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A Paper Devoted to the Upbuilding
VOL. 11, NO. 17.
Says She Touched Off Chamber-
lain Hall and Would Do
It Again
of the Sandhill TerritQ< ^ North Carolina
Aberdeen, North Carolina
Friday, March 27, 1931.
o* o
Uniform Development of Sandhills
Aim of Landowners in Enlisting
Services of Warren H. Manning
Landscaping Authority To Chart
Future Growth of Pinehurst-
Knollwood- So. Pinefe Section
Margaret Pridg’en of Wilmington,
nc of the 16 girls held in the Rob
eson county jail in Lumberton await
ing trial at the May term of Moore
ounty Superior court on a charge of
•urning two buildings at Samarcand,
state institution for delinquent girls,
:akes entire responsibility for start
ing the fire.
The Pridgen girl talked freely about
the matter in the Lumberton prison,
stating that she set fire to one of the
buildings and would do it again. She
e*ave as the reason that she was tired
By Bion H. Butler
The coming of Warren H. Manning
to the Sandhills to undertake the
work of planning the uniform devel
opment of the large area of ground
between Pinehurst, Knollwood and
Southern Pines is one of the great
events of the year. This move awak
ens in me a most enthusiastic de
gree of optimism, for its signifies a
breadth of vision that is of vital con
sequence to the Sandhills.
In the past much good work has
been done in planning the scheme on
which development could go for
ward, but some horrible examples of
botchery have been allowed to slip
that will
Exhibition Match
Misses Van Wie, Orcutt, Wall
and Wattles to Play for
Benefit of Hospital
No Reason Why Sandhills Should
Not Attract Visitors Over
Longer Period
»f the place and thought she might
be moved if the building burned. She ! through here and there
says she set fire to Chamberlain hall I leave stains on the community indefi- pital while you are following this
after other girls had failed in their
attempt to commit the same offense.
While Chamberlain hall was burning,
other girls set another building afire,
:hinking officials would believe it
•aught from the first.
The fire began about 8 p. m. At
that time some of the girls were un-
nitely. Olmstead started Pinehurst
right. Manning later got a hand in
and helped to continue the work on a
basis reaching farther out. Yeomans
added to Manning’s work in the
Southern Pines section and built a
monument to his skill. Judge Way
dro>pped into the neighborhood and
Golf lovers have a treat in store for ^ important move-
them tomorrow, Saturday afternoon, |
at 2 o’clock when four of the coun- i ^ront in recent days,,
try’s leading women golfers will tee activity in time to
off at the Southern Pines Country | elective for the spring. This
Club in an exhibition match for the I>e"^t’’eningr of the season far-
benefit of the Moore County Hospital ' summer months. The
The match is under the auspices of ® *‘"’®
the Sandhills Activities. ' occasional efforts to keep opor,
Tr, ^ Ml t. i»;r- XT- longer have resulted in considerable
In the foursome will be Miss Vir- rn. o t x t.- i.
nr- -n success. The Carolina at Pinehurst a
ginia Van Wie of Chicago, Miss Ber- ^ ^
nice Wall of Oshgosh, Wis., Miss
Maureen Orcutt of New York and
Miss Peggy Wattles of Buffalo. nr i. ^ n i.
ju-n • i , year program. Much talk has sprung
Sandhills society girls will be on • , ...
years ago extended its days from
October to May. Some of the South
ern Pines hotels ventured on an all
4.^ i. j i.” ^ 1 up in many quarters. Now it seems
hand to accept donations for the hos- 4./ ^ • a. i, j
that an attempt is to be made on a
fair and famous foursome about the
links. There they are:
Misses Catherine Wiley, \ Dorothy
Stutz, Lucille Mudgett, Emilie May
dressed and in bed, others were un- I to his territory the benefit of
dressing. They lost about everything | experience as a creator around
they had. Indictments charging first | Pittsburgh. Others have been join-
degree arson, which is punishable by ^^g in the movement, and now it is
death, were drawn against 16 of the capped by the coming of Manning
grirls, and 10 of them were placed in
+he Moore county jail at Carthage
and six in the Montgomery county
jail at Troy. They were taken to
and a definite attempt to make use
of his intelligence and experience in
putting the whole §andhills on a
proper course.
Lumberton March 18 in a school bus j This is said with due consideration,
^ Sheriff McDonald of Moore j for while Manning’s immediate work
county. j will be confined personally to the tri-
Clothing Scarce j angle between Pinehurst, Southern
The girls are almost minus cloth- Pines and Knollwood, the enlighten
ing, but the modesty of most of them ment that.will be shed in this work
seems not affected. As the Pridgen , will influence the whole Sandhill re
girl, scantily clad, told of her part gion as far as the settlement of the
in the affair, a cigarette rolled out ; community by Northern people is oo.i
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broader basis to put May, June and
September, Iperhaps, on the resort
dates in the Sandhills.
One of the proposals that is re
garded as essential is to make the
cottage leases expire in June or la
ter, rather than May 1. Sam Rich
ardson says fixing dates of lease ex
piration at May 1 is to serve notice
on winter residents that May 1 closes
up activities. He argues that that is
a mistake, and advocates extending
the lease period with the assurance
that May and June are two of the
most attractive months in the year in
this part of the state. “Instead of
Broadacres By
The Salvation Army For
New Sandhill Sanitarium
Heads Horse Show
Dr. J. Rush Shull Acquires 5,-
000-Acre Tract for Home
For CimTalescents
Impassioned* Plea of Representa- shooing the people off home in four
tive Spence of No Avail to
Curb Deaths
or five weeks by closing their houses
we should encourage them to stay
when everything is green and out
door life shading int<# summer, for
the North is far from cordiality to
Golf’s Threat For Sports Su
premacy in Sandhills Has
Inning Next Week
After owning the 5,000-acre tract
of Broadacres near Hoffman, for
about a week the Salvation Army
furnishes another sensation by selling
the big property to Dr. J. Rush
Shull and wife, Mrs. Eulah Haynes
Shull, a transaction that begins the
creation of a big sanatorium and
recuperative establishment in the
Sandhills. Shull is one of the fore
most specialists and research men in
North Carolina, with a prominent in
stitution in Charlotte where he is
recognized as one of the leading phy
sicians of the South. Mrs. Shull is of
the Cliffside family of Haynes, those
manufacturers who have made that
section one of the big industrial
spots of the South. Their mill inter
ests are big among the cotton indus
tries of the country.
Dr. Shull, who has a large practice
all over the state, is well acquainted
with the Sandhills country, and for
some time he has ibeen watching this
section. With some other associates he
has developed plans for establishing
at Broadacres an institution which
they believe has advantages possess
ed by hardly anything else in the
United States. The peculiar softness
of the air, partly because of the
sandy soil which absorbs surplus
moisture and which exercises an in
fluence on the temperature at all
seasons, the purity of the atmosphere
rru t. - which is uncontaminated by industrial
The horse, golf s threat for sports 1 , , , . .
„ . „ supremacy in the Sandhills, walks, I that could be objectmn-
Desp.te a strong and impassioned them when they go back up there un-^ trots and canters into the limelight I «ie character of the water sup-
piea by Moore county’s representa- til at least after Memorial day.” ' next week. The 14th annual Pinehurst ! favorable altitude, the ease
tive, Union L. Spence of Carthage, the Frank Buchan mentions the excel- Horse Show opens on Tuesday morn-1 ° ^ j main me o e
State Assembly on Monday voted ,ent roads that put the North Caro-, ing. ! Seaboard railroad and by H.'f-hway
down the bill to require operators of Sandhills within a day’s drive i The gaily bedecked showring has ^ ^
on the floor from the bed on which cerned. It will reach for miles into j motor vehicles to be licensed by the mnph nf tViP Nnvth wii-Vi vnripd ^ i ^ j many other features, have appeal-
she was sitting. About her other girls the surrounding region, for example state. The measure, which passed the routes for coni’ne- and *e-oine* and ^ doctors. The new institu-
... .. 1 . Mar.r.iT.0. n ^ and going, and of passersby with its festive new
listened or took part in the conserva- i is always i^ifectious. Manning has
tion, some wearing only raincoats or j begun to T«’^ork for the whole com-
a couple of pieces of clothing. Of the munity, although he is employed by
visitors they begged matches, cig- a small group of leaders and will
Senate, was defeated in the lower
house by 57 to 33 after an hour of
pleasant weather for an outing of a p^int, its boxes, judges’ stand, its car
few days or two or three weeks with | g^een on which for two days
debate. The bill was sponsored by the fjj conditions along the different; „ext week the equestrian elite of this
aro ina otor C ub and had the sup- stopping at the many | section will submit themselves to the
©rettes, magazines or stationery. One, make his start on their acreage. Ine port of most of the state press, arous- points of historic inter-^st at a time
^ . A ■ ^ ^ I 1 _ i* ^ Vv»T fill • i 1 •*! 1 _ J 1
pulled out a copy of the Gospel ac- ■ rest of the folks will follow by imita-
•ording to St. John and reminded ; tion, which is of great importance
that they took time sometimes to read
Under the fatherly guidance
Work from Air Photos
skilled eye of well know^n judges.
ed y the growing automobile death points can be examined hoping for blue ribbons but satisfied
rate in the state. ^^^st enjoyable weather con- ^jth anything but the gate. The en-
, Wrote the correspondent of the ditions, long days, warmth enough to , try list is the largest i4i the 14
' years Francis ea on, | Greensboro Daily News to his pa- make the out-door journey a contin-1 ,,ears history of local horse show-
of ! Rassie Wicker and James Swe t in , per: ^ed joy, and room enoogh here to , ^om There will be more entries and
Jailer Austin Smith ,the girls hare j their surveys have been accumulating
beamed to like the Robeson county material which is now joining togeth-
jail and Lumberton. They prefer to
remain here, many of them say, and
er in the production of one big and
accurate map of the country that
would like to have Jailer Smith as i Manning will cover. This is the basis
iheir keeper always. Carefree and | of his work. In the same peiiod of
happy most of them seem to be, lit- time John Hemmer has been mak-
“Fear of any additions to the state give everybody plenty of accommo-i-rnore riders than ever. Trotters hunt-
highvvay patrol and inability to recov- dation and attention. | jumpers, polo ponies and saddle
er from the passionate assault of Andrew Creamer at the Highland ; horses will be on exhibition.
! And as usual the occasion will be
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tie realizing the seriousness of the
offense with which they are charged.
A.sked what punishment they expect,
niost of them reply, From three to ground to be covered
five years in the pen.” i photographs made by
ing photot-raphs of the landscape
from the air above, giving fair topo- |
graphic and perspective views of the I
Other air !
others at I
See You at The Follies!
Show Twice Next Week Introduces Siaiidhills Talent
Vaudevillainous Variety of This and That for
Benefit of Educational Fund
the society event of the winter.
Boxes have all been sold. During the
show, on both Tuesday and Wednes
day, luncheon will be served from
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Local talent is busy rehearsing for . will be able to prevent it :n view of
Those held in jail here are Vir-, fmes are also available, Mr. j
?inia Hayes, Leaksville, Marion Mer- , Manning enters on h.s job with an ■
cer, .\yden Wilma Owen, Waynes-j abundance of information from which
®™"®°."’„f°'''^J|’^°,™a|hLdsTroni w^^ the big show, the Foundation Follies,' which fact the piano has been in-, Members Unaccusto^med to Pub
r^stelle v\ ilson, L.exington j ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^twice next week for the sured against fire, accident and sud- ! GrȣHQlrinor Pui Tn+Ar-
benefit of the Moore County Educa- den death; Nelson Hyde, who has
tional Foundation. The opening night wi itten a song about Ralph Page
will be at the Southern Pines Coun- which, if sung before they let Ralph
try Club on Tuesday, the 31st, and on the stage will insure Ralph’s not
telle Wilson, i^exingxon incima. ^ ,
uncil, Tarhoro Allie Harding, comprehensive hasis, and he has bnen
Washington Margaret Abernathy,
Kinston Losie Mull, Rutherford Ber-
ha Hall, Norfolk, Va. Edna Clark,
Halifax Delorise Sewell, Cove City;
Pearl Stiles, Canton; Margaret Prid-
^■en, Wilmington; Choel Stillwell,
Kinston; Josephine French, Haw
directed to prepare preliminary pians
that may be elaborated to any extent
as desired. He commenced his task by
a rather careful reconnoissance of the
lands of Judge Way and Donald Ross,
Amateur Day” at
Kiwanis Luncheon
iic Speaking Put on Inter
esting Program
tion will not be for tubercular cases,
but for convalescents, restoration of
tires nerves and ailments that re
quire rest and care. It will be in
line with the big scheme of play and
rest that characterizes the Sandhills
$500,000 Deal
Dr. Shull has been giving some timie
to looking over the ^Sandhills with
the intention of establishing such an
institution, and w'hen he found that a
tract of over 5,000 acres w^as to be
had in the favorable location Broad
acres occupies he lost no time in
closing the deal. This suits the Sal
vation Army, as the doctor had in
Washington soni9 property which has
been taken by the Army and it will
be made to serve the purpose of bar
racks and #retreats that the organi
zation is constantly needing in that
big city. Both are better served by
L the transaction. The price involved
I as near as The Pilot can gather is
! approximately half a million dollars.
[ Work will begin next week to carry
I out the plans. For the stai't the big
I manor house on the place will be
I remodeled so that it can be ocfu-
Something happened at the weekly, sanatorium as quickly
Kiwanis luncheon Wednesday.
1 -1, V . ,1 . A i.1 XT , 1 1 • j-j. J? ?s possible. The other buildings will
the cast and scenery will then be car- appearing on the stage; Arthur New- i member of the club w'ho is editor oi 1 j j ^ i ..i. •
^ I be overhauled and adapted for their
and thus a nucleus for the
two men who are familiar enough j ried over to Pinehurst for a perform-. comb, who claims to be a magician a newspaper in Aberdeen was suppos-,
with outdoor engineering to have ! ance at the Carolina Theatre on but all we know about it is that he j ed to provide a speaker for <*ay | ^^ile
proper value of what Manniiip has Thursday night, April 2d. ° failed to | the more elaborate plans are matur
To Nominate Aberdeen-
Mayor, Commissioners
Mass Meeting Called for Mon
day Nigb< to Name Ticket
for Election May 5
A mass meeting has been called for
next Monday nighty March 30th at
8 o’clock at the School Auditorium in
Aberdeen for the purpose of nominat
ing a ticket for Mayor and Commis
sioners of the Town of Aberdeen for
the next two years. The election will
be held on Tuesday, May 5th.
J. A. Lineberry has been appointed
register for the election and registra
tion books will be open at his store
each Saturday until May 1st, Hardin
Gunter, village clerk, announced yes
on hand. With Rassie Wicker he h.^s
been following the surveys over wider
area, and catching the idea on 'he
ground. He will go back to his lab
oratory in Massachusetts and work
is usually up to tricks, and other and failed to produce, so a catch-as-
Edwin McKeithen has been acting talent (?) well worth the price of one catch-can program was hatched up
as stage manager of the Follies, and dollar “and up” as the tickets read. \ on the spur of the moment and those
ing and in process. New roads from
the Federal highway will be built into
Ed'^yin is the kind of a press agent The tickets, by the way, are on sale caught were three club members who , tant points about the prop-
who likes to keep the folks guessing, at the Broad Street Pharmacy m ' are not in the habit of making | ^ ^ , m
He won’t say much about his pro- Southern Pines ,the Carolina Phar-1 speeches. Each crashed through hril-1
John Hemmer, news photographer
par excellence, after his blushing sur
prise at being called upon, told how
gard to the harmony of the natural
No More Atrocities
Pennsylvania avenue has been ex
tended from Southern Pines to the
western boundary of the Fifteenth
amendment, which on Christmas was
the village of West Southern Pines,
but it now, evidently, the second
ward or something of Southern Pines.
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today’s Sandhills photographs are , a. i
lOQciy mer, and that this big- sale means
able to appear in tomorrows’ New:. : .
York, Chicago and Boston papers, and
out the projects and submit them to j gram, except that il will be in the na- macy in Pinehurst, “Sam’s” desk at
his clients, who are enthusiastic over i ture of a vau'deville show, wnth skits | the Carolina hotel, and by numerous
what he is ,proposing, for they j and songs and minstrels and magi-' people interested in the Foundation,
realize as he does that the dans and dances and all the usual the purpose of which is to send
tractiveness of this section depends | vaudevillainous stuff. He has an- worthy young boys and girls of the
very largely on the way the funda-| nounced some of the cast, among them , Sandhills to colloge who could not
mental plans are developed with re- Struthers Burt who, we understand, otherwise afford to go. . ^ ^
will sing some songs of the w estern j Tuesday night, at Southern Pnies , recounted some of his experience m
plains in his own inimitable fash-' Country Club, 8:15 o’clock; Thursday scoring “beats” for his papers. Pete j
ion; Mrs. Henry A. Page, Jr., who ■ night, Carolina Theatre, Pinehurst, ! Pender told of his recent tnp to
v/ill sing some old fashioned songs ! same time. Pinehurst seats reserved,
with dance accompaniment by Mrs. | We forgot to mention the piece de
Walter Gilkyson of Southern Pines; | resistance of the evening. The Min-
“the Rev.” Frank Buchan, who will strel number! The bunch has been re-
preach a sermon in negro dialect as | hearsing for days and nights. All
only Frank Buchan can preach a ser- j the barbershop chords are true and
mon in negro dialect; Ralph Page, one or two of the jokes are new, and
who insists upon playing the piano j some of them may be about you.
and the stage manager isn’t sure he Don’t be late.
and minor details will receive
attention. Meanwhile plans will be
outlined for the bigger institution
that is to follow as fast as it can be
created. It is evident that things are
to move around Hoffrnan this sum-
lot in every way to tlie Sandhills as
a factor in North Carolina progress
and usefulness.
Yucatan and Mexico, painting a color- ^ The_ House of Representatives at
ful picture of the scenes and condi
tions he found there. Sheriff Charlie
McDonald told why Moore county has
no crime wave. The program wound
up with £ soprano solo by the afore
mentioned editor whose singing is
about on a par with his editing. No
better and no worse.
Raleigh accepted the general sales tax
of the revenue bill last night by a vote
of 54 to 58.
The vote came at 10:10 o’clock af
ter nearly 12 hours debate on the
sales tax question, during which the
Hinsdale luxury tax plan was re
jected by a 48 to 60 vote.

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