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Asbury Methodist Church
Will Be Handsome
Brick Structure
Construction is already under
way on the new Asbury Methodist
church at Otto.
' The church will be a brick struc
ture with a main auditorium 25 by
40 feet, four Sunday school' rooms,
a small basement, and stained glass
windows. The estimated cost is
The citizens of the Asbury com
munity have donated the lumber
for the biulding, which is already
erected and ready for the brick
work. Labor is being given by the
community and surrounding com
munities. Part of the cost of the church
will be defrayed from the proceeds
from the lunch at the annual
county-wide farm and home tour,
which the Jadies of the church
are planning to 'serve at Prentiss.
The Duke Endowment Fund gave
$1,500. . ' .
"The people of Asbury greatly
appreciate everything that is being
done," Mrs. Claude Bradley, one
of the church members said. "We
are especially grateful to the citi
zens, of Franklin, Dillard and Clay
ton, Ga., for their nice contribu
tions. Everybody is interested and
doing everything possible "to have
our church completed."
Jlev. And Mrs. Green To
Sing At School Dedication
; Rev. and Mrs. Philip L. Green
have accepted the invitation of the
Buncombe county board of educa
tion to sing "God Bless America"
at the formal dedication of the
new consolidated : school building
at Leicester at 10 a. m. Friday,
August 16. Mr. Green, who is now
pastor of the Franklin circuit of
Methodist churches in Macon coun
ty, previously was in charge of six
rural churches in the Leicester
neighborhood in Buncombe county,
and he and Mrs. Green have many
friends who will be pleased to
have them return to take part in
the opening of the new school
building. '
Gov. Clyde Hoey, Hon. J. M.
Broughton, democratic nominee for
governor, and Hon. Clyde A. Er
win, state superintendent of public
instruction, will be speakers. The
meeting will be presided over by
T. C. Roberson, county superin
tendent. J. E. Potts & Son
Funeral Directors
PboM 164 Franklin, N. C.
' FOR SALE House and lot on
Bidwell street. Liberal terms, See
O. V. Hall, address, Franklin
Route 3.
A&-4tc A29
One of Macon county's best
farms near Franklin. 200 Acres
Good buildings. Main house 10
rooms. Running water. ' Liberal
terms. P. O. Box 151, franklin.
on Iotla street, Franklin, N. C,
known as the Poindexter property.
Address Miss Sylla Davis, Waynes-
ville, N. C
. A&-2tc A15
, WANTED Pine Lumber. Will
pay cash for all .kinds green or
dry white and yellow pine lumber,
delivered at our mill. Call at of
fice or write Zickgraf Hardwood
Company, Franklin, N. C.
A8-3tc A22
FOR SALE 18 Acre Farm, 4
room , house, pasture, water and
timber. Four miles .south of Frank
lin fn Georgia Highway. E. E.
Newberry, Fitzgerald, Ga.
A15 3tc A29
WANTED The following copies
of books used in the schools of
Macon county 40 "years ago:
Holmes' Fourth Reader, Maury's
Manual of Geography, Chamber's
Higher History of the U. S., Swin
ton's Outlines of World History.
Notify Press office.
A1S ltc
WANTED Bids on the excava
tion of 3.000 yards of dirt.
WANTED At once, good cook
with experience, man or woman.
Franklin, N. C
ltc A15
: FOR SALE Abbuzza seed rye,
$1.00 per busheL Modern concrete
block residence .Sacrifice. Long
terms if desired.
. Franklin, N. C
Jtp-AlS "r. -
. (Continued From Pag One)
Stewart, Mrs. Annie S. Neil.
Olive Hill Mrs Lucille K. Wurst.
: Clarks Chapel Mrs. Lola S.
Kiser, Mrs. Fannie Mae Arnold.
Union Mrs. Pearl H. Corbin,
Mrs Gay B. Teague, Mrs. Lucy C.
Bradley. .
Maple Springs Miss Grace Wil
kes, Miss Kate Shope.Mrs. Pauline
C. Holland.
Holly Springs Norman West,
Miss Gladys Brock.
Watauga Miss Jessie Ramsey,
Mrs. Carl Howard.
Oak Ridge Frank Fleming, Mrs.
Dora G. Carpenter.
Mountain Grove Miss Charlotte
Ellijay Miss Grace Carpenter.
Higdonville Sanford Smith, Mrs.
Lcvicia Justice Moses. . '
Salem William Crawford, Mrs.
William Crawford.
Mashburn's Branch S. A. Bry
son. Pine Grove E. J: Carpenter,
Miss Myrtle Keener; '
Walnut Creek Miss Gladys Pan
nell. Buck Creek Miss Mary Elmore.
Gold Mine Mrs. Ina Henry Du
vall. Mulberry Mrs. Onnie Oabe, Mrs.
J. C. Horsley.
Academy Miss Mildred Moffitt.
Hickory Knoll Mrs. Myrtle Vin
son, Mrs. Joyce Cagle.
Lower Tesenta Mrs. Maybur
Mountain View E. G. Crawford.
Otto J. J. "Mann, Mrs. Blanche
Howard. '
Slagle Miss Nora Moody, Miss
Amanda Slagle, Mrs. Mary Ann
Angel, Mrs. Martha C. Shields,
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Higdon.
Allison-Watts "J. B. Brendle,
Miss Esther Seay. .
Oak Dale Mrs. Pearl Phillips
Stewart, Miss Elizabeth Meadows.
: Burhingtown Mrs. Nina T. Mc
Coy, Mrs. Marie G. Roper.
Oak Grove Mrs. Eunice Siler,
Miss Ruth Byrd, Miss Christine
Browning, Mrs. Kate Reece Brad
ley. Cowee Mrs." Gertie W. Moss,
Miss May McCoy, Miss Mattie
Liberty Ralph Angel, Mrs Sel
ma Dalton. .
Aquone Miss Evelyn Kinsland.
Otter Creek Carl D. Moses, Ray
Moses, Jack Carpenter, Miss Annie
Lee Bryson, Mrs. Fleta Mason.
Kyle Miss Lolita Dean, Miss
Pauline F. Cable.
Beecher Mrs. Mary J. Sutton.
Scaly Miss Jessie Hurst, Miss
Virginia Edwards.
Highlands O. F. Summer, F. C.
Hentz, Miss Elizabeth Whiteside,
Mrs. Annie W. Pierson, Miss
Cynthia Morotz, Miss Ethel Cal
loway, Miss Nina Howard, Miss
Veva Howard, Miss Lois Keener,
Miss Mtaurine Davis.
Chapel H. R. Kemp, Mrs Eula
Lee King Kemp, Mrs. Emma L.
England, Miss Edith Fleming, Wil
son Jones.
Schools Opens August 29
All county schools will open on
Thursday, August 29. The first
teachers' meeting has been called
for Wednesday, August 28, at 10
a. m., in the Franklin high school.
William D. Hobart Passes
In San Diego, Calif.
J. S. Robinson received a mes
sage last Thursday from his sister,
Mrs. William D. JSobart, of San
Diego, Calif., telling of the death
of her husband.
Mr. Hobart died at his home
there following an illness of several
months, although he had not been
,well for several years.
In June, 1917, Mr. Hobart was
married to Miss Kate Robinson,
of Franklin, who was widely
known throughout Western North
The annual A. M. Ledford re
union will be held at War Woman
Dell on the road between Ckyton,
Ba., and Pine Mountain, Ga., on
September 1. A cordial invitation
is extended to all who wish to
come bringing well filled lunch
Mr. and Mrs. .' Win. Carpenter
and family of Mountain City, Ga.,
spent the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. L. H. Bingham and other
Henry Queen of Cramerton, is
visiting his son, Horace Queen.
. Mr. and Mrs. Miller Norris vis
ited Mrs. Norris' mother, Mrs. -Will
Seagle, who is sick, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Conley
of New Jersey, visited Mr. Con-
ley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Conley, recently. Miss Fannie Con
iey accompanied them on their re
turn home.
Mrs. Raleigh Norris visited her
sister, Mrs. Jess Henson, who is
critically ill, Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Carpenter
of Otto have announced the birth
of a son, Charlie Ray.
Sunday, August 18, is Home Com
ing Day at Mulberry Methodist
church. Everybody is urged to
come and bring well filled lunch
Mrs. A M. Ledford of Walhalla
and Anderson, S. C, is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Grady Henson
of Otto.
Meetings at the Mulberry Metho
dist church doied Sunday, ,
Honoring Mrs. Lawson A. Ross,
of Spartanburg, S. C... Mrs. Roy
F. Cunningham was hostess at a
bridge-shower on Friday evening
at her home on Palmer street,
with two table of bridge in play.
Mrs. Carl Tysinger, Jr., was win
ner of the high score prize, while
the prize for low score was award
ed to Mrs. R. M. Rimmer. Mrs.
Ross was winner of the consola
tin prize which consisted of a num
ber of lovely gifts from those at
tending. Those enjoying the evening in
cluded Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Frank
Higdon, Mrs. Alex Stewart, M lis.
W. T. Moore, Mrs. Carl Gabe, Mrs.
R. M. Rimmer, Mrs, Carl Tysing
er, Jr., Mrs. Neil Johnston, Mrs.
George B. Patton, Mrs. H. A. Wil
hide, Miss Elizabeth Slagle, Miss
Carolyn Nolen and Miss Virginia
The three circles of the Wo
man's Missionary Society of the
Franklin Baptist church will meet
on Thursday afternoon, August 22,
at 3 o'clock in the church for their
regular monthly circle meetings.
The Rev, C: F, Rogers, pastor
of the church, will teach the con
cluding chapters of the . mission
book, "Missions In the Bible," by
J. B. Lawrence.
Mrs. R. M. Rimmer, Mrs. J.
Horner Stockton and . Mrs. Frank
Reece will be pint hostesses. All
members are urged to be present.
Mrs. Laddie Crawford and Mrs.
Rutherford Snyder entertained
with a miscellaneous shower at the
home of the former on Cartooge
chaye on Friday afternoon, as a
courtesy to Mrs. Lawson A. Ross,
of Spartanburg, S. C, the former
Miss Ruth Slagle of Franklin.
A number of friends called dur
ing the hours leaving many useful
and attractive gifts for the hon
oree. . Refreshments were served by the
Mr,s. Lawson A. Ross, the former
Miss Ruth Slagle, whose wedding
took place July 20 in the Frank
lin , Methodist church, received
many beautiful gifts at a shower
given in her honor at the home
of Mrs. F. L. Siler last Saturday
The hostesses were Mrs. H. A.
Wilhide and Miss Carolyn Nolen
and the party was enjoyed on the
spacious porch of Mrs. Siler on
West Main street, who received
the guests and presented them to
the bbride. A long table was laden
with gifts that will contribute to
the comfort and beauty of the
new home the young couple will
make in Spartanburg, S. C. where
Mr. Ross is in business. '
A host of friends called during
the hours of 5 to 7. Delicious re
freshments were served.
The Rev. F. Ray Riddle, D. D.,
pastor of the Shanadon Presbyter
ian church, Columbia, S. C, to
gether with Mrs. Riddle and their
children, Frances and Bobby, are
the guests of the Rev. and Mrs.
J. A. Flanagan for thcweek.
Miss Nora Leach, who underwent
a very serious operation . there
Wednesday morning. Miss Leach's
condition was reported to be very
satisfactory. Mrs. Wright remain
ed for a few days with her sister.
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Newton
and two children, Phillip, Jr., and
Sandra, of Russellville, Art, came
in Tuesday for a visit with Mrs.
Newton's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
I. T. Peek. They were accom
panied by Mrs. Frances Newton.
of Cordallis, Ore., mother of Mr.
Newton. They plan on making an
extensive tour of this section be
fore returning to their homes.
Ralph West, assistant manager
if the Atlantic & Pacific Tea store,
is off on a two-weeks' leave of
absence. He is being relieved by
Vearl Rector of Marshal.
Mrs. Fleet Scroggs and two chil
dren of Richmond, Va., are spend
ing several days with Mrs. Scroggs'
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank T.
Mrs. John Willis Fox of Raleigh
is visiting her grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Willis, in the Caro
lina apartments here this week.
Miss Juliana Davis, of Jackson
ville, Fla who is attending Bre
vard college, was the week-end
guest of Misses Lillian and Dor
othy Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C Watson and
family returned to their home in
Pittsburgh, Pa after spending two
weeks here with Mrs. Watson's
brother, John H. Thomas and Mrs.
Thomas and other relatives and
friends in Macon county.
Mrs. Blackburn Wilson and her
daughter, Miss Fanny B. Wilson,
of Washington, D. C, are visiting
Mrs. Wilson's daughter, Mrs. J.
W. C Johnson. They were driven
up from Spartanburg, S. C by
Dr. Oscar B. Wilson,
Will Play Easely Team
Team Here This
The Franklin All Stars won their
15th and loth game, of the season
by annexing the twin bill with
Gastonia over the week-end, 5-2
and 4:2 respectively.
The games served as a tune-up
for the encounter with the Easley,
S. C, team this Sunday and mark
ed the final appearance of "Little
Beaver" Nichols in an AH Star
uniform. Nichols left Monday to
take up his new duties in Atlanta.
Right Foot First
The locals got off on the right
foot in the first game and scored
four runs on three hits to take a
lead which was never passed. A
liberal sprinkling of errors aided
the rally, considerably; only two
of the runs being earned. The! fin
al tally came in the sixth inning
when the visitors unlimbered an
error blizkreig to chase the run
across without a bingle being
chalked up.
Gastonia racked up their two
markers in the second and fourth
innings and took seven hits to
manufacture them.
Hitting Honor
In the K. O. department Nichols
outscored ' Rankin of the visitors
two to one while hitting honors
for the day went to Martin, Nich
ols and Tysinger with two hits
apiece. While Frye of the visitors
boosted" his average by getting
three for four.
The visitors outhit the locals
nine to eight but the erratic field
ing spelled the difference in the
ball game.
Bronvo In The Box
The second game saw "Bromo"
Higdon ascend the mound, and out
pitch Stover of Gastonia as the
locals went on to win.
Again, a one-inning rally proved
the decisive factor when the loc
als unlimbered their big berthas in
the fifth inning to score three runs
on two singles, a double and a
The locals jumped into the lead
in the first inning when "lover-boy"
Martin received a free admission
to finst to start the game, went to
second on a sacrifice by Archer
and score a few moments later on
The visitors came within a . hair
of repeating their scoring prefor
mance of Saturday by chalking up
markers in the third and fourth
Higdon was nicked for four well
scattered hits . and was never in
serious trouble, while his mates
were slugging out eleven hits.
He accounted for six Gastonians
by the strike out route while only
two of the locals bowed out before
Stover's collections of slants.
Advices from down the line in
dicate that weather permitting, the
locals are in , for one of the sea
Son's toughest struggles as the
Easley crew is reputed to have a
strong outfit and Manager Swan
son of the locals promises plenty
of action along with perhaps a
few new faces in his line-up when
the All Stars take the field around
3 p. m. Sunday.
Twin Peach Puts Twin ,
Cucumber In Shade
Billy Reece, 13, a future farmer
of America, brought a twin peach
into The Press office that throws
the twin cucumber in the sliade.
The peach is on display in The
Press office window. .
Mrs. Siler's Broadcasts
At 8:15 P. M. Thursdays
The time of Mrs. F. L. Siler's
15 minute weekly broadcasts over
WWNC, Asheville, that had been
announced , for Thursday evenings
at 8:45 has been changed to 8:15.
Her subject is Cherokee Indian
Lore, and will be heard with inter
est throughout the range of this
Mrs. Siler says that there will
be many opportunities for her to
say something about Franklin, and
that she may be counted on to do
so. After speaking a few weeks
ago on a broadcast 'arranged by
the Franklin " Chamber of Com
merce, Mrs. Siler, who has writ
ten many stories about the Chero
kees, was requested by Don Elias
of the Citizen-Times, in charge of
the radio station, to make this ser
ies of broadcasts.
Milton Fouts, of Tryon, came in
Wednesday to ve with his brother,
Meritt Fouts, who is critically ill
at Angel hospital.
W. U. C (Top) Dalton, of Gas
tonia was visiting his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John H. Dalton at West's
Mill the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawson A. Ross
have returned to their , home in
Spartanburg. S. G, after spending
the week-end with Mrs. Ross parents,-Mr.
and Mrs. A B. Slagle. .
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Leach and
Mrs. Pearl Wright went to Ashe
ville Wednesday to see their sister
Mr. and Mrs Lee Guffey spent
the week-end in Atlanta. They
were accompanied by Miss Dorotry
White of Bryson City.
As the World
(Continued from Pa One) ,
The house banking committee
yesterday approved a $500,000,000
increase in the Export-Import
bank's capital ami authorization
for the RFC to makeSl, 000,000.00
of loans for national obfense' pur
The senate voted yesterday an
amendment, to the conscription bill
raising the base pay on the army
and marine corps from $21 to $30
a month. The house debated legis
lation' empowering the president to
call the national guard and army
reserves to active duty,
ton. .
Two children were killed instant
ly and their mother and two other
children were injured ,when the
residence of Bynum Shumaker, near
Banner Elk, was swept 300 yards
down a mountainside by a land
slide.. ' ' i
Gov. Burnet R. Maybank of
South Carolina yesterday ordered
the Beaufort company of the 263rd
coast artillery to assist civil -authorities
in administering Telief and
keeping order in Beaufort county,
hardest hit area in the track of
the hurricane that struck the Geor
gia and South Carolina coast last
Damage at Parris Island marine
base was estimated at $300,000.
Large property damage and some
loss of life was suffered by Charl
eston, Savannah' and coast resorts.
E. B. Denny of Gastonia was
elected to succeed R. Gregg Cher
ry, Gastonia, as chairman by the
state Democratic committee meet
ing in Raleigh last flight.
D. W. Nichols Transferred
To Offices In Atlanta
D. W. Nichob left Monday for
Atlanta, to accept a position in
the Regional. Fiscal Agent's office
of the U, S. Forest Service.
"Dub", as he is known by every
one, came to the Nantahala Na
tional Forest in 1933 direct from
business school. He served in many
capacities while on the Nantahala
and made an enviable record in
each position.
His transfer to the Regional of
fice is a distinct promotion and one
which is well deserved.
Mrs. Nichols and Douglas, Jr.,
will join Mr, Nichols'withih a few
weeks for residence in Atlanta.
Lions Clubs
Of Clayton And Franklin
Enjoy Joint Meeting
The Franklin and Clayton Lions
enjoyed a "Ladies' Night" joint
meeting last Monday held at the
Rabun Gap school. The ' Home
makers Club of the school served
a delicious repast to the more than
50 in attendance.
Hugh Mohteith, an attorney and
member of the Sylva Lions Club
delivered the principal address- on
the subject of "Duty of a Lion as
an Individual."
Dr. Bellengrath, president of the
Rabun Gap school gave a most in
teresting talk on the growth and
purposes of the school's work, out
lining its three-fold divisions. He
explained that the community
school is supported by the state and
supplemented by the institution.
The boarding school includes a
high school and two year junior
The third direction of the insti
tution is to aid farm families. The
speaker explained the unique plan
originated by Dr. Ritchie, former
president, of bringing families
from mountain farms to live and
work on the school's farm for as
long as five years, to learn im
proved methods and to return to
their homes better farmers and
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Woodruff of
Franklin were guests' who con
tributed to the evening's enter
tainment with delightful music
Lioness Averell also sang two solos,
and a duet with Lioness Bloxham.
D & G Dog Feed, lb. 10c
Curly Tail Hog Ration, 100 lbs. $2.25
Corn Flakes, 4 boxes 25c
Corn Meal, fresh ground, bu. $1.15
Palmer Street Franklin, N. C
Business Girls Club
Contributes To Red Cross
The Business Girls Club of the
Franklin Presbyterian Presbyterian
church has contributed $5 to the
county Red Cross Fund, Chairman
Horky Cabe announced this week.
Contributions to date total rough
ly around $460, Mr. Cabe said.
Methodist Women Meet
With Mrs. Siler
The Methodist Women's Society
for Christian Service, meeting with
Mrs. F. L. Siler this week elected
Mrs. Hall as president to succeed
Mrs. Beshears who resigned,
Mrs. Hattie Jones' birthday was
remembered, she being one of the
oldest and most faithful members.
The social service ' committee,
Mrs. Siler, Mrs. BeTt' Slagle and
Mrs. Harold Sloan, reported visit
ing all members, of those having
cars taking others to visit the sick
and shut-ins.
The gift of a good range to the
Negro Community House was re
ported, enabling them to make a
good sum from their 4th of July
rlinirpr tn nav the Hpht ctill Hn
on the building.
The September meeting will be
with Mrs. Robert Davis:
Our Burial
Association Today !
F C RT Premium
It Lk l Coupons
in Every Bag!
Redeemable in a
Tonery or acirac
five premiums.
Writ to
Co., Atlanta, for
Ire prtffliya
Stop fof Eats or
' Drinks
Special Fried Chicken
And Barbecue
Dixie Grill
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Macon Shoe Shop
I Wmmt LRU

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