North Carolina Newspapers

Meetings Have Been Well Attended; Conversions
WiD Number Almost A Thousand; Uplift
Of the Community one of Great Results
/ - .
TV Leaman-Ooston Evangelistic
campaign is approaching it* dose If
everything continues a* it is at pres
ent, the meeting will dose Sunday
night. _
The campaign which was begun
f«ve weeks ago next Sunday has been
a union campaign and all the churches
of th? town and commuuity have work
ed hard to make it a success. The
church people of all the denominations
hire pot their shoulders to the wheel
a lad have straggled hard to make it
the success that it has been. And the
results that hare been wrought are.
to the mind of the writer, funda
mental, far reaching ami lasting.
Many church members hare rededi
cated their lire*, and hare been spir
itually strengthened and livened.
Many dead wires hare been recharged
and promise to be lire wire-* in the
future. Many who hare never affiliated
themselves- with the church hare tak
en the important stand and have given
themselves to Christ. The record up
until yesterday showed that the num
ber of people who have rededicatod
their lives, or affiliated themselves
with the church, will be almost a
The result of the meeting is being
felt in the very atmosphere of the
town. Too can now walk down the
streets of W3liam«ton ard never hear
an oath uttered or a vulvar word
spoken. Ton can go all day in and out
among the people on the streets and
■ever smell whiskey on the breath*
rf those whom you come in contact
with. In fact, a former resilient of
the town was here the other day with
a gallon of A-l apple brandy and af
ter exhausting hi* acquaintances and
t«ing unable to find one that would
take a drink with him. left the town
in disgust. He said that where he had
found drunkards before he now found
A father has very adequately sum
med up the influence that the meetinr
has had upon the town in one sentence
"Williamston is now a rood place in
which to raise children "
Number of people have asked that
the meeting be continued for several
weeks yet. but plans have been made
to dose the meeting here Sunday
night and prepare to begin a revival
in Plymouth. It is understood that
the structure here win be removed to
Plymouth next week and that serv
ices will begin in that town at 3 o'-
clock. Sunday afternoon October sth
We fed sure that we speak the
true sentiment of our town when we
say that we are deeply indebted to
the Leaman-Coston Evangelistic Par
ty for the wonderful work they have
rendeid us as a town.
Wednesday Night's Service
The Wadnesda) night's tabrrnade
service was wdl attended, not oal>
by local people but by those from
many miles away. A large delegation
came from Hamilton
The sermon subject was "Ishmnrl
and Isaac." taken from the fourth
chapter of (Talatians. This sermon
had been preached several weeks ago
at a morning service and it was re
peated by request
Abraham, who had the promise of
Cod that brought him the nations
should be blessed, began to doubt
God. He tor*ed to depend upon his
cwn knowledge of things and soon
was disbdieremg God.
Sarah, the good wife of Abraham,
never doubted God and she was wil
ling. in her desire to pi care God and
to hdp His paamiae to come tone, to
let Abraham bring a bond woman into
the home. To the bond woman and
Abraham a child, Ishamd. was born
&ad Gad withdrew his favors from
Abraham far thirteen yean and ua
tfl a child, Isaac, was bora la Sarah
aad fttoaham
Then the conflict began lutmuji the
wicked aw aad the Holy now. with
bhmad ever trying to Induce hio
father. Abraham to da the things of
the wudd. the smful things. Isaac on
the other hand, was always beseech
ing Father Abraham to walk in the
Straight aad Hants Way aad to obey
the voice of God.
that are w||i ilml to us by Irbmael
Among them were the dance, lienor,
bmlg*. poker, mt aatoing. ftnday
Ashing and bun .Ire Is of other*.
Ishmad could ne no harm m any
of these thto«b and could sue ua gm*
m praym an rices or aay other serv-
Ism to praiae of God. Isaac took ex
actly the ipfiiilF liiapilal
la riming. Mr. Laaama stated that
- >
if you had these two different natures
in your nuke up that you could know
that >ou were saved. He stoteu that
you were saved onlv when little Isaac
came into your heart. That it beboores
all who are not saved to let little Isaac
come into your soul.
Thoor Who Can tie Saved and
Those Who Cannot Be Saved"
Mr. Leaman defined rery clearly ii.
his last crecing's sermon tho.-e who
could be .arcd and tnose who could
t-ot be -aved. according to iJI the me
sage: that he has brought to the peo
ple of this before.
First, he said, those who >k» not
full) and complete!) accept Christ £•
their Sarior. hare no hope of being
-aved wher. the tune of judgment
comes That is the one and only one
thine that is required to be saved and
that is : uflicient to take care of any
situation. When Gml says. Remember
and our book of rnemor) is op»>iM#i and
we see all the sim we have com
mitted. we will winder how we can
he sared. but Jesus shed His blood
for the- remiv/xn of sine .«d there is
plenty of th. N«l to Wot out and
change the so>= that are written dowi.
against u» Hut it is up to men to
accept the Blood that was shed for
them and if they reject it. there is
M> other way by which the) may. ex
fed re-iempUots.
There are tho e who put off accept
n»j teh offer of God. expecting to do
so sow time ami put it off until it
is too late. Sometimes death come
and fakes Umu away and they refuse
to It-ten until the time come
when they nee«( Jesus, they hare
crossed the .lead tine and can't he sav
Then there are the sdf-righteou.-.
who fed that the> have a much bet
ter chance to eater the Kingdom of
(jul than *ons? weak Christians that
they can always Slsd if they look long
• iMMtgh. Those»who enumerate their
own -I&-. an-i those of the weak Chris
lians and they come out with an al
nw-.t dean record while the others
hare innumerable sins, so the self
righteous compare the Helves to th -m
and think that they are all right be
cau-e they are not so low as some
rSorrh members. But the Bible says
that thr harlot will enter the King
■ici «f Hewen before the sdf
irghteous Phart-ee*. and this passage
«.f cnpCure. in itsdf. ,-hould he
enough to convince those who fed
that 'heir morals ere enough to «v
them that they are mistaken an- 1
they should be dependent on Christ as I
their Savior.
Bat the sinners, whether they were
church member* or not. were not
spared. The Evangdist said that the
saved will not willfully -in ami he
mentioned many things that Chris
tians will not do. At *ome unguarded
the) ma» sin but if Christ I
has entered into their lives, He is
stronger than anything else and H*
wdl conquer the devil or any thing
that may make one sin. But there
are forms of pleasur? that are sinful
t»-at when people contsantly indulge
in them, they are willfuil) sinning.
ai>i have not been saved. He said, as
I»r. Hall said, "when one accepted
Christ, they can do the things they
want to do, and are free."
Friday Morning's Sermoa
Mr. Leaman preached on the -hod
tut most beautiful sentence in the
Bible this morning. "God Is I^ove'
The Eriagelirt staled that that sen
tence was the greatest ever written.
I greater thin that of any poet. AH 'he
way through he died examples
pi 01 in>. thr sentence. "God pardons
>, oar sins" Gad. though he laves as
11 punishes us far our sins as the
i f parent mould punish the child when it
' had wronged"; He gave his only
were a few of the proofs
.'given by Mr. Iranian in proving
rI , The snaiia. this morning was said
! to he by lime to be the most beautiful
| preached by the Evangelist aa far.
.1 « »
'! Mr-**■ H. Leggett wDil
r t regret to lean that he suffered a se
vere stroke of paralysis Wednesday
r and is m a very critical oanditinn It
I urfl be nuimhrrol thnt Mrs. Leggette
- jhna been am invalid every since. They
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, PYiday. September 26. 1924.
Wanted, by those who hare been at
tending the Men's Prayer Meetings
at the tabernacle every evening at
seven o'clock, two- hundred present ■
this rr^ning.
These prayer services- of the men I
which were begun -hortlv after tH?
t-xangeltstic meeting started. have
done more than an) thing else to make
•he meeting a *urtT—
They have been eo--«ucU«i by Mr.
Coston. vho>e personality is an in
spiration to those srith whom he
comes in contact ami these meeting
hare been of vmurful power. espec
u.ll) in then fork with the \oung
men ami r hc bo%> of thr- community.
So. men attend the serrice tonight.
Those rtvo hire already been going
to them wdl he looking for \ou to
Rocky Mount Fair
Begins Next Week
The Kork) Mount Fair will begin
■•eat Tuesday last through Satnr
uay night. The official- of the fail
arc counting on having five days of
the biggest, best and larg»--t f-ir in
the hUtory of the fair assorietioa.
The) will hare Victor's famous
hard uf twenty piece-. »ith four in
-trumental -010 i-t- arid one lady ro
calt-t Walter Siantor.'s fanwit
' Koo-ter Act"". S«g Franz troop of
Trick and otpoh Cydist."" Mar and
Manu- 'tor aerobe Ls" and Koehuck"-
famous trainol hor>e. which is adver
Use*l a- a North Carolina e>iurate-l
hor-e and happe=t> to be a Martin
count) horse, are ronte of th- fea
There will be a fifteen hundred dol
lar firework- program which mil ex
ceed anything they hare )et evhrbit
e«l at any fair before
Th- 7.-*lman and P4le bows will
he on the niidwa). These -tiow- will
h- «,n the msiwa) of the Horv4e fair
l one of the best shorn - on the fair
circuits this )ea»r
There wdl be |j«* pur>e- paxt
for hors- raring and count) race.-.
This is the fir t fair in l--a-*em
Carolina arvi it u-uall) attract- large
• row.l- from all thiough this -xt.on
State Fair Itoosters
Visit .Martin County
The State Fair booster part , nhich
indmles Mr*. Edith Vandrrbdt. presi
•lent of the fair and man) oiler N
C. notables, visged Martir. county at
tnly one place. Parade, when it was
'.uf on it* bo mter campaign to -prrad
State fair wdcome. on Wedne-da).
At omc place-. Mr- Yanderkdt
male speeches ami at other places
• member- of the p«r*y -poke
Mr. K L Uyftdii msie a short
-peech mhen the part) -toppM at
Parmele. Mr. I a.fidd is a member of I
l-inr'.- Bu-me-- College faruß)
I had three grade- of 'ofca/T".
«rww i by a tenant wie wantei *"
sdt mi the auctiu r this w»i.
-- I ter he did The -Ul a- 1 I
'J> p ur-t- at 9wf .it-: 1% pnmois
n* i r i-2 cesgs ar I 4-' puir/l- .•
i VI n nts per puv '. "I u total re
lc; > s teuig a check 'or HUT.
Tie tenant was -• rius
thr sale so he tar>M the tags ar. i
tv.k the tobacco off t* ksr aad j
ried t to the co sp a - dws« am'
the foltowmg advance - aa#.
90 pounds at It cent.-; iS'pMir-i
--at 12 cents ami to paa—ls at 7 cent*.
It brourht a dear check for 133 74
and I ran get for ban toda) an ad
•i'tional loan of SICJT7 bringing the
total up to taull with another pay
ment to be toade in thr next few
months. 1
(Sigmedi M. A. LEGGETT.
Goldsboro. X C. Sept. 2*. —Whil-
repairing a watch Tuesday morning.
R A. Wat?*, a local jeweler, foand a
live boll mwil hidden away in the
works, and he aaw has the weevd on
exhibition to a buttle at his place of
hnimrn on Job* ihta. The watch
bd»ug*d to a farmer who ted asked
Mr. Watt* to ■ ramiai the marks and
Mr. W. T. Ward of Rocky Mownt
ia spendtog several days m the city.
I •• 5
U:M A. M. —Sdbiect: ~lhe
CaR la Calvary."
1 P. M.—SaVrt: "What Uol j
Voa Da »«h W"
7:45 P. M.—.Subject: "The Men j
| at the Gale."
f •
The third season of cwperative
marketing for V.rgima ar>i North
I'i.rolira bright tobacco farmers ailli
te in full swine on Wcdne-tlav Oct
ober 1. when thirty more warehcu-e
--«*f *be Tobacco oovns t'ooperativ-
A- -relation will open ia Virrrna ami
Wiiltn North Carolina.
Memt» -rs of the in th -
cl.l belt are wai.:rg earrrfy for Jlie
.n rival of tae rr>le cards at their
aarehooses on the openire >i n TV.>e
shew the Eastern iarolina ar>i South
luwlna co «p thi»t thsir or ear jr..
tron is paying the t.irt* cw-h a-l
vance- in its histor> thi- -ea-« n
Tlk a—ocatk[. ha- Iw -r. .ddrce>l
t-r turn away hur.tre.r- ~f ;«hucro
firmer- who were t&> la".- in -eekmc
admission for their pre-e-ral crop.l
>inw th- dir«Ct»r- ruksi lh_.t iw IX!4
t.daacco would be MKpted from rtew
memhtrs who after the open
ing !ate-s_
Man) contract- t-> .ieliver the crop
of 1925 ami 19# have n»w reachsil
a-rociation headmt rt-r=- from finr
er> who were to— Sate to'-ign up ileir
present crop after tre cooperative
floors open*.i
Thr tobacco far "ft - of th- Easterir
znii Southern be!: are finding th.i
*hc trcreased ca.-f a*lvance- ami ti»r
privilege of ever> mrmk r tn obtan.
an immealiate loa . of th
amount of his ca-h advancv- on every
toad L- greatly to' their .
Mrne) was efrtol an
•; rdv-iiai miwngiir b> a farmer out
Site of th- as-acnlMk. bn meek for
he p. iv ilejrr- of marketing his pre-en'
-r.-p through the a-sonatio« hut the
l;r-c\or.i ami rdßciils of th. associa
tion oontiirue to ngaHy enforve iheir
ru'ing that m> more chntrasrt# for de
Irrery of the pre -eat crop will be ac
cepted after the openmr .lay
Membership h»»k- for tie l»!l de
Irrery easot. wdl doe at all Okl
ltdt warehou -*s of the imwu" ion i«
October 1.
rhe - u r-n is now pc.) .re out
millions of iotlar% to its number- u>
irrijas belt- lju-t week it bl- Ii
. (si.fpsi to V ircnua ami Western Caro
lina co op*, on their l>st «ea-o»'. de
liveries-; thi- seek it ir to
the member- in Eastern Carolina on
•he crop ami arcordmg to the
latest armour .cement the dark (ire«l
• - hacco growers of V irginia within
tne a-sociate.r, wdl divide approti
m. tel\ or thirty per cent
nf tlr> raliH of their last season's de
liveoe- . m t later than Nov mher IS
These pa> meats wiD hrrr.r the cash
receipts of every urmter in lie as
'■riatK.n t*> tfiree-fonrihs or nw.r* of
'he hank«r.'-* alurtme. on his tost
drfrverie» of trbirrii to the I
ci operative Uxors.—S li. Fr*t>sdL
The Jew.-* holada). the Rroch a
-hona, or the New Year will come
| thi- tear on Monday September 2tth
U there i- ro -yeagogwe n Will ran.
-ton, some of the Jewish peopli wdl
■n out of town to attend the rdigiou--
rnrs- that are hebi on that day
Me--r.v Frank aad Irvwg Margoli*
■ ill leave Sunday for GoJdsboro and
wdl rot return natfl Monday night
The stores of Marfdu Brother* and
Brook* aad W. R. Orleans nil he
dosed More tar in ibierrance of the
Mis. Ml- n e Orleans of New York
wdl arrive Sunday to spend the holi
day with her per-wts. Mr. and Mrs.
Nathan Orleans- Sha will remam in
the city for ahaat a week.
Wdmurgt- IM. Sept. 24.—Al
'hongh tCrials of the couapay de
- dined to coaftrm ar dewy the report
it was learned hue an reliable aa
t thrrity this aftoraaan that a private
. rar is being baft at thr Pnlknia car
, -hops fur President Coobdgv's coming
f western trip.
i The car. ft as and. wfl he n i||i '
I with ampliitra aad radio appuiln
Gid's Hat. Owner may have sauar
t by pnymg far thaa ad. Hn. Temple j
L Taylor. R. 2 CSty. Tt1.,1 in
Full Two Weeks Session •
Held; Minor Cases i
Disposed Of
Toe . ; uj*rn»r xmiti ha« iv..; in -e> J
, »iea all of tM> U-i »uk' but ;
there- have Kc. only Csvil
lhi> *~k 'hf;. * erv ».4i} of i
i lonjc>tan-tinie utuir ai» i f S U«-
impurianrr. Tare* bki -ail • m*re
!r«j an«i in romt if them tr* pr >
l-r" \ mtai'.W wi> iml «orth half tk
of the >ui:>.
S !Bf »f »*rr >im«l Uu. ti*
partie- mirhi ftr.t i u «nri. a« v ir,
the nrt:'. urt.: r;vl 1 r.-m a n->in .«f!
(He ir- u> «**»■" the p.» pris> >^li'fcu.i
IVsitr tfw- iSt acre !rw»i l>> J
jury, there aer.- a fca ■>'• a i|*~'
t |T the il>Kkrt boof t&r • ti>- r-!
a - r«- •i«-a>l »r Is* r nlf»i*r H»l f»r
fo'tfn iHfir .'iffffif x» .
11 t!.e or.-• i f the lirar.u of •'f
ir'»xti«n of the Takm» Givs t " j
A-x riaimi' awia»: T W ill", -i. .
tb«- -iKiil wtlm'l ifw fa- c*» !inB"l
14■ } r f.rut! hnriiif.
(V the civil': of \ turns
ty iVr-' arc mwy
t.' rietit miarh it i
a tml )>it> 'tial tho-e m-rj-r ci
lak' up mw+ of th.* t mf
if Ik court llwrc arr n|t*r«
w.~»tinr i>f mufK nitre intp-ltjnr*
MeeJins: of the lAM-al
Tobacco Hoard Tmde
TV W til lam-ton T»lan-> l!>ui 1 of
Tr»le nwrtirn: lhi »«-*k of
licrr- aihl » aifc»irr --mmitlrr-~ for
Ihr ly.'l tnkx(» -*a~- n »rK i.«t»»i
Other of im|»>rtai«r *.i- at
l». TV iiffw!- for lK» \«-ai
W T. H J
Taylor. Vk» I'lr-.K-nt. V». I». tt»ll : .
Swrrtan a»l
Sale* Committer, k B. Craufani.
0 || llea.l an>t B A. TMMbI. jr
ArfiitralMi « II T War
rem. B. C. Holm-. W V . '
■ Slaton arvi J W llirM
Kxfmtiir i Vmmillf H I- Mwlar.
Hubert Warren an>l V. I_ I;*'
Fisheries l*rod>K-t Co.
Placed in Hands
Of Receivers
minrton ami N»» \»-rk
«r rarest in the manufacturer of fer
tuizer- «a- |xi' ir> IV kai»i- «f re
ce-iver- oti li-l lartlai Ji»!r» '.jm
of S« l>rt, aiai r I' Al«»i of
WOminrtnfi brmr nal' receiver-
Mar > MJ rtin oxui! ja"«.|4«- hatel
- |«k m li t- ar-l a ill |rfA
ire a |uit of U,» vjlik of ttar.i I
• t«k. a- the lulmlilit- 'A V com
(an) are in of fl ar*l
mone> I- b«t available to lV«
« Uiratmii--
Kaln Km; I'areat >h—M "Wfir
1. -eiul a duU to -choul that
1- ■»! well until jour -»*-ct"-r la
an eumiiatwi) ani n»«» rcil >«m
free frrm tMilarwe. ar-d aeil
J. I lout vnrf a child a lift a c*l>l
1 r courft to -choral, but k* |> kw at
1 I ion t n>l a rniri I" -c«oml "VI
ha> a .ore tftrui! or ur.tal
a ptiiMian V- >!i»l IM it i- *i*
for him In mrr-ifV aith otVf chill*'
4. Ilor/t Lik> a cKjice ciU cw
tafM'ii- dtvae . tS-ey kill chiMicn
Keep tV ailii-r chul-S at hi«e A fea
ia) > our of -chool *e> m i-arm atari
ii>«t not kill.
If |rir«i' a ill IV-» H(-l
(rttiwu. tVT will V fiimt the |uar
rrttine -Art-r the k»l of n»|ria'M>
that count- an»l uhkh aeao- math in
|»i>tilih( !»••• !♦»--. uku ami'
Vtanuiliae t lfirer
i m»:rp%ss at end nf
ae-t cm! *f
Main Owet k r«« bnr.K *■*•-
attrd ami b> cuaflftiML Thi
a.H Hme the tnHiac |«Uir a«
well as the State Hirhway fimai ijm
Tie cvt of dH -uniif ka be-a a
rreat ileal but the i«Min*ien(iP ba«
been rreater. caw4r the yblir ta
travel L u 11 i i of th««ja»a-. of mif
» in lrt*an The mleryau v 9 cer
tainly be reUjr far the i|miMg of
• the fair hot R it pnl.ifclt that it may
k beofewdbefoK.
The aid rami fram Aakntu'i farm
ijte Ererett ail haw la be m! mi
tithe faar -in k kani «rfamd a. tW
X " 'Z
Field Day Exercises Are
To Be Held At The
Fair Grounds
I •> '
!J r»e wrvHi- of tbe count} 1 '
( irill irrrt he-re at I* Ktom-kr Kur
j| rr-un-i (Vif-wt 21 ■ hrn- tbey trill
j Ukr )uil ir. an ill lrtic prvmm
! !"rrfautMi> for Is* inrrt are uim
jnt ir. HUE) of the aixi al (
'ltaygh the t:tne i« limiieid. a mr» I of ! ;
Inißfh merit 1- rip«V; The program ;
(- kr.owrs a> the ft. 1-" «iaj nrmr
aM should I* nra-r by all the u-af v . j .
'fr- ar«i rhiklirn of th- court* '
! tVn-ir' 2! A l> li* si>i 4: yof th-- j j
IKtunvkc Fair arai *dj Lr a boiaiav I a
for all fhrf-inr and tw to thi- j,
n er> scf.i«l n tbr cocru -houi.i h. | i
i rrj**-#n(«M i>> £> ma:.* a
The p»"v-»jrr as»» r~>- follow:
**ofifinf»i to f«iol K: > a?!*!
rjrl- from l(i» of 1.1 l» J»» \
Arrre»iite.i i .r-up 1
\* r. vh.Akl —t.r.-u|. -
t.raap I
Kotwr fXitillr. Jana-viiie. ILk fit*.'
. i
rr»t!- a(»l V\ ille. m-t-»r
liraay !
I l'jrm»{>- 1 llamiltor.  .ol.i Point. •
J arm I ife li>l l>-ii Grass
I Irtinlilw i mnrr- plu
—A t»j.t*r» minu I,
I \ K--L-* ,'J I tini-
T ~ i
IL Tlni I®" 7 !*l«m
•' K"Ui»i ■ «i# i; iwV
* Ku rtlif br*u ■ ;ump
I! Tin* tiol- . I
• ' One rr.tivil j >
I.V !•» )i.»i .1.1 {.
I: 'hK tfitrar.l
A Kb oant ki;ti twerp L
15 Tl.rr* trial- (
* fW ntlran! ,
J* lU-r'ull I i t
K Mil- be t»m»n viDuii a width ,
of "50 f»»t j
C Ihree tru *
I" « -r ..—Jaj.i Peach ball
K. ilr* 'r._ "»t
t.irl- -
1 Krii> Ti arJ»
I: I'.-ui to team
C 'Kouad wjtli 12 unci*--
2 lhikrtktll Itrui (
I: T*u tr^tl
• 1 »w entrant I
3. SO yard «laf
II One entrant
* >ark law. i'i yard-
Is One entrant
' '»e -ta»>iar-i .«rk I
Potato rare*
It •)» entrant
 Kite p4a!»e t.. f«-» ,
l» • nifuna H>t"
A •«»*•( "wtin, of tie « ••'■iinittee i
aharfe ita-l na September ?«»,. ,»_-H
I * «JII> %m. «V*ober I. \*Z4 ot ,
'** "* A V in the .1 awditoriun
11 the » tlliam-tnn llirk School
. M F. Kl ( k>. t haarmac * f
r t-
I TV Kuretl. H*»i Srb«J
I Mtifay, -
arbOnr*! of IK.- n . the bir f
I ei.r«#llm» i.t Ike Kierett- -chordj
I ha.- ever fad at tbe ke? of a |
, ""-"J term and at tha.- time tie pro
l*r s f"' a uK v ■
*er* evkleat
TV» town of KimtL- ha.- j
r a | AJ4>> -ctjool buklnx ard it J
I r JI wnipK-l !KI- year V- iti. a-'.lr-t
eacveaieaires ant e>juipc»t nt ami »
I rjfer ? umber of tearbrrs. the
'o he a irresiter «nrw to tbe
( T>* l.ier»|- L urxb-r tht
j-Ue leartervbip of l*rofev or I; A
lt>illip- aa A. It rra*iuate Hr i> le
■* ai--t»toJ ib lb -
Har*b S«u«« of UntM. \ C. wh.
•» » rra.»«ate of ftoUfA Mvuf>
W'MKUks Caller* of l.rnrbbarr Mk-
IVar Wirnti of Vk«~a*ell .»t Mr,.
. Fifia Tii: «Mk in the
fTsamr tiiV- Mi I
of William ton and Mi-- Mar
f tha BaUnr of A)4ra viE tearb ta
" be primary bptrtarat.
» Mr. Oicar ljrarb. terntan of tbe
1 I*ll da»> of tbe I'anerxty of \ortb
1 Carolna wa> a visitor in tbe city y**
• Ifrtbj- Mr. Irart baa attorney for
* tfce C. Cpu and _wa berr attendir>ar
► Ike Saperaor »«t
Mr* Howard Gaaa. Mrs. Can ami
f Mr* Lara* af riiilrd
r Mr. and Mn MH G I rawm at tbe
Britt Hotel
■ ■ ■ . I - _'
I near nal Tbis jifl nfrin wmrf
Xorti. Cart-iira a* I*CT»(ETUWI as
I to m oUwr ir. tbe I r. !»a
tn «j»tr ,tate is at
the top »{ u>* fc»ser it ertn rr.-pec
nwft «» fa.r Uii eajujlauk- fr??*ht
rate». The are a-»t lo be
Wiiw f®r faiiar*- u *ive rvj»ef. The "
caie t'e t~~ -jn r«me»jy in
i'«*ir .>«n tsar>i» a majority vole
J«'f i'rt Tnai il-'taj Wiifr Trans
i**rTatio« \«(t*iirr t !f c~
if"-e p.>ri lerwira"- An nil authorize
ati».n iri" N.»r*.r t.'ar«. xa. arvl the ir.-
tallatii.m of proper laadsal facilitk-ji
'j f-.r* far thrf- * i-" *we-.T>r?— ih? state
■. «r
*'* • - pi-». J'tnsj'ti jort. of
• :*er -tat*-. *o ffieir material a.l
--• .-ir.eefnef-t ar.r ;«• % .»*•- CarolinaV
• 'rlirrj'rt. .
I lyoam.trd
Oar -tat- -.a- 4». tliu> far.
*•« t tkraatk attt In
,*hle frrt;V rate-. ir -pit*, of
"i>* -T'oi a crra" husHtat**" to a
r «re r; pi-t a*"«ar«»■«>• -n" l«t t.c.^tmert
• * ".iter fras. |»--rtati'«t ar«i p»«r? U.rm
iral- by the v»-cer ar: \.\mi*-r will
m»_r. that tr.e- rr-au-s rarsiirafi im
trri'aab zr— year* »>.as been re
n«>ve»f a:.* Thar 5H* tile in the fu
ture »tIE S. c » a?.. • i !,• evjuuj.j in
3 (Turner trc.! » il »rfia-- the e\|>ec
*at wee of ti- Boo»-f i ..mis; »•
I aet« *f InnrJ
\ ret»,rt i-r«enll» a«.,u-l the
• -"i-u- Buna seJask'-- liut tl>e t. tal
,as»?tii "f V>.rt". • arKhrtn iiKtra-fl
».i fl.y|T.T>l.)o»»» ms t»> M.-
I !«».>**• lt T» tin'- i north
|.» f.wtifL:!".- c- .«..»- t._A t*>e -tate
tr#nl tSat aatbnrorsi ia|*it:.l for
X-rth '"aroitea r-. i--i;eH! in
t l'*2i a:n..i.-o Sli-'. ««•(» »* l; in
1 1TS' to #S >: ►«•«. ai»i in . 1923
t - s_'! '» »»> Vorjfc « .-n-litia taiik
*»: lift aw« ' «I« tr>e statr - of
tfc*- I r.aea m
*■' pr«»ftort «a I5»!3". asna m the .Sou"
*a- **••».« ««l. •» T-\a• Nortf  ir"
l.ia "t> ! .ta-
IR L*?'. T« . ;B> 4 »f th*- I-R.-FlTY
(mr«tpul r» ff i»; the
.'f aR ifr»v ' » fir-* th»
• .'«»■ ff tob«a«" a«tel it., eot
t-*r r".p *>f t Ualo v . ■eon.l
•• to tbat 7  va-_ itK- . aliae of
rr..»»- iKfranol f*>a«r fi;iit" v««l in
!*.«» to, il»'l jai**» m ir S'orth
F&TOLINA KA- tie SSRR --4 V.I«ACR« in
. Ke L rr» t {>ul|> mitt. the
L.rr»- t .V-pm m.ll-. tfce Irrjnrrt hos
ier* milf-. aa»t jb- larre>l . 'un.inum
t tn th»-
\ ('—.l I* K. '.arie led
\ fad «. i ,-iv. nto
the puhtic b& tae -".al»m»-. ; . f a N't w
■ -rk ,tati.-tiK-jB lama, runnrly, t hat
• .rjriftta fesa» moriaßaiH) & ■ per
rent m>re afe«4e-saie a: -! jobbing
k.o»-e- than «
I'anina * €0 f*r cent
im>r* retail e--taM\ *-i nt- ' tiari Vir
rau Th«. -fifcjrt» war.- tt>at the
fii.-rili- fii»nr!Hi r-te-- raj»v t | by Vir
riria. kn-of ■« "W Knr o-*si (* .iter
wa> 'raa.-f**rt.vr Vi t*t> *■y •. et:-
»Ue- that '-tate i«. m-m- rich a' the
exper -e of
»h.. -ell s» ««r mii tiuJ ■ ri.-umer>.
T>« latter ~p«aj ti«r fififtt". tn.ikinft
k irrma rars.-r afwd tt
; |-a ret
Xale Pra4e
)■ l-»er> No«ta, * e promi of
_li -tate lie '.twill CM.- iter it a
1 priv ilejpe w br to lake part
I>r a »iU relieve his
latate ar.i iLiani-elf Mf putt iur farther
trifau'e jo Vinrnuu A favoi. Me vote
|it N .oatof for lae -tat. .iev elop
' lIJ n! pr. f. a: - Mali break *IT rhwMtlt
Joi « rfmfa* to a; other
Vbe Ifiaili *
i>u..e»ii a •*«-« n .pr- i water
tiar.*p«u(Aa, ai toad for Virrinia.
wall b better f~t  aitjina,
-«* a* kuirrly that -tit\
Hate b.!i ■.• it pojm- m r%4wth Carolina
»t*i »eB f->ttea -.tate-s.*Tisd term
v al- an tt a ate? Ta upor
tatw-e »ill b •( jv-3aef. This ran b?
.uuafk-aei. ar#k a for Cae IV
f' iff.-hm «• \*r«akr A
Mrs. 7_ IL Ba>. hcali«t of ths ,
PT.latUa I aaaa af North Carolina
left tba» aaanuag far G fWfia
where -be wfli attend the N. tiaeal
Bararra Pklallhi nafemrr next
Mr* Bwe wll gm kn th- way af
TVaatt i ■>. X. C. afctw tSf bs
in"* at s aa Hint af the Ijrathe
Camri af the »—n — TTnlilhw
Vaiae which wfl he kril kj its MB
i-fay *** ** *" m
lb*. Kane m my ppiwfcn 1 fa A*
- the fMcnw rf «hc

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