North Carolina Newspapers

    VOL. XV. NO. 7
I; Professional Cards 1
Hugh B. York,JVL D.
Microscopy, Electrotherapy, X-
Ray, Diagnosis, Specialties
Office on Smithwick St.. rear Blount Bra.
Office hours, 8 to 10 a. m.. 7 to 9 p. m.
Office 'phone 60 - Night 'phone 63
- ' ► « , ■ __L__
Wm. E. Warren - J. S. Rhodei
Drs. Warren & Rhodes
Physicians and Surgeons
Office In Biggs Drug Store - 'Phone ?9
Jos. H. Saundeis, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon ,
Day phone 53 - Night phone 40
Williamston, N. C.
Dr. R. L. Savage
of Rocky Mount, will be at the
Atlantic Hotel fourth Wendnes
day in each month to treat dis
eases of the EYE, EAR, NOSE
A. R. Dunning - ; * C. Smith
Dunning & Smith
Williamston, N. C. ,
Robersonville, N. C.
Bnrtous A. Critcher • Wheeler Martin
Wheeler Martin, Jr.
Martin & Critcher
Williamston -' North Carolina
'momc »s
i m .
S. J. Everett
Greenville, N. C. - Williamston, N. C.
Greenville Long Distance Phone
Attorney at.Law
Williamston - North. Carolina
Clayton Moore
Attorney at Law
Williamston - North Carolina
John E. Pope
General Insurance,
-fctfei-fwer Health, Accident, Live .Stack,
Real Estate . - Brokerage
Williamston - North Carolina
Office on Haughton Street
Phone 14a
XWfie same one used by Dr.
White., Will be in office each day.
Hours 9 to 12 and 1 to 5
Watch Label
See the label on your paper and
if in arrears, we will greatly ap
preciate a renewal. Just put the
money-in an envelope, and mail
to us. We will send receipt
! Honor Roll
For November at Everetts, N.
Second Grade.—Myrtle Wynne;
Third Grade.—Ruby Barnhill.
Fourth Grade.-A. P. Barnhill,
liollie Clark.
Fifth Grade.—Nellie Wynne.
Eighth Grade. - Delia Roebuck,
Ray Ted. X
Henry Prin.
Eggs are scarce at 30 cents the
doeen. '
The Methodist Conference will
meet in Oxford this week.
Services at the Baptist and
Episcopal Churches on Sunday.
Is it true that Williamston is to
have a sash and blind factory?
The beautiful weather has been
changed into a Scotch drizzle this
Don't fail to read every ad in
these columns. "There's a rea
son." &
A few flakes of snow - fell on
Saturday night, though the air
was not cold.
Peanuts are coming to market
by the hundreds of bags, andare
being purchased by local buyers
and the merchants.
5,000 Cabbage Plants, Early
Jersey Wakefield, for sale at this
office next week. Phone or call
on us.
WANTED:—We want to buy live
Williamston Land and
Improvement Co.
Dr. P. B. Cone arrived here
Thursday and will begin the prac
tice of dental surgery. His card
appears in this issue.
A good, roomy boarding house
is one of the great needs of the
town. People have difficulty in
securing board or a house to live
in. -
pair of Stimpson Platform Scales.
Two pairs of Scales with brass
scoops.—J. A. Mizell, City...
Ralph Harris, while working
at a peanut threasher this week,
was caught iA the shafting and
thrown over the machine. He
was painfully hurt
• .1
The Board of County Commis
sioners met Monday and closed
the fiscal year. The County State
ment will appear in these colums,
and the expenditures for every
purpose can be readily seen.
WANTED. Several carpen
ters at once for rough and inter
ior work. Two months Job. Best
wages. Come jpith tools ready
to work.—C. V. York, Green
ville,jN. C.
Thanksgiving Day passed very
quietly here. Local sportsmen
with dogs and guns hied away to
the fields and woods, and found
plenty of fun. A party went
over to Bertie and- Jiagged GO
birds. There were services at
the Methodist and Episcopal
Churches in the morning and at
the Baptist at night. Offerings
were taken for the different or
phanages in the State.
" " A-
Bazaar Successful
The bazaar held at the Mobley
Building was a splendid success.
An eager crowd of purchasers
readily took the large assortment
of articles and all refreshments.
A number of smaller articles re
main unsold, but will be disposed
of later by private sale or public
auction. The full amount of pro
ceeds has not been accurately de
termined, but figures above
$215,00 were reached.
The response which every mem
ber of the parish gave Was great
er than at any privious time, and
and the patronage of the public
is highly appreciated—they spent
their money freely and cheerfully.
After all, (or cwapanionahif and gen
eral utility. It vqnld be a good deal
better- to be cast away on a deeert
island wijh an expert burglar than
with a dell preacher—Puck.
Dr. M. I. Fleming was in town
Monday. ,
Mrs. Grover Hardison went to
Raleigh Sunday.
B. T. Cowper, of Raleigh, has
been here this week, y
Miss Pennie Biggs spent --the
week-end in Washington.
A. T. Crawford has been in
Washington City this week.
I „ Mrs. J. P. Boyle ha* been here
from Hamilton this week visiting
F. L. Gladstone and P. H.
Davenport were here Tuesday
from Hamilton.
Mrs. J. C. Ewell returned from
Hamilton on Tuesday aecompain
ed by John Martin.
Dr. J. D. Biggs left Wednes
day for Currituck Sound to enjoy
a week in hunting.
Mrs. Dr. Simpson, of Conetoe,
has been the guest of Mrs. W. H.
Crawford this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Has
sell spent Thanksgiving here with
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Hoyt.
Rev, J. T. Standford left Tues
day for Oxford to attend the ses
sion of the North Carolina Con
Col. and Miss Mayo Lamb left
Tuesday for Richmond to attend
the celebration of one hundred
years.of peace.
Julius S. Peel and Julian Wood
came up from Currituck Sound
Tuesday with seventy ducks and
two wild geese, which they
bagged. They left Wednesday
for Kelford.
Engagement Announced
Mr. Edmund Alexander, of
Atlanta, Ga., announces the en
gagement and approaching mar
riage of his daughter, Carrie
Ernestine, to Dr. James Slade
Rhodes, of Williamston, N. C.
The wedding will take place in
January at the home of the
bride's sister, Mrs. William St.
Julian Freeman, Number 75 East
17th. St., Atlanta, Ga. —News &
Observer. >
The above announcement is in
teresting to many people here and
throughout this and other states.
Miss Alexander is very popular*
in Williamston, where she has
lived and often visits. She is one
o( the most attractive of the
younger women in the State, an 1
friends here will welcome her
Dr. Rhodes is a son of Martin
County, and a young physician of
splendid reputation. He has re
cently taken a course at Harvard,
and is very popular personally and
as a practitioner.
The Registration of Births
We would call the attention of
the physicians of the county to
the fact that the state-wide Vital
Statjstics law is now ,in force.
This law requires the registra
tion of all births and deaths.
Each township in the county has
its "Register of Vital Statistics."
For Williamston Township and
the town of Williamston, Dr. W.
E. Warren is the registrar.
We would also like to pass out
the "tip" to physicians, under
takers and others interested, that
the Sfate Board of Health has
been provided with ample means
to enforce this law, and he who
fails or neglects to abide by the
provisions of the same will in a
short time find that he is in trou
ble. "It's, better to be safe than
Shingles at Mt. Vernon
Within the past few weeks the
roof of Mount Vernon, the Vir
ginia residence of George Wash
ington , has been reshingled. and
when the old shingles were re
moved it was found that they Itore
the brand of Simmons, Davis & t
Co., and they had been made by
Dennis Simmons nt Astoria, N.
C„ and shipped from Jameeville.
These shingles were probably sold
to the Mount Vernon Association
by J. Edward Libby of Washing
ton, D. C., who until his death a
few years ago, had been presi
dent for many years of the Old
oat Inhabitants Society of Wash
ington, or they may have been
sold through Messrs. Smoot &
Company, of Alexandria, Va.,
who for many years was a friend
and customer of Mr. Simmons.
These shingles were placed on
the roof of Mount Vernon in lisßO.
Previous to the war the late
Dennis Simmons had a force of
negro tlaves numbering about
three hundred who made those
shingles by hand, and tliey. gain
ed such a reputation for their
quality that when machinery was
irfvented Mr. Simmons made large
quantities, and no other shingle
on the market of the United
States surpassed them. Unfor
tunately, the manufacturing of
these shingles has ceadted on . ac
count of being dependent upon
the irregular freshets in the Roa
noke river for getting the cyp
ress timber from the swamps.
The late Dennis Simmons start
( ed his business career in this way,
he accumulated a fortune, and
died in 1902, being one of the
greatest philanthropists in the
. South. He never had any chil
dren, ttawgh early in life he
showed his fondness for them by
adopting Fannie S. Alexander,
now Mrs. Fannie S. Biggs, of
Williamston: this fondness for
children showed itself during his
entire life, and for many years
before his death he cared for
about forty children' in what is
1 known as the Simmons' Nursery,
and at his death, besides leaving
bequests to his near and distant
relatives, he left the orphanage
in which he had been interested
during his life, one hundred thou
sand dollars, and to Meredith
College at Raleigh, twenty-five
thousand dollars. -
The present Dennis Simmons
Lumber Company, one of the
* largest firms of its kind in the
South, is the outgrowth of Mr**
Simmons' business acumen. This
firm has grown from a modest
beginning when it was organized
by Mr. Simmons until now it
owns many millions of feet of
standing timber, has a commer
cial rating of a million dollars
with two principal stock holders,
Rapt. T. W. Tilghman, of Wilson
and Mrs. Fannie S. Biggs, the
adopted daughter of Mr. Sim
- Stamping of First Class Mail
Postmasters at rural delivery
offices and rural carriers are di
rected to bring to the attention
of patrons that it is the desire of
the Department .that all first class
mail matter deposited in rural
mail boxes shall be stamped be
fore being so deposited. When
this is not practicable coins left
in such boxes for the purchase of
stamps should be deposited in
coin holding receptacles and not
, inclosed in envelopes, wrapped in
paper, or Jeft loose in boxes.
, Postmasters and carriers should
give this notice as much publicity
as possible without incurring any
expense to the Department.
Civil Calendar, December Term 1913
His Honor, George W. Connor,
Judge Presiding.
Thursday, December 11th. -
Peel et als vs Critcher, et als.
Nelson vs Smith.
Roberson vs Roberson & Grimes
Yarrell vs Gray.
Watson & wife vs-Spruill.
Friday, December 12th.
Powell vs Staton.
Mobley vs Holding Co.
Bryant vs Chance.
-Newell, Administrator vs Wat-,
son et als.
Bank vs Williams and Cowan.
Hassell vs Steamboat Co.
Britton vs Hadley.
Cases not heard on the day set,
shall have precedence on the fol
lowing day.
- Clerk, Superior Court, j
Celebrated Anniversary
Mrs. A. T. Crawford celebrated I
the sixteen anniversary of her
happy married life on Monday
from three to six o'clock by hav
ing a number of her friends with
hor for the afternoon. Sixteen
years ago on the first day of Dec
ember, as Miss Pattifj Alexander
Biggs she became the wife of
Asa T. Crawfordand their jour
ney together has been an ideal
one throughout their entire mar
ried life.
The entertainment for the cele
bration was planned by Mrs Craw
ford and caused the guests to
pass the hours very happily to
gether. Thejresidence was beau
tifully decorated with white and
red carnations and evergreens,
and the candelabra which were
put in different parts of the ro r
'ception rooms and in the hall held
white and red candlesticks. Mrs.
Carrie Biggs Williams, Mrs.
Crawford's sister, welcomed the
arriving guests at the door, after
which they were taken in charge
by Mrs. John D. Jr., who
served them punch in the hall.
Then they were escorted to the
drawing room where they were
received by Mrs. Crawford and
her mother, Mrs. FannieS. Biggs,
Whet) all the guests had arrived
an A B C contest was engaged in
which was a source of much plea
sure. Mrs. 11. I). Cook and Mrs.
George Gurganus tied for the
first prize, and Mrs. Gurganus
won it, and Mrs. C. 1). Carstar
phen was given the'booby. In
another contest Mrs. C. B. Has
sell won the prize and Miss
Anna.Pope the second. When
the contents were concluded the
first course of refreshments was
served which consisted of a salad,
olives, pickles and fried oysters.
These plates were removed and ice
cream in the form of lillies, fruit
and wedding bells were served.
Each guest was given a miniature
strutting turkey gobler as a souv
enir suggestive of the Thanks
giving season,
"There guests
present and the afternoon was
one of the most pleasant of the
early winter social affairs. The
departing guests wished Mrs.
Crawford many happy returns of
her wedding anniversary, with
the hope that each day through
out the coming years will bring
her added happiness.
Announcement ..
,1 0
Dr. J. A. White wishes to an
nounce that having 3old his dental
outfit'to Dr. P. B. Cone, he takes
this method of expressing bis ap
preciation to the public for liberal
patronage during his stay in
Williamston, and desires t© say
to those needing dental service,
that Dr. is occupying the
same office that he used and will
be glad to do their work.
si.oo a Year in Advance
Oak City Items
.. - . ."
The Misses Emily Hines and
Clarice Cart wright returned from ■
Virginia Saturday.
Bernard Hines spent Thanks
giving at Cartwright Wharf, Va.
The dance given by the Oat
City Club last Tuesday night was
largely attended.
Mr. and Mrs. ft. S. Everett
with their children left last Wed
nesday for Seven Springs, where
they expect to remain for a Cou
ple of weeks.
Miss Emily Hines left for Dun*
Monday morning to spend a week
with her brother and family.
Mrs. Geo. W. Dushan and Mrs. ~
K. C. Carlos, of Atlanta, were
the guests of Mr. and Mfs. J. L.
Hines last week. They left Mon
day for Rocky Mount.
T. W. Davenport, J. W. Hines,
R. J. House and W. E. Barrett
motored to Williamston Friday.
J. W. Hines, S. E. Hines, T.'
VV. Davenport, R. J. House, R.
W. House and F. G. Whitaker at
tended the Woodmen barbecue
Friday night at Hobgood and
heard a lecture by S. 0. Bryant,
of Norfolk.
The Commonwealth contest car
won by T. W. Davenport was
brought home Wednesday by J.
W. Hines and the winner.
W. A. Anisley spent Thanks
giving at his home near Roper.
He was accompanied by Henry
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Weeks, of
Scotland Neck, with Mrs. Nelson
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
N. M. Worseley.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rawls an|
daughters, of Robersonville,
spent Sunday with Mrs. J. T.
J. L. Daniels spent Sunday
night with his relatives in Rob
Hamilton Items
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Daven
port and children, Earl Johnson
and Miss Ruth Floyd, who have
been spending Thanksgiving
holidays with Mrs. Maggie Floyd
have returned to their home in
Rocky Mount.
B. F. Myers with Misses Helen
and Ri^b 0 ' Edmonson and Helen
Council motored to Williamston
The home of Henry Johnson
was destroyed by fife fihTuesday
n igtit
Miss Fannie Matthews, whe
has been visiting Miss Mary John
son in Tarboro, returned home
Ulr. Nobles spent Thanksgiving
in Greenville.
Mr. and B. B. Sherrod
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J.
P. Boyle, Mr. and Mrs. S. D.
Mathews, Misses Effie Waldo and
M. B. Jones spent Thanksgiving
in Norfolk. -v.
Mrs. William Hodgin and dau
ghter, who have been visiting
Mrs. J. M: S. Salsbury, left for
their Home in Greensboro Satur
Mrs. Eley, of Suffolk, is the
guest of Mrs. T. B. Slade.
Mrs. P. L. Salsbury and child
ren have returned home after •
spending Thanksgiving with re.
latives in Scotland Neck.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Morton and
children spent Sunday with Mrs.
Walter Salsbury.
.. i
Not Necessarily.
▲ girl la not necessarily eat for m
prima donna just because she is barf*
to manage.

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