North Carolina Newspapers

ie Monroe Journm
Vol.27. No. 75.
Great Community Enterprise
Has Begun to Receive Pa
tients in Regular VYav
Monroe, N. C, Tuesday, October 26, 1921.
$2.00 I Year Cash
A Sjmbol of the Love and I'nity of
Purpose of the People Appreci
ation of Work of Trustee
ii-n patients were received at the
K en Fitzgerald Hospital last week.
TVe last word has not been said in the
w..y of complete prepuraton, but for
si me day patients have been receiv
ed as necessity required.
Miss KUiott, the superintendent.
Kliminating Contest for Candidate
for Judgeship Results in Offer-
in? One Name to the Histrirt
Mr. A. M. Slack will be oiti. U as
tin candidate or I'nloii Democrats
tor th uomination lor Judge in
distiict next Julie. The derision be
tween Mr. Stark and Mr. IS. H. Red-
wlne war the result or an elinniijiiiu I heiu at the several oiing
preriurU last Saturday. Mr. Red
vine has announced iliat he will sup
I'ort Mr. Stack and asks hi frauds
to do the same. ThU was to have
b.-en expected rrom the loser in a
lii.'iKtly contest even ir there had
l-vn no understanding lo thai effect
U;lorc hand. Mr. Redwine has done
lb:- handsome thins and the Demo
crats of the county are to be con
graiululed Hint lire" family dilliculty
has been settled ut home and only
if candidate win i presented in
Several Others of His Ribbon
Winners Injured in Had Fire
at Rockingham
Marshville Negro, in Trying In Suing
"I oddington" Oct ;s
Foot flashed to a I'ulp
r.1.1 taken now tr the work w ith treat ' di's of the dir-i rit. Mr. Slack
. .... ... :n ! j .
anility and enthusiasm, and the trus. 1 " ' 11 nearly support ol
tcts already have cause to feel that
t u:p.
oi me counn in l lie pri-
1 1 1 . i : v or ni'vi s ii iiiL' it.. i. ... i. ...... .
tr.-y are particularly fortunate in se- follow Uu thron'ghoiil the district and
curing her services. Miss Austin, the liililv anil personality h,ie been
assistant superintendent, has been on I vv" " 'Klii"l'hvd in all ihe coumies
. ,, itiioiigii ins work as solicitor He is
some time, and Miss Dewey i.i i ...V ..... . .
a naative of Simrtanl.unr conn-! i .. :Y. ... . ... . .. um u' "
tv iipm-iu viMlunl.t. l .t. , ..... .... ..come iiiuuii
'.- -- ,.-.,....,, n, ttuvi- mi." Jill-
s.tion of nitfht superntendent. All
t,.so are regisstered nurses. From
time to time student nurses will be
mi- i mi - n mill nniv lit M
iiecn Kent in. is !iK fui Mr. Stark
.in I JM lor Mr. Redwine. In detail
ilw- voie is as inllnvvs. the lirst num
ber linns for .Mr. Stark and the sor-
ond lor Mr. Rnlwinc: Noi I Ji Monroe.
i-v nil; .south .Monroe. 177. U7:
Witig.ile, 7; Maihville, :is
... i .i . - . ..."
t::ti.m ..f oimih.H .!., 1. ;.. i " -"''" noiisc. n. .i; waller
.. ... ,, . u I.-. -J .
perted that the institution will be self
itl.e ablest ol
j judges.
I The total wile for
i v it!i Hie erepliou of
superior court
each candidate,
tin l.'inii and
irg already begun.
lii:... i. l . . ...
r.inoii, wmi nas n:ti wuie hos
pital experience, is most hopeful and
er.thuiutie as to the futture of the
hospital. She is particularlv pleast'd I
ma sieriiiznif room, tht com-
p;e-.cness and excellence of which she
in. inn seen surpassed m anv nst -
sj-taiiiinif liiimediately but eventual
ly so. There is no debt, but a few
hundred more dollars are needed to
secure further necessities.
Between forty and fifty thousand
do.lars have been exnemlivl in itw.
nu .'c.iiiu and euuinment. All
St or.
t; : 1
.i.l: Soriia. lo. I: Allan. 4.
Irby, :t, 5; Wilsons Store. IIS,
'.iha. ;.". 17; W diliiuion, 17.
Siler. "ii; Mineial Splines, I t.
India n Ttail, 7j. '.; S.unh tioose
ek. !l, II; Xoilll t'reeli. IJ.
I'liionx ille, 1 1 ; Marvin, !, In.
................. t i r
i ui 'iiinii. ,t i ol inis
IV. .'tiey was furnished he th.. ,i i'i.i.itjU
tfe town and county. This was in! NOVEMBER
addition to the fn ..f t... :il .
. v p.-. hi.- sur
a'd original buildinjr by Mrs. Fits- Honn f Hie County Are l r
lf ::M. I'rartirally nil the furnish- ' t'oiiliil.ule l!ukels I or This
lure nl die (Vicinal ion,
in. s were couirinuie.l by persons or
orvaniizations who had alreadv con
tr.r.uted to the building fund."
Starts Without Debt to Hamper
Aiout four years have elapsed
s.r.ce the beuinninir of the efforts to
j--fate thi' institutoin. The trustee
n..e from time ti time been criti
oed for not tret tint; it accomplished
s -..filter. Hut they preferred to go as
the money could be raised and not olf with a lurjre debt facing
a: d threatening the future of the in
stitution. . At one time after the
w.irk was in progress they personal
ly endorsed for severnl thousand dot.
rather than to stop work, but
on the whole, they found wisdom in
t- .nji ahead as means permitted, i tact that the buildings and couip-mt-.t
have now made ready
w.t :out a debt to hamper nnd crip,
pit. amply justifies their course.
Mn-t any set of nun could put up a
hi::Ii:,jig on credit ami let somebody
e -e pay for it, nnd this is too often
derc ,
Tne board of trustees consists of
..Ir. James II. Lee, chairman. 1). 11.
.v.ydcr, F. (J. Henderson, K. A. M.n-.
ry. Dr. JM. Iidk, T. V. Dillon. J.
(. .Sikes, J. W. Laney. and S. 0. !
Ka:r. Most of these havi served 1
fr. m the beginning. Suffering hu-'
nn.nity and the entire community as 1
wt-.i, owe tnese men a debt of last
irg gratitude. They have labored
incessantly for these four years in
the details and responsibilities of
the situation. As said, at the very
t:rr.e they were being criticised for
s IriU-nnu.. ,., . .
...... ,.,... . nnc currying a large
amount as a personal liability. We
liie sure, at that, that we are voir
ins the feelings of every one of them
n saying that they all take oir their
h:.ts to their chairman, Mr. James
H. Lee, for his untiring efforts and
wise leadership. .0 man hus con
trrtuted a greater or more unselfish
pt-i.-unui acrvue to the communitv
tnaii has Mr. Lee done in this work.
And he is not laying down, but is
going right an as enthusiast Dm
wisely and laboriously, as heretofore.
ted lo
The following letter has been inail-
d to thirty women of Hie enmity:
I "No ember lllll is almosl here,
tuid iieain it biTomes the prlv ll ge
and duty of tin- women of Monro,
and I'nlon county to rurnish dinner
lor the ex-service men. A town-wide
canvas Is being made for baskets of
food, nnd we want you lo art as
chairman In your community in Hiis
capacity. We fci I sure thai all will
want lo help us. and we need your
s'ipport to make this dinner a sue-es-.
Dinner will he sened in the
court house. Ilaskets will he receiv
ed I here, and II' brought in ; fler ne -liiorlal
exorcises begin, ihey will b I
received In Mr. Fnndeihurk's office,
"While dolim for the men of our
eonniy, we i!o not want to forget our .
liny hoys of Ward C-l, Hospital 45. j
Miltmoie, N. C. If the ladies will add ,
lo their baskets a glass of Jellv or '
.-Ir, ve call
' ol nveeln
"Lei'n all ko to work to makn No-
! . liii:. 1H2I. Hie best celebra
tion ever, as to parade, memorial e-i-iilse.,
ilinuer, races, football same,, an I last but not leust, as to
e 'II. in In !ia ior.
"ir we do not hear from you lo the
frr.ry, will dejiend on you.
'Thank fu.
"LfUA HKATII. Commander."
A eoiui'iiitet fioui the Wonian'M
Auxiliary will also t uperititend the
plaiinini: and servinu- of dinner lo the
Kil.ueil ex-soldiers. The colored
people of Hip town nnd county will I
he asked to help rurnish "eats" for
fame. Announcement will he made
li:ter i.s lo where this dinner will lie
served, and where th food will he
Marshville, Oct. 21. Mr. J. Aus
tin lost his nine blue ribbon inning
cows an usevral others were badly
luirnel as they were returning home
from the Kulegh Fair on Sunday,
wnoii me car in wnen ttcv were o:nl
ed caught on lire. At Kotkingham the
gate to the car was thrown open
and. an effort made to get the rows
out, but as is usual in such rases
some uf the animals had beco -e so
panic Mi'ickkcn they refuse to e
the car. A few jumped out but . it
before they were badly burue.l. M- .
Austin had carried thirteen of his
line (iuern.sey rowj to the fair where
they hud attracted much attention,
and nine of the cows hud taken blue
Another Sunday au ideiil omii i e l
in the afternoon when K.I ( utlihert
son, colored, in company wiih several
other colored youths, 'made au at
timnt to catch the Codilington special
which had slowed down to pull through
the town. F.d missed his footing and
his i ivthl font slipped under the
wheels of the car and was cui-lied
to a pulp, necessitating amputation.
Messrs. K. V. (iiifiin and W. O.
Harrcll left Saturday tiieht .. t.
lanta and Memphis on business.
.Miss Willie Cidk Silent the week
en.i her hroiher, Mr. John Hell;,
and his family. Mr i:,-!k le!t Sun
day night to aciompmiy his f.itner to
the old soldiers' reunion.
Mrs. J. S. Harrcll has retur.ied
irom a week's vit-it to Atlanta.
. Tile spinsters' ro.iventioa w-ivh
.as staged here Frday eceniog
the auspices of the 1 rescbytenan ia was a great surre-s, drawing the
I.M'ge.t crowd that has been seen at
rj atiraciion m the town
nniv. on. iiuuiime ieii amply re
paid for their time and money as t!ie
rostunie.4 alone were worth the
of ailinission.
i . .. -
.tirs. i,. v . A.shialt spent
lays this week in Charlotte
her uncle.
Ihe Presbyterian nieclin which
was to have bugun hen- Sunday even
ing with Uev. Daniel Iverson i.f Char
lotte doing the preaching, was railed
off owing to Mr. lverson not deni
able to come. He wrote the pastor,
Kev. Mr. White, that he was border
ing on it nervous break down ... ml
would have to postpone his coming.
llev. .1. .1. Kdwards is attending the
M'thodist eoni'erene at llhjh. I'oint.
.Irs. J. T. (iarlniid is visiting her
parents in Donalds, S, C. On ilv
ISth inst. she was dame of honor for sister's wedding.
I he Marshville voters had the
el experience of going to the
Saturday and votinir nn.l
that There's No Wav to
Kill the Roll Veeils
News Come- to Thai ......
Farmers Are Calling T.m I p
From (,rae lo Sign Contracts
A South Carolina f:nm..i- .......
vinced ( apt. F.d Neal. one of tin
most popular conductors on the S,a
board, that the boll weevil is a iest
that has come to stay despite all ef
forts to rid the country of its on-.
cine. "Ihey told me." thi f,.
- ni inn
remarked to ( apt. Neal after he had
handed over his ticket. "fh:it n n..ii
weevil (,iUld not survive our ct.ld w ti
ters. Iteing of a skeptical disposi
tion. I decided to ascertain the truth
i.r l;iKitt ..f .U:.. I... I: r a.i .
........ ... ovuci. i nn-king a
-SZ'' wevil from a c.tton
s,Uiwe, i went to tne I. e n ant n,.-ir.
; aim nad tile engineer to droo the
little scoundrel into u:.t...- ii....'
i intr mamir.ictur..i int.. .. ,. .-
I thought. -I'll see if Veil i::n I,.. ,
t.i death.' There it .,tav...l" f..'r
tv.enty-four hours. The n.AL'dav. ..n
ptn'ling the ice out of the ,,,' ....
und the weevil lay inn' in the center
"la 2iMl..mund bl-K-k. I'miuestioli
nnly, it had been subject .-d i.. .. v...
nest ,,,ld possible as the thermoin
ter in our section has never been
M.wu (,, drop v elMUirh to freeze
Water m wholesale mnii.t it !',.
i iiiiiik mar weevil mi.j
lien v e had
Camel Man Cauht tine of the Test
Drinking in the lleadlnes in Fri- I
da Issue of 1 he Journal
ior noil Weevil -iei
....... .eiii.s anu spies. Ihey are
nere. aius .Mr. Dick Helms ol the
i dun. i community. To The Journal
ue s. iids word to keep all plans ior
i ne meat tall olTensiw ataiust i.'i.
iinilion ies army out of Hie papers
niej can leau. lie dwlaies. His
inissary. the a haul Tom i,
who. preparatory lor Hie affrav with
Hie oo-marrllllli; weexils, is hurt, lint
his armor and pinniiu on his hreast
Ihe array of ditcuraiious Hiai he won
in me c iincli-hui; eampaiun of twen
iy years ni;o and in the more recent
war with the army worms, says Mr
Menus caught two of the eneniv spi
in the art.
Pick, he relates, -round his Ft
..... r . ..ii ui int. journal ivinu mi
Hie Poor hy some cotton when h
..nil.- in iiiiio inM n.-ios itl.oiit ii......
atiir.iay. Seeing the headlines.
i men riantina Advised .Now,' he
dropped everything else to net th
laiest nope on 'beat in): the boll
weevil.' H,. Kt about hall way
throuu'll ihe column when he hap
pened to ulanre up to the top of the
ias;e. There, to Lis astonishment.
siouii a weevil, heavily-armed, drink
in- in those words that spelled doom
io ins nine, yuick as a flash, to
use one ot Hie phrases of Diamond
lock, the hoy Indian tighter, he laid
a barrajie at Ihe spy, and it 'bit the
dust." "A narrow escape,' Ihouuhl
Mr. Helms, as he turned over to page
emui. io winch
Appeals of Attorneys Fail
-Move Jude in IW of La
ney and Do ter
Kaxier Hired Out to lin ..f i.j,.
N here He is a Valued Workman,
For F.ighteen Months
les tailed
and James
same of-
to u-1ioli tlio l,:nl. .. I.. ...1....
dead; I ' "" Hiunuiis
rut tne ne un we look ' ,as r)l" Aiiain en
:e Weev.l. froeii silH' ; n... U; ''' In Hie storv of how Missis-
ih:nv it ..i.i i. 1....1 sippi lartners are coiim in mis., put
la. n timry but a few nrnutes wiienl'0" l"'"'"'lv despite the weeiil.
e oegiiu io unserve s.ns 0f 1 1 Tt- I T- "' I"1 "'ept on his post and
Simiii ii nave c i.ipvi.isive shake. !"''' ""' "',0l weeil spy
sjieeu n., w,n-s ami ,!u:.eied null " I it 1 ' rt lo My away alter not
tne open, l.iere to lueed thousands i "l,l-v "'"dilm' the ariiele on pime om
"I Its kind." ('.-.ot V..,. I ..v I 'Inch lis comrade missed, hut nb-
piv.-scd asiouishmeiit. "Then" thel"" " ''""'Imltd on pate
Man i t arolinian continued. "1 tried l" '' ' 1!' "l: tune, thinks Dick, all
iiiirning the bill of another weevil, i 1,1 ""' w,, vll! 'his section are on
:t!i the ilanie ot a match I h..,i...l 10 '"' 'hick planting game and he
'ier red hot. but like tl... , ...i would not he surprised to learn thai
(lien nmh. ranking generals are de-
visim; strategy lo meet this new
started to wa k n't win i i... i. "uenstvi
.... , ...... ,4, R, .
tou inn t feed em to di nih " .,!..,...
jly coiiciuded the farmer, "nor freeze
em out of existence, nor burn 'em up.
ov iiii me c poor larnit is
to do?"
a match I h..-,t..,l
fomeitliat underwent the in- te.t it .....
fused to die." Cant. enl ' ,w I,..
A Cure
for Slaniniering
man told this (...., i
Journal office Saturday ..f't...-.
noon. "I used lo stammer," he be
I gnu, "so bad that it was real agonv
I for me to talk. Naturally, 1 was
I looking for a cure readv I., n-.. ..... .
thing, and when I saw an advertise
ment offering a snre-remedv for ?i."i,
I hastened to send my check for that
amount. A few days later I receiv
ed my 'cure.' The package contain
ing it was about the size of a shoe
box. Kagerly 1 opened it. There
was layer after layer of waste pack
ing to be thrown out. and iudiriio bv
then give ihem a I isteied by a woman. They found it
J'. 1 operation as usual,
whether they approved ,,f the woman
behind t!se desk or not. And. being
the woman in question, w- can say
thit we found it an interest. tig expe
rience, and if scenes around the polls
huv alwa)s l een as clean and digni
fied and irreproachabti- as the occa
sion Saturday, then we , a;i under
stand why such n howl vv.. cer
raised to keep the women iwav
Ihings went smoithly iVmn In-, to
last and it was decidedly '-. -ruv-ing
than a floating reception r 'a
pink tea." Oh votinc. where i.s thv
The Husiness Men's Bible class
h.ul chin ge of ihe services at Central
Methodist church last Siindav. the
lo preach
And there are crucial' stages yet to be l"'s'01,-' L,r c- C-.Weaver, havin
V' .inrougn witn.
A Great Community Enterprise
The Journal believes that too much
:'! i V ? u. "" l"m"ienuaiion oi;Hnd this feature of the
tie labors of these men. and of the ' Inspiring and thoroughl.
"c " u'i'"'i wnirn mey the large audience. A
:.i.r men irom ine dud ir
cepied an Invitation
Mr. Kd II., an
niuslclan. had chare
rany. inis ouiiding and equipment
which now becomes the home of a
Permanent and bcneficient institu
tun. in aomcthinjr to be proud of,
and The Journal assumes to uneak for
the entire citizenship in saying that
we are intensely proud ol It. It is
a community enterptise, a communi
ty accomplishment, an object of com-
rr.unuy love, tvery dollar has been
fiyen cheerfully, freely, enthusiasti
cally, to make good the dream of the
noble woman who made it all possi
b by remembering- the community
to her will. Thi paper has long be
lieved that a community can do any
thing that it has the vision to plan
ar.d set its heart upon. Some indi
vtduals have long cherished the
dram of having a first class hospit
al here. So far as physical equip
ment goes that dream has now been
realized. It is still Un to US to
iae In work done, in suffering allevi-jMr
ol the music,
serv ice was
enjoyed bv
trio of l mi ii
noyg auout ten years of ase s.-tne "In
in burden, a song written by Dr.
L. H. Itrldges, who conducted tli" re
cent revival In our tow n. These bovs,
Koliert Uitndy. James Fowler and
Nick Laney, seemed perfectly at
''me In H, choir loft and sang like
"old timers."
Mr. V. S. Hlakeney in trod tired the
speaker. Mr. A. M. Stark, whose ad
dress was replete with Interest and
Instruction. He spoke of his visit
to foreign countries and conditions
there. He told of the manv cods
worshipped by the hnthcn and of
the wonderful work belae dnnp h
tne missionaries. He urged better
support of the mission work, and told
of the marvelous things accomplished
n me missionaries that never get
into print. The address was elven
earnest attention by the midlence.
The meeting was presided over by
Mr. W. M. Cordon, and the seeretar.
W. Z. Faulkner, cave a snlendhl
mi:, mxkstovs i atiii:i: ikai
! Was it lYouilncni t'lti.,.,, f
WndeslHiiii and Was III Venn, old
Mr. John T. IMiikston, a well
known and highly respected clil.en
of Wiidesboro. and the father of Mr.
Fred V. I'inkslini nn.l in a ' ii'
Shooter of Monroe, died at his home
the other day of septicaemia poison
ing, lie was 61 years of age. and all
"f his life was spent in Wadeshoro
where i,e earned an enviable reptita-
'"" mm nonesty and uprlghtii
m. ruiKstnn had been
visitor to Monroe
oi menus nere. six sons and (wo
mummers, ail of whom
bedside when lie
a frequent
and had a number
were at his
l'llSSd hw.iv siir
vive. D ceased wins an aclive niem
'r of ihe Methodist church. Anions
'nose who attended the funeral from
Monroe were .Messrs. I). It. Harring
ton. J. W. Fowler. Walter I.anev I
H. niair, Fred Huntley and Mrs.'i.u
ther Williams.
A big combination was effected at
Murshvlllo the other day when the
Aiuicrari Uln , Comnnnv m,.
chased the Marsh-Lee outfit frnm
Mr. Gilbert Collins and are now- nn.
crating both plants. Their comhin-
ed capacity Is said to be over one
hundred bales a da v. Th.. in
have turned out about SfiOO bale to
uaie, wnica la estimated to be nearly
two-thirds of the crop of the Alareh
vllle community.
Si", Tr? , a' """" 'r .h.zTrp.r.BT j
(Vintiniiod on Tage Five
numbers obont joo. and ! a lv or-
ganiraiion and "a powr for good In
(ho community. Ono Present.
Hfty Dollar lU wanl
Fifty dollars reward for informa
tion leading to the arrtit ami mi.
vlc'loo of the party or parties respon
sible for the libelous wrlt'iiti ?nd
signs In different rrt of Mir-i ( -rogatory
to The Kedn:oii l au-.duc-fi'in
Co., or myself.
n'liTK m. n''"'"--
lie exeirised to nrevent
age. 1 certain that the bottom
ol the box would reveal a marvelous
instrument or enmpoound ihaf would
instantly relieve my distress. Hut
what did 1 tmd at the bottom? A
placard reading as follows: 'To cure
stammering: tjuit talking!"
Like Ihe Chinch Hug Cure
This story n minds Mr. C. II. Rich
ardson of the mechanism guaranteed
to rid fields of chinch bugs that hun
dreds i,, this, section paid a dollar
e.icn ior about I'll years ugo wh
wneat was destroyed by millions
u.ce insects. Like the stammering
travelng man, they received netly
done up packkages. which after be:n'
eiieneil. were found to contain two
nine diocks. numbered one and two
'To kill cninch bugs," the directions
lead, ."I'lare bug on block one and
ftrike with block two.
t omes I p rom (irave
A yarn conies to Monroe to the ef
fect that Sin ry county farmers are
so enthusiastic over co-operative mar
ketingthat they call their brother
farmers out of the graves to sign
contracts. A canvasser, so the tale
noes, was on his daily rounds when
he saw a group of men gathered to
gether on the side of a hill. Walk
ing in their direction, he saw that
they were pre :nrimr u prmn H.. .......
that a neighbor, after vrm-s of
work tmrnr to m.iW. a lo.:..,.
had given up hope and was t-.i be bur
ied that nlternoen. Seeing an oppor
tunity to preach co-operative mar-1
keting. he told them about the "Ilig-j
gest Thing in the South," and signed '
every man about the grave. On l.i.-k-'
ing into it he saw a man sitting down
on the bottom and yelled, "Come out
oi mat grave and eign up for
operative marketing."
to Sign Con-
To the Kdiior of The Journal
I Mt 1.1. -.I:t. i. f lh nn m. ..til u.i
.on i in- .Minisiire i i.iy ceieiiration in
. I ol low in .: organizations were asked
lo join in with a lloat for the Armis
lire l);iv parade:
hed t ros. Junior Ked Cross, I),
A. I!.. I'. H. '.'.. Camplire liirls, Y
M. C. A., Wonien's Auvlliaiy. Kasiern
.-siar, canieen win ki is. nmi all coun
ty schools.
.Mr. r rank Kedlearii. chairman oi
Ihe parade cominillee, states that lie
wants all business to have lloais on
this occasion and thai all private
ears lie decorated and in Ihe parade,
lie says that il we are going lo make
Ihe celebration worth while the co-
opera I inn ol the peojde is needed and
by Iheii helping mil in the pa lad
ihe greatest way this ecu be shown.
It is the intention of the cnmmillee
lo make ii is the biggest celebration
ever had in I'nlon comity nnd to do
Hiis letieis are being written to the
'Htsiness lliUISI.K lis u-i.ll na Ii. Ilia
.owners of private cars asking for
1 1 Ii i r co-operation in the furnishing
of Una is for the parade, and from
I merely a patriotic standpoint we are
sure ihe people of Monroe will set lo
Work and help make it a siircess.
The con nly schools have been ask
ed lo give a holiday on the Ulh and
of it is Ihe desire of the commitlee that
."II schools floats of some kind b represented in the parole on
Hint day.
Mrs. Randolph Redfearn. chair
man Junior Red Cross, requests that
all school children in the county be
on bund for the Junior Red Cross
floats and parade, which she hones
lo make a great success of.
Any information with regard lo
the parade ran be li 'd by .iRking Mr.
frank Redfearn, clnili'inan
T. O. McM ANI.'S.
Adjutant Melvin T)eese I'o.d.
llig W illi.i.'ii Itiiidy I'roiluctitiii for
I'.traniiMllil llilii:e Is Mild to
He One ol M'st Massive
I'll In WailcslsuMi Ilunieil .Apart
menst OhiksI H, Him ami llpoiber
The big fire at W'adesboro Satur
day morning almost totally dest roved
Cie Ingram apartment building, own
ed by Mr. E. C. IiiRram of Monroe
aud his brother, Ut. Herbert Insram
of Wadrsboro. Tb loss la about
H0.000 with onlv 18.009 Insunnc
Five business rooms on the. i.-ound
floor and several faurlics living on
the pernnd doi r list erartlrnlW &II
r !"'o:iL;;n':H. The los of lh
' '"' ni.fiM-. Tt-p-oximiite
- roni. Tie cao of
' n known.
o n
Rased on Thompson Huchanon's
successful inelodtania which treated
a theatrical senRatlon in New York
in 1SH. "Life," a William A. Knuly
prodnction for l'araniount, will be
rho'vn nt Hie Strand Theatre Thurs
day. This melodrama picture wns
produced in New York recently and
is declared by press and public to be
one of the strongest pictures of the
Billy Reld. a youn prival" secre
tary to a wealthy New York broker,
seemly marries the dauchter of his
employr. Ralph Stuyvesant. son of
the broker. Is enamored of Muriel
Harrlsford. an adventuress, aud lo
gratify her whims, he forges bis talli
es name to a cheek. Tom nurnmi
lealoiii of Rillv. with the nid nf
H In!', shifas the blame on Ilillv. At
'all given at (he Stnvvcsant home,
liuneit shoots and kills the broker
.'ml circumstances pointing at him.
"'Ilv is srre tetl and ennvined of
the crime. He is saved from the
chair bv a ruse tVoeh th" effo's
of his wife nnd Rumen Is brought
to t'Mlro.
appeals by iheir attor
to save Hurley Laney
busier, young men of
township, from a road sen
tence in Superior court here late
Saturday alti-rnoon alter the Jury
had found them uilij ol stealing
Paris Honi uiiloinobib-s. Few at
tonieiK l.a.e begg.-d harder lor k
client i ban did Aic.sMs. W. Ii. Love.
J. C. M iiiui and J. r. si!...K in
Ibis Cm. i.iey plead the youthful oi l.auey and Hosier. Ihe good
cnaiaeter Ihey bore until Him ...,n.
mission of ih0 ollen.-e for which they
were in court and Ihey begged for
another rhanee lor Hi em. .In. I. a
Lane, however, took the imsiiioi, thut
i lie rourt recognized no color, and
gave Iheiu six months each on tliA
Chain gillie. Ihe senleure tlmi liu in.
iinialeii thai he would have
tne negro lor the
The v.iiiie of the worn out mum.e
chains. ;.i,d other parts that the
young ii,.ii s'ole from Ihe nmomn.
park.d around the I'losoect
while iheir owners were at
tending Ihe closing exercise u-n
less liian Ivvelity dollars. Lanev waj
one charged with Hie did
the Recorder's court and he could
seiiled the score by paying the
in the action. It is sin'ie,) hot
maintained his Innocence so
strong that his father, a fine old
citizen, insisted on taking an annual
in the vain hope of clearing ihe son's
name of the cloud. Doster was in-
dieted by the grand jury, evidence
having developed that Implicated him
in the theft.
Notice of an appeal to the Su
preme court was given and the at
torneys stale they will exhaust every
means to save their clients from
serving a road sentence.
leave lo be hired out to th.- tnu-n
Eirhteeu months in jail with
authorities of Ayden. a small town In
Ihe eastern pari of (he state, was the
sentence passed upon Ilaxter Cuth
berlson, colored, for the murder of
his cousin, Ambrose Cuthbertson.
nearly eight years ago.
The killing took place at the home
or Ambrose, a few miles from Cnion
ville, in (he nl trhi time. There was
a quarrel between Ambrose and a
sister of Ilaxter. All of a sudden.
Hie lamp on the lablo was sent spin
ning to (he floor by an unseen hand.
and with a bap Haxter was at the
throat and chest of Ambrose, a inur.
dermis knile claused in his hand A
gurgling sound or blood rush!ns
from a mortal wound and ihe
retreating steps of llavt'r as he
weni om the door, were the onlv
sounds the terrified Inmates of the
room heard. The lamp was recov
ered, bin heroic Ihe light lunl ni-no-
t rated the daikness of the tragic
scene. Ambrose- had breathed his last
uid Baxter had made his escane.
From i his section the hunted man
linally reached Ayden where he se-
enred a Job with the citv. His ln-
dnsiry, honesty, and respectfulness
towards his emplovees won him nro-
moilon and tcday he H said to be
on" ol the town's most valued em-
idoyees. His salary, it is reported
here, is t?,l a week He nraei ienllv
has charge of all public works lii
Ihe little town, even to Ihe opera
tion and nuiiiagenieiit of the water
and light plant.
Time went on but Officer Clifford
Fowb r, now the sheriff of the coun-
ly. didn't forgrt. All these years be
has been waiting for come word of
Anihrosi, and his long vigilance wa
rewarded about a year afio when he
I'lii-ianed In secure n letter that Bax
ter had tx en so careless as to write
to a woman here. Tim rest was
It was a hard matter for the Ayden
officers to believe that their trusted
public works man was a fugitive
from Justice, and several telegrams
were exchanged before they placed
Ilaxter under arrest, ist week,
when his trial came up, letters ask
ing that lenleny be shown were ex
hibited from the mayor and other
prin: :.e;it citizens of Avden. For his
services tor ihe next eighteen months
ihe county of I'nion will receive $32
per month.
When sentence was Tironounrcd.
Haxter brentln , a slgti of relier. I
nm el i I it's over." he (ol Sh-rIT
Fowler "Every time a policeman
rutin- ner me," he added, "I jumped
from f -r Hun he was after me."
Jim Simpson, a young white man,
was among those who drew road
sen(ence Hl (his term of court. He
got ten months. Simpson's sin
was the passing of a check for $10
on Helk IJrothera to which he forged
his father's name. M. C. Cagle, the
ex-service man Implicated in the
crime, was released. All that he did
was to present the check after It had
been vlven him by Simpson, his He claimed that he thought
it was genuine.
The charge of the crlmo acalnst
nixtnre. for which Htzel Funderburk,
colored, of Goose Creek township,
was Indicted, was changed to forcible
trrFosfs snd he was given two year
In lall with leave for thA county oom
mlisloners to hiro hlra out. Thli
will be done.

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