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    Tuesday, Dtcembsr 1,1025
fgo cIE Tyn
- i: Scarf Collar
•rue tweed'or-Jersey suit for spring |
has a scarf collar that neutralises ;
the severe revere so suggestive oi i
.masculine attire. It- is of the same 1
material as the suit, r&ther narrow,*' -
and aims to contribute to the well
bcing'of the ensemble rather than to
focus attention on itself..
Study Club to Meet Thursday.
Members of the Study Club will
meet Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock
with .Mrs. Edward Sauvnin at her
home on North Vuion street.
Mr. and Mrs. Over-rash Entertain.
Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. Overcash delightfully entertained
-at nil elaborate six o'clock dinner at
their home on South I'nlon stroel.
(lovers'were laid for Mr. and Mrs.
Oven-ash, Mr. Brice Riggers, Mr. and
Mrs. .T. It. Womblc, Mr. and Mrs. \V.
It. Ward, and Mr. and Mrs. C. M.
To Entertain Floral Club.
Mrs. Charles Cunnen will entcr
tuin the Floral Club QVednesday af
ternoon at 3 o'clock at her home on
North Union street.
.Music Club to Meet Tonight. j
The Music Club, which will meet
tonight at the home of Mrs. K. f,.
Ridenhour. will give its program on
Iteethovea. Mrs. A. E. Harris is
to assist Mrs. Kidenhom- as hostess.
Ail members who have not paid their
dues are asked to do so at this time.
The program is as follows:
1 introductory Sketch—Mrs. Ben
3 l’iano “Solo: Two Movements
s from “Moonlight Bonntn""(Beethoven)
—Mrs. Leslie forrell.
3/ Our Church Ilymnars Debt to
the ttreat “Muster of Harmonies - ' (a
group of Hymns)—Mrs. J. B. Worn
4 Beading: “A Day With Beethov
en--—Miss Itose Harris.
it Song: "Ich Liebe Dieh" (Bee*
tlmyen)—Mrs. H. (i. Hibson.
ii l'iano Solo—Mrs. (leorge Ed
7 Vocal Soio—Miss I.ois Crowell.
Experience cannot he bought on
or scalds of small area,
cover first with wet bak
ing soda. When dry,
y take this oft Dress with
Vicks, gently. Do not
rub in. Bandage lightly.
v Vapoßub
Op«r IT Million Jmrm tW IWrb |
•J , y . ~
| f I
■old By
; ' ! j BELL-HARRIfI i FtJW-
... , piv Pkuaa Ml
NlffM PfeMM MO-I**L
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Whitlock and 1
children, of Albemarle, spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. j. L. Potts at
tlieir home on Elm street. Mrs. Potts
is a niece of Mr. Whitlock.
• • •
Mrs. Archie Allred, of High Point,
is visiting at the home of her mother,
Mrs. G. E. Fisher, on Loan street.
• « •
Mr. and Mrs, Charles Cannon have
returned from Pinehurst' where they
’aave been spending several days.
• * *
j Mrs. Agnes N. Schriefer and her
■sister. Miss Itosa "Issertell, of Brook
lyn. N. Y., are visiting at the home
of Mr. und Mrs. V. L. Norman on
Tribune street. Miss Iseertell and
Mrs. Schriefer are cousins of Mr.
Norman and have, for tin- past eight
’and one-half years, had charge of a
large orphanage infirmary in Brook
• • •
J. W. Darnell is spending several
t days in Elkin, where he has gone on
i a business trip.
W* . •
j Mrs. A. Jones Yorke and her sister-
I Mrs. Kenneth Royal, of Goldsboro,
| Mrs. L. T. Hartsell, Jr., and Miss
j Adelaide Hurrls are the day
- ip Charlotte.
Miss Adelaide Harris, has returned
from Chattel Hill, where she attended
the Thanksgiving dances.
Reports Received From Various Com-
Mittecs.—To Look After Christinas
Opportunities Again. )
The King's Daughters held the : r
regular monthly meeting at the home
of Mrs. A. H. Jarratt. on West Depot
Street, Monday evening.
After the devotional conducted by
Mrs. S. J. Ervin, the reading of the
minutes and treasurer's report, the
visiting committee, Mrs. C. AV. Byrd,
M iss Mary King and Mrs. Guy Beav
er. made the following report: Fif
teen homos visited, clothing given to
seventeen people, ifiedieal services and
med'citic,secured for two patents, roll
er chair furnished to old lady, several
cheer visits to shut-ins and flowers
and fruits given, tender services ren
dered in the burial of an infant whose
! pareits were strangers hi mil- midst
and all arrangements made for tin
placing of mi unfortunate negro in a
hospital for the treatment •of gun
shot wounds.
Till- King's Daughters were grati
fied with the hearty response their
friends made in returning well-filled
Opportunity envelopes. This co-oper
ation und helpfulness oik the part of
the public is a source of encourage
ment in the work of relieving suffer
ing and needs amongst us.
The Circle, decided to look after
Christmas Opportunities again, so as
to make it possible that Concdi-d's
needy will not be neglected at this
eoraiug Christmas season. The Christ
inas Opportunity is a work of love
and the Circle hopes to have the co
operation of every individual, church
and patriotic and eviie organization in
The visiting committee for Decem
ber is composed of Mrs. B. E. Bid
eukotiP. Fr., Mrs. M. L. Marsh, Mrs.
J. E. Davis, Mrs. J. Y. Pharr. Mrs.
F. L. Boat and Misses Laura Gillou
und Elizabeth Woodhouse.
The Ci-ele adjourned to meet tin
first Monday evening in January 1026,
at the home of Mrs. Guy Braver, on
Grorgia Avenue.
Three New “Stop and Go" Signs Have
Been Purchased ami lYcliminary
Wiring Is Being Done.
At an early date. Concord citizens
: will see the new electric “stop and
go" signals, similar to the one in use
of the square, erected at three other
intersections of tile city.
The intersections which will be
served by the now automatic signals
! arc Corbin and Upton at the Lutheran
Church corner. Depot and Church at
Bell & Harris, und Grove and Spring
at the Baptist Church corner.
Purchase ofythe new signals was
made some months ago,niton it was
found that the one erected on the
square was so satisfactory. They
were purchased froAl the same firm in
Balcigh that the first one was bought
from J. K. McCarthy Company.
Work in erecting them was delayed
when the special wire cable which
was ordered for the purpose of sus
pending them, failed to arrive. The
s ; gns themselves have been liet-e sev
eral wi-eks.
Wlieu the cable arrived \louduy, a
wire was scut to Mr. MacCurth) to
j come and erect the signs. The city
Water and Light Department bus men
today fastening the wires at their
places. It was said by Frank Maud,
who lias this work in charge, that it
j would boa week before lie completed
j the preliminary- wiring.
All the signs are lo\be suspended
from overhead wires und this will
make iiossible the removal of the con
crete go-to-the right sign at (lx- Luth
eran church eorucr. -
Honors Mrs. Kenneth Royal. ‘
Mrs. J. F. Cannon wus hostess at
two tables,.of bridge Monday after
noon honoring Mrs. Kennel',i lloyal,
! of Goldsboro, who is visiting her sis
ter. Mrs. A. Jones Y'orke. At the
l conclusion of the game, rafreshpicnta
! wereNn-rvcd.
I To Entertain at Bridge.
Miss Adelaide Harris is enterUin
| ing at two tnbles of bridge this af
ternoon honoring Mrs. Kenneth Itoynl,
of Goldsboro, who Is visiting in the
city. A number of otjier affajt-H iu«-
being planned for Mrs.'lloyul 1 during
liet*- visit here.
Tn the middle of (he seventeenth
century u woman held the official po
sition of rut catcher jit the Tower Os
London, us shown by un old warrant
recently discovered.
Loral Association Is Blazing flic
1 Trail For 342 Cities.
Kannapolis, Dec. I.—According to
facts the Kannapolis Young* Men's
I Christian Association so far surpass
es in efficiency, membership and Chris
tian influence most of the 342 Y. M.
C. A. cities of its class. No city of
its size can boast of two such large
and well equipped Y’s as has Knn
Cabarrus Y. M.‘ C. A.
The Cabarrus Y. M. C. A., of which
John S. Carpenter \is- general secre
tary, is a tine structure. It is equip
ped with a recreation room, gymnas- .
iutn, swimming pool, forty dormitory
rooms, and a s|>acious dining room, in
which 70.030 meals were served last
year amid most artistic and congenial
surroundings. In every dormitory
room there is hot and cold water, and
Olr every floor there are drinking wat
er fountains and showers. The kitch
en is equipped with inoderii-upto
dutc and down to-the-minute conven
iences. All the cooking is done by
Cabarrus athletics are known far
and wide. As a mutter of fact the
siiorts’ department has become an in
tegral part of the organization. Ttie
director of athletirs receives tin- same
pay as any other department head. Re
cently the eomnrttee elected James
1,. Moore to head this department. He
will exercise general supervision over
the entire athletic program. Assist
ing Moore in this work are. several fin
ished college athletes, namely: Bozo
Bozeman. ex-Georgia Tecli star; Ho
mer Ketyhie, former Duke Univer
sity flash: and Ray Roberts, late of
Vanderbilt University.
The pioneer Boy Scouts of Kan
napolis, troojis one and two: Elite for
young men: Hi-Y for boys; Ili-Y for
girls: and Tuck-a-battiies for juniors,
are included in the social clubs.
Cannon Y. M. C .A.
The Canuon i. M. (1. A. is also a
fine structure. In addition to ihe
tine features that go to make a first
class Y\ it has magnificent auditorium
with a seating capacity of 1400. Tin
auditorium is used as u moving pic
ture theatre five nights each week.
Cannon Y* operates a' twelve table
poo] room and a small barbershop also.
Numerous boys' and girls - dubs are
numbered in the social curriculum.
Troop three of Bo.v Scouts represent
the upper scout movement under tin
auspices of this Y. M. <’. A. This in
stitution is sponsor of the fourth
scout contingent, a troop of colored
Bo.v Scouts.
In 1024 the Cannon volley ball sex
tette won the North Carolina state
Edward J. Sharpe is general secre
tary of the Cannon Memorial Y. M.
C. A.
Messrs. Carpenter and Sharpe ai'c
Michigan men hut they have resid
ed in Kannapolis so long they seem
to be more like Tar Heels. Both sec
retaries are leaders of everything pro
gressive in tile The former is
teacher of the Tuek-a-bathies, the
largest junior Subbuth school class in
Cabarrus county. Mr. Sharpe also
takes aH active part in the Sunday
school work of hi* church. They‘'have
been frequently used in sneaking en
gagements in this county and in near
by associationcenters.
The membership of the two asso
ciations is over three-thousand, while
the value of the institutions is ap
proximately one half million dollars.
Men's Bible Class of St. James Luther
an Church Using Bell & Harris’
Due to congested conditions within
the Church, member* of the Men’s
Bible Class of St. Jumes Lutheran
1 Church Ore now meeting rti the Chap
el of the Bell & Harris Undertaking
M. M. Linker, manager of the un
dertaking parlors, last week extended
to the class the use of (he cliapel and
the offer was immediately accepted.
The class met in the* chapel for the
first time last Sunday.
The chapel is arranged to comfort
ably scat 200 persons, and is elegant
ly fitted out with modern equipment.
At present the men's class of St.
Janies Church has (Ml members enroll
ed and for the service Sunday 40
members were present. Prof. j. B.
Robertson is teacher of the class.
The growth of the Sunday School
at-St. James resulted in a* congestion
uud the men's class is pleased to find
suitable aiid excellent quarters for
their ufture meetings.
Case of Man and Woman. Sunday
School (Yorkers, Continued.
Winston-Salem, Nov. 30.—The city
police court proved a popular place
thR) morning, the court room being
crowded to the- door* and in the hull
were a number of people who were
unable to get on the inside.
The case that wu« looked for Vitk'
chief interest was the one in which
M. A\\ Brabham, of Nashville, Tcnn.. .
and Miss Yfrgiuiu Jenkins, of Salis
bury. were cliurged with violating the
hotel law, having been arrested early
yesterday morning at one of Pile lend
ing hotels in this city. in the hear
ing of this trial the crowd was very
much disappointed, ns the case was
Continued until December Bth.
* Mr. Brabham and Miss Jenklu*
are taking no part in the Sunday
school training school now being held
ut Centenary Methodist Church.-
While no attorneys appeared in the
municipal i-ourt this morning to rep
resent the defendants, it is understood
that able counsel has been employed.
With the December issue True Ex
periences, a Macfudden publication,
makes it* initial how to the reudlug
public. “Songs and Shadows" Is the
] record of: one i* girFs -amuziugt adVen-
Jiire. “fler , lliiptriiti-d^Stnl'y”'con
cerns itself with a reporter who ,
squashed a story contrary to the law
of newspaperdom. "Two Kinds of
Love" is Malva's extraordinary story, ;
while "AVho \Vas to Blame" draws a !
vivid, relentless picture of modern i
life. , »
E.W. G. Huffman, of Salisbury, to De
liver Principal Speech.—Business
Matters tn Be Discussed.
The annual meeting of the Lutheran
brotherhood of North Carolina will be
held next Sunday at St. James Luth
eran Church iu tins city, the opening
session of the meeting beginning at
2:30 o'clock.
A large attendance is expected from
the entire state, delegates having been
selected from the various brother
hoods to attend the meeting in Con
cord next Sunday.
The principal address of the eve
ning is to be delivered by the Hon.
-E. AV. G. Huffman, of Salisbury, who
is chairman of file stewardship com
mittee. Tips is to be followed by
a business meeting in which the elec
tion of officers wilt be held.
Among the other important busi
ness matters to be brought iqi is the
loan fund of SIOO,OOO. all of which
is expected to beraised by the time
of the meeting. An effort lias been
made to secure SI,OOO from 100 men
in Noyth Carolina for use in build
ing new churches in new territory.
Up. to the time of the meeting of the
synod in November, n total of $67-
(fO had been subscribed and there
were indications that the remainder
would be raised at an early dale.
The stewardship side of church life
will also be taken up and an effort
will be made by the brotherhood to
see that the churches raise their ap
portionment tobenevoiences.
Owing to tlie fact that the duties
of the president of synod have be
come so heavy, tin- matter of procur
ing an executive secretary will be
taken up and may he secured to as
sist the president.
Discussion will .probably be held,
it is said, on the matter of the con
struction of a church at Chapel Hill,
for the use of the students* The
$6,000,000 pensioSj fund for aged min
isters will also be discussed.
Officers of the state brotherhood
are Bismnrk Capps, of Gastonia, pres
ident : A. B. Rhyne, of Charlotte,
vice president; H. E. Isenhimr, ol*
Salisbury, secretary : and It.' AV. Grac
ber, of Statesville, treasurer.
Former High School Stars Boost the
Prospects For Y Team This Year.
—Charlotte Next.
In preparation for the first, game
which is to bo played at Salisbury oji
Thursday night, the Y basketball team
put in hard practice Monday night
and showed some of the classiest stuff
that lias been exhibited on the local
floor iu a number of years.
From present indications the team
will be a shooting aggregation which
will take ns its motto that an offense
is the best kind of defense. Three
former high silioof stars were used in
combination with the two Yegulars
from last. year. They were Living
ston Easley, J. F. Harris and James
'•Lineberger. The last two were pip y
ih in guard positions and the til's;
was a forward. .
Cole, a newcomer to the city, out*
ployed with the surveyors for the P.
& N. rnilaoad, has also been doing
good work at both forward and guard
as has "Bub" Sullivan, a high se'iool
football star.
There arc an unusually large num
ber of candidates out for the learn
this year, there being twenty lia-n cut
for practice Monday night.
After the Salisbury game, Charlotte
Y is the next on the schedule and
toward tin- last of December several
college games will be played.
Salisbury is very anxious to win
the* game since they lost In Vie series
lust year after winning the first game
of the three.
Ready to Begin Dufies as Pastor of
First Baptist Chureh in Concord.
Rev- C. 11. Trucblood. who comes,
to Concord as pastor of the First
Baptist Church, expects to move hi«
family to this city on Friday of ibis
week, it wus stated this morning by a
member of the First Bpptist Clim-rh.
Mr.''Trucblood spent Monday night
uud pgrt of today here with friend*;
making filial plans for the work In is
to conduct as pastor of the church
The household goods of Mr. Trtie
hlood and family were shipped to Con
cord last Friday from Thoinasville,
and have been stored in file parsonage
of the church. The parsonage lias
been completely overhauled during tlie
past’ several months.
The following story from Thomas
villo will be of Interest here:
“l{ev. ('. H. Trucblood conducted a
farewell service a>s pastor of the First
Baptist Chureh Sunday night with a
full house, the Main Street Methodist,
tfie Reformed and Presbyterian pas
tors, AV. L. Hutchins. J. A. Palmer,
add A N. Moffit. respectively calling
In then- services and their congrega
tions joining in the one farewell oc
Bcv. Charles A. G.‘ TUotnas, Once
ChapUn in the Jnionr Order. Dies
at Rocky Mount.
Rocky Mount. November 30.- Ib-v.
Charles A. G. Thomas, pioneer Hap
tist minister and prominent friitmiul
leuder. died at his home iu this city
lute this afternoon, following a de
cline in health for the past several
years, but after being in h serious
condition only since Thanksgiving.
The body was taken tonighl In 1
Salisbury, where he served one of his ,
longest pastorates and where funeral i
Services and interment will take place ]
tomorrow afternoon-at 3 o'clock. The ,
services will Ik- in charge of the v lun- i
ior Order'of United American Me- ]
eliuilies, of -which UeV. Mr. Tholmis i
had loug bega,state Chaplain,- to which
position hc jliadlbecii 'electci jor life
ut the lust stati-’moetlnfc'of the or
der. l
The beating of the tom-tom in j
Melanesia serves to warn the vil
lagers of the approach of the tax i
collector who finds only-cold hearth- I
stones and deserted dwellings-
... v ==
Gasoline Transportation Makes Pos
sible Big Product ions in Smaller
“Ten years ago any yrodwer who
had ttf present a show of
the size and cost of operation sur
rounding World of Pleasure, ill other
than New York. Chicago, Philadelphia
and Bostou, the so-called “run” cities
would have been considered a fool—
and what is more he would have
been " -
Ti, waij made to Grace
Michael, manager of the Auditorium.
Charlotte, recently by the advance
man with another impending attrac
The automobile and hard roads lias
revolutionized not only the theatrical
business but outdoor amusements as
well. A decade or more ago an at
traction was obliged to deiiend largely
upon the citizens of the immediate
show stand for support. Now oom
panies of importance do not
so much about the size of the city
in which they play as to the seating
capacity of the theatre, the nature
of surrouunding country and facili
ties for motorists.
Theatrical papers last fall com
mented that the greatest single per
formance in money gross,'.,in tile his
tory of American amusements was
rung up by the combined Burimm &
liailey-Riugling brothers shows, not
at Chicago or New York, but at the
little Kansas town of Concordia. At
Mitchell. South Dakota, the annual
Corn Palace attracts a money gross
exceeding that enjoyed by, even the
largest New York musical shows.
These straws show which way the
wind blows and the sponsors of the
World of Pleasure are observant busi- !
ness men. They are willing to al
low Mr. Ziegfeld peace in his own
IT" " '■* lr " ■■‘fi
a /Inkle-Fashioned Oxfords-
Stunningly good looking. Stylish with
your finest apparel. Comfortable with
the first wearing. But more than this*
Nmui-BSsh oxfords are ankle-fashioned; no -> I
unsightly gapping, no slipping at the heel.
Come in, look over the latest styles.
[ Better Get Those Goodyear Tires |
This Week |
I We are actually selling them for less |
I than they can be replaced for as we !ji
1 are giving 10 per cent, off our al- §
| ready low price. Also we are giving I
§ 5 gallons of gasoline with every S2O §
1 purchase of anything in the store.
1 Yorke & Wadsworth Co.
& Union and Church Streets |
'< The, Old Reliable Hardware Store
|| Phone 30 Phone 30
bailiwick, the few large cities, while
World of Pleasure, still each season
fresh in the spring of its youth, goes
forth and garners profits throughout
1 the country. The- big show will ap- j
pear at tjie Auditorium. Chariotth, I
Saturday, December ."sth. matinee and!
Teacher—Now. you must prove to :
me that the earth i.s round-
Pupil—Why I never said that it
December-9th is the date fixed fori
the ten-round contest between Mike
Ballertho and Tod Morgan, to be neld
at Jack Root's "club in Lot Angeles.
Melrose Flour i
Liberty Self-Rising
■We bought liberally of these two
high grade while the market
was lower. ' The market on flour has
advanced right much. Our early buy
ing has saved money which we now
give you in the better price.
Mlerose Flour, is a household ne-l
eessity. Its high quality remains for l
more than a quarter of a century. We
have always been its sole ugents.
Liberty Self-Rising is newer to the
trade., but it has already won its way!
to the tastes of the most exacting i
trade. Jt’s ''Melrose'' iu quality, j
That's our guarantee.
Buy now all the Hour you may need
for the balance of the year. We have
you money on Hour.
Cline & Moose
P. B.—Y’our charge account, fcs
] well as your cash, is good with us.,
Costs you no more. Our polite, de-1
livery men go quick everywhere.
1 Bring Your Wife Along to See I
//VS A
§Z- These New Suits and Over- j
M coats and be thankful you have
| t 0 '
m ( vV Lots of husbands think., that'!
the only thing of maspyljjj«s
ft, Vx/L ttCl /Tfil gender that a wife knows any-'
j|i| thing about is picking out a
* U\ «h\ first class husband.
!j! iJ4 m The truth is that the best look-ii
|| r *y ' clothing you ever wore .she
Hi helped v6u select—own up 1
i;‘ We are inviting the married men of Concord to come he;re
X this week with their wives and see an overcoat display so
]< bewildering in fabric and model that you’ll feel sorry'ior :
i]i thq, single chap who hasn't a partner' to help him select.
! x one beauty from $ storeful.
|]l| Roberts-Wicks Suits and Overcoats $23.00 to slo.oo' ’
;!| Bright Woolen Hose New Caps |
!]! Neckwear New Shirts
j! i
I Browns-Cannon Co. j
j| Where You Get Your Money’s Worth
-sifSSmSst faftad
& ' ii ‘C j
><.■■l iii. ilii -I ;u"k| iur prices H
Jr 4/1 are fair.— M
| y’TRAAfIEfIT “° u p A RKst E LK a .“’' : 8
| -HAIR WAVE- Beauty Shoppe p
Stf Phone BH2
sv •» m
Your Ad in
This Paper
I" ■ j
The use of space in this paper
i to tell the story of the merchan
dise in your store is
the one certain way to get the
interest of the people in this
community. And in propor
tion to the interest you arouse
in your store and your mer
chandise, will be the amount of
| business you will do.
We are ready to help you tell
your story—phone 78 and we
will call at your convenience
with a detailed plan for proper
ly merchandising your stock. ' j
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