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We Get a letter From a
Tn nvcr the Standard ft
few days ago, I noticed a statement
f fo urpitrht of the bi2 trio, thai
met at M J Corl's stable, but when
I give yon figures of a round dozen
at (Jannonville, jou will think Col.
James Long and the balance of the
trio nowhere. Just think of one
dozen of men and women, tipping
the scales at the enormous figures of
thirty hundred pounds, one ton and
a half of human flesh combined in
one round dozen of human beings.
No wonder the grocery business pays
at Cannonviile, for it takes tons cf
rashionsto keep such Jumbos in
existence. The average of the big
dczen is two hundred and fifty
pounds, the least weight is two hun
dred and twenty and the largest
bulk of flesh pulls the scales at three
hundred and twenty pounds. If
the above can be surpassed in the
S;affrwe will throw up the sponge.
Cannonsvi.le is on a boom new
buildings going up ia every uircc
tion. and ail in ?ood health and
happy with one dollar aitead, and if
we get free coinage of silver 16 to 1
we will ba the happiest people oa
earth with $17.00 in our pockets.
Your reporter exaggerated a little
oa Mr. Kluttz's new building, it will
be a one story house with six rooms.
.The, framing was complete today.
Rev. Sides, of Scan'y county, is con
tractor. The marriage bells were ringing
around here last Sunday. One Mr.
Mcoreand a Hiss Rassell were unit
ed in wedlock'? happy joys. Kq
Ritchie, of No. 6 township, officiated
and made them one. Peace aud
joy be theirs forever.
-flfe'very honest thief broke in Sir.
Holdhouser's store a f ew muis a j o
and left without getting a cht-w of
tobacco. He even prized the cash
draw open and found thirty cents in
change and would not ts.ka it. Sucu
a thief ought to be regarded win
gold medal. W. 0. F.
He Saw it.
A gentleman from Rockingham
tells a good story about a colored
man who came from that place to
Raleigh in search of a job from the
Legislature. He susy the negro the
other night and asked him how he
was getting along. -Well, lo:s,"
"said he, "I didn't get no job and I
lost $29 by the trip but I'm glr.d 1
come. I have seen what I always
wanted to see," "What is that Y'
asked the gentleman. "A whitf
man working under a nigger," s:U
the darkey. He spoke cf one or
Abe" Middldton's whita assistants.
Raleigh Visitor,
Bill IFoskiiis Gone.
Bill Hoskins, the negro who was
arrested and placed under a 50
bond for his appearance at this term
of court for retailing liquor on our
streets last summer, and who hung
around town all wiuter, has made
himself very scarce about town. He's
gone, wfceie, we know no.
It is also fuid that Green Prop3t,
who was sutpiciontd for doing like
Bill Hoskjna in regard to sellicg
liquor, has skipped tod.
meeting of Asj'Inni Directors.
Lust night in the Hotel Caroiina,
at Durham, the directors cf the Ox
ford Orpnan Asylum met. Messrs.
G Rosenthal and N B Bronghton
went to Durham yesterday afternoon
to attend this meeting.
At this meeting the directors ar
ranged for the receipt aad proper
penditure of the generous donation
tf five thousand dollars by Mr. B N
Duke, which the Grand Lodge of
M'.eons of North Carolina has dupli
cated according t- the terms of the
This ten thousand dollars .will be
used in improving the grounds and
buildings and providing better c
commodatiaos for the children.
The annual report of the institu
tion shows it in better condition than
ever before in the history. Under
the superintendence of Mr. Nathan
M La vrence the insti.nrion is foig
ing ahead. Raleigh Observer.
Mr. Samuel Freeze Killed.
Tuesday afternoon while felling a
tree on his plantation near OaK
Grove chnrcb, in Rowan county Mr.
Samuel Yittz: was killed instantly
by a tree falling on him and crush
ing him to death. Mr. Freeze was
about 45 years of age and was well
known and has many- Telatives in
this county. Eis remains were in
terred Wednesday in the graveyard
at Oak Grove church.
foand a Cine.
Magistrate And did you ever find
any clue ta that murder mystery.'
Officer Yes, - sir; tey'ye found
the body of 'the murdered man,
VOL.VI-NO. 54.
Wedding at Forest Hill Personals
Otber&ewsby (ar Special Corres
A quipt but beautiful marriage it
was, at the home of the bride, Miss
Rosa Kezziah, to Mr. 0 T Troy Tuess
day night at 8 o'clock. The cere
mony was performed by Rev. M A
Smith in a beautiful and impressive
manner. An elegant supper was
served to the fortunate attendauts.
Miss Sophia Paul is yisiting her
sister, Airs. U X btratiord.
Rev. M A Smith left this morning
for Raleigh cn a business trip.
Mr. O C Russell returned to
Gaffuey, S. C, yesterday, where he
is working.
Mr. O L Shernli, cf Grant Hill,
was in town yesterday looking for a
suitable location for a borber shop.
Mr.-W A Wilkinson is wearing a
broad smile. It's a giri.
Master Babe Young, better known
as Forest Hill's singing roaster, is
improving, to the gratification of
his many friends.
All About Nothing.
Wednesday evening one Mike
Reed a negro employed at the depot
bad faithful Zin Crump arrested
charging him with stealing two bars
of soap from a box that had in oaie
way bursted open at the depot. Two
bar3 were missing from a case of one
hundred and Zin was the accused
A search was made in the freight
room last night and the missing
eoap found close to where the box
iay. Zin has been working at the
depot for s.x or seven Terrs and this
is the 'first charge of dishonesty
brought against him. We are glad
to Know he is innocent.
S&euld be Taken Often.
There is a good etory told on a
voung man Lore in the city. Some
few Lights ago he went home late,
and drunK a pint of yeast in mistake
for buttermilk, lie rose three hours
earlier the next morning. This
remedy should be put into practice.
Jfonnzite in Our Oliire.
Mr. J A Kerr, of near Mooresviile,
was in the city and left with us a
specimen of niocazite, the mineral
that is used by electricians, etc , and
found only in Yv'ilkes, Iredell and
Alexander counties in this country.
Th'.3 whole section of the State is in
a state -of craze ever thd finding of
such profitable a mineral. The ore is
worth from two to three hundred
dollars per ton .
We thank Mr. Kerr for this specK
men,as no doubt our readers are anxi
ous to see it
A ISis IZTir!i n Offer.
Mr. Joe Biackwelder, of Mill Hill,
No. 3 township, Eent the Standard a
huge hawk that was caught by him
several days ago. It is a Democratic
hawk, he siys, and sends it to do
our clawicg. A email bell and chain
was placsd around the neck of the
hwk, with The Concord Stand
ard ; January 24, '95," beautifully
inscribed on the bell, and the bird
let go.
The Standard propo-e3 to'give to
the mau who brings the beli and tne
right hand cUw of the hawk Lack
tc this office a year's subscription to
cur weekly edition and a handsome
necktie from any merchant in town.
Doings in tne House Friday.
Bills were introduced us follows:
By Mr. Henderson, to compel fire
insurance companies to pay the full
value of the f aca of the policy; by
Mr. Turner, if Mitchell, to provide
for the election of the chief of the
bureau of labor statistics by the
Legislature on jjint ballot; by Mr.
Bur-ih.m, to repeal the charter of
West Asheville; by Mr. White, of
Bladen, to pi mt shade trees in pub
lic school grounds; by Mr. Monioe,
to afford better fire protection and to
furnish the female department of
the insane asylum at Raleigh; by
Mr. French, to prevent the adulteia
tion of candy; by Mr. Winlorn, to
amend the charter of Murfreesboro;
by Mr. Croom, to rt-peal the act in
regard to fishing in Northeast rivei;
by Mr. McLean, to enact a law for
the sale of liquor in. North Carolina
on the plan of that in force in Mis
eiesipui; by Mr. Lusk, to regulate
the hours of labor for womep, chil
dren and others in factories, making
cine hours a day's work; also for the
relief of ex-Shenff Reynolds, ot
Buncambe; also for the maintenance
of the Lindley Training school in
Frightened t'hiltlern.
Fiiday evening there came near
being a serious accident on Depot
street. A lose horss, running op
aid down the sidewalks, was the
cause. ' The children were just out
of school and were greatly frighten
ed rft the eight of tbe terrified beast.
Had in not been for the timely as
aistance of an old colored man, some
child, rn'sht have been hart ' ,
lie is Likely to Be Succeeded By Im.
met Wormcr, ofGeorsia.
Washington, Jan. 23 Although
the resignation of Chief Clerk Dan
iels, of the Interier Department, has
not been accepted by the Sacretarv
of the Interior, ihere are a number
of applicants for the position and
an equal number of names rumored
as his successor. It is not probable
that a successor will bo appointed
for a month, the custom being to
grant the outgoing official thirty
days' leave. Emmet Woi mar, of
Georgia, an assistant attorney for
the department, will most likely suc
ceed Mr. Daniels. Mr. Wormerwill
be detailed as acting chief clerk for
the next month, which practically
means his appointment to the posi
tion. Mr. Dauiele, the outgoicg
official, was today given an ovation
Tne heads of bureaus and clerks
called npon him and expressed their
sincere regret at the severance of his
connectim with the department and
the watch force presented him with
a silver set as a token of the esteem.
Aceident at Snlirsbury.
Eill Whittington, a nfgro man
who worktd around the dopot in
Salisbury, was run over this (Thurs
day) morning by the switch eugiue.
Both legs were cnt off, and ia all
probability the unfortunate man
will die.
Banana Fritters.
We truly appreciate the elicits of
those who attend to the kitchen af
fairs, and we give a receipt for
banana fritters :
"jlaah tnree or tour bsnanas to a
cream. Add one egg, one enp of
flour, in which one teaspoonfal ol
baking powder has teen sifted, u
pioch of salt and one gi!l of sweet
milk. One teaspoonful of lenon
juice uiiiy-ca addad. 15 at until
thoroughly mixed. Have the fat
heated, as for doughnuts, &o that the
batter will rise to the top in medi
ately. Do not iu:ike flitters too
large. Fry nu;.l well browneil,
drain on Eoft prccr, bprinkle with
powdered euger, and serve with
lemon juice."
Ko Guess Work About It.
Several weeks ago we published an
item in regard to the cold Enap, and
as there was some doubt as to the
exact date. Col. John a Barn hard i,
of I ioner Mills, write3 us the fol
lowing :
"December 30, 1SS0, 5 degies3 ue
low zero; December 31, 1880, 10 de
grees b?!ow zero I made &i tnt-ry
on my day book kaov the tv.t s
are correct no guess work ubout it."
riiis h exactly what we wanted
and we thank our friend for the in
Deatli of Rev. J as. 1). l'nrkor.
The following is clipped from the
Statesville Landmark:
A friend ia New Orleans sends the
Landmark a newspaper clipping an
nouncing the death cf RcV. Jas. D
Parker, which occurred in that city
last Friday, 18th. Many of Sta es
ville'B older citizens remember Mr.
Parker. He was born in Gates
county, N. C, m 181G. When a
youth he went to Virginia, where he
studied for the ministry cf the
Methodist church and as ordained
at the age of 25. He had no regular
charge but engnged in mercantile en
terprises of various kmtfs. In 1S53
new'.nt to-New Orleans and engag
ed in the mercantile business. Two
vears later he entered the active
work of the ministry but soon rt
signed for family reasons. He then
entered the employ of a mercantile
house and continued with it uuti
the war came on and the city wm.
captured by Gen. Butler, when bt
lef t New Orleans and came to States
vil.e. He lived here probably two
yearswid merchandised, conduction
a email store on the corner where the
bank building no v stands. While
living here bought a house and lot
where Mr. W F Hall, Cr.'s, residence
now stands. There was a frame
house on. the lot at that ti ne.
After the close of the war Mr.
Parker returned to JVew OrlewE
and re entered the establishment
where he was previously employed
He remained with this house till five
or six years ago. Those who re
member Mr. Parter during his resi
dence in Stattvule speak of him as
a lovable Christian mau who took
much interest in Sunday schools and
all good work. His oldest son, Rev.
Robr, H Parker, is a member of the
vVe3tern North Carolina Conference
and is npw ia charge of the Metho
dist church at Concord. "
At Brazoria, Texas,' Thursday,
Harry Masterson, an attorney, in -stantly
killed R McChinn, a news
paper correspondent, McCninn wa
a witness in an important case and
had? been atBrHzaria only
minntes whe4 ilasteraon shot
and' onrrendered.
A good crowd w.-s iu tbu touav,
Tbe street force hare got to town
A dull day in newd circles. -
The bleachery is shut dawn for
repaiw oa iha machinery.
Tbe blasts of the chain gaug be
yond rhe depot sounds like bnainess.
The twenty-four hours are up aud
we ere not yet thrashed. '
Sosie one aake ! U3 what the tin-.
fLg r,jant. It means mad ! .
Rock Hill, S. C, barely csatpei
destructive fue Thursday night.
Dr. J P Gibson Thursday f placed
ninety-six new c'.nirs in Array Hall.
The court hese bell rang prompt
ly at 10 o'clock this morning, i
Mr. Will Wilkinion.has a "-pleasant
little visitor at his Loiht-.V.
Some one tent to the Standard
office for cheeao.
Oar reporter C;u whistle now.
Ilia female antigoni3t baj left the
The morning scsi:on of
3omt was
devoted to organizing liuJ
the. o-
lec'iDg cf the grand jury.
Patent medicine men havi
crowd today. Merchants an
doing much.
Two of oar young men went cut
o-i a rquirrel hunt WsJncsdav and
!iDt cue rabbit.
Mr. and Mrs. James 0 Wiilefor 1
hay? l,il;e.t rooms with E.t-Shcri
sicrrison, on Spring street.
A Chicjgo gruud jury has dueled
that a umn's s ice3 aro deLly
weapons. Bat than it was Chicago.
A key vvs fomui oa the sljC-t.nd
eft at this office. Owner A ui 'g-.-t
same by
paying 10 cqn'ts for lias
An iroa'f encej afrKfitilstau
.it,!, has bseTp.:yed a.vour.d laS lot
in the Lutheran ixxiery of tbe late
S.riiuel W Bracken.
The festive red-broaj: re Lain is in
the laad. i"e heard a number of
countrymen, talking of their e.irly
Mr, W L Misenlitiaior, win lives
just one mile wett cf town, Lilled :t
heg several days siuca that weiched
452-i pounds, it.bting 12 months old.
Dr. Ilolden, a specialist, is oa iL:;
streets foJay extracting teeth with
A iii"le died in the lot ia Hie ivav
of Cauiions & Fetor's, . icme peo
ple thonght it vp.3 Bilij'o ghost, but
such Yi&s not the case.
She. "'I suppose there are some
rehuing influences at work m Wash
ington J" He. "Oh, yes ; yon ksow
the agents of the Sugar Trnsi are
still theie."
Minister. ;I notice our collections
have greatly increased siacy Brother
Yahnkij b?g?.n p-isslng tha plate.
He must Lave a very persuasive
way." Deacon. "Yes ; he was at cue
time a policeman."
The Italians are probably fighting
the negroes in Africa to determine
which sh-.ill have the monopoly of
tbe boot-blaekng business.
February lab the salaries o nSn
f-mpioyes or tho 1? ionda Central cc
Peninsular Railroad will be reduced
10 per cent. The reason given for
the cut 13 the falling off in earnings,
dae to the destruction of the orange
crop by tbe fretzo. Some of train
men threaten to stake.
Tenprnee friend of Senator H;ir
rid residing in Washington are pre
paring to give him a barque: ia
honor of his re election. Senator
Harris i3 tho only man Tenne3?ee
ever elected to t he Unites Stages Sen
ate for the fourth term.
Bill Iloakma, u negro, wa3 tried
and convicted for sellirg whiskey
and got a sen'ence f ten davn w.
the chain pang. Thi3 " was the
January term, 1804. . George i'jice.
a white man, was convicted for thr
same ofiusnse this court. He gets
five months on the puVdic .road.
Law 13 enrioua, hnt just, so it ia
A Warren, Ind., telegram cys :
"Hugh Alexander hns returned from
Columbus, O , bringing with him
John ,H Swaim, 00 years old, to the
home of. bis daughter, Mrs. O E
Crum. Mr, Swbioi left his home
at Salem, N. C, about 1810, leaving
farm,' wife and nine children, all
trace of him having been lost for
years. Several years ago the rela
tives organized and began searching
for him. nd finally found him at
Colnmbup, O , where he owns-large
property." . .:
A lig -Jreve cf fine mules st; uck
town Thursdiy evening. H-.ise
swapping draws as large a crowd as
Tbe northbound passenger train
due here at 7:38 this mormv.g, did
not reach here until 'I o-clock this
The rata ba? caused the medicine
men much dsspleasure todiy. Their
lungs did not get their u?ual amount
of cxtrciie.
:trs. James aanders, whj or ir.
Sanders, of Marietta, Ga, committed
suicide Thursday by shooting her
self through tho head.
A lundalide near Ayersyille, Ga.,
ou the Air Line road, was the cause
of the delay of train3 for the pai
18 hours.
The magnitude of last years - coru
crop is now apparent, inasmuch as
taaslcdeg got in it3 work on several
of the court attendants.
ilio iarmer and laborer may not
be able to get thing3 on time, but
the jewelers do u good deal of that
kind of business.
The negro who v is knocked down
cud run over in Salisbury Thursday,
was drunk at the time. His name
was William Whitty. He lived three houri after the accident.
Mr. J Liwson Peck, the good and
faithful Democmt, of No. 7 town
ship, gav2 us a pleasant call. He is
attending court, Come again,
Two men held up a train on the
Oatton Belt railroad, npar McNeil,
Ar';aiiS:;s, about 7 o'clock "Wecnes
d:. nigtt. Th-.y went through the
express car, but the amount of money
tiken 13 not known.
The Grocers' Union of Charlotte
have decided to quit purchasing oil
from the Standard Oil Company
bfcausa they handle an irferior
finality. It voaldn'c bs a bad
ider. for some ot our merchants to do
" Rcabn F Kolb, rf Alabamc, lias
broke losq f.gain. He ha3 tent to
the legislature -niessae, sigz
bis nnme an Governor and warning
the roloiia of their constitutional
Prominent court ciuciai3 were in
a state of anxiety Friday over the
non-eppearauee of Dr. Strong, of
the Charlotte Dj.mocrar. After ;
good doa' of argument, it was de
cided that owing to fie fact that
Thardiy was the Democrat's publi
cation daj, the doctor would be ex
cased Ibis once, andthe court pro
c?ed to business.
The Landmark rays last Thursday
Hie 17th, Ed. Davidson, colored, was
round dead ia a ditch about a mile
from the college. Davidson i3 sup
posed to hare been killed on Decern
ber 24 by a blow from a stick in the
hands cf an unknown person. His
pockets had been turned inside out
and his watch and mouey, save $2,
had D-.-en taken. Circumstances
point to another negro, who has
since gone to Texas, as the guilty
Kev. George L Aaamson, a miss
sionaryof the Southern Presbyterian
Church to 'the Ciago Free State,
Africa, is visitnig Rey. W C Alex
ander. Mr. Adamson ia the especial
missionary of the First Presbyterian
church cf tnis city and tbe purpose
of his visit is to make the acquaint
anca of this congregation. He will
occupy the pulpit of the First churcb
tomorrow at both services. Every
body is invited to hfar kirn.
From an ife'm iu our issue of Fri
day, in which we spoke of Judge
Whit'aker's sentence in the case cf
Bill Hookins, a negro, one would in
fer that it was intended us . a hit at
Judje Iloykin for bij sentence iu the
case of George Price, a white man,
for the cams (.flense whiskey sells,
j rig. We did i;i.t mean that Judge
Bdykin'ri feniefiO.a was to severe, no
indeed. We morel; reniirkfd tLa'
it loiked curioiM, ns Ilo-kios and
Pric; were tried under ihe same law
for the- si'jsa offense, Iloakins et
tiug i cn diys and PrL'e fi :e month?.
We inomf. iio r-fWtiou vaa?ever
npou tbe honest decision of Jadg
Bjvkin some peem to think.
iOIiiy Concern.
ADy one bftvicg sowing machines
cr o ff ms out of repiir.beLro swap
piui? or bujiug, call and sc-o me. L
can ruaKe tnem as .good as new
Parts f arniBhed if needed. I ca
give good reference if wanted. If
your machine has been running five
years an it needs oleic? and re
justim?, or if it has " been running
twenty-five jears I can make it as
t:od as new at a nominal cost-
- ,D. W. S.MDEE.
Sewice machine and organ repairer.
J.'ncorj, x. IJ. itesidence on
Chprch street, -See
3d, 1895.
Bills nnU Kesolotious In the House
Air. Lnsk, to pay Edward &
Broughton 100 for binding 100,
copies of the Code; Mr. Turner, of
Mitchell, that this house meat at
0;30 aud udjourn at 1:30 p. m.; Mr
Smith, of Stanly, to allow the At
lantic and Danville railroad certain
rightt; Mr. Petree, to amend section
1, Chapter 448. Laws of 1893; Mr,
Johnson, to repeal chapter 22
rub.iti haws 1SS3; Mr. Peace, to
amend section 03, chapter 216, Laws
1893; Mr. Buchanan, for relief of
tbe Clerk of the Superior Court of
Clay county; Mr. Phillips, of Ran
do'ph, to authoriza the Treasurer of
Randolph fcountv to piy school
claims; Mr, Bagwell, to equalize tax
atioD; Mr. Abbott, to encourage tbe
common schools of North Carolina;
Mr Hooker .1 (by request).;, for
relief of Richard Lane; ,Mr.
Howard, to repeal " chapter
401 Lws 1893; Mr. Baker, to
repeal chapter 528, Act 18D3 ; Mr.
Baker, to abolish days of grace; Mr,
Julian, to amend chapter 148, sec
tion 8, Laws 1891, relief of James M
Monroe; Mr. Williams, of Craven,
to limit the punishment of larceny
ia cer .am rases ; Mr. Flack, to m-
cor. orate Rock fa u rings Camp
Gromd in Rutherford county; Mr.
Ycnig, to incorporate the Union
Mr. William?, of Craven, to reg
ulate judical sales in Craven county;
Mr. Elledjre, to repeal cahnter 469.
Pub Laws 1893; Mr. White, to re
quire the Speaker to keep his eyes
on the members and not on the
gallery (Committee on Gal.'ery).
Leaves ol' Absence
L?ayes of absence were granted to
Mr. MeClammy for two days; indtfi
nite leave of absence for Mr. Camp
bell, Mr. Johnson, of Sampson, anti'
Monday, Mr. Etheridge till Monday;
indifiuite leave for Curry, of Cum
berland. Mr. French, asktd for suspension
of rules to pass the nev rules, said
it could Ke done in five mioutes.
Mr. Peebles thought it would take
ooine time to disc
iisouss the mV-!
,id he would ruptSikes fi
Mr. French said
the matter at the expiration
morning hour l-riday.
of the
Kev. John K. .Hasscy the Complainant
ana label the Charge.
.Norfolk, Va , Jan. 23. Suit was
entered today in the circuit court of
the city of Koifolk by Hon. John E
Massey, Superintendent of Educa
tion of Virginia, against the Norfolk
Pilot, a Prohibition newspaper, Sam
W Small, i's editor, the directors of
the compaoy, and R E Byrd, a laws
ycr cf Winchester, Va, for libel.
The sum is 850,000. The suit is
the lesult of tbe charge made by the
Pilot that Mr. Massey was bribed by
the American Book Company to se
cure that company's contracts with
the State of Virginia for furnishing
books to the public school children
Leading connsel for Mr. Massey are
Alfred P Thorn and Judge John
Neeley, of Norfolk. The notice of
suit was filed this afternoon and the
process made returnable to the first
term in February.
The charges made by the Pilot
affect Governor O'Ferall and the
Hon. R. Taylor Scott, Attornev
General of the State, who aie, with
Mr. Massey, the board of education
which gives out the contract. The
trial of the cast1, which promises to
be a celebrated one, will be watched
by Ihe people of Virginia and of the
entire coumry with great interes.
runted to Know Why.
Not every oue in the world has a
great-grandfather, but little Gracie
had one, aud she was very fontl of
him, too. She liked to study the net
work of wrinkles in his kind, withs
ered old face ; and, above all thingc,
she delighted to sit iu his lap and
hear him discourse on the Good
Book, from A.dam to John.
One evening he was telling her
about the flood and Noah and hi-
8 earn yr.cht,"oO very, Vfry long ago."'
L'o little Grace K finite period of
time earlier ihaa her great-grandfather's
birth waa inconceivable, so
she licked :
Were you with Noah in i ha ark,
grano par
"No, d arv I wssn V
Grace looktd puzzled. ' "Well
then," she aiked, "why were't you
drowned ?"
Btirkleu'a Arnica naive.
The Best Salve in tie world for
Cut3, Bruise,' Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter,Chapped
Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all
Skin Eruplione, and positively cares
Piles or no pay required. It is
guaranteed to give satisfaction or
money refunded. Price 25 center pe
x. For Bale at P. B, tier's Drug
Highest of all n Leavening Power. Latest U. S. GomJI Report.
Synod RefiiHeU to Admit Hone te En
e f:isewbere--The Man Who Wrote
a Whiskey Book ami; Whom the
Kortn Carolina Synod Refused to
Admit la Dead.
The following is from the Greens,
boro Record:
Our readers will recall the big law
suit involving the pastorate of Frie.
den'a church near Gibsonville.
The congregation became divided,
one crowd, tryirg to remove Rev. J R
Sikes, the pastor, the other sounding
by him. A suit was tried at Septem
ber term to oust mm. An injunc
tion was prayed but the Rev, Mr.
Sikes won.
He has been in very poor health
for years and since November has
been confined to hia bed. Yesterday
afternoon at 3 o'clock he died.
Mr. Sikes was in his sixty-third
year and had been pastor of Frieden's
church for sometime.
This man Sikes wrote a book on
"Scriptural Reasons why Pichibi-
tion is Wrong," and did nothing to
discourag? the abusive nse of spiri's.
His book has been used by whibkey
men, us a campaign literature iu a
number of contests North end Wi tt.
When a candidate for Friedeu's
pastorate, he was twice rejected; bat
on a stated occasion a number of his
admirers n et ar.d elected him pustor.
This was pro'.ested against without
effect by a large portion oMhe con
This man applied for admission to
the North Carolina Lutheran Syncd.
The Synod did rot regard Mm a
proper subject for membership and
Mr. Sikes left the scene. Tne op
posing element to Sikes in the con
gregation was recognized by Synod
as the congregation.--ini lo-tfcs ac-
ge Hoke to oust Rev.
from procession of the church
property, the accltsiasticai law was
ignored by the Judge (something
that has never before occurred, it is
said) and bedeclin:-d to grant the
prayers of the protesting congrega
tion, backed up by the presence and
testimony of officers of the Synod.
Of course there are two sides to
every question, even a plank has two
sides to it. Though Mr. Sikes possib
ly was true to his own conscience he
has stirred up a big muss, which, as
a gentleman expressed it, death alone
would settle it.
The North Carolina Lutheran
Synod always refuses membership to
such men,
A Mule on Fire.
A mule belonging to a drayman
was carried to Page & Medliu's
blacksmith shop to b? shod. While
the blacksmith was working on a
horse the drayman pourel a lot oi
turpentine on a sore shoulder of the
mule. It ran down the mule s leg
and the leg coming in contact with
a hot iron set the terpentine ablaze.
The mule got inghtenf aanct ran up
tbe street ablaze. Some by-stander
ran with a bucket of water, and
throwing it on the mule saved it
from a- fiery death, Charlotte Ob
server. The Oltl Veteran Better.
Mr. V N Mitchell, who wr.s so
critically ill at his heme in No. 5
township writes us the following:
"I wish to return thanks to my
kind neighbors through the columns
of your valuable paper for tbe many
acta of kindness conferred 90 me
during my confinement this wiu'er
Verily, they shall not lose their res
"I also appreciate the kindly nt
tices in regard to my affliction from
time to time 10. the Standard. Loot-
live tbe Standard.
Yours Truly,
A letter received today by relative
from Morristown, Tenn., sta'es that
Mr. Thomas M D.aton, a former
resident of this city, is critical, if not
hopelessly ill. -
Mooresviile ia to have a mayor's
office and a calaboose. Heretofore
the town commissioner 'have wnif
tied sticks and fficially comniuned
around ths coziest s'oie stove.
Mr. Martin Fiarr, of No. 10 ton
ship, billed a hog this week that
weighed 698 pound. It had to be
cut np and weighed in three parts.
This beats any story we haye heard.
Mr. Fnrr will not hav anything but
T will ni
rood stoc
John Hall Found tintlty Cbarlcal
Braille, Kot Guilty.
The cenrt room was packed to ita
utmost, Friday evening and muck
intesest was manifested in the trial
of JoLTHall, for assault with
deadly weapon, npon Cicero I'homp
fon, was so severly carved np the
6 th of Noveitber last. The Jury
took the case latt night about 9
o'clock and this (Satuiday) morn
ing, the jury decided that Hall was
guilty. A fine of $50 and cost was
1 imposed npon Hall.
Charles Branic, colored, who waa
tried for criminal assault npon Mary;
Gibson, was found net guilty.
Torn Moore was convicted for
abandoning his wife, the sentence
not yet passed, up to press time.
..c luuiii xiao mule aiaciiuama
than any previous court in manyl
years and the order is good.
Though the day is cold and rainy,
court proceeds. ' T:e following
esses have been tried up fo noon to
day, Frii;:iy :
State vs. Joe Cruie, ?.g-.ult and.
bat'ery, guilty ; $15 a::d cost.
St ite vs. b.m MehaHV:', Joe I'at-i
tersou, John Johns.:. a::d Jim.
Rose, allray. i'ach cf ! hese partiea
were fined $3 and cost.
Stat-; vs. Sam Mthau.-y, dUtcrbiDg
religious worship, not guilty.
State ys. Tish Littles, Lilly Long,
Catherine Gren, Jack Reed, and
llariah Love. Mariah Loye and
Jack Reed, not iuiltr. Lilly Long
and Catherine Reed, cuTi'fcJrifl
ment suspended on payment of cost
The trouble was family row.
In the case of State against
Geo?Sliice, for retailing whiskey
without license, Price was found
gnilty in one and acquitd I
He was sentenced to five m
county jail, and assigned to
on tne public roads of Cabarrna
State vs. Hallman Fink and Mrs.
Dr. Dan Fink, assault, guilty. Judg-.
ment suspended on payment of cost.
Siate vs. Ed. Hagins, carrying
concealed weapon, Gnilty. Judgi
ment suspended.
State against Walter Alexander
assault with eadly weapon, plead
guilty. Judgment suspended , on
payment of Cost.
btate vs-Ojot a itzjarald, larceny,
guilty. Sentence not passed.
In the case asainst John H Teeter,
for misdeneanor, the defendant was,
taood t'itizeun or Criminals?
The censns of the United States
Bhows that ia our country in 1850
one person out of eyery 2,44? was
eent to prison for crime.
In 1860 one person out of every
1,647 was sent to prison for crime.
In 1S90 one person out of every
757 was sent to prison for crime.
few StatM-eis-ratlddoes nfl
hold, but npon the whole the swell
baa been continuous as a ; tide that
has no ebb.
Are not the bare facts of the cens
sus alarming. Let the people think.
Fluttering, No Appetite, Could'
not Sleep, Wind on Stomach.
Tor a long time I had a terrible
pain at my heart, which fluttered al- .
most incessantly. I had no appetite
and could not sleep. I wouiaV-be-
compelled to sit np in bed and belch
gas from my stomach until I thought
every minute would be my last.
There was a feeling of oppression
about my heart, and I was afraid to
draw a tull breath. I couldnot sweep
-aroom. ' '-out restlr '
and am happy to r
I now have as?
sleep well. , Ita t
Dr.Mllaa Heart t
Guarantee that U
.11 druggist ael
It will be Bent, t
rcne, i
- 1

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