North Carolina Newspapers

No, 141
35th YEAR
Bones To Enter Races On Labor
Day Are Now Being
No Unseasonable Weather Predicted
by Washington Forecasters.
Northern Trainer Has Several
Speedy Animals Which He
Will Enter.
With the approaching races to be
held at the Eastern Carolina Fair
Grounds on next Monday, Labor Day,
one of the main topics of conversation
in this section, is the scene around the
stables at the grounds where the horses
are being kept in a very busy one. At
present there are ten horses in thscc
stables, among them being several
from Virginia and Pennsylvania, and
when the trainers take these fleet
footed animals out for the daily trials
around the track everybody present
sits up and takes notice.
The stables at the Fair grounds are
equal to those found at any race track
in the State and the very best of care
is taken with the animals being kept
there. Among the horses now being
trained at the track is the famous Billy
Boy, owned by A. B. Cox, of Cove
City. Billy Roy has been entered
only in five races since his track career
began but in three of these he was
acclaimed victor.
Another fact horse seen at the
stables and which has shown remarkable
speed in trial runs is Billy Hal owned
by T. A. Grantham of this city. After
the regular races have been concluded
on Labor Day this latter horse will
run a match with Billy Boy and this
event promises to be a thriller.
Charles H. Bush and his son, of Penn
sylvania, expert horse trainers, have
n at the track for several days
getting in trim a string of horses which
thev will enter among the races. Among
these are Belting G., owned by Charles
Codd, of Portsmouth, Va., June Hoy
owned by Charles Bush, and Mary
B. owned by Sheriff Reid of Elizabeth
City. Each of these horses is showing
up fine and when the Labor Day races
. are pulled off the spectators will sec some
real racing.
Princess, another fast horse; owned
by Fred Bray, will also be entered in
these races as will Mary H. owned by
Thomas Holton of Bridgeton, and
Rockefelbr owned by John Dawson of
The Labor Day races give promise of
beinit the most spectacular ever held
in Craven county and the directors
of the Fair Association Company,
who are promoting the event, look for
one tf the biggest crowds ever gathered
in this city to witness such an event
While the horse racing" will be the chief
hmn event the motorcycle racing will by
W no means fail to be exciting.
Among the speed kings who will be
seen on the track that day will be Cap
tain David Lancaster, of Vanccboro
Captain Lancaster won the first prize
An the race for two cylinder machines
on July 4 at this same track aid will
exert every effort to repeat his victory
However, there are several riders in
this city who have their mind set
on winning this prize and each after
noon can be found at the getting
familiar with the ground and getting
their machines tuned up.
Glenburnie Park will be open to all
picnickers and it is expected that many
of the visitors as well as a large number
of local citizens will spend the early
, art of the dsy at this beautiful spot
and eat their luncnes ocncain me siutuc
;of one of the hundreds of stately trees
which are to be found there. The racing
will start promptly at t o'clock. A
line of boats will be operated from this
city to the park and there will also
be numerous conveyances for the bene
fit of those who do not care to travel
by the water route.
The price of admission will be fifty
cents for adults and twenty-five cents
for children under twelve years of age.
is includes a scat in the largest g and-
nd In North Carolina.
Washington, D. C Aug. 15. The
weather forcast for the week as made
by the Government Weather Bureau
Sunday is:
"The distribution of atmospheric
pressure over the Northern Hemisphere
is such as to indicate a continuance
of moderate temperatures for the season
the coming week in all parts of the
country except the far Southwest
where readings will be above normal.
The rainfall during the week will be
generally local and irregularly distri
buted. Disturbance of moderate
intensity will appear in the rfar West
about Wednesday, move eastward at
tended by local showers and thunder
storms and cross the middle West
Thursday or Friday and the Eastern
States near the end of the week.
.. 'There are no indications at the
present time of a disturbance in the
West Indies.
Becker Leads Other Doomed Men
In Physical Exercises-Advises
Them To Read Bible.
Play Checkers, Have Concerts
Now Busy Planning Birthday
Party For Chinamen.
New York, Aug. 25. Within twenty
feet of the death chair at Sing Sing
Frank W Tower Comes Eight
Thousand Miles For Wed
ding Ceremony.
Groom Is Manager Of British
American Tobacco Com
pany In Shanghai.
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt -Has
Thrown Full-Sized Scare Into
Their Ranks.
Followers Of Oyster Bay Man Be
lieve That He Plans To Leave
Them In The Lurch.
Colored Youth Admits Robbing
Sporting Goods Store.
Washington. Aug. 27. Colonel Theo
dore Roosevelt has thrown a man
sized scare into the ranks of the Bull
Moose leaders in Congress. He has
intimated plainly that he will accept
the i Republican nomination again if
the Republicans will accept his politi
cal creed.
To the down-the-line, true-blue,
never-surrender third-party people here
this is almost treason. They cannot
believe that "the Colonel' meant
E. S. Webb, owner and proprietor
the Hupmobile Garage on lower
von street left this morning for
rolt, Mich., where he goes to look
Iter a shipment ol Hupmouiie auto-
which he has placed in tbi
New York, Aug. 25. Coincident
with the return on the Indiana-to-the-
coast automobile tourists to Indianapolis
the latest arrival R. P. Henderson
motor car designer divulged important
discoveries resulting from the use o
kerosene for fuel instead of gasoline
in two cars which made the 4 015
mile trip.
Ray Harroun well known as a racing
driver and Mr. Henderson both drove
cars that burned kerosene 1914, models
of the Henderson Motor Car Company.
The cheapness of kerosene as against
gasoline was impressive.
Each car carried five passengers the
cost per passenger for fuel being $6.50
for the 4 015 miles or about one-fifth of
the railroad excursion rate of $30 to
California. In the de luxe model 230
gallons of kerosene were used. The cost
of the fuel along the route ranged from
seven cents to about thirteen cents a
Mr. Henderson found that kerosene
increased the motor's efficienty. This
he discovered was due to the fact that
the new fuel has a higher heat unit
than gasoline. The explosive power
however is not greater: It took less
kerosene vapor than gasoline in the
cylinders. No carbon developed in the
motor but on the contrary the new
fuel prevented the forming of carbon
The trip with kerosene as fuel was
vital to the automobile industry by
reason of the fact that gasoline had
mounted high in price and engineers
were puzzled as to the outcome. Gaso
line ranges in price the country over
from 20 to 40 cents a gallon.
Both Mr. Harroun and Mr. Hender
son were themselves surprised at . the
degree of success of the experiment
"Edward Payson Weston is said to
have worn out fully twenty pairs of
shoes in his coast-to-coast trip " said
Mr. Henderson. "That was not less than
$100 expense. So at $6.50 a passenger
for fuel it is cheaper to drive an auto
mobile to the coast than it is to walk
or travel on a railroad. In one spot
we drove twenty-five miles on second
gear owing to road conditions. That
meant the motor was revolving about
three times as fast as on high gear
yet at this tremendous speed the kero
sene was turned into vapor just as
effectively as at slower speed. The
problem of vaporizing kerosene if the
thing that barred it as a fuel previous
to our success. In the higher altitudes
where the average motor car loses
two per cent, of its power for every
1 000 feet upward it travels our cars
showed no loss of power whatever.
At 1 2 000 feet the average car loses
25 per cent, of its power. We have
driven in high altitudes before and have
measured power-loss accurately but
we were surprised to find no such oc
currence on this occasion."
The trip encountered every possible
condition mud, sand: mountains, rocky
passes, high altitudes dry desert at
mosphere and dampness of the low
country. The car however tailed
to develop the least untoward conduct.
Baltimore Aug. 27. A romance
that had its inception in the ancient
city of Venice three years ago the
principals being a beautiful Baltimore
nurse rind a vnuncr Virginian, culmina-
prison eleven men awaiting their call L, ;n the marriage of Miss Eula P
to pay tne penalty tor muraer in Copenhaver, daughter of Mrs. Mary
nrst degree nave acciaimea lormer Copcnnaver) i208 Madison avenue
folice Lieutenant varies uecKer, con- tQ Frank Wallace Toweri manager of
victea ot muraenng nerman Kosenmai, the British-American Tobacco Com
the gambler, as captain ot tne oeatn panV( of shanghai Chinai at thercc-
hoUSe. I tiUHi n( Mmint- Palvqrv pniurnnal rhlirrh
Out of deference to William An- Monday morning. Rev. Floyd Keeler,
thony Grace and "Happy Jack" Mul- of Dodge City, Kan., performed the
raney,1 who until their electrocution ceremony
shared with Becker the popularity of After a luncheon given by the bride s anything of the kind. They cannot
the death house, the formality of sc- mother at the Hotel Rennert, Mr. and be convinced that he would deliberately
lecting a captain, who has the f unc- Mrs. Tower left Baltimore for New York jeave them hjgh and dry after all his
tions of a judge, was deferred until Tuesday at noon they sailed onboard protestations against any suggestion
after the "removal" of Grace last tne aiser vvnneim n. lor or of amalgamation.
on the way to their tuture home in
Until last Jan. 10 Lawrence Spohr, Fc, tp year3 Miss CpeWhad LZJZ
a former corporal ot the united state . . .irpns:v1v in EuroDe as the . ... . .. r
Artillery at fort siocum, served comriani on of Mrs Charles Washburne,
several months as captain. MJa a wealthy Baltimore woman who spends
removal to wnite nains ro await her time abroad.
a second trial for the. murder ot his Mr Xnwpr n,tive o Richmond
sweetheart, Rosie O'Toole, left the Va and ; connected with several
vacancy which Becker was chosen yireinia families. While
to nu.
Willie Midgette, acolored youth
is in the Craven county jail awaiting
trial on a charge of breaking into the
sporting goods store of W. T. Hill
last Sunday aflernoon and stealing
about fifty dollars worth of pistols
while Churchill Clark and Arthur
Spencer, also colored, arc being held
for court on a charge of carrying on
ceal d weapons and a'so bringing
stolen goods knowing them to have
be n stolen.
Midgette admits breaking into Mr.
Hill's store and says that he sold
two of the revolvers which he stole
to Spencer and Clark. Nino revolvers
were stolen but : o far only two of
these have been recovered.
South Carolina Governor Writes
Sulzer And Recognizes Him
As New York Executive.
Counsels Him To Trust In God
And The White People.
Raps Glynn.
And yet this is just exactly what he
appears willing to agree to, provided
the Republicans become as progressive
as he and his followers arc. They f e: r
he is even willing to march to battle
again under the old Republican banner,
regardless of his one-time scorn of any
thing bearing that designation.
All this is causing infinite worry in
l.l... I ; , , i . . ,f It, ,11 M nncn in V.i;h-
on his annual visit to the States he "" . . . I.
. . . I ho Innrlnrc rt this immature
Becker, the four gunmen, Francis W. info med his mother of his ngagement
Muehlfeld, who with his cousin, Will- to Miss Copenhaver. "V" . as
iam Longley, murdered Patrick Burns, Three years ago on his way to Amer- - 8suggTstiori of self.
a Bronx saloon keeper, and Joseph J. ca, Mr. Tower stopped for a few days do at t gg
i. l .:.u nn...r.:nn
... r u j t U7..ktw... will never De assuciaitu win. u..,v...6
sigieo ccKstrom ot tne oronx, consu- v-upcm.avc. .... p ... . . . thpv doubt i
tute the majority of the death house When Miss Copenhaver inlormed the i f ' . ,
..... . .. . . i- ..l. .1,. 1 cucy lcjuiu suiuiuiiu.. vr. ......
Washington, Aug. 27. Wireless
waves sputtering out over the Bering
Sea today arc calling a revenue cutter
to start on a 2,001) mile race against
Somewhere from the squadron cruis-
ng the broad, blue wat r of th Arctic
Circle a fleet ship will be found to get
Fred M. Chamberlain, a Government
naturalist at St. Paul Island, and rush
him clown to Seattle in is hoped
to save his life.
Chamberlain, a bridegroom of a year,
went to St. Paul to take the seal census
for the Department of Commerce.
He was taken with heart disease.
Columbia, S. C, Aug. 27. Governor
Blease wrote Governor Sulzer of New
York yesterday that South Carolina
recognized Sulzer as the Governor of
New York. He expressed sympathy for
him and told him to "Let the politi
cians and ringsters howl and squirm
and convince the people that you are
right. He continues, "Trust in God
and the white people and you will al
ways be a winner."
Governor Blease says that he is con
vinced that Acting Governor Glynn
is just t r i n to obtain a little noto
riety oui of tin- misfortune of another,
iiajviny vi cue iwum. ........ - r I th
inmates. Muenneia is me veteran oi young uS m n" , . o Pnlnnnl
the group and insisted on making the born in Virginia the flame of love .was J-J-J Colonel
lormer lieutenant tneir coinmanuer.
"Leave it to Charlie," Muehlfeld said
when "Whitey Lewis" suggested that
h-'nAaA A i t . . ,- thi mppttnc in Venic
Mr. Tower made two trips a year t an" ae salc "'"
New York and he never failed to meet I his alarm has come too, at a time
m:.- r- M , nvpr when Murdock. Hibebaugh and the
the death cell colony should have their , , rest of them are preparing to make
Sometimes he met her in Italy, a valiant stand in Maryland, wiainc
sometimes at Lucerne Switzerlands and West Virginia. They are preparing
k.l.. ci, f EVanrp Twn month to put up Bull Moose Candidates
V. ... ..... - - -
hair closely cropped for the summer
"Lefty Louis" Rosenberg and "Dago
Frank" Cirofici were in favor of close agQ on h;3 trip across Asia and Europe I in each of the districts where Congress
shaves, but "Gyp the Blood" Horowitz he t Mis6 Copenhaver in Switzerland men are to be elected and to make
dissented. McKenna was also opposed and th became engaged. I brave a show ot light as tney can.
. . i i ri t I . - . ... . , i .... . ,
to tne mea. i tumii-i uuu..t M ( onenhaver expressed the wisn There wil be no heart in tne coining
tenant took the matter under advise- th t th marriaEe ceremony be per- test campaign. Bull Moose leaders ad
ment and then gave a decision against fmd Baltimore, where her mother mit. unless Colonel Roosevelt makes it
the suggestion made by Whitey ijved and Mr. Tower acquiesced, plain again that he will under no
Lewis. The pompadour style ot nair- H ame t0 New York a month ago circumstances return to the old party
cut was then adopted by the gunmen. an(j two weejcs ag0- Miss Copenhaver whatever may be the conditions or
"That looks classy," remarked Mrs. arrived on the France from Havre. the terms or the inducements. That
'Lefty Louis" when she next visited Each time that Mr. Tower saw his assurance and that alone will satisfy
the death house, and her husband fiancee he travelled 6,000 miles. In the third-party people here and restore
bowed in the direction of the former order that the marriage should be their confidence in the future
lieutenant. performed here both traveled appproxi- Thc truth ;s the belief has prevailed
"Now boys, cut out the idea of want- matcly 8,000 miles. Wh n Missin Washington for months that the
ing to die game," Becker advised the Copenhaver arrived in Baltimore shclrormer president would be a candidate
members of the death house colony, informed ner morner oi ner eiiKugviucui m the pnmarles lor the next rresioen
"There is nothinir in it. Believe in the and a few days later a reunion of the i nomination of thc Republican party
future and read your Bible." . Tower and Copenl aver families was 0,d party iea(iers as well as thc middlc-
Tobacco Curing About Finished-
Shipping Water To New Bern.
civ . rncr
thc case
i of Tarn-
It r
That advice was followed by a de- ncla al Due,,a v,5lu
cision to hold services every evening
Every, inmate, including Lee Dock,
Eng Hing and Young Hing, Chatham
Square gunmen, was detailed to serve
one night each as leaders of thc ser
vices. They were each instructed
to read a chapter from the Bible and
then join in a short prayer, which
is followed hv the snu'itiL' of a hvmn.
"Now, when- your time comes to go ALL 'J?.T,?, 'ilLnc Flne Crop. According To Visitor
of-thc-road people have entertained
that suspicion. Therefore, the sug
gestion and it is only a suggestion
-from Colonel Roosevelt that the
parties might possibly get together
again creates no big surprise here
through that door you will feci much
better," said Muehlfeld, who only a few
weeks ago shouted goodby to his cousin
two men were jointly convicted. Muehl
field was a member of the Young Men's
Christian Association, and for a time
was an evangelist.
N. W. HardL
ipahoe, who
y, said that
next Sunday
Methodists of thc Dover Circuit
n City Successful Revival.
Then Hustling Suitor Led Blushing
Ing Bride To Altar.
B. F. McCotter, Sr., of Alliance
was a business visitor in the city
VlVrln. al tr I iltc all nt he r v i d t ora f ro m
. . o..J-- 1 I I "- IT
when they win noia a ounuay Pamlico he br0 ghtglowitg accot nt
conference. All interested in Sunday , . rnnrfition of the croos in PamH
t u 4u. it... (n. K are looking forward to a most inter
csting oecasiun i-nuay wi m
school work are invited to attend
and bring well filled baskets. The pro
gram will be:
Conference will convene at v:ju a. m.
co. Cotton, he says, is a little backward
owing to unseasonable weather early
in thc summer but has plenty of time
to mature and promises to yield
Scripture Icjson and prayer by Rev- handsomey. And as for corn, the crop
B. Pattishall. I wil Dreak ai records, in the opinion
Cong Service. of Mf McCotter. Rev. F. S. Bccton
9:45. Address ot Welcome oy u. vv. , aid McCotter, has just closed
Contract For New School To Be
Awarded Soon.
Bids for the new central school
to be located at l nurman in tne sevenxn
Township will be received at the office
of G. M. Brinson, County Superin
tendent of Public Schools, up to noon
on next Saturday,' and at 1 o'clock
the school committee will meet with
Mr. Brinson and award the cont rsct,
The olans and specification arc now on
Baltimore, Aug. 25. Miss Annie
Leviton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs,
lacob Leviton. 148 North Exeter
street, who was won after a courtship of
less than a week, was married at 6
o'clock last evening to Joseph Sugar
of Bennettsyille, S. C.
The ceremony was performed by Rev.
Dr. S. Schaffer, at'his home, 2566 Mc
Clultoh street. There were no attendants.
After thc wedding a reception was given
at the home of thc bride's parents, and
this morning the couple will leave for
Atlantic City and New York.
The two met first about six month
ago through a mutual friend. The saw
but little of each other, but after
Mr. Sugar had returned to Bennetts
ville, Miss Leviton said she thought
"he was fine." He csme to Baltimore
again on business three weeks ago,
and the acquaintance was renewed
In a few days, however, he was before
the elder Leviton, braving the latter!
wrath, while he explained that he want
ed to marry the daughtor. A large
diamond solitaire, which thc girl fin
Richardson. Response by E. u.
10:00. Enrollment and report of
11:15. Address by Rev. B. Patti
shall. Subject, "The Value of Re
ligious Training."
11:15. Address by Rev. B. Pattisnau.
12:00. Songs and Aonnuncements.
Dinner .
2.00 ''Some Troubles I have in my
a very successful revival in the school
house at Alliance.
(Special to he Journd.)
Askin, N C, Aug. 2ft. The people
of Ask n have about finished curing
M s. F. P. Gaskin, of Edward, who
has been visi ing her daughter, Mrs
T. M. Arthur, returned home Sunday.
Mrs. D. P. Street, of New Bern,
who has been visiting her sister, Mrs.
T. M. Arthur, returned home Thurs
day. Mrs. E. A. Henry and littl. son Max
of Augusta Ga. is visiting her parents
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Simpson.
Miss Nellie Simpson has returned
home from a visit to Raleigh and other
Miss Nena Street, of New Bern,
who has been visiting her cousins,
Misse Amy, Lila and Reta Arthur,
returned home Thursday.
Miss Rowena Fulcher, of Edward
is visiting her sister, M,:. T. J. Bal-lenger.
Misses Ethel and Lcla Dawson,
of Alliance, visited Miss Dora Thorn
as last week.
Mr. and Mrs John Dail, of Snow
Hill are visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Mrs. Sidney Mc Lawhotn, of Vance
boro, visited her sister, Mrs. J. M
Willis, Saturday night.
Mrs. Mollie Brewer, of New Bern
visited Mrs. Lizzi Campen last week
Miss Ina Brewer, o New Bern
visited Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Simpson
last week.
Miss Rowena Fulcher spent Satur
day night with Miss Violet I pock.
Mrs. W. C. Ernul and sons, harl
1 pock and Oshorn were the guests of
Mrs. D. P. Giskins Sunday.
Messrs. H B. Simpson and J. V.
Thomas, Mijses Dora Thomas, Ethel
and Lela Dawson visited Mrs. W. D.
Ipock Saturday morning.
About forty gallons of water arc
expressed from Blue Spring to New
Bern every day.
The Drotrarted meeting at Kitt
Swamp begins the first Sunday night
in September.
Don't forget the picnic at Blue
Spring September 11. Trains will stop
at thc Spring that day. Everybody
invited to come, and enjoy thc day,
bringing well-filled baskets.
Sunday school," led by Guthrie Davis. INITIATIVE PETITIONS OPPOS-
kind of conduct
in tn ever hizes
rile letter wasjn rep
Governor Sulzer wro
Blease outlining hi si c
and saying that Boss Mm,
many Mall decided to ruin him when
he couldn't make him his rubber
stamp. Thc New York Governor is
confident, his letter say , of ultimate
acquittal and that his policies will pre
vail. Thc following is a copy of thc
letter Goveror Blease wrote to Gov
ernor Sulzer:
"Hon. William Sulzer, Governor,
"Albany, N. Y.
"My Dear Governor Sulzer Your
letter of August 23 has been received,
am in full sympathy with you, and
sincerely hope that you will be able to
convince thc people of New York and
the people of the United States that
you are absolutely innocent of any
wrongdoing. I myself last bummer
went through just about what you are
going through now, except that they
did not attempt the impeachment pro
ceedings. I convinced the people of
South Carolina that I was being perse
cuted, and they stood by me, and the
ain thing for you to do iso let the
politicians and ringsters howl and
squirm, and convince the people that
you are right, and they will never for
sake you. Trust in God and the white
people, and you will always be a winner.
'So far as South Carolina is con
cerned, you and you alone are looked
upon as the Governor of New York. I
think Mr. Glynn is showing very
much the 'dog-in-the-manger' spirit
nd the best clement of the people of
this country, 1 am sattshed, think
about Glynn as I do that he is a
heap politician endeavoring to get a
little notoriety out of the misfortune
of another which kind of conduct no
honest man ever sympathizes with.
With best wishes,
Very Respectfully,
1:50. General discussion, "Solution
of Sunday School Problems," by S. M
3:00. Questions asked and answered. Los Angeles, Cal., Aug. 26. State
3:30. Place for next Conference ( William E. Brown, author of
and election of officers. I . An,,.n.i., Fjht Bill defeated bv
WFnniNG Or INTEREST AT BAY-U hfbhture, announced that
BORO TOMORROW. initiative petitions would rc put in
(Special to the Journal.) I circulation at once for the enactment
Bavboro. Aug. 25 A marriage , , orClhibitinir Drizc furhtine in
of interest all over this section will oonred to the soort
l - 1 1.., rf ihia wk I '
when Mis. Julia Olivia, the charming having been aroused to action by the
.nH rrnmnli.hl dauuhtcr of Mr. death last Saturday of John Young
and Mrs. C. S. Weskltt, will become I from Injuries received in his bout
e 1st Vernon with Jesse wmard. inccam-
Correspondents are urg
ed to send us their names.
We desire the name of ev
ery person who is kind
enough to send us an oc
casional letter giving the
news of his or her locality.
This of course does not ap
ply to those who make a
practice of accompanying
their letters with their
No; Six-Sixty-Six
This fc prescription prepared etpeelalty
tf saai aniA or CHILLS A. FEVER.
rive or six oosee win or mnj
It taken thon as a Ionic tbe Fever will not
Norfolk, Aug. 27. Hampton Roads
last night took on a warlike appearance
when nineteen torpedo boats anchored
near the Scwals Point shore, and the
big guns of Fortress Monroe opened
fire on floating targets five miles at sea.
Outside the Virginia Capes, thirteen
battle ships and cruisers of the Atlantic
fleet were engaged in torpedo practice.
Ten companies of coast artillery from
Fort Du Pont, Delaware, took part in
thc target practice at Fort Monroe.
Thc firing began at 10 o'clock and
continued until 3 o'clock this morn
ing. Thc mortar batteries were used
and thc shells instead of being fired on
a line at thc targets, we c sent skyj
ward, to fall, thc gunners hoped, on
l he object of their aim hve miles
This practice will be continued un
til Friday, when the Atlantic fleet off
thc Virginia Capes is expected to re
turn to Hampton Roads. The torpedo
boats in the roads took no part in the
firing last night, but when the search
light at Fort Monroe spread over tbe
water, thc tiny little fighter added the
realistic background to the scene.
Thc battleships now at sea are the
Wyoming, Arkansas, North Dakota
Delaware. Utah, Rhode Island, Geor
gia, New Jersey, Minnesota, Ohio,
Kansas and Nebraska. incsc snips
are now engaged in qualifying gun
ners for torpedo firing, and will no
begin regular target practice with bi
guns until September 15.
B. P. 8. PAINTS tbo boat foe
return, alt ects on tne n
purposes, sola in mew

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