North Carolina Newspapers

    The Iliad Yoa llave Always Eongkt, and which Las been ;
in use for over CO years, has borne the signature of .
' ' - and has been made under his per-
s&fj7-f-- , sonal supervision since its Infancy
vr. 444lZ. Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and" Just-as-good "are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health off
. Infants and Children Experience against Experiment -
Castoria is a harmless substitute! for Castor Oil Pare) -gorlc,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. ' It is Pleasant. It '
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcoti 1 -substance.
Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation '
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Sears the Signature cf -
Tho Kinhou Me Atoays Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
th nTu comchwv. tt aumwr erastr. ntm iroaa omr.
Attar Btlng In aWint Body a . Yar Ball I
Located, by X Ray and Taken Out.
. About 14 months ago Ben Boston, a
tenant of Mr. Freeman Ernul, was ac
cidentally shot by Mr. Ernul's son. The
wound although very painful healed
over and Boston has been able to be
about his duties. The bullet entered
the muscular part of the" arm and
lodged in the back but the doctors weie
unable to locate it by probing. Lately
the wound has been troubling the man
good deal. He was taken to Dr.
Rhems office where the bullet was lo
cated in the body by means of the X
ray. It was between two ribs just be
neath the shoulder blade. - Dr. Prim
rose assisted by Dr. Rhem cut the ball
out and the man is doing finely.
The ball was ft 38 calibre anl the
point was' broken where it hit a bone.
It was an ugly looking qnissile and it
was a wonder that it did not make a
far more serious wound. -
' Dragging to Death. -A
miserable invalid suffering from
disordered female functions, monthly
pains, nervousness, fallings, dizziness,
indigestion, biliousness, constipation,
etc., will find relief in wine of Cordui
and Thedford'S-Hlack-Draught, two of
the most valuable, reliable, scientific,
curative medicines known for the treat
ment of sick women. They are sold at
all drug stores, and should be inevery
home. Try them. '
Iu this ci'y Monday evening Febyl2,
1906, Mrs. Fannie Gill, aged 86 years 3
months. The funeral services will be
held this morning at 10 o'clock firm
the Tabernacle Baptist church.
. The Rustlers
The ever popular Lyman Twins with
a large and capable company of come
dians and singers will be at tlii opera
house Saturday night Those who have
seen the Lyman Twins know they al
ways give a good Bhow. They are
better prepared than ever to give an
up-to-date, mirth provoking and a
tuneful musical farce comedy.- .There
is nothing old about IE and the amuse
ment loving public can count en a
treat. - .
" . Lukens
' :. . Feb. 13.
Capt W B Barister R Laughinghouse
and R S Cherry made a flying trip to
Oriental Friday. V ' . . -'
Mr P J Delamar, who is the surveyor
for the Pamlico Lumber Co., and Mr.
Samuel K Street. Jr., a surveyor of
New Bern, made a trip up South River
Thursday to survey the open grounds of
the company and to dig a hole six feet
deep to get a barrel of dirt to send to
mineral experts of Boston, Mats., to be
analyzed. Mr W E Lukinsof Philadel
phia, Pa., thinks that he has a Pea
fuel farm in Carteret county. We
hope that the dirt sent to the Pea Fuel
Company of Boston will prove to be a
Pea Fuel BoiL They were taken up
there on Mr7"W. H. Powers' boat
China." The boat brokedown and
Messrs. powers, Street and Whitford
had to walk seven miles to Lukens, and
it raining and the night was a dark one
for Ithem. Mr. Delemar ; staid with
the boat until Mr. R. H. Laughinghouse
could get to them and tow them to
Lukens. ; They arrived at, Lukens at
.30 a. m. Friday morning. Mr. Dele-
mar reports a very severe trip; he says
that he has been caught out before but
never had he been on a " rougher trip
than this and he wishes to thank Mr.
Pate man v" and many times for his
kindness he showed towards them. Mr,
Powers thanks Mr. Rice ever so Jmuch
for his kindness in taking them over
the river. Also the whole party ex
tends many thanks to Mr. Edwards for
guiding through the woods to Lukens.
The barge Elko, of Philadelphia, Pa.,
was towed into our harbor yesterday
by the tug Curtain.- - . .
Mr. R. S. Cherry" went to Oriental
yesterday to consult Dr. Daniels about
his neck. Regret very much that he is
not improving faster. .
Mr. J. I. Smith' and Mr. J. T. H.
Moore made a flying trip over the river
on the boat Shoofly this morning; ; i
Capt William Massey reports a hard
trip coming acrosss the Chesapeake
Bay. ' '
Mr. and Mrs. H. P Pittman and Miss
Ida Barker were in our vicinity for a
few hours this morning.
Mr. P. D. Luwill from over the river
was here for a short time today.
Blue Eyes.
To draw the fire out of a' burn, hea
a cut without leaving a scar, or to cure
boils, sores, tetter, eczema and all skin
and scalp diseases, use De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve. A specific for piles. Get
the genuine. No remedy causes such
speedy relief. Ask for De Witt's the
genuine. Sold by F. S. Duffy.
' New Band Instructor
The Knights of Pythias band hat a
new instructor, Mr. Eugene T. Robin
son, who comes from the A. & M. Col
lege at Raleigh. He is a fine musician
and in the short time that he has been
with the members of the band he has
taught them many new pieces and giv
en them such instruction that their
playing shows marked improvement
Mr, Robinson also plays in some of the
hurch choirs of the city. '
The Original Laxative Cough Sprup
is Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar.
It expela an cold from the system by
acting as a cath rtic on tho bowels.
Kennedy's Laxative Honey . and Tar is
a certain, safe anl harmless cure for
colds, croup i nd whooi ing cough. Sold
jby F. S. pulTy.fsV,:: ;,,;;.;v:.v,;';
.Superior Court News
The verdict or the jury in the case
of Abbott vs. A. C. L. Railway was
reached Monday night and awarded the
plaintiff a judgment of $2,000,
The case on trial yesterday was Gal
loway vs. Adams: an action to set
aside a deed. Thc verdict was ren
dered in favor of defendant.
With the exception of the case of
Hill vs. A. & N. C. Co. all oilier cases
on this term's calendar have been con
tinued. Tho aforementioned case will
be tried today und the intense interest
is manifested in it. Among the direc
tors interested who aro ultonding the
trial are, Messrs J. W. Grinder, Lovett
- llines, 1. Oettinger, F. C. Dunn and
II. II. McCoy of Kinston; Judge W. S.
O. 1!. Robinson and attorney F. A.
Daniels of Clulil.ilioro. It is likely that
the examination of witnesses will take
up the entire lime today an argu
ment whieh will all be lengthy, and
1 occupy the at tendon of the court
t..i iUy tomorrow.
I a C rlppa and Pneumonia.
Pneumonia often follows I,iiC.i-i'j'
l.'-t. never follows the use of Foley'
1 ; ;md Tar. It cures lagrij ;
i, '.-I !nid prevents Mirumonia no
' t!..littti. A,.k for t'oley'ti Honey
-, I 'l.,r M'i'l r-t city niliti'nto of
i I f,.r. 1. V !,er. . ; 1 l 'M,d
, ('!.:, ', vnl";:: " y VI;',. l ad 8
) ( :. (.;' la !'v: ; . , I ' i . y, " s
! I it. (. i i. I . t i- I 1 a I . ' !e
; A Hsallng Gotptl.
The Rev. J. C. Warren, pastor of
Sharron Baptist Church, Balair, Ga.,
says of Electric Bitters. "It's a God
send to mankind. It cured me of lame
back, stiff joints, and comolote physical
collapse. I was so weak it took me
half an hour to walk' a mile. Two bot
ties or ciecinc caters nave made me
so strong I have just walked three
miles in fifty minutes and feel like
walking three more. It's made anew
man of me. Greatest remedy for
weakness and all Stomach, Liver and
Kidney complaints. . Sold under guar
antee at All Druggists. Drug Stoie
Price 50c..., ... v
in the report or the commissioners
proceedings published in Tuesday's
Journal, the following was printed,
which was erroneous: :.. " :
Pursuant to notices served on them
by order of the Board. The following
named parties appeared before the
Board ani listed property aa follows:
F. Raiff, - , $ 20 25
J. W. Stewart.v ' : 48 03
N. II. Street, i V ' 20 00
Mrs. Emma P. Powell, . 22 50
F. C. Roberts Agt. V-" '.. . 32 50
Lucas & Lewis, ,, . ,; 59 00
The error was caused by an improper
punctuation of the amounts, whi
make the figures read tens when they
should express thousands, making
wide difference m the aggregate. The
following is the correct report as should
have been published:
F Raiff $2,025 00
J W Stewart 4,803 00
N II Street ' " . 2,000 00
Mrs Emma P Powell 2,250 00
F C Roberts, Agt. 3.250 00
Lucas & Lewis, 6, 900 00
Making a total of
iwo ircignc trains tut neaa on
at 0:15 on the Knoxville division of the
Foulhcrn Kailway seven miles went of
iville. A t ,:ro braketnan was killed
I en-jneers and one fireman are
11 lei injured Heavy fur kent
rs from Reeiier ,e , :. hts until
te. IW.
' d arm
r I '..At
11 iron Lars
, Failed.
All efforts have failed to find a better
remedy for coughs,, colds and lung
troubles than Foley's Honey and Tar.
It stops the cough,, heals the lungs and
prevents serious results from a cold,
J. N. Patterson, Nashua, Iowa, writes,
"Last winter I had a bad cold on my
lungs and tried at least half a dozen ad
vertised cough medicines and had treat
ment from two physicians without get
ting any benefit, ' A friend recommend
ed Folay's Honey and Tar and two
thirds of a 1 ottlo cured me. I consider
it the cough and lung medicine
in the world." For sale by Davis'
Pharmacy. , .
Russell Creek
February 13th.
The weather is bad, but the farmers
are makine good progress towaroa
farming. : .
Tho Sunday School at our place, we
are glad to say is getting along well
Eld. J. B. Russell is the superintendent
nnd Bro. Elbridge Powels is the assist
Mr. Billie Powell's mill has arrived,
but sorry to say that it was broken by
transportation. ' -
Our public school is lasting yet, Miss
Helen Russell of Beaufort is our teach
er. Wo are glad to have her with us,
M1. C. B. Davenport took a short
trip to Morehead City to visit relatives
and friends. ;.
The farmers are preparing for their
Irish Potatoes. J'
Mr. L. L. Springle is going to try a
barn of tobacco on his land this year
hope it will do well. - , ;
We will have our regular monthly
meeting the third,Sunday at-the F. W,
B, Church. V '
The Disciple Cnurch is being re.
paired. ' 7.
Mr. Jim Ewell of Beaufort, passed
through here Saturday evening with
new fctock of horses on their way to
Beaufort. ; .' : ,
Tho weather is so bad that fishing
and clivniming is slow progress,
,7 . Remember,
uw th . " ' ) I' KinJ You ilawMways Boajtl
1,200 coil miners vent
near Scranton,' Pa.
a strike
Gai In the Stomoch,
' Belching and that sense of fullne
so often experienced after eating
caused by tho formation of gas. The
ptottnich fails to perform its functions
and tho food ferments. Chamberlain
Ptomaeh and Liver Tablets will correct
the disorder. They aid digestion and
strengthen nnd invigorate the stomach
and bowels. For sale by Davia' Fhar
nwy and F. S, Puiry.
ir i
Gonerd Kaul'.mrs, G.
of ()!:' i, i.'Kiies a prm 1
is--' tl.ut every om? nttee
1.:. ' (.u-m.-ul 1 v r.-.'
; ( r i . i i f v
1 l (f i ,' i
1 "l le
r- Gener
iiiiauun (.
- or !
TIM tears trickle down from my eyes.
My eyelids are puiry and red.
My nose has Increased In Its size,
There's stuffiness all through my head.
And I burn and I chlllr
I'm decidedly 111, '
Ah, korchoo! :
Oh. 1 wish that I knew what to do! .
I might All myself with quinine;
. Hot water some folk recommend, 1
And cold some think equally fine.
While others for onions contend,
And swilling sage tea - j ,
. Is a great remedy
Ah, kerchoo!
But I really don't know what to do.
I might take a doctor's advice.
But all of my .friends can prescribe.
They'll all have me well In a trice;
I never did see such a tribe.
I don't know what to choose
Which prescription to use ,
Ah, kerchoo!
If I could only tell what to do!
- . . Chicago News.
Little Grace Say, pop, what Is black
mail? : i
Pop Mourning envelopes, my child.
l hllaaelpUla Bulletin. - - ;
Be Foil ad Ilia Man.
Englishmen are rather fond of pok
ing fun at those parts of Great Britain
where other than the Anglo-Saxon ele
ment Is dominant, and a favorite sub
ject for "Jest is the prevalence of the
Jones family in Wales. '
Oae of the colleges of Oxford univer
sity , was much resorted to by Welsh
men. ' A man from another- college
looking for a friend went into Its quad
rangle and shouted "Jones!"
All the windows looking on the quad
rangle flew open, ;
1 mean John Jones," said the
searcher, r :"' -
Half the windows closed. , ,
"I mean the John Jones who has a
tcv'Jibrusb," he explained.
All the windows closed but one. Wo
man's Home Companion.'
Dlfflcult Work la Perforate
Very Artistically.
Engraving on diamonds can be per
formed In a very effective manner.. It
Is true a few not very artistically en
graved . stones were found In India,
and a diamond on which the portrait
of the king of Holland was engraved,
was shown at the Paris exhibition In
18TS. But the work was imperfectly
executed, and the Btones looked as If
they had been deadened rather than
polished. . Recently, however, accord
ing to the Edelmentall Industrie, the
Paris jeweler, Bordlnot, has produced
some very beautiful specimens of en
gravings on diamonds. Among other
things, he has made a yataghan having
a tuln diamond for tne blade and a
ruby for the handle. Worthy of no
tice also are a large circular stone on
which a pansy with leaves is cut and
knife made of two diamonds. A
eiy artistic piece of work is a blcy.
cle having two diamonds for Its wheels,
the spokes of which are
Hues cut in the diamonds
by two holes bored through the cen
ter v' Another diamond Is cut In the
shape of a fish, and a very beautiful
br.ioch consists of a scarabaens sur
rounded by - sapphires and brilliants.
The most remarkable of -all is a ring
ui.ide of a diamond. : The Inner sur-
ace Is polished and the outer surface
tistlcnlly engraved. " There are also
brooches in the form of files, the wings
being represented by thin engraved
diamonds; also diamonds with armorial
wirings e. g., shirt studs and sleeve
lnlcs with the Russian arms engraved
on them. - Formerly only flat surfaces
mild be polished, but Bordlnot baa
fiucceeded In polishing concave parts.
for instance, the body and tail of a
li;.U and the inner surface of a ring.
With his tools he can not only make
straight lines, but . also model freely,
These tools are his own Invention, and
t is stated that only his son Is allowed
to use them. They are the result of
tunny years' labor, of fine workman.
h!p and very difficult to handle. Only
wldiln the Inst few years has it been
possible to bore holes In diamonds and
arrange them alternately with pearls
on a string. This work Is now regular-
done In diamond cutting establish'
ments. Scientific American.
An Explanation,' .
"Fcople always feel suspicious of
things with which they are not famil
iar," said the philosopher.
Yes," answered Senator Sorghum1;
"that Is why nearly all of us bavo nt
one time or another expressed doubt
and disapprobation concerning wealth."
Washington Star. :
' . . Ills Arithmetic-
j "Jommy." asked the teacher, "if you
bare six sticks of cbudy nnd divide
with your little brother, how many will
each qf you have?" :
"I'll have five and he'll have one," an
swered Tommy. 'Too much candy al
ways makes him sick." Chicago Trib
une. '
The Praise That Comes from Thank
ful New Bern People.
One kidney remedy never fails.
New Bern people rely upon it.
That remedy is Doan's Kidney Pillp.
New Bern testimony proves it always
Charles E. Harget, a car painter at
the A.' & N. C. R, It. shops, residing at
47 Bern Street, says: "1 have found
great relief by using Doan's Kidney
Pills. My back has been hurting me for
a long time, often bo bad that I could
not work. The Kidney secretions were
very dark and cloudy, Since using
Doan's Kidney Pills the secretions have
regained their natural color and I do
not suffer from the pains in my back
at all. I can advise all.who are simi
arly troubled to what I was to go to
BradhamVPhannacy, procure Doan's
Kidney Pills and giv them trial. They
will not be disappointed in the result,
For sale by all dealers. Price 60 cts,
a box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
N. Y. sol agents for the U. S.
Remember the name Doan's, and
take no other.
The steam trawler Veronica, belong
ing to Stravanger, Norway, has been
lost off Lossiemouth, Elginshire, Scot
land. with a crew of 10. She was dis
abled and in tow of the steam trawk
Zodiac when the rope broke.
Pirating Folty'l Honay ind Tir.
Folev & Co.. Chicago, originated
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the "great
merit and nomilanty of roley's Honey
and Tar many imitations are offered for
the genuine. Ask for Foley's Honey
and Tar and refuse any substitute of
fered as no other preparation will gi
the same satisfaction. It is mildly la:
tivfi. It contains no opiates and
safest for children and delicate persona,
For sala by Davis t'harmacy.
William Williams was hanged for tho
murder on April 13, " 1905, of John
Keller, aired 16 years, and hia mother.
Mrs. Fredrick S. Keller. ..-, .
A Habit to Bt Encouriged,
The mother who has acquired the
habit of keping on hand a bottle of
Clmn.hci Lin's Cough Remedy, saves
her:: !f a great amount of uneasiness
r. , 1 ir-,
t ) v 1 'i (
. Coughs, colds and croup.
,' !. ii aro susi-eplil
1 I i i I . It c ' !
y r.f a c.l,l to r .
i I if i i 'l n i h i .1
Contrncior and 2Suilir.
Omi'k 93 1-2 MII)IU ,ST. PROM 233
After having so much trouble to get Tin work done when I wanted it and
like I wanted it done have purchased the Tin Business of L. H. Cannon. Hav
opened a First Class Tin shop No. 90 Middle Street, next to Gaskins Cycl
Store, where I have competent and experienced men to do my work, I will run
this business in conjunction with my CONTRACTING and BUILDING.
Any work sent me will receive PROMPT ATTENTION, and will bs DE
DONE. STOVE PIPE Made to Order. Office Phone 129, Residence 186.
Sash, Doors and Blinds.
Heath and Milligan Paints.
Ellwood Wire Fence, Paroid Roofing:
Builders Hardware.
Full line of
ESS Gaskill Hdw. & Mill Supply Uo
Phone 147
Furniture, Stoves, Mattings, Etc.
Largest stock of Mattings in the city. Royall and
Borden Felt Mattresses.
New line of Go-Carts. .
We are still offering some bargains and it will pay you '
to cay. on us.
Phone 257 93 Mid lie Street. ,'
' The Ftngera of Galileo.
Florence Is excited over the fingers
of Galileo. It appears that when the
great astronomer's body was admitted
to sepulture in the Florentine Church
of the Holy Cross in 1737 Vlncenzio
CapponI,.a prelate, cut off with his own
hand- "the two fingers which had writ
ten so many beautiful things." In oth
er words, he stole the right thumb and
forefinger, while another admirer filch
ed the left thumb, which at last is now
In the Florentine museum, while the
two Capponi fingers, passing on the
migration of the head of the family :
to France to bis steward, are now in
the possession of his daughter, an old
woman of eighty-four, who seeks to re
lieve herself from poverty by selling
them.-: She had had Offers from an
American, but, having the indiscretion
to pubilsh them Florentine patriotism
roso in i arms and now demands that
the fingers should Join that already In
the museum. Worse still, payment for ;
them is refused, and proceedings have
been taken to compel the poor old wo
man to hand them over.
6 45
6 67
7 15
7 30
7 42
8 05
1 27
: 1 40
1 53
1 68
2 08
2 13
2 18
2 30
f 2 42
2 51
3 03
3 25
3 35
f 3 43
3 581
4 10
1 52
4 58
5 11
5 25
6 43
6 60
6 05
6 21
f6 40
7 20
7 33
7 48
7 53
8 05
8 10
8 15
8 271
f 8 38
8 47
9 00
9 20
9 30
f 9 37
9 51
10 02
10 30
flO 45
1 IE
1 30
1 47
1 53
2 06
2 11
2 17
2 33
2 45
2 58
3 12
3 40
3 55
: 4 lo
4 27
4 40
6 15
f 5 33
flO 61f 5 40
11 02 5 54
fll 18 f 6 09
11 30 6 29
11 36 f 6 35
' 41
. 46
' 73
. 81
11 48
fl2 03
12 2o
f 6 46
7 15
Elon College...
Burlington..... .
Graham .......
Haw River.... ..
Mebane .,
Efland :
East Durham. ....
Brass field.
Wilson's Mills...
Pine Level....... ,
11 591
fll 401
11 27
11 22
11 14
11 07
11 01
10 50
flO 38
10 28
10 16
10 00
9 44
f 9 37
9 13
9 05
8 45
8 26l
8 20
8 08
7 55
7 45
7 36l
7 26
6 35
f 6 15
6 00
5 551
5 46
5 39
5 33
5 22
f 5 10
5 01
4 49!
4 30
4 18
f 4 10
f 3 58'
3 49
3 121
f 3 06,
2 55
f 2 40
2 25
2 12
2 01
7 14 f 1 49
7 00 1 35
5 35
5 17
6 05
5 00
4 47
4 40
4 17
f 4 02
3 47
3 30
3 00
2 48
f 2 861
2 15
2 05
1 40
11 46
11 81
11 231
li oa
10 60
10 88
flO 261
flO 101
f 9 65
9 40!
9 20
9 07
f 8 42
f 8 22
8 12
7 60
. Wearing Borrowed Clothes.
A big retail clothing house in New
York is sorely pestered by customers
who order clothes, wear them at an
evening reception or to the theater, re
turn them nest day and demand their
money back on the ground that the
garments do not suit. The management
recently adopted a' device like that
which seals the doors of freight cars in
transit, a leaden pellet pressed on to
wire or twine fasteners. The removal
of the pellet indicates that the package
has been tampered with. This notice is
printed on the clothing tag: .
'To insure our customers against
purchasing clothes that may have been
worn by others we have appended thla
tag nnd seal. No clothing, will be ex
changed nor credit given If this gar
ment is returned without the undis
turbed seal." New York Tress.
This condensed schedule is published as information and is subject to changa
without notice to the pubi c. , ,
Trains Nos, 112 and 108 connect at Goldsboro with Atlantic Coast Lias
trains, both Southbound and Northbound; and with Atlantic and North Carolina
trains for Morehead City and intermediate points.
Train No. Ill connects at Greensboro with train No. 33 for Charlotte, Colura
bia and Jacksonville: No. 37 solid Pullman train, drawing-room sleepera New
York to New Orleans and Memphis, also for Winston-Salem, Wilkesboro, Dan
ville and local stations. : v . .
Train No. 117 handles through coach between Raleigh, Chase City and
Richmond, where close connection is made with Washington Southern Railway
for Washington and Eastern cities.
Train No. 107 connects at Liurnam ior uxiora, Linase uity ana Kicnmona;
University Station for Chapel Hill daily except Sunday; at Greensboro with
train No. 36 for Washington and points North, close connection for tft inston
talem, High Point, Salisbury, Charlotte and intermediate stations.
Train No. 135 connects at Greensboro with No. 39 for Charlotte, Columbia
and Jacksonville; No. 35 for Atlanta and all points South end Southwest; Nos.
34 and 38 for Washington and all points North; connection is also made at Salis
bury for Western North Carolina points. t
S. H. Hardwick, P. T, M. W. H. Taylor, G. P. A. H. B, Spencer, G,'4M
Washington, u. c.
R. L. Vernon, T. P. A, . T. E, green, c. T. A.
Charlotte, N. U. . Kaieign, w. u
Successor to
M. Hahn & Co.,
' Hotline Advertising; Scheme.
A Brooklyn busluess man-conceived
and tried to carry into eWKrutlon the
other day a unique and brilliant nd-
vortlslng scheme. He had his advertis
ing sign jifflxed in raised letters to tho
tiro of an automobile, so that when the
letters were coated over with white
paint the machine painted big adver
tisement on the nsphalt wherever It
was driven. . But tho Brooklyn street
cleaning commissioner, being an nn-
rcsK)iislve soul who did not appreciate
a stroke of gonlns like this on . the
pavement, threatened the advertiser
with the police and promptly squelched
the- whole aohPtno Tone's Weekly.
Livery, Feed, Sale and Exchange Stables.
Largest and Finest Stock of Horses and Mules ever offered in New Bern,
car load of each just received. Complete line of Buggies, Wagons, Harness,
Robes, Whips and Cart Wheels.
t The Kind Von Haw kwm Ba$l
The annual report of Mine Inspector
James Martin, of the Seventh anthra
cite district (Luzerne county for the
year 1905 shows that the production of
coal amounted to 5,445,998 tons, nearly
400,000 tons more than was produced in
n 1904 and a little more than 500,000
tons more than was mined in 1903. .
'shrv's Old Stable, Middle Street.
Livery, Feed, Kale and Exchange
m fx ":! TT ,' - -
A Mtntctto H.ilth.
Kidney trouble is an insidious danger,
and many people are victims of a seri
ous malady before the symptoms are
recognized. Foley's Kidney Cure cor
rects irregularities and strengthens and
builds up the kidneys. Mid it should be
tnken at the first indication of kidney
trouble, as it is impossible o have
good health if the kidiitys are derang
ed. For sale by Davis' Pharmacy.
A .... f v&r,'
e aro
lit in
r.s the
it will
'y c.fin-
Canadian steel and coal companiei
with an outstanding capital of over S 'O,
()'K),0:K) in stocks and bond:!, will bo n n
nk'amnti.'d if sevenal Montreal, Toronto
nnd Kantern cnpital'iHts can carry their
Largest and fine? t stock of Horses nnd MuV
A car load ol. " ri yv: in. Al a lunp
liaih.-u, I:!,.". V ! !!, I
? ever ofT
lete line
tit I.e.
" A.
present plans to a conclusion.
o jx. f .; -..7. . ,

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