North Carolina Newspapers

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Vol. XIII No. 1S2
ol. J Junes ' t'ook Tolls of a Reptile
.Just KiHetl.
Mr. Jamea P Cook, of Concord, is
i:i the city today. He brought
, - , j, of a wonderful snake that was
ve3terday between Mount
Ph-isant and Norwood.
He saw the reptile himself and
:;ie:inred it. It was of a, variety
- vti seen in these parts before.
The body was of a brownish
color, the head being black. The
fi.Mke was seven feet, six inche
:.;.: and two feet from the held
two email legs projected from the
body, these being about an inch
long and on each leg were six well
;i . --.-loped toes, with claws, two of
the claws being a quarter of an
i::ch long.
The reptile was sent to the State
Museum at Kaleigh.
This description is just as given
' v !;:. Cook.
It's not our snake. Charlotte
There is no fake about the
:.v;;!;e as described above. Two very
, n.irming oaug ladies came into our
cilice this morLing to inform us of
the killing of the terrible reptile. It
' -m maliciously murdered by Mr
IVimis Giles, son of Rev. M D
Gibs of Mt. Pleasant, on Wednes-':-
-v) w3 taken to that p!ce
' ' - r ; - -exhibited to the
M- ill iiie schools and pub
lic L'vn-' rail 7.
AM rree.
Those who have used Dr. King's
New Discovery know ita value and
:l r- v.-ho li.:'. , A, have now the
. : hiiii:y to tyy it free. Call on
( i a-tised drusirist and jjret a trial
L.ttlo free. Send your name and
. Jr: to li E Bueklen Co-,
C:.:caco, and set a sample box ol
wt j i h a copy or omue toxical
riTf-.:lth r
I. u.-uhoid in-. , uetcr L":e. 'lli of
: -..a xu
v : v.; re.
'he tri! of J ) Lee, A N Ntal,
! ,
i) Neal, D T c !Ly, J N Motley
vi T'onas Robinson fur chunking
v, ,1 j, fl,a 1. .. , Tir. ir,
' '.';. I i it3 ijujU" -3 Oi 'ji IU V.'-iV ill
N e. township oa lusi Friday,
'; ;u'ri' rms required ecb of the
u vi- i. to be put under a bond
T ;.')(.' eacn for their appearance at
v"t court, Mrs. Gray, who is
"' f,d with g-lling whiskey, was
''ind over in the sum of 50.
Ur G Mean'- appeared for the
'-'Vndants and Morrison Caldwe-ll
: ' t'.t plaintiff, Mr3. Gray.
Porrer Grav wa3 not shot from
' as vus stated, but was filed
while ileeing from an ollicer, Mr.
Caldwell, v?ho had arrested
-''u. (rray is eaid to be at the
; 1 of a friend in Mecklenburg
t -i l A C OLD 1A OXK WAY
1 laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
- All , druggists refund the
' y if :'i fails to cure. 25c. m!4
, How He ZJrtke 21.
And you broke off the engage
:" said one yovii'? man.
er: not brutal -y, von Know,
-ut I u.anag.:- '
Tiuw rv
"T' e; he-- what my Faiary is."
''l i:iugioa Star.
P'-epB.r..h mm! hfeil? Brothers cir
will be in Charlotte Saturday.
1 -e .Southern railway will sell round
' ":p tickets tor So cents, tickets be
en sale Friday night for train
'o. 'j and on Saturday, good to re
t!n Sunday, the 22od.
An Approximate :sris:tle uf the
Cotton crop fly I.athHin. Al?xa-
ler l ro., Who Have Soliritol In-
fonsintion iiy Letter.
. " . ,
With a view of "ecenrmer reliable
lnrormition upon which to bise ai
approximate, estimate" of the crop
T f. Al , 0 1
Litham Alexander Compinv, of
xt at i , ,
New York, on November 5th,
correspondents, banks, bankers, cot
ton, commission merchants, brokers,
proprietors cf public gins, railroad
officials and planters, covering every
cotton,-growing county in the coun
try, asking their estimate of the crop
in their respective localities.
To these letters 2,240 replies had
been received up to Nov. 10, and on
these the following estimates of the
crop are based :
Average cf 255 letters makes Ala
bama crop 94G.000 bales.
Average of 191 letters makes Ar
kans crop 057,000 bales.
Average cf 39 letter? r::U - K;on
da crop 55,000 baies.
Average of 357 letters makes
Georgia crop 1 220,000 bales.
Average of 96 letters makes Lou
isiana crop 494,000 bales.
Average of 247 letters makes Mis
sissippi crop 904,000 biles.
Average of 221 lettcid rr.ake3
North Carolina crop 434,000 bales.
Average of 212 letters make3
South Carolina crop 717,000 bales
Avara-re cf 144 letters mikes
Tcnnescee, etc', crop 284,000 bales.
Average of 47S letters makes
Texas, etc., crop 2.251,000 bales.'
Average of 2,210 makes total
crop of the united States 8,022.000
The great ir.a&a of -r. letters re-,
f erred to mdicuU tht the crop this
year h ircvi g I:. He weeks
e r!i-r than usual,;t it has been
rvrb'eted with grc-;:.i rap:d:ty on sq
count "of string.;:?. t ir-cney snd the
ur.-;-.nt d.'.nir.tdc c : ;
taake co!iectijLS pre
er chants to
ooripieuoa uIi4u n w,s ver bo: ore
known thi5? date.
The total v-jibie supply of cotton
on Nov. 13 is given at 3,018,354
bales against 3,704,350 bales one
year ago, 3,503,444 hi 1895, -nd
3,358,087 balc iii 1G94.
lln.ier lo KissiTluigt rtevvKpaper.
Senator ILiricn Butler, of North
Carolina, who knorai o 77ell how to
run the finances of the government
seems to be unable to manrce the
financial affairs of a weekly news-
pr.per. Richmond Times.
TheCho-rLUeObc. .-or editorial-v
ks: "Is our esteemed contempo-
rary bo guileless as to think that it
is a difficult job to run the LTnited
States goverrnt? Thsre is not
a i'OpuliJt .iu...s,n m toe pine
woods of North Carolina who can
not give the Times valuable infor
mation on the subject. Congress
man Martin, of ,") district, says
that any 10-year-old boy of average
intelligence can master the ilnancial
question in ten minutes. And that's
about half of the business of the
cvernment. It is mucn easier to
U A-l i.
e government than a weekly
;.ooU ! Look !
A handsomely finished cottnge
house for sale, on Church street,
UUlilUlUj XI , V ill 'IU 1U
few days. Don't fail to see G T
:j ornbackle for information. Resi
dence on Pine street, Cannonville.
i A 'r i'Ly Miles' Jfprve PJatem
CONCORD, N. C, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1896. and peaches once a week,
iV J vuur gin uu me rigm-nacG
j cheek
I A , ' , . ' . ,
I Apples green and apples dried,
: K?aa hpr nn
Ashland Review.
L, . L , ,
1 hat evince3 wretched taste ;
L , . , , ,
M-ake vour girl about the wai,
T,fr , F tA L; '
And print it squarely on her lips.
Frankfort Yeoman.
Seizs the maiden in your arms,
Blushing with hpr tpmntinor oKarmc-
And it would, we think, be snugger
Oft to kiss and tightly hug her.
ran Citizen.
Take your girl in warm embrace,
Heart to heat, and lace to iaeo,
Eye to eye, nose to nose,
Flippity flop and away it goes !
Fleoiingsburg Domocrat.
What's the use of all thi3 rhyme?
Take your girl at any time,
Pqup' her till the blushes come,
! c;
i your eyes and yum yum
3 u m !
Christian at Work.
Brother Talmage is quite right,
4 Y r m-yem-jnm, and hold her
But the fact for which we yearn,
Is, how the mischief did he Jearn.
z Durham Sun.
Perhaps it happened on this wite,
Before he had attained much size,
The girls themselves, 't' - not amiss
Tanght him how to sip the bliss.
The t'onffront'c at Sslisbiiry.
Our sister town of Salisbury is in
the H'idst of p.. interesting season,
that of the Western North Carolina
Conference of the M. E Church.
Bishop Galloway i& its able p.nd
efficient prfsidiug officer.
Much work has been done in the
tsro days already passed, and the
usud rigor in church life d'.Tcyid
by th.-j Christian workers ij luani..
feat. As the days pasa the '"' rtii
more ana more iru-: .p, t.t?
through. the itinerary eys'eji pecu-li-
to this branch of the church
cban.jes are liable to occar in the
pastoral relations, and of coarse ail
duly interested in church lire will
V7. with eager ejpec'ancv to know
who .is to bi the spiritual shepherd
ments of pastors to charges will
probably be knon by Monday crj
Tuesday. I
rllf,Sn K'1'!
Several live rabbits were brought
to town today. The email boy
soon on to it and about 2 o'clock
this afcernoon the little Mollie cot-
ton tails were purchased end turnei
! loose. The chases were vt-ry Luuch I
I enjoyed by the yonr-getrrs, both!
jwhre and black all of whom should j
' have been at school or anywhere else
but on the street.
BrileliarJ Getting l'ne?-.y
Pritchard has good caue i'cr his
recent uneasiness. One well known
j Populist yesterday receiyea letters
j from six members of the -Legislature
1 who put themselves on 1 c. : i
. opposed to rnrcnara s re-election.
j Senator McCaskey referred t- H jL
-"n's statement that enough Bonn -lioU
ws.-re pledged to secure Pritch
ard's election as an insult. News
and Obsever.
' J-'fyf I ('Jit
j T s CAnnd hotel idin.j on
Main street, small store room crj
office, suitable for dental effice or'
iewelrv. J. W. Cannon. !
d hs Game
Clothing - ai
No doubt about it;
;ease YOU 111 Clothing than We have 01.7
Men's Suits, latest
JtJS 0.
oys' Suits, latest and
and best.
We guarantee to
- -
Pemocraict in principle, conservative in m rli nL.
N'.-w?.v t sensational. Devoted to'tiTn terms'
of unity, harmony ancTpregress.
Jts effects arid aims are to add to the t ys of h
home circle, the elevation of the ambitious and
aspirations of its readers.
Ir would rr'ddiy till the mind wiih pleasant and ;idi(
thoughts, making life's burdens lighter, its duties dearer., i
opportunities more apparent.
If not pHase rv it and see if you don' t say that
STANDARD is worth many, times its cost to you.
Whole NO. 1,1
5 - 8 -
14 V,
we are better fixed ro
save von raonev.
it : 4 , -JIH
1 U i & i y, i till i f l it -.r i
ft- '!
i J

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