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    1 JSHM"
35th YEAR
i japt Qr-ypu discontinues vaudeville.
WbM Quickly
F.ll, Am Easy Prey
Urn la New
After Being Separated From Snug
Sum Goea Hone To Get Tea
Thousand More.
New York, July 3. Daring all the
many yean that Edward Lee Baxter
Daviion had been living in the pro
gressive town of Charlotte, N. C,
it was his foolish belief (hat the only
way to make money is to work for it.
He was encouraged in this delusion
by the realisation that his account
in the local bank was swelling nicely
so nicely that last month lie was in
position to prepare for a trip to Eu
' Leading about 11,000 in cash and a
draft for $10,000 by the right hand, he
arrived in this hospitable village on
June 22. Four days later he waa going
to accompany a steamship to the other
He registered at the Hotel Martinique
After he had shoved his steamer trunk
under the bed and had placed bit tooth
brush on the glass rack he went to the
hotel lobby.
To a well dressed young man flirting
carelessly with the railroad folders it
waa obvious that Davison, waa a
stranger and should be cared for. Con
sequently Use young man spoke to Davi
son and was cordially made an acquaint
ance. The young man, not wishing to
intrude V the Southcner had other
gested and soon after exe-
Pictures Exclusively Will Be Shown
At The Athens Theatre.
After considerable deliberation Lo
vick and Taylor, managers of the Athens
theatre, which is one of the largest
and most handsomely ' furnished in
the State, have decided to follow the
action of the largest and best theatres
in the State and discontinue their
vaudeville bill during the summer
- Three reels of excellent pictures
will be shown each night, there being a
continuous performance beginning at
8 o'clock and the usual matinee will
be held. A reduction in the price
of admission will be made during the
period in which there will be no vaude
ville. Formerly the price has been
ten and fifteen cents, but in the future
the price of admission will be five and
ten cents, a ticket admitting the holder
to any part of the house.
The theatre is equipped with twenty
oscillating fans and its patrons are
assured of finding a cool place when
they go there.
That Number Of Coffins Sent To
Gettysburg For Veterans By
War Department.
Much Of Credit For Low Death
Rate Due To Secretary Gar
rison's Firmness.
Go To Rochester Prepared To Show
Beauties Of Northwest.
Baltimore, July 5. All the way from
Seattle, Wash., and the States of the
Northwest, 72 members of the Order
of Elks, on their way to the an
convention of Elks, which will open
in Rochester, N. Y., on Monday next,
stopped in Baltimore last evening, and
were entertained by the local lodge at
their home, 307 West Fayette street.
They arrived from Washington yester
day afternoon, and left for Philadelphia
this morning.
The visitors left Seattle Saturday
afternoon on a special train, and are
due in Rochester Monday. They
o i. t r i r n i- t-w" make a Did lor tne convention
Gettysburg, Pa., July 5. Basing itst, ... . . . 1Q1, T.
calculations on me records oi tne ren-I . . . ... ... l JL
.Z ZZ1 u,.ui . , Printing their own daily newspaper,
1 , with news from Seattle, and are carry
500 deaths among the veterans in the
Succumbs To An Attack Of Heart
Disease On The Road Near
Core City.
Authorities And Citizens Defray
Expeasee Of Interring
pW SUgge
cutWafrip to the haunts of the wild
animals In Central Park.
In the cafe the well-dressed young
man was met by a friend who almost
, a pocaet in trying to remove an
H Toll of yellowbacks in an un
stteus manner,
"Introduce me to the new branch of
the United States Mint," remarked the
young man interestedly.
is a mere nothing," rejoined
Ms friend, carelessly. "When 1 ase so
many really intelligent young men
George Simmons and 'daughter, Miss
otfle, of PoHoksville, wertr among
the visitors in the city yesterday .
(Special to the Journal.)
Pofloksville, July 4. 'On the evening
of July 3 the writer had a ride in the
neighborhood looking over the crop
conditions on the Simmons place 2
miles from this place, owned by Mr.
C. E. Foy, and operated by Mr.
John Pritchet. I found 25 acres of
the best corn I have ever seen. It
stands 14 inches in the row; the rows
are five feet apart, the corn is as green
from the bottom blade to the top
as green corn can be. It stands from
8 to 10 feet high, and is just tasseling
and nilkintr. This 25 acres is eood
M.V for 1,250 bushels of corn or perhapi
Mr. Prjtchet is one of the
workin for money it breaks
. . . 1 even more
TSvl. ii- . ku'i.u .nH I scientific medal farmers of Jones
... , . , I county. He also has 40 acres of fine
"" cotton which is ood for at least
mat cany racing resuus one wuiu - , , .
..t.. fnrt-n in twentv minutes. My five hundred pound bales.
That was a severe shock'' to Mr.
DavieoaiteUigence. He had wasted
fifteen Of twenty regular years trailing
for mm Sam's visiting cards. And
so easy to make)
After several minutes he at length
persuaded the young man to accept a
fear doners from' him for sample bets.
On the Ravens wood Farm, a place
of over 1,500 acres clean, belonging
to Messrs. C. E. Foy, J. W. Stewart,
T. A. Usmell of your city, and Mr.
W. S. Chadwick of Beaufort, I found
several hundred acres of corn that
is worth seeing by lovers of fine crops.
This is one of the finest farms in North
Carolina. The crops this year on the
Mow more about this road to riches P under the aUful manage
I w r- l l u 117:11:- 11 : u
. . a ... ment oi mr. coo. n. wiiiiams. nu
ami, on oeing assurea me more . . , ,
he handed $700 to the ' well-dressed" ff"' - if" -
I De one OI tne nunci lanus ui lire
country. In the whole tract of land
there are 18,000 acres. Some of the
finest forest timber lands in Eastern
Carolina is in this vast tract
Mr. Robert V. Taylor, who owns and
operates on a part of the J. C. Bryan
place, 2 miles out on the Trenton
road, has the best cotton seen this
the county by the writer,
young man.
Somehow or other the money was
lost, but, said the well-dressed one,
Davison should not be discouraged.
He should make a bigger bet..
"Could you use this $10,000 draft?"
TheV could, if they knew that Mr.
Davison really had the money. Mr.
rv-.j i:i ..uli.. k. year in
that he had by going to his home though thert may be better or as good
, - i,. . i u somehwere else. His is from 18 to 24
SSSfenuf iv. lie wem lw.1 w uw-
leete and these opened his heart to
Frank Osborne, brother of James W
Osborne, the lawyer of this city
inches high and looks good and thrifty.
Polloksville Township is the banner
township of the county. In all things
ing p. moving picture outfit, with which
they show the beauties of the North
west at all their stopping places.
Among the party are R. L. Hodgdon
exalted ruler of the Seattle Lodge, and
Frank B. Lamb, district deputy grand
avaltul f-t.lotr TIimj or. Mmiiiw 9 OOO
a.rman of the Mary mnatfe .po their emWem',
to distribute at the convention.
peace camp on the Gettysburg battle
field. That number of coffins were
sent here before the camp opened.
Just eight have been used.
"It is a remarkable record," said Gen.
land commission and a past national
commander-in-chief of the Grand Army
of the Republic. "It is inconceivable
almost, that between 50,000 and 60,000
old soldiers could have spent a week
in camp during such hot weather
without a heavy death rate."
General King was connected with
the Pension Bureau a number of years
and says he would not have been sur
prised at the death rate anticipated
by the War Department.
"Much of the credit for the low death CRAVEN
rate is due, undoubtedly, to the de
mand of Secretary of War Garrison
that the special trains bringing the
veterans here be run out to the camp."
said Major James E. Normoyle, camp
quartermaster. To have compelled Daniel Lane of this county is one
the old soldiers to walk out from of the thousands of veterans who
Gettysburg would have meant many attended the great reunion at Gettys-
more deaths than we have had. burn this week. He sends the Journal
Major Normoyle is the recipient of the following most interesting letter
hearty congratulations on the perfect which he himself entitles "Tenting
sanitary arrangements that prevail, on the Old Battle Ground'
Despite the fact that more than
su.wu men nave uvea in it lor neany Getvghur p, iutv 2. 1913,
a week the camp is in an unusually It ig a,mogt impogBible for anyone Mt
I attending the reunion to grasp or
imagine its physical, social and moral
To use the term "great" or "grand"
is not up to the occasion. We are here
not simply to eat, drink and be merry,
though we are doing all this. We
are here to show the world a lesson
farms and farmers. We pay the most
taxes. We cast the biggest Demo
cratic vote of any other township.
W.J.. . 1 . . .. J.
Frank Oshome, suspicious, Instructed "e e T'"!
Davison to see James W. This he did
and Mr. Osborne took Davison to Depu
ty Police Commissioner Dougherty, l, , ' , .
' . , r. p. , . . ..." i. We have produced one of the greatest
,0 the suspect, that DavUon M .Utesmen in the country m the peraon
arrive here yesterday morning, via P" "-"
.L- D. l.U I J. B. B
Davison and Detective Van Cott, to
carry out their plan, went to Newark
yesterday morning and came in on a
train from there. When the quarry
appeared Davison was to signs! the
detective by setting his straw hat far
back on his head
"John Joan'' and George Harris,
teas sfli ill ' VLA
good sanitary condition. It is claimed
by army officers and experts to be
one of the njost perfect military camps jmport.
as iar as sanitation is cuncerneo mat
the world has ever seen.
Three great incinerators were erec
ted in the center of the camp, and in
these all the offal is burned eachmorn-
ii.iv TKo iirotur .a tha ntirrtct that
i r - M w- a ft that no other nation or people can
is prepared under the most careful shW' Uty. th0U8and men h WW
I fa! 1 U11LC ciKiiiico) iiuw vamping , 1
I 1 .1. .... ..-A
has resulted in an unusually good . "
condition of health amone the 50.000
veterans, few of them under 70 years " 18 a inspiration and will go aown
Of aire and most of them nearer 80. n history M the greatest event of this
Major Normoyle came here months nation
ago with a force' of assistants and has Some, with a little spark of envy or
been here constantly ever since build- prejudice still ranking in their hearts,
ing the camp and handling the details may deny the above assertion, but if
of the arrangements. He gives un- they were here, they could not gainsay
stinted praise for their great work the assertion,
to Major P. C. Hutton, chief Sanitary We are camping by States and are
officer; Major. W. R. Grove, Capt. mjnKiinK freely. exchanging con-
George E. Stewart and Capt. W. B . j gratulations, talking over the past
Mci-asicer, oi tne commissary aepart- and never before has such a peace
ment, and Major Robert U. Patterson embassy met on this or any other con
and Lieut.-Col. Alfred E. Bradley, Hnent since the aneels sanat the notes
of the medical corps, and Lieutenant 0f "Peace on earth and goodwill to
Henry, in charge of the field hospital au mankind," on the Judean hills
t Y It 1 1 xL I
servicee. oionei urao.ey nas oeen tne w . . . .
chief medical officer of the camp. ...,. m t,..i tk. D,
. . r.. J! i I .1 .aa.aa.v....... . -a-, . ..... .
major ratterson aireciro. tne worst f p,nn.vlvani- anH ih. maHe
of the 14 Red Cross Stations. i. , i .j , t
The veterans have had every conve- . . th1-1Bll. tKat rnil,H h, but
nience, with the exception of the shower CtAonti Bennett H. Young of Western
bath. I U. . ... tU. lr.vnn nf tho
aaaaaaa. faaa . a. aaa. vaaa. avva v.v
situation and elicited for the governor
t n , I I ..-II- (
It c na...f M,,.!,,! c,m,.l Iill oi reansyivsnia rea! rcuri yen.
J. wa. V.aaa7 ...uaau-a ; , ..
returned yesterday from an official "l y . """' "
a:.:. M l.a.oJ but as nearty.
we air um oniy uaviun a wjvaw
reunion, but the Blue and tne urey
realizing that there must, with most
of us, be another meeting over the
river very soon; we meet on the streets
at night and under the glare of a thou
sand electric lights we are singing the
Automobile Dashes Into Telephone
Pole At Morehead City.
(Special to the Journal.)
Atlantic Hotel, Morehead City, July
lias I ouk U What came near being a serious
Waxenburg. alias George Hobart, met 'aul accident occurred here
.h- train Tfc-v oviwhrfm nivl. this afternoon when Dr. W. E. Headen
with the effusiveness of 'their greeting. attempting to save ma nat irom
Back want the straw hat and into ru being blown away as he was driving
in his automobile,
Nurse Held Laughing Child Close
To Infuriated Beast.
Atlanta, July 3. It's, negro nurse
held the laughing baby of Mrs. John
Harmon Denmark of the Grant Park
section of Atlanta, close to the cage of
a lioness in the Park Zoo, thus teasing
the animal into springing at the bars
and clawing through them at the
Keeper Boyd came along just in
time, for the lioness, becoming enraged,
was throwing herself with violence
at the bars, its claws each time coming
nearer the baby.
The keeper snatched the baby away
and notified the mother. It was all
Boyd and a policeman could do to stop
Mrs. Denmark from attacking the nurse
when she reached the park.
Children's Day exercises will be held
the second Sunday in July at Mace
donia Church at Ernul. Everybody is
invited to come and bring well-filled
baskets, as dinner will be served at
A white woman about fifty years of
age, whose name is unknown to tne
authorities at that place, died yester
day near Cove City. The woman, who
was accompanied by an imbecile dau
ghter, has visited Cove City several
times in the past few years and was
looked upon there as a tramp. Of late
she has been seen much between Tren
ton and that town and it is supposed
that she walked through the country;
stopping at farm houses wjjttwerbie Chuieh..
in A wtianavar tlin it-t--ri unit.' oraal .. .
aiiu iivuv v vi iiiv vlpui iuiiiv T waa
Heart disease caused the woman's
death and when the end came she was
walking along the road near the home
of a farmer who resides not far from the
town. Her body was removed to this
ouse and the authorities were notified.
County Commissioner White telephoned
to C. D. Bradham in this city, chair
man of the Board of Commissioners,
and asked what disposition to make
of the body. The State law says that
only bodies of Confederate veterans
or their widows are to be buried at the
expense of the county while all others
are to be turned over to the State
Medical College. However, although
there were no relatives to claim the
body, the authorities and several citi
zens at Cove City decided to inter
the remains at their own expense
The woman's half-witted daughter
is now at Cove City, but will be brought
to New Bern this morning and placed
in Sheriff Lane's charge.
L, T. Henderson, representing the
L. T. Henderson Company of Char
lotte, is in the city attending to busi
ness matters and is a guest of his bro
ther, D. E. Henderson. Mr. Henderson
has recently purchased the business
owned by the Consolidated Tire and
Oil Company in that city and the fol
lowing article relative to this trans
action appeared in a recent issue of the
Charlotte Observer:
"Mr. L. T, Henderson has recently
purchased the stock and business
formerly owned by the Consolidated
Tire & Oil Co. Mr. Henderson has
had about five years experience in the
tire and oil business and has recently
put sufficient amount of money in that
line of business to do exclusive whole
sale business in North and South Caro
lina. The business will run under
the name of L. T. Henderson Com
pany, Mr. H. B. McGill will be man
ager of the Charlotte office. It is Mr.
Henderson's intention to establish
agencies throughout North and South
Carolina, therefore the greater part
of his time will be taken up on the
road. His company will be exclusive
representatives of the Hood Rubber
Company, Watertown, Mass., and The
Adamson Manufacturing Company,
East Palestine, 0."
Men Who Have F
In Charge Hold Im;
Session. Hat
WsbB fiftftafiflt
Cleveland, O., July 5. John D.
Rockefeller, richest man in the world,
will have to have a new pew built
before he can enjoy his wonted com
fort in church on Sundays.
A bolt of lightning struck the
. .a v a. a . ,a
spire o! tne cucna-zivenue oapiisi
church Friday afternoon, ripped its way
through the roof and demolished John
D.'s pew. Several other pews in the
vicinity were wrecked, bat the big ball
of fire did no further damage. The
lightning flash failed to start a fire.
No one was in the church at the
time it was struck. The lightning
struck the tip of the spire, ripped tis
way down the slate covering to the
roof, wrenched a great hole in the roof CIT,MN8 0F NO. 7 TOWNSHIP
ana pa&sea on uuwu uuuuyu vn
. jr.
Committee To Investigate Vari
ous Lighting and Water
The Board of Trustees of the Craven
County Farm Life School hsM SSSi
important meeting at the office of
S. M. Brinson, county superintendent
of public schools, Inst Friday morning.
The main object of this
to discuss the purchase of a
water and lighting system for tike
A representative from the Fairbanks
Morse Company and also from the
Leader system works
and laid their propositions
Board. Considerable time
in this matter and at the
the matter was referred to Dr. J.
Turlington, principal of the
and to D. P. Whitford for investigation
and these gentlemen are to
on their findings at the next
of the Board.
The installation of a modern !
and water system is of vital importance
to the Board of Trustees and ail who
are connected with the school, and
they are desirous that the very (Met
shall be secured. Dr. Burlington and
Mr. Whitford will probably visit sev
eral schools in this State and in
spect the systems used there before
making their report.
A committee composed of S. M.
Brinson and Dr. J. E. Turlington was
appointed to secure bids for furnishing
the dormitory of the school. This
dormitory will be furnished in the most
approved manner, a simple yet com
fortable style. The committee will
secure bid s on this . furniture, first
from the local dealers and then from
dealers, outside of the city, they de
siring to purchase the furnishings
at the most reasonable price.
Miss Elizabeth Moore of Illinois,
graduate of the Lewis Institute at
Chicago, 111., was selected to tain? i
the Domestic Science
of the school. Miss Moore has spent
several years in this work and Somes to
the Craven county school' highly
Before bringing the meeting to a
close the work now being
school building and the
home was discussed and
seemed very much
progress which has and is
church, ripping and tearing the planks
as. if they were made of paper, and af
ter ripping a big hole in the floor, dis
appeared in through the basement in
to the ground
struction of new pews.
Mfivt Tni.Hav thr tax navers of
Work will be rushed on the con-1 ? TowngMp
proposition to consolidate alt the
schools in that township. This is
matter which has recently been aaitated
a great deal in that township aVdthM
citizens, it is said, are almost unam
mously in favor of the plan.
If the election carries, and there
Youth with Hie Leg Crushed Whis
tles When She Comes Near.
The Struggle Discourages Many a I tonK. 0f Zion, talking and praying to
Citizen of New Bern. gether that this reunion may prove
Around all day with an aching back, not oniy a cementing tie binding to
Can t rest at night; I gether one great nation in the bonds of
Enough to make any one "give out." universal peace, but helping us all to
Doan's Kidney fills are helping be ready for the general roll call
thousands. land the great reunion that will usher
They are for kidney and backache; the faithful into the eternal presence
And other kidney ills. j tne author and King of Peace.
Here is convincing proof of their Uucle Sam and the State of Pennsyl
merit.: vania have gone to much expense
J. A. Williams, 20J McDaniel St., to make this reunion possible and
todv went his receotion commtttaw. down the street in his automowie, Kinston. N. C. says: "Doan's Kidney Lrft hr .H are imnresaed that
charged with grand lar- momentarily lost control oi tne macnioe p,8 proved of more benefit to me than it , the best investment ever made
t the West Thirtieth tobd int" "'ph !. any other remedy I ever used and it iB th,t direction; as a universal peace
would be impossible for me to my too movement. The reguler U. S. soldiers
much in their praise. I had kidney are fere on duty by the hundreds
trouble for a long time and was caused amf they seem to meet their duties
much annoyance by a frequent desire ; making the old veterans comfortable,
to pass the kidney secretions. There kth all the honor due to the sged
was also lameness through the small and infirm.
of my back that on some occasions made a number of the old veterans have
it hard for me to attend to my work I yielded to the fatigue and excitement
used many remedies but the benefit the camp life and 6 or 8 have died,
I obtained was only temporary. I but this is not a great mortality when
finally got a box of Doan's Kidney we remember that the average age
Pills snd soon after using them, I was over 70 years, and that there ere
cured. about 50,000
For sale by all dealers. Price SOI They are beginning to break ranks.
cents. Foster-Milbura Co., BuBslo, Many went home Wednesday and met
New York, sole agents for the United wju go Thursday. Some will stay
States. I to see the end. Friday the 4th, and
Remember the name Deans ad I all pronounce it the greatest meeting
While he was being carried to an u u.. itte dbt that it will, a large
ambulance with his right leg nearly blown two itory brick structure will be
off by a soda water tank explosion at Thurman This will contain
at Glen Island. Robert Boulle, 16 years l)Jur recitation rooms and an audi
old, of New Rochelle, began to whistle rium. Several acres of land will be
"Here comes my Daddy now" when be devomf to a demonstration farm and
was told that his sister was approach- this will be under the direct supervision
ing. ' I of the airicultural teacher of the
The ruse worked, for his sister,Cfmyen county farm Life School
thinking he was oniy sisjnuy our.. R colutructed wagons will
pent the rest 01 tne oay ww aw 4. uwd : convevina the pupils to
friends. I . th rhm'. Cverv morning
Boulle was cMiing wwn compre .. the routA,,
air the soda water tank at the, Bead , ... , .nH r.m th-m to
ni '. 9 .f" ! f
and brought before I bending one fender and breaking
aw Douahcrtv who ne ante. The car was running at
found that 'Harris waa -ntenred in a speed of about twenty-five miles sn
In WW to two and one-half I hour- Accompanying Ur. Heaflen was
years for swindling. Harris remarked .J000 ""
that the ideatlfaallM rUm
IWWtv said that h. liUvrf ,h,l HEW CORPORATION
prisoaerv too 000 from Samuel T" Bo- Lun,ber 5 -
Ctark of Gilt load. Aris.. on fun 20. principal office near Morehead
Site ahowine Mr. Clark tha tntra.t- P-'. WM raaiea cenincaie 01 incor
New York poration last weea to conauct a general
timber and lumber business. The
into ooe hundred shares, with $3,000
Ne paid In capital. The Inc
Plant, were! G. L. Simmons, of
a yesterday
Lawn when it exploded. He was taken
to the New Rochelle Hospital, where his
leg was amputated New York Times.
I of the papih' homes and carry them to
the school. In the afternoon, alter
the day's session has closed, the pupil
will be carried home. This method
doeoa the
-rrr w
Rev. R. F. Pittman, lata of Moody's
Bible Institute, Chicago, will arrive
in the city Tuesday, July 8th and wiH
begin a series of meetings at. the
Kre Will Baptist Church on
street. Services will begin
The oublic is invited to attend
services, and the Christian peoat of
the chy of all deaoauaactaaa. are
especially asked to come end help
in the saving of precious souls.
Mr. Pittman will be iimijmhjgejl hp
many as having conducted a revival
at this church in May of last
and the powerful
and the noble work
live long in the minds of those who wore
fortunate as to coma aaaar Me
influence. Mr. Pittman wta no anastao
the meeting by his wile, who wia
have charge of the choir.
Eugene Williams, owner and pro
prietor of the aew garage now being
erected on Craven street on the she
of the building which for several years
Vail UJ vass ava - g
is used extensively in school, in the was occupied by the Journal, aaa
W, aH North and has moved aa automata, gasoHaa pump ai
entirely satisfactory.
The net proceeds of the sale of re-
I . U. L"ia. f .mnnHs rin
ummmmu --. f o Tn RTIinv
July 4 by the City BesutHul UMM m
a a-.... Jll Tk. .ai. Ml .a- I W. aa
was an, mum. "alas v. ia.w
menu amounted to more taan a
hundred dollars but the Club was put to
laeshhwsMs sapse.11
New York, July . Seventy Rus
sian educators are expected to arrive
Sunday or Monday for the purpose
of studying educational, commercial
and social conditions here. They will
Wffl ta rotg Rh iXlaaa be entertained in this city by the
Neuralgia, Headachea, Cnunpt, Merchants' AswKiation. Businessmen
Colic, Sptalaa, Bntiaat, Cate and believe the strained commercial re-
Banw.OM Soroa. Stingt of Insocts I lations between the unite stetee
Bit ngdhagdh etijnm. mill III Itlnnii will be adjusted as a n
tarnauy mi tztataaUy. Prica ZSc o the trip,
on the sidewalk in front of the structure.
This pump, which very much reejgjMee
the water hydrants ased by W Oty,
one of the Utest models of aasaas
of thU kind and wdl na a magf ana
want of local gasoline users, sa H win
be necessary for them SO
oat the proprietor of the piece
time they want gasohne.
11 I rV- IT rlmeim Ihll! ggAMk
- -
.... , genjgam

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