North Carolina Newspapers

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FRIDAY, 1 1 JANUARY 11, 1878:
NO.- 5.
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PulilisIieaiOTeryiFriday Morning over the
Dirug "Store of
DRITT & co.
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I ;7 cdshL receive
??f jree jororie year
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Journal iof Granville County ,
and circulating' largely in al
trie aojpimnq counties, offers an
unsnrpa&sedi medium for Ad
vertiser s:to reach tlie pnblio.
; 8 All Business Letters must be Ad
dressed to fitlie Pnblishers.'a
M B. Crawford.
CoMJITSSIONEjts. b Hruthcock, C,
A Taylor, liester, Jno W Hunt'.
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PivOBATE Judge & ScPEnrort Cottrt
iCLEKK. B II Cozart. I r;
A ll Cooke. .
SiiEKiFri. B m Bullock. " i : x .
CoitONEa. Joseph BeckJiam. r
TRi5ASUR"ER.-i-Manly B Jones -JSTANnAKn
Keeper. W C Crabtree.
KijjiEE Iroois TtiousE. J- r tJole:
Commissioners, --VV K JeDkins.!.
j Cooper, J-R Suic, Washington BrWgers
: r , mfcrior; Court
3 uSTidEfe ; B a Capehart. S
naay, yviiivins otovall.
1 SoUcitteK ; S Peace,
CLEKKdj A XandisL ;
. i.
: OXF0ED,FOSt Office ; L C Taylor,
.Henderson mtail leaves Oxford daily
at 8 a m aitid arrives at Oxford at 7 n m
Mails lor; Sassafras .Fork, j Youngs X
I ivoads, iJfQwuaville, t Buchanan and
Oak IIUl. leave Oxford Wednesdays and
Sa tarda vs Lf ft ifrrt "
v t H-K T X
at Oxford
same day d at b m
Mails f of , Tally Hor Knap
! of Heeds
anu JJatcljville
and FxidatB at
tea ve , Oxford Tuesdays
16 a m, arrive at Oxford
same day at 9 p
r or lierea leave Oxford Saturdays at
Sam and arrive at Oxford same day at
Episcopal : J Rev . 31 n Vancnan
Hector ' Services every 2nd f and 4th
Sabbaths ait 11 a m and 4 p m. ;
. Evening Service, and Lecture--every
Fidayat 4 p mi ; . : .
Presbyterian;! Rev D E Jordan.
Pastor, seryicestevery 1st and 3rd Sab
bath) morning and night. ,
Prayer imeetmg ; every Wednesday
Baptistv Rev I"R Underwood, Pas
; tor, services every 1st Sabbath morning
-. Daooatn morning.
every Thur sday
night, r
Bev J T Gibbs. Paste r.
Services 2nd Sabbath morning at 11 a m
and 3rd arid 4th Sabbath night in every
month. j " I ' .
Prayer meeting Tuesday night.
Oxford Lodge, No 103 I O O F, Wm.
SlhKi,3 ?Ve Wednesday
iht at 7 o'clock.;-' r "
n8Vnr tw. ta i9i i? onri. a
II, J L nobgood-Master, meetelst Mon-
day nigntnu every.montn in tneur nau
Oxlord,U)dge, JM012 l,u a T, Wm.
Biggs W Q-T, meets every lnday night
" fc. J
, j : i.
Oxford Hotel Maia Street, W P Hoi
PropriiSoit. 3 f. t
Osborn JtHouse; .WilliamsbOird' Street,
pbO shorn- Jf rpprietor. r
Artist in -Crayon,
' Sassafras Fork, T, C,
Portrp.its ; iii, VCrayoii!
Qid alia enlarged ipm Photograph OsJ
. Ciljar email u&eseBi. iaxi7 w,
e3iUJ lyiaaOQfBJJsrei
: 41 ; : -1
Ati Y. ; Martin was the only
obild of a - widower. So like
her mother was .she that her fa
ther's eyes often filled with tears! as
h: looked upon her. ' . i j f
Y She was strangely beautiful- We
saV strangely beautiful, because ier
beauty was of that ' kind which we
se0in dreamsJ The intense spiritu
ality of her Bool shone through her
eyes, rand made her face like the
aba oi; an angeV She'-4 was one i of
those women id , whom? fita-ci rnen
are insist ib?y drawu,,.. A -i
Jtier tatiir rnrrdei-tood ner aature
well. - Whe.i she came to Mm. and
blushinglyi told, how her. heavt had
gone out toward , Henry aayre, he
waited anxiously the ;resnlt"of .this,
her love. .Instinctively he felt.tiiat,
to J her, a crushed heart would mean
a crashed brain.'; -1 f Hv
s Henry Saytje's evey Action seem
ed to say fie loved her. His words,
though mere commouplaces, had the
melody of -love, and fell on her jear
like music. . His tender, gaze found
itd way to -her heart and nestled
there: - . f1 :.. .
lie was poor, ai.d soon mraor
had it that hef was going; out into
the great world to iscek h;s fortune.
. When, May pieai-d it, she had only
a momentary pang of; pain. She
felt so concioosof his devotion tliat
od second thoughts slie secretly, Re
joiced .at the. comms: seoaration.
He had not vet uttered .those woms
she so longed-for. " Will vou be my
wife?" I . ":; I .- ii
'Surely," she murmured, "he will
ask me ere hetsayB good-bye f'- i
The' time cjine when the farewell
was to be spo
en.; He caMed qHte
early on the evening before the day
he was to leave.- ,M
ri came eariy, miss May, lori 1
Snail not See fvnil arrifn fftv a ilririfr I
while" lie said.
-t r k r r , . , j o i
Mr. Mai tin afler bidding Henry
oavre iroctspeed, lett the room.
She went to the
piano and
an old love-song, and .when she had
1 ! - - 1 i i - . ... '! .
aone, ner cn-ek were blushing and
her heart throbbing; 3ut though
he said, Vlt is beautiful " as if i he
was choking; he turned the subject,
and there was a
dull pain m her
He rose to go.
"At the -gate at
gate !" Bhe
thought. Oh,
yes, he!
until-we stand under the stars !7j
' Even there though he 'took 'her
hand and pressed it so bard thai a
ring she woreTalmost cut her xflesh,
though his voice quivered when (he
murmured "Good-by,"! vet : those
words were unsaid. (She, lost sight
of him in the night, as if be had gone
ont ot her lite forever;
Avhen her father, who had been
waiting in the room above, beard
her re-enter the parlor, " he descen
ded quickly, j ?! : -'j j ., .j . .
jWhat a stony face of despair was
that for a loving father to look up
on ! What a bleeding, broken heart
to press against his breast I
She fainted in his arms. A man
quick' tp' act, in a moment he vfas
bathing her ii forehead, i Soon her
eyes opened again,; arid she wound
her arms around her neck, as though
but for bim she; would wish to
- - - . . - i o
to die.
"Don't be so broken, my darling,"
ne criea ; "tnat man is a villian V
lrtut what answer could he make
to that .wad P- - . 1
it is not lor our poor pen to tell
of the year that flowed to lay
uare tue genue neart 01 J5Liay--to
i1- ' . . O -i.J
vne evening they were seated m
Mr, Martm's 1 library; He. beinr
Bomewn3t oiiia student m the old
times,: had been; "wont: to sit there,
-i".- 'i. r.(H. .i t 7 ' . T.t?
auowmg no one to enter. ...
&mce toe cruel blow had fallen
? May, the door, had mever been
- ; w m,m-m , W
Urpd t Wou: - Ycr ufcu
1 9,9 to her. ; -She would sit auiet-
Jy while be read. ; This night he
l" ueea reaaing aloud, she appar
ently listening intentlv. T.nnHnc
i. i . . . .-'. 7-, j ww --.t,
1 ml tafc ' V 1 V m. I J1I1IH. 111 I
tip trom his book after a time ! he
was RinTtlo o r- il
. .... MU BiiaugB. lar away.
i vAuicooiuu uu ner iace.
he was about, to
"".OU4 ulUi wim ner hand, and
I whispered :
Tici t ( .- iV
you not hear that
How .wildl vL swept. ?t. iff
auu yet it sounds like a wail 1"
i J-ne lather srroaned that. wIiiaVi
i? u Acarvn uaa come jviay rwas
r . . . wcseu. v as it not
beauUful, father ? . j . . .
moment ; atterward her iface
w..v,x jwiu. , xxer nanus
qmvered aDqve her head; as though
uw iane enoico ner
jr .3;u iwria way, may you think me. I loved yout
"wr 7 , : T'" uc jfc.fcuo'se woiis ter trom the i first with 1
" c I iwiiLjeu unsaui. J j strength of my nature, and
, " ? MI- Whcn : 1; went. ftwavA
KElf jL. i
"I will kill him !
.vcuuy He meaaea with hpi- rrr,
to bed, and she obeyed Tb'e! bean
broken father watched all night bv
her door. He sent next da? foi a
physician. .The doctor sadly said:
-T V ."Hers is no bodily ill. My skill
u useless here. Keep her from nV
excitement, : and time may work z a
-eure;"i-i -r '
tAnQtheriyyear wwaZhn,
arid stiil : May; was. mad. -Her fa
ther kept the secret of her jr.anlty
W6ll vSIlO YTS'InSVOl vio;-w--Ta
wnen "something remmded her of!
Henry Sayre4uen,;asf jipn that
first night; she iwoidd ravqi for - a
moment and mutter : ' -
u" rwiii km him I ; i:; ;
5 Once she went out of the house
and returned without her father's
knowledge. With the cunning of
madness -she concealed the revolver
she had purchased. . .;
vruc uiuruiug oixr. jianin iwas in
his library alone. ' IIq heard May
i - .. i- -
in ntjr room singing a sad
There was a knock at the hajl door.
le opened it. Hefore him, brown
ed and bearded, stood Henry Sayre.
VIn no. gracious way, Mr. IMartin
asked him in. To sooner were they
seated than Henry Say re saicl ;
"i had hoped for a wanner,' kind-
er reception from yousirTi
Air. Martin's 1 face flushed
! "What kindness can vou! exnect
fir," he exclaimed, "from thp father
of the girl whom you have ! made
mad ?" : i . i
"Mad, sir What do you mean ?"
tion at the man before him Abe
wretched father Ipoured ont bis sad
9fnrv ..i ; j-
When he had done Henry Savre,
-u-...: J 1 i .i :
uesiue . mmseu wim
rrrior vio.'l s" !
"Oh,-Mr. Martin, listen "that vou
may know 1 am1 not the scoundrel
all the
love her
nonoraoie to asks her to be the-wite
of a portioidess man. I wep t away
animated by3 the jsweet hopej that, if
fortune lavored me, 1 misrnt! return
and claim her, for I believed then
and believe nowi she loved & mo. I
have been successful
I arrived in
the village only last nigtit, and' came
here this morning for yonrfconseut
to ask her to be my wife. At this,
houi which for years I had hoped
would be one of joy, 'sorrow has
found me. You1 are her father, but
the blow can have fallen no heavier
on you than me." .
The other would have ahsweved
him- answered him with that sub
tle tenderness which' men know so
well how to show to men,
A shrill wild laugh startled them.
May must have - heard and
nized her lover's; voice, for she stood
in tne aoorway, a revolver ;m bei
hand. 77er eves blazed with a fu
rious light, and she . gazed at Sayre
steadily.: She smiled as sbelbrou'rht
the revolver to a level with his
breast, r I " a ! ' ' 1 1
f'Dou t fire, May P screamed her
father, in agony, as he sprung to
wa,'d her. ; ' Jj
i l he sharp report; followed his
command, and, Sayre, shot ! in the
breast, seized the table tolnrevent
I , . . - n . . .
1 nimseir Jrom tailing. . M -
May riioaned, in a stran see, pitiful
way she looked at him, then at the
revolver in her hand. . She seemed
to comprehend what she had done.
ior sne rushed to the. windqw:,and
threw the weapon from hem then
fell at her, lover's ieet and moaned
again. i . ' i I
When the - doctor arrived, he
found the patient had been put to
hpd ! i p r
He waff very crave at firsti but at
last decided that, though dangerous,
the wound was not neces ardy fatal.
"Me must have the best of nurses
-let it be May.'
"But," protested Mr. Martin,. "in
her madness, she hated bim and
brought him to-this!" 3 t
"Lrjokat her now," replied the
I Pysieian. "There is no danger."
auu. ux truvu mere was none.
She was ever at his bedside, patient
anar-lovinsr. '. As she nursed him
back to iife. her brain I cleared.
When at last he was able fto leave
a u ; i
. i z
i uio ucu were was llu iilaUUcas in ucr
tender evea: I t I
The cloud upon her brain had
been driven away by the ove-light
i that had come toher heart : and so
"There comes a sound .of marriage-holla.' ! general ! average j price o
sheep in North Carolina ii .put a
$1.75--lower than any other Sta.e
i m tne u nion. ; j. ne average m
Rhode Island is $5.75. .. . In Illinois
ss.ou t Kentufikv su.13. I
Advertiso in the JLaijcb.
Ben Butler's Bricks.
At itf dinner of the Banks QJub
in New -York, Saturday evening of
last week, Gen. Butler was entef
tamed and ppoke at length", giving
his views on , the situation. He de
fendcd: the --President's- titleat
criticised his Southern policy. f; He
said iSofaevof 'the leading papers
haye-ialleriged me o sketch where
in'; fa Republican , admin lslration
ftiight; iay; donb better- Now, that
bard; - t cot properly tcj banut
yatc. . ( I . to the office of " Presiden t,
and so i-Iam not "called7 upon - to
'shape: policy,1 : but I think, : with-:
out qfiense, that there is . a way
wheireiri I believe I can indicato a
policy which should be a little dif
ferent from that pursued for instance
on the Southern - question . I have
ud ill-will -against the Southern peo
ple. .'If I were in the President's
place I do not say that I would not
have conciliated the South. If 1 had
it in my power, as Chief Executive
ot the nation, I would conciliate
every honest and law-abiding citi
zen of the South with every honora
ble means of conciliation in mv
power, and, on the other hand, I
would use that samo erecutive
power o follow alter and punish
the murderer of an inoffensive citi
zen to the fullest ezt ent of the law.
What I object to is that life, orop
ertyiand liberty are not safe to-day
in the South, and that murder is in
that section unavenged and uupnn
ished. Would Andrew Jackson,
do you ' think, have allowed the
Chishokn massacre yet to be inves
tigated, while Cnlly, the man who
headed the moo that murdered Ch's
holm and grossly insahed his wife
and daughter, is elected sheriff of
Kemper county ? But it is sa;d.
You have sporadic ciimes at the
North.' We do, and 'we punish
th em. But how about this ca?
Nk even a word has been spoken
by the .Administration against the
Kemper county .massacre.
Again, i believe .tbat it was the
S v u7e;UaeU
btates, and, finding that to be so, to
smfain oVov to alnn(
0o ui-. w i
same ticket m his nlacebv everv
LWii v w v y - CtVvlbU Ull tilC
dollar at his command, f Applause.!
- . 1
I have no respect for a man who
. s a j
I St- rX'lF
Hayes duty to the Republican party
v..w..w w m-o rt,Ijr ,, ,1 . I
JV" "Tr.uu"? BUO-;uu "aye,'llsM
aDaicaiea nis claim, jet us
don his election, and wash our hands
mi tue wuuie maner. v e e gvp.
matter. We believe
ui. ht- tt . m. " ,,
.rlfr T,. wlon3Iul y
eiKi.i.Kii. i iih rTiu i i j i r"i ti nnriv
'frf? .part?
that belief during all
stood firm in
A 1 1 . I
inai lone: count ana that anxious
period from November to March.
In my judgment it was his duly to
stand by us, and say to these men
who were voted tor on thn same
ticket with himself, and the ballots
for whom were counted by the ame
ret uvniDg boards which declared bis
election, and who received more
votes than he himself in many cases,
that the .ower of the United Stalps
should suppoit their right every
where if he had no suspicion regard
ing the foundation on which he was
declared to be elected, in Louisiana
or instance. And don't let an v one
7 ttat I do not believe Mr.
lau iy elected, tor l have not looked
into the subject carefully enough to
orm a judgment on it. 1 think his
oouMo m JLioaisiana was very. nnjusL
It he wasv himself elected. 'Packard
was elected by the same vote. If
Packard was elected the Lecrisla-
ure which snstained him and elect
ed Kelloffs: was elected, and the
Nicholl's Legislature, was a mob.
This clearly constituted a case of
domestic violence, which Packard
was unable to repress, and his rail
to repress, and his
V as uieany warranted,
f- TT A.n . ' " V
uva ua.c jusuuuuu l
to tnay call lor the UoUStltUtlon so
mstructed him."
Renewed Interest In X.ifc7
A Vicksbur? wife infnrmo.q r,n.
t 1 . .. I "v. MW
nusDand the other inornin she was
uo u uw aiurumg sue was
working herself into the ff?ave. for
-Vn ' 1 1 . . .
the want of a hired n-irl. and
went out, she leaned back nd' fill
to weeping.: . The children were
makmz a noise in thft boll . a h
passed out, and he called r .it
1 oui ought to stoD this racket
Your mother won't Uvea week,, and
wnen you get a step-mother, here
next spring, she won't put up with
anyuch tooling r , . ,
, . " .?n e we"t home to. dinner,
ms wife met hini with a smile .and
8aT t .
. t8D otrs a . cosey little homel
lucnara, witn only oar own little
family to look after !
1 1
A gf athush falls on the 2ar lilce
a knelt jand as untold sadn ss set
tles lik;j a pall over the lJart for'
baby it1 sick. Is it not straoge that
a wee jttle thing bhonld have the
power Ho change, every Ihirig, mak
ing Ui& sunshine that but yesterday
played; jo merrily and bright-fti and
out of l ie rwlndows seems such a
cruel ri pekerv to-dav, and changing
vue joy jus tones the, elder .chil
dren inv7 funeral no lea? But gucb
is the jell that - bav has . woven.
I Knutuki herself into Ihevery raeh
C3 or Of iicnr" s, ihl sue- uiueUsub-
tin TTiif i- f1..:
uo.uJ- Lie mini tuo iiitlo'lorui
liesprofXrate,--; ; - :'
WhaJcAise wcibout the brdet. of
the . wqk-baket 'when the little
hands- tCjat made such havoc there
in scat j,ering the buUons over the
floor, plJling out then ecdleg,uri win
ding ret js, and dofng other innu
merably things are lying idle, with
fever' cursing through each waxen
finger ?H And does not every one
inthe.Ujnse share the solic'uude,
raakingthe anxiety general ? Even
Mary ifyvea her work in thi kitcken
to niaki frequent inquiries about
calls "Vby" is.
But t? je most touching of all is
the sad-ce ot the mother, sitting at
the fcickVfcouch, ever and a:ion bend
ing low: 'ever the idol of her soul to
Tdss th't little chock so brirrht
with feipr, while her heart a.sct'tids
to the One who sent her darling in
apeuticu maL me suuerer may
so u beiestored to health; and as
her glaijjjo falls on the tiny red
hood an i cloak so lately worn, what
woudertbat the teats tall fat? It
calls so $ vidly to mind what may be
But neejt we Iooger dwell ? Those
who hate known what it is to have
an empfjr cloak and hood- that will
never rnro bo filled by the loved
form foj Jwliich they were made, will
know w; jy mamma's tears fell. . To
those wtj.o have been sp ired that
sorrow were useless to explain
God grt they may never know.
Yl jg;eta.lI love Letter
p!uckedrom the Wing of an Angel
raendeibv the nravers of ah intent
""t f y VU e pi a V el S OI an -1 il UU C
. L W 4. . -. I
oauifc, ubungui expect. XO pami
.1, 1 '.- L 1 r.v . f, -
Lilt, in ir'iir' 111 I'viii.iit'K. 111 1 11:11- ti i it 1 cm i
which t,y thrilling eloqueuce has
it S rZTZv.l
Bentimits, soft soap of consistency;
ofJan inrtnTdreams. Thy steps a?
h4, the tender-footyedze'byr:
JL aiTidiTi thine eyes
stolen lorn seraphs.
Tby lips are
1 Lj,nj . k.. . i i
- A clc Unlff In tle Bonne.
.Wnfiir Th. ,..1- nlrU?
I v a mm j w V A VlLJ aftWl
1 1 . -i ? . .i m
use urupa 01 amoer. my teetu are
Miow-lies et in a bed of verbena,
O, swe i ppTits of cam
distilled essence of hart
-v . ' .
bor, double
tsuorn. sour
croutoij my hopes, apple sauce of
my thoughts, Dnttcr
tcr-milk catsup of
r of innocence, ap-
fection. rDoiwoud
thou art the time of my
il r.o n a.' 2lrnrl vemicli rC m r via'nn
J "V
sanctiCj .rfio of my recoil sctioa.
jLhou a x. as handsome as a stripped
nvena,' .poitca a a leoparu or a
grcasecistreakof Jigbtui.ig churned
to coilslUencv in the milkwav. Thou
art as. harmless as a wolfj- handsome
as an ojin iant, niHouiovr) as a Hon
Oaionfpf my soul, pickle pankin,
preserved ai)plo of the" "afdea of
to lover
H-YoPT darling BET5EY.
TheUxport of lef tobacco from
ttiu TTr in.l Ci i j irn
... u.wU i-.iww w.M, iu iiuj.
in 187;i it rose to 518, 0U7, 804
noun(i;I ' '
poundf. ,
U J .
nn, J'L.i
times have told ftprrrplv
: "lJW" --iuiawuiJ. J. ur iuu yi'ur
UDon rn orntion. Fnr ihft
r. ft i 1 .:.,..r.;.
- I a. mJ W. llllllll llll ill l ll'l M M 1 m 1 w II 111!
tbous?Sd, as against two hundred
and sii ty thousand in 1S73.
York'fity" were very heavy in
I ; i & 1 j 1 .1 -1
e,?ul' fu.u.u.reu '. anu
tevent V-four.
?7 , 7, .7.7. ---
with Abilities apountmg to nearly
I Ft V-f r million sluMtwa An.l nonta
nxty-tuo million dollars and assets
aboutiiwenty-one miliifin Adia
flan w Jctnrera ;,numberiuglorty-four,
uead tie lit. lollowed by thuty-live
i i banke'U'i and bokers, wbo went
v aown m,er l?e ucavy Ioaa oi more
than sl? Bullions. -
Ho of ton.- oh. how often, a mm
with ely one sol.tary button on his
.ghirt, pd that one a br.iss piu, lookn
with')gv6uring envy upon bii wife's
new i fven buttoned glove, and
wished alL the fchirts in his collection
were j jfst one glove. . ITiere does
eeem i omething wrong in this divis-
my fauSr I
pie but:er of
of melcpy,
ii3f4UFihogshtfaJ8: in lbi2. liS2.- "-"Jidupcwcf ioo
SSn .431 Inminda no 1 fti i 8"oa or nrt-c n
, ,,' r?i ' , - y " camvor muUaten
Asri cml tural
As giving air idea of the relativo
value of same of the principal ;.agri-
caltm-al products of the United .
State?, the following from FUtitics
for 1876 wM-ha interesting.. -Jlhen
W9 III U'mT A mfm WW.iJwa4
a of thi products givu.,be'
e 'a fallows : 'T " -' ijL: -
ow were
Indian com- .
Hay . :
Cotton . ' -. 4
Oata ; " .
Potatocai -
DarLt-y - -
-294,riSQ,0W;: -
120.403 03o
- ine cotton.."so often vanrcd' iis
king, was four; jh on the list of -agri- .
cultural prodtfets. . Now it will rate -still
lower. ;V "p
Aorth Carolina contains l ,025
distilleries, the Largest number of
any State in the Union. Kentucky
comes next with 754 distillerks
MEW ORCAMS-1C stops 8 23, 10 "
la, fcVi. a,;.; Pianos rvtaU jr!vy
875jonly fcUSj'jSend for cauAdcntial'
Circular. 1) F itty Within Jo-i.N' J
hoct maaic, JV, lrr or ga:ts. ilusic ,
i'Qb co, Mid Jlcly. Mt
Oioet withjj iac, J Doato j Co, Km-
pr f i-argw uiua, l&ru wuu uaujv .u vo
a - " -
XJ V13iil3 withTot rae.9o,30 now fan cr3
loc OatfiU lnf Y WMbbnra A Co, MiJdi-
N8 and : Rcrolvcr. !!li':rafrt
Price List? free. Ofeit VVtni r.nn
Works, PitUburs, Pa
PnEE Mammoth Oatfit to Every
dy. Sim-wirlcr watcli free with
m caoxEO ri q rapSL, rS
;I A B I T . C U R ETT:
V A Certain and Sure Cure .
R lotion In Prices. A trial .
xttle ut 9, . 2Irt J.- A. DroUigcr
TTrrrrsrji -. ; r. . r, : ... ?i
X Cat, lrai4ioij & 5urAUi tiutl uJ LItI- . -
,te?!1,a,"ylP Q th mawict and
Joiote. indolent, lloer. dimchireintr botch.
11 l . - ' . o c
pwenea oret ij, crynpelM, and tMcoss
min it .r.f.i vVV('Af n...i
. " - w. v.
cheaper thin tafotber. and U wrrant.l by
o iui , uwiu it u uciver. urmirur ana
icu x rorrraQ Doiesaie Longu., 55a
ThoM wisLln;! Relief and Cnra tnr Ttnn.
turo Bhotlld ccJi,cdt Dr J A Sberain. SU3
Broad way. fw'2'ork.
Dt? '
Send l6cts. ty bia oer boot with Photo.
likeucMs of bS cases before asd
care, liwire of cheat who -t.T-ptnd
to lornisb Dr. Rttrmaaa treatment.
One of theo fOo, a genn.a clerk, now
cmngbimelf W G Cremplen, u indicted,
en co.uplaintofiPf 8 and await trial for
rorgei7 ana emlfczllement.
A QQ'fl
- 't'U,,..
;pf anted,
" . WiLSXl CApH3c C3.
wmcago, iiu j. Kof Orlcana, I. ;
. ' - r i orSan Traacly, Ca.
SeJidforreduccdrcc List
.,Sefenrtd '1'? Rtylc; Price, ndacd
Jiton, Ne i4k, or Cbica ' ; " ' ;
l ... f
nvewiad-irmj .tbe iT.M r
. . .... - T-m . .
Ne ljnotan l'Or-.
iker at lower pncc for'
t,tncp em before -3cif J.
TMtdfor aycara. ihTx.t-nd cauicgu
maded. treat-wunceineou to tb trade,
liarjoT-ocUTclfc dult.riif71-ocUvo
dohara. Orsij. 2 flow IS dOUan: 4 t.,.
.-gu are tbe Ui rcide
I Mdollar,
I Ur. lo itor
in oerfL-c.
uUctareriiLdtleilm ii v..iutk
. 7- mmw a - - m.1 l"w L
I V s vaajia liadicol Cure tor Catarrh
I ill 2iot inaUdtl- relicre and BoAdilr
alLU Co. AuW n y: wn in. ziuZ
lon.UrmtA ... t s ' . ;, .
. r,' V9a At Loan. Tcum-ai:
lnatnUo vr mail. . Prica. trim iaDrorM
inhaler. ; Terywncxl '.SSSS?
I ler. TTOlirii!linM. float.... If... -..-.-
ly'Wvp1" J.Jof"n. ii. Cuiaa'. Voi-
Great Zemedj for
COlJGll)i,.COXD.S ksn
' . FIN CAY it TUOilPSOy,' V.
New Orleaus, la Solo Ati.
7 (toni C5 dullara. 8 nor T.
85 dollara, I2sto;ft,9o do)ltm.
0 1 "
' , '" ' j
i .
ion of muttons.
; , -- r Tor 0 ty ilftTCjgiaU.
1 i.

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