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A Cannery For Zebulon
"he editor of the Record and
.or Bridgers went to Raleigh
Inesday afternoon to see Mr.
i. Moore of the State Division
Purchase and Contracts about
ining a cannery for this com
ity. Here are the facts obtain
y them necessary to locate a
native cannery in Zebulon:
Three hundred memberships
lecessary to organize. One be
s a member by paying SIO.OO
gning a note to be paid from
ale of vegetables to the can-
A member may hold as many
>ersihips as he wishes by pay
-10.00 for each membership.
Contracts are made with the
>ers to grow a certain acreage
.tatoes, snaps and other vege
for the cannery. Others! not
ers may sell their vegetables
market price to the cannery
*ded. The price paid will be
jrrent market price for that
vloney may be available as a
to the members to purchase
zersi and market their vege
s on the same basis as ad
•s made by dealers!. This comes
the loan obtained from the
rnment to the Association for
The State furnishes the can
-j to the Cooperative Asisoeia
ion at 40 per cent of its first cost,
"he cannery which would be avail
rle to this community originally
st $4,500. It would be sold to the
ssocation for SI,BOO.
5. The government would furnish
fonday night, February 22, at
) o’clock the Junior Woman's
) is sponsoring a Bingo Tourn
nt. Admission is only 25 cents,
rybody is cordially urged to en
this tournament with us. Lo
>usiness firms are donating the
le Woman’si Club here held the
uary meeting on Tuesday af
>on at which time the report
le nominating committee was
1 and unanimously adopted,
ers for the coming club year
dent Mrs. F. E. Bunn
president Mrs. F. D. Finch
tary Mrs.. Philip Massey
urer Mrs. Fred Page
>rature Mrs. Irby Gill
fare Mrs. R. H. Herring
cs Mrs. R. H. Bridgers
ien Mrs. C. E. Flowers
i Christiana McFayden of
on’s faculty, history depart
spoke on International Re
, the topic for the day, with
mention of the danger of
t present and the political
>n in Europe.
2mphasized the necessity for
ng for peace and the futili
ar as a means of settlement
>utest between nations. In 1
er first appearance before
b, Miss Me Fayden greatly
her hearers.
ame<* W. C. Campen and F.
ntinued on back page.)
all the money needed to finance
the whole proposition on long
term payments and at a very low
rate of interest.
6. At the close of the canning
season the profits after all ex
penses including interest on the
loan and first payment had been
paid, would be divided among the
members according to the amount
of vegetables sold to the cannery
during the season. The one selling
S2OO worth would get twice as
much as the one selling SIOO worth.
Anyone not a member might sell
his vegetables! to the cannery but
w'ould not share in the profits. So
it w'ould be wise for everyone who
expects to grow' vegetables to join
the Association.
7. When the government is re
paid the loan in full the cannery
wdth all its equipment becomes the
property of the members, and all
profits each year would bg divided
among the members according to
the number of shares each possess
The above ist briefly the plan of
fered for a Co-operative Canning
Assiciation. It is simple. It gives
every one a chance to get in a
profitable undertaking with little
capital or responsiblity. It provides
away for our farmers to get nec
essary funds to house other crops
at a time when money is hard to
get. It gives employment to a great
number of people when they have
little to do, especially the boys and
girls not on farms. It gives Zebu
lon an opportunity to build a per
manent enterprise without direct
ly investing one cent of money,
First Aid Course
To Be Given
At Wakelon
The Wake County Chapter of the
American Red Cross is offering a
First Aid Course free to the peo
ple of Zebulon and vicinity, begin
ning at Wakelon School next Wed
nesday, February 24, at 7:30 p. m.
The c lasses will be held two nights
a week for a period of three weeks.
Most people know very little
about First Aid, though each’week
that passes practically every per
son has an opportunity to render
some treatent. Because of the lack
of first aid knowledge, many injur
ed persons are allowed to suffer or
possibly die.
Some of the First Aid technicali
ties that are covered in this course
are: treatment for fainting, shock,
burns, scalds, gas, electrocution, or
drowning, splinting broken bones,
and many other things that every
one should know how to do in cases
of emergency.
Hearty co-operation is urged and
hoped for in the community. With
out adequate co-operation, this
invaluable course cannot do the
good it is meant for.
Detroit, Mich. ln Japan, only
members of the Imperial household
may use maroon colored motor cars.
That is the color specified in an or
der for fifteen super-eights just
received by the Packard Motor Car
and one that does not conflict with
any other business in the commu
The United States government
believes in this cooperative associa
tion so strongly that it offers to
furnish every dollar needed to put
it in operation and keep it going.
The State of North Carolina be
lieves in it to the extent that it of
fers to furnish the necessary plant
at 40 per cent of its cost.
The Zebulon Record has believed
for a long time such an enterprise
w'ould be profitable to the commu
nity and has advocated it on num
erous occasions. This is an oppor
tunity for the town to establish a
new and going business in our
midst that will not hurt but great
ly help all other business. It gives
our farmers a new market, one that
will give them more real income
from the acreage used than
other on their farm. The crop may
be planted and harvested in three
months. The tomatoes grown in
this section have a richer flavor
and more beautiful coloring than
those grown in the trucking section
of the state.
Let every citizen, every farmer
w'ho is interested in this! proposi
tion communicate wth the editor
of the Record or Mayor Bridgers.
It is necessary to act at once if
Zebulon gets a cannery. We heard
a man over long distance speaking
to Mr. Moore while we were discus
sing this proposition with him.
When he hung up, he said “That’s
another one placed. You had bet
ter act quickly if you people want
Next Sunday will be Men’s day
the Baptist Church. The choir
will have men only and other spe
cial features will have place or
the program for the service. Pas
tor Herring desires that all mem
bers attend.
The Missionary Society of the
Methodist Church met on Monday
The Wakefield Philatheas held
their February meeting in the home
of Mrs. Joe Knott on the tents. In
spite of the bad roads fifteen were
present. Devotional was conducted
by Mrs. P. P. Pace. Prayer by Mrs.
John Broughton. After the busi
ness session Mrs. T. C. Pippin di
rected the program. Mra. A. N.
Jones gave a hefpful reading on
Prayer. Mrs Raymond Pippin talk
ed on Pioneer Women to the enjoy
ment of all. Closing prayer by Mrs.
Early Green. The hostess served a
sialad course with coffee. The val
entine motif was observed.
The next meeting will be with
Mrs. Willie Bfallock on March 16.
Mr. G. M. Freeman, the father of
Mrs. Leon Hagwood of Middlesex,
died on February 9 at the home of
his son, Spurgeon Freeman of Ru
therfordton. He was in his 84th
year and had not been well for
Siome time. He is survived by hjs
wife, five sons and three daughters
thirty grand-children and twenty
rj > _
THE jNfl
People, as a whole, seem to
doubt the veracity of my last
week s column. In fact some have
the idea I stretched the truth in
no little manner.
I shall be glad to furnish in
disputable proof of every state
ment I made last week. Thajw
condition being that those
of this proof enclose witl '
ter, a self-addressed eru
a new one thous«nd do
cover cost of maiilng, p.
I will be glad to fu
proof neatly bound in
portfolio for $20.00 in f
Kermit Corbett <hasn
thing, but he’s! looked
corner of his eye several
He should be looking a
lying when he has a sigi
window ‘‘Barber Shop”.
And William Bunn seems
a doubting Thomas too.
With that “Expert
pairing” on his s*
have to pipe down
Boy Sawyer
stores also v
testinal fort
eggs last wi
window asi “S
I can’t s'
Antone, T
60c [a
me yet.
That D
lect double
Even the po.
shortchange me a on-.
leir Boy Blount
chance when we cor
The Bank’si so h
chimney blows snu
The prices at o*'c-«.
parlors are so high they
local ladies hai/ curl.
I’d say somefyiing about
Chief Pearce, buk he's large -
I am and Massey carries a
I havent paid my last year’s
taxes so I can’t say anything about
Tax Collector Cone.
If I’m still alive, I’ll see you
next week.
Spring fever is still here,
Hie Swashbuckler.
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