North Carolina Newspapers

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One Dollar a Year
Deafness Cannot be Cured ! Incident and Comment- I THE Hl'Mlll-kT 5WIlLI:lf- at no place except I'arU. j Ituford Township New s-
bv local aprmcatious as the? eanoot W hen a aiau gels it into hi bead ,'"" ".". iuk lawyer -r.r-k t j. j
rra.-h the diseased portion, of the ear. 1 to l wrong nothing deters In in The Wonderful Career of a trench always iu Ins cise. II may bet Allan, August. I. -It was the The ItoJy of Little .Tary tirilfin
lt,r,,,.o-,lyM.,r(,lrun-Jr1(m.i au,Illo ej,,., .,u.a to be; Woman w ho Borrowed fiillions M'1 ' ,' "" ' I"" Jr'.l .... be at the j , wnj MutU.,cj anJ ,W Avkav
............,,.....,...., .... .,. , , jtlrM. Theun- un rititilioua Stories and U u """""J ; -I- ;-"V""' " , I
IVafueui is nuwj t .n iiifUinrd ! . . ... . .... , , , ... l h-iiiiou Morie anu is ru . h urcssiire was brought Aug. .th. There was a law crowd
r.. u..u i mr luwuns iiiiihk ui i , . . . . on I rial lor w inunnr-
IANCMINU AT M l II A- Agriculture Mul he Studied in Dig likumc in North Carolina.
Fustaehiaa lul. When tin
grW ludaiiittl imi have a runilthug
souutl or initeitci'l heating, and when
it la rt.tite ly float-J ttea'-iraa is the le
Mill, and uul-ss Hie itiftumiiMlioti can
I taken uul ami thia lube reatorej to condition, limine, I
dri.lroyed forever; tunc raws out of
ten aie caused hv catarrh. which ia
nothiag I' ut an Hi6aim-t condition of
lite mucous sulfates.
We will kivf One Dumbed Dollars
(or any rax of 1 Valued (caused ly
ratari initial raimol be cured by Hait i
Cataith Cure S. n J for circulats.frre.
Tokiw, Ohio.
Sold bv druggist, tike
Hall i family pills are Ui beat
To Cure a Cold In one Day
Tale Kaiative lironio Ouinine Tableta.
All JiucKikla refund lite money if it
tads to cure. E. V. Grove a tigna
tuie it on each boa. ij centt.
lul, ' . . . ", , " . I'karhnrliUrrtrr.
Ill rviutn an. una. o W , u , , ,
of haviiiK ib-fnriiib-d the relief i-oiu
yvaraap) "iuce tin-re aiH-ani 111
to liear bv tlie iiilereslerl, that ! tlietv. Kverylnalv Mvuietl tu lie
it a.silelermiiwdb onb-r of court ell deaMd villi the speaking ami
to -ii the Nile on a liel dale. ' MMT diuiirr the people pro ib-l
iThe uibl before the d.v Ur Ibe; br tbem. The sHtt hen ere made
iniilee by f.iUifvinir the niiiiilier of ,.' ... Wi .
, , . . . . " . ,tbe iroHHi'k. Mie
mm) ie be had Imried. . .' . . .. ..... ...
Pari ay u whiiuii from one "fn.eiiiii.tlie lliiiiilitjidiii.-aml in that elegant ami ioasehnn b
When in neeJ ol Iresh meat
phone No. 91. J. 1). Parker.
tion Powder are fed to horse
nnd mules, marked improvement
will be seen after the first few
dose. There U no doubt about it.
The Powders, acting directly on the
digestive organs, first thoroughly
cleanses the stomach and bowels,
correcting all disorders, and then
good healthy appetite comes nat
urally and surely. It is the most
powerful tonic and nppctizer on
the market to-day, and when once
used horsemen will have no other.
Asluraft's Powders produce that
silky sheen of coat and hair so
admired by horse fanciers. The
Powder fatten but never bloat.
Always high grade and put up
in doses never in bulk.
Hy the use of three or (our doses
a week your horse or mule will
not lc subject to colic or any dis
ease of the stomach nnd bowels.
"I l,aa an ol.t lr-r that la "7
rnliii.ii vi-arraitjr Mr liiln ant baa a
til.-l tira-e lhl wa riinia (lie hair to uR i ave lh b-ir-e Ihre te t.t A"h
erfrConlluin Ivw.lf r a day l.-r aevn da
atii la luni lilriiliy. Tti -li lnnrove.
from (he tlrl lew iia ami (lie aiiimal f Mtxe.t
li(l two muhiU In fli-ott itiirlnir lt( i-a I
fwr 11 ihnv u..-r a rtaf. The m-nrral heallll
.I Hie animal ae" allj laiin.viHl I'T lh t"
),l tl.r u,..fc raiiil lie a mailealm l a new
hr-e I ai"-l heartily nistmnienil Anrafl a
.-n il ll .n ISiv.ler-.a- I hintw il.i-y are a aolm
il:.l umle and ai' luer '.' klkl'S, Llverjf
aian. li.-nri. V c."
Ask for Ashcraft's Condition
Powders. Package 25c. Sold by
ffi m
English DrugCompany
6Heap Flour !
is Bad Hour!
It't low pi ire ia Hie maker' r
cuse for Hie infrrtoiity of bis
proilucl. bad flour ia Had flour
no matter how it it manipulat
ed and j"Ki;lfd parking. It
all cornea rark to the same
thing. Good flour mid itli
poor Kill iiupiove Hie quality
of the blend, but like iiniiiiK
while paint with Mark, il takea
an aniul lot of liite to "ro
il tire any effect. Had or cheap
flour in larkiiiK in gluten, the
nutritious poiliou of the va beat.
It also contain t large per
crntaee of the pulveriied husk
or ahell of the grain. All of
which you don't want. 1 here
fore, we caution you to ak fur
the "luviiicihle" brand. This
brand il sold at Hie lowest
price for whiib really first
class flour csn be sold, and its
price is the highest you need
to pay in order to get the best.
Mr Newman, our local baker,
says: "Invincible" ia Hid I can
get for baking."
aj ajajai fff f f f f fvvavf f f f f V wwwm
lVrha the larp4 rofliu ever
made iu North Carolina s man
ufaelureil bv the t'barlotte t'oflin
t'onipaiiy bud meek. It aaa Qiade
for a hundred pound man who was
Kit theu dead, but w;tsexMt'ted to
die at any time. It van six feet
two iiiebew Ioiij!. -s ini'lus deep,
aud four feet wide.
The High Point eorresHindeut
or Tho harlolte tllwerver says
that at leant L'Seaaesof apieudritu
have occurred at High Point this
year. The dot torn xeem to think
that there is mniie cause but
are unable to tell bat it is.
Col. Hill lloru of Cuba, liullier
ford county, claim to have fifty
bales of cotton that be ban Iteeli
luililing hinee the price was live
ceutH, He now refuses to sell ut
fifteen cents becnUM- lie wants
t ent v live. Wesball be s-irry for
Col. l'till. but it will be just like a
liardheadcd cili.eti of his apparent
striM- to wait till cotton g'es back
to sevcu cents and then iiiiUkiiI.
People in this sect ion aiv fa mil
iar with the mime of the oid lluile
gold mini' near Kershaw, S. ('. It
is uow being olierated iiillo sue
cehsfully. The new procrwitea of
separation make il possible now to
work low grade ores lliat were
formerly worthless.
Mr. J aim Mi'ltr.iyer of Shelby
win married last Wednesday to
Miss Madge lirice. When the wed
ding occurred the groom's temicr
at n re was lnlj tlimigh he didn't
know it. They started on their
honeymoon nnd got as fur us ( 'liar
lotte, when n physician iiifoiuieil
Mr. Mclliaver that he bad typhoid
fever and might expect u long
I lispiitcbes say that Ilcdio Alva-
riulo.ti mining man known through
out Mexico uml tho Cuited Slates,
died suddenly tu Mexico some days
ngo. He leaves a fortiine niuount-
ing to alMittt f .,HHI,(HKI, acconlliig
to reliable esliinales by tlnwe who
have Imi-ii handling the ore from
his mine during the past six years.
The value of (be I'alinillo mine,
which he uwn-d and which lie (lis
covered a few years ngo when be
was a iicoti working in a mine ut :iu
cents it day, is not known, us Al
varado M'rsis(ciilly n-fusi'd to ud
in i t iiiiningexprrts to its wot kings.
It Is, however, one of the richest
silver properties in the wornl. Of
the f.O.iHiO, (UK) worth ol ore which
Alviiiddo took out of the mine
since its discovery, it is said that
there, is more than t?io,t)no,(Hiti
worth in silver bars locked iu a
sleel cage ut the residence of its
late owner. This cage is guarded
day and iiiglit by 11 strong force of
armed men.
The endless round of desires in
life are thus expressed by a eon
temporary: Kvery fanner lioy
wants to lie a school teacher, every
school teacher hopes to be mi edi
tor, every editor would like to lie a
bunker, every banker would like to
lie il trust magnate, and every mug
nute hopes some day to own a mi ni
aud have cows and pigs and horses
to look after. We would end w here
we liegali.
The reunion ut Port Fisher, on
Wednesday of lust week, was a
uotable occasion. Among those
prescut were not only ex-Confed-eratcH
but also some of the surviv
ors of the attacking force. The
Confederate rniunmnilcr of the fort,
the gallant Col. Wui. tamh, was
present as was also ('apt. James
Parker of New .Harsey, who com
innnded the '.,IHKI I' liitcd Stales
marines, w liosii tiered so heavily in
the final assault. These two former
foes met in friendly gris ting on the
very spot where they hud once
fought with such desperate cour
ax neither
I fioiii Pans. The Kile was duly
pretty nor ugly; nppcare.1 to lw;,M.. There was nothing in it
neither specially blight uor ape-( .fl,.r two or tliri months Ibe
eially dull, and yet it transput-. luiM.rt.H diciv rcd in Mad
that she bad some kind of lab lit r Slllj Wn liiv ,illi, iil
that it would ta ilillicult to deliiie. alHH ,.xtr.jii,m they were
Not very long utter her arrival Mi: niv i.ron-ht Uiek. The dilli
Paris she man nil the son of one of -ut uiav Is- supmsed to have
the miiuciiKil onicer whose name 1nh. uia,,; l,y tllN. mi, mere par
was Humbert. This sccnied rath -1 ti.-i.aj ihl. Mi-ivtlv. in Ibi-se
hands or bv those who weie still
You Can't
Beat Me
in flour, coffee, sugar, molasses,
candies, c!c. The most complete
line cf totaccoin town; any price;
only one quality that is the best,
llest vinegar 2or. per gallon.
Two toe. Hot I lei fresh EAGLE
Have you tried "Our Blend"
Ccflre? H )ou havn't, try a
pi und. Those who use it are
still (.raising it.
Force. Crpe Nuts, Postum
O flee, Oat FAn always Iresh.
Everything guaranteed to cv
eivbody. Prompt delivery.
Hring your country produce
here lor bst price.
Respect fully.
Pboot sol.
Newt from Beulah-
r,orrrKB,h-nee of Tlie J.rtirnal.
Moiinie 11 F. I). Xo. 1, Aug. '.'(.
This section bus Iss-n blessed
with plenty of rain for the past few
weeks, rather too much for cotton
for it is causing it to shed.
Mr. W. T. Uorie, Jr., is right
sick with typhoid fever.
The annual protracted meeting
at Philadelphia Baptist church will
begin on Saturday before the 4th
Sunday, and at lieulah Preshyte-
riau church on rriday before the
tilth Sunday in August.
The teiupernuoe rally at Ileuluh
was not well attended. Col, Hotch-
kisa was ou band to apeak, but so
few were present that the meeting
broke up without any speaking
more than social cbat in which
the colonel told how much t'uion
county spent for whiskey annually,
but this failure was not due to a
lark of temperance sentiment.
X. 8.
You Know WhafYou are Taklnf
When you taks Grove's Taatelets Chill
Tonic because the formula is p'ainly
printed 00 tvery bottle showiug thst it
is simply Iroa sod yuiuin la a tail
less form. No Cure, No Pay. Joe.
er an extraordinary acliivciiic ut
for a woman without meai.s,
without prcMip', without Is-auty
and apparently without ss-cial
talent. Not very long after Ibis
event, she took a trip and 011 her
return Iroiu the trip she represent
ed that she had met 011 the railway
train an American named Craw
ford. The way in wksvh she bad
conn- to make his ai'imintaiire
was that Crawford was sick and
she bad done some little services
for him while traveling and as
ftawford grew wmse she took bun
to u hospital at some point along
the line. She represented fill titer
that Crawford bad with hiui a lot
of Isuids and stocks to the value of
a million dollars which he gave to
her for sale keeping until lie should
Ih fully recovered. The.-e IhuiiIs
and stocks Mrs. Humls-it put into
a Nile alterwiirds, anil from time to
time she represented tlie amount of
Unids which Crawford had sent to
her for safe keeping was iucrcusid
to two millions, then to live mil
lions, then to leu millions theu to
twenty millions and then to lilly
nullum dollars. In the meantime
Mrs. Humbert devised tt story iu
uecotdance with which under cer
ium ctslitions which she never
made very plain, she was to have
a large" interest in the properly.
She brotighl up from her former
home iu the province a sister, and
not very long after the sister came
she represented (but it hud Is-en ar
ranged by Mr. ( rawfiud that ins
nephew mid Mrs. llumlsMt's sister
Is- hiui ricil, and out of this fifty
million dollars should come 11 very
liuiidsomc dot for the bride; but iu
some way, she herself would have
a very large interest in the remain
der. 'On the basis of these stories
which are generally very vaguely
foliuuliitid. she excited sillliejei I
interest to induce bankers to make
loans to her based upon this pros
pective fortune. With her first
loan she built 11 line house. Sin
set up an estiililisiiieut 11ml enter
taint il lavishly. Her aggregated
loans went into the hundred thou
sands. Liter she built liner bouses
and purchased u hunting box iu
the country. Her entertainments
became the most coiispieioiis in
Paris, conspicioiw as well for the
quality of her guests as lor tlie
expense of the entertainments.
She cunt limed to Imrmw until tne
aggregate passed the million mark.
She increased the extravangaiice
of her living nnd continued to Inn
row until the aggregate passed
the live-million mark. She still
further continued to borrow from
the bankers until the aggregate
passed the ton million mark.
Think of it! Without anything
in the world as an underlying basis,
this woman I oi unveil more than
ten millions of dollarsaud has kept
up the bnisness of borrowing for
more than twenty years. Kleven
bankers have committed suicide on
account of the ruin that the loans
have wrought. 1 hiring this ti
many efforts have liecu-made to
1. lien the safe to examine the se
curities. Mrs lliiHilM-rt has
seemed to co-operate with th
who wished to open the safi
lit'giil proceedings would be stin ted
to get nn order ot court Million
inir the Duelling of the safe
Mrs. Humbert always averred
that under instructions from Craw
ford she could not open the sufi
aud could not allow it to Ik1 done,
but il court chose to do it, she
would not resist. Mysterious law
yers would iipH'iir ou the opposite
side and claim to represent Craw
ford. They would insist that tlie
property was Craw ford's property
unit that II lie warned 10 iock h up
j, . I I : i a. a ..
in a sale, 110 conn nan rigiu 10
break the iwfe open; the safe would
not lie opened until ( rawlonl cou
These things could not have
taken place except in France and
in a Stable -Swift Work-
Manna Ponton, a uegio man.
W.14 luichcd at Halifax, iu tbi
Slate, Thuixl.iy iiiyhl. and In
IhmIv riddled with bullet, lie con
lew.1 lo killing ami assaulting tin
little thirtrcu Vi a 1 old il.nicliiei of
1. 'apt. t.iilliu, imd was Ivnch.d on "' "
Ibe same uight that the crime a
Stevens. Keloid inanv good and ' inecnii.i. who mot wan mi
line 1 hiii... nmiiint Hie et il of grandp-iiviils bad U-en lui d.
the Si.liisU
Ibe f.Ilo Ml.l
n. nt out !..l., ll.c l ie
ri u! lela i.t of pi,! ,e 1
. I 1 1 r-Msi to Mil-
calbtl to tinier by lU-v. W. V.
Iloncyeiilt with siiigiiigand prayer.
Iter. W. V. lloiH-vciilt made Ibej
oix uiiig siieeeh, followetl bv Mr. ,
In ' w
tile l,eH !
Sl.ilr llVi- ti
I lie li;!tli
IV ll-
. I,-..
111!. 1
I l till
II lit
. I Li. l tl
! - I in
t.11 1 11..
1 1 .-1
I a .
I p.
M It..-
! ll.
stn.iig ill ink. Then Mr. Stewart r Kraiiuiuom. r is gau 10 ....
'.lor Iter. .ue weui 10 uie si sine
I and found the door locked. Sin
'then out the little gill's Sister
being paid by Mrs. llunilicrt.
Having Iss-ii brought to
Paris Mrs Humbert w:is put ou
trial for swindling. Tne trial
is now in progress. Mrs Hum
I. -it is more theatrical in the court
than Ibi-yfus was. The prosecnt
tug attorney makes a statement
and Mrs lliiinls-rt gets up and iu
a theatrical way calls liim a liar.
The judge makes a ruliiigaiid Mrs.
IIuiiiImiI p'ts up and tells him
that be is prejudiced. She insists
that il the prosecution is continued
cvcrvthiiig may be spoiled; that
she is able to produce the Craw
ford, and that she will do this at
the proH-r time. The law vers ami
the coin t tiy to Mrsuade her to
make full statement and she tie
elines Then at another time she
gets up and oilers to make a full
statement and the court declines
to hear her, aud so the trial is go
iug on, looking to an American
like more of a travesty than the
llreyliis trial was. K.ich phase ol
these priKitilings seems incredible.
To think, that for twenty yearn 11
comparatively uneducated woman
could go 011 Isirrowiiig money
while loaners never saw a security
worth one cent, and that these loans
should aggregate leu milliiis of dol
lars, is more than iimaing. il can
not seem reivsoiiable.
Although the story bus ls-en told
iu the papers as it has progressed,
the public has In 11 large extent
lost the thread of it. For this rea
sou the proceedings of the trial ex
cite very little interest. The
thread of the story is lost, but even
ut this date Mis. IIiiiiiIh iI is defi
antly holding out that she can pro
duce the miilli luillioiiiare from
America and that she w ill if she
I win isto and that she won t ll they
don I iilil harassing her, and 'ill
this seems to Is- taken seriously by
the French court.
The above is a resume made
practically from memory and may
not In- altogether accurate, but il
is siillieieutly accurate to give a
good idea of the story as it lets
progressed of the meaning of the
short reports Is-ing made of the
IliiuiU'it trial in Paris The
story of the sw indles has
never caiiL'ht the attention of
Americans and little interest in it
here. In I'.uglaiid it has excited
considerable interest by way of
curiosity. Mr. T. P. O'Connor,
the Irish member of I'm lntiuent,
has put the story iu u Isiok form
uiiilertlietille' Phantom Millions,'
and this Imnk has had considerable
sale iu Kughkiid but cannot lie
found in an American Imnk store,
the American people Isdng tip-
pearetitly indifferent.
Hayor Ashcraft is High Handed.
Mai-iollli- lli.nn-.
Pi'idaviimi ning eleven colored
hand were employed to work on
the streets here. They worked
till I J o'clock and then they con
gregated at the depot uml forum
luted a strike, unit without milk
iiit; r iv, proceeded to
"striko ' for higher w ages or short
er time. The matter wiis reported
lo Mayor Asherufl who promptly
gave them shorter tune. He gave
tlii-111 thirty minutes to clear the
streets or iipis-ar and answer
charges under the vagrancy laws,
They soon made themselves scarce
ou the streets.
of South Carolina was introduced,
who spoke very strong against in
teuiM-raiiee and the disieusary of
South Carolina. He hossl that
our law would Is enforced. At
this poi'it dinner was announced.
Kvcrylssly was well cared for aud
plenty remained over. After din
ner we again Is-gait Ibe exercises
with song ami prayer, and Key.
Mr. Winu of South Carolina was
iiitrtMluced. His shs-cIi wxs full
of excellent adviis'. Col. II. (i.
Hotchklss ssike iu bis (a'culiar
foKs-ful and convincing sty le. Tern
'i.ince had a siiccesslul ilay, unit
blind tigers had Utter look out or
they will U- caaghl. We have not
pace to tell all that was said. The
tM-akitig was well done and gieat
giHHl will result.
Miss M illie Perry of Marina held
i i viis-s at Allan, Sandy liulge and
New 1 lots'. The issiple were well
ileiLsed w itb her discourse.
An uhundniice of rain has fallen
this section for the past two
weeks. Crops have improved full-
lot billy, in lael, we can say they
ire pretty fair.
I 'rot rati i-d meetings at Sandy
llidge, Wolfe Pond, Mt. Pleasant,
Ml. ProsiM-ct and Trinity have
Ihs-ii held. Much earnest pleach
ing was done aud we trust much
goisl will result.
1 he chinch bug has done no harm
lliisycar: iu fact, there is none to
Is' Keen. bie man said lie saw two
iu the spring, but be killed those
wound lias seen nunc since.
.l. C. I..
Resolutions ol Respect-
Wrlll.-ll fer Tin- Junml.
Tre gieat and mysterious reaper,
hose name is IVath, with bis
cold, glim visage and noiseless
hand, ctilue 111 hisoiiiiiipotenec and
.lined uway from iimoiig us u
(lower that was just blooming into
loveliness Miss Amelia Hurley.
She was a leiuiHiiary iiicmlwr of
the Meadow Itrancli Sunday school.
I herefore U' it resolved:
I. That in her death our com
muiiitv uml Sunday school has lost
good girl and a consecrated ineni-
11. That w e have lost one w hose
record here has tieen irreproacha
ble in every respect. And though
we feel thai her death was iintinie
and are sad from the fact that
one so young, good ami pure should
lie taken Iroiu us so soon, yet we
dure not revel in these mysteries
but "llclieve where we cannot
prove." We accept the truthful-
nessof her own words t'ocl knows
III. That we will ever cherish
er memory and lovely christian
haracler, and believe from her
sweet life that she went to (iod, the
great soul of the universe, and is
uow iu heaven.
IV. That weextend to the family
of the deceased our deepest sympa
thy in llieii Is reaveincnt.
X. That a page of our records be
devoted to her memory, 11 copy of
these resolutions lie sent to her sor
row-stricken family, and 11 copy Ih
sent to the tiastoniu papers, also to
the Monnie papers lor publication.
Miss Annik Hakkki.i,
Miss 1. 11. 1,11: (It tkn,
Miss Makv Pkkky,
put the little gill s
through an oih iiiii" in Ibe ibsir bo
ber too b.ik inside, and Ibe gul.
slumbled over the dead Usly of bet
little sister. The was cut
m-ii.m.Is. .. .'.ii.c i t N..'1.
t .11. -111. I Il ls oldi led th t!
inciitsol :i'i icuii i,ii h.i.l In i .i .tl,t
HI .lU lb. sci, h.js 1.1 tlie i-M!.:i.--o
"All mode 1 n ai is aud I
U in titling by Ibe
adapt itinits ot s. 1. u e.
houlil shale 111 tie s.- Im i.
has lul u fully ib-!iio!.sir.-.i
childieii can Is- t.inlil llu
from ear to ear and the ImmIv tied
up in a lug.
Ibe crowd that gathered
caught the negro made 110 alteuipl
at concealment and ipiielly ills
iH-rsfd alicr the execution.
mental principles i t
I loll of the sill li .1 a-
., ,1 taught the fiiiel inn ir
ol m illiiiiel 11
deed, :l iu
,1 prim
and 1. 1iMi1t.1i.
1 11 in. 1 ai' !'
I.t i' s i
I it s ..: t.
I .im. 1 :s
..iilv ll
1. 111
t lu ll' OH 11 111 t lie -li ti ji .
of in lei 11 III--, on) n: in
Gray Hair
" I bsvt used Aycr's Hsir Vlf.or
for over thirty years, ll ha kepi
my scalp free from it.indnilT snd
has prevented my hair from turn
ing gray." Mrs. F. A. Soule,
Billings, Mont.
There is this peculiar
thing bout Aycr s Hair
Vigor it is a hair food,
not a dye. Your hair does
not suddenly tarn black,
bok dead nJ lifeless.
Buturaduallythcold color
comes back, dl the rich,
dark color It used to have.
The hair stops T illing, too.
II tl a M l. k rattua.
ir rout tlm-RH ntir-'l a iM''T
aw4 ! .!. aaptna
tii a twttl. llatnrvaiKl citattMi aaaia
at jour aT-.-aa oltlf. liUrm,
J. C I K CO., Laamll, alaja.
Puts an End to It All.
grevious wail oft inies conies us
1 result of iiiils-aiiilile pain from
over taxed organs li..iness, llack
neb, l.iver compluiiit and Con
stipatioii. lint thanks to lr,
King s New Life Pills they put an
end to It all. Irv tbem. Only
.'.V. (iuaraiitis'd by The F.nglish
Drug Co.
The Right 5tcp.
Our lit. nil itf Mar.livllli-.
There are lots of progressive
tic iglilHi hoods in this county that
might adopt the bstd tax system
and have strong and pet iiiiinciit
sclusils for their ehildreii. Sever
al districts in the county have al
reatly taken this progressive step,
aud they are proud of it. Supple
incut your public sclusil tipprw
Diiation by local taxatiou and
you'll have a sound basis for a per
uiancnt school, and it w ill make
you more public spirited, more
liberal, more patriotic.
The Death Penalty.
A little thing sometime result
in death. Thus a mere scratch
insicnilicant cnts or puny boils
have luiid the death ls-nally. It
is w ise to have Arnica Salve handy,
it's the best Salve on earth and will
prevent fatality, when burns
Sores Fleer and Piles threaten.
Only '.W, at English Drug (Vs.
Our Ice House is opposite J I
Lockhart & Co.'s store. Phone
us when you want Ice. No 36,
Cadiku ALUCB,
I'ha ti. r,,..
The indictment
Mi I low ell county for
Is-eanse they had a
Isn't Dueling- i must learn tbes.- prmcip
I their i.ei.
of two men oil "I be Stale b-.,n!
dueling." j ll
it M;. -li
.11 lilt Is
is anil
II,. Nt . .net I ll.sel el tllbllsb--.!
li-, ! vi ,,1 o, ct. ijit-s itstt-d .ti lav
it in. I'i l.'i:. uli township. The
1 1 1 !! ,1 i.t "I U ill t is-s.s of the
. 1.,;.! - a ..I ;.H'Hi 4i..,ai-tl b) all
. iw ! l.uest is that of Col.
. I'. Vielnw.. .ce plesitb-llt of
i.e H ." :.. ii I: .1.1 w av, w ho ret ur its
.'.'.. '' In.- iti' ins tint to!.
i,-!iu. has ail .tlillillt illistlne
il l. 1 - 1 il i s .111 I ii i s an. I ptlH.iy
...1 I wis.- (avid ..f s.'.t.T.Vi.
I. 'I ..ll.t!css the l.lll-sl of
.11. .. ; a I he !.,:,-. I he i.-t
' 1 1 --i ii.i.Mi.e itMtiiisl in Itaieigh
isio.ssi,y yiis. p. P. Tinker,
li.-i 1 i.e ia i is Mi. .1. II. I'oii, elt',
". it is piesiimed that Ml. Poll's
lliee i.t ti lls M Kieil. I1,.1(HI in
a!i. i i.t.elv il not entirely from
hi- liu in u in-.-. and Ibis is
. dniii' it -s. lie- laigesl income of any
iawvt i in the Slate, which is not
siipiisjnj Hheii one comes to think
of it. l-.i Mr. Poll isalKiut the big
s! ,n vti At iht State. Finest
l!a.v""i. let is iitidei indictment
lot lie1 in. 11. lei ot skinner, IVtlll'IIS
an ii.e.'iiie ..I J,.'iOo.
i "'" I'" ' ' '
lilllv illustrated I tot
ami lint bv apNiiiilemeiil by the fiii tiiissiil.e,t ab iei,
waters ol iiuck crts k and fotighl alile teacher 1-.111 l-acb
it out without weaKius ami withj iug the luethtHls ti;;,
their naked h. nuts, is lo U- totally lunik. Ihisliouk is c,
llsapiroved. Iu Ibis wicked anil
adulterous general bin. when the
revolver, the razor, tlio club and
the torch uml brass knocks are so
much involved as means of "get
ting even," the sett lenient of dif
ficulties by the fair means of an
oM-n fight with Imiv bands is lo Is
applauded. In this case an indict
incut for sin all'ray and a dismissal
of the matter with the costs would
have been just abiiul the right
1.11 -it
V l.el.lll
a texi I nok
ha! an 1 a
I IV follow
-ltd 111 tin
!Y.i uii
am! I- pun
Wanted lo
"Stan 1 1:
t s
I bar the Fxidcnce-
McNutty," said the
-:i ate. aie you guilty
' ' "Faith, an' it's
.1:1 t Uil thot till Oi
K nee," replied McNu'-
... . "I suggest that all pupils 111 -
Ibe charge ol criu.ii.inally ,.,,;,, , ,,,.,. ' vjj 1 ,
lulling Ins own daughter, .11 ,,, ., Mll, ( ;l C W'Artrt C
ly. a white ol this cily. ;1il.i,.1v .,,;,.,,. ,. a.,.i,.d ( I! UlU 0
1 scut to jail by Kecorder S j , ,. ,.. - ?
bouse yesterday, and will Im- , AI L. .
d for his life at the pre scut 1 -nd of Hitter Fight- I .a s-.n..r.
I earful Crime Charged toa l ather.
I'liarinli.- III.
On the charge of criiiiiiiinally
assault i
tried for his lile at the present
term of Siis't ior Court.
A few days ago ltecdy was sent
to jail for .'id days for vagrancy,;
and the evidence given at the trial ,
indicated that be had ls-en guilty
of incest. A tut her examination
by the recorder resulted in Itccdy's'
Is-ing fortnally charged yesterday ,
with crimuiiiial usiiilt 011 bis 1 1 ;
year-old daughter, laniua b'eedy.
ii tin slated that she bad been oyer I
come by he father two years ago,
and thai the incest nous relationship
bad Iss-n substituted until recently.
Corroborative evidence was not
Itcedy was leftiscd bail, ami ( 'tu
sent to jail. Kuillia lleedy will Is' toba(Vi
sent to the rescue home. A 1 ttc.
younger sister, seven years old,
wsll ls sent to uu orphanage.
culture for liegiiiiiei .
Iislied by .11111 . I ... It w i.i i
ou sale at all Stale ih -posit. .1 ies.
Section lit of the tet li-iok laV
ITtftnias all butiks adupit d by tin
text tiook commission to be ilitln
diieed ami iise, as text I ks 14
theexelnaioii of all olU.-is iji all tl-0
public lieo schtHiis ot the St.iis.
Iu conformity, tliereime. to ti
law of the Stale, y mi alt insl 1 in led
to sis- that every teacher i i ll o
schools, white and colored, under
your siiperv isitui, athls this sublet I
to the tegular Colli til Hist! net lull
I A Chunk ut Wisdom-
"V -u 1 in t icdge a man by de
hi -iint ,.f ii-us lie makes," said
I n. h- I 'liL'ii. "D.- locomotive
itag.ii-'i r ilun' bis easiest work
baji lie's ringin' de bell an' bluw
'mh tie w! isllt.
A Cure for Divorce Evils-
Tt -it'll ) it b )S brea.lwiiiiiing
ss! ' ii is ht'j.el making.
ini 'Ii.: div.TCe miis will soon run
out i t c:..-!.
1 'al aaaaaaaawWaaraaaj
's Seeds
" Two physici ins I, .el a lon ami
stllllbtilll lillt With III abi ess mi
my right Inn-" 1 tt.-s .1. F. 1 1 1 : .. : I : -1
of Diil'niil. Iia. ".iiid gave uu- up.
Fvcry bully tbouhl my 1 nut-
come. Asa last result I tin 'I lb.
King's New Di.seoveiy toy I mi
sumption. Tin- beiiclit recoiled
was si 1 iking and I .i-im my oil
I III a lew ilas. Now I le futili ty
regained my health." It cmiitiiis
all Coughs. Colds mid Throat and
Lung tumbles, i.u.ii.iniecil liy Pug
lisb Drug I'd. I'liec.'.Oe. and !'.
Trial buttle lice.
to sec tne Iar ciicvvnij;
snoring t.iUiivo, cig.u.i,
S. K
I all CM.
11 rs who tie-
t uii-i t lulortut-
farm Seeds
f,a Wood's New
ii I1 tells all lihollt
v ...(...,.. -m, . 1 , 111. an iti.Mii
1 tin- i-tit ! : .11' -ii- ui Lettuce, Cab
hie .ut minr Xcgctable crops
V iilii' a .tie pt.i.ii.i' -a pii'lttahk- to
.-oii'.i -in : i.iut 1-. Als,) atniut Clover, Vetches,
Grasses and Clovers,
Sc:d Cits, Wheat,
Rye, Barley, etc.
VCt .. !'-'-e I .lilt '11 iiloeue nuiilisl
ft.s- v re.p! t. rite for it.
Sec-uamcn, Richmond, Va.
Miss Kodman's School.
' Tlie J.tiirtial.
Wunllaw, Aug. 17. Miss Pearl
Hodman of Wiixhiiw, who has
charge of the Wardliiw High
School, is fast proving herself the
thorough, accomplished teacher she
was reputed to be. Miss Hodman
graduated several J em's ago from
Peace Institute uml afterwards
taught in the public schools of tiiis
county, where she made an envia
ble reputation as a teacher. She
tiso hits a life certificate obtained
by standing very rigid State exam
inations lhisullows Her to teacn
in the public schools unywhcie in
the State without standing further
examination. In addition she has
taken post graduate work at the
Fniversity of North Carolina.
Wartllaw people compliment
themselves oil securing her aer-
vices. The school is in a flourish
ing condition and every patron is
well pleased.
5uiclde Prevented
The startling announcement that
a preventive of suicide has ls-en
discovered will interest many. A
run down system, or desMindency
invariably preced suicide and
something has been found that will
prevent that condition which
makes suicide likely. At the first
thought of self destruction take
Klectric Hitters. It being a great
tonic nervine will strengthen the
nerve aud build no tlie system. Its
also a great stomach, Liver and
Kidney regulator. Only IWc.
Satisfaction guaiautccd by Eng
lish Drug Co.
I want your old Iron. j. D.
S. K. Doster bai just received
lot ol Dice Hamf.
Mr- Hale Yet Wanted at Olive
Ci.rrt'-litmilt-ni I I'I"' Jminiill
Olive Hranch, Aug. IV Mrs.
I.iiiir t J. Smith bus returned home
from a visit to her son, Mr. YV. I..
Smith of Xew York. --Miss I
I'.iiucoiu is visiting ber brother iu
Salisbury. Mr. and Mrs. I lusty
are visiting friends and relatives in
Norwood. Mr. Connie I'uiiii and
his sister. Miss l.illie, of Concord
sM-nt a few days w itb their friends
nt this place. Dr. Smith ol Polk
ton was in our village Wednesday.
Miss liilln 1 1 iiistui has a prosper
oils school at this place Mr. Judge
ti'iiiblv has accented 11 position iu
the drug store at Marshville. Mr.
l!ea Sinclair has entered school at
Wiagate. Mr. Killa Dav is lias en
tered scIuniI at Marsh ville. -Mr. II.
A. Kroom is spending the slimmer
ut home.
Protracted meeting ls-gins at tin1
first Psiptist church next Saturday.
Spring has come ami gone, sum
nicr is almost gone and Mr. Hale'
of Montis' has not visited our vil
lage Jet. Tlie scenery is not lis
grand as it w its iu the lov ely spring,
nevertheless we would gladly wel
come Mr. Hale yet.
Ill iug Viuirchickf iisand 1 l5-;iiiI
gel highest prices ill c.lsll ot Hade.
We buy tbem. M. I '. Hmmuii
.General Insurance.
Stri'imtli and v ic -r ccino
Rood food, duly d'gestcd. 'I '-.liC,'
a s. tve win. I and bailey
loud, a. Ids ll biill"li,l'lit .sustains,
nourishes, inv ii;-it,itis. "
Paw n liroker's Clothing
Strictly sanitary. nil vvi d, men's,
ynullis and biiy s coats lii'tii 5 n".
to $-' ii. (miiil cii"iig!i ( r .inv
one Ij vvc.r. v nils cut ui Ji '
ami $Jo suits, l utne and scf tne
and I wi'l s.ive ymi mniicy on
y our cli thing. Only tu minutes
walk (ri'tii and tioillivvcst id the
court house I 11. Hi n t"S,
' Monroe, N. C.
1 1 1 "
. ' lnhtv
. l.iie, AmJiiit, Health, I-ia-.111.1
all I'las.-es, ol Casuality In-
a 11. 1. in-. Unly the ln'st and strongest
1 uinp urn - rt 1 1 esenti-.I 1 rcecttul-1-
tteiii it 'ia prfliiii.iL;i-- and guai'au
trf p 1 1 . . 1 , 1 t .i I i tli- lent service. Ol
fl.f lit t t..illtliell.-e. riimie So. 1.
fl cool Head
l-v- ;v tlesnalile ut tins season.
Hiii lie, 111, si tu), pure lec is the
I nsl imi. line, iiifliiini you ran get.
Ill the If lligfl.itul' Its lasting
ipulity in it crcat economy,
1 want your c.
all kinds. See
liiiti) -pr
tne bi.I.
S. K. D
illlCC 1
It .1 1.1
ill s 11
i . It-tin
tu the cli'iinifss ami cool
Miiiitiier drinks of all kimla.
i- t i deliver it to your rs-
habits in the Child.
The following is taken from a
paH-r 011 Habits and Will, by Mrs.
theodorc W.Hirney, in I ho ih-
lineal or for Si-ptctnlsr: "The hub
its of reverence, gentleness; court
esy, honest v, courage ami patience.
like their oppotiites are absorls-d
by the child from those with w hom
he is most closely itswa-iateu. It is
in (best- attributes that 1111 ounce of
example outweighs a ton of pie
cept. It is a charming custom to
lose no opportunity either iu read
ing fiction or in the circumstances
attending ou everyday living toex
press an enthusiastic appreciation
of tho good, the noble, beautiful
and true, but valuable U-yond and
alsiveall discussion of these virtues
is "To be as nearly as we can w hat
we wish our children to lie."
carry Iht anakawttl
stantat triataa alawf wstl H can faaat
rVal ippwrt la aasimary haal
SaaA iat In. MMata.
amrr a bowni. 1
aa-tl raarl Slat, Na. allaVxsatu.
"Have You
"Xo; I have been here all dav
and have just Mailed over to llil!
l'.iycns' to d my little trading.
I can get btttrr bargains ova
there than any where else in town.
"You sec those fellows started
out to selling real cheap in order
to get a trade woiked up and men
when they got a good Made from
all over the county they did not
Jo like most othcis, gradually go!
up on their goods, but they con
tinue to sell so cheaply that ev
erybody who knows the;n and
has ever traded at their store con
tinues to do S3, and they cannot
and will nut go elsewhere.
"A great many think their ad
vertising in the papers is their
best advertising, but I am sure
their goods and piices advettise
them more extensively than any
thing else."
Tickets fur sale in
Waxhaw Institute,
WiiiliawN, C.
Enlargements Made or Planned.
I. filth i cither Added lo Faculty.
Mi's I h, .tin th littiMiiiui; Chears of
1'ity, N. L., student three years
at 1 ,t I li t l'eiii ile L liiversity, Kal
S.1.I1, is to j -i-t iu I'liuiary and
liitetuit hate lt 11 tuie nts. Miss
thf.iis ttuni s Imjlily lecoiiiinended
as tu -putiu'i, nifiital and other
e-1 01 pri 1 1 ;it.
II. rw Dt paitnient. Miss Chears
will 1 x . 1 . 1 1 1 t.iU' a itinall class in
fcx'ies-inu. She graduated IU El
prcssii.ii at It. 1-. t'. iu May.
III. C.aiesHUideuce Coilise, bullish
lah latllie.
IV. Summer School for 1004. Work in
coimnoii and hi;h school branches.
Fur iiitui ination write
J. K. W, Waxhaw, N. C.
What better advertisement
we need than the above?
Yours truly,
Hill & Bivens.
BakM KMmt att BtatMar RIM
The Wingate -School
oHrrs excellent oppoi (unities to boys
and girls preparing themselves tor col
leK., lor business or lor III. practical
duties of hie. Last year tbout to stu
dents iirenared at Wingate were in
the various collets of the State. The
patronage of I.irI session came from
16 counties. There were enrolled a5r
students. More than 7 of these were
boarders. For thorough work and for
quietude aud freedom from tempta
tions Wingate is not to be surpassed.
Our music facilities are exceptional.
Fall Term opens July 27th.
Write for new catalogue.
M. B. DRY, Priii.
, i

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