i J. I - : v.- ..f . wis. x4 1 "i X TIU-WEKXLT A WMEKLT BY THE ERA PUBLISHING COMPANY. -1 , Rate of Subacrption Tri-Wekklt One year, in advance, $3 00 6 months, in advance, 2 00 3 months, in advance, 1 00 1 month, In advance, 50 Weekly One year, in advance, l 00 Six months, in advance, ; 50 ! Ilnlen of AdverUsinci ii ii in ( One square, ono time, - . - , - - , - 00 two times.-' - - i fj 1 . three times,- - - - 2 00 A square Uthe width of a'column, tnul 1J ' -inches deep. ? ; ,: ' " ' JES Contract Advertisements taken at proportionately low rates. v , i Professional Cards, notexceedingl square, will be published one year for 12. Vol. 1. RALEIGH N". C.j THURSDAY ' AUGUST 3rd, 1871. No. 9. . ; : ; ; rr-; t t i - ..yjpig r.. . i-4 3 ' r ' - - t Wj 'f The Rutherford Vindicator, calls us "Cousin." We cannot remember, just now, what particularly mean thing ; we have done, recently, that Erwin of the Vindicator should claim kin with HOW THEY SLAY EACH OTHER. A NEW DILEMMA.' us. ! PROM THE PEOPLE. It, is amusing-, says the Old Aorthl The Convention act undertakes to State, to see how the great lawyers, bind the delegates in the proposed Con- whose opinions have been invoked on the constitutionality of the Conven tion, destroy each other. First comes A correspondent writes: ' Northampton county is wideawake upon the Convention question, and will give the largest vote against a Convention that has ever been given upon any subject. The Re publicans have selected for their standard 4iearers James W. Newsom and Noah R. Odam. You may bet high on old North ampton.'; . Another says: ' "Old Warren is all right. Every Town ship in the county will give a large majority against Convention. Many of the white voters meet us at nearly all of our mee tines. and we believe they will eo asainst this Gov. Graham, the originator of the present plan, who bases his opinion on the distinction between the original lithe Homestead may be sold for taxes. Revolutionary measure, which the Conserv- I ening their dearest rights, will vote to- loyal people of atives are trying to force upon the ood and I othPr JNortn Carolina." I - "7 . BE WARNED , A SHABBY TRICK. The Conservatives cannot hope to carry the Convention election, by any other than fraudulent means. The prompt and vigorous action of the gov ernment, against the Rutherford Ku Klux will cause them to suppress for the time their disposition to resort to violence, to carry their point. The col ored vote of the State,it is well known, is a solid unit against Convention, and a large majority of the white laboring population is of the same mind. The colored voters, and that portion of the white voters which was stigmatised have'done so before the war, by the present leaders ejet comes Mr. Moore who donj't of the Conservative party, as " the poor see the distinction, but meets it by say white trash" finding their interests ing that the section is destitute of all identical, and a common danger threat- obligation. 3Ir. Moore, who is by far impose on themselves,and thus exempt kA- .1 1. 1 1 ' I I TT 'A 3 f ; me uuiust uuu must xearneu. lawyer, j very owner oi ayioniesisxui iroiu pay- by, his construction deprives . Gov. ing any taxes at all. This would be to .1 !11 I Li. 1 ' I ' J . - A. ' : IT- 1 ,uieir auvajiiage n ii is irue, a uiey, ai- lege: Extract from Gov. Caldwell's Message. v It is in the interest of peace, quiet, and public order, and to prevent probable w. ""v, ity, that I invoke the General Assem- Homestead provision irr the Constitii- bly to relieve me from the embarrass tion. Tliat provision allows the Home ment of my present position, The Go v- stead to be sold for taxes. The great 1 ernmentisofthe people and for the rjeo w r un jr. km- ple, .and upon a just occasion, and m a .. , WHAT IMPEACHMENT i COST A RARE 7 ; - AND EXPENSIVE BOOK. 7 and modified proposition of Mr.Meares, now section .1 of Article XIII. The modified section leaves the power wiih the people, according to this under standing, while the original would not jHow will i they prevent it if they call ja Convention, the members of which must be sieorn not to interfere with any part of the Homestead clause in the , Constitution ; and by virtue of that clause, as all know,the Homestead may be sold for taxes. ' They may, no doubt, disregard 1 the oath which they have .undertaken to Under this head, the Charlotte BuL Ulin, a Conservative paper of the Jack son stripe, gets off the following : , t "Attorney' General Akerman, in a late pooch at Weldon, significantly foreshad owed the policy of the Administration up on the question of a possible-collision be tween the present government of North Carolina and one that might be born of this illegally proposed Convention. He .quoted Chief Justice Taney as having expressed the law when he said tliat it rests with Con gress to decide what government is the es tablished one in a State. He also said that it was his opinion that Mtho present National Executive, finding two so-called govern ments in the field, would uphold tliat one of them which Con grew had recognized, un less he found that it had been lawfully su perseded by the other. The issue is one of great gravity. - -WW J a m witn tnese will act many persons, heretofore classed as Conservatives, who cannot be swerved from their;, honest convictions upon the present issues, even by the clamorous denunciations or social proscription of those who call themselves their friends, nor by the still more potent influence of their.own prejudices againt the Republican party. Many of these will quietly vote against Graham, and those who agree with him, of the premises from which they reason, and lets their whole argument fall to' the ground and vanish into airy nothingness. I Next comes Messrs. Bragg and Mer rimon, who have profited by the dissensions of the others, and who, consequently, have to find a different basis for their argument. They pro claim, almost without argument, that that I the Homesteads and alii: the 4 - - iS taxable property in the1 State be longs to the Conservative party. But upon this policy, who would pay the taxes of the State and county govern ments. Of necessity, such taxes would Jail upon j the white and black poll jof the State, or upon those property holders! who own more than a Home ptead. The constitutional limitation, that the poll tax shall not exceed Two lawful way. they have an undisputed right to change it. No one vill be less- likely than I to interpose captious ; ob jections to the mode or manner of ef fecting such changes, as are proposed! by the representatives of the people, or as may be in accordance with a distinct, de finite and deliberate popular will expres sed upon this subject. But it cannot suc cessfully be denied that the mode . now proposed is novel and irregular (to use no stronger term:) that it has no ex press1 warrant or authority by any pro vision of the Constitution ; that it;, is sustained only by a latitudinous stfid strained interpretation of a general phrasci in that instrument ; that it isf in tne lace of contemporaneous exposition and decision of the same question in the Convention of 1835, by the ablest men, and by a very large majority, of that body ot pure and upright and eminent citizens ; mat it nas ueen more usau The : Books of the Auditor's T and Treasurer's offices show tliat thef-Im peachment Trial cost the people of the State; the. enormous sum, of sixty-one thousand five hundred and forty-eight dollars and' fifty-five cents. Here are the items: i r THE SUPREME COURT UNANIMOUSLY FA VOR THE HOMESTEAD THE APPOINTEE OF GOV. CALDWELL FAVORS THE WISE PROVISION OF THIS LAW-CHIEF JUS TICE PEARSON IN ACCORD WITH THE COURT ON THIS QUESTION WHO ARE THE FRIENDS OF THE POOR MAN ? ' Three extra lawyers. 44 days, -' " $ 3,000.00 Reporting, 1 man and stan 44 days. . 4.375.00 rnnimg ana succmng, Paper, V-' - Pay of witnesses. . ' . Pay of members, 170 at $5 per day, fay or clerks, door-keepers, etc., Fuel and lights $24.00: . 44 cords 5,615.50 2,840.40 5,655.20 37,400.00 2,464.00 wood, $165.00, . , 200.00 $61,548.53 , 350.00 Add, . for a clerk , and messenger for the lawyers, And we have C Gov.. Graham, Gov. Bragg and Judge jVLernmon received at the rate of $2.74 per day each for their Services to help seven other leading Conservative law yers, appointed bv the House: to pros ecute Gov. Holden. . ? Seventeen thou sand eight hundred and thirty3dollars of this money was Wasted 'or given away to party favorites. Three thou once determined,and I supposed finally sand of it to extra hightpriced javyers themselves, in the third section of the dollars, would have to be, and would Declaration of rights, "the sole and ex- be, repealed to carry out this idea of elusive right of altering and abolishing jthe Conservative party, and a large their Constitution and form of govern- class of men, who are claimed to be Con- ment" : whenever they , may think ervatives, would live and die exempt CASWELL COUNTY. The anti-Conventionists. of Caswell county, had a big barbecue and speak ing at Yancyville Saturday the 22d. There was an invitation "extended to the Convention voters, but not one .of them appeared on the platform. Fully 2000 people were present and much enthusiasm prevailed. Caswell will redeem herself on the 3rd of August. t The people are all against revolution, and are satisfied with the Constitution. The county was carried at the special Convention. Thousands of them will stay at home and not vote at all. It the people, "in terms," reserved to was to intimidate this class of men, through their fear of social ostracism, if they should honestly vote upon the conviction of their judgments, for the Republican cause, that the plan of com pelling every voter to vote in his Town- proper to do so. But a very brief ex- from taxes. The laboring classes of both ship, was adopted ; thereby enabling the amination of the section shows that if colors, who own no Homestead, are not Conservative inquisition to scrutinise the people have reserved to themselves iikely to submit to this new fashioned each ballot influence every voter who this power, they have in the same sej- System of taxation. If property, to may be inclined - to vote the Republi- tion, reserved "the sole and exclusive such an 'amount, should be ex can ticket, and if he had previously right to. regulate the internal govern- mpt from taxes, why tax a man's voted with the Conservatives, to con- ment and police of the State" also. So bead ? TLet the Conservatives, as they demn and mark him for punishment, this argument proves too much and de- seem disposed to do. put this ball in If he should vote a Republican ticket, stroys itself. paotion; and where will it stop ? Those But the Conservatives are not satisfied Next comes Hon. D. M. Barringer tcho do not own property are in a very with this enginery, which may be used who attempts to strengthen Gov. Gra- large majority in North Carolina, as determined, by the action of both po litical parties, represented by their best men in the General Assembly, ; before the war. This being ,the case; and the public mind still being sensitive to the slightest cause of alarm and apprehen sion for the continuance of peace within our borders, and our people praying every day and hour of their lives that they may never see again the scenes! of commotion, strife, bitterness and blood to help, seven .others appointed .by the House who, ; it seems,! tnemseives. . Twelve thousand nine ninety dollars for making proceedings and. speeches1 in the case, which the people will never see, unless they;buy it from the Coaservative lTir lie .Fruiter. The Supreme Court 'delivered an opinion last week,; of very groat and vital importance to the people of ' the State. ;lt declares, that the reversiona-, ry interest in a Homestead, cannot be sold to satisfy any debt.' Tfie Court was wianimoius in thU opinion, thus putting to rest all suspicion, that any member of the Court, was not thoroughly in accord with the previous decisions of . tins tribunal upon the same subject. The Homestead right of the people, . is now upon a solid and permanent foundation provided the people let , $61,898.55 this good liepublictm work alone. . They, have : nothing to gain by a change and everything to J6se. A bira ijf the hand is worth two in ' the bush ; and the" Homestead is safer with such a Court as we have, which has again decided it .to annly to old debts, than ' it would bo-ii-ieft to the tender mercies of B. F. Moore, Judge Merrimon and Gov. Bragg, as Supreme Court Judges. ,These' gentlemen le- lieve and avow that so far as old debts couldn't help are concerned, the Homestead cannot - V V . . Y A - . 1 . . V appiy. 13V long nauu ana Dy moral hundrcdwtnd l-tendencies which they cannot control, a book of tho they are'the friends of the creditor class and the enemies of the poor debtors of the country. The collec tion and coercion of debts -has been the making of their fortunes. Their moral theory is that a poor debtor who cannot pay, is, in a degree only, less . Is not this monstrous,1 in the present bankrupt condition of the State ? Will shed thrOugn which they have so recent- it be tolerated in a , party which got criminal than a thief, and that the sum Jy passed: that while they have decided into power upon false promises of econ- of all villainies and Ithe climax of human under the forms of law. They propose openly a more dangerous -.expedient, which, it Is our purpose to warn the ignorant and honest colored voter, es pectally, against. . ham's position by quoting Messrs. Fisher, Swain and others against Mr. Meares' original proposition when ii was under discussion In the Convention of 1835. But the recorded debates do they are everywhere. Inject into the people this new Conservative. doctrine, est circumstance will be seized upon, as that property, above the Homestead, must pay all the taxes, and the mud sills of society, in .the Conservative as TrioVa fWf nnnmoornwfmtr .Tiiri- omv. retrenchment andireform ? I depravity, is reacneu- by every debtor Li TA i-ii -ri i - I TKo Prvncnri'ofliTQ noYfir ia all.nnu'or. I Who inHlsrA linon th KhOltOr linn nrO- . able to another : that one kind of covin- fl in the State now. -They can make tection of the Republican homestead a . j . ' ii nu ha laiira - f haw nan nnntml iha flnonnu amtnfif. nmrm dphtfl lir Olfl fitom (lpnt.4 pr there is vet no nrevailinff reason whv of the State-they can depose and turn which the merchants to Whom they J X ' . I - . a it m m M 40 I J I i , . I I they should again buckle on their sa- out every puDiic omcer m ine ataie n are uue navo loiig wiiipruimswi bres, shoulder their muskets, and at the they choose, and they should, therefore, at a song. Stand - the Republican, ooint of their bavonetsand at the mouth justly be held accountable; to the people Constitution of the State, which .pro of their cannon, enforce their -views pf for their profligate and ruinous expen- vides for your protection ! btand by what ought to be the Constitution upon diture. No wonder they had to almost the present Supreme Court, which has UOUUiC U1C UUV lO IIlWl UlCUeiUlUlUa.Ul I alV411 cu nifvv juut iuuiahj niitiii their reckless extravagance. ' 1 be exempt from execution, for old Tf thev naid as we have proved, i debts, and vote against Convention, if twelve thousand nine hundred and you would effectually do these; things. ninety dollars for one single book how. much would they . make a Convention cost the people? Arguing from the foregoing established facts.not less than $500,000. their dissenting neighbors, as each par ty undertook to do in lebi . t i A feeling of doubt and uncertainty as to the future, exists in North Caro lina. There is some reason why lit should exist. And therefore the slight I. election for Senator and iRepresenta- the tion by paying them extra wages tives, by the Ku Klux. It will not be on that da or by Promising them ex sothis time. The people will vote tra entertainments of meat and drink- without being munlered or whipped, barbecues, Ac, to seduce them away irom ine pons, uei no coiorea or wmte laboring man listen to any such propo sals. Let our candidates and canvass ers, every where, warn the people against These they purpose to keep aicay from hot sustain Mr. Barringer in all he saysl well as the Republican party, will be KU KLUX INVESTIGATIONS. We learn from the Rutherford .Star . of the.22d, that the trials before coxa missioners Scoggin and Wilson contin- Ku Kluxing are now in jail, and not a day passes but some misguided man is arrested and tried, or voluntarily comes in and confesses the. nnrt he has acted in the organization. j . Our county, with the exception of the loss of a number of parties who have taken French leave, is becoming quiet, and we predict tliat in a few weeks old Rutherford will be herself again. . Thanks to the government that sent us protection, and to the oflicers in our county who were ready and willing to do their duty, when they were assured protection from midnight assassins. 1 The No Convention voter that re mains at home on the day of election, adds one vote for Convention. Go to the polls and vote. w a m - 11 is claimed, nowever, tnat tie was a member of that body and that his memory, or recollection, of what transi pired is entitled to great weight. But, unfortunately for this claim," the jour nals show that Mr. Barringer obtain ed leave of absence for the remainder of the session on the 26th of June, 1 ready enough to upon it. accept it, and to act ALAMANCE COUNTY. this trick. Moreover, let these Conser while the discussion, which he profess vative conspirators beware, lest they ses to quote, did not take place until dig a pit into which they themselves the 9th of July the subject of amend-! may fall. . j ments not coming Up at all until the Any man who pays another addi-I 6th of; July. He was in Philadelphia opened the discussion at Lea's tional wages on the day of election, or when the debate took place, and knew We spoke to a large, respectable and attentive crowd at Lea's store, in ; Ala mance county, on Thursday last, 27th. We had the pleasure of; meeting. and renewing our acquaintance with sev eral gentlemen from Caswell "Shd Ala mance, with whom, in formeV days, we had served in the legislature We store, any thing at all, for tie purpose of keeping him away from the election, or furnishes him with meat or drink to keep him away from the elec tion, is guilty of bribery, or an attempt to bribe, under both the State and Fed eral laws. Let the parties who pur pose to practice this unlawful and flagi- about it, while tious trick, upon the rights of the peo- law all agree pie, be marked, prosecuted and punish ed, as they "deserve to be. Any one who advises that such practices are not indictable, is either ignorant of the law, or means to induce others to obtain votes in a way which will certainly bring them into trouble. as little of it as he who knew least. The fact is plain that the friends of and were replied to by Capt. James A. Graham, whom we found to be' an intelligent courteous and dignified foreboding evil, by the sober, steady men and women of the State. For th$y yet remember and feel the agonies jof slaughtered or crippled sons,of , widow ed daughters and orphaned children, and deplore the loss of ravaged and des olated homes and ruined fortunes. The trivial coincidence of the month and day of the proposed Convention election vfith certain other inauspicious days and months in the dark period bf bloodshed, crime, and overthrow bf political relations and' institutions, in augurated with as fair promises as are now made in this same month ten years ago, will be remembered. It will be remembered also that the very day, April 13th, on which the propos ed election is to be held, is the anni versary of the bombardment of Fort Sumter, and the commencement of the war. Slight : as these circumstances are, the people will attribute to them great significance, as indicative of ulte rior ana aangerous designs, noi per- CLASS LEGISLATION ATTEMPT TO RE ESTABLISH A PROPERTY ; QUALIFICA TION FOR OFFICE. ' i The insidious and d?jj& 'attempt .S'L NW- Several Conservative organs are republishing mutilated and garbled ex tracts from the Western address to show the inconsistency of th.ej position of leading Republicans then and now. That address does not advocate or sug gest in any part of it, a Convention called I upon the plan proposed now. of the Legislature, at its last session, AJ VM.JJ UlU llgiil' VI flap LSWAA VUUOVO to hold office, was manifest in more than one instance. One example will suffice. . 'hi J" A Bill was introduced into the Senate, and was passed, by a large 'majority wuv-rtc - votbjctttot -wwwW-T 1.1.. nJmnsf. mnnimntiiJu fn if., tvnnirinfy V.W 8 :rr:-;:z5'ZJZh 18oU . What more sand DOLiiARS with twd, justified securi ties, each in the same amount, for the execution of the duties of his office. It was pretended, that this Svas aimed at the negro Justices in the East. But, what is the effect of such a law? It would prac tically disqualify and. expel from office, then : there is none now. Why? Be cause the present Constitution has made all the reforms In the Constitution of 1835 which the signers of the I Western Address demanded. I They denounced the Constitution of 183T as odious and anti-republican, and asked for it to bo of that thoroughly changed. It has been thor- 18G8. . What more, thereforei do the people want? . Tbis Address asKea ior 1. Eaual representation according to population, and notaccordingto wealth and taxes. The Constitution of 1 80S or dains it. j - 2. The ad valorem tax. The Const i- the. present law are split up into fac-! Unonf Hoarincr to pnfnrPP his haos in the contemolation of those who nme-tentns oi tnemagistraies m a ma-itution oj iso oraains u. t rvMo w fw If5 717 ' . ' " s concurredln'the passage of the. present &y .9l "?e western counties oi mis . . Universal suffrage. ' -jvv a civui- views nv :i nri 1 1 1 1 1 -i 1 1, - iiiiii i tintiii iiii' . 111- i w m. i utnfn tnnf-hnvnavathatmimnapAtnrnira tions which reject ises and Overthrow each other's conclu sions. , It is not certain that even a majority of them agree in their views the opponents of the in their view and con struction of the written text of the Con stitution. Comment upon this fact unnecessrry. is VER.Y WEAKLY ALLOWANCE, INDEED. PROMINENT DEMOCRATS AND CONSER VATIVES AGAINST CONVENTION. The following gentlemen, represent ing the old Whig and Democratic par ties, who have voted in opposition to the Republican party since its organi zation in this State, arc opposed to 4 A t t convention: Hon. Abraham Rencher and J. II. Ileaden, of Clio wan county j N. W. Woodfin, Esq., of Buncombe, Augustus M. Moore, of Chowan. . Henry Walser, of Davidson. T. M. Argb, of Orange, , 'Hon. Lewis I lanes and J.jM. McCor- kle, of Rowan. J Judge Anderson Mitchell of Iredell. . J. P. Speight and Abraham D. Swin son, of Greene. j W. A. Hearne, R. S. Perr Oscar Rand, Thomas Smith, of Wake. J. W. Halstead, of Cainden. T. C. Humphries, of Currituck. R. T. Hardin, of Ashe. . R. P. Lutterloh, of Cumberland. Silas Westmoreland, of Stokes. W. B. March, of Davie. G. W. Johnston, of Pitt, There are other Democrats and Con Kervativos in the different counties, whose names we do not remember. These men are not Republicans. They are Democrats and Conservatives. fTl .1 ..1n4trvntif a i nvy are jhulu men, mi it uiuuuuuw. There are thousands of Democrats and Conservatives throughout the State, jastas true in their opposition to the Republican party as Mr. Turner or Mr. Graham, who will not sanction an at tempt at revolution by voting for Con vention. The gentlemen mentioned In this ar ticleVaro the True Conservatives of .this State. The country has much to ex pect, and nothing to lose, from the counsels and teachings of this class of inen. - That a large body of the Conser vative party think and will vote with these gentlemen, there is no doubt. The Charlotte Bulletin says the ap proaching election is attracting much attention throughout the entire coun try. The opponents to the Conven tion scheme have begun to work in The economical, retrenchment and reform Legislature, last winter passed the following : Resolved, The House of Representa tives concurring, That the Treasurer be instructed to pay James H. Moore, contractor for the warrant stead of vituperation and abuse, which are so freely indulged in by older . and more prominent men in his party. The discussion passed off very pleas antly, and without a single incident to interrupt the good humor, and kindly feeling, which prevailed in the large . crowd. : . From all parts ofthe county, of Ala mance, we! learned that there will be an increase over the last vote, in favor of the Republicans, and against Con vention. For the first time, in many months,' the Republicans feel free to Court, will be precipitatad upou the neipiess ana nnpovensneu ; uuuiura, i the State, .-now protected by that decis ion, coupled with the fact that the present act does ; not restrict the pro; posed Convention from abolishing the ii i x a. - I ii i ? i x ; t. . express meir opinions, anu to act upmi i consiiumoiuu cvempuuu uxtui iiupio- r i A 1 A 1 il A. ' 1 A? - L!l. I , 1 .- I -j J.-.-l- 11. 1J -1 The dread of being deprived of. the nla1Slal, . Bve I bond as tne obscurest f negro in tne ii -oaf o I otate. rne result wouia oe, to concen- p anA tfoT.if trate all such offices m the hands of a uL ,xrvi oT,ri nfrfhufo few rich men and theirs tools in each pynstri anfrheihten the rrpiierai county. Merchants in the county excitement beyond that which we towns, and small lawyersjvvho cannot might expect m ordinary elections. $8 and are too proud to .beg,' w9uld be Thl fear Sat the , army of creditors thus foisted on ge people by this lay, whose claims have been excluded by instead of capable poor, men of their IXie.. JlOlUlllg Oi ,U1U pitTSCHI OUjUlillU The Cbmtiiu- o 'office. Choice. General Brogden; the Senator from Wayne, asked f to ; enter! his ; : protest against the , passage of such an um ust law, but that Constitutional privilege was denied him by the Conservative Senate, bo intent Were they on legisla ting the holders 01 Old debts,1 and tne llHUUBT I . o., , i Jiil.-Zu-i.. I if 1 ftiS niv; 1 . them. Happily, for all parties, the eminent ior dent, wm seriously agiia kJh Kverv oractiea 111 1 in ii iim . iiiHii r-,i 1 ivnm - liimjuxi i - . t 1 - t . . -'t 1 , 1 7. i jl . a .sji JT if.. , I, t muA, a. t revive and re- iton of J868 ordains it. 4. Eligibility , of all men The Constitution of 18C8 ordains it. Abolition of property qualifica tions for office. The Constitution of WA ordains it. 6. The establishment of the office, of Lieutenant Governor, The Constitution of 1868 ordains it. . , . . 7. The election of all the State Exe cutive officers by the people. The Con stitution of 1868 ordain tt. 8; The election of Judges by pie. - The Constitution J 9.-The election of Justieew . of tlic Peace, by the people. I The- Constitution the peo- of 18G8 ordains i. earnest, and are well encouraged by exceeding sevj iivxuuxu xmjiw xx.xvxj x vuv ui any luuuo uuu uiuu- .rihe public printing, on reign of terror which once distorted that Wnnd-coloi." The fl $U:f Ow'i of the Auditor, a sum not hPfiiiti fill mimtrv. has ceased. 'Mav I V-w-. -mtrtii wAnmiri 4-i-irk TniiYMnooori oiifL I tention, evidently,' is to ' . , - r 1 . 1 V i-i.4 X ISLLtlX vo. u nvi"l3.ti imiuv 1 , " . , , 1 ; ' . t m f i , r . , urguuiKU uie oiu stsujiii ,01 vniFt' jiuujsw there be nothing high official authority. We copy the following from the New York Times, as indicating the policy of the Administration, as well as the duty of the people to defeat the Convention scheme. The Washington correspondence writes : - wise flrmronriated. Ratified the 11th day of March, A. D., 1871. . '. . - . Moore, as every one knows, is, in this matter, a man of straw. The seven hundred dollars wTeekly goes to the Sent but. It is the stipend of that or- WAsniNQTON, July 19th. Tho political gan, and, according to this resolution, the Sentinel, out people,' is at the hundred dollars a month; and for fifty two; weeks, or a year, thirty-six thousand-four hundred dollars. Books at $12,000, and resolutions to pay, for an ehXuttonM.naito:Perid. the Public Printer seven, nunareu aouars a wcck, are speci mens of Conservative economy and re- situation in North Carolina is becoming very interesting from the alleged fact that that State is the battle ground of the Ku Klux in the trial of their scheme to overturn the resent State Constitutions in the Southern tea. The issue, however, which presents' itseir publicly is between tne Democratic and Republican parties direct, and the re sult of the election of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention will decide which party shall hold supremacy in the State for a series of years. The Democrats boldly avow their purpose, in the event the Con vention is called, to be the expulsion of all tho present Judges Democrats in their places, elected by tho Legislature, with a life tenure. 'All the judicial officers down' to Justices of the Peace are to receive the same treatment, and the machinery for Tammany tactics in vote counting will be made complete by tho Justices being given the control of elections. The election of delegates to the Convention is to take place August 3. The Convention was not voted by two-thirds of the Legisla ture, as tho existing Constitution provides, and would not be a legal body any way: but the Republicans will make a powerful effort to elect a majority of the delegates, in which case the Convention will be dissolved without action ; and success in this attempt is hopeful, from recent accounts. If, how ever, the Democrats should get the election. Gov. Caldwell would probably resist, and the President would have to decide which was the lawful State Government, as the Dorr war determined be nadthe right to do, and would give that Government the sup port of the United States authority. Senator Pool will go South in a few days, into the heart of the Ku Klux regior , and will en- gage vigorously in the campaign. The Republican Congressional Committee are sending more than 150,000 documents throughout the State. The contest has a national significance, as a defeat of the Ku Klux element will compel them to change front throughout the whole South. no time is fixed when its payment shall cease. ;;.'";.) Seven hundred dollars a tceek paid to of the pockets of the rate of twenty-eight in the future to re vive it! . ' ' From the counties of Caswell and Orange, we saw a number of .gentle men, who gave us a good account of the prospect of the anti-Convention feeling in those counties. Day is break ing. . The people will assert their rights on the 3rd day of August, and the last effort of an expiring faction will be thwarted by the omnipotent popular voice. ..T "Jft ; r.wrirr cliques under which-the. Conservative "irJl bartv flourished before! the -war. call ui a vuventiuti. ahc wuci, wiu 1 . . , ..: i , .... labor upon our farms,! jn our domestic SJ-W?? TStT1 i ee:ef?n, .x, .A, 1 iki,- wrti-t-a of Magistratesbyme veople. - ' :-- ' ."1 9U 1 TT. 1 III I II I It III l.rill a B Ii V KtA. I w v . ..rr, --T Try" : I " ; ' 1 may suspect; inui h vxniveuuuii, uuij stricted asnto its power to establish the old ca. sa.Nsystem' of imprisonment ; for debts, will leave open a door to intro duce that or a system of peonage like people Ml COUNTY CLAIMS AND ,r . CLIQUES.! The progress of the;. war developed too classes of Union men. , In this State there were, from the beginning of the strife, quite a number of men who ad hered to the old flag, and among these were some prominent men who had held office in ante-bellum days. But time revealed the fact, sooner or later, that in Mexico, where, although their Constitutidn guarantees liberty to ev- ery citizen1, by their mode of enforcing debts every farm or house servant is liable to become practically a slave. . , The first Convention bill fixed the election, on the anniversary of the bombardment of Fort Sump'ter, Tax payers bear it in mind, that last year 1870 your State tax was 36 cents on the one hundred dollars worth of property. Tliat was under Republi can rule : this year. 1871, your State tax is 52 cents on the - hundred dollars court Vnvskf o to Cic?avelaild Issue ' boluls The I Coiii missioiiers county are' authorized to the amount of tiiiuty l thousand uoLTviis. to pay. their! ola 'debt, and to levy a tax, to "meet the'i interest on these bonds.' -There is no."; restriction (Upon the Cleaveland county Commis sioners," that they shall not issue any bond, L for the payment of any debt, contracted in aid of the rebellion,', as there is in the law authorizing the Commissioners of Guilford J and othe? counties to issue "bonds. What was the purpose of inserting; the restriction in the one case, and omitting it in the other?. .;,;, r;f:..; Is the attempt to .be made, to fasten Jjm4. 7KJiAyjAAA J CUiU 1VT I H"V W a.Xa. v J I V&Jk. JlO fj4id VV JA kl JIUUUiVU V1UM I . VV MiiVlUV W , J l.tV VVf MtpiVIl A Convention controlled by that only a part of these men adhered of property, and. this is under. Demd- ahy part of the war debt of Cleaveland ; jjwwv, j w new , v vyry tne tate is relieved form. such a party, would stance of the land. eat out; the sub- Good people of Guilford, last year your County tax was 31 cents on the hundred dollars of assessed property this year it is 45 cents on one hundred dollars of property, only 15 cents more under Democratic rule than under Re publican. It Is so easy to pay that little sum for your own party-1-!!! right to the Union from patriotic motives wno lovea xneir counixy ior us own sake who' were ready to sacrifice their all for its preservation. These men, to-day, are Republicans amid reviling, sneers and loss, they stand by their own country, and are true Union men still love the Union as it is a saved and glorious Union. As was discovered the pure gold, so was also the dross. It was seen, by and by, that some men were adherents of the cause of the Union because they believed that thus they would save their slave' property, or re ceive pay for it, and that the surest place j t . rjr sr... t : cratic ku klux. Conservative ride. Do you like this way of reducing ; your taxes 2 Liast summer ; your ; represeii- tatives promised you lower taxes? You have then 16 cents more in the dollar than last year. Remember this pays no old debt no interest on bonds no school expenses this is to pay the $5-f- Such way-i of lessening, taxes is delici ously refreshing in these hot days. Do you feel good, fellow tax payers? Guess you fio.:t, ,,.;-:y ;yr;;-". f ... j, . now It costs tne County only $ 1800 ( eighteen hundred dollars) to nav !the I for them to aet office was in the interest on the $31,000 of Bonds Mr. The events of the war the-extremity fltlmpr nn fnr vnnr Hnnnhr rnm of necessity on the part of the United Gilmer fixed up for j our County Com- states Government disappointed all missioners to issue to pay old debts, calculation about the slaves; and offices you don't know'to whom, nor for what, too, did not fall, unbidden or sought Don't you wish somebody would, pay for. on their shoulders, and these Union your claims? Is it not a glorious thing I men are, to-day, classed with the unre- gentlemen w$l wantto . go upon to belong to the Democracy and pay j pentent rebels and bitter, secessionists Supreme Court Bench ; and the ( xxjgu uucs) nucu piuuiucu iuw uucSi i as vuusuvauyg AAUuwiaiOf auuaiuvuc JSever nincn, it is not near Its best yet : I worst enemies of the Union ana .the, Every vote for a Convention is a vote for Revolution. wait until you pay for Convention. and the interest on old bonds then it will be heavy, if not phunny. Let the people remember that Judge iiernmon, ana otner leauing lawyers of the Consensu ve party, nave Deen trying to get a test case before the Sil- preme Court of the "United States, to overthrow; the Homestead ; laws of i North Carolina.. - . , . j. Call a invention, and these same the Coa servative party is pledged to place on! v such there as - will " decide the countyupon the otner county in llUIU U1C LKtVlllCUh VI lli v . r ; : How many of theV other ' special tax bills, passed by the Legislature, . last winter, for other counties," put it in the power of Court l House .Cliques. of Conservative' politicians, to "fasten ; il legal, and burdensome debts, upon the 'people. -"i . ' " Let the people of Yancey, especially. look into this matter, j and see; how many1 waf debts; and stale' claims, are provided fojy in the ! act J authorizing the issuing of; county . .bonds. Tne claims on that countyy (and it is so, .we suppose in many other r counties,) are not worth five cents In I the dollar. Why tax the people to pay; off the full amount of, such claims, when they could all be compromised for ten cents ill the dollar. XJohservative specula tors, are at the bottom of all this spe cial legislationr r f :' Every voter whej is in favor of , elect?- Government. These men prate of their Jlomestead . law unconstitutional and i mg Judges and justices of the Peaeo. fby unionism, out it was an ior tne negro void. i ' and not for. the country. i "Dinna ye bear the slogan !" the popular vote, will go to the polis 1 - - - A AT- I UUU YVlV XiU VVIIVCUMUU ractical and useful reform advocated -twenty, yearn, ago by the gen tlemen; who signed the Western Ad dress may be found iii t.lie Constitution of 186&4-crVv single, one, What mat ters it how they got there, so they we there the fundamental law of the laud and why do Conservative papers omit ' to publish , that part of the ' add ress which shows that it insisted on these changes? Why, but to deceive the people. r,- ' ''.. i . 1.:.- TO COLORED VOTER. ' Remember that at tho ensuing dec- ; tion-' you will not be' permitted to vote ! in any jTownship but .the oni wherein r you. live.. , " Remember tliat a rcAidonoo of only ten days in your Township is rexjuiretl to allow you to vote. - f ' 1 ' Remember that if you are not already registered in your Township, you must ? be before you can vote. Be sure, there- i fore, to see that your name I is on the registration books. , " yi ' Remember 'that up to the year lftV," j the free colored people.-in this ..State,-. ; had a right to vote. A Convention was ! called in tliat year to amend the Con- ! stitution, and it took away the riglit of suffrage from the colored people. Remember, therefore, that unle&s the -7 Convention- ih voted down, you may i never be allowed' to vote again. THE VOICE OF. A PROPHET. " I tell you tliat our , party u gone up and this State will go for the Republi cans in Uie Presidential election." J tell vouifwe go into an election ice will' be badly defeated" , ' Conservative Senator Love, '.of. Jack son, in the debate on the Convention 1 act.;-, .'I-; . - .7 -. AM-'lli ' Poor men of North Carolina I if you would save your. Homesteads! and If you arc opposed to re-enactlng;the old ca sa law, vote against Convention. A Convention at this - time cannot and . will .not result An ny .good to you 1 There Is danger; "A bird In the, hand 1 worth two in the bUsh '; Y6ti have ' got the bird; Hold on to it, J , 1 .... v. i j

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