North Carolina Newspapers

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VOL. XX i. 4
NO. 46.
. m z
CV "I II O 1. 7 I Itf It 1A M 111 II- ' -
Miiiitrrr ii;hiih, vii'v j
the turkey man wai there, aud be ealrt:
"Here, Teddy, 1 your turkey, all paid
for in good money.
When Teddy's mother saw the enor
mous size of the turkey she said: "It
Is Impossible. Teddy could never bare
paid the price of that turkey."
"Don't bother about the price,
ma'am," the turkey man said. I so'd
Teddy that turkey at cost, and there
is nothing In the law, ma'am, against
selling things at cost."
Teddy's mother looked perplexed, and
then she smiled and said: "You hare
no women folks at your house, and If
Icported Aray Marching Found to
Be a Fake
S J Nelly replied that it was because they
oro goI,lg t0 liave turkey for Tliailks"
VSSSVi13 Tlicre was n m:,n nt tb0 ods of
Wi. , L f villa
v-wr ir
T dinner time one
bright. July day
177. .'til I Hi"
Fruit Salad in Orange Cup
Olive Salted Peanuts
Koat Torkev, Cranberry Jelly
Tb Isthmus Will Never ArlnBethe
Seat of Warfare While Under Our
What the Natloaal Lawmakers t1ae
Dees Dota.
IlrprwenUUve Dkk. of Ohio .Intro
duced a suffrage resolution which, after
reciting the law regardlnc affn-i.
"Whereas. It Is a matter of com
mon Information and belUf that the
right of tome male rititeca bJtjt 21
years of age. to vote at election earned
in said amendment to the constitution
earned aforesaid, except for participa
tion in the rebellion or other crime, la
C?ttwU Vessel St to the Bottssa
Dy Large Steamer.
Washington. Spil. Tt
Caaaie. from AlVrta Uaf. H-S
coantj. bou&J to thu city. ith Tti
pound j of fih. con- cne! t II- I
Moore a&J C. S Steriieg. bea oS
ladUa taiand. mdaf aight. aa nn
down r the Oil iKjalalaa ateaxer.
Albemarle. The aUvp u cut rotfl.
rMeljr in twain. Captain T. W. llly-
you will come over aud eat Thanksgiv
ing dinner with us I am sure, if you
can be persuaded to carve, the turkey
will taste much better."
Washington, Special. The Stats
DeDartment has no knowledge of the
Mashed Potatoes Onions in Cream I marching of an army rrom o:omui
aldorf Salad r -.k To.hTntir. nd the offlcial
Pumpkin Pie Cheese Mince Pie u" "
Pomegranate Ice Little Snow Cakea state that if any ucn nroumru -v.-
Cotiee i nrn.rPt. would certainly Dc in-
. . .
"ThankBfflTlnit Wigwam." lormea Dy im s:ui. iu. .
The Puritan aud Pilgrim settlers who caDies ueiu -
Inaugurated celebration of Thanksgiv- aeout the idea that any sucn m.i
Ing Day feared and bated the red In- ja in progress, as the rresment oi
dlan, but they did uot disdain to copy Colombia is reported to have de
one of his Institutions in short, the 8crjDej to the President of Ecuador.
native American wigwam. are It lg jgumed here that the "army"
told many tales of the architecture of be marchlng on ranama as
the "Long Ilouse," and see examples t.. mnrt f. thfi few men p.
of tepees and other Indian huts In their -7,.; ' .llftllt to
reservations. We do not know what naps aw u .u, -----
tribe furnished the pattern for "Wig- embark at Buena Ventura, a few days
Wams." ; ago, when they were turnea oac iruw
Take one pound of lady-fingers (this the Isthmus by notice of the deter-
has a cannibalistic sound); split them J mination of the United States naval
denied and abridged In certain States, ette. In charge of the CaK was
-Resolved. Thst the matter be refer
red to the committee on election of
the President. Vies President and Rep
resentatives in Congress, whose dnty
it shall be and who shall haTe foil and
ample power to Investigate and in
quire Into the validity or the election
laws of the seversl States snd the
manner of their conforceroent. and
whether the right to vote at any elec
tion for the choice of electors for Pres
ident and Vice President of the United
States. Representatives in CongTeas or
the members of the Ieglaiature oi any
drowned. T. XL SUverstoce. the mat,
snd Peleg Warner, a pssagr. were
saved. The Casa'.e. sccordlcg t state
ments from those on th Albemarle,
had no light exhibited, ben she wsa
not seen by the pilot ca th etert!er
uctil too late. Cartaln Midjett ae at
the wheel of the Casi and la attempt
ing to eroaa the bow of the Albmarle
m!ed his calculation
The Cassie was a aloop about IS l"t
leng. 14 feet beam, and aj oned by
Tobe SUverstone. cf Hyde couaty.
was engsged running f.h tr this
2? in ,lU! ,lnl Avnnu
ml fty Teddy fiiuio run
Ri?'. niii toward her.
eo avIio raised the unest turueys iu
the State. It was even said that "onoe
upon a time" one of his turkeys had
been selected for the President's dinner
at the White House.
The turkey man was an old bachelor
aud awfully crabbed; but the children
didn't care for that; they wore going to
get the best turkey tnoney could buy.
He was very busy shipping turkeys
when Teddy and Nelly arrived, but he
lonrrtli wlso nrwl fsnrpnd thpni with
i. . i ij.i. .: x ii " - -
vu invitation gnen so pome, i taut 4o1lt. ,lofrQ rUolncr thA di-
vided halves. Of these jellied cakes
build a log cabin, leaving a hollow
square In the centre. When you have
used up all your lady-fingers cover
the structure, Interior and all, with a
rich custard, and place on top a me
ringue made of the beaten whites of
the ejrs whose yolks were used in the
custard, stiffened with a little fine
white sugar.
Thanksgiving Day sometimes brings
the first light fall of winter's snow.
The meringue top of our wigwam
may be
J . I 1
'JfTtS sonu'tlung he had
ly and which proved to be a bright and
shiniii!., twenty-five cent pie.
"Tlii'ic!" gasped Teddy, who was out
of breath, "girls jilwny have places
to put tiling", save that. A gentleinvA
from Greenville gave it to me for hold
ing hi horse."
"What are you going to save it for?"
asked Nelly.
"Tor a Thanksgiving turkey." replied
Teddv. "Tho gentleman whose horse
1 held said to a friend that 'he not
met him since last Thanksgiving, and
that set me to tliinulng. Mother
couldn't afford to buy a turkey last
Thanksgiving, and there Is no use talk
Ing, chicken ain't Thanksgiving and
neither are pumpkin plea. Nothing is
Thanksgiving excepting turkey, and
I'm going to save my money and buy a
whopping' big one.
"That's so, it doesn't seem like
Thnnksirlvimr without turkey," said
Nelly. "Mother gives ine a penny and
sometimes a nickel for helping her with
tewing and I'll put that In. too
"All right." eft M Teddy, "we'll be
Teddv wns twelve years old and
Nellr tel.. They lived in a New Eng
land village, where the opportunities
for a small boy to earn pennies, let
nlone dimes and nickels, were few;
but somehow whenever anyone wanted
to send a letter to the postoftlee or
wanted a parcel carried or a message
sent Teddv was around. He kept add
ing a few dimes, a good many nickels
and any number of peuulos to his sav
ings. As the pile increased the chil
dren counted the money so often that
It was a wonder they did not wear It
The Monday before Thanksgiving,
count It as much as they pleased,
Teddy and Nelly had exactly $2.1(3
Neither of them knew the price of ft
big turkey, but they felt sure they
had enough to pay for a big turkey
and some other things, too.
Tuesday their mother said that rcoIc timQ to inauire what they wanted.
i -
refuse," replied the turkey man.
The turkey man was not crabbed at
all. lie was the jolliest among a jolly
crowd, and told more funny stories
than any of them. After they had done
more than justice to the turkey and
the pies and cakes, and while they were
cracking nuts, tho turkey man said:
"This has been a prosperous year for
me, but I am more thankful for being
la the midst of the happy faces whieh.
surround me now than I am for any
thing else."
Each one around the table, excepting
Teddy, mentioned something they were
thankful for, and Teddy's mother said
she was thankful for haviug two such
"Now, Teddy," said the turkey man,
"every one has told what they are
thankful for excepting you. What are
vou thankful for?"
State la dented to the msle
tants of any Statea. being 21 years of
ma nr1 Htlzen ct the Tnlted States
except for participation In the rebel- market. Mr. Warner, the pantr ct
lion or other crime. the Ca!e. gave the following scrouti
of the accident:
After Reed Smoot. ..u. u-iiMar.
Immediately upon sssembllng Thurs- fm wUh froQj A,Vrl.,, ,Uy
day the Senate at once plunged Into a q M(w)rfl k sr llrK Wha
discussion of the question of the eligl- uin . anl r..m!nc
rnmmanders to allow no landings in Ibillty of Reed Smoot. of Ltah. to a seat u mag
lu the Senate. Mr. Dunois. or loaao.
that Quarter. These torops
reach the Isthmus by water and the
officials here are positive that they
cannot do so by land, on account of
the nature of the intervening coun
took issue with Mr. Hoar's remarks.
"I contend that these various organ
izations of Christian men and women.
he said, "have a right to petition the
Senate, and it is their duty to do so.
!- It - . lat-k thai
T, . . . .t... nhvoral ui course, f mi ' v -
J) UL lilCtc tt-C 111 'J l f"J , . .
obstacles in the way of the approach is a judicial Question, which must be
f s as. r ..a . V e I I m i.aI
of an army upon Panama. The officials V" " be-
do not care to express publicly their - 1U T :
plans but enough has been learned 'ore me Sena... . -
from the instructions given to our tion that was involved in the case of
naval commanders to make it evident the polygamous Roberts, for whose un-
supposed to represent new that never again will the Isthmus be- 5.ating i,y the House of Representa-
fallen snow on a rural Amrlcan land
?Iade Ills Ileels Save Hla Head.
v v l i V il 1 -
.-11 , ' 11 1 ' ' . 4 .
come the seat ot wariare, so long a rn9nv T.ttiionK were filed
.. -..-- -.. ,.nran..n. in nro. "'""J i "
ine uniteu oian-a juiriumwi. i---
Tha .HfforotiOA htwpen the
nresent situation on the Isthmus and the committee on privileges and elec
that which existed last year when t,ons can De Dr0Ten. I do not believe
Commander McLean prevented zxmed then Is a senator here who would vote
troops irom crossing tne i mUf u, (.nntinue in his seat.
rail is just this: The authorities nave
now determined to extend the lines but if they are not proven. I think we
of protection to the railroad. They will WOuld all unite in asking him to re-
not allow hostile forces, no matter main
whether thev are Colombian or Pan
ama troops, to come into collision any- But Little opposition.
where near the railroad and to pre- Washington Special. Speaker Can-
(Wr had no lights on th" 1oj? I re
marked to Captain Mldjctt that h
had letter have bia 1j!J an ! gr
t- Marloar; that he r'dl nH go t
I'rt without getting run down. Tb
captain replied: 'Yen I can 1 am ring
to cr her Nw, tlan.n-l jf I atnt. 1
told him he couM not hk.-I ll" all:
Yen I can. or I'll go to b 11 trySnr
"We could see the htte anl grn
light on the teatr-er; mw the grtn
light thrr-qiiartere of a mile aay anl
the white light olniut on mile an 1 a
half swaf. After th! onveratl3
with the captain 1 went down in th
cfchin to aleep. Th! i al'it 7
o'clock. I should judge. The apintn
was at the wheel at the tlftie. Th
net thing I knew I heanl an swful
crahh. I ruhe. on deck and to rny
horror saw the Casaie finking rspillr.
The Albemarle ha1 struck our lat
about amidshipa. The mate cf the Caa
slt. Silveratone, who wa n-ar th
bow. rushed toward the Albemarle and
giabbed her hull. I jumie1 berloarl
snd swam for the bow of the steamer
and when near her waa thrown a lln
vent such collisions it win oe neceb by one of th0 mot from Albemarle and save,!. As I ruah
cabin. This waa the taut seen of him.
will not make such a statement pub- grosg th&t there would be little or no Th(. Xh,,, ,y nbKip fgr
licly, they simply say: "Walt till the Uion among Republicans to the over an hour endeavoring to find Cap-
emergency arises But It w knojn rarrvlne nt ffect the Cuban reo tain Mldyette. After we were taken on
v,.t woro th Titans of the naval bill carrying into enecv
commanders and as there is no indica- iproclty treaty. He told the speaker
tion cf a change in these plans, not that the attempt to form an opposi-
But .vuere is tb.t be,.irm UH Jon TXZ7TjLll W W
, . fr.r.n Timntso- . nc'." . Lane unnM nnt loin the Democrats in
had the day before Thanksgiving
"The farmer said, 'Heads I win, tails
you lose!' Well, I lost my tall, but he
didn't win my head."
Hla Fate.
There was excitement in the hen
house. The turkey on the top roost
cobbled himself hoarse with frenzy,
... ial.l.l
and every other hen In tne estaonsu- fleers and other
ormvr innn Panama Cans WOUIU nui jum iuC
Hr. Gudger Returns. voting the worns oiner.nua.
Pnama, by Cable. United States I ment on the Din. me &peaer waa a
Consul Gentral Gudger arrived here' sured that the sentiment among Re
Sunday evening and was met at the publicans was to stand by the Speak-
railway station by a great number er; that It wouw m impolitic w
I.. .. . . k 4 Va rv (.
of persons, including the members of a division oi me vy
the provisional government, army of- ginning of the session.
persons. General i ie . IXZtmZ
lh nt earner e-ervthlnc nokaible waa
dpne for u by her commander. Captain
Phelps, and hi crew. It was very dark
and we bad no light eihibifed. All
those on board the sloop Ut every
thing." The Cassie la a complete wreck.
Only her mast can now be seen. An
effort will be madt today to secure the
body of Captain Mldyette. He wa
only 16 years old and unmarried.
Coatly Residence Burned.
Southern Pines. Sperial. A aerjous
locji romca to the Rer. Dr. Mente in the
burning of Ids residence, three miles
ment cackled like a punctured tire. Abaldia was also among thosepresent. nn mm maVine effective the east of town: Sunday morning. Ir.
"Young Fatten Fluffy was monkey- As Consul General Gudger alighted Cuban reciprocity treaty, by a vote of Ment had Ufit ba4 hln jakflat. and
i i nTfliilinarl tllA I frnm Vio train a TnilltArv hiinn nlaVPu I . . . 1 XI n til I - n waa I
ne arouuu iu inu juiu, - i ... ... . ........ - . q s r. .ti.nan, '
. . . . . I rv. . ri 1 1 T. -.-..-.- " XI I ... . . . - - .
messenger who had Just arrivea, ana
met the boss with a large hatchet."
"And how did he behave himself?"
asked the flurried chorus.
"Oh," said the messenger, "he lost
his head completely." Judge.
. at . .1 r.
The Star Spangled Banner." Mr. nrlBpnt but did not vote, and Messrs. ; -
Gudger was welcomed by a commit- Robertson Democrat, of Louisiana, shrubbery in the yards, when hla wire
tee composed of representatives or au(j cooper. Democrat, of Texas, voted discovered that a portkn of the !mll
the junta, and by Senor Brid. repre- againBt the bill. Cf the dwelling nearest the kitchen was
senting tne municipality or ranama. ,, . v.,. . r,
Reproduced bv permission from "Browning's Magazine
Copyright, 1902, by Browning, King &, Co.
Drawn by G. A. King.
Thanksgiving Dinner.
When autumn winds again blow keen,
' And frost is biting in the air.
Then eager appetites, 1 ween,
Turn to Thanksgiving fare.
The toothsome viands, as of yore,
Spread out betore us piping not,
Our hearts make fresh and young once
Alas! Our stomachs, not.
And so the meal we eat with rest,
Knr rprk of Indittestion s pranks
UNDER The sorry wag will have his jest,
And shrivel up our tnanM. .
Wood Levette Wilson, in Puck.
Senor Arias delivered a speech in
which he expressed the gratitude of
the Republic of Panama for the recog
nition accorded it. by Preslden Roose
velt, and also the pleasure of the peo
ple of Panama at Mr. Gudger's re
turn. Consul General Gudger return-
I . !. D--luf
cw rw.v including every pie,- cf furniture.
Washington. Special. Prealdect rlotnJnjc trir-a-brac. etc.. as well as
Roosevelt Friday foraally received M. complete llbrarie. la
Philippe Bunau-Varilla. the duly-ac- v
credited envoy extraordinary of Pana- Moore county went up in amoke; als?
.ti rn.tnfi States. The recep- his poultry houv. brooder, wlna-mlll
tion of the minister marked the birth and tank, and all out-houses, except
J 4.1 1 ki -.... nn an, coi.l
tba and Rer AdSra. Water of the .i n.public ot P-xn. Into ,b. bor-.ul.K . .t
.. -., .. i tx,A ..n. r.r n.tinnt and navee the I large sums of money on the pure anl
wn i n run ii ihjii iiitj uiemucis ui i tuc laiuuj ...... . i . . . .. ..
iunta officially soon 'ihe United way for negotiations between the Unl: had an ideal home, tne iuu. su una.
Si?. CiJ !Y n!2S. .- testates and the infant republic pre- in Its destruction amounting to $-.000
clsely as they may be conducted be- or $6,000. mith an lnaursnce cf about
tween an? two sovereign nations. i fi.wv.
States cruiser Boston has returned
from her cruise to the south, which
was without incident.
Beaver's Property.
New York, Special. Notice of the
Telerraphlc Briefs.
The bodies cf the wife and dsugh-
Compromlse Reached.
Greensboro. Special. A temporary
.,Cw - . - - - prcsideflt Monroe will be re- agreement was reached between
conveyance by George W. Beavers, the ter of Presiaent agr
Thanksgiving without a turkey was not
Thanksgiving, and that the next day
she would go find purchase a small
I iilPifl
one. When she said this the ehlldrtu
glanced nt each other In such a know
Ing way that their mother asked tlun
Teddv said they wanted to know
price of his biggest turkey.
The turkey man smiled grimly anJ
said: "Teddy, my big turkeys co?t
money, and your mother don't want to
buy one."
"It's not for mother," Teddy an
swered. "It's for Nelly and me. Mother
couldn't afford to buy a turkey la?t
Thanksgiving, so Nelly and I have been
saving our money to buy oue and we
want a bis one."
The turkey man looked interested and
asked: "About how long have you
been saving your money?"
"Since July." answered Toddy.
The turkey man looked serious and
said: "That's a long time. Now, about
haw nwcli have you saved?"
vrwo dollars and sixteen cents," an
swered Teddy proudly.
"Hum! num.!" said the turkey man
"I can't sell you my largest turkey be
cause It Is promised to Judge Joy. but
I'll sell you ?he.,next largest one for a
dollar. Come and,look at It."
He led thi way to where there were
tiny nuiubei of turkeys hanging uu
aud, taking an enormous one from
hook, said to Teddy "Heft it."
The turkey man said he was going
to drivi by their housft at 5 o'c'ock. ;
aud that he would deliver the turkej.
Teddy wanted to carry the turkey him
self, but after admiring It from every
side and feeling Its weight again, con
cluded It was too big a job.
Just then a loud knocking sounded nt
Teddy grinned a lazy grin and hesi
tated, and then said: l guess l am
thankful just because I feel so good.
Frank G. Stark.
Her Thanksgiving: Grace.
I'm thankful I can't shed a tear
For what I've done this passing year!
I'm thankful I am fair and twenty!
I'm thankful I've had beaux in plenty!
I'm thankful I've had declarations!
I'm thankful I've got rich relations!
I'm thankful that my love events
Ara bounded by the four per cents!
I'm thankul though an amourette,
I'm thankful-Mro not married yet!
I'm thankful the automobile
Is not as wearying as the wheel!
I'm thankful I am not a 6iDner!
And I'm most thankful for this dinner!
Kansas City Star.
Strong on Geography.
Freddy "We had one o' the famous
Rhode Island turkeys for our Thanks
glvln dinner."
Teddv "Huh! So did we i neara
grandpa thank Providence for It'."
A Jfoble Plan.
The ovster from the tossing sea.
The cnestnut from the rustling tree,
Help out a noble plan
When they, responsive to the dirk,
Come oozing from the inner ' turk,
To gild the inner man.
'Midst gratitude
For cheer and food - , - '
That grace our lot,
The roan who carves
And waits and starves
1? quite forgot.
former superintendent of the depart
ment of salaries and allowances of the
Postofflce Department, who is under
Indictment for connection with frauds
In the Department, of his property to
his wife, was made known last week.
The property conveyed lies In the sec
tion of Brooklyn known as Borough
moved from Oak Hill to Richmond
next Tuesday.
The Charlottesville street ar line.
Ice and electric plants were sold at
Three men were killed and two in
jured by the wreck of a car at the
Glenferris mine, in West Virginia.
Dr. J. Hanrey Anaerson. oi ah-
Southern Railway and the Oreecsboro
Ice and Coal Company. In the case cow
pending before the corporation com
mission. The agreement reached re
lieves the situation temporarily, and
both parties appeared satisfied with
the coarse the case bag taken. The
sgreement does not affect the legal
tat ii a nt the case in anr respect. The
Park and con,st of 15 lota. Tb. tranS- 8beny. Pa.. endearoring to tal 'nroUH l
fer was made for a nominal considera
tion and the papers were recorded In
the office of the register of King's
what tbey were blinking about, aud the door, and wneu uenay opened u.
A Dream of Bllaa.
Cohwigger "Why would you like to
be President, my boy? '
FreavSe "Look at all J he prize tur-
kevs he has sent to mm at ananas-
"Punkey Moonshine Lantern."
Proposition Rejrcted."
Louisville, Col., Special. The offi
cial count of the rotes cast by the
miners of the northern coal district.
Saturday night, reverses the decision
and defeats the proposition for a set
tlement of the strike. The sub-district
board today announced that the propo
sition was defeated and there would be
no work tomorrow, but rerusea to
make public the vote. It has leaked out
that there was a majority of six votes
in favor of rejecting the proposition.
:firS55! nrS3r.2
:nrt;i.a;nrt:::3 ,
sn.trcr- vrrwi-- . r
::t:t:S T-r..-
Dispersed Anarchists.
Barcelona, By Cable. The police
Sunday dispersed a meeting of anar
chists which had been arranged to
celebrate the anniversary of the ex
ecution of the Chicago, in 1SSG. The
action of the authorities was taken be
cause Yiolent speeches were made at
the jneeting advocating an active pro
paganda, of anarchistic doctrine.
Kiiffleient money to take his talented
choir to the Oeneral Conference and
World's Fair next May.
The revolutionists of Santo Do
mlnen were renorted to hare taken
the capital and proclaimed General
Jiminez president.
Emperor William was reported Im
proving, but It was said he would
harp in stnn sneaklnE so much In
The Japanese declared that. Russia
niild have to accede to their fle-
mands to aToid war.
Russia and Austria notified the
Porte that no change would be made
In their demands for reform In Mace
donia. An attack was made on the stock o
the Pensylvanla Railroad and tbi
price was driven down to 112,' the
lowest point that had been reached In
five years.
A cut of 10 per cent. In the wages of
the Fall River cotton mill operatives
was announced. "
A lively tilt occurred in tfce conven
tion of the United Daughters of the
Confederacy In Charleston, 9. C, oref
the representation of Maryland in tne
proposed Jefferson Davis monument in
case have never been settled In North
Carolina, tmd the railroad compsny
will no doubt carry the matter Into the
courts for a proper construction of the
Fall River Wage Troubles.
Fall River. Special. The request of
the Textile Council for a conference
with the cotton mill manufacturers re
garding the announced plan of the
manufacturers to return on November
22 to the wage schedule In existence
prior to Msreta 17. Wj2. has been re
ferred to the executive committee of
delegates to the council still hope,
however, for a favorable answer from
the Manufacturers Association. The
committee before Wednesasy evening,
at which time the various unices will
meet to discuss the situation.
Heavy Fighting RrporUd.
San Domingo, by Cable. There was
heary fighting here Sunday morning.
The forts around the city were engag
ed with the insurgents and there was
, considerable, cannonading m cn both
sides. The town was not damaged and
the situation Is unchanged. The
United States Cruiser Baltimore sr
rived here Sunday, Business is at 4

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