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    ' . : - ' 1 I 1 ' " ' I I I - " "" ' '.' ' " ' " ' f - - ' 1 1 ' """ " I I .. I n I .1 ., I II III. ,
VOL. III. NO. 1 52. j j SALISBURY, N. C, THURSDAY EVENING, AUGUST 25, 1898. 4? , - . ; '. 10 Cent, Per Week
; , , ;- . ..-r.-r .r.-wT QTYTWW TnnWWTJn ' 1' PART nTr P.HAH AnTKHS. I
COURT PROCEEDS US- iwymunwaiMM, UfM ' M '.-".,-1
I ; ::.!.: ' ' , I L I I .11 J 1 J
He and Miss Porter, of Franklin,
Married Last Night.
Capt. W. 11. Crawford, of this
city; who is now a conductor on
the Murphy branch of the South
ern, was married last night o
Miss Hallie Virginia Porter, of
, Franklin.
Capt. Crawford is one of the
mpst popular conductors on the
Southern. Miss Porter is an accom
plished young lady and: is a grad
uate of Salem Female Academy,
1. 4. . -
srraduatinsr there during the ses
sion of 'y6-'97. Her many friends
and schoolmates will be somewhat
snrrirised to hear of her marriage.
The Sun extends congratula-
tions to the young couple and
wishes for them a happy hie.
Cant. Crawford and bride wil
arrive in Salisbury this evening
to spend awhile with relatives o
the groom.
Two divorces Granted Citizenship
Restored Other Cases.
Thfe State locket of the Superior
1 . ' . t 1 1 . .. 1
was n
t finished' yesterday.
The Jivil dodket will continue on
into and perhaps through next
Thfe folloWins caes have been
dispdsed of since noon yesterday:
n. Brown, criminal trespass
n. Brown, larceny, six months
J I. II.
red to t
not d
on rc
' V V. IWitmn. assault and
iota ilAfphdpnt nlead " sruiltv
judgliient suspended upon pay
ment! of the cost.
A Jimrwla Lnmr Smith asrainst
Foust was, by decree.
ie lost rights of citi
ObacliaU Sm
The Troutman School.
Prof. E. II. Miller- writes from
Troutman: 1
We are getting along nicely
With our school. The enrollment
is good and prospect for more is
flattering., j
Election Day. 1
The election this year is on No
vember 8th later than usual in
fact as late as it is possible for it
to be. The law says it shall be
held on the first Tuesday after first
Monday in November. The montn
comes in on Tuesday this year,
hence it is thrown late.
th ' for divorce. De
cided in favor of plaintiff and di
vorcp g-rantell.
Dry against John M.
1 1
brce; decided in iavu
'and she allowed to
Defendant not ai
ry during -lifetime of
hrtha E.
j for div
y again
(d to mai
ill Smi
I owe
found guilty
h, false pretense
Not sentenced.
Attack Mr. Frank Miller at Grant's
Creek This Morning.
Mr. I Frank Miller, the clever
salesman at Smoot Bios. & Rogers'
had ari experience early this morn
ing that he is not likely to forget
He had been to a watermelon
feast at Mr. J. A. Hudson's, near
the old Moeksvillo road, four or
five miles from the city, and was
returning home alone in his buggy.
The hour was between 1 and 2
o'clock At Grant- eek he was
accosted by- two , highwaymen who
were standing in the shadow of a
tree one of them saying to him,
4 'Captain, where are you going V
Mr. Miller replied, ,"I am going
to town." The highwayman said,
"Well, we have got farther to go
than you have, we will just take
your buggy." Mr. Miller replied,
4 'take him," but kept on driving.
The highwayman then fired a shot
at 'Mr. Miller, the ball passing
through the top of the buggy, the
top being turned down, and dan
gerously near him. The nnan
snapped several other times but
his pistol did. not go .off. ' j
Mr. Miller drew jn his horse
Fishing Schooner run Down and Sank
on Grand Banks.
For Pinafore, Which Will be Pre
sented To-Night.
special, dispatch to" the sun.
New York. August 25 The
steamer Norge arrived this morn
ipg and reports having run 'down
and sunk the French fishing
schooner Lacoquette, of . Bayonne,
France, on Saturday last on Grand
Banks. i
The captain and
seamen were saved. Sixteen 'of
the crew were drowned.
Captain Knudson, of the Norge,
lays the blamt of the collision on
j the captain of the fishing schooner.
eight of his
Spanish Troops Reach Home From
- Santiago Madrid Papers Say
Santiago Surrendered
Too Soon. .
. Strikers Back at ' Work.
special, dispatch to the sun.J;
Hazelton, Aug, 25. Seven hun-
dred coal miners and laborers em
ployed by the Lehigh and W,i Ikes-
bar re Coal Company, who went
out on a" strike yesterday, returned
to work this morning.
All is quiet and no further
trouble is expected. ' '.,
Pinafore" will be presented at
he opera house to-night with the
following cast:
Sir Joseph Porter K. C. B.,
Tom McBee. - : I ' '
Captain Corcorain, J. W. Til-
Ralph Rack staw, A. S. Heilig.
Dick Deadeye, J. V. Hideout.
Boatswain, Johrf Ramsay.
Josephine, Miss J ulia Crouch.
Little Buttercup, Miss Annie
Cousin Hebe, Miss Fannie Mc-
Neely. .... ' . :
The . chorus is strong and well
trained, so that this popular opera
will have a most creditable rendi-
Mr. Beard has kindly consented
to hold a train for the accommo-
ation of the Spencer people.
special, dispatch to the sunJ
rr Linoie,assault and battery, and also fired upon the men sever-
Gbo. F. K
n ess of
. . ..1
ve, uea
at 1
es a husb
a numljcr of
Debate at z,eD
Bv virtue of the executive cum- -r -
" linmrxr . rjOCIC-
. i 1 M . 1 - .
ty, of Zcb, will meetKsaiuruay
Anorust 2Tth, at 8 o'clock;
nn?l discuss the (lucstion, Resolved
that there is more pleasure in life
.thnn sorrow.
The speakers are as follows:
Affirmative, T. F. Hudson, 11. j.
Alillr W.1 W. Keneriy, P. E.
Monroe and V. P. Lentz. Nega
iiv T. L. Trott, W. T. Bost,
Dr. I. W. Jones, R. L. Thomason
nr1 Snm Jacobs.
Everybody is cordially invited
nnH .uir Patrick Henry of North
Carolina, Mr. H. G. xMiller, who
will preside, insists that every
body be on time.
al times. The last shot he , fired
uttz, against (i. A. he said one ol ttie men leu, nm ne
This case was up when does not know whether he was
coutft adjourned at 1 till 3 .o'clock hit or not. j
this afternoon. - N Mr. Miller could not ten, on ac-
W. S. Brown: gambling, con- count of the darkness, whether bis
I.' t I'.-. al t
tinned. I assailants were white or oiacK.
V. J Reed, who was found At any rate he made a narrow
guilty of embezzling several days escape and might not have been
Possel Suicides.
Paris, Aug. 25.- Ernest Joseph
j Possel, the German Who had been
trvinor to collect -a claim of ten
been sentenced
rWT t77 rT- frit, .f China
his weck after a sick-
ul weeks, bhe was
I arris clmpcl. She
nid, live children and
f it in Is to mourn her
I TT .. ... . . 1
lii living to-day to tell ot tue attacK. . - artillery . batteries now
The officers should bok up these.
fellows, apprehend them, 11 possi
ble: and 4 se that they are dealt
with to the fullest extent ot too
law." s .
Chicamauga, Aug. 25. The
rirst Illinois cavairy leu uiis , , . -n n - u-.
morning for lort Sheridan. The , - .j 1. ,
One Hundred; aad r.fty-e.ghth tte Urbaine insurance Company,
inaiana. rirsi w esi v irgiuia uuu , . , . , . . ,
. ., , . .1 which resisted the payment on the
toixtn unio win leave mis eveumg , . Un . , -. ar -
, r , .1 '111 UUUU LlJitL Lid UU.U Vlll W A "l
lor rvnoxvuie wnere ioey wm ...
. ; , J a cliff near Florence, committed
await further orders. Prepara- . . , , , , Tv, u-
. , . j 4. . suiuiue. last eveiiiug- iti i'uiuu ico-
iions are oeing juuue lo ujuaici uut i t 1 ,iw i,r-r
, , XT . 1 r i taurant. Possel yas under a heavy
-'" , - i.n th nnthnr t fis havinor or-
- 7 '
dered the exhumation of the body
i of his wife.
No Plays Yet.
Young Wife Dead.
- "t
Mrs. Jim Johnson died yester-j
dayj evening after a short illness.
The deceased was quite young.
Her maiden name was Jenulie
Watkins. the leaves a husband
After the presentation of "Pin- and an infant.
afore" to night Manager Marsh's
slate will, be ..-clear. He has bookf Committee Meetitfg
1 1 1 ' - . . I
1 . 1 1 r x" a 1 rt - 1 - 1
m tin hinp so iar ior iub tuuiiui; T ,n rh no rimva hfMi mm.
I - - r 1 i IJV VJ 111 IV V-J VW WHVV s r - I 4- - I rwfcj-' t -
fctB y Wanted may be mittee met according to the call camp in his private car and was
or Art LAjiuts m.-M-iLioiT.
Madrid. Ailsr. i5.The news-
papers and general public dis
Tay f considerable disgust at the
hasty surrender of Santiago, since
hearing the stories with regard to
the adequate defensive conditions
prevailing there as told by the
returned troops.
Six more deaths have .occur red
since the troops- from Santiago
Montauk, August 25 Secretary
- . Peace Jubilee.
Washington, Aug. 25. The
board of directors of the Trans
Mississippi exposition has passad
a set of resolutions formally invit
ing: the attendance of the President
and his cabinet and other digni
taries to the peace j libilee. .The
invitations have been Vent out.
herb on the 6th of next month.
Firemen Meet.
The fire company meets to-night
at 8 o'clock. A full attendance is
Dr. Byrd 111.
His many friends in Salisbury, he was pastor for several
years, will be sorry to .learn that
"h,. rhjui. Bvrd. now of Asheville,
was critically ill and h still a
i...k man. From the Asheville
Citizen of Tuesday we clip this:
Dr. Bvrd was suddenly seized
with an attack of congestion of
the. brain, . his condition being
such as to greatly alarm those
who were with him. 4 DrsJ Carl
V. Reynolds and G. W. Purefoy
were hastily summoned and" gave
all possible aid to the stricken
For several hours Dr. Byrd's
condition was exceedingly critical,
but hnallv he began to show
siffns of improvement, and to-day
lit, was, a rr eat deal better. It
w as expected that he would be so
far improved as to be removed to
his home this afternoon.
Yesterday's Citizen says Dr.
Bvrd's condition continues to
- . "i
show improvement, und it is hoped
he will be up in a few days.
Sent Up.
The negro
of the Chairman last Friday, up bright and early continuing tue
Thorn nrt hinnr hut a fpiw atmli- invpstiorutinn of the rumors of in-
Child Dead. I
- 1
The little child of Mr. and Mrs.
fL " f,r Irvine fnL,utM wxu mo.t nn KridaV. ilv showing the effect of his alter lonaiu cueo iqesuay urn
y Ju: t.L.v. ur: J niU AoohTkW to titl viiff Whilo at the : camo of the was, buried yesterday at Union
sen mi. iaM' o. '"ftp.j j r 1 no uvm piv : r - - . 1 j' u mi .... k :.. u.
. ,-.. 1 . . . ! 1- . -mc 1 . i i i iJ? 1.. . .11.11111 II III lliU UUUU II V
mayor, to be tried in to any business that may come up. &econa iviassacnusens oecicuny
1-11 - I t -i ' I ft I -1 4t-i si' I i rra I -- r - -
ninc cVinlt: tharp irfl si hut prminpfATit niiinaorpment. IDG
boy who was arrested little business done. The com- quartermaster department is al-
. a..' ... ! . ? t .1 i . i ' "1 i . v. u;c
to jail by the
court. The
a 6od chases
turfed. He w
his pursuers
oy led his pursuers
before being cap-
Alger found many of the soldiers
Weather forecast: Threatening
weather to-night, thunder showers
Friday. ,
Work of moving the house for-
tnerly occupied by Capt. Thomas
Murphy, has begun. This proper-
y is now owned by Mr. P. 1 .
Meroney. ' ' :. '
Dr. J. N. Stallings, wrjo is con
ducting a series of meetings at
China Grove, will preach next
Sunday at 3 p. m. at Faith and at
8:30 p. m. at Spencer.
A colored man drove one of Mr.
J. F. Ludwig's horses to New
London and back yesterday. Fif
teen minutes after getting back to
Salisbury the horse died. j
- Misses Grace and Claud Fisher
gave a tea Tuesday evening to a
fvv.of their friends complimentary
o Miss Myrtice Thompson of
Salisbury, who is visiting the
Misses Brown, says the Concord
Standard. ' -
Rev. J. P. Schmidt, of Cleve
land, Ohio, has taken charge frf
the Missouri Synod's mission work
among the colored people at Con
cord. Rev. N. I. Bakke will go
to Charlotte. Both these gentle
men were in the city this morning.
Reuben McDonnell, colored and
knovvn by a number of other
names, was caught here, yesterday
by the city officers. He stated
that he was wanted in Statesville,
for fighting and the officers at that
place have been notified of his ar
rest. ! '
as a fast runner bt.t TdflAone Exten.ion.
were too much for
The Concord Standard says: j
There is a telephone line run-
Thi School Building.
rork on the replacing of the
o-raded f-chool building has be-
and the building will be fin-
ished about t
the school
kept from their books for a month
a half.
bediin next Monday.
jSchool was to have the centrai office.
B. Frank Lond
learne! with
dedth of Mr
Dr. W. H. Waketield, of - Charlotte,
H. C., will be iu Salisbury, at the Cen
tral Hotel, tu Friday, bept. 2nd, for
this one day. His practice is limited
to Eye, Ear, Nose aud Throat.
much sorrow .of the
B. Frank Long, a
young lawyer of Statesville, which
occurred at Klon College, at Mr.
t v.Urc fnthir's vcstcnlavi He
)(on sick for several weeks.
iitA '
.. . . u ;L11?r mnml-r if tKft hospital tram going to Fernandi-
V n o, tiiuiin -. . ; 1 -l -i
til fim of
deceased was an active and enthu
IC..'l.V, . j ' . 1 . r? L . . ! -
re popular man in Statesville from the west bringing some jot
Red Star Nursery Cloth is the best.
It is, antiseptic, non-irritant, absorb-
in (
ant and durable.- Carolina Rackety V all ace and
delay his departure until '1 to-mot
rmv Af stations alnn tr the route
Lnd Chancellor R. 11. Rickett, expected through to-day taking t N w Yovk he was given a rous.
ing reception;
Ai Brady
Some beautiful patterns in light
outing. Carolina Racket. "
at Elon College.
Icons' & Long. The no
county, was burned Sunday night.
Tho' wuret but. few croods in the
for New York. He will report l, -ujn,. ami U was imdoubtedlv
i'n'inili'otal; (in cn lvt hjS fl.1 (T shin. I " . ! Z .1Z ' VrU
j-' . - i t - - . . .. . . i. imuivuioiv.j y.m ' set on nre Dy an mceuuiury. mc
Itic Pythiin, and there was no There was also a hospital train xhe.atlmiral contemplates going amount to only a few
at once to vv asnmgiou, uuu iuvy nun(jre(i dollars. Only a year or
loloir Vn'c lormrtnrp nnfil ' tn-mor- . i '1 z ML
sc ago a store oeiouiu w iui.
ie middle of October.
children will only be
sWninor on the around and-many Buyfi Property
havinr no blankets. He express- Mr. L. Banks has purchased the
ed surprise at the condition exist- house and lot on the east corner of
- . - . ' 1 ri m a' J '11
in when several thousand cots Xnniss ana snaver street' aim wn
4!,.m Mi.rrtrl in Snliiahiirv KUi'olrc o'r' in h( stnrp.- soon OCCU1DV it. Je alSO tallvS 01
. I . . . . - . . . . . .i t j i t . a
which is owned by Messrs. W . M. house and it was riot long betore building anotner nouse on mis 101,
Ivev and Richard Fames, of New waffbn trains from the depot be- fronting lnniss street.
-k t z,. a, 1 1 I ,i:,..:u..l -f : :
lonuon, anu wnicu is uuvcuuueyi- gan a vvnoiesuie (usinuuuuu ui
ed with any other 'pdone line, these much-needea articles wutn
The Concord Telephone Co. will tons of straw for extra warmth as
build a line from here to Salisbury well. Many of .the new patients
soon and will ' connect with that atvthe hospital owe their illness, to
line at Salisbury, giving Salisbury the fact that alter the last - storm
His many f rienls in this city
Extra Trains. ' I were two extra trains
south over the Southern last night.
One was made up of empty coach-
Pa i .U! L
es going alter somiers wuu ai
bein rushed back to their own
States preparatory to be musterjed
out.' The other was an empty
had subsided they had to lie on the
wet ground to sleep. The hospi
taPsituation is now much more
Taken to Morganton.
Mr. W. W. Krider was taken
to Morganton to-day to be placed
in the State hospital. He was ac-
companied by M r. Frank McCuh
bins and Mr. J. M. Brown,
Mr Krider is very weak and
1voo nnt imnrv nnv in hfnltb of
.. . .1 1 .. I 1 li
serious owing to tue prevalence i b()(ly ()r mmt
'.i Af nn.r neinr fonts of" I
pneumonia. : iunuj u uwo
the hospitals are
Noryalk, Aug. 25. Schley has
fnllv rnovercd from Uiis recent
illness. He rested well last night
and this mornint? boarded a train
Store Burned.
We learn from the Lexington
Dispatch that the store of Mrs.
Annie Swicegood, of Tyro Shops,
across the Yadkin in Davidson
J. C. Troy, who writes so inter-
etinrly in the Charlotte Observer
under the name of Trojan" has
been in the city for a couple of
days at the home of Dr. J.! W.
Lone. He and wife and little
daughter, Louise Caldwell, left to-
day for Raleigh.
First Bale From Cabarrus.
. The first bale of new cotton from
Cabarrus county was sold at Con
cord yesterday. It was raisetl by
R. W . Allison, the 61dest citizen
of Concord. The cotton brought
6 cents. No one in Rowan reports
any cotton being picked yet.
s lodge sent a delega- the sick from Chicamauga.
Past A lare-e number of extras were
J. K.
P. Phifer. S. soldiers north from Florida, ine
Watts, to his trains left Tampa yesterday but
Swicegood's husband, was burned
at the same place. ; !
eral, whi.h took place to day" were held up at Greenville for a
Miss Maggie Knox is visiting in
V 1 -!.! .:'..: ,
Mrs. H. T. Sprinkle is visiting
at Cleveland.
New Ads in To-day's Paper.
. The Salisbury Steam Laundry.
J. Allen Brown, coal.
The Brown Clothing Company.
i -I-
Smoot Brothers and Rogers.
Carolina Racket.
Lexington Dispatch: Mrs. J. D.
Heilig, of Salisbury, who has feen
visitinff her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. M.- Thompson, has returned
home. Mrs. K M. Thomp
son, of Salisbury, visited Mrs. C
M. Thompson a few days
- -Or ' j: - , . (
. ., i - v-- j A i. .in i . . . i ii i j m . mams.iMf.

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