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One Dollar a Year
A Note orthy Paper by Grac Mur
ray Pcckham, TV D , In the Aug
ust Delineator.
Althutih lb rtiidy of domrnlir
mummy u autre dili'iill) pursued
liy boiiK-ktfiN-n. tliuii rtcr hefora,
llicpf ia still a great majority alio
have not rightly cuuMtlrreU tbr
food rub!im r rVaru lite uinta
to solve it. Muy wh i are adi-pta
iu ruliimiy art do not umlrrsttind
the right prvportionsuf tlievariou
kind of foods wct-stiry to the sri-ll
bring of the hiiiuau liody. Thru,
ou the other bund, many solve the
problem to their own gatUf.trtion,
and their fad and fancin in regard
to food are often the rails of the
stomach trouble ahicb they aim to
prevent. In an article in the An
n t IVliuentor, Dr. Grace Murray
IVckliain dutr-amr the food prub
lent, and her observation should
brin if light to who do mil
rightly uudrretaud the subject. We
iiote from Mrs. IVcklmui's paper
in folio a a:
The ever recuirine iiiiwtion,
"Wbut ahull the family have to
eat V coining aa it doea thre bun
dred and sixty five day in the
year, and thrice three hundred aud
sixty-five time, U the uioot trying
Hint perplexing that confront the
housekeeper. The reiteratiou of it
uflects tlie hoiiM-kceiier's nerves
lifter awhile, ami often to audi an
extent tbut the whole household in to take refuse in a boarding
house or hotel, where a table it
spread daily without any trouble
except to those who are mi posed
to U; well paid for it. While a few
may live to eat, nil must eat to
live. The happy condition result
ing from eating just the riglil
nmount at just the right time U en
joyed by very few. The human
family could very well be divided
into two great clause those who
eat loo much and IIumc who eat too
At the present time the atudy of
douieMir economy U more diligent
ly pursued by the hoiiMekeepvr
tiiuu ever before, yet there ia a vast
majority who have not rightly con
sidered the problem or takeu the
means of aolviug it, ult hough the
live and health of those whom
they hold dearest depend upou iU
proper solution.
The liuniau lody I a machine.
Food ha for it purpose the devel
opment of energy, force or power
to enable the machine to do the
work necewinry for the existence
of the indwelling individual. A
simile often used is to likeu the
food to the fuel which ia necessary
to keep the fire for boiling the
water to make the steam in un en
gine. It nerves to illustrate the
condition a well a any. In order
to maintain the health of the body
the process of uutrilion must go on.
liy this is meant that the supply of
chemical constituents which com
pose the body must be kept at just
such an amount aud in just snch a
proportion, the one to the other.
The chcmisry of the human body
and of food is, indeed, an intricate
one, the discussion of which, how
ever profitable, would take us into
deep waters, leading out into un
known depth which even the wis
est have not fathomed. When the
many problems ure solved, doubt
less there will result uot only in
creased powers of the individual
but also increased length of life.
Kouglily speaking, the foods
which are suitable for the human
being are divided into three classes:
the starches which include bread
stuffs, potatoes, grains and sugars;
the nitrogenous foods, which in
clude meats, nuts aud some few
vegetables, such as beans and peas,
aud fats. It ho beeu proved that
man cau live boat on a diet which
is composed of a mixture of these
substances. If one were to eat only
tarchy food, such a bread and
most of the vegetables, there would
not lie enough nitrogenous food to
With Catarrh of the Stonacaw
Pe-ruM Cured.
should be thoroughly understood iVOL'Na MAN SHOT TO DEATH.'
by the cook.
Cwimau Botaiawef WlaOakl, Kaa.
Ia a meant latter to Sr. Hartnua.
Coaeraaamaa Bo Ik la says t
My Pear Doctor It (Ivea sm pleaa-
are to certify to Um excellent euratlrt)
qnallUea of yaw medicine Finn and
Manalln, I bar bees afflicted mora or
1m tat a quarter of a eaatory with
tank of Um stomach sad eooatipaUon.
A reeldeaee la Washington has lacnawd
then tronblea. A few bottles of yoor
medicine hare glrea bm almost oom
plrte nUcf, and I am enre that a eon tin-
nation of them will effect a permanent
cur." J. D. Botkln,
Mr. L. F. Verderr, a prominent real
estate agent, of Augusta, Oa vriteri
I mmv bttm a gnat tmtHrtr from
ctTrbml lytpeptia. I IrM may phy
ucuma, rrar a job aaaar ipnmgt,
batlbolitY Perunm hat 4mm avort
tor aw fJkaa af ot tbt asors awe
L. F. Vtrdty. ,
Tbe most com moo form of stunmer
eeurrh is oatarrh of the stomach. This
is generally k aowa aa dyvpepela. Peraaa
core three eaees like magic
It you do not drrlYe prompt and aatls
factory racolu from the tu of Psruna,
wriu at onoe to Dr. Bartman, girlng a
full statement of yoor ease, and he wilt
be pleased to (Ire yoa his raluable ad
rtee grails.
Address Dr. Ilartmaa, President ot
the ItartmaaS an i tar i am, Columbus, (X
tion Powders are fed to horses
and mules, marked improvement
will be seen after the first few
doses. There is no doubt about it.
The Powders, acting directly on the
digestive organs, first thoroughly
cleanses the stomach and bowels,
correcting all disorders, and then
good healthy appetite comes nat
urally and surely. It is the most
powerful tonic and appetizer on
the market to-day, and when once
used horsemen will have no other.
Ashcraft's Powderi produce that
silky sheen of coat and hair so
admired by horse fanciers. The
Powders fatten but never bloat.
Always high grade and put ui
in doses never in bulk.
By the use of three or four doses
a week yonr horse or mule will
not be subject to colic or any dis
ease of the stomach and bowels.
-I had aa el Son teh -rr tm
ennllt." rnrellf Ht waa lt Md e a
Mod dlarea Otl we. auln IS' Salt
ee o I ran th. .t oj A.a-
.1 i. . . ea . .i-. M for rlawfl
rttri iwunioa r"wsria e , - ' ,
. 4. i. sWh tiartnr tha Wk I
fW th BaiVn nrt h WfM BtsvW fl"oaH a Rf
of tttc .ntn.1 T"ty lnfiH bf U
a .1 I. A ka toal aiaiU alBMBt 1 Ifff
tl1n I mn-t Iwamlr rweaiB'aii aabeialO
.i4 lonw an4 eeyiieir'-O. c- '. Utee-
Ask for Ashcraft'f Condition
Powders. Package 25c Sold by
English Drug Company
eupply the demand, or such a bulk
would have to lie eaten tbut it
would unbalance the system. (Sci
entists who have experimented say
that the proportion for tbe animal
system should lie i nine of fat,
twenty two of llesh forming sub
stances and sixty nino of starches
aud sugars. 1 be housekeeper dww
not stop to reason much about these
matter, but follows tradition in
regard to cookiug and adds the fats
of butter, bacon, pork or oil to en
rich tbe substances destitute of fat;
the bread is spread w ith butter, the
ham is filed with the eggs, and to
the hominy is joined the hucou. If
meat with its nitrogen is not plen
tiful, this is supplied by cheese or
peiut and beans.
1 he element which are to tie de
rived from the food must be, as ha
already been pointed out, in a cer
tain ratio to each other iu order to
supply the waste in the tissue.
An excess of meat will tax the or
gans to carry olf the surplus nitro
genous product; an excess of vege
table (the starches ami sugar
which come from a vegetable diet)
will leave a deficit in llesh-forming
food utiles takeu iu such large
amount as to dilute and overload
the stomach. Again, if excess of
fat be taken the fat is deposited in
the tissue and impairs the nse of
the muscles, eveu shortening life
when the depuxit is in tbe muscu
lar tissues of the hem t.
Mo, too, if the time of the meals
is uot properly regulated the health
may lie impaired. If t hey are in
freiiicnt, the hunger may cause the
taking of too much at a time, and
the stomach may thus become en
larged. It taken too often, the food
of the previous meal may still lie
in the stomach when the new rood
will mix with it and cause decom
position aud fermentation. Then,
too, tbe organ constantly employed
is like a Jaded or overdriven horse;
tired and worn out, it become un
able to perform its duties naturally,
the gland of the stomach being
unable to manufacture tbe digea-
live secretions fast enough and in
sufficient quantities to digest, the
food taken.
The first use of cookiug Is to
make the sulistance cooked more
digestible. Tbe great distinction
between men and animals is that
mail must have hi food cooked.
Kven with the savage and barbar
ous tribes, cookiug is almost uni
versal. Cooking ulso develops
flavors aud creates a variety where
by tbe appetite is tempted. Tbe
higher the civilization the more
complex and extensive tbe meth
ods of preparation of foods.
In view of tbe recent scientific
discoveries ot germs and bacteria
which exist in all varieties of food,
the value of cooking is shown, for
It U by this means that the gernis
and poisons ran be destroyed. It
ia unsafe, especially in travelling,
to eat uncooked vegetables. Hul
ads often carry tbe germs of typhoid
or tbe eggs of parasite and should
be avoided unless one ia sure that
they have been most carefully
cleauaed for the table. The same
is true of fruit. Those which can
not have the outer skin removed
before being eateu should be either
cooked or to scrupulously washed
that one may be sure that they are
freed from all Imparities. The
heat of cooked foods promotes di
gestion. The different kinds of
rooking, the boiling and stewing,
baking, roasting and braising, fry
ing and broiling, each have differ'
ent objects ia view, and these
If the object is to rook and retain
, the flavor of nieats, the beat should
be great and its application imme
diate, or the juices aud Haver will
vanish ; the heat coagulate the
albumen and euranea the meat
with a crust through which these
cau uot escape. If tbe meat is old
and tough aod tbe object is to ex
tract tbe nutriment, leaving the
fibre unused, then the meat should
be placed in cold water aud the
beat applied gradually, the process
of cookiug being carried on slowly
and for a long time. Cooking ia a
1 promt which reuders mastication
I The way to escape dyM'wia is
,by constant and conscietitiouscliew
ling. N'o tough, fibrous substance
should enter the stomach. The
teeth are the sentinels w hich stand
on guard aud should be made to do
their duty. If it is uot possible to
masticate a substance thoroughly,
do not swallow it, for it will rciuaiu
in the stomach for hours, a foreign
body as irritating to the membrane
of the stomach as a speck in the
eye. Meat fibre, stringy and tough
lobster, the rubbery mass of au im
properly rooked Welsh rabbit, are
some of the commonest cause of
rank indigestion. If the stomach
is very strong, it may dispose of
these indigestible after a time, but
it powers are weakened una a
chronic dyspepsia will result.
Another reason for thorough mas
ticution is that starchy substances
uecd the saliva for their digestiou
and should not be sent dowu to the
stomach unless no prepared.
Iu the broadest acceptation of the
term, all drinkables, water, etc.,
coffee, beers, wines and liquors, are
clashed as foods. In a previous
article it has Is-en ixiinted out how
essential to life and well being is
pure drinking water. The rxteu-
tive use of tea and coffee has much
to do w ith the ill of tbe people.
Much indigestion and heart dis
turbance is brought about by their
habitual use. The effect of these
are what is known as cumulative.
A small amount taken day after
day and year after year may nut
show its deleterious effects imme
diately, but in the course of time
will result in tbe breaking dowu of
the individual. Aside from the
principles of temperance which are
involved, as a mutter of health it
is a great mistake to make use of
stimulants daily, for when the need
comes for them iu time of sick ueas,
they will uot have the same bene
ficial effect as upon one who has
not liceu in the habit of taking
them, aud often so much more is
needed to obtain the desired result
that the stomach, weakened by in
dulgence and disease, is unable to
bear it.
A Boy's Wild Ride for Life-
With family around expecting
him to die, and a sou riding for
life, 18 miles, to get Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds, V. II. ltrown,
of Leesville, Ind., indtired death'
agonic from asthumu; but this
wonderful medicine gave Instant
relief and soon cured him. He
writes: "1 now sleep soundly every
night." Like marvelous cures of
Consumption, Pneumonia, llron
chit is, Coughs, Colds and Grip
prove It mutchless merit for all
Throat and Lung troubles.
Guaranteed bottles 50c and (1.00.
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IV a.
Mr Blvens' Corn Harvester
Waahaw Entrrprlw.
Perhaps the first corn harvester
ever iu use in this section bos been
at work in tbe fields around town
this week. It is a fine piece of
niechainisin and harvest the corn
as though it had a certain degree
of intelligence of it own. It cuts
the corn and ties it iu bundles and
bunches it like a reaper doea wheat.
It is drawn by two mules and har
vest several acre of corn in a day.
The machine is the property of Sir.
II. F. Bivens. The corn harvester
is a great feed saver, espeeiully if
its work is followed later by that
of a shredder. Farmers are of the
opinion that many of these ma
chines w ill toon come into general
use in this sectiou as they are now
in other parts of the couutry.
Timbers of oak keep the old
homestead standing through
the years. It pays to use the
right stuff. ,
Men of oak" are men in
rugged health, men whose
bodies are made of the sound
est materials.
Childhood is the time to lay
the foundation for a sturdy con
stitution that will last for years.
Scott's Emulsion is the right
Scott's Emulsion stimulates
the growing powers of children,
helps them build a firm
foundation for a sturdy consti
tution. , , Sen tor free aamp.
COTT IOWNI, Chemists,
09-4IS Pearl Street, New York.
SOo.and ll.OOl ail drwtstet,
Russell Sherrill of ITount lila. a
Vmber of a Prominent Famliy,
Meets Death at the Hands f
Thoe. J. and Chalmers U White
of Concord, Uncles ef flUs Annie
White, Whom It Is Claimed
Sberrill Betrayed.
Sahaherr rlel M Ohremrr.ntk.
A homicidewitbpeculiarly tragic
circumstances occurred at i o olork
this morning at ML I'lla, a station
in liowan county ou the Moore
ville -Winston Kailroad, about 7
mile from Moorcsville and 16
miles through the country from
Halisbury, Hussell Sherrill, a young
man of prominent family, being
shot and killed by Thomas J. and
Chalmers L White of Concord, iu
an altercation growing out of the
seduction by Sberrill of Miss An
nie White, the orphan niece of the
two slayers. All those involved in
the affair aie of prominent family
and of high personal standing.
Immediately alter tbe shooting
the White brother set out for
.Salisbury, where they surrendered
to the authorities.
Ibe following statement was
made by counsel: "Yesterday our
clients received a letter from Mi's.
Samuel Archer, whose first hus
band was their brother, James
White, the father of the young
lady iu the ease, the letter reading:
Annie is ruined. My God! What
shall I dot Please come at once.'
These gentlemen, being the uncles
and nearest male protectors of Miss
White, their dead brother'sdaugh-
ter, hired a team in Concord and
drove to the home of Mrs. Archer,
where they spent the night. They
found Mrs. Archer and Mis White
iu great distress. This morning.
shortly after 0 o'clock, they went
to the home of Mr. Sberrill, who
bad seduced their uiece under
promise of marriage, and after
wards refused to man v her, and
conversed with him ou the porch.
They asked him to keep his prom
ise of marriage and he answered
that be would die fiist. They still
insisted that lie marry her, and he
started towards Mr. Chalmers
White in a threatening attitude.
Both the brothers retreated to the
end of the porch and told him to
sit dowu and reosou alKiul the mat
ter; that all they asked was that be
marry Sliss White. Sberrill con
tinued to advance iu striking atti
tude and both the brothers tired."
The only witness other tiiuu the
principal in the affair was Mrs.
Josephine Sberrill, the widow of
the late A. K. Sberrill and the
mother of the young man who hud
been shot. Slit) rushed out ou the
iMirch and threw herself on the
still living body of her sou. The
dead man w as 22 years of age aud
personally popular. His family is
one of the most prominent in the
The Messrs. White are natives
of Cabarrus county, having been
brought up live mile soiitn of ton
cord. Thomas J. is 411 year of sge
and Chalmers I- .I'-'. Both are mar
ried. They are men of the highest
cliuractcr and standing and neither
was ever iu any difficulty before.
In the killing of young Sberrill,
Chalmers, the youuger, tired first,
and then the two tired together,
making three shots, all of which
are believed to have taken effect.
Both men were armed with US-cal
ibre Smith & Wesson revolvers.
The niece whose honor they sought
to protect is 18 or 1!) year of age.
Coroner Dorsett will go to Burlier
Junction on the night train and
drive thence to Mt. I'lla to hold an
inquest over the remains of the
slain man.
Another Account ot the Killing.
Wlnton.alrmSrlal In Obarrvf r, ITth.
At Mt. Vila, liowan county, at (i
o'clock this morning, Mr. Mussel I
Sberrill, aged uboiit 22 yeai-s, was
shot down and killed ou bis moth
er's front porch, by two brothers,
Thomas aud C halmers W bite, A
report of tbe tragedy was brought
here today by passengers coining
in on tbe Moorcsville tram. It
appears that the two brothers went
to the Sberrill home and called
Russell out, saying they wished to
speak with him. The latter was
accompanied by his mother. As
soon us Mr. Sberrill reached the
porch she saw there was going to
be trouble and she Ix-gan pleading
with tbe W bite brothers not to kill
her son, but her words were iu
vain. Each brother bad a pistol
and both licgan firing. One ball
took effect just above SherrlU's
chin, going through his head,
He fell on the porch aud died al
most instantly. The two White
brothers walked off, going toward
Salisbury. It was reported that
tliey iiroiHised to sui render to the
slierUT of liowan. Their plea is
that they killed Sberrill for ruin
ing their niece, Miss Annie White.
All are prominent parties. The
mother of the murdered mail was
almost crazed with grief when the
Mooresvillo train passed Mt. Vila
this morning. Ciipt. I'arker, con
ductor of the train, iu respouse to
a message from Mrs. Sberrill, weut
to her home. The body of tbe ton
was still lying on the front porch
and tbe mother was walkiug tbe
floor ringing her bands. Mrs. Sher
ries husband died two years ago.
I A Short Will.
EViWrHMt!k Spn-lal O Ckartottt- OWrrtr.
The will of II. C. Jones, a prom
ineut and well to-do ritten of this
county, who died a short time ago,
was admitted to probate here yes
terday. The will i interesting br
rauae it ia so short The following
is a ropy of it:
"Mills Kiver, Angus! 9, iwrj.
I do hereby will, devise and le
qiieatb all my proierty, real, per
sonal and mixed, wheresoever situ
ate, unto my Moved wife, Belle
Jones, and hereby appoiut her aa
the ante executrix of this last will
and testament. II. (. Jonkh."
- Tbe w ill was properly witneted
liy two men who proved its genu
i ne ues before the court yesterday.
Judge C. M. l'Hce, who baa been
clerk of the Suiierior Court of Hen
demon county for 35 years, said he
bad admitted to prolwte and re
corded quite a numlier ot will in
hi time, but that the one quoted
above was the shortest that had
ever come into hi office. Another
gentleman who was present while
Mr. race waa talking about the
will, said it was iudeed a short in
strument, but in eftect it meant a
good deal, perhaps. If the will,
short though it is, meant nothing
more, it saves tbe cost and trouble
of au administration, and if every
person while possessed with health
of body and strength of mind,
would make such a w ill, an untold
amount of litigation would be shut
off aud many dollar tbut usually
go to lawyers and courts would go
to the people that by good right
they ought to.
Suffocated 246 Martins.
ins-fiLnijrrlal t Sewn and Obivner.lAtli.
There was a sensational arrest
and trial at Burlington yesterday
of Mr. George W. Anthony, oue of
the wealthiest aud most prominent
citizen of the town, ou the charge
of cruelty to animals.
Before Justice of the l'eace Rob
inson, Mr. Anthony wo bound
over to the next term of Alamance
Superior Court, under a bond of
100, which he promptly gave. The
warrant against Mr. Anthony was
sworn out by Mr. W. J. Weatherly,
game warden of Guilford county.
Last week, it is alleged, during a
storm, a great quantity of martins
took refuge in the chimney of a
house belonging to Mr. Authnuy.
Tbe occupants, it is charged, asked
Mr. Anthony how to get rid of
them. He advised the placing of
a wire cap over tbe top of the
chimney and setting a fire of straw
in the fireplace. This was done,
mid 210 martins, by actual count,
fell to the floor suffocated and
burned. There Is said to have been
givat indignation in Burlington
over the arrest of Mr. Anthony.
Gave Qold Pieces for Pennies.
A.hrvlllr I'll lira.
Sheriff Reed tells a story which
illustrates that it dors uot pay to
take rare of tbe pennies, for by so
doing a man lost ten dollars here
Sunday. He was a traveling man,
and on hastily catching a car for
the depot that morning wished to
give a bell boy ut tho Berkeley a
dime. Ho found he had no dime
and threw to the boy what he sup
posed were two penuii'tt. On the
train was Sheriff Iteed, who was
going to Greeuville with a prisoner,
Sol Norton, and to him the traveler
told of his giving away ten dollars.
The man returned here witti tlie
sheriff and Monday night they went
to the Berkeley where the sberifl
assured the man he would get the
money, n Frank Lough ran would
uot have any one except honest em
ployes iu tbe house. Tho sheriff
asked the boy where the two pen
nies were, aud ho replied iu his
trunk at home. He and the sheriff
went to tbe bouse and sure enough
u the trunk were the pennies
which the sheriff turned over to
the man. The employe said he did
not know they were five-dollar gold
piece, but thought tney were
bright penuies. Sheriff Reed say
that a boy who will lock up pen
nies In a trunk will surely get ncn.
Shot from Ambush.
A sneciul to the Charlotte Chron
icle says that T. Lucian Lucas, a
runner of Stewart's Creek town-
aliin. Harnett COIltltV. was Oil his
w ay to Dunn Thursday he was shot
dead, either ny some one naming
nrfroin Ambush. Lucas, accompa
nied by his ten-year-old son, was
on a one-horse wagon loaueu wun
tnrnentine. The shootine occurred
while Lucas wo Dossing through
the Beaver Dam section on me
Cape Fear river, near Averasboro.
To Cure Cold la one Day
Take Laratire Brooio Quinine Tableti.
All droggiita refund the money if it
fails to curs. E. W. drove's stgaa
tor is oa each not. sj cents.
Mystery As to the IV t hod of Their
Return--Said to Hate Cost SI.
000 to Oct Them Back.
Senr ari Siwrtal k'harl.4lr obinrr. Urth.
There was a story receutly print
ed in tbe Raleigh paper concern
ing tbe recovery of the two one
thousaud dollar bunds stolen from
the safe of Watson & Godfrey, in
Joneoboro, last November. It seems
that the partieeiu Kuleigh connect
ed with their return are uot "talk
ing for publication," and conse
quently the manner in which they
were returned seem to be a mys
tery so far aa the public is in
foimed. The bonds were North
Carolina 4 per rents., aud were the
pros?ry of Mrs. J. I Godfrey of
Joueslsim. Thev, together with
about I..VK) iu rxsh belouging to
at sou & Godfrey, were stolen the
night before last Thanksgiving dav.
All eflbits to trace the perpetrators
of the theft were futile, and Mrs.
Godfrey had about given up hojie
of recovering her projierty. A few
days ago, so the story current in
this community goes, Mr. J. L. God
frey, busUud of the lady who
owued the bonds, received infor
mation from au attorney iu Raleigh
that be could secure the return of
the bonds upou payment to him of
1,000 in cash. The attorney sub
seqneutly refused to divulge the
name of tbe party in possession of
the Itouils, merely stating that a
elieut of his bad come into posses
siou of them and had learned that
they were stolen. Mr. Godfrey ac
cepted the proposition, paid the
money and received the bonds, aud
so tar as I know ha uo idea as to
who stole them or bow they turned
up. The matter was kept quiet
and out of tbe puers for some rea
son, aud their return was not gen
erally known until the coupons
were presented to the State 1 reus
urer for payment.
Child Training.
In an article in Tbe lMinenitor
for October ou the education of
Girls as future W ives aud Mothers,
Mrs. Theodore V. Birney dcsrrilirs
a practical auu very suggestive
plan which was adopted by one
mother in the instruction of her
own children and some little friends
of their. She ha organized a club
to which she will give a portion ot
every Saturday, for the instructiou
of the youthful uiembersiu cookery
aud other housewifely duties. To
lay the foundation for a thorough
training in matters that pertain
to wifehood and motherhood, each
little girl will be given a doll, pre
sumably s few days old, which she
will be taught to bathe and dress
and to do the hundred other little
thing necessary in the cure of iu-
fants. The members of tbe club
will follow the babies through the
various sicknesses to which chil
dren sometimes succumb, and as
the imaginary baby grows older,
an interesting feature will lie the
introduction of queetious of oliedi
euce and punishment, etc. This
training will doubtless prove of in
estimable benefit to the children,
stimulating an interest in home
matters and giving them an under
standing of things which every
woman should possess. More clubs
of this kind should lie organized.
iGneap Flour
Mis Bod Floor!
Shot at a Hog and the Bullet killed
a Utile Girt-
rrttar-,la, r!a . l!-atrh. . j- Jf .
While tiring a revolver at a hog
which was eating up a bitd ol
Voung chlckeiis ut her leiue ut
Gull I'oiut late ve4eid.iv al:ermiii,
Mrs. Louise Tidciu.ui accidental
shot and killi-d the little d.uulit
of William hnigtu..s, a neililn.r.
the bullet entering the hack of the
bead of the little girl, passing
through the brain. Thctwo houses
occupied by th.' families are s p,i
rated by ulsxit ." xanK In I lo
rear of tbe Douglass home, the
children had constructed them
ulav house of Ixiards and canvass.
and they were playing in there i
hen the little girl met death. j
The bullet tlnviiuh a
board, entering the liack of the lit ) an a!ul lot of
I e pin s head. Mk I ntcnian wan! v
lot aware of the fact that the cliil
dren were in the play house.
When the bullet struck the little!
girl she fell forward. Her play-!
males, although hearing the shots, 1 1
at first did not know w hat had oc-
currcd until their etlorts to make1!
her rise proved fuitlcss. 2
All kinds of school supplies at !
Welsh's I )ruR Store blank boi.ks; J
crayon, paper, puis, ink, iiili.s, ig
t lowest prices at Welsh's.
" for tw ytsrs I suAVe1 ter
ribly front dvipeptii, will ire'
deprtMlon, and wis always feeling
poorly. I thta tried Aver's Sana
parillt, snd la one week I wits
Mt aisa."-Joba McDonald,
Philadelphia, Pi.
Don't forget that It'i
MAyer'H SarsaparilU
that will make you strong
and hopeful. Don't waste
your time and money by
trying some other kind.
Use the old, tested, tried,
and true Ayer's Sarsapa-
rilla. DJIiMaa AStaulei
aJUZJartlia. Ht .11 wei m
Valuable One Horse Farm
For Salo!
Hy virliw of an ,.r,l,-r f t. eli-rk tin- Su
Tll.f d'Mrt III lilt- Si.m-ikI ei'--t','l!IL- H
ill I,, r C'uf.-r . i.lrtliil'ff N'xl I '-1 r!.- I'Uf.-r
ami ,.Om-is irp il.-lM:.latil-. ll i- -jti,l imum I.'-
In fi.r wile i.f Unit I r wtriHii, I a i.l. on
Fearful Odds Against Him.
Bedridden aud destitute. Such,
u brief wo the condition of an old
soldier by name of J. J. Heavens,
Versailles, O. or years he was
troubled with Kidney disease aud
doctors uor medicines gave him re
lief. At length he tried Klectric
Bitters. It put him on his feet iu
short order and now he testifies:
'I'm on the road to complete re
covery." Best on earth tor Liver
and Kidney trouble aud all forms
of Stomach and Bowel Complaints.
Only AOc. Guaranteed by English
Drug (.Oj
Her Son Killed by Indians.
Washaw KntrrprlMf.
Mrs. Betay Brady, who went
from this section to Thockersville,
Indian Territory, about eleven
years ago, returned recently and is
now living wlta tier son, Air. r..
Brady, near Wilson's Old Store.
Mrs. Brady is now 77 years, and
was therefore an old lady when she
went est. She will spend the re
malnder of her life in North Caro
Una. Mrs. Brady Went nwaV with
her son, Mr. Goldston Brady, and
lived with him iu the IndimTer
ritory until he was killefl by the
Indians last February.
There ii more catarrh ia this sec
tion of th country than all other dis
ease put together, tod until the Ust
lew vesra was supposed to DC incurs
ble. For a great many years doctors
pronounced it a local disease.tnd pre
scribed local remedies, sod by con
ilantly failing to core with local treat
meot. oronouoced it incurable. Sci
ence has proven cttarrb to be a con
ititutional disease, tod therefore re
auires constitutional treatment Hall's
Catarrh Core, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the
only constitutional cure on the mar
ket. It i taken internally in doses
from 10 drops to a teaipoonful. It
acts directly on the blood snd mucous
surlaces of th system. Tbey offer
one hundred dollars for toy ess it
ftils to cor. Send for circnltrs and
testimonials. Address, '
Tolido, Ohio.
Sold by druggists, 75c
Hall family pills are the beet
I want your old Iron. J. D,
Our Ice House is opposite I J,
Lcckhart & Ca'i store. Phone
ui when you want Ice. No 36,
Cadibu & Wallace.
Saturday, October 17th, 1XU.
Ihr li-mr of .ulr L-lwr I-.' V.-k. M..ii! tl
i-iiirtlii'ii-i In Mini !-,, N ' . pvibi..- f
al.l Mll-U- aiu-iiMii far -nHi l IIk- h'-.'hil
ItKlilt-r. a .s-rla I n I riwt r (mns-l of mut i.--i-rila
n Ml.,: l.yuia tint U-in-r in In
Slmr itfj..rtli -rilliM. I moil I oii.ii i
villr t.wn.hlt. lli 4t--. f K.iv toil,
i-n-k, i.ljoii'liiir lii-i.l. ..1 s i Hi ; 111.. A
M -n,-H, Imnir 1'hif.T nimI otti.-r., i.-nu h
(uirt f tin- .l.1 'IIkiiiim- t,ni!iti i-.tnu-luii'l..
Mini It-lntf nii.r, wrtii-iiUrlv l.--iil.t in
,lwil I.KS-UI.-.I l.y H. K l-liifi-rmi'l if- I" I. I
I'lnff r on -JihI .las' ',f .Iniiunr) , ll.'. r. foil,-H in
B... i. paw l.,f .Ui-il. Ill On- ,,-.- ,.l Oil-Ki-iri.ti-r
of Ihf-il. nf I moil County. N ' . lo
Itirh !! r,ir,( r-'i'lil"' 1. n.-n hy IllMilf.
ciiiilaiiiiinr foriy ll,r ,-rt-. morv 01 1,-..
Tin- L-rni" of alr m.h.
Ill ll. S-l.l,-ll!tT lllll. llH
I K k IKUIiH .11. l-omim...,lii-r.
Ailom., .Ivi-oin,. A Ai inilfl.l. .tity
Tax Notice.
I will he at the fulluwiiiK pl.urn on
the dates named for tlie purpose of
collrcliiiK taxes for the yrr 1113:
Olive Branch, New Salem tuunlilp,
Thursday, October 1st, hjuj.
Maishville, Mar&hville toiibliip,
Friday, October 2nd, 1903.
Horn's Store, Lane's Creek tnwn
ship, Saturday, Octohrr jrd, lyoj.
Irliy'a Sttue, lluf.iij township,
Tuetday, October dth, 190J.
Wanliaw, Jackson township, Satur
day, October 14th, looj.
ked wine's Store, Sauitv Kidi;e turn
ship, Wednesday, October 7U1, 1903.
Indian Trail, Vauce township,
Thursday. October Hth, 1903.
L'niouville, Goose Creek township,
Friday, October qth, njoj.
Monroe, Monroe towualiip, Satur
day, October loth, 1903.
Those failini! to meet me at the
above named places and srttliiiK their
taxes must settle at the office by the
first day of December, 1903, and save
Cost. Respectfully,
li. A. HORN, Sheriff
Sept. 3, 1903. of luion Comity.
Valuable Farming Lands and
Town Lots for Salo.
I mill -rll at III- O'litrl limw door In Moll
nav N.I'., "II SATI KliAV.nrlHIIKIlSl.l.lwM.
al IS ii'i-!a-k m , for i-a-li, lo Hit' hli'li,-t i nliti-r,
thr followtlnf ,IT1IM yaltialili- ri-al i-'iitt-:
l-t. A farm III Bnfonl town.lilf,, ten intlt-
aniilh nf Molina-. mi Hti- tVolf 1'.!I nmil n
lamina- H74 ai-iv. ition- or li--. Alum! a thri-i'-norw
farm on iilaw . yooil itwr-lllitir am! oiit-hiiuM-H.
Nt-ar th Allan -i-roml. Ailjoin. tin
farmmif Oihi. M Ijiiii-y. Or. tt . II , 1 1 i.hli- an.l
,iOii.m anil Ik known a. On Krown Ijim-y
Knit A farm In Bnforil tnwii.lill'.roiitanil il
sa a-ri'. more ur li', ailjoltiiin: tin- IhihI- of
I'lirpito lit-lk. J H Nn-oi aimI Minor Kntiiti-r
tmrk. liol,l ha. li'H ll yrT.I on tin. Ian,l
ThI- trarl In ii-arlv all wrll iIihIh-ii-,1.
unl. A lrai-1 ol Iiiiki in tinioni iowii.iii
nown a On-I'yron Mm,-, 'lln-tr u a uoltl
mill,1 nn t'lf Irai-t, wliu-li i-olilaiii-. atu! 7-
air'i. Thrrt' un- in or l-J -rr- ol ol'i-ll Ittit't on
trai-t. ami llit-rv i. n li-nmti ii.mi-.- on u.
Til I trarl a.ljoln. I In- la ml. ol .1. r.. n . Ailtl!i.
. nil. .11 ami "Mot.
Oh A In tin- i-lly of Monroe hl.t wi'-l of
til. (Min-i-lllli-r tlt-jtot itnil ta-twit ll tin- I.., C A
ml r. e. nan row,!-, ami l-oiiininim.' a.. mm
vren. U.S. I K K.
Airi'iil tor Mr. A. A. I.ain-y.
It's low price i the maker's ex-
rui- l .r the inlrriorily of his
proJuet. bad fl ur is bad flour
uo matter tiow it it maoipulat
rj aud juried in packiuj. It
a!l reuits bark to the tame
thiuK. Good fl jur mixed with
p,t will improve the quality
nl the 1 leu.l, but like mixinr
white paint with black, it takes
ih lie to pro-
avert -it. liad or cheap
f? .in is Uc-kwiK in r,luteo, the
nutritious portion of the wheat.
It also contains a large per
rentage of the pulverised busk
or flit-ll of the grain. All of
which you dou't waDt. There
fore, we cautiou you to ask for
the "Invincible" brand. Tbit
brand is sold at tbe lowest
pfice for which really first
cljss fluur can be sold, and itt
price is the highest you need
to pay iu order to get the best.
Mr Newmau, our local baker,
says: "Invincible" is the I can
get for baking."
General Insurance.
l ire, Life, Accident, Health, Lia
bility and all classes of Casuality In
suunce. Only the best and stroogest
companies represented. 1 respectful
ly solicit your patronage snd guarau
tee prompt aud cfticieut service. Of
fice west of courthouse, l'hone No. I.
Mortgage Sale.
My irtin i.f h iti'irfiTttiM' 1el l m Pieulttl
ti j f. r.s., nii, K t'riH.k aiift In wifr nn
.Irinitrtn liih, W'l, Hint rvf-.tilt-At in (he itltlrft
! in.- Iti'k'i-iiT i.f .f I it toil rHtuniy in
tk . m j : M. I ill -II i iii 11 lr auction
at tlie I'ourilii.tiMhx.r iu Minrt,N.t'.,
on September 28th, 1903,
(t-rtRiii tmi'to ut iwr-e of lmii an follow:
I- ir-t TiHt'l ; h.'(riiiiilnit al .in xluinit ft
hi 'kir- . ut r taHk mini tinw r-tl oak, former
K.i II W niflii-li'i' ttriifr, and rum with
In- I in- ." K l hM I iih ami 'hnk,Ctt)inK
h 1-rnKrlt to inik a inai-lf, two htt'ko
r a'ol two wititT iiakx, tht'tnf N. 11 K. ii
cMiutiK mikI fn tor litikti, rrtMMlnsi Ktfwart
y.f k vi-fk lo tlmt K-tt ttnk nlliir, on
"hk aii't wnf.T 'mh ihiitilciv lii an old tlfld:
tlo-iH-4 N. W . iff chNMii aiol 76 link lot ml
iMk iir a uHtiT itik and four t okit. thnoa
m wi i . ;t. t'tiuiiii, 'i'.,iaf um It iirtiirh to a' )'V a r,-t utik, iwi tank. 1'iiit and hickory :
tht'iiti- ( K. .-V rlirtllitt, Cfoeiti.UK two mail
l.tttti.-iH- f-i tin- M'ii n n mar.
iotHl '1'rn. t : itfixiMtiiiiht at a p-Mt oak hf
w nit'r ok, two liU kor and two walt-r akH,
f..t iiH'rlv Km-tI litrfif"Ut 'h, and rune) with
-unl it tu-N. '.r-K ;i7 t'hmtin uml Mi linkx. rnw
liiir fi'irr Kork To a waN r oak liy a watr
ink itnil -i hlrii-k Hkn, tlifnif tho divUUm
: i in-t :i lo riiniii to a tilark iai'k by a
hi-I nk. (u pine, and two blaw'k JB4-kii , thmpei
Ml . J" tlu ni- lo a ina 1 1 red oak by a htck
iii,1! !i-l four hmI mil.'.; HoMirt- A. 16 K. Tehalii
and link-to a ri'd oak l.y a waUT oak and
f 'iir pu-i -mk-, fifth roriu-r 4tf Hit flrel tract
ri'vis-. ttii'ti.-f wtih two liiii of nald purY?y of
ll .HtTt-iiu.-t a followo; k jn K rhalna and
7 htik- to titn-r to-t oak -rtbliMit x a iMtoak
tiiiil lour mitt-r orifc" ; thciift' f W. Kl chtiiti
and ltnk. froxinir Mi1il crii-k air n In to th
U'lfiiitilnit, llo- two tras-tn ron la i it I hjT tiiK
ttri-i. tn'r' or !, U'Iiik lh tract conveyed
t.vV .p l' mil and Wll to M. H, Hwiyit un
Jniar- l-li, 1k;7, W.f!, HKATH.
Hi) A un ust imIi. 1ku, MorlKkftc.
Notice of Election,
1' (son h 't it ton .liTiied one fourth of thu
fn hi'Mi-r- mihln Tnnltv pscliool IH-lrlct. No.
a. fi.r tii-Hints' rto' in Ha ford townwlitp, th
Isoinidrirti f wtui'h arc x.hrtlly Mtati'd In
-tnd i'iilion, finorM-il l.y the I ounty Hoard of
Kiltiivtiion. It id ordered that an election m
lo'ld on tlie .Mtli dny of !4'it'mlr, In Maid dll
Irii-I, at Trinity rltoo Imhi-c. to aHcerlaln ths
mill of th' )M..ile therein, whether there nhall
In' li'Vlrd In hjihI dl-tnct a Mfieclal annual tax
ot not more than c nti t.n the iltnnm valua
tt"it of iirt.iM'riy. and nt more than Wi cent" on
tin- "'lf It HiippU'inent the iiutillf mcIiooI fund
tthifh nmy h itH.rili.ned lo nald dlxtrlct hjf
t'.-tinty Koaidof KdiicHtloii. tn caN nuch a pO
rial t.i h voted, and it If further ordered that
i M.l riiM'V lo ,.t)Hilnted Kt-Kl-trmr. and thai
U I. H-lk Miid K h I'ee-st la? Nitotnted Juditva
f.n -unl i lffiloti. lit all n-MiHi-to aald election
th,il! !' held ti t'ftiired hy (hapler 4 of I -aw a
ol iwol. Voitiin nhifi' at Trinity M'Ikn.I houat,
J M nl KU KT. n. rk to Hoard
of ( oiint) t'oiHitiin-ioiif ri.
Mortgage Salo.
Hv virtue of a nioriiraife deeil to n extH-uted
on fii'i'ttii'fr lih. 1. t.v I- " r-'it-Tt nnt r--corile.1
til the ortwe of lite Ki-kfl-ItT ol Hi'diof
I iilon rou it tv in UM.k A !. nm- li. Mi eii
at hi It? auction, at the (..nriliuu-e .I.wir In
on Saturday. October 10th,
11, the follow in tract' of land ;
K rt Tract- A.ljolnliiir tlie inn. in ot m. e.
Iavl, IVterCraliV. L, M htin-r, . r. Hr.M.m,
K. Au-tin, J. J, KiitK and tunert. coiuainiii)c
Id acre, more or H'".
second Tract l.yini? anil hemi! in ine low n
itf Hanhaw. on the Norlh -Idc of the milr-wd.
a. I join it i ir the Woiey haily lot. SM Met nin.
dec aed. ami other", ond knioAii a the i. H
aIH or Klllim lIH lot, e-mratnini! Here,
f of leu. MtlRKtlW. A I H A I".,
Thla (ciitcmlr Tlh. Mort(atn i .
Executor's Salo of Stocks.
On Thumdav. the 24th diiv of M,'hi,-m!er,
at 12 o'clock, in.. nI thr county curt louf d-wir
.f MrH'klenhurif couniv. t it i nxrioii.-. . i ., tm-
nntlt-rNistned a eaMiior of .lanie J iini. de
ceased, will cll to the It Itf he-1 hlddt r, at puli-
Urauctloit, the follow Itiif r :
i Twenty hare id tin- capital toe or me
(Commercial National Hank ol Charlotte, Pi ..
of the par value of one hundred t$ltf.H Uoi-
iar per mare.
HII weiliy nsrp" minrrsuitsniirii;! uir
rirtit Natltinal Hank nfi.a"torua. N, V . of the
par value of one hundred ii-u.h doltarv mt
(li Riirhteen unare-. m ine capnai toca oi
the Piedmont nothing Mannfactnrlnit Co . of
Charlotte, N. O , of the (r value of live hull
dml tVsiaiiiti dollar tier nhnrv.
4i Twenty -live aiiaren of ine capital ioci ot
the Allen Hardware Company, cnanoiie. .c
of the ar value of one hundred i$hHm nt
tai Twenty aharea of the capital ator-k of the
M,nn.N. '.,ol On- r alu iC iliMl kl
lara nr ahare.
Trrnta of aale: Oa.h.
Fierulnr nf the M ill uf Jamea J. Mima, ure'd
Srpt. s, laua.
You Can't
Beat He
in flour, coffee, sugar, molasses,
candies, etc. The most complete
ine of tobacco in town; any price;
only one quality that is the best.
Best vinegar 2oc. per gallon.
Two inc. bottles fresh EAGLE
Have you tried "Our Blend
Coflce? If you havn't, try a
pound. Those who use it are
still praising it.
rorce, Grape Nuts, Postutn
Coffee, Oat Fakes always fresb.
Everything guaranteed to ev
erybody. Prompt delivery.
Bring your country product
here for best price.
Phone go i.
Mortgage Salo.
Hy lrtw of a mortaae dVed executed tv
otl ine nn nmj oi renr-mrr, imn, oy s. Miiien i'.
Norwood, and reet)rdet la Ihes.ltlccof the Rev
liter of leeda for Cnlon eoHnty, In Hioa A H
ofdeeiU, on pare K' we will aetl at public
auction a I ine eHirinotjw ooor in Mtwinte
on 5turdny, October 1 0th,
im, the fdlowln deaerlheil nlec nf land. r
in and helnn" In the count of I nlon. JackMn
loanahlp, on the water of ft a thaw errvk
near the waihaw Hap 1 1 at ehnreh. ailltdnttisT
the land nf C. Riwm, H. D. Neath, and N. K
Yownjt,t3uatAlnlrii V. acre, more or lca.
MttHHdw, HKATH C.,
Tlila September 7iM, Monaffee.
Dissolution Notice.
t haee aold swy rmeery hnalneaa In Monroe
to the IJndtey ttrooerj Company, which will
be eonuueica ny tneru in me ruinrt. ah mitu
will be paid hy the l,tndMf ornrery Ctimpatiy
a tut an acvownw noe one uiu rm tnnn tw naoi
to the aald company. O. I. HUl tUH
epieaiber TU, twi
fl Gooi Head
It very desirahU at tbit season.
Our clean, solid, purs let it tbt
best cooling medium you can rt.
lo tht refrigerator itt lasting
quality makes it great economy.
It adds lo the clearness tad cool,
nets of summer drinks of ill sindt..
Have at to deliver it to your res
idence daily. Tickets for tall ia
any quantity, l'hone jS.

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