North Carolina Newspapers

Only Pour Cases Come
Before Court
The regular session of the Record
er*s court convene*! at the usual hour
this morning with Judge Smith of
Robarsonville uml Solicitor Perl at
their respective stations.
Very few cases were disposal of
with the exception of a few involving
the dipping of cattle.
The cases lispose«l of are as fol
State TI Haywood Mhitaker, charg
ed with assault with deadly weapon.
A judgment of guilty was rendered
and prayer for judgment was con
tinued. .
State vs Lrcman Bennett, avsult
with deadly weapon. Called I »ut fail
ed to answer.
State vs W. W. Griffin, failin ' to
dip cattle. Found not guilty.
State vs John E. Moore, failin » to
dip cattle. Nol pros
The Recorder's court has proven
itself to be a splendid institution for
Martin county. Today's session seem
ed to display a small amount of child
ish misumlerstanding when lawyers,
clerk am! court became just a hit
argumentative. Nothing wrong, no
criticism, only a few points off v-hen
it comes to dignity.
Following is the honor roll for the
Macedonia Itible school for the i;aar
ter, ending June 29th. The school tuts
an enrollment of 95 pupils.
Itible class—Joe Holliday, U-a. Iter;
Myrtie Iteecliam, Klla Revels, Sy.lnoy
llnvlum, Clauile L. Hadley, Slade
lntermeliate class —R. 1. IVrry,
truflter, Jennie (irey Beecham, Nich
olas Beecham.
Junior class - Amanita IVrry, teach
er; ly«le Revels, Arthur Revels,,
Sauutlers Revels, Carl lee Beecha.n.
Little Beginners class —Myrtle
Heel, teacher; Sydney Beecham, A. T.
Marie I'eele, Mary Frances Hadley,
Minnie Rogers, Timecinia Cowing,
Clayton Revels, Reha Williams, Callie
Mae Cherry.
Class No. 6—Oscar I'eele, tea. her;
Clarence Revels, Reha Revels, Mary
Mr. Bob Hogg art I of Rocky Mount
.•pent Sunday ia town.
Mr. Herbert Pope of Rohersonville
was a visitor to our city Sumlay.
Masters. Tom and llardy Ros.- at
tended the Sea Side Assembly at Mot*
head City last week.
Mr. and Mrs. i. L Williams motor
el to Robersonviile Sunday.
Miss Elizabeth Chappell of Hert
ford was ia towa Sunday vitating
Mass Annie Crawford pent
the last week with Mr. and Mrs. Kobt.
F. Ileydenrairh in Koberaonville. Sha
returned home Friday awning.
Misses Carrie Lee Peal. Carrie IMI
Manning. I'attie Edmoudson ami Min
nie Roberston and Mr. John Browning
alienated the Christian Cnion at Bath
Sunday. *
Mr. am! Mrs. Marriott Britt and Mr
an*l Mrs. Hugh G. Horton motored to
Riverside Sunday.
I>r. Speight Anderson and Mr. Sam
Anderson visited their brother in law
ami sister, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Har
rison, Sum lay.
Mr. S. A. Lambert of the Universal
Picture Corporation of Charlotte was a
business visitor here yesterday.
Mr. ami Mrs. Z. H. Rose returned
Monday from Morehead City where
they attended the convention there.
Mr. Alfred Simmons of GreenvOl*
was ia town Sanday.
Mr. E. F. Whitley of kelford spent
the week-end with bis family here.
Mr. O. C. Miller of Greenville wai
a guest at the Atlantic hotel Sim
Mr. Dnrward Gurganus spent Sun
day here with Us family.
Mtssc., I'attie Harris* and Margarel
Manning left this morning for Rich
mond where tLcy will spend aom
time with Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Law
• cnee. »
Mrs. R. F. Heydeoreich left thfa
Morning for Stanton, Va. where sha
will vWt Mr. Heydewreach's mothei
for sent tfcne.
Mr. L. A. Cent of Rocky Mount wm
a visiter here May.
Messrs. V. C. Manning. Jr. am
James Manning Mpgnt the week em
in Fatmoih visiting friends.
Mr. Robert Bogart of Washmgtm
■4 H ml the week-end here with Mrs
Bogart. -1
Mr. Sam Kane of New York i
MII *f- r this week with Mr. Frank i
*» r fc
: Was For Several Years
Pastor of A Local j
The Orphan's I iicnd ami Masork
Jt.urr d ot June ?7lli gives in full the
the oration of Rev. W". R. Hurrell,
which he made on St. John's Day at
the Masonic Orphanage, Oxford.
Mr. I turret I was for several yean;
pastor of the William-don Memorial
Baptist church ami is now pastor of
the Monroe church.
We are printing in part the speech
taken from the Orphan's Friend. I
"Masonry concerns itself with two I
great principles in the world; the
principle of Life ami the principle of
Light. Of these 1 wish to speak brief
ly today. With life itself, of course,
*e have little to do. The Supreme
1 Architect of the Universe has kept
His own Idessed* counsels in respect
1 to this matter. The wondrous mys
tery of life is the mystery of God
i Himself, for lite Word declares lhat
' in him was Life and the Life was the
Light of men.
1 call your attention to the fact.
, however, that while we may have little
knowledge of- life ami little to do with
' its various, manifestations, we still
i have very much to do with its con
tinuance am! well-being. There is
stdl a vast difference lietween life and
living, ami the sum of that difference
is the sum of the response to the needs
am! possibilities of life as made by
| iho»e who, like ourselves, are pro
umatdy concerned with its develop
ment am! enrichment.
From time immemorial, among all
peoples, are cults, all kinds of Inen
| ami types of philosophies. , (>ur great
! order has concerned itself with life.
From the crule animism of the semi
savage to the refine.l phallic wor.hip
of the ancients we find our hrethern
concerned with various phases of the
-ante great business—seek in v to un
•ierstand, develop and enlarge life, in
the limitations of their knowledge of
fering divine honors to manifesta
tions of life ami oftentimes confusing
the mechanics of life with the thing
' itself—such as the worship of the so
' called phallic symbols in India, Af
' rtca ami other regions— yet always
movinig on ami struggling often
' through tho thick darkness toward
what seemed light to them.
It is the supreme privilege of our
noble order to assist men in the great
adventure of life, to deepen its cur
I rents, enrich its possibilities, direct its
enthusiasms ami guile it in its strug
» gles. to smooth the pathway for tired I
feet and to point the way toward its
- utmost of fulfillment. Therefore,
I there can he no greater care of Ma
sons than that of young life, more
- especially of life bereft of its natural
protectors ami guides. To relieve the
- wialow, to nourish the orphan, ought
r to be one of our chiefest concerns, for
thereby we are following closest in
I the footsteps of our Sublime Patrons
. ami earning for ourselves the large.-',
i fullne s of our own lives. With what
joy, then, do we meet today within
| these precinct.; dedicated to this very
. purpose? What more grateful, not
r only to our own eyes, but to
I those' sumblime characters to whom
this day is dedicated* Surely we
. have not toiled in vain in the quar
, dies of life when we can look nut ami
aee the -e living stones being so hean
, tifully wrought ami fitted into the
r living temples that are growing into
t beany all about us!
But inasmuch as it is not all of
j life to live nor all all of death to l%
B there is another great task awaiting
us. Life was never intended to be
j mere existence, however beuatiful
e that existence may be. There is al
ways the larger purpose to be ful
m filled. Therefore, the next great con
IrifautioiLs that we must make is the
|t ilium min alien of an adequate light
te our fellow pilgrims, many of whom
. now walk In darkness and doubt.
i- To free the mind from the shackles
lie superstition, to remove tlie fatal
j. handicap ot ignorance, to open up the
illimitable ranges of knowledge and
4 culture and so unfold the infinite possi
i_ bilities of life is a truly Masonic taik.
m What capacities for service, for
f _ truth, for beauty lie enshrined in the
atimis of even the humblest of our
fellow beings, as Gray says:
e "Full many • Jay of purest ray
The dark uafathomed vaes of
m Full many a loner is bora to htnsh
4 And'mate it* sweetness en -the
desert air."
m All about as are—
t • hearts once pregnant with cel
estial fire
Hands, that the rod of empire
| mfeht sway*d,
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Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, July 1,1924.
Monday morning when tiie great
Democratic convention finally got
down to business and things begun
jto happen, from the first ballot oil
the campaign managers all claimed
lhat they were happening just as each
had expected them to hap|ien, hut it
was plain to everybody that some
were not satisfied as to the outcome.
One of the minor sensations of the
convention came after the announce
ment of the first ballot when W. J.
ltryan got the unanimous consent to
present a resolution in memory of
the late President, Warren U. Hard
ing, who died in office Mr. Bryan
j moved the adoption of the resolution
|Whkh was done by a ri. ing vote.
"75ne other sensation came at t|ie
end of the sixth ballot when Senator
l*at Harrison of Mississippi lead a
press dUpsttch, dated in Washington
saying that Harry F. Sinclair, Alliert
B. Fall, E. 1., lioheny and his son had
1,11 hecn indicted in s'iinecti»n with
tlie oil thievery.
Entertains For
Miss MeCloskey
Mrs. ticorge 11. Harrison entertain
ed a |»arty of young |ieo|>le at River
side I'ark, near Washington, yester
day afternoon in honor of Miss Rose
MeCloskey of Baltimore, who is the
house guest of her sister, Mrs. ,1. I>
Those vtlm were her guests besides
Mu... McCl»key were, Mrs. A. R. Dun
ning. Mrs. li. W. Hardy, Mrs. C. .\.
Harrison, Mrs. J 1.. Williams, Mis.-es
l.ila Wynne, Sarah llarrell, Louise
Harrison and Velnia Harrison ami Mr.
ami Mrs J It. Woolard and Mi. (>. 11.
Harrison Jr.
John I* Rockfeller has recently
tciven In tlie University of Chicnj o a
big gift ef money. There is some doubt
however, as to who iifsirves t».e
credit for this gift 3omo li ink
port of the crndit for tiiia a ttl
other gift* should lie i-iven to those
who buy his product* ami I!VJS in
directly give his gifts. Mr. Kinkt'eller
might even have made the ;irire- of
his products cheaper and have let the
users of his products have mjrtywi
the benefits of his beneficence. lie
diil not do .-ti however and now iie is
riving his surplus as he deems liest.
Mis.- hate llouks ol Itunn, represent
ing tlie tirphans Friend was in town
Jtuiolay taking subscript ions to that
gotxt pa|>er. The thildren of the or
phanage do most of the work on the
paper. Not only do they make it a
good source of income but they also
learn the printing trade as well.
The Philatliea class of the Bap
tist church and the Philatliea of
the Christian church will meet wall
Mrs. Anna Harrison, Thursday even
in, July :nl at H.'OU.
Mr». W. 11. Rogers spent Thursday
Willi Mrs. Eli Ray.
' Messrs. Henry Allen aiid W. F. Al
len went to Saturday.
Mr. ami Mrs A. L Raynor and Mr.
ami Mrs. Sylvester Raynor attended
the show in Williamston Friday night.
Messrs. W. A. Burroughs, Ira Peed,
Lester Rogers, Sylvester Raynor and
Haywood Rogers motored to Hay-side
Saturday fishing.
Mr. H A. Culiipher went to Wil
l ..mston Saturday on business.
Messrs. Guthrie Strawbridge, F. C.
Bennett motored to Williamston Snt
i nlay.
Mr. ami Mrs. Eli Ray went to Wil
' I lam- ton Friday, sliopping.
! Mr. ami Mrs. Sylvester Raynor, Mr.
' ami Mrs. Haywood Rogers ami Mr.
Ira Feed motored to Roper ami Rea's
beach Sunday.
Mr. ami Mrs. M. G. I'eele ami family
spent Friday at a picnit near Wash
Messrs. Mintra Rogers of Bear
r awl Mr. Lester Rogers motored to
Roper and Rea's beach Sunday.
r Mrs. Eli Ray and Mrs. S. C. Ray
spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. W.
* H. Rogers.
Mrs. Dewey Copeland of Elixaheth
'City spent the week-end with hei
mother, Mrs. G. B. Simpson.
Mr Elmer Chesson ami children
motored to Everett* Sunday after
e I Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bennett nm\
■Mr. Bill Bennett spent Sunday wftl
I friends near Robersonville.
Property Damage Eesti
mated as lieing
Around 40 Million
The storm which went through Ohio
011 Sal unlay night was perhaps one of
the worst that ever struck that sec
tion of the country, a section of our
country that is accustomed to having
IMKI ones, too.
More than one hunilrel people were
' killed ami five hundred were injurei.
The property lamage is enormous anil
is estimate.l by conservatives as being
1 around s4»M**>.oOO.
Snmnaii ot lijnuer
The casualties and damage done by
1 the tornailo as it twisted its way a
■ cross northern Ohio last Saturday
i itii;ht are:
At Lorain: Fifty-nine dead, proh
ably several hundred injured an I
I property damage ;:ii.>unt in" be
.veeii $2. r .,O»*».INNi and *.!o,mn.i>oo
At Sandusky Si* lead. probably
!i> injured ami property damage he-
Iweeli $1,500,000 and sJ.liO»l.(;o>
At Cleveland: Seven dead with
small property damage
At Mantua: Three re|iorted dead.
At Akron: One dead; property |
damage estimated at from
to $1,000,000.
At Youngstowi:: One dead.
At Itav Village: Apartment house
said to have collapsed, burying two.
At Alliance: One hundred iso
i lated in flooded lioiue.-, re-cued by
. police. , -
i Nenr Weymouth: Two chiblren
• drowned in flooded creek: three
. wiiithcd off bridge in automobile but
. rescued. * '
At Cedar Point: Si* cot til "es
blown down; no casualties.
Military on |iutrol duty at Lorain
and Sandusky, altlixufb martial law
has not been declared
Stale health lioards takes action
In preevnt disease by supervising
water supply at lorain ami Sandusky.
Wibl report;! of looting Saturday
night at prove untrue.
Many miraculous escapes reported
by eye-witnesses at both Uirain and
Tornado jumps almost 35 miles
from Sandusky to Ijirain with vir
tually no damage in lietween.
Mr ami Mrs. J. 11. ltogrrson of
(iurdon, Arkansas are the guests of
Mr. ami Mrs. J. It. Muhley on West
Main street, arriving in Williamston
( on Saturday evening.
Mr Itoger.son left Martin county forty
three years ago ami went to Seattle,
Washington where lie lived for four
years, leaving there and going to
' Little Itock, Arkansas where he mar
ried. He and his family now live in
(iurdon, Arkansas, a rail road center
, on the Missouri-Pacific railroad Mr.
liogerson has served that road as on
gineer for twenty-seven years and at
j. the present is vice-chairman of the
I Brotherhood of Ijocomotive Engineers
' of Arkansas. He is not only popular
ami well thought of by his brother
hood but also rank- well in his com
Misses I'auline and lionise Johnson
- have returned from Sharpsburg where
they have been visiting relative.-.
I)r. II L returned Sunday
I from New where he attended
the Democratic convention.
I, Mr. ami Mr>.' C. O. Calhoun of
>1 Rocky Mount spent Sunday with Mr.
e and Mrs. H. S. Johnson.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Salsbury
* motored to Williamston Sunday after
•• Mis Kflie Waldo and Mrs. M. B.
" IJoyle returned Friday from More
head City.
I- Mr. W. J. Starr of Sunbury was in
town Sunday,
r. Mr. ami Mrs. J. K. Edmondson
r. motored to Tarboro yesterday after-
H noon.
Mr. Dennis Inscoe of Raleigh was
y in town a short whi!e Sunday visiting
i- his father who is very ill.
Mr. Rrne.-t Ham-ell and Miss Helen
is Davenport motored to William.ton
o Sunday afternoon.
Dr. ami Mrs. W. B. Sherrod of Scot
y land Neck spent Sunday with Mr. ami
I. Mrs B. B. Sherrod.
Misses Maggie Belle ami Annie
h Jones and Ruth Pippen spent Sunday
•r afternoon at Rivers ile Park.
Mr. Ernest Harrell nLOik City ami
n Mr. Elmer Edmondson * Has sell were
r- visitors in town Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Davenport, Mrs.
id Maude Newsome and Mr. Earte AIII
h good attended the Episcopal services
• in Wfllhunstan Sunday.
ki ha;. i»Ki v r.
:Several chaise- in the Rural De
partment of the Williiutston post
ollice go into elTect today. One of
changes was brougbt about by a
recent visit of Mr. l*rice. |*>inu ter.
to Washington. This change
the distance of Route No I! four an?
two-tenths mile.-. Tho other chang>
was when James K Harrell, who "ob
served on Route for trirc year
and three months, goes on N". 1 \!r
M l>. Watts g>e to No. t in Mr. liar
rel's place, lie havinsr -erved on No
1 for the |«i--t trn months.
All the cairicr> hold No. 4 u horr*
a.; it is noted for the wort n«ad- »
the county.
Marriage licenses
For Month of June
The marriage license, ivsiioi foi
the month of June «|U.:I LA nuiiitx"
to of the preceding nivalis
spite of the increasing warm weather
It is the usual custom for inarrv Ml
to decrease in the summer muntit
which can l»* attributed |t»
Conditions and the wrather Hut t»«i
month has been an esception with
Itegi -ter brown.
If one will examine the register'*
IwHiks very closely lie will find that
a large |ier, cent of tho Iweii-es w
is uoil to Bertie couples.
Following i- the list of lices* -e
--issued for the no.nth of June:
V. bile
\\. Jesse Thomas h'l Mary Kniily
Duvenport 'l6; J.»ine • 11 I'iercv 44
Nollie llawson IK; I i>lw l MnrMl.
23—Ida Harper Ih; Lawrence J I d
ley 26 Itulb L-telle Gray .*•. l-.nwr
Daniel, 22 Ro a Bryant. Is; Archie
J hnson 28—Fo>retice«»>i, J«.
James L Rolier-oa it Mii-.-n-
Sparks 22; Bruce 1.. '\ ««k. 21 —l!e--w
Wilson Jones. IK.
Jaine tleter 4 -—I. He . :e
•54; Henry Mi«>rr 24 Alvaiiia llollo
inan 21; William Thomas l:tai.-l 3ft
lweiMl Slaile ll»; llenr;. Mai.-hall -I
l'orlie Harris 20; Raker W ilium V.
- Kllicrlu Wiggin- I"
Mr. J. It Mobley return«-»t l«-»n«e Sat
urday evening f#.m Hot Springs- Ark
where he -|>ent several w«-k--. lll
frieml.s are glail t« see him an #i> im
proved condition Mi. Mobley !>•- '" tl *
taking a trealmeid t«r II»HIIIU;» m>u
Mr. Harry
in town visiting fr»-ml-
Mr. Harry A. Big"- with a p«■ I «•!
friends from Wa-i.ii.gtoi. n1 t«
Pamlico lieach Sin«Li wd >i»n- t'*
Misses IHi rot by Wm«ten ami H»i
ence Ellington of kin-ti-n are ll«
house-guests of Mis.- tleneva Ci*»k at
her home on Hast Main »trc«(.
Arch lteacim M»rriaMi L llilliw of
Raleigh was t'ie •
ami Mr-. J. II SAUMTM wbte he was
in the city this week-eM
»l( ami Mrs. M.ileum Bwgart ol
liayton, Fla. pautsfd throtigh het»
yesterday to route to N«»rfolk t«
s|ieml some time.
Mr. Charie.- Biggs of Ralevl. >peM
the week-rml liere with bo- n>4tn
Mrs. Biggs, who continue very dl as
her home On Smithwick »lree
M Mr-. C l»
C«rstarpjm|w*l Mrs. rs. \\ UliM and
Sutton CarAarpben mut«re»l to Ily
mouth Sumlay to vi-it Mr ami Mr-
L P. Hornthal.
Mr. ami Mr-. Frank am. lit
tle daughter, Marjorie ttw»l -d RocV}
Mount were the week er-l guests of
Mr. Fiigan's so-ter. Mr-. S. It Hie?>
Dr. ami Mrs. John D. Birg*. Mr
ami Mrs. lirover iianli-Mi. ML>a*>
Katberioe Hariiison, France- Killunt
■ Dora Mae Stalls ami Ruth IVel ir
turned yesterday from Morel ea.l Citj
'./ here they s|>ent llie ML-'. w»ek
1 'i hey nuole the trip home ttin.ueb (lit
1 Miss Mary Whste of Crcer.vilk
" spent the week-end here with l«ei
mother, ,Mrs. M.dlie Wlato
i Mr. I-ewi- Manning ma>le a hu ines'
f trip to Greenville yester.tav-
Mr. ami Mrs. lien R Everett ami
» children of Palmyra were visitors ii
1 town Saturday evening.
| Mr. ami Mrs CL B. Sicelo#, Mr. W
■ L Briley, Mr R. J. Pre! I Mfes En
I Peel motored to Riverside Park. Swi
S Messrs. W. H. Carstarpfc— ami IJM
f Has.sell and Sutton Carstarphen motoi
e.l to Wind or last night to mee
• Messrs. C. D. Car-tarphen and Johi
* L. Hassell who have been attending
the convention at New York
T> ' Mr. Ben IMK Rhe of Wimmgim
- is here at the bed side of his father
i ■ Mr. Peter Rim, who is |mMf B a
the home of Mr. Marshal Wi«aa
Twentieth Ballot (iivesl
McAdoo One ASoro
\ ote l han 2nd
I -A I It'i i«c;hiaiiguug uter t lit- piank, j
ih !«•
li> llA' Vial'tui It licxe Liu. iiu.uu |
>" l«."-3Ui vt.tiij
tic.\.....» 11. tHO ii'Uil \ti.ll {J 1i J title. I
.... .■ .1.1. tviln _'l| vote,
.i raiiii.iiales ill . lie i:icc
In, >.tc a- it via., ta-t by states!
nu« t.-.i Ui.iot IN .summarized a.-1
I ;
Aiuiuiia, oi cnur a-, m*r 24
.o I i..»t i «n.tti, anil Aruona |a.v«L
|.kiluibd. iiaie Iters tu her fa
write »»ii. .Sciatui Joseph T. KOIMII
«II. .> i,! ail. California s _l» went
1 itfcl Smith i ulrti
ItNora-iti Knui her 12 in Uovermir
ucet. MOOIIH i favorite SON candi
.late, t'litiouslt '.lie hi si liallot wa.-
' i\ anion,; . favorite sons. Con
ttc.iau: i.ate ei);i.t to (.niiimi
i.r.-« i, o! "\evv Hampshire. aid -ix
1 i«»« t.overnor Smith, of New \ orh,
IhttM- weie lir.«t Snutli vole- im>l .ii
the convention. „
IWanarr'ii M\ vutts went -olio i. -1
former Senaloi William Saul-bui y
Florjila IMVC her twelve t > MeAil. ••
and  the birthplace of Mr-
V.loo Rate him her solid.
Idaho Rnve lier to alrAiioc
;•!.« Illinois cave Small la, Cut ill.
Silier 10. Jolm Vt. |>a\is I. tiovei
not- Iti'.eliir .'!, Senator llarri-in . J. 12. I'liarles \V. liitan 2.
Ino -t tvere I hi- lut vote., ca-f oi
: : il/er. tm, KiUhie ami I lav is.
Indiana cate •>)!• .olnl for ' MI.
lou.« .Ment sol ill uiiilcr the bait
Mile, 2o for Xli'Alloti
1 hen Kansas (rave her 2** for 1•"t -
ert;or Jonathan M. Ifcivi.-.
Kentucky's 2i went alone for Me
XlllW v*
Ixwiniaiia't Jii went >«litl tor
tor I'at Harrison, of Mississippi. an
• other eoni|ilim-iit for the teni|» i ,i .
Maine t*ave fi 1-2 for I mlerveo-l.
t 1-2 for Smith HIIII 2 for Mr Ailoo. I
» Maryland I'anli M For Smith
Maryland'* IK went solid for l!nr
•*rnor IMrliie ad then ,v eletjk r.ille.i
for the :xi of Massarhu.**-tt- Se.ia
h 'or Walsfi cast them as follow- i ne
f,, r Itrown of New Hampshire; i :ie
i, half for Harrison, I I 2 for Mr \iio-
ii and Ti for (iovertior Smith
Michigan's vote was eiven 01, | a -
VIM-1111, for Senator Kern*. 21 >
j voles m all.
Minnesota cave 2 to. Ritchie, I for
I'M, I for I'ryan, 2 for I'mlprtnivt,
| - f«»r Itohinson. I for John W havis,
• for McAdoo ami 10 for Smith
Mm. Mr Adoo Keep* Tulle >
Ihirnif the ballot inc Mrs Mr \.(oo
-at in a box, busy with paper ano
I«-ncil, keepmc an account of I lie
iMlluiuig. 11M bos occupied formerly
by Mrs. Smith »u empty.
It •»« obvious, of r.'iir**, that
bere was gain* to be no nomination
* * (be ballot, and that the co.i
venlion was coin.' t trough a th.ik n 
.town |>r.tce>s, |iiyii. ; ri...i|'liments to
fatorite MIIIS, an I |ir diahi iullill'i
" «■««' pledges, hut i|ii:i:«n
trouioi lor the real busiues, I I colli.
1 There was a noticeable i.U-eiM e of
r - he feelinc of lensil\ that soeielii.tes
' |«-rv.ttle- a convent • 111 .u. liir
laallotini; i-cb un lcr a 1 \.
' Missi*sip|ii ciiine next and c«ive hei
' total of 2*l to I'at llarri.soi!.
Missouri, under the unit rule, pave
liei Ui for McAdoo and|ih IS
.tban'iMiii, of (lily, |iruni|it!v
ItaiUiice l Ilia accuracy of that Vine,
1 i«l •ieniandeil a poll of the itele-a
--e .
ln»n. which was ordered
1 ■
J nen the.vice chairman a krsl that
:he riu.Ui r lie pa.s.sel for the mo
loent, ami the clerk went on to Moo
tana, which gave 7 to McAdoo anil :
10 Smith.
\et«n>ska'ii l« were divided, one
f for McAdoo ami 15 for  'liarle:. \t.
\e vat la's si* were cast for Mc
A-ioo anil New Hampshire'* eij-ht
were cast sol n I for her coverrmr,
, Fre»l 11. lirowu
New Jersey's '£H, of course, went
j solfcl far Silxer ami the Ms from
a New Mexico went solid for McAdoo
New VOl k Sal id For Smitb
f New York's Ml went »oli>i far Gov
_ eraor S/ nth, but the woman who
( cast litem spoke so low that the
cunveulkiti dil not knuw how they
bail been cast until the reading clerk
>r announceil it. Then the Smith peo
pie on. the.,floor ami in the *rai
n levies let out a roar. At that point
iovernor .Smitb was six vatas be
himl McAdoo in the total.
m •_ It wan noted that in the Nebraska
r role Senator Hitchcock broke awaj
jilfww Governor Rryan. Then Nnrt*
(Game Called at 4:SO At
Fair *r:>unds
tin fi!i*M'.iy . 1 tast ~,vn k the
NV )|liamstwn Wl r.- .m susr . tetl V*
j a--i»ini»r..rf rtii> !. i,.fr K feat .at
Jthe ha«-.i -.f !>:■• \V 1 !iin:ioi> (eriaU.
[T. ii 'i r>-tv the ho! lean will play
I a haici >n it. V, Jlc.n- In-, at the
(fair irroui .1 . Or ; 11 - a.»on the
I locals wiil altetn|4 to rv-«er e the
or>ier of thin«*~s T*r Ter.rr is heinir
j strengthen.-*: aiui a !n«i rime is ex
hecloi! k
Ihe Ioc.«! !»•; - reeii your upftort,
Tl.oy bate .-(i nct-.»unt even
t houch i! a , mall - r-.e C ne out
in.l iret
The .•;>! - nll t. 4 r- j •ci|>tly at
'••ur-lhirtt Itritt *'li !a» be aMe ro
twirl \\e»!iie-l ?. •-s a i»rain-
IN! ankle rw". He \\ tshinr
!en-\Viliamston rame la t \\ edne
•lay. Grimes of will take
■rs 14;1.V irs the It-v
» : t»e Wne jj f..r Wil
llaM.ti. Marrell. cateiier; I Crimes,
•itrh'r, J:'m*.. first ,s . «s-sonas,
et ol i '.v.. I "t. . 51. -i.- rt stop;
hhw'lmii. I ■u.i Iti-. I.teiti!. richt
lielo. ;-!•>- !■ OS I I "H'H-" 1' iriihlll.
ieft Iteiti
I"«>r |»Ht Nr .IUU. Mi luir lairvis
ttill '• hehi in n-rv v.h ie An.ier
son am' Ja»oe * ill act a a iieril
.lib .|it>ile
!• \Kn Uil I. SPI \»«
Mr- I II S.tu?i**er - a*, t'ul.lren.
Cm hie UM J a k l ik. .. \! U iieeier
Martin .1.1 ! tt!e -t.i . W t--ler, Jr.,
Mr I I: t'm »• ind ctnl «a*. >.>. rah
l- r« enuiii 1 ar.i left Ihi m>rn
rii- ■'>.! I>. ah'r' «is-rv iin y will
|k thy- i*\l rot.i.; 1, Ihiv 1 v ere ac
compcinet a far .. \\ 1 1 1 h>
l»r S .uit-."r .1.1 l'«ii- -•! 1 "r Mar-
II 1 U't will U- to t. t. toe I v .at:
* I.hi e
MR. r. F. II\I:I:ISII\ I\
Mr T. F llarri-or- lei ye lertlay
afternoon for IValtiin..r,- t- en he wil*
hut mitl summer Tin-k f • tl«» firm
•I ll.irti'fi Pr..titer ute: 1 '••mpaay.
Mi llatri >ti make > 'ri|« to the
N»rt item fit ir eteit f.-v at. k aml
keeps up with the m-• iel in tlie
• ready to wear li-r l»th men ami
woinen a- well a- 1 «-enenil line of** that will . t >ee| every
' nee.l of the it era.-e jxr- «r. lie was ac
comiKii.teti- a far a. I'nli ivaa by his
• lauehter. Mis- Martha II rrion ami
Mr ICill llarnm.
' RFf'FVT IIF *V\ Rin
Ine recent heavy niw hare WUIP
I it pretty bard far f-irm •*. I" lias
t tieeii too wet t«» |J..« and he •.■ eather
has }»i-t leer, fi'-e for t* * I- ra- > to
, I'm*
Mi • i.,ur can ; fair .:uess
i. t.t win ihrr cittf. will e «.l or
, had b> ti l .-toer It ran ■ . .-hii the
lir-t -ti> «-f July. Tbey a •• ayin? in
r hi. rriN4i. i*iett 1 )rrnrr ly, t'a! we
 ha.l Ini touch iuu in Jo 1 to expect
. end crops ~f either m' .Hi or com
this yer»r.
Mr ami Mrs J. L te«l ird. ami son .
. Joseph, thud, Mrs. J. TV ixaMR and
llr ami Mr-. Janie S. Ihrsles anal
•sn. Jane. Junior, -pet.* Sunday at
t "olerain IVacl.
Mc—-r s. Charles llam aixl lam
lieit of Wa-hi net on sprt t the week
-1 end in town tiHuir fhi.tU.
Mr. anil Mrs. Arthur \ iltiaius ami
- ilauichter. Mis.- Lmi»? 01 Wm h.mrton
: vUiteal Mrs Saliie Bier', Sunday.
Mr IVte Fowtlen , esterday la
r Plymouth on business.
Mrs. Francis D. Winston of Wmd
o>r was in town yesterday morning for
s 1 short while.
t Mr. James Glena -pe the ictk
end m Hynmi.-i.
Messrs. Frank J. Mar.-. .U a. l Sam
1 bane ami Mrs. Natkxn OHnma and
n daughter. Miss La arc Ori.M« matar
> .>.l to Waraiw Sum lav o vi-it Mr.
Hariris' mother of New York »* ii
- visitinit her so* Mr. Ma- Marj-olis k
0 that place.
f Mr. J. 11. D. Peel wa a husiaeas
V v oat or in town jestenh;
k Mr*. Gam* Ri*srs Wf'tr-w-s. MB.
>- I_ C. Itennett. Mr. ami Mrs. Ffeft
I- Feel ami Messrs. WOsaa G l imb and
'« Julias S. M spewt the ■ »
*- Kwnts of tka Pamlico b>Hat Phmliea
beach. 1 m 'i-M
* |
jr Canlatpbea, Jalian li«A Rfl Har- j
k rtlvl Fraaci* Rarap spwt Mi
' m

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