North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XIV. NO. 5
Professional Cards |
Hugh B. York, M. D.
Microscopy, Klectrotheiapy, X-Ray
Diagnosis, Specialties
Office on Smith wick St., rear Blount Bro.
Office hours, 8 to 10 a. m., 7 to 9 p. m.
Office 'phone 60 - Night 'phone 63
Wm. B. Warren - J. S. Rhodes
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office in Biggs Drug Store • 'Phone 29
Jos. H. Saunders, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Day 'Phone 53 - Night 'Phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rockv Mount, will be at the At
lantic Hotel fourth Wednesday in
each month to treat diseases of the
Eye, Kar, Nose and Throat and
Pit Glasses.
» ■ ■ ——
A. R. Dunning • C. Suiith
Dunning & Smith
Attorneys^'t Law
Williamston • North Carolina
Robersonville, North Carolina
Jlnrroufl A. Critcher - Wheeler Martin
Wheeler Hart in, Jr.
Martin & Critcher
Williamston • North Carolina
PHONK 83 ~
S. J. Everett
Greenville, Nv C, . Williamson, N. C.
GreeaviU* lUkig lii»U»ce Phone 328
Attorney at Law -
Williamston - • North Caroliua
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
Williamston - North Carolina
John E. Pope
General Insurance,
Life, Fire. Health. Accident, Live Stock
Red Estate - Brokerage
Willitmstoa - North Carolina
Office on Main Street
Society Pressing
. . Ghib . .
o. C. Price, Manager
Phone No. $8
Pressing, Dyeing and
Tailoring '*
Very careful attention
-given to Ladies' Kid
Gloves, Fancy Waists
Coat Suits and Skirts
jjg Club Rates for Men.
Clothes called 'for and
Agents for Rose to. Co.
Merchant-Tailors, Chi
cago, 111 M
State I.if
Resolutions of Respect
In loving memory of John Clay
ton Robertson, Robertsonville, N.
Whereas, our esteemed friend
and honored president, John Clay
ton Robertson, has been taken from
among us by that Reaper whose
name'is Death, thereby bringing
sorrow and sadness to all of us and
an irreparable loss to his loved ones
at home.
We, the committee appointed by
the Directors of the Bank of Rob
ersonville to prepare suitable reso
lutions, do hereby resolve;
Ist. That by his death tbebank
has lost a trusted and efficient of
ficer, and its members a true and
loyal friend;
2nd. That, while bowing in
bumble submission to the infallible
decrees of the onlv wise and omni
piJtcnt God who teaehetb us that
it is appointed unto man once to
die, we wish to place upon recotd
an expression of our great grief at
the Budden and unexpected depar
ture of our dear friend;
3rd. That w? extend our most
profound sympathy to his many
friends in the commercial world,
his brothers, sisters, aged mother,
sorrowing wife and daughters and
his church;
4th. That we seek to perpetu
ate his memory by emulating in our
lives every characteristic of him
that will make our livta better and
sth. That a copy of these reso-
Jutious be spread upon the minutes
of the bank, and one sent to hi*
family, and that the same be pub
lished in some newspaper.
A. S Roberson,
V. J. Jeffress,
R. A. Bailey, . ,
'- * ■ « «
Received Appointment
" 1
Mr. Rob?rt H. Balhbury, ex
mcinber os the Board of County
Commissioners, has been appointed
Director of the Central Hospital at
Raleigh, succeeding Dr. John D.
Biggs, whose resignation was ten
dered and accepted. Dr. Biggs
was chosen to succeed his father,
the late Dawson Biggs, who was
for years one of the ablest members
of the Board of Directors. The
selection of Mr. Salsbury is a wise
one, as his interest in the good ol
his State never flags, and bis long
service in the public affairs cf Mar
tin County is an asset upon which
he can draw in discharging the
duties of Director of the Hospital.
A Mitchell, a gtnral merchant
near Bagdad, Ky., writes us:-"I
think Foley Kidney Pills ore of
the greatest kidney medicines there
is. My daughter was in terrible
shape with kidney trouble aod I
got her to take it. She Is comple
tely cored now. I think it one of
the greatest medicines made."
Saunders & Fowden.
Bank of Jamesvilk
The Directors of the Bank of
Jamesville met Tuesday at the
banking bouse in Jamesville. A
careful survey of '.he business of
the institution developed the fact
the increase of business over that
of last yesr was s hundred percent.
This is a fine showing and is highly
satisfactory to officers, stockholders
and patrons. The institution is a
convenient help to Jamesville, and
is s credit to the benking business
of the State and County of tfartln
•Huntsville, Ala. W. C. Pollard,
a well known citizen, says.—"l
have used Foley's Honey & Tar
Compound and found it a most ex
cellent preparation. In fact, it
suits my case better than any cough
syrup I have ever uaed and I have
used a good many, for I am now
over seventy years old.'' Saunders
& Fowden.
Our Orphan Home
The Thanksgiving Proclamation
of the President, which has just
been published to the people of this
great country, calling upon us to
stop our usual vocations lonj
enough to consider frcm whence
comes the unprecedented prosperity
which we as a nation have been
enjoying, comes with a voice of
authority. Truly every heart can
find genuine gratitude to the Great
Giver of all good.
While your minds are direct®! to
the consideration of the Source
from whence these blessings come,
and a feeling of thanksgiving is
thereby engendered for the good
ness of our Heavenl.f Father, we
feel that this is the best time to
bring to the attention oi our read
ers the needs of the various orphan
homes in our state, where the little
ones who have lost their earthly
protectors are being cared fir and
These children receive the great
blessing of these homes through
your generosity. They are depen
dent upon you. Their numbers
are increasing, as are the advanta
ges they receive, which necessitate
larger contributions from the peo
ple. God has blessed our people
and he expects us in turn to help
bless our homeless little ones.
Nobly have the people of North
Carolina measured up to their dnty
in this tegard in the past, and we
believe they will not be any less
mindful of the needs of our orphan
children this thanksgiving seasrn
than they have been in the past.
Williamston Graded School
Honor Roll for Month ending
November Bth. i9f2,
3rd. Grade. —Frattcii Manning,
Elizabeth Burr Aft, Martha- {Made
4th. tirade.--Hazel Betbea, Os
car Ayers.
sth. Grade. —William Ellison, C
D. Carstarphen.
7th. Grade. —Sjlvia Upton, Car
rie Dell White, Geo. Howard Kent.
Bth. Grade. —Gilbert Peel, Clyde
Anderson, Alma Sparks, Lucy
9th. Grade. — Daisy Manning,
Leo 11 a Pape.
loth. Grade. —Eva Peel, Ollie
Roberson, Leroy Anderson.
' Tells the Whole Story." To
say that Foley's Honey & Tar
Compound is best for children and
grown persons and contains no
opiates tells only part of the tale.
The whole story is that It is the
best medicine for coughs, colds,
croup, bronchitis and other affec
tions of the tnroat, chest and lungs.
Stops la grippe, coughs and has a
healing and soothing effect. Rem
ember the name, Foley's Honey &
Tar Compound, and accept no
substitutes. Saunders & Fowden.
In Memoriam
In sad but loving remembrance
of our darling little son, Thomas
W. Craigie, who departed tibia lite
one year ago today, November 9th.
God needed one more angel child,
Amidst His shining band,
And so He bent with loving smile
And clasped our darling's hand.
By his loving parents.
Washington, D. C.,
November 9th. 191 a.
Dan J. Joyce, Sanville, Henry
Co., Virginia, says:—"l took a
cold with a cough which hnng on
for two years. Then I comenced
nsing Foley's Honey & Tar Com
pound and the cough finally left
me and now lam perfectly strong
and well." Is best and safest for
children and contains no opiates.
Saunders & Fowden.
Colored Teachers Meet
On NovemSe: qtli. 1912, the
Colored Teachers' A-sociatiou of
Martin County wasc.illed to order
in the coloredCr.uled School build
ing by Prof. R. J. Peel, at 1:30 p.
m. Having failed to elect officers
previously, that was the first work
of the session anl resulted in the
choice of the following: W. C.
Chance, President; J. W. Morrissey,
Sec'y; Miss lola Everett, As?t.
Sec'y; W. V. Orinood, Treasurer;
P. R. Pearce, Serjeant at Arms;
Miss Emma E. Andrews, Reporter.
Prof. Peel gave a most helpful
and eucotirnging talk. All who
beard him, felt much encouraged
for the future of the Association.
It .- .guested by him that we
oegin the Reading Circle at once.
Several teachers decided to buy in
dividual books. The Association
will provide some.
The teachers pledgtd thetuselves
to briug at leist one more to the
regular metting on Dec. 7'h. iyi2.
The Program Committee made the
following to le rendered at that
meeting: Music, Invocation by
Chaplain, Music, Phonics by Miss
E. I. Green, Solo by Miss Alice E.
Hyman, Primary Arithmetic by W.
V. Ormond, Journal, Miss Maggie
Birthday Parly
Quite a number of the little
friends arid neighbors of Miss
Annie Louiye Crawford, daughter
of Sheriff and Mrs. J. C. Crawfoid,
Were invi ed to join her in the cele*
bration of her birthday en Novem
ber 2nd , at the home of her parents
An Ilaughton S'rcet. Pleasant
gan:ea were arranged for the little
Quests and the hours were spent
joyously as only young hearts know
how to spend. The little hostess
WHS presented with rainy pretty
gifts, which delighted the little
girl. Delicious refreshments were
served in the dining room where
appropriate decorations with can
dles, were used.
Alabama, Florida, North Caro
Una, South Carolina, Kentucky,
Tennessee. Twinge* of rheuma
tism, backache, stiff joints and
shooting paius all show your kid
neys are not working right. Urin
ary irregularities, loss of sleep,
nervousness, weak hack and sore
kidneys tell the need of a uood
reliable kidney medicine. Foley
Kidney Pills are tonic, strengthen
ing and restorative. Thty build
up the kidneys and regulate their
action. They will give von quick
relief and contain no habit form
ing drug*. Safe and always sure.
Try them. Saunders & Fowden.
A Good Month of Sales
From reports received at the
State Agricultural Department,
32,345,936 pounds of tobacco
were sold in North Carolina during
October. Greenville leads the sale
with 6,064,824 pounds with Wins
ton-Salem it close second. Of the
total amount the two markets in
Martin County sold 353,559 —Rob
ersonville selling 182,33s and Wil
llamston, 171,327 pounds of the
weed. The crop has been deliver
ed early to the buyers, and many
farmera blundered by rushing their
crops to the early sales.
—I will sell you checks for as
much $lO. for five cents. All over
$lO. ten cents, either Bank. —J. B.
J. K. Cotton, 1303 No. Market
St., savs.—"l heard of Foley Kid
ney Pills and took them for my
case of kidnev trouble. After tak
ing thetn a few days the pain left
my back, my kidneys acUd regu
larly and the annoying bladder
trouble was cured. I glaaly re
commend Foley Kidney Pills."
Saunders & Fowden.
Corn Exposition
The longest painting ever execu
ted in this country or abroad, ac
cording to au'hentic statements
will form a striking feature of the
decorations for the educational
building at the Fifth National
Corn Expos'tion ntxt January.
The canvass tor this immense paint
ing will be nearly a sixth of a mile
in length, by nine feet wids. It
will eitend entirely around the big
steel building which will house the
exhibits from the department of
agriculture and the thirty or more
states which will enter the Exposi
tion. The canvas will cover about
7,,50 d square feet of space and 533
pounds of dry paints will be nec
cesuary in the execution of the
I* * V
The artist who will transform
this material into a rntunmoth work
of art is Mr. K. E Sprngue, of
Columbus, Olio, who executed a
somewhat .similar, though .smaller,
piece of work for the Fourth Ex
position. Mr. Sprague now a
te-icleut of Columbia and is be
ginning upon his huge task. The
ciuvas will be diAided into thirty
or more spaces, into will be
painted landscape scenes typical of
the statu; whose exhibits will be
arranged below.
Exhibits of the lushest class ate
bring secured for the Exposition,
and it is the purpose to p'ace them
in an ari'stic setting of correspond
ing high quality Floral decora
tion# vv'M aho contribute to this
. fleet. (
Birthday Party
Little Miss Elizabeth Hassell,
"jho reached her seventh year on
Saturday, November Q'h., had a
number of her youug friends to
litlp her celebrate the event at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Alonzo Hassell ou Haughton Street
on ibe afternoon of the hippy d»y.
Tbo little hostess was given many'
pretty gtfts, and these delighted the
childish h'?a.t that is so full of the
joy of living. There were music
and game-, to help fill the houfwitb
merriment, and ices, fruits and
cakes were served on the dining
table, the center piece of which
was aglow with seven candles,
while candlebras from which soft
lights ft 11. ornamented the nientel.
After leaving the dining room, each
guest was given torpedoes, and
there was much fun found in ex
ploding them on the front pave
i mcnt.
• ■ • *— *
Parents Day
Wednesday, November 27th.
will be Piirents Day at the Graded
Schools. Ail parents aad others
interested are invited to visit the
school and see the work in pro
gress. The Principal urges all
parents to come out and see what
their children and others are doing.
They will be interested themselves
and will give children and teachers
au incentive for work by thus
showing their interest.
Money Promptly Refunded if Dod
son's Liver-Tone Fails to take
Place of Calomel
The Saunders & Fowden drug
store sells Dodson's Liver-Tone as
a perfect substitute for calomel. If
you try one bottle and find that it
not just as sure in its action as cal
omel and at the same time gentler
and without the bad after effects of
calomel, please call and get your
money back. It will be given you
promptly. Dodson's Liver-Tone is
a vegetable liquid with a pleasant
taste, that livens up the liver, midly
but suiely, instead of whipping it
into action as the strong chemical
calomel docs. It is used by both
children and grown-nps for consti
pation and inactive liver.
That is why the Saunders &
Fowdea drug store is willing to
guarantee it absolutely, not with
another bottle, but with your money
back. Isn't a medicine with a
guarantee like this worth a trial?
$1 .00 a Year in Advance
A Great Meeting
Dr. J. J.'Taylor, of Lexington,
Ky., whose memory holds first
I place in the minds and hearts of all
Carolina people, who knew him, is
now conducting a series of meetings
in Chesttr, W. Va., which iscrown
ed with splendid success in the
beginning having bad 65 additions
with the closing of tbe third sermon.
Dr. Taylor's ability as a Biblical
expounder is not questioned bv any
people. The truth as it is in Christ
Jesus the Lord being made plain
and forcible by him, found its way
into the hearts of splendid men and
women of Robersonville and Will
iamston; has tran« formed their
lives into active Chrtstians who are
today doing their part to hold up
the banner of our King. As this
report comes to us it is only meet
ing our foiegone expect inns, aud
we rejoice with all those to whom
pardon and peace hnve come
W« ivjoico JO the anticipation of
Dr. Taylor's return to North Caro
lina the coming >eaV ami bespeak
for him greater things to be ac
W. H. Holliday.
Robersonville. N. C.
Pleasant Country Dance
1 A happy, party of young folks
motored to Griffins District Thurs
day night of last week, and attend
ed a dance givsn by the young men
of that section The hours were
spent in the enjoyment of the
Square dance," which is much
more delightful thau the modern
figures and waltzes. The mustc
by local talent was good, and every
one was made to. feel the warm
welcome extended by the promoters
of the dance The party from
tojru was composed of Misses Irene
Smith, Hannah Vic Eowden, Marie
Everett, Peel, Clara Jones,
Mildred Alexander and Mrs. H. D.
Cook and Messrs. H,' A. Biggs,
Clayton Moire. Leslie Fowden,
Collin Peel and Dr. J. S. Rhodes.
German Club
The WiSliarastou High School
German Club met at the home of
Miswes Kllie and Maud Wynne,
Friday evening, November Bth.
1912. The Club was organized
with the following names as Char
ter members—Misses Mary Dare
Brown, Laurie Ellison, Frances
Knight, Sue Liggett, Eva Peel,
Josephine Robertson, Ellie and
Maud Wynne, Myrtle Woolard and
Mrs. J. T. Jerome; Messrs. Leroy
Anderson, Yates Dowell, Ollie
Robertson and J. T. Jerome.
President, Leroy Anderson; Sec
retary, Miss Frances Knight.
A round table discussion in Ger
man followed, led by Mr. Jerome.
Refreshments were served by the
Misses Wynne.
The Club adjourned to meet next
Friday evening at the home of
Yates Dowell.
There is nothing stronger hi the
small boy than his sent* of it justice.
Wound this once and whether
mother, teacher, or one of any other
intinat: relation, yon have shaken
his faith almost for a life time: and
you have sinned against yonnelf
and him irretrievably. As a child,
do yon remember a flogging yon
received at home or school, when
you knew that the administrator
was merely giving vent to his tern*
per, or do you remember a story
someone yoa loved and trusted pot
ou you? We don't like to speak of
these things in the after years, hot
we do well to think of them, at the
same time maintaining ourself-6on r
trol that we may not offend the
taith and confidence of any child..
—Miss Linda Clement, in The-
Progressive Farmer. N
... .. ..... .-• . "iPi i k

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