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Official Paper of New Rem and Cra
Advertising rates fa-iii-hed -ipon 'im
plication Ht ihc o?51ro, or nr-on nuuii-y
P7 mau.
hn Jointinai. is nn'v ".nt on pai
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receive n lico of eaptrsyyou of i.hir u
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Entered at the Postoftte
if. t IS "WeOn.l-clHSS Btwr.
New Bern, N. C, June 29. 1900.
"William R. Hearst is the mo4. ii. i- ,
gerous demagogue to his i)chii h
has appeared in public life fur a ren
ration." Richmond Times-Dis.ii;-p, ,
Ind. Dem.
Cut out "to his inches" and tho state ,
ment ia stronger and no less true.
Norfolk: Landmark. !
A pouucai pnrasemucn in use uuoa ,
o describe men who are, or may hej
candidates, far office, is in line vi'!
what may be termed the peculiar po'i
tieal strenuosity of today. "sane ai.d
saf" what man in publ! life can
asiile to himself these ailvibute-t v, , r
any assurance that those who can, wili
place him in a position
f public re-1
aponsibility and trust?
The esteemed contemporaries ie;ot
above, would quite likely have apph
he same language to Theodore Roes ..-;
velt if that (rontleman had been helot e j
the public ten years ago, with his w?!' j
known strenuosity of today. It war,
only in the last Presidential ci.mpai ,!. i
that Mr. Roosevelt was declared jnsaf .
a rusher in, a disturber of; si-tiiig- t-...,-ditinns,
a man who would lea.i ti
American people into war toll
foreign nRtion.
How "sne and safe" war V
Bryan declared to be in '), ..
ten years later, his chief d'.:ii;--and
caluminators rise up ar.l
him extravagantly. Has lh" :
the times changed, that warrant: ;
more than radical political re Ci .o;.:,
on Bryanism?
It may not be peculiar to the Don:
cratic party, but it is noticeul !e, ti.a
its tenets seldom get up to can-, t:.:ii
ia the fallacy" f yesterday is toe
passed upon as wisdom today, ir.i
tive of what the future m-ght devel. .
William K. Hearst is denounce'.! f ' i '
demagogy, because he believes in h.
advocacy of certain principles, atai
would lead in their establishment.
Terehas been no refusal to arrep'
Mr. Hearst'B aid in campaigns. Hi .
democracy ha9 been good enough to
recognize his weightpolitically, when
his money aud newspapers were most
wanted. There may be certain seem
ingly socialistic doctrines which Mr.
Hearst advocates today, but are they
le3s democratic than the 16 to I free
silver doctrine of Mr. Bryan in 18'.
nd 1900 ?
Are "sane and safe" to be held as
technical, or political? To be passed
upon as attributes which a man must
actually possess, or is it a politically
juggled expression, a campaign cry to
.cnteh the unthinking, to , stampede
""largathermesand so ignore real
conditions? Where the "sane and
.'. man who was ecotrnized so ves-
MIS i, ...... . j c "
terday, meets the sarjae approval today,
" and will not be found wanting to
'i It is very doubtful it at any time
within a number of yars, the citizens
. of Mew Bern havejjifered so much in
Jjht nlftl fthrr nm-f"'"' ab.
sence of lights, which they stand re
sponsible for, and which they pay for,
whether they use them or not, as has
been their experience on last Sunday
and Monday nights.
. With weather rainy and dark, with
streets overshadowed by masses of fo-
v liage, the pedestrian who ventured out
on those nights did so at porsonal dis
comfort, and with every possibility of
risk to personal accident of a severe
nature. Th fact that the water and
light commission can tender good ex
cuses for no lights, and , poor lights
when they have been" going, during !
the past two months, and longer, oilers ;
no comfort to the consumer, nor would"
such excuses hold in court should acct -
dent result from the lack of sufficient
iiyht, as implied by guarsnttee.
Lut aaidt from the light service fail-
me in itaelf, thiconatant expense which'
is attendant upon the public utility, for 1
no lights or pot r lights daca
sini!ii c c-nt lasts id
ry without '
lij-f'H a preatly added cost, w..a '
! a f.pliug off in revenue. f-i poor light )
service means fewer consumera, and a !
deduction in the clrii.'
r. j . i ...n why i.,i.h
f.iiT!l to pay fur son
not :(.!.
'I :j ?- -,tdt of p v.r ...
r there is !
SlllOUM llO ;
w .
! ch- part
ol fu
el '..
fi.v, o..a Uw i
aupVy so fir u
is vonvvritnl. ;.
a. Oli. i ll.l,
lUailiciiUll O'.VIl-
tST.n' expense of the t-'Ti"
,cy i.i'vi's that tax payers wtl be caHcd
,.,..! 'J" a u mnke goo. I the bonus ii
i.mI for, v. iia all con'ingenr. irx
: is not a y!ea.anl issue to
It.:-: I'nancial collapse. It is even
tSi poor 1 1 ;.. 1 1 ( .s ai,d no b'uts,
! fac .
! wot
but tint municipal ownership per
not the of sui'ces'. Kvtry
N lieini.i'i can apprceiatu this p.iini.
;n,i! it i. well Ik l o v.jiiiei in time; t.o
:is not to be too mm-h ovcrwhelined it'
the ciia-se takes plu 'C.
T!:e r,.im ;r.a i i of Oiven H. Guijii, i
i of his c:ty, u )...u,e of the Tim-.I '
! ;h i '.-.f.iliiia Jn 'iclal Diti ict,
1 iie no ;. ina ion is equr.a'ent lo election, :
is a happy cu'nr.natio:: of an amhiti. n :
n. -.v to be fuhilloiJ, fir the jjent!- snail '.
himself, and for his. friends, both of
:,is city, county and district, as wol'. as ;
ii.e State, the selection is specially
-Titifjinfj. Of an illustrious family, a)
i nticT..:;; of fable, courteous, of pleas- j
in' address. Distinguished in his pro- i
' 's oon. :i student anil unn vcho slnm. s '
'i the joy of it, and learns thirps, not
furoct, it seems a mostfiaimr choice ,
i i he people have made, for it i;. a
..-leii.lid equipment of character, slt-r-j
id :;ity.
. hooks
i. ,,i, ,,,,1, ' ...
a. r.iioi iiruc ii i.iv i "
and experience, with
iciai spirit, endowed witii tine conver- i
nil n-il 'rifts, it is indeed a matter of j
: ,Uiv. -huion that the Third District I
'.e 'ivc N'orth Carolina a Judge ot
ii excellent calibi;', jne who catitiot
! to exalt .lie bench, and give to il an
i'd nity and cliaractor.
i '."iiio.-, aie! a llatiiiiiio nr..',
t: ri. .- i .r. ,. i
, . .' : i "i i . no. ina. :and v. '-o
. -, v oli:::iari!y, with the encoi'ii-",'i-s
..f hi , fallow citizens of the State
:' ooi'a; lii'i"; iii'o hi- usiolli.'ia!
. :' i- i.'inei... Jii.ljro Henry It.
o :.!:.; l!a- i. "..ii: '" to t'.l'; judpi'thip
.'.I! ii. Gtiion, K: '. p:'i.-.ent i.inst
.l ie aiid pleasinir fe.. tares. There
,i -. 1 i."e absence of p'ote'til strng
; . to eluninalion of every per-'u'.
ii; that t juM so easily provolte
iio.i between men and their friends.
I one retires voluntarily, with the
ommendalion "well done and faith
f iliy performed." The other enters
t!i the acclamition of the people,
who knowing his character anj worth,
ask him to fill the high position of
Vonnr fr"l trust. There is not a regret
on any sile, but instead, the congratu
lation to the departing, who will still
be honored in his private life, and the
congratulation to the coming, whose
people will welcome and rejoice with
him in his official duties soon to be under
taken, and the wish of all is that only
success and health may attend, O wen
H. Guion, Judge.
Has Stood the Test 25 Years.
The old, original GROVE'S Tasteless
Chill Tonic. You know what you are
taking. It is iron and quinine in a
tasteless form. No Cure, No pay.
Cov. Glenn Much Better
Special to Journal
Raleigh, June 26. Gov. Glenn has so
far recovered from his recent illness as
to be able to make an address at the
Masonic celebration at Kinston to-
anorrow. j0n Thursday he will go to
Oriental to deliver an educational ad
dress and will return to the executive
offices Friday.
To Curt A Cold Is One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Qainine Tablets
Druggists refund money if it fails to
cure E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. 25c.
Lightning Destroys Schoollionse.
Special to Journal.
Raleigh, June 2S--lJui-irir a heavy
storm at Gainers, b!x miles from Rul-
e'K Hfthtning struck the n w nchool
house and academy totally burning it
together with content, The building
wn two Btori and the second floor
was occupied aft a lode room by the
Junior Urder , United American Me
chanics. The insurance is nine hundred
dollars, .. It will be rebuilt. ,
at the Start
Pure White Lead and Pur Lin
seed Oil should always be used for
the first or priming coat. No other
paint has the same affinity for the
; 'v! ce marrying and becoming m part
: 1; vood.
i . ochre, barytes, line or any other
F-.!!)ta,ic than Pure White Lead tails to
' .4 ii iih the wood and serves only to
ovA cushion, which will prevent even
ii .- itiiiic Lcau iruni Kliacoiug
! m hen finally applied.
! ii i ictory results can never
t i.-nied o long as a surface
i c with a veneering (for
i :. . e, .ei n i; ui yeaow
- . barytes, rinc, etc.
' :c'i a coating is bound
t crumble, crack and
i 'Xl, and must be burned
-r sc aped off, down to the wood itself,
'' to a rooU job can be done an ex
v ivc process, and not without danger
hiiiie owner can scarcely make a
" t r j.ily mistake than to useasubsti
v ,.r Pure White Lead in the priming
c j ,i. Avoid all risk by using
Pure White Lead
IMnde by the Old Batch FnM
"Ti'l for a booklet containing serenl handsome
. l'tt tmtiH' of actoiil houses, offerinc valuable
nioiw for n oolor soheme In paiuting 7Qur
-- U-st lOI ptlnt parity la also given.
2t South Front St., Philadelphia, Pa.
tor Sale by AM Ueaii.
At the Mecklenburg
fhase City. Va., June 25. -The latest
.i lifion to the f;!"ilities for giving
pleasure an 1 en iovinent to the cuests
is th- openinj; of the splendid pavilion,
w'nii li on Wednesday evening was used
(.. ,lle first time thia 8oason anrl pre-
s-'n!ed a very Kay and animated Bcene,
liberally patronized by the
attests ot the hotel and many visitors
j f'-om Chase City. The situation of the
1 i pavilion is admirable, adjoining the
,,v.,r ,Mpuar Springs House and at an
an- distance from the Hotel, thus
ni ik-ng a delightful rendezvous during
tle evening hours.
The new orchestra from Washington,
1 1. C,. led by Mr. I. N. Boernstein, a
violinist of considerable reputation,
v 'lii h is to delight the guests of the
I ''l lonbiirir during the summer sea
l. arrived nn Saturday, and will ren-
a -'ilenili I urogram of inspiring nin-
. tit- dinner hour and ever
. ' ;o I' . t ti'.'hfWr
1 ... ! ur :il.l ;';.' t.: "1 ll :!
I !-. .ihurg for a month, lerton Thurs
!i'; y for tin ir heme in Lynchburg.
Mr. and Mrs. T. U. Cotter, of Pine
hirst, N. ('., are guests at the Meck
le.ihurg. Mr. Cottnr is general mana
ri r of the famous Pinehurst properties,
i va ni and operated by the millionaire
T ufts of Boston.
Mrs. Van R. Moore and daughter.
Miss I.u.-y Moore, of Raleigh, N. C,
.".re numbered among the very delight
ful guests here.
Mr. W. T. Harris, one of Danville's
most pi- minent lawyers, accompanied
!y his Hor, Mr. T. M. Harris, arrived
on Suturday for a stay of several
In the list of names on the hotel
register for the past week we find the
Mr. H. T. Connally, Leesburg, N. C,
J. F. Connally, Pamplin City, Va., Dr.
A. H. Boyd, Virginia; R. E. Turner
and wife, Norfolk, Va., J. H. Haywick,
High Point, N. C, J. M. Stephenson,
Kiiiiton, N. C, W. H. Cobb, Jr. Golds
horo, N. C, Miss Mary Long, Rich
mond, Va., Mrs. F. E. Couch, Boydton,
Va., J. M. Currin, Oxford, N. C, A. H.
Powell, New Orleans, La., Mrs. VanB.
Moore and Miss Lt'cy Moore of Raleigh
N. C, W. T. Harris and son, M. T.
Harris, of Danville; Mrs. F. E. Hazel,
Reidsvil'e, N. C, Henry P. Hynson, Jr
3a'timore, Md., J. W. Moseley and
wife, and Mrs. S. E. Mosely, of Sonth
Booton, Va., Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Cot
ter, Pinehurst, N. C, J. I. Pritchett,
Danville; I. N. Boernstein and Uriel
Davis of Washington, D. C, Miss
Mary D. Bright, Richmond; J. D. Bor
don, Misses Wilson and Hardy of Chase
City. ,
A Guaranteed Curt Fer Piles
Itching, Blind, Bleeding, Protruding,
Piles. Druggists are authorized to re
fund money if PAZO OINTMENT fails
to cure in 6 to 14 days." 60c.
Farmers State Convention
The anno".' convention of the farm
ers ill be held at the A. & M. College
at Raleigh July 10 12. ' Arrangements
have all been made and the program is
attractive and practical The various
interests of the farmers in this State
will be taken up and discussed at large.
Eminent speakers have been secured.
Special attention will be paid to the
Staple North Carolina crops, cotton and
tobacco, a lo to dairies and to woman's
work. - .
There will be excursion rates on all
railroads and board and rooms may be
secured at reasonable prices.- . For
further information aidreas Secretary
Farmers Convention, W.est . Raleigh,
N. C.
If you knew the value of Chamber
lain's Sa've ym would m ver wish tube
without it. Here areomc of the dis
eases for which it is especially valuable
sore nipples, chapped hands, ; burns,
frost bites, chilblains, chronic sore eyes,
itching piles, tetter, salt rheum snd
eczema. Price 25 cents per box. For
sale by Davi.' Pharmacy and F. S.
Duffy. :
Hon. 0. H. Guion Named For Judge of Third
Judicial Ol.trlct. L. I. Moore Hechosen
': For Solicitor.
Kinston Free Press 23' h: '
The Democratic judicial convention
forthe third district whs held in the
court house in this city this afternoon
and nominated a judge to succeed Judge
Henry R. Bryan, and a successor to
Hon. L. f. Moore, solicitor for the d;s
trict. There was a pretty good attend
ance considering the fact that the con
vention was held outside the diStqei,
and Pitt and Craven sent very full
egations. It was a fine body of men
which composed the convention and the
spirit of harmony prevailed throughout.
In the absence of the chairman, Mr.
L. V, Morrill, of Greene, who was nb
senton account of sickness, Mr. A. D.
Ward of New Bern was selected a
temporary chairman, and called the
corvention to order. Mr. Ward marie
ai.short speech setting forth the object
of the convention and then Capl. V. T.
Caho. of Paniico, was made secretary
of the convention. Capt. Swift Gallo
way, of Greene, was made permanent
chairman and the convention settled
down to business.
A roll call of counties showed every
one of the counties represented as fol
lows: Carteret, Craven, Greene, Jones,
Pamlico and Pitt.
Nominations for judge were declared
in order and Carteret yielded to Cra ven.
Mr. James A. Bryan, of Craven, m a
very happy speech, placed in nomina
tion his countryman, Hon. Owen H.
Guion. Hon, T. D. Warren, of Junes,
seconded Mr. Guion's nomination nnd
read resolutions of Jones county con
vention endorsing him.
Mr. F. C. Harding, of Pitt, aro- -and
stated that by request of Mr. M -trill
he "would withdraw the name of Mr.
Morrill as a candidate for judge and
moved Mr. Guion's nomination he by
acclamation. Capt. Galloway then
called Mr. Harding to the chair ami
after a splendid tribute to his country
man, Mr. Morrill seconded Mr. Hard
ing's motion and Mr. Guion was unani
mously nominated by acclamation.
In the roll call for nomination.- for
Solicitor, Carteret yielded to Pit t , not
having a candidate, and Mr. F. C. Har
ding in a very pretty speech placed be
fore the convention the name of the
present incumbent, Hon. Larry I Moore
Mr. Ernest Green, of Craven seconded
the nomination of Mr. Moore, and
moved that it be made by acclamation,
which was carried unanimously. Hon.
T. D. Warren, Jones and J. E. Deb
natn, Greene seconded Moore's iiotnin i
i ion also,
Mr. Moore was present and a loud
call being made for a speech responded
n a very graceful speech of acceptance,
which was applauded long and heat Lily.
Mr. Ernest Green, of Craven, the ti
in the absence of Mr. Guion, on behalf
of the nominee and the delegates from
Craven, made a short speech accepting
the nomination for Mr. Guion.
Just before adjournment Mr. Green
introduced a resolution endorsing the
official record of Judge Henry R. Bry
an, who has been judge for 16 years,
and who voluntarily retires from the
bench, which was unanimously adop
ted and was as follows:
Whereas, We feel that the Judge
who wears the ermin, conferred by
the people, in honor, and keeps it spot
less is as worthy the admiration of
men as the soldier who upholds the hon
or of the flag.
And whereas, the Hon. Henry R.
Bryan voluntarily retires from the
bench of this district after serving the
people for sixteen years with honor to
himself, the district and the State.
Therefore be it
Resolved, that the democracy of the
third judicial distr'ct extends its greet
ing to the Ron. Henry R. Bryan, Judge
and assure him that he carries ith him
into a retirement crowned with years
andhono.s, the respect and admiration
of the people of his district. Resolved
further, that a copy of this resolution
be sent to the Hon. Henry R. Bryan
by the Secretary of this convention.
The following executive committee
men were named for tho several coun
ties to serve for the next four j ears:
Carteret W M Webb, Craven-Ernest
M. Green, Greene B W Edwards,
Jones TD Warren, Pamlico W T Ca
ho, Pitt-F C Harding.
E. M. Green was made chairman and
W M Webb secretary of the Judicial
Executive Committee.
Those attending from New Bern,
were: E M Green, D L Ward, A D
Ward, Wm Dunn Jr.; D E Henderson,
C R Thomas, R A Nunn, Wm. Dunn,
Sr., John Dunn, B S Guion, C E Foy,
James A. Bryan, George Waters, W
M Watson, F T Patterson, T F McCar
thy, J J Baxter J C Thomas Jr., J W
Biddle, L G Daniels. W M Webb,
Morehead; H C Holland, Beaufort, G
V Richardson. Dover.
Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment
will care Blind, Bleeding- Ulcerated
and Itching Pile. It absorbs the tu
mors, allays the itching at once, acta as
a poultice, gives instant relief. Dr.
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment is pre
pared for riles and Itching of the pri
vate parts. Every box is guaranteed.
Sold by druggists, by mail, for 50c and
$1.00. Sold by D. A. Harget.
A. C. L. to Enter Raleigh
Special to Journal , .....
Raleigh, June 26 President Mills of
the Raleigh and Southport railway an
nounces that the Atlantic Coast Line
railroad would enter Raleigh to com
pete for passenger and freight business
at the completion of the first named
road f-orn Raleigh to Fayetteville. ,
Enterprising Capitalists will Rebuild the Gal
Plant Conduct Business on Larger
Mr. J. M. Cox, secretary of the new
gas company which ia to b known as
the New Pern Fuel and Licht Co., ar
rived Monday and gave th Journal a
brief interview and told of some of the
things the new company proposes to do.
The present plant will be thoroughly
overhauled and improved. The capaci
ty will be 120,000 cubic fet daily and
will be able to supply gasJfir any pur
pose whatsoever. Ir. anrtnection with
manufacture ofs they will have
a gas l.Xigan ifiTire where they will sen
all gas appliances, lamps, stoves, burn
ers, chandeliers and everything of the
most rro I r i and approved style. The
vacant store in the Haze I ton hotel block
is beinrf l ouipped for this purpose, and
there is nothing in the line of lighting,
heating or for the utilization of gas a
a motive force that cannot be found
there. Mr. Hugh Wood, who for fif
teen years rendered valuable assistance
to the former gas company has been
retaintd by the new concern.
In the reorganiz ition and improve
ment of the gas plant New Bern people
will have a RELIABLE source of light
and if the citizens show the proper ap
preciation it will develop into a pros
perous industry. The men who have
bought the plant are experienced on the
subject. They own a similar plant in
Fayi tieville at. l they both have been
connected with svndicates controlling
gas and other franchises in northern
cities and their judgment may be re
lied upon. Full postesrion will be given
July 1, and they will begin their work
of enlargement at once.
Be. tla ?1!ia Ki!)l1 1,08 HawAiwavs Bought
Jasper's Are Champions.
Jasper, June 25.
A very fine game was played here
Saturday between the Jasper and Lima
teams. It was a championship game
of the rural district of Craven county,
hut we must say that the home team
was too much for the visitors, The
Jasper boys played ball on the start;
McMillan, Jasper's star pitcher did not
let the Lima boys see first base for
three innings; only three hits were
mad" on him during the game. The
star batting for Jasper was done by
Clark, Jr, the best base sliding was by
Brock ami W. Clark, in fact the boys
played good hall Spruill and Dawson
did the best work for Lima.
Lima 0 0 0 1 20000-3
.lasoer ti 3 4 0 4 0 0 0 0-17
I mpire Stephen Mosely.
Remaining in the Post Office at New
Bern, Craven County, N. C, June IS
mkn's ust.
B Samuel Barror, Hubert Bands,
Charlie Barnes.
C-W M Creech, J M Cole.
D Frank Davis, Thomas Davis, 28
South Front ot. Emmerson Dixon.
F-D C Famen.
G Henry Grey.
II - Henry Harrison, Leon Henderson
82 Pollock street, Onie Hudson, box 14.
Capt. B L Harris, schooner Bratton.
J -Juniper Gum Church.
K -A'.onzo Kelum.
L C B Lilliston, 1 Middle street.
MEtrL'k Marshburn 48 Middle St.,
George Moore 61 Spring street
P Henry Powers.
R Jule Raynor.
S-Edward Smith.
VV-Rev. H H Wells, F C Whitfield,
2 Grand St., Auty White, Capt Momoe
W allace, care Capt. Geo. Howard.
b Mrs. Ella Parker care Hackburns
store, Mrs. Nancy Brimag.
C Mrs. Namnie Creagh.
D Mrs. J E Dixon, Mrs. Amanda E
E Mrs. Pheribe W Edwards (D L)
G Paulline Godett.
H Mary Harris, 48 Burn street, Mrs
EmmaJ Hammond, 58 Eaton street,
Ida M Hargett, 8 West street, Mrs.
Charlie Harris.
J Mary Jones. ,
M Cathran Mangriff.
S Pattie Smith, Mrs Maggie A
W Bettie Wallace (col) Mrs. Rib
bin Ward (col) Mary Emma Wood, M
ry R Williams.
Persons calling for the above dates
will please say advertised and give date
The regulations now require that (1)
cent shall be collected on the delivery
of each advertised letter. -
1; . : ; ; Postmaster. .
' Fnglish Immigrant Agent.
Special to Journal -
Ralofgh, June 26 Governor Glenn has
appointed T. N. Costello, of Charlotte,
special agent to represent American
manufacturers in securing English im
'migration to this State. He was ac
compnied by Messrs Smith and Sar
geant of Charlotte, representatives of
the American Manufacturers Associa
tion. Mr. Costello is regarded by- the
goemor fully qualified for the posi
tion. ' . .- .-: ' ' ' '
Bws the ' Vl" 1,3,1
3rN 'f
1 e .
Ask Vcjp
BEiiMic mm.
Tile Detnocraiie vut rs of ("", ":
county are hereby notified tie t !
Priimry Elections for county 'ii
will be held on Friday. .I.i'y " ' ii, I 1 '
The polls will be opened from fi oVo
a m until 7 o'clock p m at the r-li-.v to-:
places, and poll-holders to-wit:
NO I TD'.VNoJtli'.
Vanceboio N. 1!. Ipnck, II. nv i n ,
N. M. Lancaster.
Maple Cypress - J W lie'!'. ! .1. 1
A E Kirkmati.
Tr 'itts-Abury Barring tori, ('. '.
Gaski.-..', N T Fulcher.
Bridgeton H. Bunting, V. M. M t
son, S W. Brooks.
Fort Barnwell- L S Harper, t :. .'.)
Russell, John S W Pea ve
Dover-P T Nobles, SeUi Wis'. -V '!
'.'ove-J S Robinson, Win ;I
O L Weatherington.
Taylor's Sure- CC He;!, t lla.i i
lor, Joshua Adams.
Thurman 11 C Wool, it W .
Walter II Smith.
Lee's Farm J. K. Whl.o, .1 !'. ! .t- -rence,
-1. F. Godwin.
Tisdale's F L Bray, J V
John Stanly.
each Grove J B Freii -h. I ie .
Lane, J T House.
Cum Row W II Scoit, .1 1". V . ,
W T Scott.
1st Ward. City flail K U II il. I ii
Howe, J B Hill.
2nd Ward, court house M irU I i -
way, George WinneN, .saia ! o e
3rd Ward, Street's carri a Y . i-
E S Street, Joe McSorley, V, ii Ha:.:.
4th Ward, Ellis' carriage faVti-ry
Jess Harrison, .1 E Gaskill, W S Lib-,
Bern precinct, hook and ia Ion I. m
E W Simpkins, A J Gaskins, Waller
Jasper- t II l'errv, W C I i ', .loha j '".it i 1 withdraw. from., the race with
Weatherington. ' "' ' ''e' - anil will loyally support
By order of the Democratic il eu pi- " ' " I Vm-icr iic. ticket as I have
tive (Vimniittee. j ; v
i... iirvim el.'in I i ' i . Imwei , that I shall be
F T Patterson, sec'y.
Rocky Mountain .
A Ea-y Hm-iI:.? f-r ir
Brlap Q-2a.-tt '
A Rp-ciilc fort! hi .tipoii" in'
JMI'I Hi It. y Tr-.ti'.te.. ilial
111 Hi-1. Ma I Ilreslil. S.... :..i. .
U.'t Ps. tkaeiie. IPs ft .)' .'
ioi fia-ni, !)" .teiiis a li.:;. i. t. .
''iiLi.iaTiai Hni-i roMcsv, i i ii. e, .
LDEN NliGCaTS FCI SAliW ;-u..r.x"
To work on the Pamlico Sound Railroad
between New Bern and Washington.'
Teams $4,00 per day; laborers, $1.50 per
day. Apply to foreman on works be
tween above points, or local superin
tendents, New Bern, Vanceboro or
. Gontralors.
Special Rates via Southern Railway
Richmond, Va., Biennial Meeting G.
U. O. of O. F. (Colored) October 2 6.
Rate one fare plus 25 cents.
Washington, D. C Negro Youns
Peoples Christian snd Educational Coi.-
?ress July 3-6. Rato one first class
are plus 25 cents.
, Knoxville, Tenn., Summer School of
the South June 19 July 27. Rate one
fare plus 25 cents,
Lexington, Ky., National Grand
Lodge United Brothers of. Friendship
and Sisters of the Mysterious Ten July
80th, August 3rd. Rate one fare plus
25 cents. . . -;;
Athens, Ga., University Summer
School June 25th, July 27th. Rate one
fare plus 25 cents. ' ,
Monteagle, Tenn., Monteaglo Sun
day School Institute July 15th, August
6th. Rate one fare plus 26 centa.
For exact rates dates and sale nnd
detailed information apply to nearest
Southern Railway ticket agent or ad
drpM ' T. E. GREEN. C. T. A.
Raleigh, N. C.
Always Rciaiiri Hen:-
Cures q Ccld In lQm Day, Crip uiTvc
The Tiling Fof Bird Shooting.
These shells give an cpen pattern
at from 25 to 30 yards in choke
bore guns. They are loaded in
"Leader" esid " Repeater" brands.
A ti 5-
Pi tt I A sft A
. f-i . f-9 H 3 M A U Us
Doaler To Get Them.
u of july celebration
f. i a; f'..;. i Ci.Wsl-on lo P'ioro!nad City and
C lue n
,. , ' ah.iv econ-ion the
' ,v i'.:o n ' are-hiia Company
n ei.-.i- l '..! IIM- following greatly
M- re'aeaii City and re-.
; ' A. M. (loaldior.) $1.50
e.'oa no
!..,. r 1.00
('.-v.. . .95
.- i X. V- :n .85
" Ni :io; I 45
t " M,.r head Pity
1 . :. ' .-. ,,' I '.is s. ijii!e afford
.:. . jei .'tiiiii.y Ii) everyone to.
o,: ;. a 1 ..! i he : eas'iore and should
I" .'! '..iv..iitaji' of by all.
i ,. ' 1 of lime or money; fishing,
i.. :if". . ' ! u i'-hat h o.;- at Morehead
!- re a .' .vv v. ':,.?, a larger crowd
'1 .- i t in -ii.;kir!t this Fourth
i r!e."i'! a memorable occa-
G. P. A.
l-;p!.rtison Withdraws.
i v.iii rs of Craven
I ', Itie'l, I lianj
: i ,v s'l .'rilf, m
i i e ' '.' n one ar '1 M,
:; ;' " , role on th.
1 ' " .' ;r should havi
: .' e n 1 looked at
vl ih r my tuxes for
. i 1 w as misled by thip
he i - i-.'in failed to pa
; 'i.e to make me n vote,
' nr. This is a matter
' !o :.: jia.l was cntirftv
or ie i. larking the check.
i "ia.'i." '
if a candidate for the of
i o. d oils and have mada
'). crvinty and now find
.,.!Sj bwause of
or which I am not in any
- i. i
.ty ' -; oi'si'i'e. At the same time I
it a Jt -I v T.iOmd a law abiding e.'ti-
'. !! : ! i.aveomilted to pay my poll
a -: ! . ill 'tot. fii;k t.luy Democrats of
i'i iv i iiiil v tfi'vcl'i; tot me thia time
a i .ir I .-.aaliask the peo
.: ' '' t ' vote fur me at a
i, ', ;! is no lgal impediment
i v.i-h in liiis connection
i h us my frieii U for their
..It VHsurp tliein that 1 would
v. . h.trawn friini the race 'X
' ' lei t'i it I pave been iid
i v fttorpi y itut I was not at
i,i ti position to aslt for their
'iaviiAM T. Kiciup.DSON.
llii'ii. '
NATURE'S I cm Peopls Muit Recognita and
Hied It.
I Ulo iiiiiw I in lek le-mirctnfioiidli.
......... j. ... . ........j,
Ihit nal irr-jj !',Tways warns you through
the mino.
Notice I hp i idney secretions,
See if the color is unhealthly
If there are seltlingsund sediment.
Passages too frctpicitt, scanty, painful.
fiV ti:r.e then to use Doans Kidney
i'iH--, ' '
T ward off Briglit's disease or dia
betes. ':." " . .. .
Doan's have done great work in New
CliLtli H F. Harget, a car painter at
the A & X. O. R. If. bhops, residing at
47 B.'i ii St., says; "I have found great
rel'mf by , -usirg Loan's Kidney Pills.
My back has been hurting me for a long
tint?, often so bad that I could not
vi ork. The kidney secret ions were very
dark and c'oudy. ' Since using Doan'a
Kidnfty Rills the secretion? have re
gained their natural color and I do not
suff er frrvn tho pains in my back at all.
I tun at'.vise all who are similarly trou
bled to what I was to gojo Bradham's
Pharmacy, procure Doan's Kidney
Pills aril (five them a trial. :. They will
not be disappointed In the results. "
- r.-. I -11 .1....! T . . - en
i ror lam oy u ueaiera. trriea uu vie,
l a box. KoHter-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
N. Y. solo agenta for the U. S.
Remomber the nam Doan'a, and
t aire no other.

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