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Club Column
The study class sponsored by the
churches, clubs and P. -T. A. met
on Tuesday afternoon with the
'ome Demonstration club at Wake
•ld as hostess organization in the
jbhouse. The lesson was taught
1 Mrs. Raymond Pippin who dis
issed problems caused by fear,
lger, jealousy and destructiveness
i children. This was a continua
on of the course in Everyday
roblems of the Everyday Child.
Members of the hostess club serv
i refreshments.
The March meeting will be held
Wakelon school, the P. -T. A.
•ing the hostess group.
The February meeting of the
arden Club will be held on Thurs
ay of next week, Feb. 11, in the
ome of Mrs. C. G. Weathersby at
iree o’clock in the afternoon,
embers will note the changed date
■om Tuesday, which was made
Ivisable because of the speaker’s
ability to attend at the regular
me of meeting. Mrs. Ben Law
nce of Raleigh, enthusiastic ex
it, will address the Garden Club
Perennial Borders and will also
iduct a round table for the so
ion of personal problems of the
ne Response To
Call For Help
rs. Victoria Gill reported at the
itist Church last Sunday that a
•t generous response had been
le in this community to the call
help for the flood sufferers in
Mid-west. Mrs. Gill has re eiv
many articles of good, warm
hing which she in turn deliv
to the Red Cross workers in
■igh to be forwarded with do
oms from other places. Cash
ributions from Zebulon orga
tions and from individuals
proven the depth of sympathy
for those more unfortunate,
ivvever, the need is still urgent
ie flood takes its course south
to the Gulf of Mexico. Louis
is; beginning the work of re
ruction and rebuilding, as are
nnati, Paducah and other ci
but there is yet no way of
ing how much more of disas
id calamity may be in store
iose living in the areas to be
ed by rising waters and forc
icuation of homes. The need
'ief is far from over and may
well begun.
at least, it is very well be
rld’s Record Mass-Flight
1 Harbor, Hawaii—The arri
e of twelve huge twin-mo
ydroplanes from San Diego,
edited the U. S. Navy with
’s record flight in mass for-
The ships covered 2,533
i 22 hours, and the flight
racterized by naval officials
outine” delivery of a new
quadron to the Hawaiian
base. With 200 patrol-boat
on order, further squad
-1 be delivered to other Pa
es as rapidly as completed.
jntify the stork, just re
that he ia the bird with the
Public Character
This week's sketch is of an
adopted Tar Heel whose work
has been in Zebulon since he
left school. He is a graduate
ojf Jones-Gupton School of
Embalming, Nashville, Tenn.
His parents live in Selma. He
belongs to no organizations,
his work and his home occu
pying full time and attention.
Name: Norman Meadors
Native of: Denmark, S. C.
Came to North Carolina in
1921; to Zebulon in October,
Domestic Status: Married
Maiy Helen Monk of Golds
b. io, March 4, 1934.
Church Affiliation; Baptist.
Profession: Mortician with
Zebulon Supply Company.
Has been in this profession
since graduation in 1933.
Weather Prophet
The groundhog, favorite weath
er prophet with many, saw his
shadow clearly in this section, if he
ventured forth on Tuesday morn
ing. Which may or may not pre
cede six more'Wbeks of rough weath
At any rate, if the groundhog
saw his shadow, we saw ours, too,
which is something we have had
few chances to do this year.
All told, the month of January
had less than fifty hours of sun
shine, breaking all records here
for cloudiness and rain coupled
with high temperature. Tuesday
was much colder with some ice.
U. D. C. Scholarship
Through the Educational Fund
contributed by members of the
United Daughters of the Confed
eracy two scholarships will be avail
able for young women next year.
In addition to these another, the
Jeff Davis Prize Essay Scholarship,
is open to any senior in high school
whose essay is judged best. Appli
cations for these scholarships must
be sent to Mrs. J. D. Bivins, Albe
marle, N. C., the blanks must be
filled out and returned to Mrs.
Bivins before May 1, together with
extra references. Seniors in high
school and others interested are
urged to give attention to this an
nouncement. For further details
consult the leader in your local
chapter of the TT. D. C.
Mrs. J. B. Outlaw or Mrs. F. H.
McGuire will give information to
Wakelon seniors, if requested.
Mrs. Victoria Gill, president of
the Parent-Teacher Association,
announces that" Senator Clarence
Beddingfield of Cary, will speak tp
the P..-T. A. in Wakelon audi
torium on Tuesday night of next
week. Ail members are urged to
attend and others are invited.
A pastor is said to have an
nounced that he would be pleased to
hear of any sickness in the com
Church News
Next Sunday is the time for reg
ular preaching services at the Bap
tist Church.
Pastor Carl Ousley will preach
at Wakefield next Sunday morn
ing on “The Church Faces the
World.” At night he will begin a
series of sermons on “The Twelve
Wakefield Baptist Church has
contributed over SIOO in money and
clothing to the Red Cross for flood
Union Hope has contributed $15.00
in money for flood relief.
v Methodist Church
Church school, 10:00 A. M., Dr.
Coltrane, General Supt. Let’s
break the record in attendance.
First Quarterly Conference 1937
at Wendell, 7:30. Dr. J. 11. Barn
hardt, P. E., will preach and hold
Hope all officials will attend
from both churches and that we
may have encouraging reports.
Everybody invited.
J. W. Bradley
Schools Closed
Both Wakelon and Zebulon-
Wakefield school for Negroes were
closed for Monday and Tuesday of
this week to allow time for the
school buses to be repaired and j
tested. The unusual condition of,
roads has helped make necessary
this step, although Wakelon was j
probably in better shape to continue
work than for some time. The in
creasing number of accidents to
school buses has caused public at-;
lention to be focused upon this ;
phase of the transportation prob
lem. Supt Lo.khart was most like
ly right when he chose delay in
preference to possible rei ret.
School work was resumed on I
Wednesday. Most of the teachers
from out of town went to their \
homes for the vacation of four
days including the weekend.
Recorder’s Court
— »
(In this column we try to report
what actually occurs in the Zebu
lon Recorders Court in an interest
ing way to our readers. We try
to do it in an impartial way. If
there is any deviation from the
facts it is unintentional and we
shall be glad to cowect any error,
and make due apologies for any in
justice done to any one. The Edi
The State essayed to separate
Genatis Spivey from his liberty or
some of his good money, but failed
to make its case. He was accused
of making an assault on some one
with a deadly weapon.
O. F. Ivey went where he had no
right to go and laid hands on a
female in a less affectionate way.
He was caught and convicted. Ver
dict: Four months on the road to
be suspended on the payment of
costs and a fine of SIO.OO. He must
have been behaving himself in
court for the judge also made his
freedom contional on his remaining
in good behavior.
Morris High forgot a pocket
(ontinued on page two)
The Swashbuckler has a slight
touch of spring fever this week and
is letting two college gels lead his
column astray with clipped bits
from here and there.
A girl can sing,
A girl can dance,
A girl can play crokay;
But she can’t strike a match
On the seat of her pants,
’Cause she ain’t built fnat way.
Most of us aren’t troubled with
improper thoughts, in fact, we
rather enjoy them.
She—Gutting real cold, isn’t it?
He—(Poetically) Ah, Winter
draws on—
There was a young fellow named
Who enlisted himself in the navy;
He was fed such tough steak,
That it made his side ache,
So he soon found a watery gravy.
I’m the Tac in Tacoma.
I’m the San in San Francisco.
Who re you ?
I’m from Asfuria.
Marriage is an institution.
Marriage is love.
Love is blind.
1 herefore, Marriage is an Insti
tution for the ITlind.
How did that get in here? y
I sneezed a sneeze into the air;
It fell to ground I knew not where;
But hard and cold were the looks
of those
Into whose faces I snoze.
My boy friend likes to see me drink
More than a little bit,
Because I’m his flame, I guess,
He wants to keep me lit.
Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet
Drinking a pousse case.
Along came a spider
And sat down besider
And drank wilh Miss Muffet all
Johnnie killed his little sister,
She was dead before they mister,
Johnnie’s always up to tricks,
Ain’t he cute, he’s only six.
Wh&t is this, Duffel Bag?
Hey mister! Your engine's
Well, it’s old enough.
Bachelor girls live and yearn.
Newest swing tune-— " They’re
hanging Dannie Deaver in tfi*
Keeping a stiff upper lip r
be all right, but it's lots more
kissing a limber one!
Well, I’m glad that’s over.
The Swashbuckler. WSI

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