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WM-. .i rlUMBIl It
Makes delicious hot biscuit, rolls,
crusts, griddle cakes and muffins
A cream of tartar powder, absolutely pure.
Both Sides la Walter Clark Contro
versy Remain Firm.
CoavUts at Work. Crop Outlook.
Ncded Rains' Fall, Pigeon
Shoot. Biff Court Case. -Christian
' Orphan
nice. Raleigh, May 12. There are 444 con
victs at work on the Ohio River and
Charleston railway extension in Mitchell
county. The number on the Wilkesboro
and Jefferson turnpike is 83.
Superintendent Mann of the peniten
tiary says the crop outlook is good.
Only an extraordinary freshet can do
tho least damage to the crops on the
State farm.
The State charters the Union Publish
ing Co., of Bessemer City; the Piedmont
Foundry and Machtno Co., of Hickory;
and the Macco lodge K. of P. Company
of Wluston-Salem; and authorizes the
. W hi tcvllle Lumber Co., to increase Its
capital stock to $50,000.
The Christian church conference of
N. C. and Va. will soon have an orphan
ago, Rev. W. S. Long, W. J. Leo and
Rev. J. L. Foster having been appointed
a conimiitoe to eeloct a site. ; Several
places are making offers, among these
Virginia, Liberty, Burlington and
Greensboro. The orphanage fnnd Is bow
. $3,boo. Hi , ., v; ; . .V, ' C .
Great preparation are being made
for the inter-state clay pigeon shoot
here June 85-20. Some of the best shots
in the United States will be here. It
will be undor the auspices, of the nat
ional association.
This morning
for Pocahontas,
125 negroes left here
to work in the coke
Commander A. B. Stronach of the
local camp of Confederate Veterans was
at Wilson today to attend the unveiling
of the Confederate monument in Maple
wood Cemetery there. ; ' ' " ";
Fine rslns fell last night and ( ended
what was beginning to be a serious
drougblVVV '''' ri
Among today's arrivals were Gen. W.
R. Coi of Edgecombe county and ex
Congressman Thomas Settle of Ashe
ville. At Charleston this ' week the notable
Worth will case Involving the; estate
left by the late ex-State Treasurer John
M. Worth,, valued at 1250,000, will be
argued in the U. 8. Circuit Court of appeals.-
Half a score of able lawyers ap
pear tn it, ' ' ' J '
Judge Walter Clark publishes a 0000
word reply to charges made agalnBthlm
by Ma J W Wilson,including the letters
or notes Clark wrote Gov. Russell in
1897. The two sides in this great con
troversy remain firm. The Clark men lay
he has cleared bis skirts and will get the
nomination for Chief Justice, in a walk,
While the anti-Clark men say Maj. Wil
son's charges are even more . than
proved. ,
Clark For Chief Justice.
Special to Journal.- -
Raleigh May 10. Warren County
- Democratic Convention, today unani
mously endorsed Walter Clark for Chief
Justice. .' ... , , --,
Cigars at Davis'. . -
v Theo, t Cubanota, Royal BIup, l ew
Wallace, Flor de Tellor, and other lead-
in e brands, at Davis Prescription Phar-
Lest there abould arise some mlsunder
standing as to a-remark from Bellairin
. A late number of the Journal concerning
the Ellsworth troupe. .We will limply
! explain that the , "tinge of, TUlgarlty"
mentioned was from - BambOi the negro
and did not Include any of the "lair sex
in any way. Wo make this statement
lest there mlgh be a misinterpretation of
the comment on the players.
It U quite dry and early crops are
thirsty, if not already .falling they will
fall rapidly if rain does not come quite
soon, ground has not been wet in nearly
four weeks.
I'.'.la Holt hs returned to her home in
P. '". da I,an, brr lister, accom-
May 0. Miss Lillle Smith and Mr. S.
L. Lane left Sunday for Bath, N. C, to
spend a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Williams spent
Monday in New Bern.
Several of our girls and boys attended
a picnic Saturday evening about 5 miles
from here.
The dance given last Friday evening
was quite a success. We are sorry to
say that it was the last of the season.
Miss Bessie Garris and Mr. Roscoe
Dawson spent Friday night and Satur
day visiting Mrs. Barum Forrest.
Miss Mattle WIndley from Bath Is
visiting Misses LIHIo Smith and Cora
Dinkens. ,
Mr. B. F. Dinkens spent Wednesday
In New Bern.
Misses Carrlo Fltta, Lula Brewer and
Emily Brown left Wednesday morning
on the steamer Carolina for New Bern,
Beaufort and other points.
Messrs. Cleve Williams, Tom Smith
and Nat Lancaster left Wednesday for
New Bern, to attend a game of ball.
The tobacco farmers In our section
seem to bo very despondent over tho dry
weather, as they are anxious to begin
planting out their tobacco.
Dr. Covington arrived Tuesday to be
gin practicing. We wish him much
Capt. Howard from Washington,
passed through here today on his way to
New Bern.
? Vauceboro is on a boom now, we have
two ateam boats, and a railroad is being
talked very strong.
Mr. Emmelt Smith left Saturday for
Wlntersvillo, and returned Sunday..
' , Mr. J. M. Lancaster and wife spent
Sunday in the country'.
A Correspondent.
. May 10. T,he farmers are more than
pleased at the rain last week, It has
helped the corn and cotton very much.
Some have plowed corn and have their
cotton chopped out.
.Irish potatoes are looking fine, some
report they have potatoes as large as
small hen eggs.
Mr. Wallace Whltehurst is shipping
cabbage this week,, be has a fine crop
this year.
There is a good many strawberries go
ing to market from this section this
spring. V -
Mr. W. E. Nixon, ofOore Point, vis
ited our neighborhood last week.
Miss Victoria llolton, of New Bern, is
vlsltlne relatives here this week. - ,
Mrs. Annie Watson, of Reelsboro, is
visiting relatives here this weok.
- The young people of Olympia are an
ticipating a very pleasant time during
the summer season this year.
Some invitations have been sent out
to attend a wedding that will occur at
Olympia in the near future.
A missionary meeting will be held at
the Baptist church Sunday afternoon,
May ll,at 8 o'clock.
' A fine daughter was born toMr. and
Mrs. A. fch uoiton last week. -
McDuffle's Witch Hazel Foot Healer
one Of the finest baby powders known,
cures prickly heat and gives instant re
lief. 85 cents at F. 8. Duffy's. '
May 8. We had a little shower this
morning which was very much need
Farmer! . report the crop . outlook is
very good. Crops can not be otherwise
than In a prosperous condition' blessed
with such beautiful weather as this. We
trust that they will not be blighted In
Some of our townsmen tried their
luuk fishing thla week. Guest they had
good luck as they brought back themsel
ves, a nice lot of ticks, and a big "M. T
Jog." Some of them retired early.
' The election for town officers will be
heldSnext Tuesday the 13th. The candi
date! nominated In the Primary last
Thursday p. m. are as follows: For May
or, E. L. Mattocks; ior Commissioner!,
Lewis Bynum, Lewis Whitty,. James B.
Waters, J. M. FOscne and J, E.Mo-
Catchen; for Constable, J. R. Oak
ley.1 -? '-X .;:r:'
Mrs. E. H. Henderson is having her
house I painted. Mr. U. M. Collins is
doing the work.
The boys here are preparing a cro-'
quet ground. Look out now for some
fun. ' " , .
Prof. Mosby Hoggo, Mr. J, I. Babls-
ton, Misses Lizzie Fellers and Lula
Ennott, of Belgrade High school, left
here Monday p. m. for their homes, .-;
' I"-s Muaa (.Salter and some other
f ! ' who have been vfnitipj at Mrs,
" ' ' ' i 1 ! -. J' i (' ' n's
' ' r.r-. 'r!'
Observance of Memorial Day With
Appropriate Ceremonies.
Raleigh's Team Gets Uniforms.
Danage From HalL City's
Purchase Laid for Farm
Purposes. Walter.
Clark Coatro
. versy.
Ralkigh, May 10. Memorial Day wu
observed here today by the closing of
publio building and banks and the sus
pension Of business In the afternoon.
The exercises were held In tho after
noon at Metropolitan hall and the . fea
tures an address on Capt. James Iredell
Waddell of the "Shenandoah," by Capt
Samuel A. Ashe, and the presentation
by the Daughter! of the Confederacy of
40 "exoses of honor" to Veterans, There
was a procession to the Confederate
Cemetery, where the graves were deco
rated and the local military fired the
usual salute to the dead. . The Confed
erate Veterans camp, Inmates of the Sol
diers Home, Daughters of the Confeder
acy, Sons of Veterans and Children of
the Confederacy, were present. '
Many persons were out to the fair
grounds this afternoon to see tho third
game of base ball between Raleigh and
Durham, Farrell, Raleigh's new first
baseman, arrived today, as did also ex
ceedingly handsome new uniforms for
the home team. The uniforms are the
best made, and are of Tale gray,with
the letter "R" in old English, in maroon
also maroon stockings, belts and caps.
The new uniform was worn tor the first
time this afternoon. The team Is play
ing fast ball. It Is regarded as up to the
high standard of last year's team.
Hall has done somejdamage to crops
In the Southern and eastern parts of this
county and made it necessary to replant
cotton. In most parts of the county
there Is need of rain.
This city has purchased 30 acres more
of land for its farm and now has 200
acres. It raises only forageJIand grain
crops, for its horses and mules.
The new printing company, owned
lointlv bv the Biblical Recorder, Chris
tian Advocate ana rrogressive farmer,
which will do all the printing of these
naners. is Installing Its olant Here.
Interesting developments In the Wal
ter Clark-Russell letter matter are looked
for at anv moment now. There is a
general desire to see In print the letters
whicn judge uiara wrote uov,
in 1BU7.
Save hoof mnrrow from soup bonoB
to add to anet for puddings. Marrow
Is more delicate tbau suet
When you me softening butter to
make enke, never ullow It to melt. If
you do, the coke will be heavy.
A cooking teacher advises that fried
oysters are much better and spatter
less in frylrigif parboiled slightly and
drained beforo rolling in the crumbs.
For date mush stir In a cop of dates
(stoned and separated) when your
mush n cupful has been thoroughly
cooked. Cook ten minutes and serve
(With cream or sirup.
. V , - V
The following quotations were receiv
e l by J. E. Lathvn & Co, New Bern
Nkw York, May 12.
Open. High. Low. Close
. 9.09 9.14 9.03 9.05
.8.85 8.89 8.63 8.78
. 8.87 8.39 8.31 8.31
. 8.18 8.19 8J3 8.18
Chicago, May 12.
Open. High. Low. Close
, 75i 76 , 751 75f
Open. High. Low. Close
61, 62 ' 61 61
Open. High. Low. Close
. 960 967, 900 902,
New York, May 12.
Stocks; " Open. High. Low. Close
Sugar........... 127J 187 125 1271
So Ry 871 871 861 861
U. 8. L ....131 181 131 12J
U.aB.. ...411 411. 40 401
Mo. P. . . 991 1031 99 99
Atchison ....... 79 79. 77! 771
Va. C. C ... 721 701 711
A.O. O. , 521 Ml 62:
Am Ice 181 181
.-. Liverpool
Spots 5.1. Sales 7,000 bales.
Futures, May-June 4.68. Ang-Sept.
4.53. Sepl-Oct 4.89.
Advices to J. E. Latham & Co., yester
New York, May
Market feels absence of trade and
speculative support. Long Interest Is
quite large. ;
- Same eek
.. last year.
Last week
This wcea.
Sat. 14000
Mon. 5000
Tues. '
Proceeding ef May Xecttng. Grand
Jary, Sheriff and County Treat- .
Brer's Reports,
The Board met at 10.80 o'clock a. an.
May 6th, 1902 at the Court house in New
Bern in regular monthly session.
Present Commissioners, Jones, Bax
ter, Fulcher, Wadsworth and Wood.
It appearing to the Board that the
charges against L. B. Hablcht for viola
ting the liquor laws having been with
drawn and no one appearing to prose
cute it is ordered that notice-to show
cause why his license should not be re
voked is hereby dismissed. (
On motion the item of all other prop
erty charged to Capt G. W. Lnptonbe
reduced from 11600 to 800on ; aoconfct
of error " " "
On motion John Banders allowance as
pauper was Increased from 91.00 to $2.00
per month and E. B. Bellinger was re
quested to furnish the same In rations.
It appearing to the Board that the Im
provements on the Jerome : property
should not have been Increased for the
year 1900. It Is ordered that the order
made at the April mooting increasing
said taxes for the year 1900 be and the
same is hereby revoked. The said order
having been made through a misunder
standing of the facts.
Board took reoesa until 2.80 o'clock
Board met at 2.30 o'clock p. m. May 3,
Present Commissioners, Jones, Wood,
Fulcher, Wadsworth.
G. V. Richardson having resigned as
list taker of No. 8 township, It is hereby
ordered that the same be accepted and
on motion Geo. K. West was elected
list taker in his stoad and the clerk Is In
structed to notify Mr. West of his ap
On motion It is ordered ' that W. H.
Squires be and he is hereby relieved of
the payment of poll lax on account of
poverty and Infirmity.
A petition was presented to the Board
signed by citizens of No. 3 township
asking the Board to erect a ferry be
tween the north and south banks of
Neuse river, near Maple Cypress. The
petition was referred to the attor
On motion the report of the Road
Trustees of No. 5 township was read
and adopted and ordered spread upon
the minutes.
The Board took recess until May 0,
1902 at 10 o'clock a. m.
The Board met at 10 o'clock a. m.,
May 6th 1902, pursuant to recess.
Present Commissioners, Jones, Baxter
Fulcher, Wood and Wadsworth. T
Whereas, various citizens of Maplo
Cypress and Fort Barnwell have peti
tioned the Board of Commissioners to
lay out and establish a bridge across (he
Neuse river at Maple Cypress, and whore
as said ferry appears to be a public
necessity as there Is no means of cross
ing the river at that point. It is ordered
that a flat boat and chain be purchased
to be used In ferrying passengers across
the Neuse river at that point provided
the same shall be conducted without any
expense to the county and to accom
plish said purpose the ferryman is al
lowed to charge 6 cents for each foot
passenger and 10 cents for each horse
and vehiclo or each horse, mule or other
animal or 15 cents for double team, said
ferry is not established as a public ferry.
The purpose of the Commissioners being
to furnish the citizens of Maple Cypress
and Fort Barnwell a boat to be used by
them without expense- to the county.
Ferryman to be selected by tho peti
tioners. Mr. C. Gordan lunsted, agt for Mr.
Jerome came before the Board and com
plained of the assessment made by B W
Ives, whereupon Mr Ives was summoned
before the Board and the matter of the
valuation of the property of Mr C C Je
rome was- finally settled as follows,
whlsh the sheriff was ordered to list and
collect tax on the difference between the
following and the list given In by said
Tunstead which he paid tax on to the
sheriff. :
56 acres snd house 1500 00
Improvements . 1200 00
2 mules .150 00
Household and kitchen furniture 600 00
Farming Improvements .8 00
Cart, wagon and harness . 50 00
Plated and silver ware , 10 0Q
1 yacht 1800 00
1 launch . 800 00
1 skiff - 5 00
Other property ' 90 00
. On motion Commissioners Wadsworth
and Baxter were appointed a committee
to purchase chain and flat for use of
citizens for a ferry across Neuse river
near Maple Cypress. ;
Ordered that the chairman, K R Jones
Commissioner Baxter and the attorney,
D L Ward, were appointed a committee
to make up report to be presented to the
Board of Magistrates on the first Mon
day in June 1902 showing the financial
condition or we county.
The Treasurer D. L. Roberts presented
his report which was accepted and or
dered spread upon the minutes.
Report of D. L. Roberts, Treasurer of
Craven County for April.
. , Gaaaral Fond. .
April 1. Tobal 812 02
. 14. To J- W. Biddle 754 00
m roach
634 84
. 716 82
1,816 74
April 80. By vouchers 1,888 92
Hay 1. By bal. 82
lateral Ammm
May 1. To bal.
tm sr 1,
April 1. To bal
14. To J. W. Biddle
May 1. To bal.
78 64
April 90. By voachera
78 64
78 64
rtM m,s.
April 1. To bet
? 42
87 83
4 48
" It To J. W. Biddle,
April 30. By vouchers
May 1. By bal
pedal Bridge fill,
May 1. TO bal.
Hnea aad PanaltlM.
April 1. To baL
" 5. To J. Adams
" 8. To E. J. White
" 7. To 8. R. Street
" 19. To W. M. Wataon, C
S. C.
" " To 8. R. Btreet
" 25. To J. T. Harget
189 69
19 62
80 76
25 00
148 27
148 27
May 1. By Bal.
148 27
Trees. Craven Co.
May, 1902.
The Sheriff, J. W. Biddle presented
his report which waa adopted and or
dered spread upon the minutes.
J. W. Biddle. Sheriff, in account with
Craven county.
May 1. To cash on hand 1,540 09
To State and County Taxes
Collected 7,813 11
To S. B. taxes collected 126 00
9,480 10
April 14. ByD. L. Roberts,
Treasurer, Fence,
" 14. By D. L. Roberts,
Treasurer, - Fence,
No 8
14. By D. L. Roberts,
Treasurer on Gen
eral Fund
1 30. ByD. L. Roberts.
Treasurer on Gen
eral Fund
' 1. by Geo, H. Roberts,
Corn's, on General
75 18
86 42
1,388 40
716 82
5,000 00
ByComm's. on 7,939.11 5
By cash on hand
896 95
1,866 83
9,480 10
Respectfully submitted,
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this May 6th, 1902.
H. C. WOOD, J. P,
Ordered that the report of the Grand
Jury be accepted and spread upon the
Report of Grand Jury foi April term
of court Craven county 1902,
To his Honor Judge F. D. Winston
presiding. :-r
We the Grand Jary beg to report that
we have finished all such business as has
come before as to the best of our ability
as charged.
We have returned 61 presentments as
true bills, 12 as not true bills 6 new ones
before ue.
. THBt jail. . ' ,
We have vlsltited the jail and made a
thorough examination, inside and out,
and find It as healthful and cleany a con
ditlon as the present arrangement of
construction will admit of. . The food is
ss wholesome and sufficient as the finan
cial allowance" will Justify. We would
call your attention to the fact that four
new State cells are badly needed. We
would also urge that an apperture be
made in the door so that the persons
can be fed without the Jailor being com
pelled to go in amongst them. There are
some minor repairs needed around the
door and elsewhere, otherwise we find
everything in very good condition.
, We have examined the court building
and other publio property and find such
in good order.
The offices are in good condition, very
well kept and looked after. .
Upon examination of some of the old
records we find a few of them fast decay
ing and falling to pieces beyond recog.
nltion and we would recommend their
being Immediately recopied as has al
ready done In a few Instance! in the
put. .
We have visited the County Home for
the poor and infirm and found every,
thing In good order and the Inmates
perfectly satisfied. 28 inmates.
- G. V. Riotubdsoh,
A true copy. .
W. M. Watsok,
C. 8. C.
The regular monthly bills were al
On motion the Board S'-journ" i.
Snow Drift,
Willi Front
and Admiral
jortsmouth Corned Mullets. - -
Fresh Straw berriee from Whltehurst's farm eTerj morning.
Fresh Fox River IYint and Elgin' Buttef tecelTed"verT
week and served from one of
Complete stock of staple
J. L. MAM:
'Phone 91.
1 The American Stock Co:, i
I Enormous Spring Stock
and invites the inspection of the
mi a . . w 1
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