North Carolina Newspapers

Welcomes Bankers Of
Group One Of N. C.
* Mr. Chairman, members of Group
One North Carolina Banke.s A:sft -
rtt a, other disttnguished gnerfs,
iafos and gentlemen.
On behalf of the citizens o S our
town ami our local hanke; s whose
efforts made this meeting , osfible. I
»eicor"e you here todjy. It is a vetv
happy coincidence that you .ime your
annual meetings so thai thry fall on
the natal day of the Fat hi r of His
Country. Alone in its grar.iit or stands
the character of Washingt • in his
tory. Alone, like seme peak 'owerir.g
above all its fellows in the mountain
range of greatness And al; the stu
pendoous wealth of thte coui try made
possible by its great hankir ; system,
which for the last century las raised
the American states to forerjost rank
among the nation.' of the cai'.h, Is less
an object of pride than this « ie zrand,
heroic man, this human pr> «! ct of our
country and its institutions.
At this p r.xl of our cour try's his
tory when we seem to have fallen on
enl days, w hen the men w! o occupy
high place* in the councils of the na
tion. are tainted with corruption, it is
refreshing to revert to the i reat men
of the past and taking cou ige from
their precept and example t e people
of this nation mill rise in their might
apd drive from power thes • traitor
to our country, who have po'luted her
temples ami deserrated h.»r «acrel
When we nominate and el ct to the
next Congress of the United States,
the President cf th North Carolina
Bankers Association, we W'll have the
pleasure of knowing that ve have
sent an honest man to ref.-esent us
in that ancient and honors Me bedy.
nd all the Sinclair* an.l D •hen- * in
America would have no influence on
him. for he possesses that indepen
dence of sou! which wonM not have
flattered Neptune for his trident er
Olympian Jove for his power to thtm
Our town has ever been th» favorite
spot for the stranger. No barriers
have ever been erected ti exclude
him. and whether you come alone, a
hundred strong or at the had of =n
army you are always welcor-e. If our
local bankers have done this ore thine
that has made possible your meeting
here today, then all the trial and per
plexities that we may encounter dur
ing the other 365 days in this vear
will be dispelled in the haprly reflec
tion that on the 22nd.. day of Feb
ruary you graced us with your pres
It my be interesting for ycu to
know ;Hat you are sitting today in
the Capital of Eastern North Caro
lina. The great bridge which .- pans
the turbii waters of the muddy Roa
noke is the key that unl cks the door
to the lost provinces, and as .n ancient
days all roads led to Rome so today
all roods lead to Williamston. Proud
of her past, she stand* today full
statured with the sun shininir full and
fair on her face, happy in th- pr n«ise
of a more glorious future.
We are located in the very center of
the finest farming section on earth.
In this genial dime can he raised
everything that it is pcsi'alc to grow
in the North Temperate Zone. Here,
by night the cotton whien. be neat:
the stars and the tasseling corn loek
lii* sunshine in its bearded ear. In the
same field the peanut, the tobacco, the
clover, the sweet potato and the pump
kin catches the sweet arrr.a of the
rains. A land framed in the prod.g.:'
ity of nature and crowded with all the
trophies of agriculture.
To the heart of this fair land we
■limn you today. Welcome you to
bask in the sunshine of her ger. al
It is pleasant to look into the face*
of so many bankers when they are in
a pleasant mood. You knew that the
temperament of a banker is reguiaud
by the condition of the money market.
You walk into a bank president's of
fice when money is easy and he wdl
put his arm around your neck ard
«H you by your first name and le'd
you money on your balloon common or
jiwar Combination Hairbrush ard M r
ror preferred.
Bat you let the news flash over the
wires that John D. Rockfeller had
sprained a tendon in his leg by play
ing calf on the links at Ormond
Beach, mnuey mould shoot op two
hundred per cent. Ycur barker wculd
call you in and ask you to replace your
common with Government
Bands, or get Henry Ford to indorse
with yon. , . >. -
IVr—tally, gentlemen, I had rather
checks than ideas with most
mi you present, not but what the ideas
are an right, but somehow when
Based On Votes Cast For
Morrison in Election !
Of 1920.
Here .. .he Morrison vcfe of 1920 by |
0 ii r "it-. indicating pretty accurately '
the Democratic si length of each of
! the fourteen counties in the district.
Beaufort 3.559
Chowan 1.129
Currituik : 974
Dare __ 1 548
Gates 812
Hertford LI 1.165
Hyde 1.170
Martin . ._. - i 2^77
Pasouotank 'W' - IJBl®
Per.-uiman* l.6T
Pitt 4.15S
Tyrell 1 717
Washington . ... . 1.115
Af e a somewaht neei U--1 i»>t ih*
| local ,iu.-ke: hail teams will re>ume
| the.r p»ay Monday night. The local
1 high srholl girl's team will meet
[ that of Robcrsorville at the Ihxie
I warehouse ©curt. Immedia'ely after
the ~irb- game which .-tart- at B:t*>
ll'c'ock1 I'c'ock the town team will meet
| Washington's strong five.
lhe.-« two gsmes promise to In- the
! best yet. so if \ou want to see a good
! evening filled with sports call at the
j Ihxie Monday evering. The small ad
! mission of 35 and SO rents will be
charged. ,
Bigamist—A man who makes the
nme mistake twice
Blotter—The thing you hunt for
while the ink dries.
Diplomacy—l.ending the other fel
low to think he is going to ret what
vou know darned well he isn't.
Economy—Spending money without
getting any fun out of it.
Friend—One who know* all ihnu'
you an! like* you just the sane.
Mugwump—A voter who sits on
tVe poli'iral fence with his mug on
C* side a"i his wump on the other
First grade: Ruth Hazel Rogers.
Thencia Faye Rogers, Worth Moble>.
tieorge Peel. Jr.. J. C. Rawls, I .est or
Teny .Earl Baily.
Second grade: Thelma l*e Bailey,
Worth Mobley.
Third grade: Roland Rogersoit. L
Hail Rawls, E«em Terry.
Fourth grade: Alton Harris. Franc?:
Peel, Mildred Ayers, Tom Raw!.-.
Maude Bciley, Jim Bailey. Norman
Fifth grade: Daisy Cowan, Bet tie
Lnssiter, Vera Green Rogers.
Sixth gratle: Ouade Rawls.
Seventh grade: Ada Taylor.
C'ghth grade: Hild'eth Mobley. Gar
land Whitley. Essie M. T?ylor, Mamie
Clyde Rogers.
Ninth grade: Hubert Halt JF.
Rorhnok School
Jasper Cowan, Wallace Cow;n, C.
B Gurganus. Zelma Roebuck, Salfie
Roebuck. Ruth Roebuck, Emma Slew,
Fi-rie Gurganus.
Friends of Mrs. Albert Wad* worth
of New Bern who has Leen ill for
some at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. Wig Watts, Jr. will lie *orry
m ieara that her coi»«li'.»->o is «>
side red quite grave twhy ami little
hope is entertained for iny change
for the better.
— r
money talks I am alway •> .. \i.r.tir.g
listener. .^
Gentlemen, you repre  nt aa o!d in
stitution, it antedates the pyramids
and is as ancient as the ;-elden fleece
or the golden apples in the Garden of
the Hespe rides, for it is a matter of
record that the first mention ever
made of a banking transaction was
when Ph&noh received a check cr.
the bank of the Rod Sea.
Maw Mr. Chairman, I ripest what
I started out :o do and mm behalf of
the ritixens of oar town you are wel
come, thrice welcome to all we hare
and all w».hope to have ,to everything
' you tee and if there is anything you
do ret see which you think migh*
" add cheer to your proceedings why
danV fail to ask for it. I give you the
! key to the city and our hospitality
i knows no bonds
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, February 29, 1924.
One Of The Cleaniest
Shows To Go On
| A letter from Mr. H. M. Poe, Mgr. I
of :he Roanoke Fair received by us
in which Mr. l'oe states tlu.t he has
j signed up one of the best shows to be
found on ihe road for the fair here
next falL Mr Poe further stated in his
| letter that he aims to make Williams
tea shine and to have the best fair in
the state next fall. Following is a
press article relating to the show
which Mr. Poe signed up:
Norfolk. Va„ —The spacious ware
house at the Navy Yard lumber an
nex. where the Zeidman and Pollie
show s are in winter quarters, that
formerly housed grim implements of
war. are now converted into workshops
where carpenters, machinists, paint
ers. artists and blacksmiths are busy
putting the .-how account rements in
ship-shape for the' coming season,
scheduled to open in Portsmouth a-
Iwat the middle of April.
The huge fleet of sixty show wag
on.* and the train of thirty railmud
cars are heing renovated and rv
, paired.
The show is an industry in itself,
designed to amuse hundreds of thou
sand.- of people in a single season.
Merry-go-rounds that occupy half a
city block are so built as to be fitted
snugly in the giant vans that are
carried with the show. Kverything
in fact, that is carried, is constructed
with the view to heing able to move
it easily and quickly.
Including the staff there are now
abcut 100 employes of the show com
pany making Portsmouth their win
ter home Some are living in hotels.
The rest of the feed for the lions,
pumas, bears ami other wild ani
mals. as well as horses, ostriches,
buffalo, steers and goats, amounts to
thousands of dollars in a winter seas
W Zeidman and James C.
Simpson, the owners of the Zeidman
and Pollie Shows, say they are bend
ing every effort to make their -how
Jht» >«u one of the most beautiful
and meritorious in the country .and
•he watchword is cleanliness in every
Tee outdoor show world has un
•lergose a great change during the
last year, and the Showmen's I.egisla
*i%"e Committee, of which Tom J.
Johnson, a Chicago attorney, is chief
coursel. has practically eliminated
all the gambling and indecent shows
that w*ie carried by some so-called
carnival companies. Zeidman and
Pollie, togMher with a few, other
reputable showmen, were the insti
gators of the clean-up movement and
are today members of the Showmen's
l-egrstative Committee.
Miss Thelma Hopkins and Mr.
Johnnie lloggard went to Jamesville
j Sunday afternoon.
Mis, Roxie Jones and Mr. Fer
nanda Boiwen moto.i ' to
Sunda; afternoon.
. Mr. and Mrs Will Perry of Rocky
Mount are visiting Mr. and Mrs. S.
D. Perry.
Mi&s Emm;. Bell Williams spent
Satuniay night with Mrs. R J. Hardi
Mr. Harold Hopkin.-. left Tuesday
mvrnir g for Roanoke Rapids.
Miss Rut.. Jones entertained a num
ber of friends Saturday nigh .
i Misses Blanch and Thelma I lonian*
|and Messrs. Johnnie lloggard and
Perry Cherry motored to Miss Sue
Ashy'* Monday right.
Mr. C. B. Rjddick was at the home
of Mrs. J. H. Riiidick Monday.
Mrs. Bettie Mobley and „ children
and Miss Sue Asby spent Sunday with
Mrs G. A. Williams.
, Misses Gladys Roberson, Louise
Golan) and Mary Askew ant' Mr.
Irving Ccftrain and Hasley Hardison
to Greenvil'e Sundry.
Mr. Roberson was the guest
cf Miss Roxie Wedresda;- right.
Tom Tarheel says the man who gets
too old to learn gets very little from
life. Tom has determined to keep on
growing and has written for informa
tion about the State College Summer
School to be held for farmers this
Fanners of Lincoln county are now
marketing those spring chicken* for
■fefc they prepared during midwinter.
Tw* hundred and fifty recently went
on the market weighing from one and
one-half to two poods and brought 0
-*mU p*r round. About IJMW more will
be ready in from ooe to four week*,
report* county agent J. G. Morrison.
Poot Ic Your School House
Following is a list of the diseases
which should be either reported to the
county health officer or placarded and
Whcoping ccugh. masles, diptheria.
ce etro-.-pinal meningitis, chickenpox,
septic sore throat, German measles,
smallpox, typhoid fever, tracoma.
Tuberculosis (Report to State Sana
torium. N. C. I
Whooping cough, measles, diplheria,
scarlet fever. Infantile paralysis, sep
tic .-ore throat. Cerebrospinal men
ingitis. German measles,
ingitis. German measles, smallpox,
typhoidfever. chickenpox.
Note—Teachers and houshoklers
must report direct to Dr. William E.
Warren, quarantine officer any of the
above diseases when a physician is
i.ot in attendance. Tack this up for
reference Have the children to copy sheet and take it hoine to their
porents. Ask them questions about
prevention control anl prevalence of
these diseases. Teach them about the
signs, symptoms and dangers.
Mr and Mrs. C. B. Siceloff spent
The weekend in Tarboro visiting Mrs.
Clyde Anderson who is ill in the Tar
boro hospital.
Messrs. B. A. Criteher. J. (I. Staton |
and Wheeler Martin spent yesterday
in Washington attending to business.
Mr. W. C. Manning and little grand
son. Elbert I Vol. Jr. left this morn
ing for Richmond when- they will
spenl the week end with Mr. and Mrs.
S. S Lawrence. They will return home
Sunday evening accompanied by Mrs.
Manning, who has Iteen in Richmond
for the past several days.
Mr B. Duke Criteher will leave Sun
day for Lexington where he will visit
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Criteher and will
return home with Mrs. Criteher who
has been spending the week there.
Messrs- Itog Slade. Jr., Joe Purvis
ai>d Chas. IVrkins of Hamilton were in
'own Wednesday. . L
Messrs. A. R. Dunning and C. DS
Carstarphen. Jr. anil Mayor John L.
Hassell motored to Washington yester
day afternoon They were accompanied
b> Messrs C. D. t'arstarphen and Hon.
Clayton Moore who took the Norfolk
Southern for a shoit business trip to
Mr. anal Mrs. Luke spent sever
al days in Raleigh this week. They
weer guests a* the Yarborough hotel.
Mr. Wihon G. lamb spent yester
day afternoon in Plymouth.
Dr. T. Ryan lloyd spent several
hours in Plymouth yesterday on pro
fessional business.
Hon. Van It Martin of Plymouth
was a visitor here Wednesday.
Mr. J H. D. I*eel of Cross Hoads
was in town jeterday.
Mr. 1- I- HolliLiy was in town
yerterday for several hours
Mr H. G. Selby of Washington was
lin town today visiting his brother. Mr.
Jack Selby at the Monticello.
Mr. K F. Pope made a business trip
'to Maekeys yesterday
Messrs. John Cooke and K. B. Craw
ford went to Washington yesterday.
The management of the Monticel
lo Cafe wishes to let the people of
Williamston ami vicinity know that
they will serve the most attractive
dinner thev have vet had at the cafe and they invite all their frinds
and patrons to take either their mid
day or evening meal with them,
i Registered at the Ho. els—
Atlantic: Van B. Martin, Plymouth,
W. V. Wah man- of I'.ocky Mount, C.
B. Randolph of Elisal eth City, C. W.
Dukes of Ahoskie, fl. W. Lewis of
New Berr. J. H. Trotter of N'ew
Bern. J. I. Jenkins of Kinston and
iClwny Hearst of Lexi igton.
Brill: W. E. Cackoy, Washington,
J. R. Sykes, Suger.e Moore, L. C.
Entming and E B. Towe of Norfolk,
H, H. Swinson of G.eenville, W. E.
Johnson and J. W. M: rtin of Tarboro.
Why has cotton gone down ?
Same say the Ney England mills
have had a meeting and sworn ven
gance against the ;rice of cotton.
Others say the government r-port.
have been padded f r the purpose of
helping the big cotton gamblers* and
yet stfll others say the cotton grow
on association sold : bme cotton and
broke the price.
As to the first charge we are not
in poaition to state but that second
dam. It is so like them to buy up the
fMCfuaut and rcb the folks that
■c will not dispute the statement.
Mr. Herman Bmn visited friends
ta EmctU and Robei ci.-iile Sunday.
To Operate Between
Windsor And Wash
The Eastern Carolina Bus Com
pany. Incorporated will its
regular schedule tomorrow. March 1.
The bus will run between Windsor
and Washington stepping hete and is
known as the Windsor-Wilhamston
and Washington line
Following is its schedule:
leaving Washington 7«' A- M.
Williamston 7:oW A. M.. Windsor 9:00
A. M.. Williamston 9:45 A. M and
arriving in Washington lO:45 A. M.
leaving Washington 3:30 P. M . Wil
liamston 4:20 P M- ir.dsor 5:15 P.
M. Williamston 6:00 P. M. and ar
rives in Washington at 7P. M-
The officer sol* the company are:
J. K. Hoyt, president. H W P.n-toa.
vice-president, and R. C. Leach, sec.-
T reas.
The company expects to put on a
full bus line system in the Eastern
part of the state, perhaps the second
line established will run fivm Wil
liamson, Everetts. Robersonvdle.
Parmele, Green* ille, Grimesland to
Washington, running in connection
with the Windsor Williamston an.l
Washington schedule
The charges will be from W illiams
ton to Washington 75 cents. William*-
ton to Windsor M cents This is ha-ed
on a rate of 3 1-2 cents per nule.
At the presert time from William--
ton to Washington by rail is. leave
here at 7:42 A. M. . -pend half a Jay
ip Parmele and arrive in Washing-
ton about 2 P. M and in the after _
noon leave here at 5 o'clock and reach
Washington at 7 P M. and the fare
is $1.48. By rail ycu have about two
and one half hour- in Washington
while by bus you leave heie at 9 45
and arrive in Washington at 10:45.
in time for the 11:15 train You can '
remain in Washington until 3:30 or
3 3-4 hours and return to William
ton at 4:3 U.
The bus will stop at signal for pas
sengers, charging a pro-rata fare.
Packages.of merchandise will be car
ried up to .VI pound- at the regular
I express rates and ohargii-g a min
imum of 10 cer.'s per package
The company has new and up !•>
I d ite busses ami experienced and .le
jiendable drivers.
Misses Sallie Adams a-d Nelie
Moye spent the weekend in Four Oak*
at the home of Mr-> Adams.
Miss Pauline Da*enport a ill return
home this week fmm Park \ i«-w
Mr. Ben Worsley ma.le a busine
trip to Williamston Monday-
Messrs. T. W. and I, G. ItavespHt
motored to Rocky Mount Wedne*.lay.
Mr. Brandon, the county ■lerm,n-tra
tAr .talked with the farmers on the
bill weevil subject al the »cho«4
auditorium Monday night.
Miss Emilia Johnson -pent Wediirft.--
day night at the teacherage.
Mr. Billy William . *ho ha* he*-n
ill for many days is much letter
Miss Ruth Chesson of Woodaid. N
C. is visiting Miss Mild'ed Ihvn.puf!.
Mrs. N. F. Brown has been ill f«r
seveial days, we wish for her a >pee*ty
Miss Ruth Tend ins on of Rookj
Mount was the guest of Mi*s Mar
jorie England for the week-cod
Many of the Oak City people »eie
prsent at the A-«cuti« 1.e.-J
in Williamston U'st Fnday.
Miss Marjorie E..jrlan«l entertained
in he ' domestic sciem - department
Saturday night in hor.or os" lier goe.t.
Miss Tomlinson.
Misses Syble Ross w d Lillian Hai
slip spent the week-end with Mil'lied
Roberson a' Hasseli-
Mr. Ernest Harrel! and Miss Jeflie
House spent Fnday in Rocky N-ont
Messrs. E S. Hoyt. Frank L
Adolph, R- C. H. F. Aithars
ton,. H W. Bri-tol. J. F Buck man. H.
G. Selby.wA. L Bowers and C. G
(iarilner of Waakington, stockholder*
in the Eastern Carolina Bus Coaapoay
Inc. ami W. C. Manning of Williams
ton made the first trip on the new
Rno Bus to Windsor yesterday.
Judge Francis D. Wirston of Win
dsor passed through town Wednesday
1 evening on his return from Raleigh
where he attended a meeting of the
Democratic State Elective Com
' mittee.
A dairyman riaes to remark that ic*
water is fine for cooling milk ht
I mighty poor for ptwitaciag ft.
Gives Himself Trip Tc
Florida As Birthday
Todajr. February 2*h. is the ! Ith
birthday of ow of \\ ■l!imi>u«'s ar...
Martsrt cwj">h"i ir.»* c.i :e .-. •
Mr. M. H lart:r,
WT*a the if Fcoruary t
though of b\ V 118.T.-l. r (c pkr a
U a!n)« c«acM«i witt Mr Otftn'i i
butbiby- He ha.- every leap fu* |
rnar.y years erstertair-cd h:- nary ■
fnen«t.- from lie roas'.rj s'-se
wth a bit leap yestr full a:.d ii k.
I*en ore of U» leading -*» i) fane
(urns of this OBinu"it>" for year.-.
| Thn year However, he j-ave hm - '
a tnp to KV'ri'U fer re>er:l week- a
a birthday prefer,". t>cl The E«ter- I
pn~e and hi.- many frirnds take thw
i>pp»»rt> So «iih hr i- many more
hrthdivs a* he ha al*ead\ .>en ar. 1
as mart happmrx- a- He has enjoyed
in ike past ,
Tine \\ii.>l«r Choral Soc.« ' ki>i I
•ieltghtful n-*e"iujr mrth Mr. A.  1
Mitchell. M»n>ia} rieht \- h »-t. M I
Mitchell ha-l .•raisfoi the pr gran. an I
pre- t.s»-1 u>er the ineeti- t., U I
lug no toi-inr-~ >a ha .! the e»e? itrg I
n to the njj t"a.|- I
man number-. as '
A -hort keth of Cmnrji. re*! t»> I
Mr A. C. Mitchell, -ttlere the Hu
itlooms". piano ~-*lo.— Mr-. er. I
"Kn n" >he Ijiai «f the SI; -!-!* I
Water". «ii*r by Miss IteiS.- I
Vocal -j!O. "Far tMS I hear -- lj»*er'
Flute™. b> Mix- Ftta Schir.i'.Z-
Ed tVrf) rei.! an liter.--' --c com
mri>! on the nerd and valiar «>f mu-tr ]
amorj- the sorkers of the H*
Samuel Compels. Pres. of the Ameri
can FnleiatK*  f lah r. M- M
th> n jung Cailnun's beaut if «J -ong.
"At I >a« nine ~ Scleral fimilm ard
~-11 M- -or./- *eie -u'g by tr*- «-r
tire . after »h*t V s V' -P
SMTM delicious r*fre-hr>er i t -
TV* IT..n! Swift) is afcf
the meetings mere rnjoieti thaw e»e?
lefc re m all the i«at> of it- e\. t.-'xe
An attractive is swi t«» >»■ be
run 2nd will t* tnen e..rl> i». Mi
The next re":rr will te Kelt wr!-
Mrs. (• J. Sawyer, arv* an! he "»'4u>~t
Night " l".\erv wemher wil' i' on tk—
|i ifrant mth inteie-lsntt .-lUfiL hjl
are to l>e kept secret urtil present
WA* I P lll.woki: KIU K
It is :r|» rtl that pr-. pte in J ine ■
vHe are n-w ri'» r -had
oi.i Rnaatke. The u|»|« • -«re B=*«>
I oa the Roanoke mer is at Jame-nIU
the waters ki(Wi up the nrer U.( r
. •rj» sw ft to bardie a se«re
> The coot of »et«le -o !e»**
| however, that the.-e do
begin »perat;»n urtil th* s»h '»f
to rue in great tumber- and the •arly
-uppl} of h-h are caught ir iset.-.
j mar' ii:'- and trap. l
The fish in the *a*er- •'*
the Ruar.oke mean- j*' -
pb- of the section. The tui
r into the hun.lre-1- «-f lWu>a'4>
f liars /
Wbr« the »» cai«r«i», tba*
f I- herrißK or skfolT it i> c> le*>r -i
- all of people as the «»pe«. te
of the »m->ke hou.-e for both the |*-«
* an-l the r»rh.
i iMMiiuit> is Mini:
. Kill Cue farmer- ( heaprr FertAiti
A!>• A Mo-I l»o»«rul
1 Ho»toa. Fet. 27.—A chemtce! «li
rn—tryq.*—*** to ie or* of mo
f important of the »h ce~tcry fci.
ja»t been at tIV F»ve«l Nitro
gen ReeaW. Labor »t*.r> It V. a-h
--mrtoa, PiefeMßf Arthur B. !an b
of Harvard, announced blast
* T>>e d.s«.«er> is that ef a «e» »'■
ilyrt wh*li will brirr tb
- permanent aaM of hyilrv*«s at-i
I- hatr»-ren atoaio aid w.ll >ieW II pel
I. re"i of aaoma. Prof* - -or I-antl
»- aid.
al Acmdiac to the aanowevemen'
j two rreat I«w,t- -ill he de-»wH
s- fr> m the rew pndud TW I niteni
■T Sta-es. it is rfaime.'. wrll hare al
its nnmaM as explosive twice k:
i- effe tive as that ifc.we.el by tlx
y OruaM a few MMfci hefore thi
h .-tart of the world war The, A mer
* can farmer will also, according t
»- Prafewor Lamb, have the use if ;
fertili»r Mack cheaper mere el
fectice than biiUfwe acail-able
ta TW* aew catlyat, it ia
,1* has far greater iaiafcililj than tha
duraifiH br Hafcer a l»ll whir
Was One Of Wiiiia-iiston
I>est Beloved
Women •
I .ri;. nw'Tsinr the s-nirt
••{ Mr-. K.-j.ftir s>itrsr> K.ei!■ trcr
«>l ir*«i t..e (e • ~H i- the . r.ic house
.. „.. .j.-,. , _ A- ~ . i. ; March of
*5«- year '*-IS. --laif beer i.i iteclir-
sr g healt 3 " for .tie ' two years :ir.«!
ia-s lee- it ?i «.i i,  r i«~-i "for the
|\*.-t sew a! "i.v„ !u: it r:".-: :ee.n
ej r> *1 »-« u' *. I "o'A :i ':Ut*■- be
f«*te .•.■*» -*.'et' . { : •.
M --. K*-it v» r w .i- i» -ft uie-l from
-.»t- -ft; • t.ii . t ii' -.-triou'
r *O. . riHi
-..u.- J', r •». .. i the fol
l..»»«i" ;•• • a I .- -tel. .1 • pre
■ *. » "'■ i' . . . M i rth'i
1% l*«»w i" »*'»! ;• tot n.
.law \at • '*-• «• J : M .-- I .
a lle*n ■ ■* . H-*"ry
S'-trir- "r-..v us; (ST w.u i tVc
("h I W «•»> the r.r'fi '.• I ■»"•*>•
fi* a? e:".. t «*f tO!"ii I 1 »' «it»■ . a
-« it v.l-ile t> r
* - «- t'*j -»i -St- j's-!'.4(il s.'.lem
Ar** . W S. 1. ."f.i
|in»r n-« ■ -;. l -4,-h.vl i" hi: e-irl.'
_tu.-r.tie A -V.T: te.- ..;••• ws.
li»tar!*"--i i* the t> if N rfolV; |)'-c»m
--»..# - isTi. in w';rh. rity m-.- r .'"hfr
a-d h - 'aniil-. V>l t;«k i u;> the : r
Ireis.l.-! ee. t> Cori'iu 'A
of lriiraiw-th »-;>. l «>••;> of.e
riu'!. Hn i V- : I- . K'-'iin r r.
At.-- she dei»i.' > ler husbitvl
|jh a ut "uelxe \-ais Mrs K"!liiliTtff
1 t.» t'-i town of !•>>: nitivity
I• . -,' v .-' I e '-is". «-ars sfii -tlv :>fter
I ! «w i' *li ■ t'• '-i I t'ii re-
I- .line \ -t*. her n« .e- h"t
!,e:» Sl* ba> 1 - l»-« , ni.-V tenrl
sil-. nni If: .! '»> hi- 6 reji'-.ew. Mr.
\-.- |,,S! r w i T> "ViviPif
| L *r jf*- V"-> -\na ii- .. - -*1 Me- r .
I A-a T . 11. M\ ;.«»! K.i.l i i - -. Crawford
i inn .J I'Ut'i* (..lawfofd
' I'.igl - o T l^ievi
' Mr-- Kt-'I "!•« r a «i,:nan  I" the
->:. i liee*» H-a't-l i" the
!•»- ««M ii ' *. 'i ho ■*'
m luel tn ~l h .■ i 1 -T;-r-1 >-'
I 4si She wa- a ** itbrul ..-em-
IVi of tie M --Kitrin 15-: i'ti t Church -
aid a, '-.1-K a -hr- v.; uMe she
■ e:i i anil erert'
e-iis-e i' i tier pie-e* *• !IUN
-tin- -Sine- . i-l wjl! !«• greatly
•nis-ed t. '!■ ■
V thrt- •/ ••{ - r i»i» " f"iei.ils at
' |#-s>! f*e fu~e*a' rrvit'v- whkh Ut'fr
. cw-mfiol -t tl.e "I'l ' Uk'- ht-P.'.C
a! II o".! "k t h/-. »•'
life kef frtet..! '«>*'" t l _ ilfVeased.
» I.V; '-.r -t. I'.-. The inter--
t -»• | wa- •j-a'*'™ '• t- •• I'apti t eeme
-V>\'T!!« v
TV res-uh-r n .• t l .!-. mee ing itif
i- a . t".?ttor ai"! T hari'o ti.- A- -
! a .utwj * ill !- el'• ■ * tjie Ciurt J
' lihi" : !* M.
Tn - i- v-ry importaßt meelinr?
r.f» r i' !i-r ho-ald attend
« - etaJ impoit.if t matters ill r 'ne
' U-'ute " Jje . t ..i: t! will le of
Mr >„■! u el Hur-t of 'he Gobi
IVnr i ti.-- «.f t'e itiPil Wed
ii !i ; i« tf pneumonia.
*.|- i" * 1 va- in is's4th year. In
«-ais". Vf*- he was mi ir'ed Ui Miss
M=". Ra-S- Jsrjjl she with three .laußh
t*' h:m.
■ He **- r- tine,-led with any
ci ii.- h but « m-.ii of h.'t'.i standing in
r his uni' \ .
ll* *a- hu* ei yesterday ut fcts old
pLov. with Mr W'l! Crimea
uOrill  _• at the M-n ii'O:-..
xii; p\« k \ i SITS WINDSOR
IKu. S J. Everett .of Crrenville
* I -peot a f*w days in t' wn this werft
■> J "o. kir tr after matter -. . •....
r. Judge Ji i- ir. town tolay
b : ■•erKti"? court.
J Mr" W. R. Pace. «!• strict ileinonstra
't toi agent, passetl through' town this
"I Vnminjr enroute to Windsor where he
d expects to locate ajflcetity' ajjeat by
't ike first of March. » v |
i». The vari*i counties are l>ecomlair
e very n.urh iu'ensstnl over farm pro
* Uems as well as somewhat ahirmed
r- over 'the bell weevil and ate raßi't
'• for (wnty 'Vmonstratc to assist
a them In Joing the best p. salble thirg.
d. bath ears cmnpe. l Haw same ia
»t pai tine, weight about one huvdre.l ■
tfc K C. Stnwbrii|j», 5 No. 3.
j Williamstoa : N. C 2-I** ,

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