North Carolina Newspapers

ALEIGK9 NORTH G A 1 1 ( ) L I X A , T H U US D A Y v M A U C II 12. 1903.
XO. !
Winding lp of the last Session of
Poth Koiises
Mr .sr.. 1 1 on r ami Lodge Hitch on
Urn I'hiiippiuc Question - C losing
V.'! h l n,- foil
vi n ! i 'or,
i':if. I;i y bj
cr' ts t: .
ej' i .' Tbe Fifiy-
'Xtin i at n. n
liri.itntioii. In niiny re
in; m . ii were Kimi-
I.::- t
at (!: lu! of fery Coii
lV' ry f'ti'r frU;. 1 owevcr
' ! i- 'tii i'.i.r.f.rnt iou whi-'-h materi-
.' i:
-uoy a tic pro. c d:n);:- in the
t . l : t the xj irution of a Con-
in Hi" 1 f 1 1 :. Is very tiiii'h fh-
h iirn. Mnt tlere b:is not li.'f'ii
in i .rniv y.-m-f. i-nrli ,t tb nin.irdi at I n
in t!i Mi m: ar; o: lined, owing to the
t t;:t Sp' J: !; Henderson wan rc
t;ii;iM. !'t .:ily n.i presiding officer
J: ".ii li;u I f ')'!: , bat from the House
;i ;i ir.f'iil.. r. Yi f l,iitT partisan fed
1 r' ili.'it ban biiritii!; up in t h r Hoitse
"i !(;..( st m :itlvc-u during the ii:it.
f.i I ;i pit ii which prevented
! ' ' - '. c r fi;,i rri (iir.i? the ru;ni
;i; I'Kiviil of tli- I If)i:s- when the
nsobitiou or" thinks ami cotir
offi f it. More tlian this, the
t ? ' 1 1 1 1 ion bad to i nine from the Ke
1 ili!i'-;in .side. niKl while this has iic-
Mii(l before, it i-.-i not the usual cus
tom. Tin' usual iKiliition of thanks to
I'm" iih nt I'ro Tempore I'rye was unaii adopted in tbe Senate.
Tkh y inn ago, when the Fifty-sixth
'ofiimtM expired, it wa.-; rema; kalile
not only for (he second inauguration
of Vu . Mi-tilnlcy. Imt ali,o for the
Li' ( tint Senator Carter, of Montana,
talked th" i i v 4 r and harbor bill to
!e,'.!h. v. hi.h occupied the time of the
'i rat" up to within a i'cw minutes of
the t nd. Senator Mason, whose term
ei tied :t lifion, talked an unimport
:it bill to death, but in his valedictory
ii. lectured the N-nate for its unlini-
iUd debate vhieh allow; bills to !
Iv !!?" I in that manner
.".lad ii fin: .1 pl".i for
, and hl also
the freedom of
1!:e Fiiii)In:)s.
TilHOl (111.
As all the important supply bills had
passed before th two houses took a
le' ess diis morning, no legislation was
tif i ssary and none was attempted.
ihr l:i lis which bad passed and reach
ed t
ie siajje of enrollment were all
by I'n siib tit l'oosevelt, who.
with liH-mbcrs of his cabinet, occupied
the I'nid'Ut's ro:m in ihe Senate
wln of ti'f: cnpitol. This visit of the
I'resblrnt to the cnpitol is one of the
fciitiips o!' a cloalnj? Congress.
Whinn!t,n, Special. Th d"cks
v,;e clear for the tinil adjourn uient
r.t 110011 wh' !i the House reionvtncd at
(' o'clock V'ed!ieda.y morninp. The.
Spe.ikt r, dt-piie the strain of the last
few days, looked smiling and serene
as h'1 faced the Mouse, gavel in hand.
Mr. Hichardson. the minority leader,
who has be-n conduct hit; the filibuster,
was on his feet. smilin. back at the
Speaker. Tiie Democrat i-.a minority df
tnniintd 10 nuik good their threat
nuiiie wht 11 Mr. lJutler, 01' iMissouri.
was unseated last Thursday and fili
buster to the nd of th" session.
Speaker Henderson soon yielded the
gawl to Mr. Cannon, the in-coming
Sptaker. As the latter took the chair
the members broke into applause in
nH h the galleries joined. It was qnite
as nnuh a compliment to the retiring
Speaker as to Mr. Cannon. Amid in
tense sib nee, Mr. Payne, the majority
leader, then arose and offered the fol
lrwing resolution of thanks of the re
tiring Speaker:
"Ib'.-ohcd. That the thanks of this
Hom-e are p-.-t seated to the Hon. David
M. Henderson, Speaker of the House of
Hcprcsentativfs for the able, impar
tial and dignified manner in which he
h;s presided nver its deliberations and
performed the nrduous and important
duties of the chair during the present
term of Congress."
As the reading was concluded Mr.
Cochran. Democrat, of .Missouri, was
on his feet demanding recognition, but
th chair ruled that Mr. Payne was en
titled to the floor. The majority leader
fated tho rvlnority as he announced
that le" lor.sideie ! it a high honor and
privilege to be permitted to offer this
rr.-olut!:n. pointing out that, it was uot
the first thuo thai such a resolution
had come from the majority side. He
rited th'.1 intari e,-, of Clay, Polk. P.anks
Knd the late Speaker Heed. As he ton
ilrJefl, with a glowing tribute to
Speaker lira iet son. the whole Repub
lican side broke into hearty applause.
'V.'it. there was dead silence on the
Democratic sid?.
DRESS. Mr. Cannon, still standing at the side
ef the rostrum, then in a clear voice
lead the resolutions adopted by the
IlouiM'. Speaker Henderson was visi
bly afftoted as Iid faced the packed
galls! ies a irl the members of the
House for his valedictory. For half a
minate he panted to control his emo
tions before beginning. Then In a voice
that trembled at fiist but grew grad
ually stronger as he proceeded until
his words rans out, he delivered what perhaps the most touchingly hu
man farewell address ever delivered
from the Sr.eak'er'r. chair.
Towaid thi cloe he laid clown the
gj'-'rl z:zi reached out his arms to his
colleagues he t,pokc of the love and
affection with which he would treasure
th friendship nnd memories of his
mrror In the Hou;-e. When he tonclud
r; th cheers from the floor and gal-
1p;-us echoed and re-echoed through
the hall.
In the Senate.
Washington, Special. The Senate
ws called to order at 10 o'clock Wed
nesday for the last sitting of the Fif-ty-rev'enth
Congress, but business did
rot begin until some time later. The
delay wa3 due to the absence of a
quorum and to the fact that Mr. Coek
rdl insisted upon the presence of the
necessary number bcJre taking up
the work of the day
Mr. AH!. thaSman of thp-eiin-init'ee
on ar-iiorAit'rjn. mat! a
'tifn;-!it fKH.'din' the aw-':it of
lior.ey ap'uop: ited tv th i:r s-at
''onxi''-!" a ompar-l nith t' r ao-ir'
o' th" KifvV-i-ixth t'ou-;!'-'.
'lb'4 total apy;o; f .r th-i.-f-Mf-n?
i'ar.zriSA " stifj I. v Jl..
r.t.IOH.rls as o:ni'r 1 -.uh fl.UO ??
tl.c F'f t y i xl ii ( 'j'.it 'i-. M . Aiii
ion aid that while i: a; ; -r th
tpproprlrit ina cf th!3 Cv-.t'--;
';;' n 3tw In exceff
':. f'un-.'fii. the ln-r'a...', is
r.a i up of thre llfu?, r.n r.
ii .i .
'. !io
r.c'.y. thi
2.11I. t'K
' Df,'; ( i.'i f ,x thf Pdt.a i:'i
i.c 11 . ' 1 a p;i: ("r!'i:
Ill fi r l. 1, ,; ;,! v
an! harl.f.r appropriations. ti con
eluded by saying that the people of the
(faintiy thoe ifmis of in
e;asf and tint th opposit political
party cnncuifd in them.
Mr. Hai: y of Tex. call" I up a bill
jmendinx the? rhtr and harlnir act fio
".v 1.1 provi !e thr.t $.".lTXfin heretofore
appi iiprlat d fo. ''. ?ain riwr and har-
; - r 'i.ip-ovt,ieiits In Texoa fchall be
used for th" eons; ruction of a channel
In S: liir:- Lake. Texas. On a yea and
sav e. demand-! by Mr. Mason, the
.-'-j ai" agreed to take the bill up. 41
f.i ''. The effeii of the vot was to
..isp:..; th PhHippir:" tariff bill. It
a:',; then temporarily laid aside and
Mr. Hoar sp ik" on the failure to pass
the Philippine hill. Th point he made
h" ."-aid, was that the Senate, tho ex
1 five, the Hoimp of Rf pre--entative.s
and the public are n l fit to govern
the d-Htlni'B of a jMij)!e K.Oulj inib-s
away v.-ho have no voice in the govern
ment. " It is the first great object lea
son." said he." of th wretchedness, the
iniquity o fwhat the American people
did two years atio in rgard to these
Mr. I.o lfce made a vigorous reply to
Mr. Hoar in which he said he did not
h'4ie' with him in the view that the
American icople are not able to deal
with the fieat problems in the East.
"I believe they ar' thoroughly able
to d.ral with it as they dealt with
treat cr and mighty problems .bvfore,"
said Mr. Lodge. Continuing he said it
was a great misfortune, that the Phil
ippine tariff hill had railed.
Mr. Mason too!: the floor and talked
of the Panama Canal and other mat
ters. He urged that th; rules of the
Sri-ate b amended and tailed atten
tion to the ancient snuff ooxes in the
Senate. It gcrs without Ui rules, he
said, because it i.s a part of the dignity
of the Senate and he added amid
laughter, "like the rules, the snuff
box? a:v as unrhanrable as the
Mr. Allison reported that, the Presi
dent had mailing further to cammuni
cat.2 and that Mr. Uaoevelt had said:
"If it i.s in ordr I would like to say
that I congratulate the two houses of
Congress ur,on the admirable wcrk
Performed during this session."
A:j Mi. Mason had just been arraign
ing the Senate for its failure to pass
necessary legislation, a titer went
around the Senate which broke into
laughter in which everybody joined.
At 1i:53 Mi. Mai'iey attempted to get
a vote on tlii.s b'll. in t wa . frustrated
by Mr. Mason, who continued 10 hold
the i!o:r, in suite of Mr. iail"v'n pro
test. M. Cockrcll. of .Yiis.sotr i, prtsi-nterl
the usual resolution complimenting the
''resident of th" S'-nate, which va3
Mr. Frye thanked the Sen-ite fcr its
action and then dvclarcd the Senate
udiourned sine die.
One Released.
Paiis. p,y Cable. Mile Maria Daurig
nac. who figured in the Humbert
frauds as the prospective bride of one
of the alleged American brothers,
Crawford, and who was at rested in
Madrid with the other members of the
Humbert family and brought here, was
released, the physician;? having de
clared that she is snffciirtg from hys
teria and not rcsponsibo for her ac
tions. She was refused pernussion to
sro her shster. Mme Humbert, and
others of the family befo'e leaving th !
Avrn;;; d W : ec k l I ' rn .
Hoanoke. Vr... Special. At Powhat-
tan, V. Va.. a tit tic mining town v.u:t
across the Virginia line. .la.;. Hickman
shot and instantly killed Jos. Mack.
Several yearn ago Ma k induced he:'
home in western North Carolina.
Hickman had not heard from his wifo
until a few days ago when he learned
she was living with Mack in the ecal
fields. He went in search of her and
located them in a cabin at Powlmttan.
He cfillor! Mack to the door and
emptio l both barrels of a breechload
er -into the man who bad wrecked .his
home. Hickman surrendered.
Shut in By Snow.
Fort Worth. Tex.. Special. The
country around Amarillo is wrapped in
nearly two feet of snow and the town
has been practically shut out from tha
world for the past six days. Railroad
traffic is completely suspended. Not a
train has moved in a week. Two hun
dred passengers arc held here await
ing the break of the snow b'.orkau,
which is the worst ever known in that
section of the i-tate.
Oil Tanks Aolaze.
Greenville, S. C, Special. The sto
rage tanks of the Standard Oil Com
pany here are burning. The fire started
in the stables adjoining the tanks. Tha
tank on the delivery wagon, has ex
ploded from the heat and shattered the
windows in a building so23 distance
away. The woodwork ever the larpo
tanks i3 now burning. One tank con
tains 7.000 gallons cf gasolene, and
there i3 fear oi this exploding, and
doing much damage.
Took a Town
Manila, Special. Ladrones captured
the town of Ous, in the province of
Albay, Wednesday. They at first dis
armed the municipal police and then
surprised the constabulary garrison. A
few of the constabulary obtained rifles
and resisted stoutly but they were
finally overcome. Two of the constab
ulary were killed and 15 were captured.
Democratic Forces in United States
Senate Next Term,
Opening of Extraordinary 5sico
Hitters of Organization -The New
Washington. Spreial. Attbe.r I'ue
Gorman is again tirmly seated in the
saddle as leader of tb- Democratic
party in Congress. He was selected
As the Democratic lf&dcr in the Sen
ate. ILk wa? the oniy name Miggerred.
and he was plaerd in nomination by
Senator Ua on. The D- moi rats prac
tically determined Fiiday to make
Mr. Oorman their leader, and his re
fiisal .was all that could possibly haw
stood in the way of carrying out the
programme. When it vas suggested
that the Senator would be an avowed :
candidate for the Democratic nomina- !
tion for Presi.lent and for that rea- '
uon he w.m.ld not care to accept the !
guide in the Senate, a ciose friend (if
Mr. Gorman said: "The Senator has
no intention of being a candidate fv
the presidency .
A.fter the caucus adjourned Senate; j
Simmons said: -The wh- le country j
knows what Mr. 'Gorman's leadership
means to Democracy. The minority
will hence forth, und'r his guidance,
be aggressive and wisely effective
when unity of purpose is demanded.
Although he is new to the present
Senate, it i3 not ft. i gotten that he has
had an experience of IS years."
While, as Senator Simmons says,
the minority lays gieat store by the
Maryland man's actions in astuteness
in skirting legislative pitfalls, a more
impendent political significance is at
tached his elevation Remembering
Mr. Gorman's intimate associations
with the conservative leaders, there
are those who see in his elevation a
tendency of the whole party organiza
tion to return to conservative first
Washington, Special. The Demo
cratic senatorial caucus which met Fri
day organize ! by electing Senator Gor
man to his old position as chairman
of the caur-us. This is a permanent
place and assures him the occupancy
of the Democratic conference room,
one of the most commodious and best
located committee rooms in the Sen
ate and of the capitol. He made a
brief speech in assuming the chair, and
the conference then proceeded to other
business. There were present 23 of the
33 Democratic Senators. Senator Gor
man's nomination as chairman was
suggested by Senator Bacon, and there
was no opposition to his selection, lu
taking the (hair, he thanked the Sen
ators for the honor conferred, but did
not make an extended speech. The
remaining time of the session was de
voted largely to the discussion of the
present situation in the Senate and
the necessity for Democratic harmony
and unity of action. There was a gen
eral feeling that the vacancies caused
by the retirement of Democratic Sen
ators front committtees which have
to deal with questions before he pres
ent call -session should be tilled, and
it va? decided that the designation o
the members of these committees
should h? made by a steering commit
tee, to he appointed by the chairman
of the caucus, but that their selection
should later be ratified by the caucus.
The steering committee for the past,
Congress has numbered only 7 mem
bers, hut Senatov Gorman requested
that the number should be increased to
0. which was the number in the days
of his previous chairmanship, pnd this
increase was decided upon.
Wiil Not Be Released.
Washington. Special. The Associat
ed Press is authorized by the British
embassy at Washington to state that
there is no foundation for the reports
that Mrs. Maybrick's release is con
templated by the British authorities;
that there has been no recent corre
spondence on the subject between
Washington and London, and no rep
resentation whatsoever to the State
Department, and that none is con
templated. Shoots His Brother.
Charleston, S. C, Special. A spex-ial
tc The News and Courier says thai
Friday morning near Holly Hill, in
Berkley county. Fred Martin, a youag
white farmer, who lives IS miles away,
rode up to the field where his brother
was ploughing, and without a word oi
warning, fired a load or buckshot uto
the shoulder of his brother, Joel Mar
tin, killing him instantly. He then
quickly rode off. remarking that his
brother had "only gotten what he de
served long ago." Fred Martin claim;;
that his brother had been crim naliy j
intimate with his (Fred's) wife.
To Fight Combine.
Richmond, Special. It is reported
in financial circles here that the
American Locomotive Works is back
ing the financial arrangements for the
settlement of the affairs of the Wm. R.
Trigg Ship-Building Company and that
this is the beginning of an organiza
tion of a shipyards to fight the Ameri
can Ship-Building Company.
General Strike Ordered.
Philadelphia, Special. A general
strike against the American Bridge
Company has been called by the exec
utive board of the International As
sociation of Bridge and Structural
Workers. This general order includes
ail construction work in the hands of
the company throughout the United
States and Canada, and involves thou
sand sof men in all sections.
riuch Important L?glta!lon i Hrln
Hre of the Rev enue Bilt
At 12:30 the Seuat4 went Into cm
p;ttt- of the vbote on the re-nu
bill v.-ith Secator (Jteua la the chair.
Mr. Hr-nitreon had cLaig? of the bill.
Scttioas I. 2. 2, and 5 -fjv adopted.
S hIuly AA. the Inheritance tax. wa
af.opt-ii without t)ppjitlou. Scciica $
i;'ii'in the tax to be paid at the end
of tvo yeRiK after deatn of dnident
with tlx pr r cent. Thi was amended
by r.J'!ir.g un!v" th payment l pre
ivnt"! i y litigation over aaid tate."
S tkn ' to 21 were adopted. Sep
tic us 21. r.-'iuiring tax payer to show
his income oa list. Mr. Hicks, of
Granville, oppcted the unquetitlonal
features tf the blanks. Mr. Ilt-ndt-rRon
ofi'c-red the following substitute:
"Swtion 21. The tax payer shall list
his income for the year ending June
first from any and all Fourccs in ex
cess of one thousand dollars.
"Section 22. What qm-stion blank
shall contain in regard to income. The
; blink for listini: taxes shall contain
tr.e following questions: 'Was your
ijross inomfrom salaries, fees, trade,
profesyion and property not taxed, any
f a, ' thcm- for th (a,r, inJiS
,!;V! ' m e'SS ' ihous.
"'a.s? If so, wnat was that excess?
Section '1'J imposes a State tax on
i c i: c r.s's, that charge more than r0
i c exits admission ieclcing reserve
! sea's, of $2'.;', an 1 on each side show
' ' '
' ..s
a day. On other men shows under
j a day. Th'; bill allows
ciam-v commissioners to impose a
fcuii'.y tax not exceeding $I,0Ut. Mr.
Woodard opposed me latter, saying
in uses were educational institutions
to many people. Mr. Webb said the
i ircuses made a dead set for tfie coun
ty i oi.imissionerK. and he thought the
tax should be fixed. All amendments
were defeated and the original sec
tions adopted.
auction I.O.
meui.; given
-b;ritable or
exempting entertain
solely for religious,
educational purposes
wa-:; adopted.
Section ol. imposing a tax of $" on
lawyers, doctors, dentists, oculists,
photographers, opticians, osteopaths
cr any person practicing any pretend
ed ait for healing for fee or reward.
Mr. Woodard wanted the part "or any
person practicing any pretended art
of healing" stricken out. This was lost.
.Mr. Wuircn sont au amendment pro
viding th 3 1 no additional county, city,
or town license tax should be imposed
was lost.
Mr. Spense moved to allow any
county to impose a tax not exceeding
$100 on persons not licensed by the
State board of medical examiners.
TThi. was lost. Mr. Webb opposed
Mv. Sptnce'.s amendment, saying
there were some useful osteopaths in
Huiicombe. Mr. Mann advocated strik
ing out the word "pretended'- and he
protested against tne legislature going
out of its way to cast a slur on Chris
tian Scientists and other?. -Mr. Travis
said no one would say that his art was
a pretended one, so unless the word
was left out. nothing would be derived
. Mr. Hic ks, of Granville, said if pre
tended was left out and nothing sub
stituted it was a recognition of these
, arts. Mr. Wellborn said these arts
, ought to be prohibited. Mr. Hicks
1 amendment to substitute "professed"
' for "pretended healing" was adopted
The section was then adopted,
i Senator Pharr's hi 1 introduced re-
; quires railroads to receive cars ten-
dored at the sidetracK for any vare
house connected with the railroad by
hi the House Tuesday the following
bills passed final reading:
To empower the commissioners of
the town of Enfield to donate part of
profits of liquor business to the graded
To repeal the laws taxing dogs in
Buncombe county.
To regulate the sale of wines and
liquors at Nag's Head Hotel.
To incorporate the Norlina, Warren
ton & Carolina Railway Company.
To regulate the game laws in Gran
ville. A resolution of thankks to the editors
and compilers of the North Carolina
regimental histories.
To regulate the Pilot Mountain pub
lic schools.
To incorporate the Salisbury Rail
way Company.
To authorize the commissioners of authorize a special tax. To inrorpor
Tyrrell county to issue bonds and levy ate the town cf Williams, In Yadkin
a special tax to build a court house county. To provide water-worka,
and jail. ! sewerage; and elctrle lights at Hliza-
To repeal the charter of the town or , betb City. To incorporate the Salis
Hertford and re-charter the town. I burv Railway Companv. To prohibit
To incorporate the Lily Mill and killing pheasants In Randolph. To
Power Company. ! change Wilkes and Alleghany line so
To authorize the commissioners of j as to include .1. A. Stample in Alle
Brunswick county to levy a special ; ghanv. To amend thf charter of th
To authorize the commissioners of
j Kdgeeombe county to levy a special
To provide for working public roads
in Scuppernong township, Tyrrell
To authorize the commissioners of
Wake county to issue bonds and pay
its floating debt.
To enlarge the corporation limits of, -sccs IR eriam streams In Montgora
the town of Roxboro. er-' atJ Randolph. T' char?e the time
j .
supplement an act to work the
of Henderson caunty.
of Columbus.
To incorporate the town of Wendell,
in Wake county, provided no whiskey
shall be manufactured cr sold in said
To amend laws of 1901 relative to the
town cf Tryon in Polk county.
To amend the charter of the town of
Spencer, Rowan county.
To authorize tho eonirnissioier"? of
Cabarrus connty to submit to tLj qual
ified voters the question of inning
bends for road improvement.
To amend tne cfcarur o.: to..-i ol
To authorize the cos:nis?ioners o:
Iredell county to i:sue k:nJs to ma
cadamize roads. i
To incorporate th." Virgiuia-CarcIIna
Southern Railway Company.
To amend the chatter oi the Kcrtb
Carolina Centra I Railroad Company.
To provide for the construction MiJ
keeping in repair the roads cf Cabar-i-us,
To submit to the citizens cf Wil
mington a vote on aceeptasce of thf
Carnegie library.
To amend chapter 551, laws 1SD9.
G.r.TEitte to W by tb jut;r
f tn pi a.-: t ftp;i;ot roan '.Bot
jbr fr it c kltct'urir. to pT tse
iilf cf he ci to :jn- mn-i c!Ti
t fa Wake tiht ocl a tiu bill i
"o:nJ. to rj tto charter of the
Xlinntie L Y"fi Ka.Irj!: t 'n-;rrc.-t
iL" M.jurc Tutaplk. Om
.r;y; to runUdi t of t.qi'or
ji y v.;t v apply .as t.nly to Mr!'or!l
t.uniy asuJ cmtiox it a Met to b-iy
t t tl! v ! .
TL folio bills pi?"ti (mi jrad
.ng: To in. frj-ort- it- P.snk of Ajr
'u in; to ta i :p;rs!- Hif.b
'oiut Fire Coof''.'" tu la -unw utf
'he fUlssm k fili;k Rot Itstlnnd;
v fbtiibltJ-U a disyusary t Grahum.
M.naiite county, a1 to iciculit Car
Cii-nufa-tur of liquor in AUnmn.e.
to fhaiter the Bank ct KUn ?ja3i: to
promote f.sdi industries in thf inland
waters of North Carolina.
The Senate int at lr.C o'clock anU
Ilev. Dr. M. M. Marfhsll otferod
Bills were iiitroduced a follown:
Mann: To !en"ion W. H. Holder
field. Warren: To amend The O-de ttatu"
Webb: To aruend the fhirur of
Pollm-k: To pensicm Heuiy He rins
and Mri. Thos. Hughes.
Po'iock: To imiohe t.n all railroads
the uuty furnishing !aBseB to Con
federate veterans attending State rev
Norris: To provide for the payment
ef one half fe es tr witnet when no
t'lH bill is fouul.
Mr. White withdiew nis bill for ap
p: ojniatiens to the public tichooU and
ofi'crcd as a substitute the till pre
pared by the joint committee. The bill
appropriates Sloo.ObU to bo distributed
aniens the counties pro rata, and the
second $100.0o Is to bring the 6chool
terms up to the constitutional require
ment. Mr. White tail that this L .11
simpl guaranteed four-months
schools but provided that additional
sums raised increased the term. Mr.
Woodard wanted to understand exact
ly how the money was spent. His
county asked for no aid fiom this
fund, but was helping other counties
and perhaps thev were reducing
county taxes. Mr. Henderson bald that
this new method oi distribution cf the
second $100,000 would nave the State
$2.".0i0 or $.10,(i00. The bill passed
second reading and went over till
noon tomorrow.
The following House bill passed
To amend chapter S. laws of P'Ol
relating to the investigation of fires
To amend chapter "1. laws of 1S1!'
iclating to ins':rHn-e.
The bill to !n::orpo-H;e ihe Audubon
Society o' North Cart.Lna. for the pro
tection of song cud g.m birds,
d?5?iissfd at eo'.isi.icrab'e length bj
Messrs. Rcbeieo:!. of Guii.ord; Dev'd
son, of B'lr.onibe: Grah.-.'.ii. of Gran
ville. and ethers, for the bill, and Mer
ton. of New Hanover; Britta'n. o.
Randolph, and Quicktl, of Lincoln. :r
favor of the various amendments. The
r.:r;f udir.f n: s to r xemut connt'fs wen
all lost. The bill passed its -vpr-rtadiiigs.
At the Senate night session bills in
troduced by Godwin to require illumi
ri:cn oiis to bear certain tests: to
amend the charter and exetend the lim
its c:f Raleigh passed second readlrg.
The following bills passed the Senate
and were sent to the House: To ex
tend the time for organizing the Caio
Hna & Southercastfin Railroad; to
amend the charier of S.uiford: to aP.ow
G:;;! In (h et nsboro; to establish a
j ljX
collec tor an i appoint a hn:euce
committee for Hoadeison county. Mr.
. Ciisp, Republican, opposed the bill tut
J it. went through. It created the offi.-e
oZ county tax collector and a finance
j the Senate and were enrolled for rati
fication: To improve roads in Rock
, irgham countv. To provide for work
, ing roads in Caswell and Catawba. To
! establish graded schools at Mt. Pros
( pect. in Union, -o allow Wilkes to
1 build a bridge over Yadkin river. To
authorize Clay to issue road bonis. To
' provide for better working the roads In
j Pcsouolank. To extend the limits of
' Pac tohis. in litt. To regulate working
. reads in Clav. To allow GrpnvHle to
. levy a special tax. To construct per
manent highways :n Foreythr To au
thorize Wavnesvillo township to ia
1 JU2 road bonds. For Letter v.-orblng of
. reads in Wilson county. To allow
Le?ksville to Issue bonds. To estab
lish graded hools at Forest City. To
consolidate road law of Buncombe and
Tr3ns-Appalathian Railway SygiMii,
amended by tha Senate. To establish
Racford school district.
The following bills passed the Sen
ate and were sent to the House: To
incorporate Faith, in Rowan countv.
To incorpo! ate tn Aulander Hish
School. To estabiiah stock law terii
tovy in Pitt and provide for election
on the sum?. To prevent felling of
for holding courts in the sixth judicial
! district.
Kit., cif.r.i i.;ii tr. .n-..t
j chapter 4. laws cf l&ol. came up as
! the special order at noon. Section 4,
providing fcr township high schools
was stricken out -ectlon & was ihv
cussed. Mr. Woodard said" public edii
cation was not a duty of the State to
the child, but was the duty -of the
State to itself as a necessary safe
guard to its tfwn preservation. He ad
vocated an amendment that the sec
tion providing for allotment by the
county boards pro rata shall not apply j
district levying a special tax. Mr.
Woodard said this section was unjust.
Mr. Webb said that it was a double
tax. For instance Asheville paid $20,
000 of the $33,000 used for Buncombe
rural schools and of this $20,000 Ashe
ville got back less than $3,000 for its
graded schools. If the Asheville
schools had not borrowed money its
term would have been two months'
shorter than the rural schools that
ran eight months. Thjs section allowed
county boards to pay for school
houses, the superintendent's salary.
the building of school houses and
UUDjs of this kind before a cent wan
pportK p-J a ad la tfct r t- to
1tUtd fta Wa-Ct frrtu it fe ts
P.11. tut rrr r nptf1 l!
tti3tr whoj! tel tbr;- u
Ir Wttt plrjd rSNnrttf Ut i!
rtP&. tkat tev rt-t'' ; r
aji tf proUr Prt a four Hi"
t-nn. it- d-tntNj il r?tT? h .
Uatkra. The 1111 jt.Vivj u aj ij,
-uontr tjosrd ai uljr f-t1 1-
tst. ut tbe atuimnt i'.-S la it
ounly tn Uu!ldu ft,! loutei 1!
pictured tloqut fitly tin- t.J f ft
-e-ustrj ! acl HtU H' U -i u !.
b" wan L-r- to dj f-.r il, .wt Y
tlr- fictotv Ui of Ahrvll'.r m!;i
un-d a taonths' -i:--t !t
ui l. of Ahri;i ryppur!! an u
n.onths hied In lbr rinir. !
Lair,t Adtutil th an.-ov!n i a.
lulu he knew unf gra led
I;iiLt In Cumberland Uiat ha! -
then four nomhi' fcchcJ1 tpaur
s drained for the tu:?r? thkb
Mr. Beatify favored thr hiLu an
nppod th aaeadmet. fcartiu
that the county ought to t the uui:
and not the town or townahlp. Mr
Woodard aeertcd that !. took ih
toltJon beoauaf be wai trltni n
th arhooJs. If wanted to atrrng:b-t.
the ay Hern, tut whare waj th Jn!l
taxing tbo town to kp up rnl
their own schools tut the rural m U1.
n places where th average i-.i-l
nco ! only 7 or 9 rui!U. On mcS
of Mr. Vann. tbo prevlTi Tavnilon e.i
failed en a:ue ndmf n' sn I iIk- LllL
On raotion of Mr. IL n li-ruMi till was
ih n ie. ntddcM I. Mr. Y.' .ard i
amenJnient. th.' ef hich
to mak .in fm division v.i'hut if
nervation per capita an 1ji. It tc 11
"dr. I'hf :t hi.' n annj1ni; n: r t!n:
the et.intv su;erlnten lent, rala-r snl
:be exeer-es of thf boatd nhoal I he
pM out cf the Reneral fund lfcue u
divi;.i n but nothing elre. !tc voniJ
e:e-.l ibe section an if itvcd wry tin
f.-ir to the city choo'..-. Mr. Tiavis
speke for t! hfe ti' n ca francd by jt"
c-oumittec. The sixth Id e a'i.v
be takei ly the eotiaty lu.rl v.;. re
there was not To'ir i... aths" ali Kl.
Mr. Pharr's arin-!m nt Mr.
Baldwin norel to :t.:ke u t m-.-:1 :n
in. Motluii u:-. !.:t, lo 12. Mr.
Mann's anie ndrnvnt I'fm'.ifi.s a
printed clatenu-nt iron the ecjnty
boanlfl of edu'aticn was adnpted. Th
till then passel sec end tMrd rcal
i:rtY act.
TJ- via t ,1 m'tilA i '.In rtfk d
am; a ' I iu M V i i.nja B,
, , t i j?
r , , r.
was to ani.nd fcli'-n
in rrgar.l to
what s-hall be fpTifid e.i tx 111. by
retail lag tsx-pay. r ; tile w ith li.-t-
taktr all Iniurar.r" policies o.i p-pir- j
fv 1e.-fl in 'tl.l l'i f I n i i w Km i
va!u or such i.rop-r.y. M-, ,.
Dre wry. DoughLn and r.ion .:: wl
the amendment. They tbcusht ,t nas
ir.doa entlrdv Ioj fa.-to Ini. ct v.i. h In-
qa'ditorial features. Tax the people on
all property, bnt don't as' H.-rn ques-
tions tat canan; be productive cf an
pood. The amr-ndraeat was teixl. Tho
LIU pa.-tcd It3 ievrsl readiae.?.
Mr. Watts ictrnli'ml a if -.!uMiv a in
re raid to ad.if::; ami ::t. tht the Gra
ftal s-.etnblv adji.r.n sine die bt 'in n
ctdav. R?fciif.1 to c ornr.ii'U oa
I Ulf s.
A inrst,age fiom th:- donate irai.uit-
frir fH hin.-l l.ill imrn n i,i in-
crease the issue to an amount not e x- j throughout Ohio. Into L- r.-;
feeding I300.0CO and make the rtte t.', r"'' ! at -a P.t.:-.,.
interest 4 per cent, in-'tcal ef 3 tn'ht ''V'"' '
cent. The House refuel lo :u --r wfek a" iU a
ar.d a conference committer com;:i--d
or Messrs. Guion. Smith. Nw!anJ. l'oi:c rran Sitfn
tyi-ab'am av.d Watts, was appoin'.ej to Wate rbury, hKf in!. Vii'. i: .
meet a derate committee aal adjust
the cifif relive,
A aeavtc
resolution to ap.j:j.:i-.i-
the e liti.t-OO for an exhibition at
the St. ijotii exposition wan rfe.rcd
to the committee cu appropriations.
To allow banks ta bo char. t red by
the Feerctary of Stat durlas the in
terfni betwten the meetings of the
Ge neral Assfnib-y.
To '.nfotfo.ate the Bank of LiP.ijg
ion. In Harnett county.
At ih afterncon es-on tf th" S'n
ate the b:P to tax d -s wa ta.'.d on
mo Imi cf Scnitor Piirr.
fcV -oaifr ' Ixjndoa ni ic the rc;irt fcr
th? rrafe;cn:-fc oa the rfvtui hill.
The House concurieJ in 11 S.natf
annndments. including ui-:fc-r,i Tl an I
21. rt lklug out the inquitorial fe
ture In listing lucomrs for taxi: sec
tion 4t. that exemption from p-ddlrr'
tax in one counly allnrj urh pcr..n
to pc Jd'.e over the Ft it-: section
not iaafcsing the $2 a mile tax cn al
ter roufs of expre3 cnipani?a. the
other Se.aate amendiaents agrecJ to
hintr mainly co rectlccs cf cni'i cr
amplifying the mtranirt. The Srnate
rfcedfd ficm ocly two anin3cifnts
tcwit: sertian 8. striking ou. tre
cc-Dtlon frfim the requirement of pay
ing the inheritance tax la two years
affr, th? death of the drrease. aad
ecticn 34. making th ntll daUrs
In ccffim liable to undertskfra tx.
The coufrenc offered substitutes for
nine amendments the Senate hxd
adopted. Those which were net mfre
changes in the verbae are: Section
maks the tax on dealers in future
in tons of tfts thin 5.000 and leva
than 10.000 $150; in towns cf nio-e
than 10.000 and Jess than lS.fKiO llV.
In town or over 13.000 $350. The sub
stitute fcr section 58 makrs the tax
on rrous. firms or corporation selling
, il PT annually to tbe State Treiiury
cn July the first. wha the grosssale
' t-xcf-pA T,00 tA ar lcs lain XjO.OvVJ
of $23 when gicas receipts are
over S5U.UQ0 and Itu than $100,000 a
tax of $50: when gross receipts are
over $100,000 a tax of $100. Besides
ttey tball pay on gross sales in ercea
of $5,000 at a rate cf 50 c?ts oa tbe
$100: a penality of $1,000 and dsuble
tax is impost for violating the tec
tion. No ccuaty or municipality Eha'l
Impose a. tax under tfcia sectlox Tc
liqeor tax under fcectloa CO reaalnii aa
in the JJsuse bill and cerchaau tax
a!teO remains as under section 67 cf the
Hccse bill. After seme opposition tie
report of the conference committee
was adopted.
Ionircn Is at present engage-! ;u ear-ry-nj:
ctst one cf tbo most cotabic- im
prcvements vhUh ft his undertaken
cf recent year?, the Italian quarter,
which inc:lu3r the Saffron Hill region,
whre Dickens' -Fagii." trained his pu
pils in crime, being cleaned out under
the direction of tho energetic County
1 Council. Saffron Hill was the Crtt ec
ii0n of -the quarter" tobe reformed.
FLOODS xs misi
3erfo Oamagt TkrrttraeJ ft .Ii
Polatt l'fm Itlg't at if.
Cairo. IU. U' - T i -;
at tb r:b-r l?-i J- ?
araiec tj "a.- t' - i ' . t
jfr r r1 tvr at l-t f -t .f
atrL! tf it : v V, ti
Urr ar. 1 C3.-.I- -i-i. t t -
tn uar. t-la. mf: r :r n 'x$ -t -. -faUing
tt-y it'-t-c ri: ,T":r -
tMr;itr arvcti a.. id t . .
ac tcrr4 ia t - ; : t"-f4in-r
ti t- - u.--' i : '
thr lni,-( LtV t! . i
dlate i!:i(M at C:r ta i. u
la th l n !ar,tn ti!oa '
Me aj f. Tt r a;r -' i
taai a tc f - j t t ' - i
htt ial.t aal irratth -.'. t .
the lat f w )jr. The .:- -
4 ft
Ectrilen Baals Run f .e fMft I -
MtUitLli. Sell Tt . i.. . fl."
rcmalmn liikci:r f r . :
gan tu rle akilr aa T.- .. ,"
mrk 34 4 frt an! r.- : -.
Inr Th" lf.r- rii:n t -i '
Ihoi ih a larire it tin!?;i.t , f
ut Merrphi in t'lt-tu rc - ' " !:: '
aud Ie rci.ctl. In A.k- . t tir ...
undatr) an I o.r.. i!idn
frerj ih'-rt- !a"
farm:.. lh kh
ma.:t m. h.-l;l
! a Tl
! ,rom n '" .: Ij'
! ,'and , f l'l''" bf-' " '
1 .
. -
cai;n on tL
i iii'.i-c
Water Up n Fojf.h b'e:'. st
I. ill.-. Kp-fla' ut:
tfgtvie: 2' I f.- I .n t .-
'DC .r a f t r t .
line. It It . i;.. ' I iVit a
! '' ,h' ln '- -' 4,1
l c r aihe .t lt-f;:. tt.e i: i
fcilbJue. The Mat"'. 1-e riw .r-'. !,( -.ri
tu Fourth itree. The f i a i t
by heavy rah :, ep the m r it. t:. j :t
24 hour-.
The Flccd m Kertu;ky.
Oaiu&toro. Ky.. J5 '1 ! sr.
lr ruin f..r man. f '.t n- in-
day u'rht. Tl;- nor i t:I! i : r.r an 1
;i I. .
It IS 0T it I T
til,"'.?, - !
the record t-t
l"i4. Te ,-;.!.;
: frirviii nr mi... Mtk,,,(
f the t . :
fl . cti
c ,
(The oM diir we-af!
inrfriMni Imt lie '.: r..
)frialtll l.r A ra'1.1 i 5 -
the lower Ohio alKv.
... Rl?r J? V
I . . ' " 1 In1 ;' ' T!..;
J- " V"1 .VT"1. ' "
1 V l" '.,"4k ,l 1 1
: -
h -
' l""!": .WJ M'nt,-.,;T l
Z t , '
n l
i v.i-t-n. in ixiac-i are l-l4y"i. I .
than lt niilt'it wi.u. Man-. i.. .
l tweu Owe cube r au t Calin r.rt
; at the i.n-icy t f llje Iii i ..! .
Another Flsed Predicted.
Cincinnati. Jijmk Sal. T.- or ;.irt- r
which fell Sunday rt-.b ! p- tl.
danrr line f f -t. La, la :
lieie aa:tn and l in r.:t:d ti.
"I'l'-r IU
i r-1 Llriu m mm . . f .
:. -.2.
t ii
Its worst f.rui Iia. broken .nt
a i.-v.
In Waterlury. as a result t. ! itb
feeling in onn: t b,n !i!i Cir. :-f v.-
o. me nioiormen an r-iriut t:i
the str-et ia!lv.ay liii Th'. t!r. ','
murder arfl IlcfiT:STi I'n -t ! ..
dlescd.n Is th !ctlia J A ,
Chambers, a mn unl:u t. t .r.i. n. u
Lot and his wle-uc'.oui sre i :::.iii r.
and the conductor. v,ui- UV:-'-::i-dorfer.
was iiunde 1 aim t If i i
tcnf.lblilty. The .f 'w '.;
iu at Fn-i Park, the tcr.ti:'..
the North Malu ttrrr-t !!: . T t
in an I sedate J esc. an 1 r-;. n ir-
a . .
j reached the clil ef the L-. th :-..
ma? prcparatJe n for i! i ?;t:. !
mdlat-ly after the onluc'or :.-p--l
the trolley and th' rii''.ri:in r"i-..r-l
his levers. lht dstked ncti ti-r-tr
from the hiishea Lv the n.alr.i!''. n
terei the ar and dJihagd thh: t
vol vers, ercrtr mac le-irii; arn:'1 n1
er Mcndlesohn ff-ii at the firrt re
port, and as a later na--.;:.t ). n
showed, the first shot war fatal, tt.
Ing plererf tu tear. Th? n-v m-n
waa also tit and lerped frrnj rr
;?h a tv cf pin. Some of the rretl
fiJowci hi:u. wh! the remainder
j iid iliir iettenMe u to L- jnfue-
--. lit
IZ l :rnp tf the frftr r-f
.e ar jv! pcirtel nul ki'-l r
il U" Hit aiai'nl tnconac !;!. Tt
.ri n tLcn if ft him end i'.',t.- thlr
u-r,pjiijne outalde. 1ti:i tbi i int
'u the tuti-'k their actiorie ur wrap
V in rjyLterjr and are; c&u'.itii; v.-id-rable
oprebe-nkion. The -e.ri.:,'-tor
fealtecj Lis fett with diflb nlir
went to the aide of tbj wcan-l-4
or.eer. l.tjt h- wa dead.
Terrible Stew Storm.
I-ocdon. By (able. The ft- Peters
burg corriapon lent of The Iily Vai!
telegraphs tha. rrible u'jie tt ,ri-.
hav bcfn ragtag dur'.zz tY.t f.2t vr
ia the fcovicitnt of Kis: 5. ap J
have taaad huadrejs S. 'Z'l.:.
Horses" d.aJrg akeigfs larc r't'a-!
to villafcS with the pasnngfr 1::?.' i
to death- Many persons ta.e Lcrn
frcien U death witLin the rlilaj'i
wliiie searching for thfcir cwa fccrj't.
.'recked at Norfolk.
Norfolk. EpecUl. A Lcrte wlij
item awept owr Norfolk at ton
Eaturiay. and did considerable dam
age The large building beitg erccteJ
by the American Cigar Company, near
the city limits, was almot completely
destroyed and 'serrral workmen nsj
rowly escaped tbe falling wall.
Street Demonstration.
Buda-Pcafh. Special. Street i-n-or-st
rations Ly 10.0CO Socialists 13. prr
test against th ovrament nallitar;.
bills. took place here Sunday and led
Lo collisions with the populace and
breaking of windows. Many trrn.u
were mad and the police had fins!!
to charge the demonstrate ra and dis
perse them. . . :

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