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A Paper Devoted to the Upbuilding
VOL. 11, NO. 19.
of the Sandhill Te^ ^ of North Carolina
Aberdeen, North Carolina
Friday, April 10, 1931.
“Snowbair^ A Hero
Lttle Black Dog Sounds Fire
Alarm and Saves Vass
Barber Shop
“Snowball” is Neill Tucker’s lit
tle black dog. Neill Tucker runs
the barber shop in Vass.
Piteous barking could be heard
from the barber shop building last
Thursday night around 11 oclock.
Investigation revealed that “Snow
ball” was doing his barkingest best
to sound the fire alarm, and he suc
ceeded. The building was ablaze in>
side when the firemen arrived, and
3ut for ‘‘Snowball” the entire wood
en structure would have been de
stroyed. The flames were quickly
conquered, thanks to the prompt
response of the firemen and the
adequate water supply.
And thanks most of all to “Snow
ball,” vv^ho was rescued, choking
with smoke but otherwise unharm
Fatal Accident on Aberdeen &
Rockfish Believed Caused
By Disgruntled Negro
One man was killed and five ser
iously injured Wednesday as a work
car on the Aberdeen & Rockfish rail
road struck a spike which had been
driven beside the rail eij;ht miles
from Fayetteville, apparently with in
tent to wreck the first train striking
Vance Bunce, 25, of Cumberland
county, died shortly after he was tak
en to a Fayetteville hospital here. Al
bert Allen, 55, section foreman of
the railway was injured seriously.
After an all-day search, officers of
the law were without*a definite clue
as to the identitfy of the person or
T>ersons who drove three spikes be
tween the rails near Clifton. Vance,
assistant section foreman of the A.
<fe R., was one of several men on a
gasoline motor section car which was
Blood hounds were taken to the
scene shortly after the accident but
failed to pick up a trail which would
^ive the officials a working clue.
Sheriff N. H. McGeachy and mem- LOTT, BELL, VAN RYN ALSO
bers of his force, aided by officials
of the railroad from Aberdeen and j Frank X, Shields, New York youth
Fayetteville worked all Wednesday ^vho many predict will wear the shoes
OR the case. Some suspicion is direct- ^ Qf Tilden in the tennis world during
ed toward a Negro living in the west- j next decade and who is already
fm part of the county, and he may , 2 ranking player of the countiy,
hte arrested. The three spikes were heads the big list of stars who begin
NOT A CANDIDATE New Building Contracts Sound
FOR COMMISSIONER, Death Knell for Unemployment
Urges Re-election of Some of
Present Board in Declining
W. D. Caviness, one of those nom
inated for the Board of Town Com
missioners of Aberdeen at the town
meeting held last week, announces
through The Pilot that it will be im
possible for him to serve should be
be elected, and calls for the re-nam
ing of at least two of the present
members of the board for another
term. Mr. Caviness' statement follows:
“I wish to say to the people of
Aberdeen that conditions are such
that I could not serve on the Town
Board of Commissioners as Commis
sioner if elected. Therefore, my name
will not appear on the town ticket.
I wish to say further that I think it
would be a great mistake should we
fail to re-elect at least two or three
of the present board.” *
Those nominated on Monday night
Frank Shields, No. 2 in U. S.
Ranking, Heads Big Delega
tion for North and South
Activity on Weymouth Heights,
Knollwood and in Pimehurst '
Keep Hammers Poiinaing
If the sound of the hammer is any |
criterion, unemployment is doomed
m the Sandhills. There are signs of
building activities on all sides, and
the contractor, the carpenter, the ma- 1
son, the hardware man and the lum
ber man are smiling again. The sum- i
mer bids fair to be a most active one
locally. '
Andrew I. Sherman, of Orchai’d
Road, Southern Pines, has begun the ,
erection of a Dutch Colonial type
dwelling on the northeast corner of |
New Hampshire avenue and Ridge
street, one of the most commanding j
locations of the Weymouth Heights |
section. The main structure will be j
of stucco on hollow tile, 26 by 32 feet,
two stories and will contain living j
room, dining room, kitchen, den and
sun parlor on the lower floor, and :
four master bed rooms, three bath ^
and two servants’ rooms above. ^
The Paddock has let a contract with ,
E. V. Perkinson, Southern Pines con
tractor, for an addition to the house !
and an additional building in its j
group of stables. The house addition ,
calls for a wing to contain a large
bedroom, bath and spacious closets. '
Out in Front
Pour Sandhills Golfers Quali<
fy in 1st Division in North
and South
Four Sandhills golfers qualified
for the first sixteen in the 31st an
nual North & South amateur golf
tournament under way at the Pine-
hurst Country Club this week, and
at time of going toxpress, one of
thes#, Richard Tufts, had surviv
ed the first round of match play.
He defeated another Sandhills
youth, Richard Wilson of Southern
Pines, in a thrilling match which
went to the 20th hole.
Halbert J. Blue, Knollwood star,
who made the first division, was
defeated in the first round by the
well known George T. Dunlap of
New York. The fourth Sandhillian
to qualify, Edward L, Scofield of
Pinehurst, was eliminated in the
first round by T. Suffem Tailer of
Newport, R. I.
The tournament brought out one
of the biggest fields in history. It
winds up tomorrow.
Will Present Annual Trophy at
Pinehurst Country Club
Tonight, Friday
of last week were, in addition to Mr.
Caviness, Frank D. Shamburger, John ^ The new building will contain a car-
Sloan, J. Vance Rowe and H. W; I i-jage ^.oom, six box stalls, wash rooms
Doub. The present commissioners are for cooling down horses after stren-
M. M. Johnson, C. J. Johnson, John '
driven in between the T-irons of the
track, where the rails joined. The
first was broken off by the wheels
of the car, but the second threw the
small car from the rails.
Officers of the railroad believe the
spikes were placed in the track with
malice, probably ’ a grudge against
some of the section gang. A passen-
jrer train would have passed the
spot within three hours. The officials
think, though, that the section car
wa,s the object of the plot/ as any
one in position to carry it out would
Dune McLean, J. R. Page and G. C.
Whether Mr. Caviness’ sujrgestion
will result in another ticket in the
field for members of the town board
is not as yet known. No opposition
has been heard publicly from other
sources, and no one has been sug-
uou^ hours of hunting, a grooms’
clubroom and a heating plant on the
main floor, with an apartment above
for the stable manager and other a i* : "
servants. The building will be ng ^hosen f^m ^Numerous Appll-I hurst, is chairman of the dance conk-
The trophy annually awarded to the
man or woman of Moore county ad
judged to have done the most for
the section during the previous year
will be presented this evening on the
occasion of the annual Kiwanis Club
Ladies Night, to be held at 7:15
o’clock this evening, Friday, at the
Pinehurst Country Club. To whoin
the honor is to fall is nevtir announc
ed in advance of the presentation, but
it was stated yesterday that the
presentation to whomsoever it may
be will be made by Edwin T. Mc-
Keithen of Aberdeen.
Big plans have been made for
Ladies Night and for the annual Ri-
wanis Ball which is to follow. Norman
C. Sheppard of Smithfield, lieutenant
governor of this Kiwanis district, v/ill
be the principal speaker, and an at
tractive and entertaining program has
been arranged in addition to Mr.
Sheppard. Richard Tufts, president of
the Kiwanis Club, will be master of
The dance will start at 10:00 o'clock,
directly after the Ladies’ Night festi-~
vities. James McNab, genial pro
prietor of Pine Crest Inn in Pine^
the first round of the 13th annual-j
United North and South Tennis tour- i
nament on the courts of the Pinehutst '
Country Club next Monday morning.
With him of the “First Ten” will I
come George Lott, Berkeley Bell, John
VanRyn, Clifford Sutter and Bryan j
Grant. i
The tournament runs through next. ■
week, and besides the men’s, singles ;
for the title won last year by John 1
Doeg, since crowned national cham- i Vow House Members Are Asking
pion, there will be men’s doubles, I “Where Do We Go
feet long" by 22 feet deep, and will be
of hollow tile. Bradley Delehanty,
New York architect, prepared the
plaas, and IV^r. Perkinson has already
cants To Succeed H. M.
Caviness, Who Resigned
gested as a candidate for Mayor to broken ground.
run in opposition to Henry 'McCoy
Blue, who was renominated for anoth- , 1 t- tt^ 1 x
1 , Near The Paddock, E. Webster
er two years. The election will be ^^ ^ t 1
Knight, 2d, of Providence, R. I., has
held in May. . ^ ^
mittee and has secured a big time
orchestra for the occasion. Tickets
have been going like hot cakes, and
the affair is destined to be one of
the biggest social events of the year.
The proceeds of the dance are to g'o
to the Moore County Educational
Senate Vetoes Sales
and Luxury Taxes
women’s singles and women’s dou-
From Here?”
know the section gang passed before ^les. The entry list for the womens
the train. events contains the names of the
“Where do we go from here?”
Bunce was fatally injured, Albert |country’s leading players, among them 1 lyieiyjbers of the House are asking at
Allen, 55, was seriously hurt and sev- Marjory Sachs, Mrs, Jessup, Mrs. ! j^^leigh, as a result of the Senate’s | horses already here and has every-
eral other section men painfully cut j y^nRyn, formerly Marjory Gladman, ' i-efusal Wednesday to place the Hins- I thing in readiness for the coach-and
and bruised, when the motor car: ^nd the Misses Anderson, Rice and : j^xury tax in the revenue bill '
struck the spike and jumped the Cross, to mention only a few. ; following close upon its refusal to
track while they were going to work. , Xwo members of the Canadian 1 accept the general sales tax.
Bunce died a few hours later in the ■ j)avis Cup team will be here for the | The General Assemhlv passed the
Highsmith Hospital from a severe ; tourament. Dr. Wright and Marcel | McLean law in its early days and
injury to his skull. Allen, the section ^ Rainville. The University of North conceded that some form of sales tax
foreman, is in the Pittman HospitaL | Carolina is sending a sturdy delega-| j.^ ^^ise the nine million dollars
Bunce was 25, he leaves a v/ife, j ^jon headed by Bryan Grant, nation- : ^ year must be enacted if the act is
fermerly Miss Annie May Ellis, and clay court champion and No. 10 .j-q carried out.
The House first refused the Hin-
The Board of County Commissioners
met on Monday in regular session with
all members of the old board pres
ent. T, Frank Cameron, one of the
practically completed his extensive members appointed by the Gen-
improvements to the old W alter Ma- Assembly of the state, was pres
pies Place. The house has been com- ' ^nt.
pletely renovated, with a cellar and Herbert Kennedy was elected war-
heating plant, new roof, new floors Qf County Home effective Ap-
and new paint. The barn on the prop- I rii 2I, 1931 at a salary of $100 per
erty has been made over into an at- month for a period ending December
tmctive stable for Mr. Knight’s ^ 3]^ 1931. Mr. Kennedy was chosen
coach horses and hunters, and a fi*om a number of applicants. He suc-
coach house added on additional land j ceeds H. M. Caviness, who with his
just purchased by Mr. Knight from j wife, has managed the home so ef- morning and in the afternoon,
The Paddock. Mr. Knight has some ^ ficiently for some time. Mr. Caviness the most inpressive
Ramage Memorial Pipe
Organ is Dedicated
Easter Services at Pinehurst
Church-Featured by An
nouncement of Donor
The Easter services in the Com-'
munitv Church at Pinehurst Sun-
two small children. His home
in Seventy-First Township.
Donald A. Sets New
World Track Record
in the U. S. ranking. The others in
clude Wilmer Hines, national junior
singles and doubles champion, Edgar
Yeomans, H. H. Handlin, Philip Lis-
kin, L. C. W^'right, E. K. Graham,
Jr., Lucas Abels ^and Robert Lovill,
* four which he proposes to bring to
the Sandhills early in the fall. He
spent last week here with Mrs.
Knight and their children, stopping
at the Park View Hotel. Mrs. Knight
is a daughter of Vice
Charles Curtis.
There are rumors of other build
ing activities in the making in The
Paddock section of Weymouth, but
dale plan and then passed the Day
measure, which wouid levy a one per
were tne mosi inpressive yet held
tendered his resignation, giving as recently completed building,
his reason ill health. morning service the beautitul
It was ordered that the county of- ‘ \eolian pipe organ given by Mr, and
fer $100 reward for the arrest of gamuel Young Ramage, in lov-
John Nicholson upon the condition j-j^emory of their son, Lieut. Al-
that the State supplement this with 1 Ramage, was dedicat^‘1,
a like amount and that the family of names of the donors made pub-
Piesident Little, deceased, also give an ad- ^ first 'time. A feature of
ditional $100, Little was killed near 1 service was the organ soio,
White Hill several months ago, Yendeved by Robert
The following were allowed support: . Ro^,,,ell, At five o’clock in the after-
Mrs. Lizzie Allred, Sheffields town- 3^ communion service v/as held,
ship, $15 per month for April, May the pulpit furniture and
communion tables jiiven bv Mr. and
Mrs. John Martin Jamison in lovmg
1 ot es Riice, However, to Coolidge
of the Pine Needles Stable
in Third Heat
nothing ready for announcement.
In other quarters of the Sandhills ; and June, 1931; Mrs. Nancy Williams,
cent tax on the gross sales of the re- ! things are moving along. There are who has formerly received $5 per
tail merchants and sent the bill to a number of important deals pending month, was allow^ed an additional $5
the Senate. It was expected the House | in Pinehurst. This week will mark the ; for the month of April; Mrs. Ray-
would adopt the Hinsdale plan if: completion of the Reed-Biddle-Hurd
Dr. Philip Hawk, president of the j Senate refused the Day plan, and , building in the heart of town. Paul
Metropolita/n Tennis Association in ^^e Senate has refused both. The ' Dana moved into the new building
New York City, and his wife, also a ^.emaining alternative which has been this week and has a fine suite of of-
star of the courts, have sent in their j^gntioned for school support, barring , fices on the second floor. Reynolds
entries. Others of note coming include j reconsideration of the vote on one | Wilson, artist, is occupying another | receiving.
Percy Kynaston, Harvey Lake, Ells- j other of the sales tax suite, and there is said to be a demand ^ The names of W. M. Barber and
worth Vines and George Hamill. .measures, is aji increase in the equal- for every inch of space in this attrac-,; Adeline W’'illiams were removed from
As usual, this year’s Pinehurst r fund This would nullify the | tive structure. An addition is already i the list of those receiving support
' from the county,
mond Baber and Mrs. A. C. Seawell,
$7.50 each for the months of Ap
ril, May and June; Lacy McDonald,
art increase of $5, making $15 per
month instead of $10 as he has been
Three heats were necesary to de
cide the winner of the first annual
r>ogwood trot, the feature harness
l^orse race on the program of the Pine
hurst Matinee club Wednesday. Cool- I tournament will count largely in the McLean law. - ^ planned for next year,
idge, in the Pine Needles stables here,; selection of the American Davis Cup ^ conceded that the vote 1 It is expected that another
won the second heat to make a dead ^ team, and officials of the national Senate would be close about see the completion of the
heat with Donald A. of the Duquesne , tennis association will be here to opponents - of the sales tax j carpenter work on the fine “Home-
stable of Pittsburgh. In the third | watch the performance of such men ^ anticipated support of Senators * wood” building at Knollwood. This
heat Coolidge won. Donald A. covered | as Van Ryn, Shields, Lott, Bell, Sut- ^nd Harmon, the two Republi- ■ house has steadily developed fresh in-
-he first heat for a world record of , ter and Bryan Grant, all candidates j members.
i:;7 1-4. I for the honor of attempting to wiest 1 Unexpectedly they voted “aye”.
Results: First annual Apple Bios- ! the coveted trophy from France this j —
J'om Class, one mile—Donna Volo Pet- | summer.
er, T. S. Wheeler, New York, ran 1 —
exhibition to lower his own record of WATSONS TO GIVE PIONEER
2:10 1-4 to 2:9. PARTY AT NEW LOG HOUSE
First annual Dogwood Trot—Cool- | ■
idge, Pine Needles Stable, 2, 1, 1;' John Warren Watson and Richard ; which spent the season at The Pad-
^^onald A, Duquesne stable, 1, 2, 2. | A. Watson of Philadelphia have is-. dock were shipped north to Millbrook, paneling, the knots left in the wood
Times 2:7 1-4, 2:8 3-4, 2:9 1-2.
memory of their son, John Martin
Jamison, Jr. The Rev. T. A. Cheat
ham assisted the pastor, the Rev.
Murdoch McLeod in this sei’vi.e.
Friends and members of the Cv.iv-
munity Church are deeply apprecia
tive of these large gifts.
The Thorndale Stables horses
terest with each successive step m
its construction until it has now reach
ed such a stage that its excellent char
acteristics can be fully appreciated.
Individual features are showing up in
. fine form. One of the striking novel
ties is the perfect imitation of Col
onial construction as shown in one
room which is finished in natural pine
Legion to Give Dance
For Hospital Benefit
The dance to be given next Mon
day night, April 13th at the South
ern Pines Country Club for the ben
efit of St. Anthony’s Church promises
to be a big success. There is a gen-
Proceeds to be Used for Starting eral interest among: all the people in
Endowment Fund for the community to help Father Me-
Institution Devitt is raising funds* by this means
for the benefit of the church.
Sandhill Post, No. 134, American The general committee for an’ange-
Legion, will give a dance at the Pine- ments has among its members Mrs. W.
hurst Country Club on Friday evening, \ C. Mudgett, Mrs, N, F. W ilson, Mrs.
April 17th from 10 to 2 o’clock, the H. C, Vetterlein, Mrs. Frank Harring-
proceeds to be used to start an en- ton, Mrs. John Barron, Miss Emily
dowment fund for the Moore County Mcxy Wilson, Miss Ruby Taft, Miss
sued invitations for a Pioneer Par-' New York, yesterday. Ten hunters, | exposed, as the old timers did a bun- Hospital. Tickets will be three dol- Alice Wolff, Miss Margaret Wolff,
First annual Golden Bell Class— | ty to be given at their log house on , the property of Mrs. Landon K. ^ dred years ago. But the mill work on
Wd Carville, W. H. Watt, Orange, j W^atson’s Lake tonight, Friday. : Thorne and Mrs. Lawrence B, Smith, | that paneling is the work of artists.
N. N., 1. 1; Catherine N., George R.
Norris, Salem, N, Y., 2, 2. Time 2:13
1-2 and 2:13 1-4.
Amateur rider ev^ts: Tplting—
John Bunn, Asheville, N. C., winner.
Overall race: John Bunn, winner.
Potato race, team of Jackie Sweet-
ser, N. Y., winners.
Judging from the ^ invitations it were here for the entire hunting seas
on of the Moore County Hounds at
Southern Pines, and a number of
them shown ih the Pinehurst Horse
Show, one of which, Wyoming, won
should be a good party. They read:
“Wear your old trail kit and get
your wagon within the stockade
promptly at six-thirty.
Leave at
home your guns, riding habits and | the championship for hunters. Mrs.
hob nails. Frontier food, maddening j Thome and Mrs. Smith plan to re-
music* and glarorous dancing girls.” 1 turn again next season.,
The finish will be in natural color, the
knots ingeniously conspicuous, along
with the magnificent ^ain of the
wood,, which the native pines display
in unusual prominence. Throughout
the building the wood carving and in-
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lars. Big plans are being made fori Jerry Healy, Dr. G. G. Herr and Wil-
the event by the Legion members, ’ liam Ammaismier.
among the numbers on the program ; The floor committee is in charge
being a costume dance for which three of Dante Montesanti. The Club Sky-
prizes are to be offered. line and Lovejoy’s orchestra will fur-
The Sandhill post will have a meet- j nish music for dancing from nine un-
ing at 8 o'clock on Tuesday evening, j til one. Tickets are one dollar.
April 14th, at the Civic Club in South- , —
em Pines to make final arrangements | Dr. and Mrs. B. vonHerff are at
for the party, and other business. | the Jefferson Inn.

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