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Eighteen Hole Golf Course of Country Club of Virginia Nearby
f The many points of historic interest in, and around the City, ard its central
location make Richmond a very desirable stop-over point for tourists,
f Rooms single and en suite, with and without baths. Turkish and Ronun
Baths. Every comfort for the tourist, every convenience for the traveling man..
-J" For handsomely illustrated booklet or reservations, address
THE JEFFERSON, Richmond, Virginia
O. F. WEISIGER, Manager
(Says Montague Glass)
We know that Mr. Glass has never paid us a visit during our
big Spring Sale, for we offer values that are real bargains.
Come and see for yourself!
Toilet Articles in Parisian Ivory, Chaffing Dishes, 5 O'clock
Teas, Useful Leather Goods, Silk Waists, Silk Sweaters, Golf
Coats, Sporting Coats, Tennis Goods. Also we carry a full
line of Dry Goods, Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes, Fancy
Wools, Embroidery Silks, Groceries, Hardware, Sporting
Goods, Guns, Ammunition, Fruits and Vegetables.
Quality Service Price
FLORIDA : EIM Ridge inn
Hunting, boating, fishing, bath
ing, tennis, golf. Write for folder.
. T B, Hamby,
' Hobe Sound, Fla , Box 25
State Decf Breeder and Feeder Will
Convene at Plnehur-t April lO
THE North Carolina
Beef Breeders and Feed
ers ' Association is a big
event for Saturday of
the coming week, very
largely through the in
terest of Roger A.
Derby of nearby Draw
ing Creek plantation,
president of the Association. From the
tourists standpoint the " cattle show"
will be the big feature, but there are
several prominent speakers, also, among
them Frederick A. Delano of the Fed
eral Reserve Board, Dr. Bradford R.
Knapp of the United States Bureau of
Farm! Demonstration Work, George
A. Hblderness of Tarboro, N. C, and
President Benjamin Joy of the Shawmut
National Bank, Boston, whose subject
will b!e "The Possibilities of the Finan
cial Development of the South from a
Northern Bankers Standpoint."
; President Joy, a Harvard classmate of
Mr. Derby's, is one of the best informed
financiers in New England and his speech
will be a careful analysis of the situation
which; offers a new field and great oppor
tunities not alone for the immediate sec
tion but the entire South; a point, by the
way, which was made much of by Secretary
of Agriculture Houston during his visit.
, Headquarters will be at The Carolina
hotel, ! the program closing with an even
ing banquet. If The object of the meet
ing isjto interest the bankers of the State
in the production of beef cattle and to
bring; them in close touch with the State
and Government beef cattle experts and
the country demonstration agents.
The Invincible Slake for Tall Timber
In Women' Invitation Handicap
An .invitation bogey handicap for beau
tiful prizes contributed by Messrs. Fred
Herreshoff:, Fred Inman, C. F. Parrish,
and J. R. Hyde of New York and
W. S. Morse of Rochester, proved one of
the most popular of the seasons golf tour
naments among the women, on Tuesday.
1f Heading the field was Mrs. H. R. Stock
ton of Plainfield, who with an allowance
of plus three, recorded an eighty-eight
gross and trounced the colonel good and
proper to the tune of seven up. Mrs. R.
H. Barlow of Merion at plus five, re
corded eighty-six for the best gross of the
day, and Mrs. J. V. Hurd of Pittsburg at
plus four, made eighty-seven, both finish
ing six up in a tie for second.
Miss E. Marie Sinclair, of New York,
aided by thirteen strokes, won fourth
with five up, and the field numbered an
even thirty-eight contestants; Mrs. W. J.
Faith, Mrs. Guy Metcalf, Mrs. William
West, Mrs. C. B. Hollingsworth, Mrs. J.
P. Williamson, Mrs. Fred Herreshoff,
Mrs. H. H. Van Cleef , Mrs. William Sey
f ert, Mrs. I. S. Robeson, Mrs. W. J. Foss,
Mrs. J. P. Gardner, Mrs. II. J. Topping,
Mrs. R. L. Whitman, Mrs. G. M. Howard,
Mrs. Donald Parson, Mrs. S.C.Jones, Mrs.
J. D. Hathaway, Mrs. E. C. Beall, Mrs.
C. B. Lawrence, Mrs. W. S. Morse
Mrs. J. T. Newton, Mrs. W. F. Howell'
and the Misses Blanche and Barbara
Farrington, Priscilla Beall, Florence
Croft, Elsie Jones, Henrietta Brownell,
Helen Barnett and Florence Howell
among those who participated.
War Hukj Aixla-Cliapelle
"Among all the places on the map of
Europe that have been made scenes of
feverish activity, none surpass Aix-la-Chapelle
Aachen the Germans call it,"
says the National Geographical Society's
statement. "Here endless supply trains
start out over the fan-like system of rail
roads to the front, and from the front
converge the trains bearing their vast
loads of wounded, converting the Aix
region into a great hospital camp.
If ' ' With the return of spring a more
fitting and more charming place could not
be chosen for convalescence of the suf
ferers from the trench and shell torn
fields of Belgium and Northern France.
Aix-la-Chapelle is set into the hills, sur
rounded with superbly green-notched sky
line, and sheltered by terraced forests,,
broken here and there, in pleasing variety.
"Aix-la-Chapelle is a place of scenic
beauty, a home of modern industry, a
city of churches and of relics. Moreover,
it is a health resort, and has been such
since the days of the disease-worried
high-life of Rome. There are no better
known or more oppressive curative
springs in Europe than the hot sulphur
springs of Aix-la-Chapelle. Perchance
Charlemagne endured the healing offices
of its waters whenever his health became
impaired through his strenuous, bloody
exertions toward the conversion of the
heathens. Tf "Since the establishment of
the Empire, Aachen has sought to forget
and obliterate its advanced age by the
adoption of a sleek modern dress, and its
large business of cloth, silk and metal
manufacture has won it prominent place
in the scramble of modern, cities for in
dustrial and commercial renown. Yet
Charlemange was crowned here, and here
is his tomb. Further, the modest cathe
dral near the center of the town has been
the scene of the crowning of thirty-five
emperors and of eleven queens."
Silver Foils Elect Officer
The Silver Foils elect the following
officers for the season of 1915-16, and are
already busy with various details: Presi
dent, Mrs. R. C. Shannon, 2nd; Secretary
treasurer, Mrs. Herbert L. Jillson; Tour
nament Committee, Mrs. Jillson, Mrs.
James P. Gardner, and Miss Louise B.
Elkins; Governors, Mrs. John Tyler New
ton, Mrs. Malcolm B. Ormsbee, Mrs. J.
Raymond Price, Mrs. J. G. Splane, Mrs.
Irving S. Robeson, Miss Lucy K. Priest,
and those previously mentioned.
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