North Carolina Newspapers

No. 147
35th YEAR
New Bern Housewife Expect New
Tariff Will Lower Cost Of
- I
Report Says It Can Be Sold Muchnd write ioke books. There are funny
Cheaper Than Western
That cheaper Meats may be one of
the immediate results of , he new Tariff
ls a possibility that all prudent house
keepers in New Bern will look forward
ti. . : ,
Z. 7.1 u ' r
A 1119 lllrtY IU.IUW 11IC OlclCUlK OI ITlCaiSI
,. , .B ,
on the free list and the importation I
of the product ffom the count, ies of I
- i . . , ,
South America and elsewhere where
cattle is more abundant and the pricei
cheaper. Already New York has com
cattle is more abundant and the prices
, . , , I
menccu to import meat irom Argentina.
l n u 1.. : ,1... j ...u I
.v u"u pi my auu soiu
from 2 to 3 cents be ow the prevailing I
. . t j . . I
price oi tne uomestic meat.
1 l ui me mmjmmh ii iiif.ll urougllt to I
N, . , . , ..... I
Anr .irl- arid .hi ....... ... ...... I
"..'! i "i r. . .tiiiijm.i 1,1 VIIgLllia
and North Carolina and it is claimed
that it can be sold cheaper than West
ern meat, but the quantity shipped
out from the metropolis was too small
to have any immediate effect on the
current prices So far as is known
none of the meat re.ichcd Ni w Bern.
Even if tHo meats :ire fi;st brought
into New York where there fa to be
established a tiircct line of steamers
to Argentina it is dechrcd that they
can be resLipped to North Carolina
and sold ;it less than the Western
efragcrated meat. All that will be
i a j I
neeut-u. n is suiu. is 10 create a ocmana I
for he imo rted Droduct and increase I
the shipments so as to supply all the
demand from whatever quarter it
comes. 1
The Government has taken care to
see that th.- invwrtaion; are surrounded
by ample safeguards to make it a most
impossible to foist unlit meat on the
consumers here. This is contained in I
that clause cf the tariff bill which
placed meats on the free list, and s
further emphi tiied in the power given
to the President an! officials of the
Agricultural Department to regu'ate
these imports. . I
In the clause in the Tariff law enu-
merating the articles which may come
in free is the following:
"Fresh beef, veal, mutton, lamb and
pork; bacon and hams; meats of all
kinds, prepared or preserved, not
specially provided for this section:
Provided, however, that none of the
foreeoiaii meats shall be imported
into the United States from any foreign
country unless the same are certified
by the proper authorities of such for-
eign country, in a form to be prescribed
by the Secretary of Agriculture, to
have been derived from animals en-
tirely free from disease and sound,
healthful, wholesome, and in every
other respect fit for human food, number of imported Parisian creations
and to contain no poisonous or dele- wnich attracted much attention. A
terious dyes, nor poisonous or deleter- mon8 these latter is a. small hat, terra
ious chemicals, poisonous or deleterious t shade, trimmed with ostrich
preservatives, or other " poisonous or
diletcrious ingredients.
"And, pr i d further, that if the
PrefiJent, after investigation, shall
find that the syste . meat inspecton
maintained by any . cign country
is not the substantial equivalent of,
or is not as efficient as the system es-
tablished and maintained by the laws
of the Unil States, or that reliance
canm t be r.ced on ccrt:'cate re-
auired und . this section ,om the
authcrities c such forei; . country
for meat i orted into tlv United
States, he may proclaim I at fact.
and thereafter none of th :'ore-oin
meats shall be imported intc e United I
States from such foreign countrv."
Steamship interests say that though!
no definite arrangements have vet been
made there is no doubt that as soon
as the demand shows itself sufficiently,
shirs ill he exter i ely and specially
fitted up with r .erated space for
large cargoes. A ..resent 300 or 4001thc new hat which she had on displ.
tons is about t limit of the ships
ip the South A' i .can trade that could
be devoted to t is freight.
On Thursday, October 2d, the
I e'irew cozens of New Bern will enter
i pon their 5,674th year. On that date
.cctrs Roan Hashonah. the New
l !lr, one of the holiest days in the
Jewish rlturf. and with it beams
the long list of fast and feast dai r
ixtendina throuifh to1 the besin
f "the Sumw.5Niiie days af
n October 11th. oimr. Yt.-i l-tr. :
the Bay of Atonement, the liestltime 10 the how before leaving
of all the year,
fastiag and
holidays will
down of the p :
'lie li is olscr
r. Both ol '
ushered n a
ding da
B. P. S. I
purpose 1
J. 8. B
Barnum and Bailey Show
Funniest Clown.
If a good laugh is better than medi
cine, then the. Barnum and Bailey
circus is the fountain of health and
yo. in. inls tountain will bubble
merrily in New Hern, on Saturday,
Ovt. 4. The fifty best clowns in the
world will turn put a laugh a second.
The hopeless "sorehead" becomes
hilarious. good-natured in the presence
o! tnis galaxy o mischief makers.
Undertakers go home from the circus
airship stunts, exploding automobiles,
North Pole expeditions Chinese laun
dry scenes, eomic balloon ascensions,
travesties on political happenings,
clever satires, droll skits, neat panto-
mimot anA . I .,1 1, . i . . I -- " - . 1
Lfc ,j. . vv. :. . . ;
the audience in constant merriment.
During breathing spells between sie
ges of laughter there is always a thril
ler t0 look at
TL a. , ,. ,
The custom with many shows i4 to
.. t l. t
nut a flinnv linmp .n a mKmM man
. ... . , V.
and expect him to tickle the audience
tf ,f .th llni 4 f.lnnl. rtf ......I,.
i 'j r i j
loons and a coat of many colors do
nrtt nnlp a funnu Wi9n Wi.l.
.,,,, ,,,
s- "w... .....i..v....,Bt...v..i
. .,. p J A
f , , , . , '
for real clowns, clov.ns who can make
i i u j u
f.i L . , , ,
lien 9ca11.11 was icndiuai uy a Katll
ering of the greatest Company of come
dians that ever tied a can to the tail
of the Demon of Despondency. They
can bring laughter tears to the eyes
of a cigar-store Indian.
di tvrn
mi.'yv Hire ixic uri r vrc.
t i "' "j
For weeks the feminine population
of New Bern has been looking forward
to the day when the first millinery
opening of the season was to be held,
Yesterday was the day and in spite
of the inclement weather which was not
very inducive to the members of the
sex to venture out of doors, hun
drcds of ladies viewed the display.
Jennie Sultan's establishment
'h J- J- Baxyer's department store
was the mecca of all who were out
for the purpose of inspecting the newest
creations in ladies headwear and all
during the day the place was crowded
Miss Sultan has secured the services
of Miss Hattie Peacock, of New York,
a hcad milliner and her creations are
marvels of beauty and simplicity,
demonstrating Beyond a doubt that
ne s an expert in this line of work.
Hats this season will be smaller
than those in vogue last fall and win-
ter and the predominating shades are
black, wh'te, terro cotta and mahogany
while feathers, .vel vet and flowers are
"cd extensively in trimming. In
dd tion to the many hats Miss Sultan
has on display which were designed
"d created in her work room, she has a
plumes and a large dahlia on the side
of tne crown. Another very pretty
imported hat has a roll brim and is
trimmed in blue cubist wings. To
I describe all of the hats on display
I wou: consume columns of space,
but it is sufficient to say that the hats
this season are far more attractive
than last and are also much more
rcsonable in price
Before leaving the store all of the
visitors inspected the new stock of fait
and winter dry goods which J. J. Bax
ter has just received from the North.
Tlli sic jk is complete in every detail
"d is one of the most extensive, ever
brought to New Bern.
Mr- B- A- I"vln4' Opening
Mr'- B- A- Irving, whose establish
N"ent located on Middle street ad
jacent to the Bradham Drug Comp-.iy'E
8tore- ahw had her millinery or-cwg
yteiday aiMj many ladie.- i aed the
tore durinS! the day J inspected
The opening at Miss Sultan's estab-
Iishment and also at Mrs. Irvi
place will continue through tod. ;
New Star Theatre
Is now open to the public, showing the
very best and latest pictures.
This theatre is built on the plar
I0 the fir,t cIm movlng-picture theatn
' ,arBer c,es.
I A cordial invitation is extender'
aU vititon wbile in New Bern to vUit
1,4 "Star" theatn-, and for the vlsi
n I 1 t tne management announces
er,jthaJ t"c-' t" matinee daily at
r.l o'clock, so that one can have' a molt
Dv ion evening train leaving the city.
Ul ikIBI .1... 1 . I 1. . I
in I "cti aim cnoiccat pic-
L Itur-'s that can be procured.
nosoiutcly are proof.
Delightfully cool aad confortable.
Every sanitary precaution observed
Matinee daily at 4 o'clock. Ea
ceimt music. Continuous how si
night starts at 8 o'clock
Want Cnr riH T n
A Square Deal By The Rail
Requests All Branches Of Just
Freight Rate Association To
Stand Together.
Realizing that any discrimination
by the railroads operating in this State
against the coast cities will be detri
mental to the interests of the entire
State, the Cumberland county Branch
of the North Carolina Just Freight
Rate Association, with headquarters
at Fayetteville, held a meeting yes
terday and passed the following reso
lution. "We, the undersigned committee,
appointed by the President of Cum
berland county Branch of North
Carolina Just Freight Rate Association
composed of the citizens of Cumberland
county in Mass Meeting Assembled
do hereby protest against the accept
ance of any proposition by the State
Organization favoring a penalization
of water points located in North Caro
lina in the settlement of inter-State
freight rates South of the Virginia
"We further instruct our representa
tive, Mr. J. B. Underwood, on the
committee appointed by President Tate
to assist Governor Craig and others
to represent us in Raleigh on Wednes
day, Sept. 24th and object to such a
solution of the matter.
'We further request all brarches
of the North Carolina Just Freight Rate
Association to stand together and in
sist on the rejection of any reduction
that does no't include the entire State
for reasons cs follows:
"lift. Such a solution of the prob
lem is contrary to the policy of the State
of North Carolina and will wcr! to the
advantage of railroad carriers against
the towns of Laid State. ' '
"2nd. This is not the only reduction
in freight rates we hope to get in the.
future and must preserve' the maans
whereby to grow volume and density
of traffic used to regulate rate basis
by water competition.
"3rd. The acceptance of any propo
sition which does not reduce in like
manner to all points would have the
tendency to discriminate against ship
ping points not included and seriously
affect business volume built on former
rate basis.
"4th. On demand for reduction
is based on principle of discrimination
and not on water competition, there
fore, all towns within the State's
borders are affected alike1 by unequal
id vantage being given the. Virginia
"5th. The water points of North
Carolina are our hope for the future
in building a port of entry by water,
therefore any proposition allowing the
railroads to crush out present volume
of traffic would operate against every
town in the future within the borders
of North Carolina."
In a message received last night
by the Journal from M. F. Shuford,
who is President of the Cumberland
county Branch trf the Just Freight
Rate Association, he stated that the
peple of that county were very much
interested in the fight being waged
against the railroads by the Just Freight
Rate Association, an that they could
be counted upon to assist the coast
cities in every possible manner.
More Than Five Hundred Pupils
In Colored School.
The colored graded schools of the
city' opened Wednesday and the enroll
ment on the opening day was the lar
gest in the history of the school. At
p .'sent there are five hundred and
t .enty-eight pupils in the school and
i is expected that others will be admit
ted during the next few dsys. J. T
Barber, the principal of the School
is very much pleased with the .outlook
for a very successful term and is plan
ling to introduce a number of new ideas
luring the next few months which
will prove of much benefit to the entire
Quite a number of persons heard
Dr. r. A. Hall lecture at the Court
House last night on "Christ's Second
Coming." Dr. Hall had his subject
well in hand and his remarks proved
very interesting to those who heard
lim. A series of these lectures are
icing given and another lecturer will
visit New Bern shortly.
Thr?c good horses for sale cheap.
See Hyman Supply Company, New Bern
N. C. 9-23 2 it
National Sec ety Formed To Pre
vent Stage Caricatures.
Chicago, Stpt. 18. Prominent Jews
today organised the Ati-Defamation
League of Ami rica, the object of which
will be to stop by appeals tojreasonand
conscience, and, if necessary by ap
peals to law the defamation of the
Jewish people.
The new organizat on will be con
ducted under the auspices of the O der
of B'Nai B'rith, a Jewish philanthropic
organization with a membership of
30,000, and will have branches in everjf
large city in the country. The object
of the league are set forth in a state
ment issued by Adolpf Krauss, of Chi
cago, president of the order of B'Na!
Stge defamation of the Jew will be
dealt with by enlisting the co-operatiof
of the producers and managers of the
theatres so that an investigation ofl
proposed performances may be made
before the piece is presented. News
paper and magazine defamation will
be met by protests to editors Defama-
tion in text books will be met by at-
tempts to eliminate them from the
courses of study. A committee of 100
men representing all parts of the
country was named to perfect the
Washington. Sent. 18. Weeks, mon-
ths, or possiblv years mieht roll by be-
fore the Supreme Court would act finally
hould Harry K. Thaw appea from the
decision in the habe .s corpus proceed-
ings now pending in New Hampshire, "ill was found he was taken into cus
Of late, however, the court has disposed tody and after being placed in an au-
f such important cases quickly.
Whether an appeal to the Supreme
Court from the action of Federal Judge sectn yesterday and tne roaos were
Aldrich, before whom the habeas corpus in fearful condition and it was frequent
uroceedines were broueht. mav be erant- V "ecessary to run the machine through
ed, will rest entirely, it is said, with
Judge Aldrich himself.
A few years ago an appeal from the
denial of a writ of habeas corpas was
grantable-as a matter of right Prac-
tices grew up, however, which courts 're united states commissioner V
regarded as travesties on justice, and B- Hi for a preliminary hearing. Owing
the law was changed to give the judge to the absence of witnesses the case was
passing 'on the case the power' to say
hethPr thrrowa sufficient Honhrnatnluesday, septemDcr io in aeiauil
the poin s raised to justify an appeal.
Tho Sunr-m Cn.,rt rWs nnt me..t
hofnm l),r..l,.r IV
Thrp nn, a mnr, than 7fKl
waiting disposition and it vill take the
court more than two vears to pass on
them. Upon the equcst of either the
c... xr.. u u:. . r m...
.null. j Atw iiaiiiUBiiiiv. ui ui tivn i
nrk iho ,- irf miirhr artv.nnrp the r.-.BP
fr.,v.r.n0i,lorar;n.h,.t.h,. firt MnnHnv
' - -ft"- ,
in December. In the ordinary course of
events a decision would be handed
rlnurn in ttin f i iui no I n nitnrv
Mnrh rlnnVir I. Pnr..a,,l hr-ro a to
wh..fh,.r rh Now Vnrlr authorities
could find a wav to have the hieher
rniirta rpvirw Inrlirn Alrlrirh'a action
hould he rch. e Thaw from custodv.
' o
ptiB r iiMiiMnC Tn RV
....... - "
Mucn tome a.scomntureo. tne. pro-
moters and those who were to partici-
pate in the horse races to be held at
the Fair irround race track vesterdav
-r. ii-mt nrnt,A
, , .
ene races irom Deing ucm.
For more than a week local otixensL few 0 tne nwny exclusive articles
have looked forward to this event
and although rain was falling at the
hour the races were scheduled to be
held, there were quite a number of
spectators present. It is probable
that at least one of the races would
have been held , had not the track
been in bad shape, but with this cut
uo bv the wheels of the carts and the
hoofs of horses no satisfactory time
r . , -
could have been made, and the event
was called off, and those who had pur
chased tickets presented them at the
sate and received the purchase price.
In all probability the race will be
held later, probably during, the. aext
two or three weeks.
Miss Mary Ward leaves this morning
for Raleigh and on Monday morning
sne win leave lor Seattle, w sn.,
where she will join a party of friends
and sail for Shanghai. China when
sne win spend a year visiting incnas.
J, E. Hudson, of Charlotte, who
been visiting hit sister Mrs. Mark
Disosway returned home yesterday.
Find An Eighty-Five Gallon Still
Near Stella, Carteret -County.
Anonymous Letter Told Where
The Outfit Could Be
In a raid made yesterday afternoon
near Stella, Carteret county, by United
States Deputy Collector J. E. Cameron
and beputy Marshal Samuel Lilly,
a still with a capacity of eighty-five
gallon's was confiscated and destroyed
and Daniel Hill, a negro who lives
in that section was taken into custody
on a chrge of violation section 3281
of the Internal Revenue Laws bv ooer-
ating an micit distillery. This is the
first raid t0 made in thS, 8ection
in months by revenue officers,
but it was entirely successful. , v
xhe tw0 officers lcft New Bern
yesterday morning in an automobile
onrni.te to the section in which the still
was supposed to be located. Deputy
Collector Cameron had received an
anonymous letter in which the writer
stated that the still was being operated
and also enclosing a diagram of its
Arriving at Hill's farm the officers
at once began a search for the still.
More than an hour was spent by them
in looking over the place before they
located the object of their search.
The stul was hnal'y found at a very
(secluded spot and also several gallons
of liquor were found near he place.
As soon as possimc tne still was cut
up and au materials tor maxing wnisKe
which Were at hand were destroyed.
"HI nan accompanied tne omcers
around tne place and as soon as tne
tomoDUe tne return trip ro ixew oern
was begun. A heavy sain fell in that
water ore than a foot deep. However,
all obstacles were overcome and the
I . . T .1 I ..-6.
Pa"y reacnea new aem snortiy oeiore
' iO.c'ock iat nignt.
Tna. Prisoner was at once taken be-
continued for the defendant until next
01 a Dona Ior n,s PPi.c i
time ne was piaceu in me county ja...
ine conn scat ion oi tnis sun ana uic
capture of the alleged operator Dy
deputy collector camcruu uu H-
T. . . - 1 11
ty Marsnai uuiy is very grstuymg tu
em aM tncy deserve mucn creuu
or their work. It is believed that
the still has been in operation tor sever
..... . 1 - L
a months and it is xnown mat mucn
wn,sKey nas fK,l1. m lnal
section during this period. It is a very
to get reliaDie lniormation regaru.uis
i . . f .L- !.! J A .h,. ..r..
Violations OI tins K.1I1U ..u t..Cy .
compelled to act qu.cuy u..
plans are made.
... . . . . :. ti . f .
onl tnat uepary cw.cciur u
has captured during the weet, the first
one being fdund Wednesday in Wayne
county, an account of which appeared
in yesterday's issue of the Journal.
There is a blocV of stores and tene
ment Nw YorkCity to which the
t" ire uepartment nas oecn caiieu no
I . , . . ... . . L
times during tne last tnree years; tne
New York ttmce are neing instructed
. n mnniruw r in rtl I 111 M1M IlfMf
, offengc aml defense-flu
jilgu; the Czar of RusIa has borrowed
the uniform of a private soldier and
masqueraded as an ordinary fighter "in
the ranks"; a woman paralyxed in
i every iimu, ans uhi : "jr
. , . -:rv Thps(1 a hut
to be featured ia the 24-page Illustrated
Magazine of next Sunday's New York
World. Then there will be another big
copy of "Fun," the Sunday World'
Weekly Joke Book, the words ajid
music of a late song hit, a funny
"Bill" story by Paul West, a Metro
politan section about gay New Yqk
etc. There are at least a hundred
I - - ...
other reasons why you should get nt
Sunday's World. Order a copy from,
- your newsdealer in advance.
I Husband, Wife And Woman Friend
iaae roison.
r.lpnwonil Ark. Sent. 19 I. T.
TnrM, . . t dea, hi, wife
1,, a Mja who Mnle herc
.... u..k-.. ,,:i
. ..... arr.m,nt
neighbor, (oTced an entr.nce
. h T . , .
the two woi.-.LU dead and Turner dying
has All had swallowed poison.
A note signed by Turner, left in
1 room where the three were found read
One Machine In Use At Present
Another May Be Added
The establishment of, an automobile
line between Fort Barnwell and Dover
will prove of great benefit, not only
to the people of that section but to the
travelling public who have occasion
b pay a visit to the former town.
This line is owned and being operated
by Ellie Holloman and has already
proved beyond a doubt that it will be
a' successful venture. Mr. Holloman
is an experienced automobile man and
this will be of great help to him.
In' thp past horse drawn vehicles
have been used almost " exclusively
for public traffic between these two
towns. This method, while sometimes
more reliable than the motor driven
vehicles is slow and inconvenient.
Unlike some other points in that sec
tion, the road leading from Fort Barn
well to Dover is in excellent condition
and is at all times kept in gobd shape
for traffic. At present Mr. Holloman
is using only one machine on this line
but it is his intention, if he finds it
necessary, to and another at an early
Army Engineers Are In Favor Of
Seven Foot Barge Canal.
The following article from this week's
issue of the Manufacturers Record
will be of interest in this section:
The' IJ'oard of Acmy Engineers,
Washing on, D. C, in report to Congress
recommends appropriation of $14,400,
000 to construct 7-ft. barge canal
Beaufort to St. John's River, Fla., as
Southern ttcterisioa of Atlantic inland
waterway chain from Boston to Gulf;
4j0 - ft. canal considered too costly for
present time nd disapproved; esti
mated canal of that depth cost $31,
000,000; engineers also disapproved
building canal across Florida peninusal,
connecting waters of Atlantic Ocean
and Gulf of Mexico; board states event
ually such a canal would be necessary
for water traffic, but it docs not believe
the day for construction yet arrived;
Investigated four tputes .across penin
sula and considers St. James Tover, Okla
waha River, Lakes Griffin and Harris
and Withlocoochee river route most
feasible; cost of canal, 10-ft. deep along
this toure, estimated at $16,538,000
with $375,00 for annual maintenance;
states if-ft canal along same route
can be constructed for $13,000,000.
(Proposed inland waterway from Bos
ton to Beaufort lately detailed.)
English Militant Suffragette Says
She Will Enter U. S.
London, Sept. 18. The London News
Agency circulates an interview secured
in Paris with Mr. Pankhurst in which
she says:
"I shall positively sail for America on
Oct. 1L' I have already booked passage
by the rrencn nner rrovence, which
sails from Havre on that day. I do not
believe the American immigration au
thorities will detain me and certainly
not for long. I ajn not the least afraid
of deportation and will not resort to any
subterfuge to gain admission to the
"I will sail under my own name and
am convinced I will receive fair play.
have such faith in the open minded
ness of the people of America. As soon
as I finish my lectures in America 1
hall ret rn to England to resume my
With the exception of the books of
the Water and Light Department
the Hilton Kawlings Company, of
Norfolk, who have charge of the work
of ai.diting the books of the different
departments of the city,- are neanng
the completion of their work and will
probably have this completed by
October 15.
This work was begun last May
and since that time several of the
company's accountants have been dili-
(gcntly at work on the books of the
various departments. I he boons
f k. Urfav anrt Imht Department
" '
I -( i
uired considerable attention and
work on these will continue after the
other books have been finished.
Bills are now being sent out to
water and light consumers whom the
books show have not fully paid up
their accounts and the auditors are
endeavoring to get these accounts st
raightened out.
Eorae fathers would enjoy killing
the fatted son in honor of the prodi
gal calf.
There will be a. meeting tonight
the Executive Committee of the Cham
ber of Commerce at 8 o'clock and every
member is requested to be present
as matters of importance are to
taken up and discussed.
Says That Banks Exist Mainly
For Accommodation Of
The Public.
Ohio Senator Condemned The
Regional Bank Reserve
Richmond, Va., Sept. 19. Members
of the American Institute of Banking to
day heard two notable addresses on the
currency bill pending in Congress. Sen
ator Theodore E. Burton, of Ohio, this
morning condemned the regional reserve
bank plan proposed in the bill, and
criticized other features of the measure.
Secretary of State William J. Bryan,
this afternoon delivered before the
members of the institute virtually his
first public speech on the currency bill,
the key note of his argument being
that "banks exist for the accommoda-
ion of the public, and not for the con
trol of business."
Secretary Bryan, immediately fol
lowing the conclusion of his address
left for Charlottesville to fill a lecture
Senator Burton declared that the
provision authorizing the federal reserve
board to control the issuance of cur
rency was "based on an erroneous idea,
namely, that a government or political
organization may properly assume the
providing of a supply of paper cur
rency, directly or indirectly. It is
proposed that the government shall
assume in the first instance the redemp
tion of all circulating notes. This
should be left to the banks exclusively
It might be necessary for the treasury
itself to maintain a gold reserve, as is
now held for the redemption of green
'The proposed plan would cause no
derangement in time of fair weather,
but in times of panic, or crisis, the ob
ligation of the government to redeem
circulating notes would be most bur
densome and might seriously impair
its credit."
Discussing the plan to put the reserve
bank system under the control of a
federal reserve board, composed of the
secretaries of the treasury and agri
culture, the comptroller of the currency
and four others named by the President,
Senator Burton said:
Such an organization might at first
seem an ideal solution, securing a p
per balance between the people and the
banks in the all important field of the
management of our finances. But it is
the bane of our national life that poli
tics enters all administrative duties.
The competition between opposing par
ties is so keen that those engaged in
enterprises do not leel sure tnat tne
authority of a political board .will not
be used for partisan advantage.
Secretary Bryan argued that "banks
exist for the accommodation of the
public, and not for the control of bus
ness," and added that in that sentence
was a fundamental truth on which all
banking legislation should be founded.
We have had for two generations,"
he continued, "legislation on banking
system, but they have been, almost uni
versally, framed in favor of the bank
ers. There can be only one purpose in
placing money in banks, that is to
get it out again. If you think otherwise,
suppose you draw up a paper on this
'The Owens-Glass bill was not drawn
with the idea of centralization. There
has been too much centralization. There
has been too much Wall street.
I am in favor of this system of re
gional banks, for in it I see help for
the smaller institutions.
"It has been objected that the gov
erment should not issue the money of
the country. We hear such objections
only in times of peace. In times of
war there is no question who should
issue the money. It must be the govern
ment. Your legislatures enact laws
whereby men shall be hanged; and do
you tell me that this government has
no right to control a bank?"
In conclusion Mr. Bryan congratula
ted Virginia upon having produced "a
' ,w ,.r:i .l
, r-resineni (mr. hbo,
heartily in accord with Congress and
who has at heart the revision and re
formation of our currency system."
Another New Car For Local Una
The New Bern Ghent Street Railway
Company yesterday received from the
Cincinatti Car Company, of Cincin
atti, Ohio, another car whkh was
constructed for them by this company.
The car is of the same type as the three
now in use on the local line and as-soon
as it can be got in readiness it wfli,
be placed in commission.
With the addition of this car the New
Bern Ghent Street Railway Company
intend to considerably improve their
present schedules and to give their
patron better service In every way.

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