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RALiieH, July 11 The torporati'oa
commission today gave 6nt Ut biisss
ment of railway properties, this being u
follows: Southern 115,825,677; Atlantic
Coast Line $13,978,4405 . Peahoatd
Lino 18.718.728. HUeellaaeoa taada
$4,195,526. The total li. 142,703,571,
which to $160,715 more than It waa laat
year. Thla doss aot Include steamboat
lines, canala, itreet railway etc ,
A charter was granted Way to the
Bine fcldge Lumber Company of Wood-
law a, McDowell county, capital $100,-
000, John R. Oockran aad others own
era. - --. - - . - - -
Judge Purnell today filed an opinion
In a bankruptcy cue from Rockingham,
; la which ha said some very plain things
about lawyers who try to get exhorbr-
tant fees' oat of bankruptcy cases. AI
lawyer in this case - wanted a $500 fee
. . on $050 aasets The Judge aaji an at-
torney In a bankruptcy ceae kaoat make
" a 'statement9 which wlUshw plainly
what he has received from his client.
Another matter on which the Judge
dwells In the opinion to that poisons
cannot claim personal property exempt
tloa In cases, la which they hare aent
property out of tbe Slate or attempted
" other frauds. '' ' ' I't
There Is a new and rather sensational
feature about -the base ball situations
Charlotte voted Itself out of tbe State
league, bat president Buabee of the
League said today: "The league will hold
onto the Charlotte players. Charlotte
Is trying to te)l- them all around, but
they mu&Vbe kept here' and . allotted to
tbe clubs which are in the league. The
constitution of the State League to plain
on this point. . -vl.v
Mrs. Ellen Von Herrmann, mother of
C. F. Von Berrman, weather observer
here, Isdylng, ' ''
James rtttman, who cat his cousin's
throat at tbe Soldiers' Home la bound
over to the Huperloi ;oourtl on ,hl own
recngnlzanccT Pittinan Harris, who waa
colzas bound over in the same way,
. There are now 231 Inmates of the Bap
tist orphanage at ThomasTllle. There
, are forty boys. In the Dennis Simmons
memorial building. Mr.Slmmons bequest
to the orphanage la $76,000 Part of this
will be used to make the memorial build-
Ing accommodate 70 boys. .The Interest
on the remainder of the fund will be
used to maintain all the boys In the build
ing.' . : ..';: ': -,:
It Is asserted by some observant pao
ple that the democratic convention next
week will nominate Clark for Chief Jus
tice. Connor and Elatt D. Walker 'for
associate Justices, Joy ner for State 8a
: perintendent and Blddlngfield for cor
: poratlon commissioner.
, , Atlantic Coast Line Earnings.
t .The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad re
ports for May as follows: Gross earnings
$840,763; operating expenses and taxes,
. . - $500,038;' net earnings, t $341,724. The
groas earnings show an Increase of $131
f 703, and the net -earnings an Increase of
$121,113. , The gross earnings for eleven
months were $7,633,030; operating ex
penses snd taxes, $1,608,085, net earn-
Ings, $3,024,945.Oross earnings Increased
$409,866; net earnings,' $383,186. . ;
; Warm Weather and Fine Italns.
m glotlFlres.
July 14. We are having very warm
weather now, which with occasionally a
shower of rain make crops grow; .
, The corn crop In' oar section thla year
la the finest for some lime. Cotton crop
medians. ;, v,n v -. :
The people at Olympta have ,been en
daoirered and damaged by the woods fire
laat ireek, there are several who are
sick from the intense hest of tbe fire.
We believe Mr. M. O. Holton baa been
the' worst off of any, ha became, over
heated in the woods from jnhaling fire
and hal been In bed fpr the put) week,
bat wo are glad to know he Is much bet
ter at present date. ' -Z. '
The Baptist brethern held their usual
meeting at Olympla Sunday, there were
quite a number of people attended from
Mrs. and Mrs. Hugh Wynne attended
church In Reelsboro Sondsy.
Mr. W. E. Nixon, of Core Point, visit
ed Olympla last week. " " fi "; "
Mr. Willie Warren of Edwards, at
tended Children's Dsy Exercises last
Sunday. " -v ' -
The Exercises were a grand success
and vry i ' e i every part. Contribu
tion was L...riil. , I, . - '
t Next tiling In viow is a picnlo. , .. .y
Tares eaJldreaweiw bittea at Asks-
vtlle by a mad dog. The dof waa killed
aad the chadrea aave beea teat to New
York for treetaseat.
Archblsaop Patrick A. raabaa of Cat.
cago, U dead. lie waa bonis Ireland,
X&l, aame U tMa eoaalrv 1b 1853, aad
for 48 years kss beea a leader la the
Cataolto priesthood of the West.
Lard Khchener Ik BriUaa war god,
Vea arrlred ta Loadoa aad waa given a
reeeptloa, that would hare t anted tbe
old tlma Roaua oonqnorer blue wlta
envy. ." V ' I . ' .
vvi : ?r '
. Mr, J. A, Durham, a business bmb of
(toeriottavwffl balld a dormitory (1 ta
ThomeaTiUe orpbaaat that will aoooa-
IsaodeU Jetty fern. Bo will make the
arowwj asoiM-,
Mrs. Aaale Aleiaader Hector, Borel
Ist, Who WTOts nnder the name of "Mrs.
Alexander,"; dead.' Baa died la Lon
don, Jaly 10th, at 79 years of age. .
- The canieesnesa of a colored boy with
aeak of gasoline resulted In the burn
ing of a largo drag store and two sa-
kooaa 4m CharlotU, Saturday. " The boy
eeoapea narm. '
A. C. Latimer, a Ooagreasmaa and
ex-Oov. Evans, rival candidates for the
United States Senate, from. Bdatb Caro
lina, eusaed oat each other and tried to
"scran" st ' political meetlaa- at St.
George, B, C, Saturday. -Practicing up
for future Senatorial distinction,-as It
were. ' ...
Haiti to till in a state of Barest, po
litically. The commissions of the high
officer shave been revoked, and Presi
dent General Simon Sam haa been ban
ished. - If the remaining Samboes there
could banish themselves,' permanently,
how restful It would be to civiliza
tion. .....: .;
At last reports 112 bodies had been re
covered, from the wrecked mine at
Johnstown Pa. No positive estimate
can be made of the number of lives lost
In the horrible catastrophe. The bnrned
and blackened condition of , the bodies,
prevented many from being Identi
fied.. ' i y- 'iV ! .'
And now Uncle Bam and little Japan
tp bristling up at each pother over the
possession of a little Island la-the Pa
cific, , Uncle Sam claims the bland by
right of discovery In 1889, while the
Japs discovered Its valuable guano de-
poslts, and with the thrift that has
gained for them the title of the "Yan
kees of the East," proceeded to realize
at once on their find. . ,
" After a hard fight requiring 108 bal
lots Mr, R. N. Psge vu nominated for
representative from the 7th Congresalon-
al district by the democrats at Monroe,
N.C. Friday. 4 , '
Hon. Chas. E. Price Is elected presi
dent of the Bute Bar Association which
met at Ashevllle. -
Prof. N. C. Newbold haa been elected
superintendent of tha public schools in
Roxboro, N. C. , . ,
, The work 'of rescuing tha Imprisoned
miners at the Johnstown mine to being
carried on as rapidly as possible. 45 have
been taken out alive and 143 dead bodies
recovered there are atlll a few of the
miners missing. ' .' !
... : i-, ' - J r
, Cwe Wen Thaa Bella.' !'
It U said tbot tbe Spanish UHUKhrer
refusee to face a cow. as xAu h mncb
mora dangerous. A bull makes a blind
ruah at bis assailant, nd thla a little
knowledge and experience will soon en
able an active man to avoid, but a cow
fenoea with bet borne with a skill and
oulckness unexpected in such an appar
ently clumsy animal, and a man must
be active Indeed who can avoid the re
peated attacks of an angry cow. : x
Tbe bull, In a state of nature, flgbta
fo obtain the mastery of tbe herd and
not to kill, but tbe cow only to protect
her offspring, and, in her case, there la
no quarter given. It would not be to tbe
advantage of tbe herd that the- bulla
should kill each other ta determining
which waa tbe stronger, and therefore
they do not use their horns aa lethal
xeapona, but 4t ta, on the other band,
areatlr to tha advantage of the calves,
andiao. of the future of the herd, that
Usenejmleft tha aura to attack them
' ahoulfJ'be slstn. .
Kggi, per doa,
Chickens, old per palr....,.....B04t60
. ; young, per pr.v,..,,.. 20 A 40
Pork, perllb. ... ..... 7 ft 8
SOOfa ,, tins Hi e a ka a,a8 fc 6
Hides, green, per lb 5
" dry,
............ 20 to 25
Corn, per bosh 85
Oats, M " 65c
Peanuts... .....63
. Local Grala Karket. : 5
Corn, per ba..., '
Oats per ba. . . ..... . . ....... ... y
1 t.r
Oieai, per u...
Hominy, perbu
Corn bran, per 100 lbs
TTit bran, per
r '.,ic3iu.......;;..v;,
: st Ir &l,lC31ls..
- Carolina Colony Co. has baast organ
toad at Ooneavd for eolonliatloa purpos
es. Capital, $300,000. . . , . .
VaraoB Cotton Oil Co. has basa orgaa
bed at Uttimora. Capital, $13,600.
A factory for tha aaaaafectara of high
grade chairs b to bo established at Lex
ington boob.
Tbe soalhera Glass Works Co. at Lex-
lagtoa haa fitted lis plant at Lexington
with aew machinery and will aaaaafac
tara cabinet hardware aad replete sliver
wara. Charles D. roller of Cslamazod, Mich
baa parchasad 78,600 acres of bad near
Murphy and will develop the same. Paper
pulp will Eton of the specialties ofbls
manufacture. ', .' -r v
Farmeas OU MIU Co. at Nashville was
aatablbhed last week with a capital of
$100,006 -s:. v7'.r-
A. D. Beatsba b arranging to erect a
$50,060 Knitting Mill at Tryon, The
mala building will be 40 by 100 ft.
The following Item was takes from
the Msaufacture Record, published at
Baltimore: Just before the adjournment
of Congress Hon. John HSmeJofthe
first district of North Carolina submit
ted, under the rales of tha house of Re
presentatives, some remarks which ought
to have a wide Influence for the welfare
of hla State. The remarks were quite
extended and were a splendid descrip
tion of the resources ;of North Carolina.
With a great deal of pains Gongrest
man 8m ill bad gathered and arranged
la attractive aad. comprehensive form
an array of facts about tha . climate, the
people, the agriculture,, the manufao
tares, the forest, mineral and Umber
resources, the fisheries and the edacaj
tlonal conditions in tho state. . Circu
lated already In the Congressional Rec
ord In all parte of the country, the
speech is to be scattered broadcast In
North Carolina and other States.' It Is
really a condensed guide to the Investor
and homeseeker,' and ought to direct
greater attention than ever to the op
portunities In North Carolina, and to en
courage the people of that State and of
other States to avail themself promptly
of those opportunities;
We, the undersigned, believing Dr
liable Remedy for Bowel Complaints,
hereby guarantee a twenty-five cent boV
tie to gfve satisfaction or money refund
ed. - T. A. Henry. " :-" ' :-'
The Mayor's. Court.
Saturday night and Sunday .disturbers
of the peace were not very numerous at
the Mayor's court Monday morning and
they were let off easy. Nalh'an and Bailie
Conway, white, bad a family row Sun
day morning and quite a portion of
their unhapplness wss given In court.
As there wss no criminating evidence
against tha man he . was dismissed; the
woman was made to pay cost for cursing
and swearing. '
William Henry Roddick, a colored dis
orderly vu assessed the costs and dis
missed. The policemen were arrialgned be
fore his honor, Mayor Patterson, yester
day and he gave them a good lecture,
not anklnd at all but told them firmly if
they had any grievance to report to the
Mayor or Marshal; hessld that grumb
ling to each other would not be tolerated
and any sign of dissatisfaction would be
cause for reprimand and If the case was
very aggravated it would amouat to a
dismissal for the officer or officers Inter
Tha Mayor also wishes this statement
published; .: ;' ''.J-.
"For tbe benefit of the public I wish
to state that a policeman may always be
found on the beat at the corner of Mid
dle and Pollock streets ready to answer
any call from any part of the city where
their services may ba required. The tel
ephone In the McSorley store to main
tained at one half expense of the city and
to nut there that tha nolice mav ba anmr
" y '
tnoned handily whenever there Is need,
An officer to aot required to get orders
from the city hall or from the Marshal
bat to empowered forthwith to render
what assistance be can In case of trou
" - '.!-. r.T.PATTEHSOK,
, " , . Mayor.
- Barfoot Bros
Closing oat sale, all summer goods
lawns that were 8 and 10c. now So., 15c
towns 10c and 25c lawns 15c yard.
Baby ' cape half price, all millinery at
ona third and a half off. Boys and girls
white duck caps 15c '
Upon yon rests the responsibility of
getting your full allotment of brightness
from your vacation. A vacation without
a IIouuk to a Vacation wasted. Kodaks
titers'! none but Eastman's cost from
$1. to $13. every one good, add this to
cost of films makes a total of from $3. to
$17. which will be repaid by the nice
pictures brought home as reminders of a
pka '.nt oui'.cg.'Come In and lotus
e'.ost t'..i a KoUks sny child can take
I svs '.h tiem. See our windows
room icidl
Tonne Man Cats Bis Wrist and
Iaereased Pay" Far- Halted States
Jarera. Case af Eaglaeer
Darla.' Pilgrimage To
Beaaeka Islaad. Fire
mea's ToaraameBt
; Political As--Iramta.
Rauiob, Jaly li The Jurors In the
Federal Court hare Bp to this time beea
paid $2 a day, bat hereafter will be paid
$3. There will now be an even greater
desire to "get on the Jary,1 ' r - i ,
Yesterday mornlaguHsarly a young
maa here, who b .addicted to strong
drink, cut his wrist snd throst In a del.
perate attempt at suicide. For a week
or more he had been watched, for fear
of suicidal mania, and this morning he
went np stairs in his Loose, his three
HHle Children going with him. They all
sat down In one room for a moment and
then he ssld aa he stepped Into another
room that he would call them In a mo
menl. In that moment he slsshed him
self with a knife. Then he Called them
They entered and saw the always terrible
sight of a madman, a knife and blood. A
doctor was very nesr and was on hand
In a minute. Later In the day there was
a commission of lunacy snd the would
be suicide wss placed in tbe Hospital for
the Insane.
It Is learned that the Supreme Court
of South Carolina has settled he case of
Engineer Davis, of the Southern Ratlwsy
Dsvla was killed in that State in a wreck
He waa from Raleigh. Suit was brought
and $10,000 damages swarded. 'There
was an appeal and a new suit, and on a
second trial tbo jury gave $11,000 dam
sges. July 24 stands as the date when the
pilgrimage Is to be made to Roanoke
Island. There wss somo Bort of an effoit
to defer It.
', Ex-Congressman John W. Atwater
will find hlr candidacy as an Independ
dent candidate for Congress in this dis
trict what the New Englanders graph
ically term "rough sledding."- He wants
a Joint canvass with Congressman Pou.
His main ground of opposition to the
totter appears to be that he "wasn't in
the War" and Is not a farmer.
The Democratic Congressional conven
tion to called by Chairman James Rich
ard Toung to meet here July 15th. It is
a foregone conclusion that Pou will be
The firemen here will give the visit
ing firemen all tbe fun and excitement
they are looking for at tbe tournament.
It to said that the hook and ladder com
petitors are to be treated to i real fire
ind a real rescue. In other words s
house has been secured which will be
set on fire. Inside it will be two boys.
They will be on the second floor. The
laddermen will rescue them. No possi
ble danger can. befall the boys, as they
are both red-headed and freckled; so
there need be no fear for them In any
case ' .. ;7-.':-:----:
The news from C. G. Latta, df Raleigh
Injured in New York, 1b that his left
side Is entirely paralyzed. There are
kidney complications and tbe chances of
recovery very small and are diminish
ing. Suspected Lyncher Jailed.
Special to Journal.
Saxisbuby, N. C, July 14. Tom
Bparnellwas committed to Jail today
without bond on the charge of being a
lyncher. The hearing will be concluded
next Friday before Judge Neal.
The Norfolk Suspected Wife Murderer
Said to be Guilty of Another
Special to Journal.' -
RiLKion, N. C, July 14. A special
from Norfolk , says Sheriff Hesser,
of Oklahoma, today Indentifled Chas.
P. Osborne as Charles' F. Hiatt, the man
he wanted. Virginia authorities will turn
Osborne over to the Oklahoma sheriff
as soon as requisition papers arrive;
Osborne's counsel object to this. ;
W. B. Lane for Lefislature.
- - Ninth Township, Caven Co.
Mr. Editor: Since the time appointed
for our Democratic primaries Is drawing
nea, I desire to suggest W. B, Lane,
Esq as a candidate for the legislature.
He Is well known to the entire people
of our county, is popular, and magnetic,
possessed of fine Judgment, has had
some experience In legislative bodies,
and In fact Is possessed of the msny
qualifications essential to a" good law
maker. Furthermore it has heretofore
been the custom of our party to select a
representative for the General Assembly
from outside of outs city and It is cer
tainly not the proper time now to depart
from that custom. . . i
Brethern, we cell, and earnestly ask
every good Democrat In the county to
tote for W. B. Lane on the third day of
September and elect him and we will al
ways be proud of our selection. '
And every Distressing Irritation?
of the Skin and Scalp Instantly
Relieved by Bathe with
And gentle anointings with CUTI
CURA OINTMENT, tbe great skin
cure and purest of emollients, to be
followed, la severe cases, by me
dium doses ol CUTICURA RESOL
VENT PILLS, to cool and cleanse
the blood. This to the most speedy,'
permanent, and -economical cure
for torturing, disfiguring, Itching,
burning,, bleeding, scaly, crusted,
and pimply humours, with loss of
hair, ever compounded. "
Houoks TJia ConcoBA Soap, awlated by
Oiticub OnmiHT, for prewiring, purifying
and beutifying Um tkln, for clwulng tbe ralp
and UM topping' of fulling kair, for Mftening,
whitening, and Nothing red, rough, and aore
banda, for baby raabaa and Irritations, and for
all the porpoaea of tbe toilet, bath, and nuraery.
Said thraaihoet the world. Soir, Be., Oiimsn,
Be., PiuaTS. BrltUh Depott -Charlfriiw 8q,
Undoa7rmdrMpotiRMdauriii, rwlk Por
tia Km a Cum. Soar... Bale fnafc. Beaton.
The following quotations were recelv
ed by J. E. Latham & Co, New Bern
N. O.
Chicago, July 14.
Open. High. Low. Close
.'75f 75
. 73 72i
Open. High. Low. Close
. 851 -80 81 81
. 011 01
Open. High. Low. Close
.. 1080
Nbw York, July 14.
Open, High. Low. Close
July . . .
. 8.08 8,75 8.68
o in o rn o ak
' Aug.,
...8,09 8.11 8.08
..7.90 7.92 7.88
. 7.79 7.81 7.78
New York, July 14.
Stocks; Open. High. Low. Close
BoRy .......... 87i 87
U. 8. B.... ....... 89 9i
0. &0.......... 49I- 49 48, 49
Mo. P.......... 114 114 113 1181
V C C... ....... 70 70
A. O. O .......
Am Ice. ..... ... 10 10
Spots 5.1-H. Sales 10,000 bales.
Futures, July-Ang. 4.5C. Aug-Sept,
4.48.8ept-0ct 4.83.
Same Teek
lsst year.
v 49,000
Last week '
In sight 4S.000
8aU 4343
Mon. 1309
Tkre Trickling Waters.'
' It is very Interesting to note with
what steadiness the public work Is cob
ducter. It Is possible to accomplish any
undertaking, by keeping eternally at it
This steadiness and determination to ac
complish an object has been well Illus
trated by the preparations to build a
fountain at the junction of Craven and
Middle streets. , . -
Some weeks ago it was remarked that
a few hundred bricks bad been gotten to
gether at the place meatloned, for the
Intention of building a drinking fountain
Since then other materials have been
slowly accumulating, yesterday a board,
the dsy before a barrel, the day before a
hoe, and the day before something else
needed, all along since the bricks were
first delivered. Work had progressed
sufficiently yesterday to warrant the
bricking of ground for a foundation
and a flowing fountain Is expected
against "the robins neat again.
$! . BaT
rortsmoutli Uorncd Mullets i
Just Received.
10 qt Galvanized Water Bucket, Only ICo each.
. Fancy Full Cream Cheese, Fox River Print and Elgin
utter received fresh from the dairy every week.
Tickled Rump Pork, Fulton Market Corned Beef, Small
Sugar Cured Hams, Pure leaf Lard and Cottolene.
Tea drinkejs can be satisfied from, my stock, which con
sists of th? very best grades, j r - ;
. "Queeapjives frtlOc to 5(eje bottie. ; ''.;
Complete stajfc Canned Me
able. We are still selling Tomatoes fof 10c can. 'it u .
Full line nice Toijet Soap. Fresh Cakes and Crackers.
The best of everything in groceries at iowest possible prices.
; - i , ii. ...4 j' ,.t: ,i , . u . '
J. L. McililEL,
'Phone 91.
Tea Excellence,
You Need Tea
that will have quality and
provide you a pure beverage
in which you can take pleas
ure. Here's a tea from a
. famous plantation where
care is given to have' purity ' JL
in the rowth, cleanness in sjv
the curing, and care in the y
J. J. TOLSON, Jr.,
Broad St. Grocer.
ff?fTfTTfTTTTftTTtT?fTffffTtTtfT?Tf?T?tfTttf J
Superior to
Two Dozen Bottles in Box, 60o
3 Belfast Ginger Ale, equal to imported, 60c for two dozen
jt- bottles,
5t Cream Chocolate, a delicious drink, 50c for two dozen
jf bottles. ' . . , : , . , ;
3 Will sell you a box of two dozen assorted, flavors Soda
3 Water for 50c - ,
Everything Perfection in Quality and Cleanliness. 1 ? j
Lager Beer bottled fresh every day. , , t s
LEE J. TAtTIsOB, Propr.,
PHONE 105. Cer. Queen ft Bern Sta.
m n n n" n n 5
a, t I .. m m
r L-WaZ
All persons who have anything In thcMillinery Line will do well
to SEE MISS PARKER before buying. I have decided to close out
Everything must go, including New Line of Ribbons just in.
- - Respectfully, " 1 -
m he w:
Wire Screens, Door and Window Screens, Lawn Mowers, IcoJCrcra'
Freezers, Ice Shavers.". V, '' ' - v '
A full line of Hardware, Paints, Oils, Varnish, ' Enamels in Col.',
Silver and Alluminum.
A new lot Ball rearing Castors, improved.
- Our goods as represented, rRICIZ3 Til" L' TIT.
'. Give us your cr J era. " '- ' '
''' I II
- Wholesale
eft Retail
Grocer, v
TlQni-oafl HU
Phone 137
- Coca-Cola,
per box.
as tj
tl's week. -
' r tX TAV' I":"1" -'4CT,
' . -
r "
io !n
i Wood

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