, the governor, it waa
now that Jndas, eeeiag how thdaga
were going, brought tha mow ay beck
■ad want and hanged MtmiIT
For the Drat time Jean* eaters the
palace of a Mag. ft waa riz o'clock,
aad the city waa scarcely awake. Ft
lata eosJd find nothing wrong wKh
Him aad aent Him to Herod who waa
in town for tha feast This waa the
Herod who had killed John the B«
tist. After he had net Jeans at naught
aad ia derision had draaaid Him 1*
gargaoue elotbiag ha aaat Mm agate
to Pi lata. * Tha governor triad to have
Him released bet the people 'nletmad
Barmbbee brat and. After bailing tha
dream of his wtfe Plata tried to wash
Ms head* of the matter tad tha crowd
emntd not alfcw tea. They clamored
fer Me death. Be whan Flat* ted
aaonrgsd Him he delivered Jseas to
be aradflad. All of tMs had tatea
Pl»«a before nine o'clock in the mon
tag an Friday. Compelling Him to
tear Ms cross they earns ©at to Oal
HtaL WW" <raeiiU4
■ boot seven hoars."aT now^te
bee vans-were darkened and rniilail
m until three o’clock.
vuitn* title urn Am ottered
mtmi sayings from the crow, which
m m follows: Conctming thooo
who worn potting Him to (tooth Ho
“W. “Father, forgive Urns far they
know oat what they do." To tha thief
Ha said, “Tito toy .hah thaw ha with
am to PnraaKo." Hoeing Mary, Hla
"■other, standing there wKh
John, ha said to them, “Woman, he
hold thy oon; Son, behold thy mother.1*
Again ha ertod la the lssgaago ei the
tM Psalm, "My Gad, my Qod, why
torn! th*a forsaken mat" Agate, -I
thirst." And, "It to flntahad.” At
thsao o'clock Ho ertod with a loo*
voice. "Pother, tola thy Imada 1 com*
m«M my spirit," and whoa Ha aaU
■hla Ha died. At fear o'eloek they
laok Him team the erase, harytog
a half hear toUr. and mt toe
mart at til* tomb at Aw. “And thui
tba Bill nr waa left pale, bat vie
toriaoa, to *1mp throach the Bab
TwJnrao ta tba Fork—fl
1 Jaf—DaaUi of Ml.
rith tta warring
out, leaving ita _
id 'looses. Even the
wholly escape Ha fury. The
adn od Mr. Noill McKinnon,
with a considerable Quantity
waa con—ad one night
^ ind sn Wednesday p. m. a
bard belonging to a tenant house on
the Vara of Mr. X. D. Hamer horned
douli, containing 25 or M bushels oA
Ms, owned by an Industrious negro
tsMtnt Tbs origin af both Crus is
^ uttng and mixing fertilisers arc
Im fkttt ceenpatlons of the farmer.
In tfiie section, these latter days, and
Bottqo planting will aeon bo on hand.
Cotton seed an not very plenUfal
this season, and should any mlsfor
land overtake the drat planting, oar
biUni would be in a serious dllem
>Ot McLnurin cams up from Lat
M am Friday p. m. by way ad Clio and
McCall, and stated that ha sew some
■Mss already planted to the coun
Aapfcd JMtioa and Marlboro, 8. C. We
irujftot yet through planting corn to
•'WiMbcs, pnd I sat glad to note
«Nr W* wIB be probably no indue.
U8;8|8ba acraagu from that ad last
E"V PiAoH a n*i|jhl»r lady one p.
—v eeeO
n pile of corn oobo aha
^ J tP11 to a branch batwacn her
“T and.Maj which bad ooatatopd
Modi ocra. and ware placed la rua
that hit earn crop should
to psfer from drouth. Ibis Is an
dd dtoperstition, handed down through
“w innstieM, and 1 have often
iSQUitbi cabs down in the Mg broach
bima, but I have never yet
mo#a any eaa “to own Mis fugitive
* Jwt been nodia* with hor
* X eewe X Vi tie's street ties la
M« oe» whereby e father and four
mm wore Ant tortured, end tkw shot
• < M*h- The life X the jtmum
M» wee spared, when the bandit
M serried beck to the stricken
■X «r, teUac her that "he left Met
•“* ‘ to Mffnt ter." The eole X
hM i X this family wee m» «—WH
7 *We certain lafoneattea, which
WP# wee carious to obtain. The
K«fcaa sheet! on seems u offer a
•XWMb piMsn to ear
ndjno one eon predict the ,
Ajb*o«t the whole
rifejot far Meed, end the i
iXiliiM X the ineeoristewq^ X (be a?
X|f^TMettees who rise op to slay
4* »«*Mie schools to the Feck ere
IM|N toe doss X the prsosnt
jjjjj jMse^TJddp X the Tuns Out
toebkh iaotsiit- Abe erpente to shop-*
■4* the peptic dewa to Lambsrton
•• toe Tto, else Was Letty MeMfllea
X She Oak Qcere eeheoL We are
fMnt toy tow* this way, end would
X>«M » (M nda, which wiB
bet pom about ell killed
Greatest lataraat Bear Wm la Canty O—niariant [„
to In HoM Bara Tnoarraw—Great CmrA From Srsry Section of
Om af SmUsal’s Msst Beloved CM
sms Suddenly Called Away.
Mr. B. D. Gibson, aged about M
roars, died at his country hoses in
Williamson township Tuesday afcfct
at 110. The imaaediate cause tt Us
death was a stroho of paralysis which
followed a leasee of mom than a year
of declining health.
His death has brought the Uttar
cap af sorrow to the hpo of friends
and relatives. His was a heart of
gold. Ho eras one of nature's noble
men in its truest sense—basso, gan
orona. Manly. Bin was thu soul af
hoaer, and Us friend i and friendships
wars sacred to him.
There waa a daily beauty about bis
life which won every heart. In tans*
perament be waa mild aad candid;
and yat remarkable for an linumpiii
raising flnaneaa. He gainad oaafl
deaca when ha sesassd least to aaak
Ha believed in the fatherhood of
God and the brotherhood at mam. Ho
believed that the nan who scattered
flower* in the pathway of hi* fallow
men, who let into the dark plena of
life the eonahine of human sympathy
and human happinoaa, followed in the
footstep* of hie Heater.
he wa* appointed officer to the grand
jury and until b* death helj tha peeb
Uoa aad dlaffisrgid tha dutlm Hka
ha did everything else, thoroughly.
Ho we* a prominent and consecrated
rows her of the 8l John's Methodist
church sad gore liberally of his than
sod his means to f either the cause
aad noble work done by this church.
Ho was a prosperous plantar, a
good neighbor, and hi* kindly offices
aad gaastem ministrations will ha
soraly mimed by maay.
Yesterday afternoon at o'clock,
all that waa mortal of thin fine citixea
was laid to net at the BU Glboaa
burytnx grnaari The faaaral was
conducted by Be*. Mr. Brown, peeler
of tha »t. John's eharch at* the ckarek.
Ho la ahrrtvad by his wife, his
aged mother, two heathers, Messrs.
Hoary f. Gtbaon aad John K. Gfb
«oo, bpth ad Willi smaou towasMp;
Bra Maun, Mn. Archie Janas aad
Mrs. Gary Barker, of Hebe ooonty,
Mrs. Beverly, of Marlboro county,
South Caroline, Mrs. John X. ffibaon,
of Oambarland ooonty aad Mn. T. 9.
Bullard, of Gris ooonty.
Na Charge far Ball Gama.
Then will be no charge for admit
Sion to the baaabaU gam# lil ns
the Untabatt school tsaxa and fla
Paata has asked that ws make lUn
mod gams, and without soot tnaay
township, end is this way the awt
iataosa interest ta aeaatfested. Ms
•pirlt, white fHssKfiy, has developed
lata a rirslry that mmkm ovary par
son alt ap and taka srHra Every
township will aaaae hare tomorrow
with a -*itsrailnatlsn to win its share
of tha hoe ws. aad U w<Q be no easy k
task to be the victor in any of the 1
vartere contasta.
™ pj'agta*. which appaart baiww.
win jrfva yarn sowm Wat of vkat U ta
ha dona, bat tha am ruding to It
what"tto °°,rr*y **“ Um «*
Laarlabarr wfli ha glad U
tala thta Ana
«U coma ha
half to tha
J«hto«a aid all •
Oat yea arm ha Mat Im^mUST
eanad and that yaa toll ha aacatdad
[tha wary baat tnataaat.
April Tth, Itlg—It MmL
Charua—Spriag HU] ffigh School.
1 Tbaatalat L*Ovartat*—'Wflta
t Tha lagary to tha OariaSa
• f
4 Thm SwMt GW i
tte Fmirly.
.‘■'■j *'
2 |
DaDrary to Dtpkuaa.
. Ttktmg ***• »t 2:00 p. bl.
1 10© Yard Daah. 1
> So rSIdoUi (<mB ko,s*>
4 Stoodtag High Jaap (largo
^tjtoaalag High Jumv («aU
4J1# «* *-*«—
I Standing Broad Jams (nail
t’^g Broad Ju.P (krg.
kaaa \
II JtaUp Race (4 bo,, to toe..*
Taking glaaa at 4:00 g. m.
Cooaty Tf. Laartaharg.
Choaa to taka placa at tka Laort*.
toarg haaa ball park.
Adatoaion to gaaaa will ha fra. to

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