North Carolina Newspapers

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the Seaboard Airline VUI Sooi
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IUlkioii, Out 187 The Slate Bo per
(nieiiHcnt of pnblte lullrnctlon tu
K n mHj reused today a) . receipt of a
- iciii-r Fianklla coadty, laying that
, tutHt grMtral actumls -wrra bring esiab
iuiimI ni.4 i'Ut4 fltolrtof consolidated,
. ' ami tba In ? e rural eases Hut p.-or4e Ad
raised , wiitmj (vr teliool , nonse; lb
school board giving a Ilk amount. ? fJs
U delighted a the swakenod Interest sad
il prrgWss wade.' J"''-j " V'.V
' U Is .aid by the officer7 of titte
.lr lUt If Die weather lrgood t'tt
. leuiUin will be SO per tttA greater
this ever tmfori. . 1 -.
' .Tnf .rtlon la made by some persons
who h';e (raveled considerably In the"
' hi me Ululy , that Lee 8. Overman la well
lu Im lead fur the tJenatomhlp with Cy-
'' .til I W-l.,... ...1 . .-
i..t The ftintlwil itwut i.l ihelagriciiltitral
'ami ili-cHnn.iar Cnlli ifo l(xly played
tint Virginia' 1'iih it Jmlf , Institute. It
iiitil I)ihk l. AllmitX ami It may play
Uuiiimi-u, M -Waruiagtoa.., Tit average
:' Vrflghior ha Icam'a m-mVira fa 100 11m.
. h qutln a tii'Kry iimu. .. i" . . ' .
- .Tit Uopulillcau Hiaio eutatuktee mii
, K viuay a- urwn"itirii, rmn:iKl j'nicoail
', prealillng. V-: '
" Tue Stale board of examlnert of pub
lic ln-iliMilon dwuled today .to the
Hi ale evbnol for l lie blind liore."'Tl.ere
aiu HO Sinie InttliutlonK, malnlalned
whrdfyiyflKi "'Ute,.ir recefvloff aid4
ri fmrinn i t Hy ihe KWb of November
i In) ixmril Utt qnlrcl to make Ita report.
. Ii wl I Imi ii ily lii ilm-. Thll board
flli Uk.-imr,ml; rtol of work off the
S-"- tKTMinf - tli nxnmiUcm of whkb
liv vwtiud llie trartauiloatlUlloai In a
pcrf onctory ay.
One of the Inmatea of the , Boldleit
Home here waa dlsmlaaed today, for big
amy. Ilia name la John Cotton, and he
la from Wayno. . Ue had wife In that
county and one la Wake. He denied
s , the Wayne wife yesterday, but today ad
, ' ml tied hor ex ltenoe, Bhe U Nancy Cot
, ton and aha wrote here and asked about
her husband, flnttnn n hn mirrlw)
woman named Shore, hear Raleigh.
t ..Thcy haTeachiid,' He a&Idhe did not
know what the Wayne people woold do
to him whon he went back there. He
also ruined tho wife of a man who Urea
iear the home. lie left the home thts
- morning. . :
The oldest Inmate or the Soldiers
Ilome is George W. Beeman of this
county.' He waa In the 47th regiment.
v H Is age Is 84. He had also four sons In
- the army"t: ";:":r':'." TC
, It la now certain that there will be a
targe attendance at the State contention
- of county superintendents of education
t 1 . here November 19-14.
OvercoaU for the cadeti of the Agrl
cultural and Mechanical College lire or
dered. A special request for 180 more
rifles for the cadet' batalllon Was made
today. It has aow only 200 rlflea. The
. corps will all be uniformed by next
wnek, ao as to parade at the fair, and for
. tbla purpose the additional arms are de
aired. ; : . f
' The Kalclgh & Western R. R. Which
' la being quite rapidly constructed from
Cumnock to Greensboro, t will give the
Seaboard ; Air Line a long desired en
trance Into Greensboro. The road it now
. , la operation from Colon on the S. A. L.
to Cumnock, 8 miles, and 15 miles more
a already graded, The total length of
tbe road la 100 miles. It will traverse a
connty containing valuable timber, and
there are 18 cotton mills along the Hue.
The grade will be easy; not over ljf
Presldet t enszey tells your correepon
KewArrivals. f''f
All wool flannel for waist 25o yard,
Frvnuh flannel In all new shades 40c
l'Hnno cloth the new suiting Q SOo yard
nil colors In latilos cloth Q 1.00 yard.
UtRiiilful fknniiliiUe for wti!at and
dreRHlng sacques, 10c yard.
A diillnr l. iiii. il for h Imiidi-.d years
:iid o.iii!iiim;liil at "J I n r cut will
liuioiint lu I hut tin..' tn 'i.V.l.'.liUUt.
' rilireil Water,
I l:ih kept III Bltii-cd tr, It ta said,
: 1 die. Tbftt !h bcr. ' . f 4 has
I tnkolt out Of It Ian t ... how
i ' -. Is what iimkcs uullltered water
us r a Leverage to buuma be
T Pan.
' ' ns a feather end
i, a w ' . Euro
' x" cou'i It
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. . Cirltt Utter aa Ccttoa.
ky private wire, J. X Latham k Co.
Niw Yoir, Oct 18. The questloa
daring the coming week will be one of
receipts and not of weather. This a. a.
market opened weak and though the
ton was weak, considerable resistance
waa noticeable. May and March mled
around 8 .S3 without much trade till tbe
Houston -- estimate for Monday was
made. : This started a few aervou
shorts to cover In short order. This is
the first time this Mason that receipts
hate swayed the market, for that reason
we are inclined lo think they will cut
morel flgare than the weather reports
daring the coming week. Last year we
haJ the large' figures of something like
370.000 ot 680,000. We will do well to
get S00,00ff bejee this year. . We don't,
et wber the big receipt are coming
from without a Wg port movement we
can't have a big .total In sight We
would call intention to the movement
thl and next week ind aa long as fig
ures fail from 100,000 to 800,000 bale be
hind bat year' figure each day a they
did today, we woold buy cotton on any
and every break for a oteady market
, Ha Tone, Oct to. Of course it I
loo early lathe week to tell anything
about, recclpta, but the way they are
going m are likely to ran 78,000 behind
last year. It I the movement now, not
the weather.. We look for a higher,
rather than a lower market from basis
of .8 40 for March and May. IThe falling
off I ao marked that' abort will grow
nervous.,' Then too reports" from South
and Central Texas are anything but en
eonragtng, planter, farmera, bankers,
In fact the country generally In that
region are said to be disheartened over
the' outlook of this . condition In the
Urasne Valley one of the banner regions
of Texas Is included. Let weather make
cotton In North Tt-xae and let the lop
crop dally improve It will all be needed
but His not likely to be an ofer production,-
and prices are not high: Last week
we had tho flint small crop talk and the
ttarkot broke under U Thla Jwoek we
Will have the second and the market will
likely advance. ,W would pick up cot
ton on any break and look for a better
market In the near future. Export! are
gotid and Wall street In "a good condi
tion iio that ibo Vtrlke has been sci;
l4' , f i -
Xwnrta AMte.
Tho cotrugi-9 of Newport afford n
strange commentary upon the con
trasting tnstes of the American na
tion. Their heterogeneity -were Impos
sible In a race of settled culture. In a
race of common blood. In n country of
limited extent But tbe United States
I nntJon of nations. Its people ore
not Americana, but Englishmen and
Scotsmen, Frenchmen and Germans,
Italians sod Spaniards of the third or
fourth or tenth generation, says the
Smart Set. Then taste tn architec
ture to a taste that was born on the
sunny mediterranean shore. In "coxy
Normandy orchards, tn clasBlc Spain
and Italy, tn baronial Scotland and
England. It I revealed In the cha
teau, the 'castles, the yuiae, the log
gias of Newport." 'Seville "and 'Wet
beck,. Florence and Falawe, here stand
side by side on the same strip of grass,
separated only by a grille from Venice
or Antwerp.
iMk Lert tk Ark M Arll SO, '
' Saturday, April 20, Is the day marked
tn all ancient calendars as being the
one upon which Noah nod his family
quirted the ark after having withstood
the atege of the groat delude. The day
Is liNtrked lu all ancient calendars, es
pecially: Britleh, aa cgreaeos Nom de
area, the 17th of March, the day upon
which Noah, hie family and their great
floating collection of natural history
specimens set sail, being designated in
tWeaine class of early printed litera
ture as Introltus Noes tn area, "the day
of Noah's entrance into the ark." Why
these days were chosen as tho ones
upon wbtcb tbe supposed embarkation
and debarkation were made are enig
mas which the antiquarians nave not
yet solved.
Aa EtciUe of ScrerlatlTe Meas
. tire. "V,
Mr. G. A. Mongenals, the advance
agent of th "Atlantic Symphony Quar
tette,' musical organization of wide
reputation and musical merit, called at
tbi office with the pleaslc? newi that
this admirable company will soon dS
l?sht the people of New Bern with one
of it di."w'.iful programs. The date ii
Oct tZl. Cet ready for it, for rardy
such an opportunity to spend a delist
ful ever.';-j present itself to our people.
A'lu V.: to i'.s -pearance at Durham,
fsi.HiyCi,.'. ;e says of the At
usr". ?C ' 'te. ; -
It t pvn by
t' ? - i
i ; i f t a i
. i . . "i t .
s ; il it ... .t vi
I. j cf i t- j , uo t" "
cf t :' t-
' ' '.. t. y
. . i r.
. r t ) 1 ,e of
'i i c "'(' ). ' ' ' , C -
r . v' ), i r r -
i i i t,. r i f i
' ; ii s- f j f (i -, .
l ' ? i
i c l t
' ' '1 : ' 1
Causes Rear tzl Cclllssloi oa Carv
Una CeatraL .;
Disastrsu ltrt at Hamlet Weather
Balletlirer tptember, Tke
Bigamist Leaves. Walter
Kalelgkrsad. PeliU-v-
veal Estimates. .
tUuien, Oct 10 It was sUted today
that Governor Ayeock will tomorrow
open th fair at Greensboro. ;
The agricultural department officials
are making special preparations for the
fruit show at the State Fair here next
week. ; It will be mainly aa apple show,
but there will be peaches, apples snd
pears. , ..;.. ..''). :-
Senator Pritchard says he does not
think the Democrats will get nearly
large a majority this year as they expect
Democratic estimates ef the majority
range from 40,000 to 70,000.
The registration is very much slower
snd smaller than expected. - It ends this
week. The most strenuous efforts are
being made to get the white voters
OUt , ' " ' i
The Supreme court devotes this week
to the hearing of appeals from the 9th
dUtrict , . ) ,.
Today State warrant were sent oat
for $500 each to the 7 negro Bute Nor
mal Schoolt; Fayettsville, Goldsboro,
Elisabeth City, Plymouth,' franklin ton,
Salisbury and Winston; also tlOOO to the
normal department of the white normal
school at Callowhee, Jackson connty.
The fund for the statue to Sir Walter
Raleigh, to he placed In s park here, In
creases very slowly. ' It wss expected
that by 1008 the necessary money would
be In hand. It was' then said that the
tobacco dealers In the country were to
he called on for contributions.
It Is said by thelclerk of the Federal
Court here that" there has not been a
new bankruptcy cue In six months,
The weather bulletin for this 8tste
for September was isined today. It says
the mean temperature was 08.9 degrees,
which is l.( degrees below normal. Tho
highest temperature at any point one
day was 08, at Selms) the lowest 87, at
Linvillev . The sverage rainfall was 4.06
inches, which Is a qusrter of an Inch
below normal. The greatest rainfall
at one point was 11.80 inches, at Horse
The man John Gotten, who was dis
missed from the Soldiers' Home tare
Saturday for bigamy, left here, saying
he was going to his home in Wayne
connty, where his wife is. The 'woman
he married In ' this connty is named
Lowe snd not Shore. It is understood
that Cotten will be indicted in Wayne
or Ws'"i "ijty,
Atl ham yesterday a freight
train ran on a siding to let a fast mail
pass. The freight flagman, named Hoi.
land, forgot to close the switch and
went into the eaboose in rear oil the
freight. ; The fast train came along and
crashed into tbe rear of the freight, at-
terly destroying the caboose, killing
Holland, and" wrecking 0 other 'oars.
The engineer and fireman Jumped and
were (lightly hurt The mall clerk and
express messenger were slightly hut
v At Hamlet there was a disastrous fire
yesterday. Sparks set fire to cotton
and 8,600 bales : were burned, together
with a warehouse, cotton compress and
ice factory. It u sua that the loiis u
1250.000. One man lost his life. His
name was Wilson and he was the secre
tary of the Compresa Company. The
compress and ice factory were owned by
unaries js jonnson outaieign. ; j
OdfXOOtlZAt ' ''
Bars th fei Ki H-'t WojM
t ''"4'.i"'I' ' ' .'
Wk. tta mliH Tal.. ..i. I
An Alabemlan tells this story, of this
negro coachman, who tn variably voted
On one particular electloa dsx beire
turned home In the afternoon wlti a
countenance that looked aa It It (ad
been taking some famlUaritlea with a
."that's the matter, Eackr i as!
with some et&cttude. ' - -
.'It's this my, boss: X went -un tlsre
to tlia Totla' i- .m, sni therekwon jhe
county nndertakah, sah, nalttia' Tilth
bl2 took cjaa 'tonb blm. nnasbees
to me rlrht elsarpia ."hatiybnr
Mmey "2ack Teywr,' I t ftumfcle.
Let's e-'V says tae ondcrte: u 'And
he turne J over tve I -yet rJX.9 fek.
!ta cf a saJJoa be st.-ed VsTttot nd
tc "a ta rua LU ta?.-x;iowtk teTr
: ' to Vi.xii, Taylor, Taylor,
T. ' ' '
l '
r-i t
C..l t
r.e t
', atjior k-acs.' e.uafu"7:.i80on
1 oat: 'Ceai r "3. XouXlack
V x dun bur. tm-fttt yoo t t tr'j' to
la t nen a 1 iti .gfZta
": r 1 t.reri rjc r'f K nl
I -e .-i'C z c:Ul fcury
f ' E ' ST to t ' .
ri ItJt ?t ' if -1!
; 1 T -1 ; f ) r f
1 1
i J
KocHAncETosnow. ;
Disappointment Orer Hot Seeing fhe
. Main Clrcsi. , Hoiortble
Dealings. . .. -; : :
After exhsostl&g every posstbl effort
to make arrangement whereby the Wal
ter L. Main show could exhibit in New
Bern, without conflicting with the strin
gent health regulations now existing,
the agent of the show have been com
pelled to cancel their date for thl city.
It was hoped at first that an amicable
adjustment might be reached, and that
the quarantine would be raised in time
to allow the exhibition to keep its date,
but yesterday the agents decided It
would be impossible. - The date for
Elaston has also been changed from the
80th to the 28th. This will give Klnston
th show on the date it should have been
in New Bern.
The cancelling of the engagement of
the Mala show here will be s big disap
pointment to the residents of the city and
connty, and means the loss of consider
able money to our city. The idea that a
circus carries all the money out of town
I erroneous. The coming of a circus
brings money into circulation that
otherwise would never be brought out
True the circus get some, snd It is also
true it spends much. Mr Main is out
Just 13.000, by being obliged to cancel
New Bern, and had his ahow exhibited
here, orer one-half of this amount would
have been spent among the New Bern
merchants. This does not include what
the individual with the show would
have spent, and just here it Is useless to
remark that circus people are good
spender. Then consider what visitors
attending the show would hats spent
Circus dsy is always s trading day and
merchants draw trade snd hsve an op
portunity to advertise their goods on
that day that they have on no other.
No breach of faith can In any way be
attached in the ihow or its agent Every
thing possible wss done to fill the date
snd that it was not filled is no ducredi
table reflections on Mr. Main or his
agents. On the contrary s more honor
able lot of business men would be hard
to find, than those who have from day
to day represented Mr. Main in this city
Ohen It became evident that it was lav
possible to exhibit In this city, the
agent started and cancelled all con
tracts that had been made. Ia every
instance where services had been ren
dered or goods furnished, the demand up
on the show was met in full by the
agents, and the money paid as cheerful'
lyasif It had first been made here'
Moat circus owners when obliged to
cancel a town forget their obligations,
but It was not so with Mr. Main.
Should he ever decide to visit New
Bern sgsin and we have his assurance
that he will, he can rest assured of a
rousing welcome. '; V j ; ;
rt Married. ' ::;
Warren-DalL Msrrlsges In Snow
Hill hsve grown to be popular and im
portant occasions, but never has one
been celebrated in our midst that was
looked forward to with a greater degree
of pleasure, or elicited more interest,
than the one oa last Thursday morning
at which time ia the Methodist Episco
pal . church In Snow Hill, Mis Lena
DU waa united to Mr Milton W War
ren, Rer E Pope, officiating.
Mies Lens is the youngest daughter
of Mrs Amy Dsil, snd 1 a general favor
ite with the entire community, and is
loved and admired by all who know
. Mr .Warren is a prosperous young
business msn of Snow Hill snd it Is the
universal sentiment that he Is to be
heartily congratulated on his good for
tune in winning such s prize as a com
panion through life.
The chancel of the church had been
beautifully decorated with flowers and
evergreen and wss in keeping with the
occasion. ' The ushers were Meters,
Joslah Exnm, Jr.; snd Edward O. Gallo
way, v.;- ;-:.;..';. :v
The bride entered the church upon the
arm of her alater, Mis Rosa Dall, the
msld of honor; the groom with his best
man, Mr A D Warren. The wedding
march waa beautifully rendered by Mrs.
J E Patrick la her usual delightful man
ner. !
. Soon after the ceremony Mr and Mrs
Warren left for a visit to Washington
and other northern cities, followed by
the best wishes and congratulation of
a host of friends.
Sewlces. . Interesting
Vanccboro, Oct. 10. Mr J L Dixon
spent Sunday in New Bern. ' ,
Mr J M Lancaster, left this morning
for Greenville looking after the tobacco
Interests of our section.
Dr D T "Taylor passed through our
town today en route to New Bern.
Mr L M Satterthwalte and mother of
New Eern, was In our town today.
i"r Hat M Lancaster returned from
Crc.-nvllle today.
Tie steamer Carolina loft for New
T a tl.'s morn'rg heavily loaded wlin
1 ' r and chi ton. '
C ' 3 a nun ' r of our young peop'o,
1 ti e I Crnlv:,l la your cl',
' ; t 1 lime.
j r. : 1 ' 1 r.,
Freewill Baptist Qmrcntlos. Hew Freight
Depot .
Miss Sarah Rouse of Klnston is pend
ing a few day here.
Mr C D Lane and family of New Bern
pent Wednesday hers.
Mr M A Bui ourR R agent has moved
his board to Mr Taylors, hs ssys to be
nearer his pott of duty. A poor excuse
Is better than none.
Mr Gordon Avery of New Bern spent
some time here recently the most of
which was (pent with Mr Hill
Th Free Will Baptist Conference will
begin here next Thursday contfnulog
natll 8uaday following preparations are
being made for a large crowd. '
Miss Fannie Avery is tn New Bern for
s few dsys with friends. r"" ' " ' Y.
Mr A D Hswklns paid New Bern a
business call Thursday. !
Dr Swindell of Goldsboro preached
here Sunday night to a large and atten
tive congregation.
The new snd much needed freight snd
passenger depot at this place is now
being constructed under the careful and
personate supervision of Captain A W
Cook. . . . . -
Bw Fa TtMHti Bte6 Sweaty
St FlliplHM Flee.
What Is regarded as one of the tallest
bluffs on record furnished Captain Ed
gar RusscL chief Blgnal officer in the
Philippines during the Insurrection,
with a story which he told ss an exam
ple of western nerve.
"We were outside of Manila in some
little scrap," said the captain, "and
about seventy-five natives were lying
In a trench ahead of us, shooting away
merrily, but not hitting anybody. By
and by I noticed a little disturbance la
our front Presently four Montana
troopers trotted out of our lines and
started straight for the Filipinos. Ev
erybody looked st them with wonder
snd waited to see them all killed. Bul
lets whistled all around them, but they
never halted; Slowly, Just at a trot,
they Jogged on toward the enemy. The
natives fired and fired, but for some
unknown reason did not hit On and
on went the quartet disdaining cover.
At last there was a shout and to our
utter astonishment we beheld the seventy-five
Filipinos suddenly. Jump out
of their trenches and take to their
heels In mad flight The nerve of the
Montana troopers Was too much for
them. When they had all fled, throw
ing their rifles away as they ran, the
troopers came back, their arms full of
guns. That Is what the army called 'a
Montana bluff.' It's the sort ot nerve
that lets a man open a Jackpot on a
pair of donees." New York Tribune.
Th Wnws ot Lansrua.
Woman supreme without the ballot!
And this feather which London An
swers sticks In the cap of woman Is no
less brilliant because she is allowed to
wear It only In the town of Langum.
' In, that little Welsh, village man
neither Is nor pretends to be. In other
villages he sometimes pretends to be,
but In this sequestered nook on tho
Pembrokeshire coast he is simply An
nie Williams , man ' or Mary - Jones
man and recognizes himself as Such.
In Langum woman la tbe dominating
force In the market; she ia the house
hold financier, the family accountant
and la fact fills all the positions which
In any other community, civilized or
barbaric are established by precedent
given to man. Whether he ot Langum
has resigned or been divested of all re
sponsibilities of life is 00 part of this
story. '. '
There Is another Important fact In
Langum life oysters. Tbe place is fa
mous for them. But Langum oysters
are in no sense rivals of Langum wo
mankind; their proverbial dumbness
precludes that
tered P
You Regis
Do So At
1 ' LMaa: TJp.
The lecturer pleaded with the crowd
to "look up." In impassioned tones be
cried: : "God always helps tbe man
that looks up! Never look down,' my
friends, and do not waste too much
time looking sideways. Look up, and
keep on looking upl 1 never knew a
man to fall if he looked up. Is there
a man In this audience wbo can soy
that he always looks upT
A seedy stranger arose in the back
row to say: "I can say that 1 always
look up. t have steadily looked up
for thirty years, and am no better off
tor It Looking up is my business.''
"What do you do for a living, my
good manr
"I'm a celling decorator."
The uproarious applause that greeted
this sally broke np tbe meeting. New
xork Press.
Prima Doaaa aa4 Her Tale.
, Once upon a time there was a fa
mous prima donna who made a con
tract with a noted Impresario to sing
in concerts for him at a price which
made each of her notes ot about the
Value of 11. . ' . . ,.;v ,
All went well until the prima donna
found a dressing room assigned to her
thnt did not meet with ber approval.
I'!., a she complained thnt she was en-
t!rc'y too hoarse to s'.ng, and the lin-
1 . ario had to make r-"te remarks to
Va audience and C. ' it after re
t:" " 3 the money f r adtn!:;-;!on.
-: e remarks t'uut 1 : 1 nCo out of tl.e
I I of the an'Iria-e were not so
Royal Viorcostor
Bon Ton Corsots
Royal Worcester
Corset Co. rWX
Best' PffepatfecJ
Only 20c Per Quart.
Fresh lot Ontario Prepared Buckwheat,'
Cream of Wheat, Pettyjohn s Breakfast food, '
r: Fancy Elgin and Fox River Print Butter freBh from dairy,
Maple Syrup, Fancy Cane Syrup and Portorico Molasses,
Pickled Tripe 5c lb, . ' ,
Nice Dried Apples and Apricots 10c lb, "
Maccaroni and Cream Cheese, - . '
The best of everything in the Grocery line and a big stock
to select from. Prices as low as possible. .- ; ' ;
Respectfully, : . ;
J. L
Phone 01
At S. COPLOITS. TVThyP Eecause T70 cell
ooobs crrcAP fou cakh. ,
Below we state a few of our Special Prices oa Saturday's and Mon
day's. .1 We give you a few prices on
$5 00 Worsted Suits '
10 00 Casslmer Suits -
$3 08
7 98
, 8 88
5 00 Men's Pants
8 50 " -'-, .
boy's surra.
$5 00 Suits . ; " . ' .
aeosuits - , '
14 27
4 190
- EPFor other prices see our. large circular.
We are strongly recommended everywhere we roam,
one and all to examine our stock before tm ying. . -
Very KBpectfully, . -
75 Middle St,, next to Gaskill
Cotton Bagging
and i ids.
We have in stock and to arrive
3,500 Rolls Cotton . Bagging, 8,500
bundles Cotton Ties. j
Send us your orders. - Prices are
the lowest. j,
J. E. 1.1! ss Co.
- :: It Lir.:
ii your carrife needs rot .V"
will repair it so it isa " in i
-. 7e
i TvW.
We puiii
are ai ,
1 !;n 1
our tv i. ' . Cut
1 ; . I w: 1 tmr
- 1 il WiU he t ... i ;
j t
t T - I
1 ' t
- .
71 Broad GL
a ssj a sj
w .-. -
domestics: . , ,
$1 00 Boy's Knee Pants, - - 83c
. J 25 Hen's Shirts -. - - SSo
1 00 Men's Shirts v , . . - 74e
8 00 Men's Pat Leather Shoes, ' $3 97
3 60 Vici Kid Shoes - 193
t 8 60 Men's Boots -. ,- ... 1 3
8 00 Ladies Shoes 8 43
BOe White and Bed Flannel ' 87c
We invito
Hdw. Co., New Bern, N. C.
I will pay the above ' reward Lr
the detection and conviction cf t" i
party or parties who blew up an 1
rifled the contents of my safe 01
the night of October 8th, 1202,
Oct, 12, 1902. Dover, NO
tol'it In id i:
- Car load Stocks Eest ri
dom and Iloco Eud Hour.
100 TTLita TLcll C!
rcctuia a;;.l C: ;i IT ,
' Cat lied 674i:r..-:.:r,
Corned 1:u"v;j,
Tine and C. 1 T. ;.
vi " sit- vsssw i

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