North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIII. NO. 30
Professional Cards
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Electrotherapy, X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
Office over Farmer* & Merchants Bank
Office boura, 8 to 10 a. m.. 7 to 9 p. m
Office 'phone 60 - Night 'phone 63
Win. E. Warren - J. S. Rhodes
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Biggs Drug Store * 'Phone 29
Jos. H. Saunders, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day 'Phone 53 • Night 'Phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at the At
lantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in
each month to treat diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat and
Fit Glasses. ( ,
A. R. Dunning • J. C. Smith
Dunning & Smith
Attorneys-»/t Law
Williamston - North Carolina
Robersonville, North Carolina
Burrous A. Critcher - Wheeler Martin
WbMler Martin, Jr.
Martin & Critcher
Williamston - North Carolina
S. J. Everett
Greenville, N. C. * Williamston, N. C.
Greenville Long Distance Phone 328
Attorney at Law
Williamston - North Carolina
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
Williamston • North Carolina
John E. Pope
Genera! Insurance,
Life, Fire. Health, Accident, Live Stock
Real Estate - Brokerage
Williamston - North Caroling
Office on Main Street
Society Pressing
. . Glub . .
O. C. Price, Manager
Phone No. 58
Up-to-Date Cleair.g,
Pressing, t)veing and
Very careful attention
given to Ladies' Kid
Gloves, Fancy Waists |
Coat Suits and Skirts
Club Rates for Men. |
Clothes called for and I
Agents for Rose & Car,
Merchant-Tailors, Chi
J. C. Crawford for Sheriff
I was glad to see through the
columns of your esteemed paper
that J. C. Crawford had announced
himself again as a candidate for
sheriff to succeed himself.
Nothing affords me more pleas
ure than to again have the oppor
tunity to support this competent
and efficient official for this office
which he has held for fourteen
years with credit to himself, satis
faction to the people whom he has
served and with honor to the great
party to which he owes allegiance.
I have nothing but good to say
of those who are opposing Sheriff
Crawford for they are honorable
and worthy men yet I do say with
all seriousness that the office of
sheriff is not one that you cun pick
a man any day to £ll. It is the
most drfficult office iu the county
to fill taking more than one term
to become thoroughly acquainted
with the workings of the office and
I ask what is the reason for turn
ing out a man who has been tried
and found to be not wanting in all
the requirements that go to make
up this great office. A man who
is in the very noontide of his richest
vigor at that period in his life when
he can best serve the people of this
Some contend that he has held
the office long enough but no on°
questions his fitness. Where I ask
in the whole realm of human en
deavor is a fnau turned down be
cause he has proven himself com
petent and fit. This is no time in
which we can experiment with new
men for the exigencies of the situa
tion demand a man who is thor
oughly alive to the things going on
in this county and no man is more
alive to his job than Sheriff Craw
ford. The people of Williamston
recall that dreary night last August
when foul murder was committed
on the main street of our town and
with what due energy and dispatch
the sheriff went about to hunt down
the perpretrator of this dastardly
deed and within an hour after the
crime he had the victim in jail
Every man in Anvrica cannot be
President, every man in North
Carolina cannot be Governor or
United States Senator and every
man in Martin County cannot be
slieriff. A man must be endowed by
nature with a certain gift to make
a competent sheriff and Mr. Craw
ford has demonstrated that he is
possessed with this gift.
It is said that at each man's birth
there is a fairy god who stands
sponsor at "his christening and if
this be so the god of detective
genius must hare stood spousor at
sheriff Crawford's birth for he
seems endowed with this gift of
detective instinct which has n»ade
him so successful in hunting down
any victim who has perpretrated
any crime in our county and al
ways has brought them before the
bar of public justice. He bears the
record of being among the first
sheriffs in the state to fxrttle his
taxes at Raleigh and we know with
what success he has ra the county
having each year a smaller iasol
vent list than the year previous.
The United States is the greatest
country on the globe, North Caro
Una is the greatest state in the
Union and Martin County is the
greatest county in NorAi Carolina
and she has the greatest Sheriff aai
let us keep htm there.
Au increasing number of people
report regularly of the satisfactory
results from taking Foley Kidnfev
Pills and commend their healing
and curative qualities. Foley Kid
ney Pills are a carefully prepared
medicine, guaranteed to contain no
harmful or habit forming drugs.
They cau have Only a beneficial
effect when used for kidney and
bladder tiroobles, * for backache,
rheumatism, weak back or lumbago.
Saunders & Fowden. v'
To the casual obersver even, this
age has the appearance of being
one among the most frivolous in
modern times, yet more things
worth while arc being done. This
condition seems like a paradox, but
viewed with calm intelligence, the
truth of it can be readily seen.
Frivolity is only holding those,
who, perhaps, are not capable of
any higher desires—whose natures
were cast in uarrow moulds too
weak to make for that happiness
found only in right living. The
rapid pace of life iu towns and cities
has been the rock upon which many
human ships have gone to ruin, if
not morally, then financially.
There was a time when the great
desire to forsake the farm and live
in the whirl and swim of the towns
hurt the farming indus-try in the
South. Boys and girls catching
the spirit of the age wanted ' to see
the world," as they expressed it,
and fretted beneath the yoke of
duties at home. The healthy, sun
tanned boy often merged into the
poorly-paid, sicklv-looking clerk
behind the counter. The drudge
and isolating of their hemes, no
doubt, caused to a large degree this
desire. With the vast improve
ment in farming, the rural mails,
telephones, high schools and neigh
borhood clubs, has come a change.
The boy and girl on the farm have
almost as many advantages as their
city friends as far as training goes.
Then the present system of educa
tion inaugnrated by the States,
makes it easy for any boy or girl of
indus trious habits to receive a
college training at the leading io-i
stitutions of learning. As for ad
vantages to make a living, the
farm boy leads by a lap or two.
The most indepenuent man on
earth is the farmer who lives at
home and boards at the same place.
This truth though clothed in sim
ple language, has a beautiful color
ing which is being appreciated by
the entire Southland, so that "back
to the farm" acd "stay on the
farm" are slogans that are being
put into action, and are making
foV the building up of the country
as nothing else hts for years.
A i ide through our own county
will give one a picture more glori
ous than that painted by the hand
of any man. Here you can get an
idea of the progressive spirit in
the souls of those who dwell where
lofty pines whisper through the
hours, rhedding an aroma pure and
sweet—where the merry hum of
oees and insects mingling with the
soft, low notes of the birds, color
and lend a chrm to life as no art of
man has or evtr can d®. Where
the threads of gold hang gracefully
from the mammoth italic and the
cotton fields are aglow with bloom
and cattle browse rn shaded pas
tures. There is life—true life, for
'tis said that God made the country
and man made the town.
Boys on the farms are beginning
to s*ee beauties in earth and s4cy !
which once they vaw tot. Tb«rv !
are realizing thM. the soil beuncfc
their feet has within it *tored (
wealth grra-ter than can be found ia
stuffy offioes or among whirliuj
machinery. To them the old
ias become dearer, for ca*»fnl and
tender hands have added to its
comfort and appearance.
There has been a upttf*
among the farmers of the South.
No longer do we see them fstr bar
hind people in tui towns,
abreast with the tfrnes —for
education aud those accomplwli
menta which fit men and womoo
for intelligent society—using lb**
J. L. Hasseil
latest in farming implements
owners of high bred stock, fest
teams and automobiles. u
"Back to the farm" has dtme
wonderful tniDga for this beloved
land of ours —"stay on the £«rm"
will do greater things in the future.
Stay on the Farm
' A
To the Democratic Voters
or Martin County:—
Permit me to thank you very
kindly for the consideration and
confidence so generously manifest
ed by your support and cooperation
during my continuance in office as
Sheriff of your county, and to as
sure you that I most heartily and
keenly appreciate the same.
Not being aware of anv com
plaint and not having beard any
thing derogatory to my perfor
mance of the duties pertaining to
the office, and thinking that my
services and experience might pro
bably merit your further considera
tion, confidence and support, and
assuring you that the best and nil
tbat is, of and in me, are at your
command, I take the liberty of
seeking further consideration at
your bauds, and hereby announce
myself as a candidate for the office
of Sheriff of Martin County, sub
ject, however, to the wishes \of tie
County Democratic Convention.
This iotli. day of June, 1912.
Embroidery Club
Mrs. J. J. Stroud cm Thursday
afternoon of last week, entertained
the members of the Embroidery
Club at the Roanoke Hotel. "Bird
Twist," a very pleasirg contest
was the first number of the pro
gramme for the hours, and this
was followed by a gameof "Rook."
A most delicious salad course was
served followed by ice cream and
cake. Those who werfc the guests
of Mrs. Stroud added another de-
HgQSH afternoon to the list of
social affairs given here this sum
Summer colds are hard to get rid
of, and frequently lead to asthma,
bronchitis, and hay fever. Do not
let your cold get a bold on you, but
use Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound for quick relief. W. H.
Allen, Chelsea, Wis., says: "We
prefer Foley's Honey and Tar Com
pound to other cough medicines be
cause it quickly cures coughs and
colds. It will ward off a cold if
taken in time." Contains no
opiateß. Saunderr & Fcwden.
For Representative
At the request of a number of my
friends, I hereby announce myself
a candidate for tlie House of Rep
resentatives subject to the actioc of
the Democratic Convention of
Martio Couuty.
Th»is May 28th, 1912.
A. Corey.
George L. Higbie, Manton.Mlch,
usftd Foley Kidney Pills for kidney
and Madder trouble. He says* '"I
find for my case no other mecftciut
equals Foley Kidney Pills for bene
ficial They are a safe and
raliabfe medicine lor kidney trouble
and rheumatism. Contain no
harmful drugs. Saunders & Fow
For Register ot Deeds
I h*s«by announce myself a can
didate for the office of Register of
D*c6s of Martin County, and ask
my fttend« and fellow Democrats
to ghre me their support, which I
aesuoca Ifc«in will be appreciated.
Ajjd it tlocted I promise to fill the
office to WIG best of my ability and
to rttrder to each and every one the
p»oper courtesy due them.
/ _ D. J. ME®KS.
The Jaamtr ia the biggest asset
whan .-taken with the w>il from
vrWoh he draws those products
wbiA Ibe markets of the world
nxrfjt have. Then stay on the
farm and Hve the life of the man
who bat the best God has given to
Hte •features.
Our New Enterprise
The removal of the Hamilton
Pants Manufacturing Company to
Williamston is the outgrowth of
public enterprise on the part of the
citizens, who estimating fully the
value of the businefs, made a bid
for i* and secured same.
This company was organized at
Hamilton eleven years ago with
Mr. William L,. Sherrod as Presi
dent, a position which he has held
ever since and
Mr. Sherrod is welljßow through
out the State as one of the wealth
iest and largest planters East of
Raleigh He is n prudent busi
ness man and adds tone and
strength to any concern iu which
he takes stock. The Secretary and
Treasurer, Mr. Charles H. Baker,
has given and will continue to give
careful attention to every detail of
the work. Aside from the work at
the factory, he sold last year $45,
000 worth of goods on the road
His industry coupled with splendid
fore-ight, has put the business on
a safe, paying basis, which makes
it an industry to be decreet in any
community. Mr. Robert Baker,
another member of the company,
has been thoroughly trained in the
mechauical workings of the plant
and devotes his entire time to the
The authorized capital stock of
the company is $50,000, and it
comes to Willmtuston with an in
creased stock paid in by Messrs. G.
W. Blount, N. S. Peel and C. H.
Godwin These men are among
the best in the commercial life of
the town and county, being exten
sivtly engaged in farming, mer
chandising and banking.
The factory will open here for
business about the 15th. of Septem
ber next, and with improvements
and splendid shipping facilities will
be better prepared to serve the
trade in both old and new territory.
In addition to the regular line of
goods from $9.00 to $48.00 per
dozen, they will also make a special
line of made-to-measure trousers
running from sfroo to SIO.OO ptr
pftir. These will be made by ex
pert tailors.
The plant will be located on the
lot adjoining the A. C. L,. Railroad
station, a position which will great
ly facilitate shipping by express
and freight. The factory will be
gin operations with trained em
ployees, and fall and spring orders
can be filled promptly and satis
factoriaWy. The principal trade of
the company is in North Carolina,
but thev have good business in the
Stites of Virginia, South Carolina
and Ifloiida.
imperial Committees
At the meeting ou last Thursday
nigh* called by the Chamber of
Commerce, Messrs. N. S. Peel, W.
C. Manning, H. \V. Stubbs, S. A.
Newell and Mayor Godwin were
appointed to meet the Agricultural
Train which will arrive here on
the 26th. instant. A committee of
three was also named to consider
the proposition to erect a uep.nut
factory here.' These were: John
D. Biugs, J G. Godard, and G. W.
fconMiN' OFF)
' (com£ au
L |Q Q WN!_
He "Pulled Down" a Fly.
V ;- • '
s[.oo a Year in Advance-
An Increased Endowmet for
Trlnty College
An effort in now being made to
add million dollar) to the endow
ment of Trinity College. This
movement took definite shape when
abopt a year and a half ago, the
General Education Board of New*
York offered to contribute one
hundred and fifty thousand dollaxs
of this amount if the College would
raise the balance. Eight hundred
and fifty thousand dollars have
already been pledged on condition
that the College obtain by Decem
ber 31, of this year subscriptions,
for the remaining hundred and
fifty thousand dollars. These sub
scriptions may be paid in five equal
annual installments, the first to be
made ou or before January 31*
1913, and the last not later than
January 31, 1917. The subscrip
tion may no to the general endow
ment fund of the College or they
may be designated for special uses
like the establishment of scholar
ships, special collections in the
library, or the maintenance of the
College in any of its departments.
Whenever derirtfd the donation wilt
be kept as a seperate - fund, thtts
preserving the identity of the gifts
as well perpetuating the names
of the givers.
District committees are being
organized in the chief c:nters of
populetion on and the campaign is
on throughout the State. It means
so much for the cause of Southern
Education that it must of course
Fine Tobacco
Mr. E. W. Garrett, who fartns
on the lands of J. G. Staton just
over the bridge at Black Swamp, is
one of the best tobacco raisets in
this part of the State. This year
his crop is unusually good. Mr.
H. T Beasley, of Wake County,,
who hus been in the tobacco busi
ness for over thirty years, pro
nounces it the .finest piece of to
bacco that he has ever seen. This
is a fine compliment to Mr. Garrett,
but the \ellow weed in his field
serves all that can be said about it.
It is a delight to the eyes and shows •
what Martin County soil can
For Register of Deeds
At the solicitation of a number
of my friends, I bave decided to
acnounce myself a candidate for
the cflice of Register of Deeds of
Martin County, subject to action of
the Democratic Convention.
Very respectfully,
this on£" jt'sJ
- MBACK TO the]
Ho Beat Out a Slow One.
| F

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