North Carolina Newspapers

' .'i 1 a 1b jk m.
No 69
34th. YEAR
Nanking About To Be Overwhelm
eL ' Rebels Swarm On Every
r Ride Chinese Capital.' , "
, - Nanking, Nov. 27. After more than
half a century of silence the hills over.
- looking the walled city of Nanking, the
'ancient "capifalof China, swaim with
rebellious forces eager for its occupa
tion and determined to Use the strong
,lio d where the' Manchus are making
their last stand 'south of the Yang Tse.
r- From the Tiger Hill Fort for several
hours, Sunday morning big guns Bpoke
repeatedly, while further up along the
northeastern range from . the : top of
. Purple Mountain, overlooking the Ming
Tombs, for a,. fifteen mile semi-circle
. westward to tha Yang Tse, smaller
forts scattered Shells into every section
of (lie city. I So..; fat1 8s is known the
casualty Hit is not large. General Wong
second in command of the defenders., is
. among those killed, ." . j' , t.
During the earlier part of the day the
imperialists attempted a sortie against
the attacking forces, with a view to re
.capturing their position and guns, but
- were driven back ill aide the walls with
considerable .losses. 1 The Tiger-; Hill
batteries,' meanwhile, were, pounding
shells into Lion Hill. , They succeeded
-in siTenoing the batteries there which,
it is suspi cted, wereof little value.
The Qbj act of4 the "seizure of Tiger
Hill was shown by the early appearance
of four cruisers, end Uter'in the day of
other warship. In the evening a di ztn
torpedo boat des'royera- and cruisers
were lying menacingly near the ciiy, :
Doubtless they will qu'ckly reduce the
lower section and drive Me defenders
to the eouih. -' ';. i :
, ,i . The viceroy of Nanking and the Tar- J
tar general, in fear of General Chang,
the imperialist commander, have taken
refuge in Hho Japanese c insulate, in
- Winch only he cojIbuI remains. ' He is
the sole tfficial representative of for-!
eigh interes's' in Nsr.king. The con-
i sulato is marines."' :
Sunday's attack caii pply! by. consid
ered a slight foretaste of bigger things
" to follow, because the main body of the.
revolutionaries is steadily investing
every side and bringing tho big guns
into position on every eminence, t The
plans of the attacking force are not
revealed,''. The revolutionaries may riot
attempt to rash the city but may prefer
to bombard steadily and await its sur
render, a But it breaches . are made in
; the walls of the city and the rebels en
, ter it is believed - that General Chang
and the loyal troops Will make a des
perate stand. ' ; . .
Schooner Goes Ashore,
Gaily yesterday morning . the big
three-maiied scVoher 'W. H, Patrick'
bound from Georgia to Maine with a
cargo of 351,0'0 feetof lumber, 'weut
ashore at Cape Look Out. The-life
saers fiom the stat'oa nearly succeed
ed in getting the crew ashore but. the
vessel wa a total wreck ' " ' .
" YcVe'dv sft.Viho in "ot4.iYI'ck Miss
Essi L. E KorrTd of CI el y a-d Mr.
- Hurry Smt'h of FLin ric-', S. it, wee
united i i the holy bonds of matrimony
ly Rev H. A. Merf 1 , .
Mr, and Mrs. S'lii h left on the even
ing train for i bndal trip in northern
Cities. - - ,
.. ..... ; " i.-. .... i ,
- Don't let the cold , snap
. catch you without al heater
from J. S Basnight Hdw.
Co.' 67 S ;. Front St., , Phone
59. ,
Methodist Conte e c Appoints Ksw
; ' Ee. a Dl3t c:. .
'KiMtron Nov 2' Thv fi.flowing are
tho appointnien s f the North Caro
lina Con fu e c for the coming year, ai
annum td by t-iehop h. k. Hou, a
tiie clojing s i. tion o the eon'ereace
Mond y nio ning. ; '.
' -New Dern District,1 J. E Underwood
. . P. , E, - Atlan ic, lupplied by E : I.
;. Dcill; LVaufort sta , J. II. McCracken;
Bridgeton circuit. J. 'M. 'Wright; Car
Uret circuit, C. O. Duriit; Povir cir
cuit, M, W., D tran; G ld3boro, ; St.
, raul, D. H. Tutile; Goldsboro,' St.
John's, J. H. Friziill '; Gul laboro cir
c nt. supi'liei by F. T. Fulcher; Grifton
citcuit, N. It. StricMin; Hookerton cir
cuit, W. K. Hocuti; Jones circuit, C,
I". Dl", Kii. num pt., F. S. Love; La
Gi.ii' riici i', mppliud by J. M. Ciira
way; M.u.h -nd Ciiy sta., E. II. Me
, Whmtrr; i.'t (lliva and FhIhoh, W. C.
Murritt; Mt. (iiv circuit, J. J. Loone;
jY n.Tn, C'iiirn:.ry, J. J!, Hurley;
(I r , :, , I'ort hi,.i;H, It, V'.. I'ilt
liui.j O i . r 1 1 :1, V.'. l'.ill.-n; I'.unlii'O cir
riiil. ipi 1 I by VV. I! 1 1 umMi-; Scvn
,' ; ;t v. n v I' K. .Mm-
Convention Now in Session hi. This
,City, Inclement Weather Keeps
' Many Away. "
- Yesterday morning at ten o'clock the
Craven County Sunday School Conven
tion convened in Centenary Methodist
church in this city; Owing to the In
clement weather which prevailed all du
ring the day, the attendance was not as
large as had been expected; but the in
terest manifested in the proceedings by
those present was very gratifying.
. Two sessions were held during the
day. At the morning session Mr. J,
Van Carter, Stats Secretary of Sunday
Schools, held a round-table . discussion
on 'Teacher's Training."
At the afterrioon session he discussed
In a very thorough way "Sunday-School
Management," Other short talks were
made by members.' '
Today two sessions will be -held, the
first to begin at 10 o'clock this morning.
A cordial invitation is extended the
public to attend these sessions.
Your druggist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any
case of Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Pro
truding Piles in 6 to 14 days. 60c.
Mrs. Chas. P. Bolles, Well Known in
New Bern, Passes at Wilmington.
The following Item clipped from the
Wilmington Star of Sunday will be read
with regret by many New Bern people.
Mrs. Bolles had Visited in New Bern a
number of times and. has a host of
friends and admirers, who will remem
ber her as Miss Abbie Chadbourn: .
The corr.mwdty " wi a shocked and
many friends were deeply grieved to
learn of the passing of. Mrs Abbie
Chadbourn Bolles, the beloved wife of
Dr. Chas. P. Bolles, and daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. 'H. Chadbourn, who
entered into rest at 4 o'clock yesterday
afternoon at the family residence, Mo.
119 Nun street, after a brief illness.
Besides her husband and parents she
is survived ' by four children and one
tister, Mrs, J. W. Stanley, ard those
so sorely bereaved have the tenderest
sympathy of many friends here and
elsewhere in their trying hour.
Mrs. Bolles was a devout member of
the Presbyterian Chmch from girlhood
and hers was a most beautiful Christian
life, i Her sweet and kindly disposition
endeared her to all within the circle of
her acquaintance and her parsing is
mourned by hundreds. .
Mr. and Mrs. Chadbourn were in
New York City and a telegram was sent
them late yesterday afternoon convey
ing to them the sad intelligence of the
patting of their beloved d ughtor. Tbey
are expected to arrive tod.iy.' Mrs.
BoMe,had been 111 only air cs Friday
night snl her passing came altogether
m.expsctedly to hir loved ones and
f. iends. . - : . L; ' .
Future. Eleotricity Will Eventual
. ly Perform, Alt Of Man's
- Work. '
Washington, Nov. 29 Predicting that
some day the greatest warships will be
operated throughout and propelled by
electricity Thomas A Edison, "Wizard
of Menlo Park," following ; a visit to
the navy yard here, says. ' "The time
is coming not far off when electricity
will perform every function on a battle
ship now exercised . by steam, pit er
gasoline. Not only is this . true of the
movement of the big guns, the hoist
ing of the ammunition and the control
of the Intricate mtchipery, but el Ctrl
city will yet be the . motivo power with
which these: great vessels themselves
are propelled. . ''Electricity constitutes
the nerves of a great , fighting machine
and through it many: things in the fu
ture, not yet completely understood,
will be accomplished, ' Human agency
even now hse been eliminated tn many
ways and absolute accuracy "obtsined
where formerly there was large uncer
tainty." ;, '';. ' '..
The wizard said he was not able to
talk fo'iticf, rut expie-'aed the follow
ing opinions; '. 1 .
"I fail to see' wheruln the dissolu
tions of the. trusts are doing any par
ticular good. The Sherman law docs
not Bcem to fit at it should. But dis
solution is not in reality destroying the
trusts. It simply permits them to dis
solvcjuf ter a f million and th"n reorganize
in vai i iiiH fitat.s with the same general
stockholilers and directors and continue
as separate cotiipanies, dning what tbey
h ive linen forliiiblen to do by the c urts
hh ona l)i(j company. There is some.
t'.Iri? wrupir in Umt condition that
' ' i. ; I, f-ir if ti.e one ciri-
Departuieuts. Red Tape Causes
Waste. What . Commission
. Has Found..
Washington, Nov. 28th. Burdened
with years of moss laden tradition and
held fast in meshes of red tape, the U.
Sgovernmentli' following a wasteful
system of administration which in its
sum total dwarfs the extravagances of
all history, Gleaned from a thousand
leaks, the governmental waste express
ed in money re tehee a staggering sum.
It is known that the commission has
found a large percentage of wasted en
ergy and money in every department of
the government. Just what the gener
al average is has n t yet been Btruck,
but a comparatively small percentage
oT money waste on the enormous busi
ness conducted will reach staggering
figures in the aggregate. It takes more
than a billion dollars a year to run the
ordinary affairs of the government. In
addition about three billions more pa?s
in and out of the departments. The
commission has found that with every
movement of these tremendous amounts
there is waste, and that wasted efforts
involving waste of money has grown
up around every function of national
' Too many false motions in the con
duct of the government's business too
much use of the hands, and not enough
of lhj head together with the hamper
ing oi administrative reform by the te
nacious hold of archaic methods is said
to be at the root of the trouble. For
instance, the commission has discovered
that no fewer than eighteen intricate
and entirely different systems of book
keeping are in vogue in the treasury
department. This necessitates the
same work being done over and over
again at a great cost in time and labor.
It will recommend that this complex
mass bs simplified into one system. The
congressional "pork barrel" will come
in for the commisiiion's condemnation.
The greater part of the annual -distri
bution of about $G0, 000,000 in congress
ional district appropriations is declared
to be absolute w.iste, with further
waste occuring in the handling of each
dor I ion which the district gets.
Condition?, such as senator LaFollette
discusses in his autobiography will be
gone into ia the report. When the Wis
consin senator first went to Congress,
the government was renting postal ser
vice cars from the railroads for $500,
000 more annually thn it would coat
to build, equip aud keep the cars in re
pair. He declared that when he re
turned to the seriate seventeen years
later the same rental was still being
paid, and in spite of his effoi ts to get a
change, the matter is still left to be
threshed out in ths next Congress. The
same conflict of method and in many
cases duplication of woric that exists
with the treasury department has been
fourd throughout. The waste does not
exist in Washington only, but extends
wherever the government sails a ship
or has a task. In some places the waste
is comparatively trivial, and in others
the average is brought up by the exist
ence of costs that can be totally elimi
nated. In conjunction with ths plans
of secretary of the navy Meyer to plaee
his department on a better business
plane, the commission has worked out
an elaborate report, in which the exec
utive can find at a clance the needless
details of administration aid eliminate
thorn. The s m plan is to be applied
to other departments. .
New Bern, Take Notice.
Mr. Editor Please stop my ad at
once, Since my last ad was placed in
your paper my business has increased
so I cannot hardly wait on my custo
mers. Please stop until further notice.
One fine mule for sale. "Big Hill,'
the Shlng'le and Paper Roofing Man.
. v. i
Nov. 28 The people In this place are
very busy houseiog their crops,. -
We are having some very cool watth
er at the present time, -,' v " , ,
' Mr. J.. A, Everton has purchased a
fine mule and buggy, and he is also on
the sick list. We hope he will soon
improve. ' ';. - : .-''' ''.'I ''- .'
Mr. R. C. Wayn of this place, baa
excepted a position with the Roper
LumberCo.. - - .'-- . .'
Messrs Luther Thomas, and Lewis
Rowe taken their best g iris out driving
this afternoon. ' - v .v" '
Mist Laura Harris of BlounU Creek,
starded school at this place the 27ih,
we hope her much success.
Mr. Hazel . Staplefoid has ' returned
home from the Raleigh High School.
Mr, M. D. Wayne spent last Wed
nesday in New Bern, he reported a fine
There will ba a basket party at the
school house at this pluce on the 2nd,
everybody invited to com and biiij
v i '1 C'i d p - l.ut book.
Young Man Caught in Shafting of
Giu and Body Horribly Man
gled. One Leg Toiu Oil".
News was received by telephone to
the Journal last niht of a horrible ac
cident whhh occurred at J. 1. Loe &
Co's cotton gin in Arapahoe yenterday
afternoon an I in which one young nuui
lost his life and another, who tried to
save him, was badly injured.
In some way Mr. James Bennett, the
twenty year-old son of Mr. E l. B -n-nett,
of that place, anil who was em
ployed at the cotton gin, Locamp entan
gled in the shafting of the in and was
whirled around for a number of times.
The engine was stoppe 1 as soon as pos
sible and the mangled remains of the
unfortunate young man was taken
from the shafting. One leg- was com
pletely torn from his body and the oth
er onu wai Barely banning. The young
man lived about three-quarters f an
hour after the accident.
Mr. John Rawls, another employe at
the gin, attempted to rencue liennett
and was so badly injured t hut ho re
quired the attention of a physician.
Tnis terrible calamity has a depressing
effect on that entire community.
Just Received
1 solid carload of Brass ami Iron
Beds, we can give you good strong Iron
Beds as low as $2 50 each, 2 inch post
for $8.00 that beats anything you ever
saw for the price.
.1. S. MIl.LIOU,
The Furniture Man.
Convention Comes to a Close.
The Craven County Sunday School
Convention which e nvened in this city
Tuesday morning came to a close yes
terday afternoon.
The attendance was larger than on
the previous day and much more inter
est was manifested Mr. J. Van Carter
delivered an interesting address during
the day's session. The next conven
tion will be held at Vancehoro.
Cause, Kitcnt and Ki'itn'd y. KV-
quiremeuts For Nuchas in
Protecting the Living
The requirements for success in any
effort to protect the living pine from
the destructive attack of the southern
pine beetle in the destruction of the
southern pine beetle in the bark of the
main trunks of the dying infested trees
before they leave the bark. This is ac
complished by the adoption of one or
more different methods of direct utili
zation of the infested trunks or treat
ment at direct expense in cases where
the wood can not be utilized, as speci
fied in Part IV of this series of articles
am) in special circular IV sent out from
the field station of the Bureau of Kn
tomology at Spartanburg, S.C
The attainment of the best succobs
from the practical application of any of
these methods will depend on their
adap'ation to local cond'ti ns and le
quireme its for disposing of the infested
timber and strict adherence to certain
detain Which are also'utely necessary
to the destruction of the bro ids.
'Th'jperlol ip which to locate and
mirk the trees thatare ncually infest
ed and In whlch'themirkf d trees should
be utilized or treat d to kill th- broods
it between the last of November and
the 1st, of the following M r h but in
some ca'es the period may be extended
to the l.tof My.
.. The adopt'on of the methods of de
stroying the fcrood which, in each case
U the most economical and effectual
can be determine 1 by the owners in
each community if they are sufficiently
informed on the essential facts,"
- Detailed advice, recommendations or
conclusions as to the m-Ht economical
and effective method of procedure for
any given area should be deferred until
certain reliable .' informal ion is at hand
in regard to the 1 csl condition at to,
(a) the character and extent of the in
festation, (t ) the interest, manifested
by the people of the community in the
value to them of the pine and the im-
! portance of protecting it as the source
of fulure revenue, (c) the assurance of
the majority of the owners that con
eerted action will he taken according to
a definite plan and purpose and finally,
if a demonstration ia desired that local
faculties will be offered for its tuocew
ful prosecution.
. If the owners of 'iib" a ill consider
the protection of thir timber from the
standpoint of a common interest and
will realize the nece tsity for concerted
action in the control work, success will
I - -,1.
Deputy IT. S. Marshal Contracts
Pneumonia While Destroying
Raleigh, N. C Nov. 28 -Deputy
United Statas Marshal J. B. Jordan
iliid of pneumonia at his home in Cary,
thin comity, after an illness of only a
few days. He contracted his fatal
sickness on a record-breaking raid of
hlockade distilleries in Franklin and
Durham counties two weeks ago when
he and Deputy Collector K. W. Merritt
cut up five big stills nnd captured there
bloclcadcTS lie had been in the service
as deputy marshal for twelve years and
was twice desperately wounded, first in
New Light section by a bloekader, and
last, about six years ago, in an unfor
tunate mistake encounter between two
squads of revenue raiders, There were
two raiding parties out in a dangerous
section of Chatham county. They met
in the darkness and each thought the
other was a party of armed blcckaders
and exchanged shots, with the result
that Deputy Jordan was wounded in
such manner that his life was despaired
of for quite a while. It is thought that
his old wounds and permanent constitu
tional weakness due to the wountls
made him a victim to the deadly in
roads of the pneumonia, which he oth
erwise would have thrown off. He was
lifly years old and leaves a wife and
several children. The funeral will be
held Sunday.
At the Soldiers' Home Friday there
parsed away Sidney Salmon, aged sev
enty years, who came to the home
seven years ago fiom Hear Creek ChiU
ham couivy, and was a veteran of Com-par-y
C. Fortieth North Carolina Regi
ment. Confederate army. He was bur
ied at the home this afternoon.
There have been held in this Sta 1
this fall twenty-one district and county
fairs, compared with seven held during
the season ot 191U Major W. A. Gra Commissioner of Agi icultine, has
visited quite a large number of the fairs
this season, and is enthusiastic iti prjise
of the excellence of nearly nil of them.
The indications, too, are that there will
be quite a large increase next year in
the number of f.iirs, eonipnred with
this season's record, anil that the stan
dard of the fairs wi:l advance verv con
siderably also.
A charter was isund for the Board
of Trade of EJenton, chartered for the
purpose of enlarging the business inter
est of this flourishing Kastern Carolina
city. Among the incorporators are L.
D. Bond. Fr ink Wo d, .1. N. I'rudell.
The hoard U chartered without capital
A Povurty Soihul
Will be given Friday ninbt Dec. 1st.
for the benefit of the Grade. I School at
Swansboro, there being a small fine im
posed upon any person that we.irs any
kind of respectable garment. Music
and smiles are free.
Married at Brldgelon.
The marriage of Mr. A M. Titig'e and
Miss Nellie Barker was sob mniz 'd at
Rridgeton last eyen'ng at 8:110 o'clock.
The wedding was known only to the
families concerned nnd was held at the
refidence of Rev. J. M. Wright, who
officiated. The bride is thedaugbter of
Mrs. Barker of Stella, N. C, and the
groom is a merchant of Bridgeton
They will reside at Bridgeton.
Early Morning Wedding,
Yesterday morning at 8:110 o'clock at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. S. J.
Hudson on Metcalf street, Mr. Ernest
II. Wood and Miss Lillian Fordham
were united in the holy b n ls of mat
rimony by Rev. J. B. Hurley. Immed
iately after the wedding rerrmory the
young couple were driven to the Union
station where they boarded a train en
route to northern cil its where they will
spend their honeymoon.
See our line of Coal and
Wood Heaters. J. S. Bas
night Hdw. Co. 67 S. Front
St.. Phone 99.
Record Train Run to Norfolk,
Tuesday at 1:32 p. m. Norfolk-South
ern engine No. 46 with parlor car Vance
left New Bern arriving at Norfolk at
'6:53 p. m., establishing a new record
m this line of 4 hand 21 min between
the two citiet. There wat a stop of 7
minutes at Washington and 8 minutet
at Edenton, both stop for eoal and wa
ter. , From 65 to 70 miles an hour wit
! made. , Thera were 8 open draw brldg-
et that caused delayt. Engineer Lewie
was on the engine and Capt. Allison in.
charge of the train, I
The occasion of the fast run wat the
serious condition of the young child of
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Barr. that had
to be taken to Baltimore for quirk
treatment, necessitating the charter
ing of the above special train to Nor-
Chief Rouse Shot By Negro. Three
'Possum Hnnteis Fired at in
The Darkness.
Last Saturday night at Dover Chief
W. G. Rouse of that place, hearing a
gun fire, following the report and found
a negro named Ben Matthews with a
gun in hin hands. Chief Rouse asked
the man why he bad fired. Matthewa
claimed it to be accidental. Turning
away the negro went several yards and
turning fired at Mr. Rouse. Several
shot struck him in the face but did him
no serioin injury, the negro escaped in
the darkness.
Last Monday night Messrs R. A,
Richardson, R. A. Rogers and Herman
West went, 'possum hunting and when
about three miles out from Dover two
shots in quick succession were fired at
the three men. In the darkners it was
impossible to tell who fired the shots.
The result of the shots were that Mr,
Richardson's face, breast and right
arm were filled with shot. Mr. Rogers
was slightly wounded in the forehead.
Mr, West was hit in the breast: the
shot failing to pierce through his cloth
ing, Mr. Richardson was severely but
not seriously hurt and is now confined
to his home at Dover receiving medical
While nothing certain is known as to
who fired the shots or why they were
fired, it is though by many people in
Hover that Ben Matthews, who fired at
Chief Rouse Saturday night, and whore
home is in Sand Hill Township Lenoir
county, is the person who fired. The
supposition being that the negro think
ing the 'possum hunters were following
him shot at them.
Basket Parly at Rhems.
There will be a basket party at Rhems
School house, Saturday night, Decem-
r 2nd, The proceeds to be used for
the benefit of the church at that place.
A cordial invital ion is extended to all
to attend and a pleasant evening is as
surred. Rnrn Completely Destroyed.
Dover, Nov. 2'.it.h. - Mr, E.F.. Daugh-
ti y lost his barn and stables last Thurs
day niht by fire. It is not known how
the (ire originated. Mr. Daughtry says
be Inst about 113 bales of hay and 20 or
110 barrels of corn by the fire. Estima
ted loss between three and five hundred
I d'ars.
Bridges. Mason
List night at the Baptist Parsonage
in IIih city, by Rev, K. 1 Carter, ill
the presence of a few friends, the mat-
riage of William Jefferson Bridges and
Mary Anne Mason was quietly solemn
ized. Mr. Bridges is with Armour
Co. of this i'itv and Miss Mabon'a home
was Richmond, Va.
Chinese Clovernmeut Suffers Se
vere Looses. Fighting In Dif
ferent Places.
Shanghai, Nov. 20 The rebels rushed
the Nanking fortifications and captured
the city after a desperate hand-to hand
fight, in which 700 Imperialisms and
500 revolutionists were killed. The
capture of Nanking by the revolution
ists is the heaviest blow the Govern
ment has suffered. It it an important
military depot and it commerce it ex
Details of the city's fail are lacking.
Goneral Chang it considered certain to
be beheaded The rebelt are certain to
avenge the Manchu massacre of the
Chinese inhabitanta three weekt ago.
But for the almost ilmultancoua cap
ture of Hanyang by the Imperialists the
lat ter a defeat at Nanking would proo
ably mean the Government a over
throw. At it ts the rebel victory at
Nanking and the Imperialist success at
Hanyang practically offset ona another!
Wuchang hat surrendered to the Im
perialists, The three townt of Hankow,
Hanyang and Wuchang are separated
from one soother only by forka of the
Yangtte river and practically const!
tuta a tingle, city. Definite newa hae
not been received from Hankow, but It
ia believed to have been already under
Imperialist cor t ml. -v i
Advices from Hanyang tay foreign
art, have barricaded the street leading
mto their concetti ma and are preparing
to offer desperate nwisUnce to any antl
foreign outbreak, . Maxim gun have
been mounted by the forelgnert, but It
la not believed that a vigoroua attack
could be withstood.
. ' . ' I
Don t say "they haven'
got it" till you've tried" us,
I J. SrBasnisht Hdw. Co.
To Pay Expenses Justice Depart
ment. Attorney General's
Washington, Nov. 29th. Attorneyv
General Wickeraham in his annual re
port which has been submitted to the
President, states that in the last fiscal
cat year hit department has been self
sustaining. The Attorney General also
states that during the year a little mora
than 4,000,000 in the nature of fines
was collected by his deparment, and
that this more than paid the expenses.
Last year the Department of Justice
collected $3,600,000 in fines. It was not
quite enough to balance the expenses
of different bureaus of the department.
The fines collected in both years were
from half a hundred different sources,
but the bulk of them came from timber
and public land cases and trust prosecu
tions. Attorney-General Wickersham
saya that hit report contains a state
ment showing just what had been ac
complished in the line of trust and oth
er prosecutions the department has
brought during the year.
On the three dissolution actions pend
ing, the Power Trust, the Plumbers'
Trust and the Harvester Trust, the
Attorney General says no definite de
cisions have been reached. He said he
could not say at this time, because hu
did not know whether all three of the
corporations named would dissolve with
out litigation. He siid the negotia
tions between the department and the
corporations looked to a dissolution
without any more court fighting were
on still. From other sources in the de
partment it was learned that the Pow
der Trust and Plumbers' Trust rases
probably would be concluded in a few
weeks; that the government and the
trust officials had about reached an
There is considerable doubt, however.
about the government and Harvester
trust ever coming to terms. The gov
ernment will not recede from its decla
ration last summer when the officials
of the Harvester Trust first made over
tures for a voluntary disolution. It was
laid at the department that the rmrtrrtf--
tions are that the Harvester people
will not agree to the government's
scheme of dissolution, but will fight the
case in the courts. The government
has its bill in equity drawn up and rea
dy to file.
Basket Party at Brick Kiln.
Jones County. Nov. 21. There will
be a bssket party given at Brick Kiln
school bouse on Dec, 8th. Everybody
ii cordially invited to come. Proceeds
go for benefit of school building.
Nov. 29--We lare having some very
cool weather now, hope it will continue
Miss Maude Wood spent Saturday
night and Sunday wi'h Mies Sallie Rus
The shadow party at Uavelock school
house Saturday night was quite a suc
cess, we made somo over thirty Hol
Mr. John I. Russell and family from
Cherry Peint, spent Saturday night and
Sunday at Havelock,
Messrs Jones and Watson from Slo-
"uma Creek were visitors at Dover
Misses MauJa Wood and Sallie Rut-
sell will spend Thanksgiving at River-
dale and will return Sunday night.
Messrs Wood and Taylor were visi
tors at Havelock Saturday night.
Mr. M. F. Russell went to Washing
ton, N. C. Sunday morning,
Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Wynne, who'
have been spending some time with
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Y,
Wynne left Saturday, afternoon on thai
five o'clock train for their home in
South Carolina.
Wa are glad to have Mr. and Mrs.
John Dfpoorte from Grand Rapids.
Michigan with ut sgnln.
Mr. Walter Lee Falwell from River-
dale waa a visitor at Havelock Sunday.
The "pretty girl'e cake" waa present -
ed to Mist Maud Wood at the party
Saturday night. Many thanka t our .
Cherry Point frienda.
Mrs. Armstrong a pent awhile at Mra.i
RueeeU'i Sunday afternoon.
. Miss Hazel Rooks tpent Wednesday
In New Bern. ,
It does not alwayt pay "The Belles"
to ba to popular aa they were Saturday
Prof. M, A, Hill Will tpend Thanka.
giving with his family at Beaufort. He
will return to hit school Moaday morn
ing. i.:
Mr, Tom H. Smith returned to New
Bera Wednesday morning after spend
ing week at Cherry Point huntii :
Wa would be glad to hem- fm
Croatan and Riverdale com

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