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Poßtts of 1923 WiO Be
Again Used For
1924 Season
the Peanat Graven fl ruriaiian has
Board of Directors hJd^Xorfoik.
Tha aaaaciatiuu only ailed for
voluntary Mm» in IMS. bat had
better Men* than for aay p—H—
1* Brat adrancr equalled tkit*.
fearth* of tkt opm market and an
dauktodly established a higher and
•ton«er "aifcrt to the outside *row
«r than if there had been no amcii
It leaked as if the year's business
*» d *• completed by October 15th.
aut teal settlement for the I*o nop
"«•**- but the Board of Director*
fmmm * * wrid not be possible to
a ake final settlement before a boat the
'•* * f November, ordered a second ad
**■«* uMaediatoly and if all indica
tions materialize, final paylnent will
"Bade about the first of November
Association expects to follow
the same policy for the 1924 crop as
■t did ia IKS
It has auccradcd in getting a more
favorable contract than it had in
•W or a 19tt for storing and clean
»« the crop.
The first ndeaace will be as large
Proportion to the open market
Mfaa as last year
The plan followed last year, to al
low each member to sell half on the
o*sade and deliver half to his as
rakad the price of peanats
«• the entire belt, makiar both clean
er and speculator ball the market for
ai they were worth
The Association is expecting macb
larger deliveries than it received las'
year, and if member* can get a little
their neighbors. they will
** t* establish a high and Utoady
market for every body.
Tbe waters of the Roanoke are now
rapidly The Ronake freshet
lacked about 18 inches of reaching the
mark it made in 19». yet it did
considerable 'fama ■" to low ground
crops, coverimr about half of all tbe
"Island" farms, some crops which |
were covere-l will be a total loss
while other*, will only Miffer partial (
The crest of a river floo-i (
always reaches William-ton jus* (
eight days after the rainfall, which (
was this Way this time, reach me it>
highest point Toes-lay
The present water h*« driven many I
deer and rabitts to the hills which '
have been slaughtered in Urge nam
The OinaUaa Federations of this
cHy held a inevine in the Baptist
church ia Jan* -ville last evening with
Mr. B. I Hike Oitchrr serving as lead- ■
er There were a goodly crowd from ■
* ißiawtf i. who drove lown there
for the aaeetinr.
The Jaaof ville people rave them a
M«d attendance and the meeting wa»
inspiring to all present. I
Praonptly at nine o'clock today*
the Lender store began the largest
«ale they hare pat on jimte their earn I
i ir to WHiarr.-tor.
Ia their pst aJ-ertisement you
•S aee that they ;r* making bar
rains in all kinds of wearing apparel
for an, women and childrer They
h ve ai extra sale force and rervice
awaits you, c embin ■ I with srunderfaJ
The hnibling has been remodeled and
refurnished and handiome new win
*••» have been bnflt, giving a new
appearance to the store.
Han S J. Everett and Mr. Unas
here ndniy.
Mr. B. G. Moas ai the Moaa Plan
fee MO, Washington was here yester
Mias SaOie Adams of Foar Oak* wfll
arrive tan%ht to risk Miss Saßie
, Hairis far several days.
Mr. E B. Tawe of Vka was a
Conference wUdi was kdi at
Si. Ma's Epiirnpal charch ia Wash
i . -too oa Wednesday Mrs. Statoa as
Mra Z. H. Rose Address
ed Covnention At
Mrs. Z. Hardy Rinse. president of
the Phßathea I'aiou of North Caro
lina. returned last -:g£t fiwi Ur? na
tional convert .ion which was bead at
Aognata. Georgia. She wa» one of
thirteen delegates from North Caro
lina to the imi nation and the only
me from Eastern Carnhaa. bat at an
execative meeting held at Reidavdlr
a short while ago. Mrs. Base |n naai i ii
Eastern Carolina wnld be th-re :r
"uAcient ?iaaahcr» so that 'le feel
ire that all Carol am is west of Bal
etgh won Id be lost forever.
The North Carolira delexa'ian vra
regarded at the Convention as betnr
the best organised and the most nsde'
organisation and all the states in the
L'rian were well represented It has
been an ontstaadmr fact for year*
that New York ha* been the lender
in the halls of the conventions has thr
tables were turned this year and a
So at hem state, oar «wn North Caro
lina. was acknowledged lender by the
' nd by tbe nrwipnprn of Aagnsta.
North Carol ma was the e:ily statr
'hat had more thaa one speaker oe.
the program. Mrs. Z. H Box of this
et>y allnml the raawentiou oa.
"Making tbe Pannes* Meeting Go."
The papers spoke highly of Mrs. Re-e
and her pictare appeare I in :Se San
day mat of the Aagnsta Cuni ier.
Mrt. N Barkner of Abbeville. whe
ts- secretary of the V C I'aions -pok
« "Everybody'* Lonesome" and th»
was conceded to be the best speech de
livered daring the entire sessioa«. not
escefting anybody's. Mr W F Penny
State president of the Baracvas. al»>
*** de aa address and presided at some
the tmifliiewes
Mrs Kose wa- honorol by beinr
piacetl on a OHnmrttee to ieride
» Set her tbe Sea*h vith>irav
from the Nort ai-t form a IHie di
vision or whether they thoali 4*ll re
main in the national organization
There was a delegate from each of th»
Southern staw and it wi drr»M n>»
pursue this coar>*. on acrounr of
■■me temporary circwaistance-- that
are now existing in the orrar.iutk>r
Nit it will probably be can*»! out at
tHe next national cor. vent lor
Mrs. Rone, when asked which tr
■ -minations prentarainated it tbe cor
tention. -aid tha* all the
tkms were represented bat that she
believed the Latherar> ard Pre>by
t- were nw» Largely repe»--»nt
K-rular meetinr Skewarkec La4r
A. F. A A M - Ta'*«*ay
October 14. Work ia tbe third degree
II moter acsrr,. e»«d .-'andsr.-
r>rittally invited.— C. D. Car>tarpfcen.
jr. secretary.
Sunday *chooL i»me-for".y-five-—J
II Pope. Sapt
At elevn A. M. tbe Me*ho>ii>t mem
bers of the Federation, both me? a» !
• omen, are a>knl io participate aie?
condact the entire aareting Mr. B. D.
t'ritcher will be in charee.
Special ma-ic by male
Y'oa are cordially invited
E D. DODD. Pa-tor .
Saaday School. »4& *
Morning Worship. UM
Evening Service. T:IL
Tbe Sunday Scbaal was abai r the
Ml mark again last Saaday. There
were five aihliliaßi at tbe mnraiar
hear and ane at tbe r naiag sei eke
Tbe hands of fcßawUnp was given
tbe new year's work were mafia. Tie
largest nambrr n the hirfery of the
cbtuch partook of the Lord"- Sapper
■lpim'T- 1 to attend the Raanabe As
ndij with tbe Baptist Cbarrti at
Tarbaro At aigbt another
service wfll he held at the cmrt—ion
Afi members are arged to be peasant
and a cardial invitation js^rxtended
■ ... ~
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday. October 10. 1924.
[ SESSION liifcS.;
. Docketof Small Conse
quence; Small Fines
f The Recorder » C ourt of lait wee-k j
. was of small eonseqneuce. There weie
. a few cases of tbe regalar oruer of j
[ things, that were taken ap and soaacl
r of them were tarned over to the I
. next term of the Snpenor Cwt ami
. others were con tinned or disposed of
, light fines. Judge Smith was on
, -h Bench and Solicitor Peel Was "oc
[ jab" again after a week's iliac**
, with the "fin."
Tbe first case was State against
* dlie Shewed, abandonment. Sherrat ■
plead guilty and jisigment vra- sws
, -rsled ipun pay ment of n»U.
State vs Robert Sallnar. was a
charge of abandonment SalKvan's
case wa» continue-! until tX-tobrr 21.
ander 'he -ame bono
Stale v» [Von John«w for failcre to
dip cattle hps beer * the calena.- r
for so long that it is alaaost out of
•-ate. Johnson has -pent she -ummer
•.own oa the liiifp twenty-six ~,car(
miles of low JW. hantirg about a
doaen cattle p5pT ha* mpiml omr
:ling more Milan pa*letice for him to
hunt them, for they are not only *«
wild that they are wor>* to catch
ban deer but they have been down
that neck of the w«d» so lone
hat 'bey are as ferocious a- buHalur
f" every time he sees a cow while on
fcis hunt, he kill- it ami brines it to
■wn where he sells er for anything
he can ret
In state vs l>-nm- for as
s-»uh with deadly the defer.-
«.ant plead guilty and the juduaaeiit
of the court wa» that he shoahl le
' nhnol to the county jail for ten
''its pay a fine of |2SI» and the
costs of action, indudinc his keen
while ia jail.
The ease of State against J S
Moore for 'ran-porting linpior war- aol
poiitil with leave
Tbe ■ext case was vs Wesley I
I'arber an.l Cowan f-i larceny ai
• •cercing. It appeare.l in the Court
that thi> ca-e «-h»uli have been re-
Surest to the Superior t'oart and it
was onlered that es>rh lefen>iant en
"ei into a hon-i in the sum of |£lij|W
foe hi- per.-onal appearanre at the
r*xt term of the Saperior Court of
Mxrtm county
State vs Frank  .rifftr, cv.mplete«l
tne >lork.t for the day. Onffn was
ctiargevl with a-sault * ith deadly wea
I'* hut when the evidence was hear-1
it was fouiel that hi.- c»-e laJ al
••ady beer: turne«i over to the Superaoi
* • urt of Martin county
Revival -erv ice- which have heer. it
progress at Ra>*lirk*- Grave Baptist
thureh will concliete Sunday after
The preachuiK ha> been -tone by
Rev. Shirley, uhw is the pa-lo ,
Splendid congregation- haie attend
•-I all the services- There haie brei
several addition.-. Tbe new* ronveru
wiU probably be baptised here at the
local church on Sunday night Tbe
exrk at this country church is pro
gressing very nicely.
Washington * ill entertain the
Presbyterian Synod next week ami
at this meeting will be bandied.- of
l*resbyterian preachers, laymen and
The Presbyterians u>u}ll. hobi the
synod in tbe central or maihtle westen.
part of the -tate where they have
many very strong rharrbes but this
year they have selected Washington.
They can depend upon W'ashing*on to
give them a hearty welcome and to
i« enttertain ia a royal maun
Mrs. Z. H. Rase tttanni last eve .
big from Aagusta. Se«rgia where
she attended a aatio..*] awetirg o*
the Phdathea Lnian.
Messrs. Elbert l>el a mi Bo*«it
Biggs spent yesterday in Jaaaesvill*
attending to ha»inr m.
Mr. Minoo Jackson of Jasse-vJIe
was a visitor here yesterday .
Mr. Marian GtMa of tbe Wlliam
dm Telephone Caaapany of Jame
viße was here an baaae» yesterday.
(Maber 1% l«K " JL
Charch school. »:« '
Maniag Playci and Sown 11 w
. ' . ' i itfHMfell
The citiaens of Nor n Carolina on
November 4 will have an o|>portuiuty
to help the dale go forward by vot
ing for state oom-; termmaL- asd
crater transportation facilities. FaJ
ure to do sn Will prevent tbe -"ate
. :iom securing the adilitional cmla>tnal
j expansion to Wlucii it r- toettuaately
titled. Freight rate tlbrnaußatw .
! ,J °V coaflMe a heavy burdert opus
tbe mdi( idaal ami upon commerce a.»l
indastn Belief.rar he oely
through tha fisvelopment of water
:ar.>portatiun' an t -tate-ouned term
:r»IS. Great valtr . of freight into
iod oMt of Worth Caalina no* pas
tr.roogh tbe parts of other state- be
I cause we lack s«rh pubi c port
Ities at home, if
Aa lnatance of ladiMiul Lao*
A few days at l ' a man intrn-V:
IB .-tate port terminal- aid uate:
tß.n>puruilian call.. on a
fiieis! in Wmsto' "A *eek
--go.** lie mfoimt- hL- vi-r»r. ~l *a-
to stato-os trnwra,.. hut
a thing has just occurred which nci
l«etely changes tne I jn> r ,,» .v
terminetl to do wver> thing
l*> carry 'he Port IM} w \ w> embe»
"While -tandir.l. in froct of
R»4»ert E Lee botei, 'Satd hf. I es»-
tc'-ad into conversation with a -trang
" Tbe dlscussh -aturally drif'ed
t" business and ia«lusTry. The .trane
*r said he was fironi 80-to«t and that
he had been sent South by his com
p&ny to find the best hwa m> for
five or six textile plants." He has!
oten through AWunu. lir»nru jtiml
St utk Carolina; be was thee on thr
last lap of a tour 'hrough North
C;.c!jia. He war enthu-ia-t«c wver
.he «gns of progre - in our date He
-Sated that North ~arolina tmpi».-ol
him as being the best state in tstue
outli; that our *c'i«>ois were better
and oar rami system -ec.n.i to
m America. 'But unfortunately'
*H the drai |pr.' *e rant heat any
iJi mills ia your state. Oui om
jn«V "port- all of its pendurt to
Soutl. America and European cuwn
ti*s. I fiud that North tarolma ha
lm adequate purt facilities Ttwrefore.
•I mill be iin|i>n»ibb for u- t» com
jo te mtb Eastern lexrde mill., as
J»l*r present condition.- we ooubl he
f-rced to haul our pro>iuct. by ran'
at present rates from thi- date to
the >ame ports we are no» using;.'
The n«os> impm»nr thing about
tl is incident i* the fact that it is
typical of many other such uuceaent
ol late. 1 hey are aol likely to dwp oc
(■rui( until the state >irvel«>p- il
cwn port-, pis'es its .>■ n termi:%al
ud eapande aaterway Irafc-prftalM
-■•r the benefit of imlustriat concern.-,
i -rmer. and busines.- men Ihe man
1,-»m l:s'xi dnl not knou he was a
n : -tonar) carrying m-tant convaction
lie ii.lelieet -of a North Carolinian
.-le ut to vote atrain.-t |s>l r •tneb|>
•ie«t_ The visitor simplv -tate-l the
facts. It was riot he —— but the
facts thai won the .lay for publir pert.
u this casual street meetinr Asd
it is the fact.- that uill win every
time, if only the citiaen- of Nortr
tarolina will lone to
think about them ami be (mini by
them for the good of our state.
Tbe Vater*s Palb to Duty
The foregoing is but one dlnriratm
of the marvelous variety |f rce- that
an at murk for the lrwm|> mt tKo
ieat date port «levelopanent pwian
Admittedly North Carolina b grossly
:-r mirtat ■ against in fre«M rates.
Public I'oit Facilitie> and Mater
Transportation are tbe only correc
tives. In vo ing favorablt NovemWr
4 the voter should rente miter Mat re
fiuced rail freight rates —the natural
. rxi immeitiate result »f waterway
« velopmen'—affect everything he
«*ts. wear-, or u-es 7he reductions
*•' such cost- mean personal sai lac -
'v the individual. They mean greater
•■I irortanity for industrial ilrvwlop
!»st in North I arolina along Ime
c! present denied our state ti ronri.
lack of terminals and use of water
ways. The evidence above staled
i»roves it-
Vote for State Terminal i aad Water
Transportation on Noveaaber A—Pan
Terminals ami Water Tram part! »lim
leaflet No II
Mr. B J. t'arlton, aa ifii i»l of tbe
Imperial Tobacco Cmnpaay. of Rich-;
wan) has been in the city that week
Li*tie Pres-ton Edward-, jton of Mr. |
:nd Mrs. F l>re Edwarb. who was i
' perated on for tonsils thr* naniaß
at bis home in tbe Tar Heel Apart
awnts. is getting , along nicely from,
tbe effects of the ipnaiiiaa
Mr. Wilmm Harmon DUniH and Bi
de grandson mt GriMas Township pnm
el through here yesterday en raade
hoane from Norfolk abut they hud
been to aee a specialist dbaat thr Ht
itle fellow's ap«L
~ -,- w
■ Nine Barrels and Hogs
head of (*rape and
Turned Oui
r Fancy drinkers, who prefer icr.t|* !u
' all* o'her hiaixt. were -truck a Wow
f I this iiwrnmc when l»eputy cdientl
" I'aal IVallanl aixl an assistant luir.ei
over nine barrel- ami ot«e hoc-"tea*»
I ' I
. * trrape alhi -uirar. in Topiar I'uir
ja: n was heme mixoi by IK«. Jor.r
|r« aisi Joe Sbile
i .be officers ha«i been «»r>iere»i to tfc"
where the mixmr was e»iPif on
]L/ a number •>( i».»rlie- who allev-'
» a tie while he wa- ilrmkbiK Some i
l |vple who have hear>i him ot- >v |
when he treate«i hi- wife
I rnelly. liave watched him an>i oh aut
«« iitformatHiu which H to trw
a .ch
TV ofhcei. weie in- •waitnt; iht
| at five thirtv «rer Joh-» n
, aiw a c«d*»r*-.i nun Sia.te a|H»-1 e«.
Jwrth a mule an-' cart aisl (■•ur hun
i .ivl «>' «uv..r ahich 'iw; un
ts adrui ai«i le.: XfTer a whib- thev
r .1
I !»t«n*>i a is! he;.jn i«ut"ini» the -u- ;
!«h the i.rape yui.-e. At Ihi- f
«fiKrr> one up :tn«' -riir.' i»« n ren
'-seal. Thev *oun>i out th-- irr^te
. 1 - •or ami brouirht in lie >u/jr
!H""y cou! i i»ot fiiid iSe -til! üburh
vas to le Use>l in manufacturing the
hut the |>lace was an .*' i - a. I
"' wbere a strtl hait been ru" f— xfcra-
I time, from all iihlk-ilim.'
.j It was only a few week- at>• that
r |ll»e same hor-head wa- at an
( jdl»r fdace "ii lie Johnson far *t. till
t 'i«( wrh meal ilnl .» : till-
JpiepaniMn ~:• .'eh-» •'s.
■ sve-se' wa- not knorke.' to p—»•» liu'
. "fter hi- tup. the irfticer -av iK: it
I aid » re- te •i.l ntrain
. I Van Jot," .f l! "S s-."' til » 111-
"Ifac'-aner of fancy Ixpwi-. .. .•
; jjly to tl.- fai ..; >1 i! "ri- ai
. S-.-w tiaah- -say • liat r~e ft* t. e
. i hatch of 10-ei - yaai rji. teli 1? hi th
Iwii f>ea- folk- ft*»t a '
li'al mil * j*w»y
fie .ji .r. jir> icb' . h Ii '•-t
J >'l*e at thejjif..i.kt - t'oui*
Tarain fourtW.ith »«i »ri k»>
H'lIN f itilTWtIN hll.l_^
I. \KI F tt II.Id \1
T "
Mr J i IL l >ltia!n hmorii' a
, laree «ill cat in o town Sal«i>a»
'.jibe ca wen I iil l> it ',ioiii> eirh'
' ;pK«u*eis .* h* I taeen catchlli - \fi I'ol
••lam'f c! kk«i- for -nme lime jirl
■j.-atur-la h .li„« *t -on Ire trad
•]*4 the thief 'i 1 track ■•I it f«r iraai
miles sWn at la • the cat ...
■ weary hat it Hinv-al a tree wbere t|»
1 iCVltrairi foutHi ami kille»t it.
. i
i The rat was a imvi-lt > to many |e
' |4e wl.-- hail never -e»-n. a h«»«w
Igrwwa wild cat t« Mr «'a>ltrain
hrouriit it to taawn ar»l irtaf Mr L»i
jvaf»t- to emlaalm it anal it t- »o
;»vhdattion at the
'!f F I- 1/ivinl- Company.
•i trmilN MK. WILL MEE AII.
', RESIIRTS 111 \li»k\-
TAte holl weevil, in a tit a»f 'le-per
ilMi. ha- left the barret, rutton 6e(*t
«f Mart ii. rounty arnl ha* rti h*»i to
the woods where l«e i- n«»w eatinr
MMiU' last week Mr. loui- M. Peel
'I in a lirs:. number of acaair.-
.jB pwrrfture>l by th* hull weevil
. Sure pi i-af aa- attar Iml t his -'ate
merit h\ acmn inWihic. a weevil
. had pu-haai its heal aa far that it,
; .-aJI anfii: and was hel-i fa -t ami in
ll'iymr to i'lea-e his ha-ak f«e hail pull
ied his heaai off ami left it m the arorn
~in tie acorns shown, the err- a.f the
' wee-vil were depo-ite.l in | the I
. i-ame maiiier a- thev are ir. tie cnr
. to. bdl
Me are toU hj cotton riper*- th»t
ijike weevil iloes not le»*her any plait
i  xcept the cotton plant, hut it 1- \r
error a» proven by Mr. Feel Man.
I , people examined the acorr.- ami the
! amevd ale! they all arreed that it
"jwa» th» -ame kimi of' srevil as is
Ijw ktaown a- tbe had! weevil
> What this will r lean to u- m 'he rom
ing Mason, re do not know hut wv
• bow that if Mr. Weevil will -tick to
.: aoc rus and leave cwt* on alone, it wdl
Jte be for our frtemts, the farmer
j Mr- LC. Bennett. Mr. J. M'
IMsMOUBg, Mr- Oscar A ruler-oe. Mr
Itilm S Peel m-.toreai to Tarboro
J Mr Harry Bigg» visited fricmU ia
. >a»huucto« tbi> week.
Mr. H. M. Poe aaade a baunt»
trip to Washington Wednesday.
Dr. aad Mrs. Jabn D. Bigr- ami
I Mr. and Mro. Asa T. Crawford and
Maao Frances Wiltam* wnU >pend to-
| o«ur«. a Ui tre • irin a
' iks 'mbi *hr tiuw federation- *»f
IM -ilaie>hc vi-itw ifce opening -erv
a* of thr IjMmari Costun Kvansrtbtif
I mcel:is* which hflw. m that cit*
' bt VV *(• last atv-u. ihrtr
1 or f«w «vk-
IW; stiv |wvtji|r mho hatt bw!
h ;jKi tfv «f the
•rasters of >hr (urt> ami il*) »tT ".
to >fc««r thnr appmuth't: for 'he
&M - ii. IJ-rir brtjlf
«■!!!* time of the fir-; -fnsc
•si- *akef. u;> atth te-t -moi-ia! - t
he mrt \ fn-m VV illiam-t-«n an«i
• mm&
N-mf «rf (»*.■♦ the n*t!
—» «•«•. Mr> g "A. Mj»iix>n Vlr?.
! •* l«i rjrtl. Mrs 100 (iursu u
• rai» Mr- Hucfc Hollnman. Mr ai • •
V,r- \\ 1' Jfrratii!. Ml a.'. Mi
Hrr,n lUm-4" Mr an.! Mr- Jjnir
»Uin-*>r., Mr. »ijt!, Mr- II K I'ope,
Mr- St" lia*. Mr arvi Mr- \ I
I! or» r. Mr ar«i Mr- Ii \ f"u!l!|»!-er
*!>-*■ Oli\« Murnlt. t Vmc IMI
V ' -Ice. I'rancr- t.urcami-. K-..i I"•-» I.
M-:sar llwn. Mary Hi - I
.if anr \WI%. I I* H*rt>>«*i ! >
iWL S:*«l HiHrll. I Hike t'ritcher. I
Swmmerim. I"a! I'-aki r. Jor
■in WiW. Jame- l>l«in llirrri- Irii
II niMW lamrrrtrr I'rrl. Krank far I
Kun*) Hiunnl. J l» V\ar>*
«■. lutiwoi Raher on.
' fcr. *itK IN-!.). k «*
Sikr.. Mattic lami RvyrrxHi, Mr-. J
V Mai m*. Mr- t t'ritcher. Mr- I
• .ewrre '.uirii-u-. Mr-. Theodore Rob
Mr- J O Manninc. Mr aiHf
Mr ji (*r Hratrr. ar») Mr-r>. t'ha
«u»S*rr. jr. VV llun- 11..»e|l W--!i-u.
*eian H u.r-ll
V »| VI >M %1.1. HE HO \ltOl T
U the a> rf jfr ol-rnrr, *r!
'tilhri -Umuf- cotton b\ oautt.p
-rj■» •( tkt l»«.|| ai»l dt-eoi •in.}- "I
ihl r*-«hmr in low fn-N- rr.*
to® Thi- L- trur but tlx- rwn! «
«r--l*> rainfall lia- also Cju-*>i a
'Unucr than this." -a>s l»r
|i V% irat»-r-. liar;: Itreedi'-e Virmn
»mt-t for thr State I *ollef?c Kl |«*-ri
mrM SUtMc rW(i ,
' I *jt talriar- - *-t ttw season aiei
:t urn! of Rk«ir> I- Ir-ultit-l. ifi 'he
|-»-k.!i ul j Ur(r amount of - ami*
N-mr «.f thi* I- brli.j; rw-beo
(6 the al>l "ne t> l> mtr -toii 'i
«rt Ihe »f'' «n. ,Bhat
2 »w mill I* Jcin cut «r produce a>n -
|V-I -an |4e t «ttun |ril.ii»l •lamp will
matted t«« U«e fin a«.- aie
ir me «ul «fIU OMr-lei. -«-r in ktw' > iti
• te*l of a flail) na» that for»B> a
rnimal lr> -ample This I- likel> tu
(•ulnr tte piotucer tei. to trnentt
t re- kjlar- |ei lair, a loss. of ten to
t*rrit« fine per rent on a Mi- Thi
*- a hi*h Mnt4.
"liar tURiUatM, of l'k- uf rot
tMi Ui «|«ii or crxkri boll- that
r rtr t l|» r'! to tie nun.-. indicate*
•be -aouirr l- -irrj« r than -lamp ai.-i
Itbl. I he -eH are ■ljlnairt-I
rundbatioi «f ""pen bolts in
he*.*- rat-ar lUkirl. ireiicate- :nat ten
to hfteel. |> > cent of tbe -a-e«l lit the
t» II- thai »|ries or •turii.»r the
iaih- are *ea*l Tfa- can le tested U>
t««r heM- bj cutliaf! open seeds oi
la U- that anr open luni.f the ram
-Ihe kernel- of tt«e iama«M seed an
yclluw»-* to >ello« 1-h brown in e..1.,i
I rtljer- -h«« a -Jirbl
The rruaer mho -a»e- -e*-l fr»m pirk
irf- ma-»e taiibr-liitrlt after the
la-n- ha_- air. a-f> -tarte«l i- U»*us|f mean- that he aill plant
-ee.l re-mt -print, that contain ten t.»
|aMt; IKe per cent lea>l -enl ar»i u
Bbtarf, larrer tinnier that are so
r eak they will ltr MMt after r-rmii.»
IKb. >oaße may -av. "11l have rn> -e»-i
;i mitaint an t plant more per acre
Thi- «- a ri»k> practice becau-e a
hi* portaoti of the -ee-i that termi
r _te m ill be wak
IMr br-t »a> mU of thi- ftltftcull>
t> t* -tirfaid !«d from all cotton tt.a
■ n tpf «■ racke-i >iur;ii|f tfie'r*-
»*tt run.- The lint will me tamp for
xirial 4a) > aiwi the" -e>l cart} a
uige amMUI of moLsture The mot.--
3tare ui she lint aihi -en! is »ufscieiit
So cau-e furtia-r 10-> ta storajfe if
the -ee>l cwtton packe.l away in
Ui«e l*t> wittwmt fr«*juent -»irru>|t.
%he ti-rare aaei -timntf will pivr -
b Iter -ample at the *w awl -ill p»>
mtM which open.- after the
rme» wrfl al-o contain ror.->ierab4e I
KM4are The examination of seed in
there ball- indicate* that they are
n—l. If tha* lot of seed cotton is
h|t e(arab from the damaged cot
taa the tame and trinklr of preparinr
. «tra ilwn «9 It «tll speat.
"If tkh ic wt pattiWe on yamr
farm it «■ pay yoa well to m the ,
f ■■■■» tiki I Sow that the Wis j.
AaLiSHED 189 V
( oin pout ion is Keen; No
"- Room For The
lit course all (rate- of ".atom
ir-.- not reaching tr-e |ir-i is
the) dni in IVIS bat tbe bej*
. ra>sc> are ir, mar;) ca.-o rtadtog al
nio.-t the «iollar nwrk on the Willicjj
- or. market
rarrcr a.T torn* here aeekiy.
■ :>o h_\v been t hi* —jrtK
tree H;t ii> ,h*j onm.w
-a:i-tie.i kiih the ait Hen ret.
VV;tn three »jre)t«-j -- ar.i .-u e\-
«»|-t!>-riail> c«t lift"".o«~
. ( T|> ti* ••• !- kern a t -ttT)
ItW i- jta-he.l t • rt- Ismit. >«"ecuLi
!»t- who j>" i' i>: 'hi- I. irk.H j
|«"-t\:ou- ifjr ;a\e the "-wasp
t :n»' t.» be -a. rrjr?-: the> *'o r.j*
n>e a. \ more.
If \.iu u il! iLt: t*ie ?«ivert>« > -
inei.t of Wa.t- i Mortor ->n lit
la-t (iatr »f ihi |«.pe . um »>'l .-*#
t>« tr r» iiiil- .:»>rtir- a. a,
! \«rnnie»ii -Ui .-t:c -.>| 't
v tl. t>e u,.ran ■ t- nt ar *
••i thi- Mti*: •' a! rai-e ;f e arr
it»f i f Snii'Ci- t•-.•• *r • • ac»i
io* it -"„rwi
\t atmiiwT p!. «e I- ;f '. pape-r m!l
!• four*! a-iv.T of the
l»:*ie VV arehoti-e a .-t there are e»**c
ii. i: -ome of the avrrare- that ate
i-'ine nab- v ,-ii» ;V-or-
I Tue-la> 1--UT. Kice ar.i
'? (five -line hjrure- that wdl -how
r-nclu--IYel) n.m tolaarco rfltm; ost
t' . I'Mtk ••
Vonr" Hanker
Kills A !>ee r
l'l>e very p»tmk' a-L-tant ci-rner.
o* the Kamwr- arn- Me rrrant* .lack.
>ll 1 l> i ar-tarphvs . jr. ta. recer. - .
,-t i|ri«-ln|ri »r»* • a v» r> S e 1 j»l
--r: i-1» Ml  at- - ■ |Ji.n hi- hwMil
(• ai :u*, .h;f .i£»*
real It .11 He u- "surd
i san next to trw l«e;.r aben lie i iti
. » bnui' ia- -h"t -ioon H- aa> al
va\ - been ai anient f«i kufter and
l.inr man oho -- ar.^wml
•en ,mr are uininK. ettfwrr
Itv -r iiu-itsma 1.. he l- always in
the lull Hi- m.-t -tirtlinr feat
I. wr-\ .-r -••«- tHille • rff fe-t T a»—tey
ii!.- rniii .- »i>iS l-uir .r; .ire- )u t i
rr t*-e ri*er in IVr*k- |l( *'ar-tar
!-• rlt »j|.
i >• - -» ln„wiwr
t -at ti»e «ieer rs u-t i . vrh near
t i- t':i|- \e» 4- i r "». *.|r t""ar
t>ri4»en ha«l ' -l-» »... '. ceeat
I' -'ti- r. ;» well ki-owei iw
Ie( ■ Sni »h*- 'rnk The trad ->f a
6 ie '•ii'-k The liurk »a- coftin* to
r.i Mr • ar-tarphen at a m.Se a
i" .nu'e i' |i h*-ir.e a yean? nas aho
"nla.s.- k" |.- I.i> head. -a» n a fa-k
* 'at the ii-er aa- ».>iii* t« r\ar. a'.a
' * 1-ariie.i Hat- He «ait»4 a
- :coi-i ami -uie ei .ut'f lk*- k g. rmek
da-h* I iiito "he ?• *r at a 'eo. «■;
T.» miles per hour arai »mi. fce re
l-« Ul-e>l t l» -..K tha! he vejt
l» iiriit thine for r*> hanuui tea/
•-•ul'" f.av.- kille-1 rhL- Jp*e.i-ter «hea
iHnnr his sie-t
• l». -aw ii at tr— 0.-er hj«i a., aami
-111 h n-elf b) the pr»lW f >«ii - if
li'm-l ilnac Ist- neek hg" « ihe teer
r:ich;i hljtl- -If -tarte.! atrAm
i. a) ff-m 'loe are! huh; aid,.-.,
■i "i.a -rif »h re tie fence this tie vatilleil this aret a-' he 4al
. « If plac»-.l five t>«ark -hoe in his
"ui while he wa- a", let-! Ui feet
in the air vaulting the tutkoi «.re
f nee-
Mr- 1_  HennetlL Ho. J. W.
Manninr Mr- Carrie Bmrr- Wdlam,
Mr an>i Mrs. 0.-car Amierioe. and
Mr Julius life! aituaihi the Waoftwl
K...r >i-.-teniay.
Me-.-rs l_ C. lienr-ett a>d L P.
' antrn-.'Um re* i-uriol th± o*_-«ars
in ni \\a hmrtoi. an.l Sen York.
Messrs J. I.
Kverett attrmM the hir -* w Pair
ie-11 r>ia»
Miss Kmnta t.riffin «s ti-:tni rela
tive- tiar r-»nri!te.
.1*  ai.tnif r.oramlily a 1!*, fe
tlrotifk the fiehls and park faugh
sMil cotton from receatly up'ant halls
t» supply >eed for next >ear. Y«t ei
not find more profitable hhar far
\i-urself or. npenrami haadt this
year. The cotton pawers who have
carried over aeed from hit year
should try by all t>i to hald them
Year aid .«ed ot goad oat die- tril
do better than seed and tkrn faTt
On aceoant ai the nWwi aeed
coantry gaod phntarjthl ■■ ke
. ;'A .. W illiß

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