North Carolina Newspapers

    Vol. XIII: No. 203
Whole NO. !.;;
rrt She Hns Done tlie Past Year
Will Be 31aie Iiuonn.
Beginning next Thursday The
Standard will put Concord in
print. A general resume of the
wonderful progress made the past
jar in all branches of industry, in.
eluding everything that has in any
manner aided in the material de
velopuient of our city will be pub
lished to the world. The work of
her splendid churches and schools,
ber immense cotton manufacturing
plants, mercantile establishments,
iron and weed-working industries,
roller mills, etc., will be truly por
trayed. This is no email undertaking, and
in order to make it complete The
Standard must have the hearty
co-operation of manufacturers, busi
ness men, merchants, and all inter
ested in the continued progre38 and
prosperity of our city.
Matter for these articles is now
being compiled, and when our rep
re3entative calls upon you we trust
you will be prepared to give him
what information ) ou can, and do
your part in advertising our town.
The Discovery Saved Ills Uie.
Mr. G. Cailloutte, Druggist, at
Beaverville, 111., says: To Dr. King's
New discovery I owe my life. Was
taken with La Grippe and tried all
the physicians for miles about, but
of no avail and was given up and
told I could not Jive. Having Dr.
King's New Discovery in my store I
sent for a bottle and began its use
and from the first dose began to
get better, and after using three
bottles was ur and about again. It
is worth its weight in gold. We
won't keep store or house without
it. Get a free trial at Fetzer's
Drug Store.
Continental Rhinplastera
Mr. S C Fulham called at The
Standard .office Wednesday and
showed us live bills of "Continental
money." Four of the bills are for
25 each and the other is for $100.
Each bill is North Carolina
money and is redeemable in Spanish
milled dollars or iheir value in cold
or silver, agreeably to an Act of As
sembly passed at Newbern the 10th
day of May, 17S0.
Ivich bill is bordered faDCily and
hdi a intin inscription. The p?-per
is the moat ordinary, little better
that on wh?ch the Standard
ii printed.
n i iii
Ir-t f
Steps Will Re Tali on (o ?4r
for Conccrd
The board of maor and alder
men met Jast night in resalar
monthly session. IVcem: Major
Morrison, Aldermen Haitsell, Pat
terson, Houston, Brown, Crowe:!,
After the usual routine business,
the question as to whether the ordi
nance against shooting fireworks be
suspended during the holidays was
discussed. It looked a little blue
for the small boy at first, but it was
finally agreed that the ordinance in
question be suspended from 9 o'clock
p. m., Dec. 24, to 12 o'clock Christ
mas night, provided, however, that
the mayor may at any time declare
the ordinance in force if, in his
judgment, property is endangered
by the firing.
Mr. W T Fisher, who has a store
on West Corbin street, sear the de
pot, appeared before the beard t;nd
prayed relief from a predicament in
which the street force had left him.
It seems the street directly in front
of hid store had been cut down sev
eral feet and left no way of approach
to his store. The matter was re
ferred to the street committee with
power to act.
A hose coupling expander and
half a dozen lanterns will be pur
chased for the fire department, and
a rack will be built in the hall on
which to dry, the hose.
The claim of R A Brown against
the city for building extra 25 ,feet
on the water tower, which amounted
to $65828, .was - satisfactorily i ar
ranged last night. Mr. Brown is to
accept city script to the amount cf
$500 the difference between his
taxes and the full claim to be paid
in cash.
On motion the mayor appointed a
committee to examine the city's
charter and ascertain what amend
ments were necessary to meet the
increasing demands of our growing
city, and take tbe necessary steps
toward securing such changes b)
the legislature. The city is sadly
in ned of money, and a ne is3ue
of bonds is imperative, but under
the existing charter an additional
issue cannot '.b- ru.c'e. The chair
appointed as egc-i committee Messrs.
Duval, Bron ar;d Kouoton.
No further bruits, council ad
lure lor Ue:ul;seti.
As it remedy for all forms of
Headach Electric Bitters has proved
to be the very best. It effects a
permanent cure and the most dresd
t)d habitual sick headaches yield to
ts influence. We urge all who are
afilicted to procure a bottle, and
give this remedy a fair trial. In
cases of habitbal constipation Elec
trie Bitters cures by giving the
needed tone to the bowles, and few
case long resist the use of this
medicine. Try it once. Fifty cents
and $1.00 at Fetzer's Drug Store.
Store Burglarized.
The store of Dave Overcash, lo
cated near Hart postofEce, in Rowan
county, was entered by burglars on
Monday night. Entrance was ef
fected by boring around the lock
with an auger. A considerable
quantity of booty was secured, con
sisting of shoes, shirting, knives,
canned goods, and many other ar
ticles. The guilty parties have not
yet been found,
Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. AH druggists refund
money n n iaiis 10 cure.
25c. ml4
Drug ft tore Holbert.
The drug store of Dr. A W Moose,
in Mt. Pleasant, was entered by
burglars last Monday night. The
amount of goods stolen could not
be learned, but it is thought the
burglars became alarmed and left
before they had finished their job,
as a kit of tools was found at the
door, where they had left them on
entering the store. No clue to the
guilty parties has yet been obtained.
-xtuldeuly Tnesaay--Jlr. Hlle
man In Raleigh.
I ot,3 reached the city thin morn
ing of the death of Mrs. A F Hile
mp,j..t her home in No. 5 town
ship Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Mrs. Hileman was taken with a cod
ges'ive chili Tuesday morning. U
eon became apparent that her con
dition was critical, and Mr. Hiie
man, who was absent in Raleigh,
was telegraphed for immediately.
He left at once for home, reaching
here at 9:30rue9day night.
The bereaved family has the
deepest sympathy of the entire
The funeral took place this even
ing at 3 o'clock.
For Infants and Children.
9 foO-
' is n
When bilious or costive, eat a Cas
caret, candy cathartic, cure guaran
teed, 10c, 25c.
The Next Fire
May be at your house. Have yon
any insurance? If not you had best
get some at once. Don't fail to
protect your home.
See J F Hurley.
Dr. Miles Pain Pi lla stop Headache.
A Good and Vnlnable Hook.
New State Directory for North
Carolina in limited edition, price $5
sent postpaid. Order at once of
Levi Branson,
d&wapll Raleigh, N. C.
Two Marriages A Family to Move
to Texas.
Brief, N. U., Dec 15. -The mat
rimouial raoks in this section were
recently augmented by two mar
riages: Mr. Vic. Howie to Miss Cora
Dry; Mr. Jaa. Connell to Miss Carrie
The occasion of a great gathering
at Mr. Henry Dry's last week was
his public sale of personal property,
real estate, etc Enterprising mer
chants of Stanly and this county sent
representatives with suchf goods as
are most salable on occasions of this
kind. It seems that the "Land of
Moonshine" was-represented also, at
least there as a "tiger, jangle" at
no great distance. This was a gen
eral rendezvous for those having
empty bottles, and a source of all the
reckless hilarity, ribaldry and
viciousness of some that were pres
ent at the auction. There were
more than one resultant fracas, but
no fatalities. An hilarious, tipsy
youth approached a wagon and de
clared his intention of knocking off
a tire. Some one cautioned him
against such recklessness, but he
said aneeringly, "I've never yit found
the wfigon whose tire I couldn't
knock off at one blow from the fist."
edge of a tire with his nude fist,
skinning every knuckle on the haul,
while, of course, the tire didn't
Mr. Dry removes to Texas some
time this week, we understand. Two
families besides his own will accom
pany him. Augustine.
Tlist Game
lw - Clothing - at -Cubois - & - fete
No doiibtTabout if we are better fixed rc
rlease ou in 'Clothin than we have eve
beer Men's Suits, latest and
Suits, latest audi
Children'ss Suits, latest
and best.
We guarantee to save vou moneT-.
Noted Broker Dead.
New York, Dec. 15. William
P Robeson, one of the oldest mem.
bers of the stock exchange, is dead.
UTS -10 -
Election returns are'nothing compared to the re
sults you receive by trading with Dry &. Wadswortb,
who are wide awake and uptodate. People are' apr
to believe what they see and the Doubting Thomas-u
can be quickly conyinced of the truthfulness vnd
correctness of what we say by calling at once. 'Tvi
only a few days till 'Xmas and everybody is beci?.
ning to look around for Santa Clans. His head
quarters this time are at thej
4 ) l. J 4
He says if you like comfort and ease'bny oneYf Prv
& Wadsworth's Big Rocking Chairs or the Li;di-V
sizes for your wife. Or if you want to yleep wil nrvl
rest easy buy one of the Raleigh Wire Sprirg Mn
tresses, best in the world, or one of tin hsndsomKSi
lounges. They have them at all prices from -1,00 to
$95, and to make your parlor look cp-tosdate ata
in style buy a parlor suit and to fit up a room nici
buy one of these handsome suits, the prices are h.v. .
Yes sir, We have everything m the furniture line.
Chairs of all descriptions. Tables all sizes and
styles. Big lot of Pictures, Window Shades, Cur
tain Polls, Ladies' Desks, Office Desks, Wardrobes,
Sideboards, China CJosets and everything to make a
home pleasant and a wife happy. Beginning from
today and during the holidays we propose to give ta
each cash purchaser a nice and useful piece of fur-,
niture, consisting of Hat Racks, Music Racks, Comb
and Brush Shelf, Book Shelves, Corner Brackets,
Medicine Cases. WhatNots, etc. This is no fake,
4 Sure Go.'' The piices of the articles meantime are
from 15 cents to 16. The value of the present will
be governed by the amount of the cash purchase.
These sales will continue until the above mentioned
articles have all been given out. Come at once and
get the choice presents,
Yours toJPlease,
" .4

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