North Carolina Newspapers

One Dollar a Year
Receivers Named For Zion City.
Which Has a Population of Ten
Thousand and is SaiJ to Repre
sent an Expenditure of Twenty
riiilion Dollars.
I'hk-ajf. li.tat-h, ll. dihVulties which lynn
during tin- crusade of J..lin Alexan
der U.w ie, the self stvled "Kigali II"
and Ins restoration h'..t to New
York a liiiiuth ai?and which have
Uvn r.iiiily i ncnvising since 1 low ie's
return. culminated n iiiht in the
redcral t ouri s taking session of
ail tlic proerty controlled ly Dowie
in Zion City. III. This town, which
was foiinili'd two years aui brIV.wie.
lias a imputation of oxer 1U.WK), is
t!ie general headquarters for Unvic's
church, ami is said to represent an
expenditure of .20,tHH.(kt(l.
Frederick M. Mount, cashier of the
Chicago National liank. and Albert
I . Currier, a law partner of Con
gressman ltoiiU ll.were apptiinted re-
ic.ur 01 ne proH-ny tlioir bonus V. Ewni Miteh.ll, S3 Loukrfaa.
were bxed at ) 100,0(10 by .ludKe'str,t,IndUn,polta,Ind,wrii
hoklsatt of the I mted State District "For the put fin yearn I htr rarely
Cmirt.wlio made the apHintmenl in;lxea without pain, hot Parana has
Hie petition of several creditors. The etngd all thia, and la a wry abort
receivers left for Zion City tonight Ume I think I bad taken only two bo
lo t.ike H-sessin of the properly, i"" or 1 ba reenperate rmy
llankmptcy proce.-d.ngs against k 'n?11,
1l.: ' i ..i ,, 1 0X not have headache or baeeeheeT
. .. V ,. , . " 1 , .. w , ' " "now.and hav.aome tntwett to
...I mi is mMM-m anil uiai nuiie Emma jfltcbeU.
hi lias iiiiaiu' condition tie com- Tba coming of what la known ss tha
mitted an act of hai.kruptcy by mak- "new womaa" In oar country ! aoi
in?; a pr- f. ifiil i ll iayinent. on No- graetcd by everyone aa If aba war a
vcmlier 2nd, to the Nnvtor Lumber a bleaalng. But tbera is another
Company for s.1,770. IV.wie has waenuiwhoo everybody Is glad to
Ixvn hard pressed bv hw creditors,,"'. 'Ty invalid womaa is
.i......;.,iu- ,i ....., iVeaclalmlng, "I have been made anew
. 1 . r . , vvj ? Dr- bom.
i , " r. V, ." u only aeceaaary to send
h.i i ro.c.i ni!.iuTe.iMui,iiiwiiciaiiy.lBIM,idd-, aymptoma, doraUou of
inwicis Kiionu io nave aceiimu- sickness and treatment already rewired
laled a siuiuil I lie head of the! to Dr. Bartman, Columbos, Ohio, and
Christian Catholic chiireh. the assets directions for one montb'a hraaimeat
(claim against him in thecouiae of
five weeks.
Tuesday it was tbe opinion tint
the liabilities of Ikmie would nut
amount at the outside to over J-'xi,-OtlO.
Last night it was l.v
the receivers and their atlorocvs Uiat
the claims against him make a total
of 725,aJ. The receivers today
found one of Pnwie't banks in oper
ation at Twelfth street and Michigan
avenue and they proemled to put an
agent in charge and had the
cluned. Judge Kolilsat later ratified
the action of the receivers in shut
ting down this bank as well as tlie
institution at Zion City. Kxpcrts
have been set to work on the books
of both institutions.
of the organization being estimated
at hctwivn and if.10,
(KKl.tM). Then' was a large outlay
of money, however, when Zion City
was started. The lace and candy in
dustries were started anil as both of
these ventures have never Uin a
paying investment a great deal of
money was tied up.
Last Wednesday low ie's first con
fession of weakness was made at a
rally in the lalx-rnai le at Zion City.
"A lot of you pivple have cash in
your pockets," Ikiwie said, to his fol
lowers. "Oig dow n and get it out.
It is tiod's and we need it in his
work. You an' cowards if you do
iiol give it up. )coMt it." Howie
ti Iked in the same strain for more
than an hour, tears glistening on his
chocks as he told of the financial
straits iu which the Zion industries
found themselves.
Instead of frightening many into
depositing, this appeal sent a long
line of people to the bank on Friday,
where they lined up at the paying
teller's w indow, drawing out their
money. than $3,iAH) was de
posited in the lank on Friday, while
the amount w ithdrawn was twice as
much. Late in the afternoon A. W.
liraham of Waukegan tried to with
draw his account of $300 and was
told he would have to give 30 days'
notice before lie could get his money.
Yesterday another effort was made
by Ifctvviu to get funds but the de
positors who appeared were few and
the deposits were chielly in trivial
amounts. Today Iowie asked the
lueiiiUrrs of Zion more urgently than
ever for moiiev. He declared that he
must have .5()0,IOO without dulay.
In the efforts to remedy the condi
tion of affairs at Zion City hundreds
of letters were sent out daily to
Howie's followers in other parts of
the country. In these letters all
Feed pale girls on Scott's
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the reasons why Scott's
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Kaianioa tea bay.
trrry bonk) at
soa feait St, New; Voii.
VU1 be promptly forwarded.
If yon do not dertra prompt and satis
factory reaulta from the tua of Parana,
write at one to Dr. Hartmaa, giving
fall (tatement of yonr ease and ha wUl
be pleased to give yon his valuable sd
vice gratia.
Addreaa Dr. TJartman, President of
The Ilarunaa Sanitarium, Columbos, 0
Howieites aro urged, almost com
manded, t sell their farms, stores
and everything else and come at
once to Zion City an 1 take up the
work of the church, it is declared
that the employees of the manufac
turing industries have not been paid
in f n 'in four to six weeks. What
little they have received is said to
have lieen paid entirely in the Zion
City coupon Uks. Karly in the
week before last I low ie made a trip
through the various shops, lie told
his followers and others that they
must either wait for their salaries or
must endure a substantial cut in
wages. This was agreed U).
The receivers, with their attorneys
and Custodian Ucdicske, with six
deputy marshals, went out to Zion
City tonight to serve iiHn Howie
the notice of the iwctvership. He
dieske and his deputies went to the
hank, whilfl the others called ujioii
How ie at his residence. As the otli
ceis were, alsuit to demand admis
sion to the tank, a man ran from a
rear door, t Mie of the deputies over
took him, and a second man came
running from the bank, shouting:'
"let me have those papers ; t will
get away with them. ' Redieske
threatened to plan them under ar
rest unless they returned at once to
the bank, which they did. He then
placed the bank, and the three men
in it, under a guard. While this was
taking place at the bank, the receiv
ers and the attorneys called upon
Howie and read to him the petition
and order which placed Zion in the
hands of a receiver.
Appeals to His Followers to Raise
Chicago Dtiati'h, aril.
A great gathering of the Howieites
was held at the taWnacle in Zion
City last night. It was called by
Howie for the purpose of starting a
fund of $1,0110,000 with which to
pay off all the indebtedness- that
hangs over Zion Cilv and himself.
The outpouring of his followers was
not one to bring chirr to the heart, of
the general overseer of Zion. Thfl
Uitx macle seats 6,000 people and
usually all these seats are taken at
special niwetings called by IViwio.
1 ast night the hall was not over half
lilled and tire gathering was not as
enthusiastic as might be desired by
a man who was in immediate need of
funds. Howie gave to his followers
a statement of the financial situation
of Zion City, told them that the as
sets were ample, the only trouble
being that he was not able to realize
upon them at once.
"The fiesh pots are the cause of
our coming here tonight," he said.
"They are a joke to me. For an
hour the dogs have thought they led
me. Hut, beloved, we are going to
kick them out now. We will kick
them out for all eternity.
"Those devilish parasites, the re
porters, came to me today. They
wanted to know what I would say to
you tonight. Did they learn from
me?" t
Cries of "Ko, no." "
"I tell you we will run them out
of Zion. I knew they were coming
before they attempted to pollutp
Zion. 1 knew it by the stench that
came ahead of them "
It is declared by the receivers for
Zion City that the affairs of Dowie
are in a worse condition than at first
appeared. Itcceiver Curric said to
night : "I believe that Dr. Dowie will
be able to pay off his obligations in
time. Just bow long this time will
be a something that ww will But be
able to tell until we have made a
thorough investigation of alt bis af
fairs. ' anderstand that Duwie
thinks he will be abis to setUs ail
hanging at Newbern.
At Xewbern, X. C, Tuesday, Chris
Dixon was hanged privately. The
case reads like a romance with a
tragic ending.
(lodfrey Webber, a substantial far
mer, was shot from ambush near his
borne November 22, l'JOl. He lived
only a few hours, and while dving
expressed tlie belief that Dixon was
the assassin. Dixon was tried and
convicted of the crime, the. strongest
evidence against him U-ing that two
pages of a magazine were used in
the gun wadding and a copv of tin
saiim magazine found in Dixou's
house had these two pages missing.
After being sentenced Dixon bnke
jail and escaix-d. He was rearrested
last October near Chesterfield, 8. ('..
after enjoying two years freedom.
The widow of Uitvmau he murdered
hail become his wife and was living
with bun.
Dixon's crime, according to the
testimony at the trial, was prompted
by jeaiousv. Dixon and the girl who
afterwards married Webber were
sweethearts before Weblier appeared
is a suitor. 1 lie latter being a man
of some moans she discard) Dixon
and married Weblier.
Dixon said yesterdav that he did
not kill Weblier. but furnished the
gun for another man to do the shoot
ing The name of the man referred
to, Dixon Mused to tell.
Child Loses Eye Playing "Indian."
CtiarlnOi Krw.
A distressing accident occurred in
lower Steele Creek yesterday. The
six-year-old son of Mr. Charles l"riee
was out playing with several of his
companions. Hie game was "In
dian" and each one was armed with
a bow and arrow. One of the little
fellows raised his bow and let go his
irmw. Ihe dart struck the little
Price boy in the left eve and de
stroyed the sight. The little fellow
has suffered very much from the ef
fects of t!w injury. -
A Costly Mistake.
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Most Trying Feature of the War.
(Xir Hunr.
"How would you like to bundle up
and start to the war as we did forty
years ago?" said Mr. Jas. A. Marsh
to an old Confederate comrade the
other day. "When I left my wife
and two-year-old boy," he continued,
"to start on the journey there was a
peculiar feeling of sadness that no
one can comprehend who has not ex
perienced it. Men may draw upon
their imagination and think they
know how it would be, but in in
stances of this kind the imagination
fails, and a man doesn't know how it
is until he tries it." This parting
with dependent loved ones at home
to go into a deadly conllict, the un
easy feeling about the comfort of
wife and children, the uncertainty of
ever seeing their faces again, made
such parting scenes the saddest and
most trying feature of the war, and
it is natural that in their rcllcctioiis
these scenes come more vividly to
the minds of the old soldiers than
anything else.
Quantity dinned to November 14.
Over Seven Million Kales Actu
ally Accounted lor- No Estimate
Oiveii as to the Amount That
Remains I nginned.
W,infft. littyau. n.l.
Tlie census bureau today issued a ' trying to save it
The Russian As a Soldier.
"1 'ie It.i.v-i in soldier, as i saw him
during the lloxer auiiaigii, im
pressed me as U-ing a fatalist of a
very practical sort," writes O. k.
Div.s in the Uivinla-r Kverv Usly s.
"If it is Ins tune to m his life he
will it. and there is little use in
He might as well
repon on we quantity oi oiton p, to e ,,!,. as another, and it
ginne. inmi Hie growth or r.XU up makes no difference wIh-iImt he g.a-s
to and including November 1 1, show- jn, , gitit or k.-eps ..ut of it. I Ie
uig the total commercial hales of j travel, the line of Last resistant.
1 .0.0. IV Lnj fnm ,1S ,evel,.ps a blind, but
yi uB-wi v.oi.f,M were square uten Unintelligent oliedk'U.. That
oaies ami jiiwj in -a isiami crop
" I bad a moat stubborn cough
for ainy year, il deprived me
of a leap and I grew very thia, I
tbea tried Aver Cherry Pectoral,
and wal aulcily Cured.'
R.N. Mans, Fall Mills, Tenn.
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and such testimony as the
above have taught us what
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
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est cough remedy ever
made. And you will say
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There's curelnevery crop.
TamXHai ISv, Ml. M.
tf aa aava Ma a.
eaw aa aa a ar. Mm t
la Ma iCkav Ml laaa H. Ha .
Lewe ken. Wa ara minx.
i.e. atulikUnll. atoaa.
bales. There were KI.AIG ginneries
oarated tins season up to and in
eluding Novemlier 1 1.
1 he cotton ginned in l'.IOfasre-
ioriei oy we census bureau was
j.'JiS.87S cnimen ial tales Ul) to
(MoInt 18, and 9.311.835 commer
cial halt's up to December 13. Count
ing round balm, the nuiiiU-r this
year is ti,815,t)'J2. In this report no
account has been taken of the quan
tity of linters obtained by the cotton
seed mills by reginiiing cotton seed.
but statistics of such cotton will he
included in the final report for this
This reHrt will lie followed by
two others showing Ihe quantity of
cotton ginned from Ihe growth of
this year. and to January 10, 1'.Nll
Xo estimates are given of the
amount of cotton remaining un
ginned. The census agents were
asked to submit these estimates, but
the census bureau has not even com
puted them as returned, turning
them over to the bureau of statistics
of the Department of Agriculture to
aid that office in the annual estimate
of the cotton crop to he issued to
morrow. The reason for this as an
nounced by the census bureau, is
that when the final reor!s were re
ceived a year ago "it apeared that
the estimates of the agents made in
(t,.iber were six and four-tenths
ht cent, short of the actual crop
grow n." A margin of error so large
as that is equal to the difference le-
tween a short crop and a normal
crop and under Ihe pivuliar condi
tions existing in two cotton markets
today, the census bureau does not
feel warranted in publishing any fig
ures in winch so large an element of
error may exist again. 1 he policy
of oHieration Mwcen the census
and the Agricultural Ikpartment is
adopted on the recommendation of
Secretary Cortclyoti of the Heparl
niftit of Commerce and Lilior, lo
avoid conllicting reports as far as
Ihe census bureau announces that
it ought to be possible in thclanu-
srv lit report to cover luacticallv
the entire cotton crop of l!K)3 l'.MM,
and this will U two months earlier
than we were able to do a vear ago.
It is to be regretted, in view of the
cotton situation, that no canvass cor-
resimniling to the one now reported
was made by the census office a year
As to the call for estimates of cot
ton iinginued in the several counties,
although it was not intended to use
them in this reMirt,thu bureau says:
Wo desire to ascertain hy a practi
cal test, whether it is ossible for the
special agents to make such esti
mates, at different periods during
the progress of Ihe liarvest, which
can be Mind upon as sufficiently ac
curate to be of value to the public,
It is possible that with their llicreas
iug exerience these agents can come
nearer to the fact than in 11102. We
can definitely ascertain the fact when
the full returns of this season are re
ceived and the results compared with
their estimate.
The statistics of the cotton ginned
to November 1 1 follow, by Wales :
Alaliama 713,!i38 total commercial
bales, embracing GUI. 153 square
bales anil '..'ISj round bales, active
ginneries 3,707 ; Arkansas 4H,3'.)3
total commercial bales, embracing
378,(i(!3 square bales and 27,730
round bales, active ginneries 2,lt8;
Florida 311,1 1 1 commercial bales, em
bracing 22,37!) square bales an I Iti,
705 Sea Island crop bales, active gin
neries i1 I ; lieorgia Sr.r.'.b.j.l total
commercial bales, embracing 1)38.535
square bales. Jb.kiJ round bales and
111,485 ben Island crop bales, active
ginneries 4.1113 ; Indian lemtory
172,i 1)3 total commercial bales, em
bracing 132,1)51 sin i.i re bales and
40,11)1) round bales, active ginneries
185; Kansas no returns; Kentucky
total commercial bales 308, all square
bales, active ginneries 2; 1uiisiana
total commercial uiles 510,11)1, in
cluding 402,477 square Iwles, and
48,01 J round lisle, active ginneries
2,0118; .Mississippi total commercial
bales 7!I2,8!K), including 888,545
square twit's and ll 3.roiind bales.
active ginneries I.IOi; Missouri total
commercial bales 22,?llt, embracing
18.30U square and 3,1)85 round bales,
active ginneries 70; North Carolina
total commercial bales 407,199, em
bracing 407,122 square bales and 1 1
round bales, active ginneries 2,052;
Oklahoma total commercial bales
110,031), embracing 100,31)9 square
bales and 10.310 round bales, active
ginneries 227 ; bouth Carolina total
commercial bales 025,011, embrac
ing 621. 306 square bales and 4.305
Sea Island bales, active ginneries
3,1 17 ; Tennessee total commercial
bales 103,188, embracing 149,726
square and 13,402 round bales, ac
tive ginneries 256 ; Texas total com
mercial bales 1,932.549, embracing
1,(00,0.2 square bales and 232,477
round bales, active ginneries 4.412;
Virginia total commercial bales
7,744, all square, active ginneries
108. - - i
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sort of man makes a dangerous
lighting machine.
"With all these good qualities,
how ev.r, there an-others not so at
tractive. Itig, strong, patient of toil
and hardship, he is also clumsy, stu
pid, and very slow-a serious fault
iu lighting men. Then- was a g.d
exhibition of the Russian lack of
sliced the day the IVkin relief col
umn marched from Mahtoto Chang-chia-wan.
For that morning it had
Uvn arranged that a liussian battery
and lattalioii of infantry should
form part of the advance guard with
the J qiaiiese whom the regular for
mation of the column placed in the
lead. The Japanese were doing their
full shaii', but the Russians could
not or would not keep the pace.
After repeated attempts to get them
to do so, Japan was obliged to ask
Kussia to w ithdraw its men and give
mom to the Japanese so that the re
quinil smyi1 could la? made The
Russians halted and formed l-siilc
the road while the.laiianese infant rv
went by them on the double, and the
lottery at a trot. From that time
until the day's distance had Urn
made, there was no more trouble
almut the failure of the advance
guard to maintain contact with the
Dr. Jay .Sentenced to Thirty Years.
A-Iii-viM Shi-Iii1 tu eiiArlnoe oImtvit, lt.
The verdict of the jury in the Jay
case this morning was "guilty ,,f
murd. r in the second degr.f." The
verdict was rendered after the jury
had been out since last evening. A
motion for a new trial w as overruled,
and Judge Jones remarked from the
U'lich that lie thought it would be
U'tter for Ihe prisoner to be sent to
the penitentiary, and that noapral
Is' taken, i he judge thanked Ihe
jury and divlared that a just verdict
had Urn returned. Attorneys for
the defense have given notice of an
appeal over the prisoner's protest.
On the way to the jail from Ihe court
house Jay told Sheriff Reed that he
didn't want to apcal; that he want
ed to go on to the enitentiiin and
U'gin serving his sentence, so he
omiI.I amm get a iiardon Juilge
Jones gave the prisoner the maximum
sentence of 30 years at hard labor.
Revolution Imminent.
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Madison County to Issue Bonds.
A.hrvlllr ftH'lal. jmli nil.
Judge E. B. Jones of the Superior
Court has divided that Madison
county must issue $70,000 worth of
Uiuds with which to pay its indebt
edness. The county will apMal from
the division of Judge Jones and the
case will lie heard in the Supreme
Court of North Carolina, and unless
the division of the lower court is
reversed the opinion of the Supreme
Court will mark the close of a legal
war thai has Urn for years waged
U'tween the creditors of the county
and the commissioners of Madison.
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A Wilkes County Hermit.
4tlirC.,t!va.a.WfM-r Wi:t..h.n, Hu.Drr
Mt-ridy Richards. . a Ik null, who
inmved to this stvtii-n last spring
(from Horse Cnvk. Aslie conmv. i.
I dicing a cave or hir in Ihe ground
'in Carter inounUm. where liesv
j he is going to stay litis winter. II. -j
is very I.rl.le niiii'bsl and wild na-
lure.1 and d.a-s not want inv ..ue lo
visit him. He keeps a gun and slnat.
ai an prowlers r nssiim liiinters
wlni go near his hut. lie owns live
acres f land and has placed 5 in
oiieol lus friends hands forthe imr
pose of k.rping Sheriff Johnson from
selling his land for taxes. His taxes
seem to he a great burden to him
lie sis"he is afraid Sheriff .b4iu
son will come around and sell his
land wheii he is not at home." How
he lives or what he lives on this
w riter is not able to say.
Uood for Children.
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Rutherfordton Bar Reinforced.
Rntherfurat'in Trllxnir.
Messrra. I). W. Smith of I'ulktoii
and W. H. MrKorie of Monroe came
here one day laxt week and have taken
looms in the Dickersou-Vhouipaou
brick building over the drug ttoie ol
Messrs. Thompson & Walking. They
come, as ae undtrstaud, well equipped
and strongly endorsed by those who
know them, and will add largely t the
alrrady highly accomplished standing
of a local bar second to that of no
town of its sxe in Ihe State.
The Lone Star State.
Down iu Tesas at Yoakum, is a big
dry goods firm of which Mr. J. M. Hal-
ler is the head. Mr. Haller on one of
his trips East to buy goods said lo a
friend who was wilb liiiu iu the palace
car, "Here, take oue of these Litlle
Early Risen upon retiring and vou
will be up early in the morning feeling
good." Tor the "dark browu" taste,
headache and that logy feeling l)e
Witt's Little Early Risers are the best
pills to use. Sold by English Drug Co.
and S. J. Welsh.
Mr. James Collins, who lives two
miles west of towo, met with a serious
misfortune on Tuesday moruiug of last
week in losing his dwelling house and
most of its contents hy lire. The house
caught on file soou after the family
had gotten up, aud aa there was a
brisk wind blowing the flamra faiily
licked up the building io a few mill
utes. Very little of the contents could
be saved. Mr. Cullins tells us that he
lost about 3,000 rounds of seed cotton,
all his potatoes and Ms in money.
Mr. Cullins got bis hands severely
burned in trying to save his property.
Waxliaw bnterprise.
Head About to Burst From Severe
Bilious Attack.
"I had a severe bilious attack and
felt like my head was about to burst j
wheu 1 got hold of a free sample of
Chamberlain's Stuiuach aud Liver Tab
lets. I took a dose of them after sup
per and the next day felt like a new
man and have been feeling happy ever
since," sayi Mr. J. W. Smith ol loliff.
Tei. For uiliousness, stomach troubles
and constipation these tablets have no
equal. Price 25 cents. For sale by Dr.
S. I. Welsh and C. N. Simpson, Jr.
Mr. W. S. Illakeney of Monroe, ex
ecutor of the will of the late Mrs.
Fanny M. Caddy, was in town Mon
day for Ihe purpose of transferring
the tract ol laud near town, known as
the Sullivan place and which was
owned by Mrs. Gaddy, to Mr. John
W. Odum. There are shout 400 acres
in the tract and Mr. Odom paid f 7,000
for it. Mr. Blakeuey also transferred
lo Mr. F. C. Allen Ihe Joel Gaddy
place in Gulledge township. For this
place Mr. Allen paid and we
understand he will let Mr. J.B.Moore
have it. Wadeeboro Messenger.
Raising Apples in Haywo-td.
haO-.M. i-t a. x
"Yes. railing apples M'. v.i.
Mr. .Mm Kin ear. 1.;... . ,. t-i.-welrv
Ium,i-s in I.,;, ,-!. m,.i .
iVawii!le and ! I.n-.-,
:'.rm that ispr.ii'. ".-i ,-. ,r i w .
ill kinds ..f aop'e li .-. ' I 1 .ml , -
ban villus! f.,r the 'arm.' ...( Mr
Kirrii.r. "and I l.av. alreadv I. f i.i
20.tM fur it T!ii y.;.r w.i ;o. . !!
ear and I rai-ed i.n'o i.alf ;, .-r p 1?
.pples, but that in.,ui! Ili.issi I,
Is, which 1 sold f, r .-ivly e. n:. a
iiusliel. Next v. ai I exv. ).. r.o-r
over iO.OUl bushels"
Easy Pil!
C Etsy I; li e i easy lo act la la- - e t-.l DeWitl a
L-it' e La- i ft t-i. TVs is due t
: a !a.t tr.i i -. lino the lira la
of pur,- .1, They i-ever grpe
nor s.:re:i. i.,: time n oit deiicaM
lai... a i 1 n-. re so certain la
rest ts ui 1 j or ! hj itsej them Is
c-s:.rc.:.:T.;. Tr-,- .re torpid uver,
censt.pati;-.. t ..jancss. jaundice,
heaiai"-.-. tvaiar a and ward i?t pfteu
mo:. a a. J fevet .
... ...
, Don't Forjof Iho Ramo. f
Easy Money! Early Disors
Work UICH laud aud make iiH.uey
easy. A line two or three, horse
(stria for reu( to parties w ith tneir
own stock. A good three room
house, g.Kd barn, lots of w .mmI fr.r.
for rent cheap.
All Kinds of Wood for
Sale Cheap on Laud.
See Hie .piiek for iilsive I'.iiin.
miles pas) of Monroe.
M X. C., I:. I. 1 1. No. .!.
Don't Make
a Mistake
For sale by English Drug Company
and Dr. S. J. Welsh.
(T ' j USE j
While Cotton is eleven cents Voll
should think iu. miieh of vour d.
ars as you would if it wa- x-ven
eents. I'w eeoiiomy, buy wliat vou
want and what vou need, but buy
it at the iil'IiI priee. loii't l'.-i the
idea in your head that vnu can buy
Watches, ('loeks..SM'et;u le, Fancy
1. mills, .Musical liistiiiineiits, i;te.,
iu a large town chcuicr than in a
small one, for if you do you w ill
make a sad mistake. Our store i
('iiiinnied full of
Nice New Goods
selected by us from the very latest ;
samples and boii)rlit at the very'
lowest price. e like lo plea-e our j
customers and we do il by sadlint;'
I hem frHH Watches, CliH-ks, ete., j
ai a small maixin. Our store is
the iiiivst in tow n, so our custom
ers say, and we keep it so by k.H'p
in nice pmils mid a full line of
(hem. lieliiemU'l' lis w hen you yet
ready to do your holiday shopping,
lor we have aoiuctliiiuf to kUuw you.
etsa tlx cougta and beats lunge
The Sherwin-wuiaiis Faiht
is a p-iu" b:iced n:l. and line
pair.t of t'v ;:if.iit-t durability.
Properly a: p'.u-d V.
We .111 show iii.i
witn it a.o.
value of the paint.
c:in't i;o wrong,
houses, painted
that prove the
USE (7
Monroe Hardware Co.,
1!. Ki:il i:.l:X. MamiKer.
l ire, I. lie. Ar.idrut, Health, Lia
bility and all rla--rs of Casuality In
siuauce. Only the best and strongest
companies re..rcspit.d 1 respectful
ly solicit yuor business, assuring
piompt a nil rlhvie:t attention to all
ninttirs. (Iflire: Gotdon & Thomp
son's old stand Phone No. t,
Xew crop nuts
Hi liner llu.'v's.
of all kinds ut
"Harlnf trlee saany tlmi f Ooelllaa fVnr
aVra. I atwatiter A.hepart'a Um heal aa) I ha
.araai. I lake plaaamra ta penajanrilna:
ISaai lo an loaarta aaS laalQUri a. VAMIN
SILUHIckuy, M.U.
Price 25c. package Sold by .
English Drug: Company
Call (qr W'eUb'i cboap Qrockery.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
Digests all classes of food, tones and
strengthens the stomach and digestive
organs. Cures dyspepsia, indigestion,
stomach troubles aud makes rich red
bluod, health and strength. Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure rebuilds wornout tis
sues, purifies, strengthens aud sweet
ant the stomach. Gov. G. W, Atkiu
son of W. Va., says: "I have used a
number of bottles of Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure and have found it lo be a very
effective and, indeed, a powerful rem
edy for stomach ailments, I recom
mend it lo my friends." Sold by Eng
lish Drug Co. and S. J. Welsh.
Hen Hood, an iudustrious old negro
living near Jacktouham, had a fine
hog that he had just killed and dressed
the evening before stolen from him
one night last week. After dressing
the bog. Hood laid it out in what he
considered I secure place to cool, but
the thief came in the night and the
eat morning the hog was gone, all
but one foot. Waibaw Enterprise.
. Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications, at they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There it only one way to cure deaf nets
and that it by constitutional remediea.
Deafness ia caused by an inflamed
condition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When thia tube
gets inflamed you have a rumbling
sound or imperfect bearing, and when
it ia entirely closed deafness it the re
sult, and aolett the inflammation can
be taken out and this tube restored to
its normal condition, bearing will be
destroyed forever; nine caaes out of
ten are canted by catarrh, which it
nothing bat an inflamed condition of
the mucous surfaces.
Wt will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (canted by
catarrb)that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure Send for
Sold by artfjpsts, 7fi,
UU i family pills art the best.
A Display of Dress Goods
that will bear comparison with lurjre city stocks. Here you
will find Zeibeliens, Cheviots, (iraniles, Scotch flixture and
Plaids, Broad Cloth, 5icillians, Cans las Weaves, Armours, etc
You will make a mistake if you do not give this splendid stock
ol Dress Uoods a look before purchasing- No trouble to show
you these goods, (let our prices and he posted.
fall and Winter
Those appreciating High
Uradc Clothing (iuaran
tccd by the manufacturer
v. ill do well to see my line
before buying their fall
suit- I have tried to give
the people ol Monroe and
vicinity the very best that
money will buy- Buy
none but Strnuse Bros
(iunrantccd. They are as
cheap as others.
5ee my line of boys' and
children' clothing- I can
save you money.
Sole tent lor Hamilton-Brown Stioes.
fly lines of Shoes can't be matched In any town. You will
find all of the Hamilton-Brown Shoes the very best makes;
also the celebrated Hess Shoes lor men-
LADIES' WRAP5, all the newest styles- Don't buy any
thing In Wraps before you see me; I can save you big money.
Our Mliilnerii Department
will be one of our pet departments this season and
wt will give nothing but the latest and most stylish hats
. Our tritnmer to young, but old In experience.
One hundred new fall ready to wear Dress Skirts from $100,
$190, $2 00 to $15 00.
New Walstlngs In all the leading styles, cheapest to best-

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