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SO. -28
Various Matters on Which The
Fopular Opinion iB ExprcBs
ed All Sections Interested.
Ma.r l.hiliipi.iii.iil. nf ttiM Ar-llttn .f Ilia
(oninillt.- - 4iMjtl ..1K b r rralirra
IVilo Are Coining In la "! I" Th
M I.I.1 1 r.f Tha K.ta.f l 1 NlK.
i a in n r...niii.
For Th au'a-"i:"i. J
r,HKI - ,'KKKK T'lV.NMIM', CuiJl-
l.ri him I I'ounty N. '., May l'5. l
wi on of tin, (irst t walk out
from midet lii-il ir.ry lash.- lam
ji populist, from the ground up,
..famling rq' upon the Omaha
platform. I endor) t ho action of
our committor in full. We want
a I'opu lint for (Jovernor, anil Dur
ham will furnish the man who will
liil tho hill. Maj. W. A. Onthrifs is
I he man. W. K. Ktvu.
at Kaleign. on tbe 10th of April, t iTInrinT T Tfi
have yet to bear a man who is a true J AU UuIjIjIj Ik)
i opunm say inn.: i.f wan not sain
Gcd with tho action. Wt thick it
best to mako a Uraight fight on
"keep in the middle of the road.'
It will ho to oor interest ait a party
to do o. How wo, as the only na
tional filvr partv, can consistently
fuse with any goldbug party I have
not yet been able to fee. It in a self
evident fact that neither of the old
partioH will nominate a free silver
man, though there may be many
silver men in both tho old parties.
We are mire wo will never tret the
needed relief from ither old party
judging the future by their past his
tory. Therefore wiien the relief
conic m it will hav to come by our
staying "in the middle of the road."
T. C. t'lTTLEK.
He Carries the Convention by a
Combination With Boyd Forces
After a Hard Fight.
ia I-ft tor Nome Other rrly to Kill A
Rl.tlruloua Stra.i.11 on the (Jura
tion -If ollon r irtr.i ctiairtnao-other I he was dif graceful, to an
What others bad already said teemed
to constitute the gist of hi remark,
and he wa evidently In bad remem
brance of what be had iumied over,
and appeared not to know whetber
what be was saying was true or not.
He had twen Introduced as a --friend of
Senator Pritchard and had b-en en
dorsed bv the .Senator. Tbe Senator.
declare himself to be a friend of sit-1 Id a letter of recent date Mr
vert but this "friend" of hi made or Bryan, of Nebraska, defines bis po
trud to make a red Lot goldbug speech Bition very clearly. He says:
full of the rottenest goldbug lush ever "Men who agree upon principle
uttered. In fact this and submit their personal prefer-
man made juit such an effort as ts . ... .
common among sleek, well fed, well ens to the arbitrament of a con
paid ministerial hirelings of suc h jention, but men who honestly df
churches and institutions as are pre- 'er upon the paramount public quea
dominated by gold bug: and monopo- tion cannot be harmonized by a na-
Jfcstic influences. To an honesfc man Itional convention. Mr. Cleveland
tiaU Mu Melt Hit Party r bld
h UU HI Carletla mo Prlarlrt?
A Mm la Citkvr Cavtrd or Trmltvr j
Wa Will rllw rri MTklrfa k I
WU1 VmmA to Rata.
In a letter of
a can an J to toiotuitt y.
Mr. J&s. H. Foj Aski Somo Qaes
tiocs'.Tfcat Will Lead to the
Realm of Light.
f'.miliiK liver I t.rj liny.
I ..r The 'iiiica.-iiini.
Ai'ToN, N. ('., May II Your p.i
l r in in u-li sought utter since .Son
tor I'.utler and tho State coramittoo
'ook a lirm Htand against co-opera-t
nui on tho fipoiln plan proposed by
t 'm Kepublicari.s. J look for a rush
lo your party. I predict that if the
I leiiiocratic convention at Chicago
puts out a gohlbug platform or a
'straddle bug" platform, the North
i .trolina IemoeratH will bolt and
endorse tho I'opulist doctrine. Nine
ty per cent of both parties here are
lor silver. Tho I'ops only have to
inin&iii lirui.
T. J. Candler.
Oimlow Don't Nl Any tiold l.UR..
I or 'J lie ( 'uucaKi;ui.
Uicni.ANDs.N. C.,May 11. I ful
ly endorse what our State executive
committee did in tho conference at
Ualeigu on tho 1 0th. and 17th of
April, for dechniug co-operation
with the goldbug Republicans for
spoils and plunder. I want to thank
t ht ni for the manly course they per
sutd in sticking to principle. I
know they were guidod by the hand
of Providence, for God is on tho side
of right and justico for tho poor and
oppressed. Tho people will follow
our noble chairman, who will lead
us to victory next November.
J. A. Taylor.
V.iu t'm.'t Trust Thriu
For Tli ('aii.afi.iii.i
I'iuskms. N. C, May 1", "fi;. i
am well bleared with the ai tion f
the executive eotnmitteo on April lh
I never have been a believer in fu
fsion, and I will never vote another
fueiou ticket. I want straight goods.
I understand a lew of tho leading
Republicans over here in Macon had
a caucus sometime ago, and agreed
among themselves to fuse with the
I'opu and give them only the candi
date for register of deeds. I am op
posed to any such stuff and will
never agree t it. Wo aro well
pleased with Hon. Marion Hutler.
lie is the right man in tho right
place. 1 hope ho will remain just
where he stands now, as regards co
operation. I want to vote the Popu
list ticket from constable to Presi
dent. I think we will make a square
Populist fight in Macon again this
year. Neither of the old parties are
to be trusted this time. If they fa
vor silver as some of them claim, let
them come to us, for we cannot af
lord to trust them any more. Fully
two-thirds of the Democrats in Ma
con are silver men, but they want it
through the Democratic party, which
we believe they will never realize. I
think the best and surest way to get
free tilver, is for all silver Demo
crats and silver Republicans to come
into the Peoples Party and make a
united fight against the goldbugs.
I hear some Democrats say if they
nominate a silver man the Pops will
endorse him and not put out any
candidate. Some may, but all will
not. 1 have been tooled so many
times I can t trust them. I am in
favor of a full State and National
J. M. Carpenter.
Noilna on th llulf Matte Ticket.
The Jiepiiblicati StaN convention
met in Kileigh, on Thursday, May 3 4.
The event brought together the lar
gest number of people that has atten
ded a -ii vent ion of Jhi.s party in
twenty years in this State. "Every
white Republican of any prominence.
n Xorth Carolina, or who has had any
prominence at any time since the war
and is still living, seemed to be pres
ent. Men whose names have been,
are, arid would be associated with
some ollice, eitber State or national.
were in ample evidence in the gather-!
in i,'.
As a matter of course the conven
tion was "spotted." The fair faces of
the Anglo-Saxon alternated with the
multi-colored hues of the men of Afri
can descent. Hut it was not a bad
looking body of men as a whole. How
ever, the discoverer who might have
been seeking a very line looking body
of men would have oasscd on and taken
the chances 1" discovering it else
During the two days on which the
convention met at various hours, the
body was at times noisy, demonstra
tive and turbulent, but there was
nothing of the mob about it. Aside
from the occasional outbursts of vocif
eration and applause for the various
candidates, the business of the con
vention was conducted in order. This
does not mean, however, that all the
business transacted could be consider
ed altogether fair and honest by an ob
server of the proceedings.
The convention was called to order
by State Chairman llolton at noon on
Thursday. All the counties except
Cherokee and Macon were represent
ed. There were contesting delega
tions from Craven, Cumberland, Edge
combe, franklin, Mecklenburg, Per
quimans, Union, Wake, Wilkes and
Wilson. The contests in each of these
cases were between supporters of Col.
O. H. Dockery and Judge D. S. Rus
sell, the two leading candidates for
the gubernatorial nomination.
lneurst business was, of course to
dispose of these contested cases, and
41ret riraaure.
I''r the ('uucasiau.l
Shawvillk, N. C, May !). Allow
mo to express tho groat pleasure of
myself and party for tho recent pa
triotic stand of the executive com
mittee. That is right. Let us make
a fiiiht for principle even if we
should beuefcated.
V. W. Ebvis.
'Ilia kind of Kim I on Wwiited.
For the Cuucasiun.
Coaklky, N. C. May 11. I have
h A rd and read much about fusion
Tho Pops down hero don't want
f usioti with any party unless it is for
the interest of the farmers and la
borers of this country. Somo oGico
seekers will fuso with any party to
get ollice. Tho Peoples Party must
stand by theii principles. If farm
ers and laborers could get live or
eight thousaud dollars a year they
would want to luse; but it is all they
cau do to keep both ends together.
Wo want to change things, but we
will never do it through the old par
ties. The people will not be mislead
by ollice seeker.' again.
J. R. Satterthwaitk
Tbe Committee Wa WIo.
For the Caucasian.
Falkland, N. C, May 15. We
are strictly in accord with the action
of our State executive committee
Rats always desert a burning house,
just as the people are deserting the
two old parties, for they have no
soundness in them. I think the
State committee have acted very
wisely. I think if they had acted
otherwise it would have proved fata'
to our cause; and as for a goldbug
he is not in it down here. Take the
country at large, I don't believe
thero is one person in a thousand
that wants the gold standard, for it
means starvatiou price3 for our pro
S. M. Smith.
Mo Kunlou In Texan.
For The Caucasian. I
NiiiROD, Texas, May G, '00. Tho
Pops are pretty strong hero and
gaining ground. Wo want no fusion
with any party except ono in line
with the Omaha declaration of inde
pcadence. We see no gains by fua
ing with our enemies, and we are
not proposing to do it out here.
William Munn
man he was disgusting, and to any sort
of a man he must have seemed pitilui.
As an animated Uriah ileep, he would
take the blue ribbon.
When the speaking was concluded
the convention adjourned until 10
o'clock Friday morning.
The contested cases from the coun
ties heretofore named bad been the
subject of much work by the creden
tials committee. They began their la
bors on Thursday afternoon about three
o'clock. They worked away till half
past two o'clock on Friday morning
and had not then gotten through.
They were at it again on Friday morn
ing by I ::t0 o'clock, and it was soon un
derstood that they would be ready to
report by 12 o'clock at latest. Around
the work of this committee hangs a
story that tells how the final result of
the convention was achieved. There
were from the contesting counties
thirty-four delegates contesting. After
the committee had completed their
work, their report showed that they
recommended seating eighteen Dock
ery delegates and sixteen Russell del
egates. Rut while they were working
up this report, there was other work
going on on the outside.
It was apparent that among all the
gubernatorial candidates Col. Dockery
had the strongest following, and it
was possible that if the Dockery men
from the contestieg counties or the
would not Bupporta free silver cand
idate for the Presidency, and he
should not do so if heieally believes
that free comago would ruin the
country, because a man's duty to
his country is higher than hi duty
to his partv. Whenever we tpeak
of nominating a silver man we are
told that he would lose the votes t f
the eastern Democrats. Why are
the Dtinocrats of the west and south
lla Kaat lh lltrtM la a Jaacto-Uat
aha Uaa Klarna4 Wfllh Tar Taaa-
aaaii Wb-l-l h liupadaara af taa
Monay l'o..r-S.Mi of ftotvn. Waia
lac. For Tbe Caucasian. J
RichlaM'S, Onsl--w Co., May
VHl. Will Rome Democrat or Repub
lican give a sensible reason why the
l ongress of the I nited Mates should
issue ten kinds of money which were
in circulation in July, to wit:
Gold coin, silver dollars, aubsidiarr
bound to support a goldbug when I silver coin, minor coin, gold eertih
eastern Democrats do not feel them- eates, silver certificates, I'nittd
selves bound to support a bimetal- States notes, currency certificates, I duets go
list? The President has set up a Treasury note? of lSiMJ, national
gold image and has commanded that bank notes? Was this done to ac
we bow down and worship. I, for commodate legalized thieves who
one, shall not do it. I shall refuse, deal in money, or for what good rea
not because I, have ceased to be a son was it done? Three kinds of
Democrat, but because the Democ- money is all that ought to be issued
racy of Jefferson and Jackson are as primary money, to-wit: gold coin,
dearer to me than the plutocracy silver dollars, United States notes.
preached by Cleveland in the inter-1 and the money issued by the general
est of Wall street
eoroprja i rl an ijrr vli.
tin. ... i. i .
faeiartd fabric , an! vai nmImi r iw
indottr . t ui-r "tit ,M wrai:k I 4 it im rHn aw
and artirj fi.r iMrtiio. ae
! t f the- wttl i-ttaf ft!t a a-1
ihr to var dK-r. Tu latina ttat
alws)e eiports Mora tnn it usp-rf
is gttitBg rich Tb farmer !
buys more each yar at tb villai-v
tote than ht carric iff his rlaft'a
tion to ali nill Hwttr r laUr m tit
an astignmeet ).M r st!vt,
locked op ia our drawers is of u
mr valua than ao many brick bats.
We got altig about thirteen years
it bout fold or silver l'aitr4 State
notes, good in every patt f the At
ticn, and barked by thf wbo! prop
erty of tbe naton. tbe !. d and the
life of every Iwyal utan to t.i gov
eminent is leyond vUetion good
monev. !-t gold and silver bide it
sr!f, t1rt from the r . unity, but aitb
a law of the ration tuskirg tbe
notes a I gal tender we may rest ae
cure on the property of 7.imi,u0
of (eople, the bs turner will be heaid
in the land, the roar of uia-hinrrj
increased, mines will ! pbd(
lorges win i ngbletl, Isttn rru-
up, peace restored, school
houses built and churches go up and
God worshipped.
Should we need gold to pay eff
the ticlawral ixmds uucd by the
government, the government could
send out agents with tbe Uuited
States notes, boy cotton, naval
stores, rice, tobacco, laruUr, l-eef.
What the President of the United States
Hay Do Time to Knd the Atrocities Go
ing on In the Island.
Washington Tost. J
We have leached a critical stage lAr
in our relations with Spain. Obser
vant men have long expected that
U - i 1 1 1 1 1 .
larger part of them should be seated, 8UU" Kb wuum u reacueu tuuuB
or later. The air has been full of
first ballot. Col. Jas. E.Boyd, of Guil- portents for weeks past. It has
ford county, was a candidate for the been whispered about that the Pres
nomination. Ilia only chance of sue- ident, although he did not take ac
cess lay in the contingency that the tion on the concurrent resolution of
tight between
then he
should be nominated on the first ballot, toriously prevalent in the island,
this honed for contingency could not I and that, before tho summer had
arise. It was therefore necessary to fairly opened, there wouhi be an ad
prevent a nomination on the first bal- ministration utterance, in one form
lot. It is alleged, with good reason, or another that would precipitate a
Judge ltussell formed a combination ft government had been diligently
for the purpose of preventing a first fc . f- T
ballot nomination. Both combined collecting information of a military
pork, all kinds of farm product and
government should be a legal tender manufactured goods, ship to other
in payment of all debts, public aud markets and get gold to pay oft
private to the amount specified by these unholy, ungodly hocds and
law, and attach heavy penalties for issue no more.
any one to receive it or pay it out I congratulate V. II. Kitrhiu on
for less than its face value. bis bold and manly letter in your
ine subsidiary money trora .u I paper oi me loin, l congratulate! thould be employed as money, 1
cents to 10 cents to be a legal ten-1 senator lsutler on bis eonrse in the I avs. however, to be maintaiua! at
in any one payment to the! Senate. I joined tbe Peoples Partv I rsr with rol.l.
Mr. John K. lledero. te wair
ago. eaavaaa4 th;s 4tstnU Vm
every stamp fee told the reople
was a f re eoiaagw an. lie rfr
rej it bis vot ia Cob free as m.f
of it. He boaste4 taat b tu a
food a free silver nan as ais or
aent, Mr. Hbnford. He said k ra
in favor of free eoitag at the rati
of 1C ta 1. W tathrr UspiettfneU
his aiBrrtty in tb eaatter. Iwt
ra him the adsaa'age t.f tta
doubt. At Ibe aasa lime. Uiaa
el it bnited IBrwnaiateot la kia. t
e,dorM Mr. Cleveland as fce
S jr nvugb! He com out ta tbe
UL-ettr.r in a long Utter, plataing
way bis votes in CoccrrwM for f re
.lvt r. aud sUttrg that L was ua
M. to free roiaage at lo to 1 aaJ
UjitiJUB; thus acknowledge
rrttat be was just trying to fowl
te voters two years ago.
Ma aa Tae la m UmM SlvSilatay ra
mn tka UmlA Mmm4.
At a meeting of the Voung Repub
lican Clab of ltrooklyn, a letter ad
dressed to tbe Seeretarjr of tbe K
pubhean club front Senator John
Sherman, t.f thi-, was read. Ia tbe
letter Mr. Sherman aays:
"There can t no doabt of tb
opiuiin t Maj. UcKinley on tbe
money u-ton. He is committed
in every form, by speeeb and tber
wisa, to tb Republican policy of
maintaining the p reseat golj coin f
tbe I nt'ed Mates as the standard of
value. He, in common wtta myaelf
and others, tw lievea that salver
amount of $20.00; and the minor for principle, and not to co-operate
coin, from 5 cents to 1 cent, to bo a with either of the old pai ties only
legal tender in anyone payment to on principle. Staud to your guns. If
the amount of $10.00. - I go down we must, go down without
The law makes and unmakes la blemish on the folds of oar flag.
money, ihe Constitution of thelitis a dark i-nd foul blot on tbe
United States of America gives Con-1 character and name of North Caro-
gress the power and denies it to the I lina to have contested elections. A
'The convenience of silver coins
for tbe minor transactions of life is
so manifest that no eontid money
man would deatr it diarontiauanee,
but upon tbe primary condition that
its comago should b limited and its
purchaemg power maintained by tb
fiat of of the government at par with
""'"'ij -"uooci. I l :rmcrfiss recocti inner ihn da irAr. ci.... i .l.i i . . I i r..i i i . . I
be so determined as to make the I ann nf Ci'nnatrintannA I puwergngoingiw iswiui couni- gold. He believes, as I do, that a
of either impossible, and ITIJ VT- iT,l' TL " T De reierrea to corporations or oanits. iair piay unuerour governmont is tariff should t e adopted that will im-
might get in as the "logical'' "ut Iuuu,lu"Kf loieraio lu -uuul Since the contraction of the currency all we desire. A government of the partially protect all American indos- T)nrkprv hnwpvpr uons oi uarusrism ami auarcuy no- ,n -nj thfl jAmnnt Tatinn nf neonle. a trovernment for lh nxi. i.... $.. -...I . .... :..
" - v v i i - s: w rt - ii ire aavsaa uuu uv w mmmmm ssw l a mil uu
immediately after the reading of the could muster a stronger force than Col.
silver in 1S73, tens of thousands of
our best and truest men have been
swept into the vortex of financial
There is no need of a redeemable
note of tho United States. Use it
until unfit for use, return it to be
destroyed and a new note to be is-
Dockery had single handed. So it was
arranged between them that if the re
port of the committee should favor the
seating of enough of the contesting
delegates in favor of Dockery to make
his nomination dangerously close, they
would vote down the committee's re
port, and by their combined forces
vote in the Kussell contestants.
As stated above, when the report ot
the credentials committee was com
pleted, it recommended that eighteen
Dockery delegates and sixteen Russell
delegates of the thirty-four contest
ants be seated. This fact was made
known early on Friday morning, and
lliil li Old t'lirtlv Miiw llva m Clutiirn
Ami Won't Take It.
For The Caucasian. 1
Ai nuiiA.N. C, May 17 Please
allow me spaco in your dispenser of
justice. The Catcasian, to applaud
the action of State executive com
mittee of the Peoples Party. I'll say
right hero if we stand on tho side of
justice and dicker for nothiug unholy
wo will gather alaioat every honest
voter into our ranks, for they can
go nowhere else if they want tho in
terest of suffering humanity pro
tected. If any man will take the
trouble to investigate right now he
will see that the Republican Con-
' rhy Know Itetter Now."
For The Caucasian.
Method, N. C, May 11, 'DC I
heartily endorse the action of the
executive committee on the plan of
co-operation and don't want any
other. If we can't get that I say,
with "Buck" Kitchin, "stay in the
middle of tho road." The majority
of the voters in both the old parties
are in favor of our principles, and
we think now is the time to stick to
principle, nominate our best men
and make a vigorous campaign. Let
all tho people see where we are at
! and, my word for it, the voters will
vote our ticket.
I thank my stais that we have
ollicial call for the convention, Chair
man llolton announced the committee
on credentials as follows :
C. A. Reynolds, of Forsyth; Geo. H.
Smathers, of Haywood; Wheeler Mar
tin, of Martin; J. J. Wood, of Halifax;
J. 1). Holland, of Harnett; F. D.Jones,
of Cbatnam ; James r . Wray, ot Kock
ingham; It. li. Jiussell, of Robeson, J.
W. Boger, of Cabarrus.
This committee, it was alleged, was
composed of eight Dockery men and
one Russell man; Wheeler Martin be
ing the Russell supporter.
The "disorganizer" element and
chronic disturbers, which are to be
found to a greater or less extent in
every meeting, seemed to be held well
in hand by Chairman llolton on this
occasion. One "yaller" fool from some
where jumped up and wanted to "ask
for information." He wanted to know
what right the chairman had to ap
point this committee before the con
vention gave it to him. The laugh at
this fellow's combined brass and igno
rance was so great that he was thor
oughly squelched, and he was not
heard irom again during the two day's
The chairman then suggested that
the convention adjourn till 4 o'clock
p m. in order that the credentials
committee might report to the conven
tion. The suggestion of the chairman was
responded to by loud calls for Senator
Iritchard. He came forward and
urged that the suggestion to adjourn
be complied with, saying he would be
glad to speak to the convention later.
The convention then adjourned till
four o'clock.
A new departure was introduced at
the beginning of the first session in
the matter of securing and preserving
the seats of delegates, by issuing tick
ets of admission. Onlv delegates and
newspaper men were admitted to the tion of Russell and Boyd forces got I public temper still as violent as ever
hall, and while there was a scramble their work in. The incidents accom-1 before. Ihere has. been a sort of
and crowding for tickets at the door, nanving the carrving out of this nlan oniescence. but it is the ouiescence they were were not specially interesting beyond of the tiger couchant. "What adds
not subjected to the crowding and jam- the fact that the report of one man was Tft the danger of the situation is the
- 1, J 1 I
la&eii auu auuruveu uy me com-1 cm K0i:af ctnff nth. mmla nf
cotton, wheat, tobacco, naval stores.
rice, &e., to pay the national debt
than it would have done at tho close
of the war. A national debt is a
national falamitv. -T 4v I'nlk aai.l
character and material for an intel- saed in it8 pace jike recoiniug eil- at the close of the war with Mexico,
hgent conclusion as to the real facts ver or gol when worn untii it wa8 hn nis message to Congress in 1S-1S,
orpine case, xnen came me ap- unfit for use We ask for a currency to adopt proper measures for the
poinunent ot uen. Jtitzaugb ijee, a oronr nati0n unchanged in value, speedy extinguishment of the at-
irainea soiaier, to taice tne piace or and per capita to be controlled by tional debt: "It is against sound
Mr. Kamon Williams, as United Congress; and not ten kinds of policy and the genius of our institu-
Diates v,onsui-uenerai at navana, money and eight of these unredeem- Hons, that a public debt rhould be
and the inevitable inference that able permitted to exist a day longer than
BUUU a CMttUL'O at SUUU a umo WHS Thorn iro nrra Mint, in tYta 1 nitarf I tha moananf IV.Tr..n u-'.ll
pie, and a government by tho pto-1 foreign productions that ean M and
plA I ought to l e ptodured in the flatted
it win take mote produce to-Uaj I States.
Resolutions were adopt 1 embody
ing tbe principles of tb Republican
The naladlara Ua Kt Tit rs4
righting Over It re 1 wentr-ltr
S appose we take tbe entire custom
revenue of lKK)-2lt,0('iH.r5 and
divide it up among 0,)0,000 peo-
rlc; it is but a little over three dol
ars per capita, or lesa than one cent
frayghl with deep significance. A states, four Assay offices, nine Sub- able the government to pay it off." J5'-
new and strange atmosphere perva- Treasuries. All the officers receive Washington said: "Avoid the atxa- livens free ailver and an abund-
ded the State and Navy depart- large saaries. Tho Sub-Treasury mulation of debt not only by shun- nt currency and good time and
ments. There was electricity m was established in 1S45, nnder J. K. ning occasions of expense, but by homes free from mortgagas, and all
every breath. But the crisis has p0it8 administration. Up to that vigorous exertions in times of peace tbe PP- mdustnoua, prosperous
come at a time and in a manner not time banks used our money. to discharge the debt and not throw and Lappy, and we could pay ten
anticipated ten days ago. It changes "Old Hickory" vetoed the United upon posterity the burden we our- limM lh Mckinley tariff and no
it had been agreed to bv Mr Wheeler T? oiates DanK in isjj. lie snocKea selves ougnt to uear."
inJ 2JSf 2hLft2 the United States bank a"kitiDff- TheolJ United Stat" bkbeld present condition and a feather b-
committee. But shortly afterward Mr. event, must have been made before He sent that tigress to tho jungles, and speculated on large amounts of comes a burden too great to bear.
tne Jst ot July. Hiven this compli- Tho rorrw
port. When he had prepared it, it re- cation, ugly and threatening though her back with ;i 000 whelpg. deposit in 1833. In the House of humbugged for twenty-five years by
couiiiieuoeu tue seating 01 luirij nu9-i'i yaoo wiuiuui uuui. 11 Two new mints were esl
sell delegates and four Dockery dele
gates. Mr. Geo. Smathers, of the com
mittee, made a 'minority report in some
cases, but in every such case he seemed
to strive to arrive at fairness and jus
tice. In cases where the evidence was
so complicated as to make it impossible
to arrive at actual knowledge, he fa
vored dividing the vote of the county
equally among the contesting dele
gations. And so when the convention
was called to order at 12 o'clock on Fri
day, the report of the credentials com
mittee came before the body as de
scribed above, viz : a majority report
favoring the seating of eighteen Dock
ery delegates and sixteen Russell dele
gates, and a minority report (signed
will make no difference. The con
flict seems inevitable. We cannot,
for our own safety, permit much
longer such horrors at our very door
Spain's predicament, meanwhile,
is delicate as it is distressing. To
go on with the execution of the
American citizens taken on board
the filibustering vessel Competitor
will lead to most serious complica
tions with the United States. To
yield to our demand for delay, and
for a civil trial for the American
j citizens now under sentence of death,
Two new mints were established Representatives a committee was
under "Old Hickory's" administra
tion and set actively to work to coin
money. To mint monev. The shin
ing metal, silver dollars, half dol
lars, and quarter dollars together
appointed in 1S31 to investigate tbe
affairs of the bank. J. K. Polk was
on .the committee. Tbe committee
reported to the House "their inabil
ity to make the necessary investiga-
will almost certainly bring on a rev- jackSOn quarters
oiuuoii iu opaiu. iiu Kuveiuiuoui i Jnekson '
with gold coin came out among the tioa on account of tbe impediments
people; prices rose; the people were thrown in the way by the bank, and
happy; the country rejoiced, and a ref usal'of the officers and directors
Andrew Jackson retired to private of the bank to produce the books or
life one among the most popular testify." The committee moved a
Presidents we ever had. resolution to the House to bring the
The silver dollars,halves and qnar- president and directors before the
ters were called by the rank and file I House for contempt; but tbe Fame
of the people Jackson halves and I was never acted upon.
tuese two mutual societies ot coop
erating swindlers. They have played
on you as a musician plays on a
flute. They have fooled yon to tb
top of your bent. You have roared
and shouted and all for what? One
seventh of a cent a day! About tb
ration of a well conditioned rooster!
O, for another
by only one member of the committee) I can retain place at Madrid after hav
favoring the seating of thirty Russell ing yielded an iota to the hated
delegates and four Dockery delegates. Yankees. The passions aroused in
To adopt the majority report the nom- the Spanish populace by the action
ballot would be made dangerously ?. Congress are only dormant. Pub
close, and here is where the combina- hc oP""on 18 stlJ! as b.l"er and the
ming which has
conventions here.
Only see what impudenee grew up I
here, a power greater than the law
W a fAmorwl that tho fiiro minti nf I nf tho l.nJ ami vatiava, it mstw
the United States be at once thrown Sn wake no. Deacon, and hear tbe 01 appropriations iiui
open, and if they cannot mint the! truth. The government mixing its
silver and gold fast enough let new credit with our national banks and
mints be built and all set actively at it isyou-ticklo-nie and-Pll-tickle-youl
work to mint silver 10 to 1, free 1 and perpetuate and saddle upon the
and unlimited with gold. If a flood I nation a national debt, and put as in
of silver comes, let it come. We can the foot steps of Old England that a
iiqo iv if rirtf f" miriaT fr Y- i h I fatr.v&il favaer mtf vAav smaYi la u I
ers, mugs, knives, plates, spoons, taxed, and live on the Uxes of the ton, from one hundred uoasaad to
silver service for churches, candle I whole nation, ride ns booted and
sticks, &c. Why the gold reserve? I spurred until a crowned head (hall
Rl var and Hsrkar A'r'CtUaB 9mm
Krtk Carallaa.
The appropriations for North Car
olina in the River and Harbor bill
as it left tbe Uoose were a little over
(125,000. 1 tbe Senate, through
Senator Pritcbard and benator Hut
ler, these appropriations have been
increased to about double the amount
bill passed
tbe House. Tbe principal increases
aro as follows:
Heaufort Harbor from four thou
sand to fl ve thousand.
Cape Fear River abov Wilming
ton, from four to five thousand.
Cape rear River below w lining-
one hundred
I f m . I I
Why is gold and silver bullion in the rule this country and noble anees- eu? lBWMBfl w
wjvcu aav aeauvi
Pamlico and Tar rivers, from
and nintv-flr thou
1 , j - . 1 i-"" v.u,s vuwvu ci vsr RPrviffl tnr e.nnrnnes. ptnd a vhn a nation, rid na noiM ami 1 -
uccu bo uuiiiuiou au 1 raKeii ana anorovea ov tne c.nm-
Dine airaiusL xocaerv lnsieaa 01 tne 1 - . 1
The renssemhlinirnf thA pnnvpiition t. --i- r ma "pi, ninety-nine out oi every nunareu
- ---w--.v-.vM.wiBrTift.iaij sis r:iiiiu iiicu. 1 net c wwrrirr niiinn . . a. .
four o clock did not result in the sharn wnrrta and tnmnltnna nniiiTAnf.A opaniaras, mat pain IS an mnnite- Sab-Treasuries lvinif idle? No I tors and roval neditrreea shall ride
tpuncnrd !ah ef luict'nnefi TKo sfiv I .1 a. 1 . a-1 i f a. t I 1"TT mnrA TiiWfiT"i!TT I T1 fLtiriTI i"Vl 51 Tl ATI TS 1 iv t 1 1 I m a -1 1
cress and Senate with the vote of the raon in this State who will put prin- mittee on credentials had made but bine was 7uccesffuny carried 'out. and from a military standpoint of view, 3 ieVT tH 17. TlXA . l 1 and , , " '.IVt V. .f twenty-fi ve hundred to fir. thousand
1 ...10. '.a 1 11 ri v ninm na.a h n ita i . m i ! : l mi i i:tt i .. i I .1 : . . i ... . . - ' . .... ... . . . . , i f . . , .1 - . 1 . l . m
. - - r - j .ou. ...v. ....j, . owv,. UUUE.- fcue uuuhert torues mua maisnaiiy I auu me uuiivicnou uiai eveu wore i t rt fnrm an oTpnsA to nA more
their power to pass any law in the Republicans thought that, as we had stood that it would not be through weakened. It took four hours to com- all other things ennal. the Snanish i"".0:. "1 1 v.!If
interest of the great t r.Aiy people. Unttn hoi9c(nf n. ,rtni.i with the work before the next morn- nipt this inh nrt tn Ay.irf.;i.minrii t. . 1 oouus w oorrow goiu wuo pumpcu
for the whole Populist strength ir "1V V ''Wlr'rS.A After some calls for a few "big" man who aaw of the Treasury by gold
t.i.i. . .r . I . ' . "-j ."b-. r.v, hn r,,.f i,Q,i th ' I mree ot ours, oucu lguurauco auu
" T'T. ir f "c &raceiui ana airt,y jon. f wonld geem incre(iible. but tbe
fu u tl icu 1 11 VO ill 1 UCllj
-r.-r7iTaa a vrtuvm -v-w- -v-r .. -v--.
. , k'"J I 4. . . . ,
Ptin. ITp resnondpH in n vain feiesies iruiu an tue euunuea MV.
I n.m willmrr tn tru it ani wv I ti,. o.ia n, i liner been seated, the convention nm.
l.t. it looks like, with a straight A negro told me that he honed wa then the convention nain adioiii-nod ceeded to the work of permanent or
: .1 .1 1 e i, j , . . .. .. r . 1 .... . . , . a j .
luiuum wi iuo iviiu ujui, wpwu uuwu fOUia not luse witn tne KeDubli-1 tin eigni o ciock. 8auj.aviuu
oa o il pitiuge u 10 euuer party mat but 1 reckon they know better now. " ' , "
WOUld nass anv nionsnrn tVin umil.l I T v. t. i .1 I news
give us any relief, and still thev fail to elct our men an am- other. artir t,..o
. , - j - - 1 1 nui
to pass them
R. II. Lane. I has
them both.
R. II. L.
to bo sticking to principle. That's any law that is passed that is good
cans, and 1 thins he is not bv him
self as there are several of them of
the same opinion. All thev want is
to Know mat mey are not being led as aiternoon session. 1 ne ere- done. Marshall L. Mott and Virgil S
tne wrong way. 1 tninK mev nave ucu" CU1UU""CT were ami pegging ijUSk were then nominated TWtT ...
Aney elected by a vote of 141 to 97.
folly wonld seem incredible,
fact remains, and Is the most mis
chievous factor in the equation. We
are dealing not only with a seri
ons and threatening problem, but I an(j candid.
witn a nation saturated witn ignor
ance and vanity. It is impossible
blers! Let it coin all that is on hand
not coined.
Let ns be in reality .with our
party and have a fixed pur
pose and be absolutely nonest
beiect strong men as
mankind (Ink to rise no more.
James U For.
Uanaoerata Kemlaata
ta Ka-
Naehville, Tenn May The
Let's Uu Klglit Iterause Ulcht Ia UIKht.
For The Caucasian. 1
Mt. Olive. N. C. Mav 15 You
and Butler are about right. You seem confidence in us for they know that f way at the task before them
0 . - I - I ItoH nmt Tim. linn w n.
John C. Dancy put in nomination
for nermanent. rlii.m.n
ine meeting at tnis nour was as VrithnrH Tha.n.t.n,... .i..i tn nredict. with a-n-r con rid on co a
barren Of results as tO actual business his name he withdranrn ;r noaAofnl anil intolliwont. AnneTimma-
naa naa neiiner ainner nor suDoer.
. . . 1 1 . 1
what we are doing down here. We or the poor white man is good for J, -fhe YeleSte. wanted
don't want any fusion except on them, and they believe that we some entertainment and sought for it
principle. We want no goldbug mean what we say when we say, by calling out some star speakers,
"straddlebug" nor any other bug. "equal rights to all and special priv- Among those who responded were
J. C. L. Harris. John C. Danev and
J. T. Ellin ger were elected permanent
But, however the pending compli
cation-may result, we are firm in
i opinion that the Cuban insurrection
will be terminated within six months.
. . . . . Inlatfrrm ail on ted bv the Democrat.
our leaders men 01 tnougut ana 01 . J . Tl iT
principle; men who will send forth State Conventioa contains the fol-
an upward growth from the bottom, lowing out-and-out free-silver plank:
and break the crust now forming "We demand the restoration of
over ns before it gets so hard that it the money of the Constitution, by
will require human blood to break law providing for the free and un
it. Ilimittd coinage vt both gold and
Roanoke River, twelve thousand.
(No appropriatin was made for this
river in the House bill.)
Fifteen thousand was made avail
ble for improving and maintaining
Fishing Creek.
Preliminary surveys have been
provided for Potecasi Creek and tha
Cashie River.
Surveys and estimates for improve
ment have been arranged for at
Ocraeoke inlet to secure a depth of
14 feet; Neuse River, at and below
New Berne, to secure adeith of 8
feet; and in Pamlico River below
Washington to secure a depth of 10
feet; in Town Creek, Brunswick
Let the bondholder who is exempt 8i 1 ver as f nil Wal tender monev at , ' f-CT
om taxes and is paid interest in ad- fi!l ratf J t r tlAlZ if utT. fr mPro f4 tra.ght-
,nce in gold, remember that we, the ratio of 16 to 1 regardless of ening the river and to Nan ;
w t .u hm' the action of any other nation." depth of 8 feet to the head of tide
We have had bugs enough. We are ileges to none."
tired of them. We want more money
in circulation among the people.
J. R. Medlin.
Marshall Mott, Col. V. S. Lusk, Col.
Boyd, bpencer Blackburn and Jno.
uancy. aenaior ? ritcnara. was
It is conceivable that this country can I ana
T.,.t., w T- j . much longer connive at such a state Li,. ,w f h h.n. I the action Of any Other nation. I depth
WMU6C". vr. u VV a 1 L llltrOUUCea mei o. - ; - I auu uig vi iuo vvvutti ... ,. , 1 . . ,
following resolution : of barbarism, such hideous atroci- to use a moneyed paper note of a It also demands laws, State and water. Some of these amend me a U
"Resolved, That it is the sense of ties, such inhuman deeds as now dai- national bank which is not a legal national, making gold and divert w reportea uy tneoenat com-
iuuicuuuu buai i ue Honnrth e i iv suock tne civiuzea wonu. .uier- na in navment r i ipo-ai tpnner rnr a:i "er.tjt and nrn. i ucu"" vvk.w
Yes, we want our daddifis' money.
l see no hope through the old par
ties, one is as bad as the otaar. If
the Pops cannot win I can't tell
pie are a unit in endors
what will become of the bread maker, course in this section, in
It seems to be a war between capi- fusion. Iso fusion witnout prin
tal and labor, and capital has is ciple, with any party is our motto,
heels on the laborer's neck and is and the only kind that we will iol
choking him to death by degrees. It low.
ucu.iui iiriiuunru. was I i - . , - I - . . - . . I iquui vcLncu L7w.u.vuv v. i "--- w - -
called out. Ue appeared and excused ..w- '".Ir name.?, and he is ican citizens have millions investea debts 'and our currency is at! the hibitinir contracts discriminating
K!!Lf f.rra !p!aH"? n tSJEr y Y ?xP.nd kit either; the repeal of the 10
"Royal,. N. C Mav 13. The Deo- aaU hi TO,i i.r't" ""r":' "T as United States Senator from this rr ill-l : " nTI " cunircl u. uw wt uiin hw cent, tax ou issues of State
. - i l.v I l.Vf.ll. LIULUn- 1 111. 1 J . . 1 I An. OT aiiii III 1 III. iiiiiuni B&.at.. AUD I kwvlw.. n m tm n w. . . w. a
i ' t " .... . ,,-.... i ami i. i i n I. rne n. amt.t. Ar .h;a i o - auu uvuiiu Uiiuci uiuucv iui iuuuiui.
ISouslon Wlthont Frinciple
For the Caucasian
their passage tbe Seoatr.
in ,r Rntler'a Vr?? State, and that the nf thi aua. rar and
rearT t; d Vi o our people Day is breakiDg. History may re
" . 1. . 7-"- I 1 1 hnnnnh . maa-w . - I SOllinTninir in I :n nR RTfl CDH8UUUV if
is only a question or time till mey
finish the job: and then they will
have killed the goose that laid tho
golden egg. But let us hope for the
better. Let us do right (because it is
right to do right. Let us work fcrl
it and pray for it. and my word for
H. A. Smithwick.
lege, in Ohio, was present; that Mr.
Long was a friend of McKinlev. and
"as he is a native of North Carolina.
I know you will be glad to hear him."
ine reverened gentleman came for
ward, and of all the silly,, ridiculous ef-
Y -a-l 1 . , .
forts ever made by man to make a PA The
speech on the issSes of the day, his InLnZil?
r . v WUV WUTCUtllUU
per cvnt- tax ou is-ue
banki; tariff for revenue only, and
all honorable means to secure his re- sojourning in Cuba are constantly peat itself. So sleep a few nights if ".u ( 7., .,. , T
election." threatened, if not actually violated. Bieep y0u can, before you. President tl0Q 01 IVesident CkTclaal 18 rtler-
This resolution was received, with The whole thing is" a horror and a Cleveland, Sherman, Carlisle, & Co., by :nfe cue.
oypiauac a..u was cameo. Dy a I reproaen to unristenaom. it cannot i or any power grants the issue of 100 1 -fcx-'iov. Kobert JU layior was
senatnr iritoha,H last much. longer. It should not be per cent, of your bonds instead of nominated for Gjvernor by accla-
- - aa, va vaUC 1U1 TV 21,1711 21 LIU
Xltr o r Tb ota rrtls Oa
Tale CtsUtlM.
permitted to last.
must nave been tbe most pronounced.
lie knew nothing of what he tried to
talk about. To the observer of men
by unairman Mott as "Jeter." The
Senator then addressed the convention
W. K. Henry at Spurrier's.
Mr. W. R. Ilenry will deliver his
great speech, entitled, "More Money
.aw Ilia Pannla A tvnino T1 ..n II 4
c k tjii 'a I j .v,.- v, i ... : : I at some length and was attenti vpI v Ha-1 most
cf,,-H. rw ?mtt. nm ..i i,...' un.V.. v,i. ' I tened to. Tbe basis of his sneech was Party will
n a . . a a a n. a. I UftlUI UMJ a u. a W K. U VyVLUC OUU UCOl I UUC Ul bHU iVUOC UaUlUUlCLa. 1BBUKU I lfrr I . A A TT l ... I T .
it.uodwill help us. Wrong can t tni9 distinguished orator discuss the haps by some tariff league or by the lIlf'nt fhTOA-01 ,ew,ld mH dn that
out do ricrht alt the time T won't . ; r .v... j ...v,,,, . . , ... c agement of the National fininnn hv uo. tnat
'uv rreav yunwwu iwucs ui iuv uaj. xiu sireei. reioriu ciuu oi ew lOTK. Ii.' n . . J I i.j c .
l,U I,.rw. l,.,rnvo T,- n,;il ha II.. tn I FTka namiuiHfa ova 1,.K., . 1 I . J : 1 . I bUO UCUl IMSUU UartV. lie WAIlt lMfl OCMHir,
j busj s l tj it u will uc lud kj s si er it:uitjvi ass big ucirni Lruuri ru i ami w x ss i.riiii' s fulfill iwr w nar na i . . -
rail on the fence. I have that kind
Sooth Dakota Safe.
The Representative.
We are glad to hear that there is al-
certainty tnat tne People's
1 90 per cent, as it is now, or
any more gold bonds.
"O shades of Jackson! can it be,
That this ia all that remains of thee?"
"Could life awake in the limb of the bronze
And blaze in tbe burnished eye.
issues I matioc.
San Diego Dally Vidette (California).)
Marion Butler knocked ont tha
plea of both old parties that they
are not responsible for more bond
issues, because neither has a ma
jority in the Senate, when he said:
"It wonld not do for either the fie-
nnhliean or Democrat!, aid of th
tit :it; a- li- I'. . . T. ...
we are wining to pay our pu one I chamber to evade responsibility b
Th CeagTeasmaa's Clark.
From tbe Chicago Times-HeraLJ
of faith.
The Democrats are hereby tendered and was trying to remember what he I
an opportunity to nave tneir speaKer nad seen in tnem. Me "boasted" of hav-
IV1 fwSttSSZ What would yon ffwS th moment of servants and to pay liberally, bat we saying that it had no majority,
a strong probabiht j, if they not wimng to m for clerkl wto pledged six Peoples Party Totee
weaVTn'oiopi Ye-nofthedaysgonebyr. gre never that Con- to either Jarty t
" . . .c T at T 1- 1 a 3 T a 1 1 tr. vha rtifrha i aawt a -tT IwtiH
Ileal to Mk a Straight right.
For the Caucasian.
Washington, N. C, May 11, 'DO.
uur people in this county endorse well filled. The pleasures
me action or the feopies irarty ex- nicnic and music will aiso
tcutive committee when in session part of the day's programme,
silver. "I made vou a Dledsre on sil- Senator Kyle : he has done well in his I 11 Jacsson were nere 10-aay xigresamen may get a little mote
present on this occasion, who can dis- ing bad so big a man as Senator Fora- llll ST L t5.ere nd "Zl ITZZSZ Z wt- " Z?1 moueJ Ior l.neiI P00"1 11
cuss tne issues witn jir. iienry. A Ker.wboisa friend of McKinlev. at I j r '""I ... I J imenaoera 01 wmxrein want more
fair division of time will be granted, his house to dinner. He showed him- Uained that aU UuctV PR 'uu v th-V f i money for their service, let them
peaking to beg n at Uo'cpck.!j self tobe a subservient, truckling tu hadcomefr boldly and demand it
necessary laws
riniiuBm-u.ul. .ouc u ercu a.oug turougu suoiects oi wmcu tho ailvee net; V' nersistentlv fnnp-ht th-, htti. nf B. uu rememoer your uona. vvnaiis . , . , . . . . . 7 7
oi a grand tie was apparently wofully ignorant, ff auu .vg I fofoi' and if placed in the United I aauce for the goose onght to be proviaing ior n, mn let tnem not
constitute a It would be hard to suppose that he tang- States Senate Tthe Xle world wJuld sanw for the gan hide themselves behind the petty
will stop the farther issue of bonds.
and six votes will give a majority ta
either side. In fact, either party
ean have a majority in this body
when it desires to paas any law ia
the interest of the American people."
was uttering an original thought.
(Continued on third naga.)
hear from him.
I- D.
Five copies of Tn CAUCaaXaJT
The wealth of a nation does not excuse that they need more clerka. J three saonthf for $1,00 '

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