North Carolina Newspapers

TW Democratic State ticket wa
tamni by the peatest majority in
)«n. This was probably due to Jw
WM's me and the Port Terminal
KB bringinf many to "Ju pj'U to
cast their rote either for rr a;: ain t
Col L M. Meekms. Republican
uixiidate for eovfmo' was the ;Jy
fapobliean candidate who did .S
caapufn work, the pent .»f iSe aar y
Ukjß* no active part in h?
saw in a few section* wner* tre »« »e
is more eevnly divide-! Ihan h L- in
the eastern part of the -tate.
Jamesville Defeats
Columbia Five
The Jamesville hijrh school boys de
feated the ("olumbta basket ball team
•art Friday afternoon to the tune of
I" to C. The Columbia boys were out
for Mood and played a strong an-1
vigorous mine but the JamesTille
bcym were too moch fur tf.em.
So far. Jamcntlle has snowed un
•tor all her opponents anl it is pre
dicted that she will hold the county
champiort -hip by next spring.
The riitiar lon #emaine>> over
*** l enjoyed the Hallowe'en supper
given by the local high rfhool s'u-
The Columbia boys were a jolly
f*t of good felows an>l we shall be
delighted to have them with us again.
In the beginning of the nineteenth
century at Embtey Park. Hampshire,
a +' M wa> u«l to becoim,
imm---tal M th. aMiis «.f lie world'?/
history Tfct chll* 's i.anu w:> Flo.--
««» Nightingale. ?«d who at ti,
early age miiufatM 1 a k:*n interest
in afennr humanity. She visited
(tie chief ho. pr.rls in Europe and
4tdied nor»inr -in rJI its es*nituL>
During th* t"nme -n War. she organ
ized a bv.! of nurses rnd effrr?«i their
*emce» to the War Office Her offer
was accept:-!, and she immediately
embarked for Eastern Europe. wh>*re
she rendered uivaluaU; services to
the sick and wour.-ied toy her inrevail
labors in nursing and hospital re
form- No* only did she render val
uable serv»e> to tl.» woumidi sol
dier- of the Cnmeuu V."ar, bu she
gave to th? world "i first conceptior.
of a world-wide or-.niut)o] sole);
and in its entirety foi the relief and
sucr-.r of th? suffering, anJ those in
4utitue -|rcum-tai-« . applicable
hotn in wrr w* i-m- of peace.
Te« year- after "he Cnmcin War,
representative- of furt-1 nation
met la anierlior. it: Iki ?va, Switz
erland, and permanent!) «i a
Mart) for '.he benefit of humanity,
dcaawMtinir K as .he I4e«l Cro*.-
Socicty The •ii-tmrtrve had*--e of this
society became a red. Greek cros* on
r white field. The) formulated rul as
and Hf«l»tw yut'raiiir the neu
trality of hapiah. ambuL-nc«-s and
per— u at'ending upon them, during
war times These rales aixl rejruU.
tiebs and the Km Ok* as an in
signia of neutrality, receiv-d the aii
henor. of all r.Tiliied nations. Kr»m
iMi the pear in which ihe co ,iv?nt ou
at Geneva «l held, the Red fiw-
Society developed and Hfiadnt pro
portitu'ely wi*k dvdiutiox. In Ifl
the American C*ar]CM incorporate*!
aa association, bearir." the title of ;! •
American National Red Crocs So
ciety, on and alone the line of the
Geneve RedCro-w- Society.
The K«! Cio - Society is a benefi
nest and chirr able institution, hav
af a manifold pwpci It looks af
ter the w-ifare of the dttthau, con
tributes to the comfort of the poor
aad the needy u4a and assist* the
Willi) ana rick danagr actual war
fare. ißeviau* and aiticalit Ihe
himn of war. and lends its aid »«.•
disasters of nriow kinds.
As to —fmh-rvhip n this Society,
men. winmca and children are eligible
tad the only yilifcatiwi is to either
become actively ftgiftd in this work
tf coctribwt- financially Therefore,
it amy he nil that Membership is
classified into active and passive
members. Those who pay the aar-jrl
mi i nai at or give phOanthr >oictdly
are the passive members. The lore-
M - - - ■ , 1, ,
um w#nDPTf ■ Tinouf vißnw> cwr
atitde the active members. The
American people have awakersd •»
the great ewk that the Bed Cw
■ doow, ami have contributed Nber
ft ia nearly jmp»»i*lr to enwner
a'e the gnat gwd the Red Cram fe
oety tea tee. and its pn.iWities
far cued m the flare. The huaun
ted to al the pa a pill mf the te.
Plans Underway to Or
ganize a Troop of
(■irl Scouts
Messrs. George Karris, jr.. Gaylord
Harrison, and Robert Manning left
lor Fayetierille yesterday mornirg
to attend he- >*xth annual District Old
er Boys* Conference. The>e boys are
representing the Williams*on tigh
The Conference wil have the pleas
ure of hearing such men as Dr. W.
W. Alexander of Atlanta. Ga., Rev.
Wade C Smith of Greensboro. X. C.
Mrs, T. W Rickett of Raleigh X. C..
and Otis B. H irnart of W:lmin». t©».
N. C.
l ire Drill
The local ,-chool. for the first time
this year, rehearsed yes-enlay after
noon the fire drill. The entire build
ing wac cleared of &I 1 grades within
cue finute and twenty Firm
this time on the school hopes to pet
cut within the record *m»e of one mir
The Daily Imea
From this tiiw hence mother- nee.l
not wonder why their boys ar»i girls
«re ealinr more koiiL> Eren rrade
in the local school u »ptndine the
major part of the retesa- period. ur
iW the supervision of a teacher, in
taking some form of calisthenics rr
*ettine up exercises The boys 'r«»m
the fifth rrade throurh the el*-ve?:th
prade are under the direction of Mr
W F Ricks, who has had a rrea!
amount of experience in this kind of
work The pirls from the 6/' ii ten. de,
through the eleventh erade are ur-.der
the direction of Mrs C B Ha-sell
ami Miss Eva Peele tirade- one
through four are umler the direction
of Mis* - Robertson. Miss Tumaee.l
Miss Andef»on. Miss Stewart u:nl Mi- :
- it i
'■"pel that a victrola of some sort car.
be provided, so ,J«at ear'. ir lKni ra;i ;
apply these exercises by the ' ime of
mu ic
t.irl Scouts
Plans are «"W ureter way for «r
--ganizinr a tr.« p of Girl Scouts for
the hical community. Th:- fif>e piece
of community work is beine uixter
taken by Mis# Emma Robert-on anil
Mi-s Ethel linfia A hurried meeting
was called Thur-iay aftrnKen 3fter
school for girls who were twelve
years of aj»e in *he interest of this
rrganization About flrldeeii
.-e«pomle«i We trust that eve«y till
who is twelve years of age ai. I older.
»ill avail them-el ve- of he op
portunity of this hue ori.-ai.isat to 1.
It is a known 'ar' tin* ;he ills of
«»lay do not keep e«npaui\ h
with God's preast outdoor life. It is
' helped that the mothers will back
Miss Robert.«n ami Miss tiriffiu in
heir fine work.
aiKY. C. O. l*\RiN> 1H.1.1% KKs
Kill ST or % SERIES OF
I.v t ur*la> ntor-ung at Tk-
Church of the Advent, the Rev Clar
arce O. Fardo. R-ctor .'elivered the
first of a setae* of three sermons on
9 timely topic. "Why ar? so mar.y
thinking mtu aint women dusiUsJie.)
with the Oiurrh and,the Religion of
lsaas Christ?"
Mr. I*ar»U» saad that one of the
it a. or- was the .-elfiou- attitUile of
narcn mewo* - That the setfish
r.twas hii-t' upon and ai. out
growth of the utterly wrong ui*l r
.-landing and mn«onoepUon of the
true meaawg of the Church. And a
very .-mall and selfisn  iict ptior. of
he Religion of Jcu.- Oir.-t Airt jnt
so long is tht Clergyman .s ll« p-l
pit ;>nd the member in the pew failed
to in'erpret the Motion of the Char* *•
and me f' 1 hnsl
hungry souls, weary souls, would
continue to fail to find satisfaction
or peace, rest lad CBB'-HIHMI,
nourishment and strength in 'be
church because those within were
fad in r to reveal to those without the
true Church or true religion.
The Church must be interpreted it.
aasdfis-Jy —for all nn ia
all wmditiaa—ia all places.
The sacrifice of Christ is the in
spiration of the Church. This inspir
ation finds its expression ia Sacriice
not selfishnea*. w
Next Sunday morning Mr. Paruo
wjl deliver the mtmmi sumaa of the
series. The thinking public is invited
to lM*r these icimoau-
Sunday Schid.\»:lS a. m -
Mornmg church service, 11M
We vmt to have IfO enrofied at
Sunday school next Sunday, coma an-'
'help as to Mtb our aim
Ciujbadj cndtaßy mailed to tfi
A- I. MANNING, Pastor.
Willianiston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, November 7, 1924.
The prices of tobacco on the local
"obocco market soaring. One
cf the warehousemen said yesterday
that for weeks he had not had a
single tag turned and ihat the farm
ers were all going away satisfied and
happy over their sales.
Our warehousemen are making
(food their at the begin
ning of the season that they world
-?W as. high as any of the
larger market- within a radius of
fifty miles ar„: they have lived up
'© *heir promt-es.
W'atcti the next report of 11«»- State
Department of Agrk-ulture and s»
where W,'.liari>,oß >;an.i- on the li-t.
Tl»- farmer- »f both Martin and
ller hire to a great extent
on the ■'ilium-ton market ani their
i>atr»ra- ■» is appreeia'ed by both the
tcbacco fo?ks and the people of V. il
!tam>:-n -Ho always welon»e"them
0 our town.
The wan-K-j J- will be close«i next
T»-iUy in oto-ervanre of Arniistiee
1 nay
B VNhS I L*>si:il 11 FSH.W.
The Finht: JI>I Merchants Hank
ami the MJI.IL County Savinr - AND
Tn;-'. company «>li jkenr Amis'io>
i»av. Tiradao. Nov ember llt I* .i l
their .toor- will he ci«.vd for *.!t ■ TfX\
It is rot reitiir ye'. the
«-th?r bu-'ne-s nouse* will lie closed
Senator I odi r e Lies
At Point of Death
Senator Henry Cabot l»dge lies
at the point of death from a stroke
••f apoplew..
Senator lakdge ha- Imii a national
heure in politics f..r more tlian u
• tuarter of a century. It »a- he who
introduced in Cor.gres- wiial was
known as tine Force I'ill TI. . was
thirty years ago. he then b*sing a
man of sufficient lea>iership to almost
f.-rce it on the couilry. lie was the
leanier of the fight against the league
of Nation.- a kirk failed to be ratified
ul hi- perianal ami hitler
Ol (Ml TO |N» IT
• hurthjruiin wurhl to tie |>ut down
•i one of the c-uUi4kil feature.- of
me\ life. I r.l?r.- .vh iti»r it; duns rev
uhrly. it L- not W e-a.-ily. Itesul -
»or> church atten-lanee is hard. One
ht.- to fieht a battle every Sunday,
and no m/* L- stn.nt? enoUKh to
-urvive an ■ like thai. A thinir
which i» not .!«.ie easily i> in danp-er
•»f rn keiw looe ait all.
l*i a person once divide that x«inx
to church de-eree* a fixed plate in the
-rMiil* of lu» week's life, an.J the
battle if won After a short while
to church wil* be as eaay as
"••me to Church irointf is
really a part of a man's business.
If it i* reyai'le-i as an extra, some
hir.if a•Mot. it becomes a burden, and
voluntary bw>«ii> are sur? to be dis
A buii goes to business every morn-
i BJI whether he feel# like it or not.
It is 2 part of his life, and other
il.i»fi ife not keep him away from it.
Every moraine there are a dozen
hings wr.ach recsakt do or would like
"o do, Wt J* ibctn Hfkle be
a*-e M>ue.-s comes int. His feel
iap„OL no figure ata'l. because he
has inven the right of way. Let a
•nan put church first on one day of
every week, anal be will find that ob
-JtaeSes an»l •liAcwlties will -pe*dily
appear. Even his feelings will give
p tieinffc iMs and fall in line
with his purpose -Charles E. J offer -
T>* llaiwa cla.-» of the local Bap
:ist Mtairit beM its monthly business
l»: might in the calls room
it the chmrch Ihe attendance was
very ITIMKL Many matters of much
interest and lafmiUim were brought
; paul •!L-ru?-#>i The enthusiasm » 38
nuiaf high- Cmt both t
 tally a»i .-leriUaiDy werv mapor-l nut
far ht c*-ns"rjr year. ■ ]
Coote aad join with u.- next Sun
day. We «* at the Williams ton
Mfiial Baptirt Church every Sun-
Jay aoraar at MM forty-five.
J. E. HABRF.LL Beporter.
The fMnIMK will viiit Siloam
charrh tha i uaaii instead of holding
aniiu ia the Christian church as
wa* int MMMi
Boat Bill Defeated In
County By Only
24 Votes
, The entire democratic ticket for
I'iesidential, state and roun'i uifices
was carried with a majority around
 ijrhteen hundred ou: of abvut two
thousand vote; cist in this con').
Ihe majority s.iven A. W. Mrl.?an
Aor Isaac M. Meekirs *a> IM#. This
was about the usual majority , i neat
many members of both parties n.«
-i»ing to the polls to vofe.
Senator F. M. Simmons le>i his op
jionent by 1832 votes.
Among candidate- for countv ti"
fices. H. T. Roberson. democratic can
didate for sheriff led by a majority
of 1849 and all other county candi
dates had about a like majority -
John W. Davis rfffivr.l 2w'l votes.
Calvin fooliilire 21 and Ruber M
La Follette polled fifteen rse> ir
the county. In 192 l» Harding
i.hout fttiO votes anl the rrlun;- ®e
this election would Miatf that the
republicans of the county are r»>t m
well pleased with the (VJVUT a.l
Port Hill Strong in I'rttaia
Section* and very Weak in tttkrr-
The Port Terminal I' ll proved
(•e very strong in certain section- .«f
•he county. Jamesvillf. V illiair. Clri*-, Williamston. Popiar iViint rul
Hamilton town .hip. rt.'ii/ i' a bi *
majority but it wa» weak in Pear
Grass, Cross Rnbei • ■ vdle
 iold Point antf »M>oe Ne-« •
they truing prart:call« .• -I»d .min-'
the measure
It lost in the county t»> twenty
four votes. The first r»-|*.rt diowe .
(loose Nest -10 vo'e- for n»-j-un .
I,'ivinir the bill a 27 majority, but »IK"
"i. >al returns came in there wer.-
only four votes in favor of the bill
pulled in loose N'e-t wfitrb «lefeatel
the measure in the county by 24
Alistract of the votes cist in the
inunty follows:
Krisist-r mt limb
J. S. (iet injfer, 2WU; J Mari-u
Griffin, 170.
t oum> Surveys*
T. Jones Ta>lor. IST7.
F. Lee Ldwards. 3CI.
11. T. Koberson, 512 a; A. T. Peirv,
(•an!) Trruar.i
C. 1) Car a»i*-
Membern ol ike Hoard mt I wmi
J. N. Ilopkin*. .1)11; 11. (ineii,
I! >1 Hurras. 1574. T. H
Slade, jr., l'J*i."t; J. ti. Ibrnhill.
Warren W. Waters. 174; G. I- Green.
177; John S. Avers. I7i; M I» Wtl
-on, 182; G. K. P.ele. iw
Indue of ike Kfrtt4ri'» («ut
J. (' Smith. 1975; Wheeler Martin.
Flbert S. Peel. M*
If. S. Staalw
F. M. Simmon*. z»«22; Anuole A
Whit*ner, 190
A. W. Mfliaii. 3i12: I sur M
Meekins, 193.
Ijntruii I r*i rr Mt
J. Klmer 2HO; (J«orr» II
Ward, 189.
Snrrtai) Stale
W. N. Everett. 2W23; J Yale* Kil
T>an r 189.
Slate toiler
Baxter Durhani. 2019; (Tirttopit-r
V. Ilelamar. 189.
Stair Trriwm
Benjamin K- lary. 2fr.'t: Robrr 1 A.
Hurrh, 109.
S«pl Paklir I—tmtiw
- A. T. Allen. 2G24; Sam»H M Hoi
toir, .jr., 189.
Allmr; Gnwral "
Dennis 0. Brummitt. 0124; Garrrtt
D. Bailey.
I onMiMioiirf of UUr 41 Praam*
Frank D. Cri-1. 2023; JUI.IU. B.
 i«..-len, 189.
} ( nutuwi A(iirallatt
Wl A. Graham, 2034; A l". Strsupc
luHUMtt CaaMriomaaer
Stacey W. Wade, 2026; Jan -- W
Stanton, 188.
luaraarr of Rrfniw
Rufus A. [)oo|;h!u. t 2tC4; J es
I). Mason, 189.
Men her C«rf«»tM Cwiniie
tieorire P. l*eU. 2624; Jon es T.
lied rick, I>"9
Chief J eat ice of Sapnac t oart
George E But
Ur, 189
A—ariate Jaatirea of Sapreae. Caarf
Heriot Clarfcsoa, 2023; Cum W.
Conner, 2024; Fred W. Tk»—l,\»;
Robert W. Herriar. ISO.
The Monticollo Cafe which has been
under '.he management of Messrs.
Will and John Selby for the past ten
months has been taken over by Mr.
Simon Lillej. It will be known as
i!ie W illianis.on Lunch Room and will
be one of the most up-to-date lunch
rooms to be found.
That this is not an idle statement,
everybody will be certain, because Mr.
!_illev, the new manager has tit? ciTi
fideare of the people- and tTiey know
he will make it into a first class cafe.
The interior of the building has
uren cleaned and it now presents an
attractive app Remodeling will
(e started in a .-hort V.THT" and ac
ooirvxtations enlarged. Mr. J P. Ward
vill be assistant manager and oper
ator. ">
Washington county is holding its
second annual fair at Plymouth this
week. The fair opened its gates last
Wednesday ami will close Saturday.
Wnlnr.olav was school day. all the
count* schools marched through the
town anil into' the fair grounds as
a hotly
The exhibit- were mostly all from
Washington county with the exception
«f a few farm products front neigh
boring counties.. The exhibits were
• \repttonall\ got»d and showed the
tine type of -t»il that that county is
t haracteristic of having.
The ladies' tle|«artment was in a
wit h—the —larger—fair— —of iht*.
State Xeedle work, cooking, preserv
ing and other exhibits in that depart
ment were numerous .
The schools of that county had a
nice line of exhibits which showed
the type of educational work th 1
is being' done in Washington county
The poultry department gave evi
• 'eiice of the'care the Washington
Count} people are giving to that very
mportant industry.
M i T J Swain who is the sec re -
Jar* of the fair, is very much en
couraged at the attemlance and
think., the expense will IH* taken calf
of by the ga»e receipts.
The fair i- not for making money
—ever)lKMlv without |>ay ami
.-11 iitrtiiiH' (joes t« promoting auri
• ulture
Mr>. A Ariion entertained with
two table? of hril»;e Monday
in honor «f Mr>. W. J. Hunter of
-tllgb -coie was maile by Mrs. P
H. Hi own ami she was presented iwi
lotel) hamlkerchiefs.
A delirious salai' course with sand
wiclies anil black coffee was served
Those present besides the honor
.■ere Miss Kleanlir Slaiiltack, Mrs. J
(i. (iodard, Mrs. John W. Manning
Mrs. Ortar Anderson, Mrs. P. II
Hrown, Mrs. H. VV. Hardy and Mis,
Maltha I.ouise Anderson.
An u.foi mai reception will lii (tiven
llii* evemnj? from nine until ten' o -
rlork at th« home of Air. ami Mr.-*.
 laytoii Mwirf on t'hurcii ;et hy
the inember.-- of the Church of (nc
V«tvei,l,' Kt. Reverend
Thomas C. If*r>l, Bishop of Ki.s
Carolina, who i* vi»itinK this Church.
No ari.» have lieen i.-suoH hut the
l«ublie in cordially invitwl to cuWJ ami
iotei li.'.-hop I hirst.
Mr.  "lau«l* M-ulenhall of Griffins
was in the city yesterday.
The l*ietmont Bureau of A fv:ville
will present the Lunlbertr Scot; com
(any of Music and Drama in the Oak
City hi|fh .-chool builli»K Tuesday
iiifrht, November 11.
A trroup of enterpri.-inir |ei|!e h- vr
joined together to brin* -I enter
tainment to the community If you
are (orated in the county or this par
ticular community you should atltnd
An sdmissiun fee of 60 cents for
s-ilult-- ami SO cents for children will
be irli»if(t~~^
Judxr Superior Court
Second lliatrict
M V. Bamhill, 2024.
Third Diatrict
Carland E.
Seaatar. Second Diatrict
Carroll a Spencer. 2000; P. H.
Johnadn. 2000.
Member of Hmw of Representative*
Clayton Moore, 2018; C. B. Faftan
174 _
Has at Least «J6 \ oies
When Only 266 Were
It is fully conceded that Caltln
Cool idge has at least :i67 votes. when
n!y 2*>*> voles were nece>-;ir\-
Jlio. W l>avi.s carried the twelve
Sou hern states, Robert M. I F»>l
lette carried his home -tate, \Vwon
sin with thirteen votes. Montana.
North Dakota. \eva>la and New Mexi
co all combined have lost fifteen v«>(• >,
but where ever "hey tinally will
.inafce no difference in rcMiUsi
Everybody is -ayin.i;. "I t«!i >«> i:
so." Lots of people all over the
country say they can tell the very
reason why Davis was not elected an«i
few of them can t«»ll why I.a Fol
I 'ilo was so badly bea'en ard can
-ive the resan Coolidire wis «•
i verwhelnrtngly elected
It \PTIST (iCT Tt»-(;H'lli:K
K" present a*ivefc from t—* -i* 1 .-
iglu churches of Koanok- Ifcipti-t
Association are in session at a"irr-ai
in.'pirutional rally rt V.'il- »n t«-«l-s >
I'lans for the celehra'fon of "tow
'>let i:Hi w.yk" to bo Sn.
to \»>v .'SO • hrouifhout the South
irn Baptist Convention are under
discussion. I>r. I. K. Scarborough
Texas who has been director for the
past five years of the Seventy Mil
lion Campaign was the prin.-.|«''
I leaker. The local church »a- n-pre
eptetl by the followinir person-:
~~Rev ah.l' Mf.-i. R. » Shirley. Mr
antl Mrs. I!. S. Courtney. Mr :•>.
\lr'. if. i. Ilorton, Me-rs A. T
Crawford and James E ■ .iri-li
Mesdames J. I). Itimrs, I" I: "one
.1. S. Seymour, I I. IVel. \\ J
Hodf*es, Arthur Co*an.
Hid l.otiis liennett The Kidiitck
i'rove Church was represented b\ Mr
.1.-1,. t'oltraiu, Mr. ami Mr.-. John
'!opk ms, Mr and Mr- Win.un Hop
i: M « IST ( 111 k' II NO! I S
Sunii; v School. !»:45.
Morninir Worship. 11:0n
I'vi ninir Service. 7 :t0
Sun»Uty* School aHettilniite l i • Sun
la>' was 174 wi'h -in ulefii'; if HI fis
'or the orplianatre.
I'astor prt-ache«l four li-e.s ur"I.K
lie day and eiijoyeil it all
A Itaptisinal service »iil !••• la ! d
it Dsimel and Staton's Mill at .«
II m. next Sunday. At morimu' ■le
i>,istor will preach on **En-lu»intt
■lanlness" ami at riirht w. I preach
he second sermon in a -ei*> on
some fundamentals, l-e-t Sumlay il«-
übject was, "What is Christianity ""
Ids Sunday .niifht: "What is llo*
A cordial welconu' always at our
i-hurch. Come and -ee —K. I_ Shirh > ,
VSednesilay nn;ht, the fir* CVIH|M I)
answered a call in New T"*n, hut
'he file was of such a snort onirr
• hat it was out when th? company ai
lived. An automobile belonging to
Mr. Spit r caught fir- but was noon
■ xtiiiguishing with little dnmag.- re
sulting to the car. It just serm.- that
when the company leavA the City
Hall the fires ro righ* on;. Some
oinpany, we say.
Lut night the members of tin- fii.
i-wnaiiV turned in on the enamel of
lie fire apparatus and gave It a shin
ng look. They had poli-be>l all but
he tires when we pa».-ed b> anil Mr.
Kenneth lJndsley wa> eoing toward
hem when we drew ou*. of sight.
Hamrlt.n, Nov. 6 —l lit tie Mi-
Barnhill, the >oun(ce.-t •li)wh
er of Mr. ami Mrs I. J. lu*rnhill
i elebrated her eleventh birth>la\ with
■i: Hallowe'en party last Frt«iay ru»rht
r.t Fier home. A large number, of bojs
i:nil girts attended anil ail expre- «-il
themselves as having a very good
The house was appropriately .lecor
i.ted for the occasion which made it
truly a Hallowe'en party. After play
ing several interesting g*me» the
quests were invited to the dining
loom where a delicious salad mure
was served- Itamhill received
Many gifts and each gift carried the
v/ish for many mors happy birthdays
At nine o'clock the guest* 'leparted
. fter they hail fully enjoyed the
evenihg spent in fun and plet. rare.
Mrs. J. W. Watu, jr, and little
son, Jimmie, left yesterday for Chape*
Hill where she will visit her aster.
Mrs. Lyons. ,
i LiAiOliH
Ihe Uui l'wipte'> F .Tiers ion of
t*!y utuuth ci»:.;-- in a lo A uliam- .
.-.on Aednes«iay aftcn-ooir to visit
the local federations.
Tfte sr> a'v belli in Ji; Mrlho
• list church jnu *i- a very ecthusi
a-tst .ne. The visitors wo e verv bit-
I '
j t'T ■•eam.-l ".ae wC.ich is in pro
i cresi in l".y mou(h an*» all other fairs,
jin fact. Th *y ii ed ro lose =;pht of
la fair i- an e-'uon i !«i-u and upttft-
I ini community itfa.r. but viewed it
:i- one of ihe tr(?te.-t places of vice.
The meeting w->- a very irood one.
\ irreat many e-tim.>mal- were men
T «nf a mVnuliiiT together '>f those
I who are enik*avonn lo carry on the
j iitrk of th« I .>r i •».- Vn ei joyable.
At the conclusion i of the *rvice
| tin local fe«ieratiofi - invited their
|irue>t> ovrr *r> the I*f-ilath"a r»om in
the Memorial Kat»t: t Oi«rrh where
■ -atsiv» u'i «•- ,iß>t ;«inch were -en ed.
Jamesville Challenures
R«hers4»n% ille Team
| P h -4'hiN'i Li -k *t
j kill ?•»:»»> * '** Koh
| * ith at mpurlal from
■ (urn n
!««-» tfrtme }4a>rtj
Riik*>ronvill * an* 4 JI «ii»-
I ate ir »-*• to ih*» r**ujfh :>layintr
J th-» irfatf «»f tb^
I J,v»ll*» nJaw*vi!le want.4
Ito >ho» Re*hen«oeivill* 'hjt tM are
riMii! 2i*»i hav to
I nrr»»isrt that Rolier
f «*ivill#' # mt>
« 111 KM II MtTlt K
Ihr (liunh of TW \d»e«l
Kr». ( laramr t». l*trdo. Krl»r.
the Ut-iil) hr»i >ai.«ta> «((i-r 'ftrinity
j\n» \ >! vhiMmrj. Lucarist.
9:4s A M ~-u; .tax Scluwl - Harry
»l StuMfc-, ,-upt
A. % l Advent bible Class —
• ta\ ty.r' M-«>r»- Hev ( (' i'anie.
! • i> Mon Mi«- I'rayer atxi r-vin»oii.
.. j> I M*' Holy Trinity M --••»n.
7 i .»• * I"* ,»y «-r .H i Serhnm.
The Kii-K: K-vwml T 1 - n».t C".
ttar-t. t;rsh-p of i Carolina V ill
at til-- OiMrti of the Asvelit *o
nik.Tit. November ~th- liishoo l>arst
L- a very popular prv.«cher ai. l i- al
■rays by all who 'war Hin.
Tlj ISL-hop i- coming to roniinn :»
jrw numb r who ar«- >i« -ir»u- of en
„*?tu'k 'in full commur.oii *f the
J hurrh ituMi- i- .--iduilH in
««• till MiilKS V \RTIN
••I M >
' »l b t« tak-- tl.i> > (.|-.rt unity to
h ii k everyone of yu'j- for your vote
. ; t for me in thi- ebction for the
[V" f f"ini,i-r I a.- ur.» yoa that
:-iite was nwir» than
r»l- can expre- >
"I thai k I
Mi.-i re>|»ct fully youi>.
» l_ LliW AKItS.
«»| MMM IV t «»l NTV:
I tak*' this opportunity to thank
| tnii for lite -up|*>rt piven at the
| i-.11.-, on la-t Tue-day, November 4.
I k"*nly appreciate th« fact tha* you
■ Have a'wiii t ru-te>l me, anl if you
will lend me yi-ur usual moral -up
•o'rt 1 sbi.ll try inn rive you an
nest ileal.
rhis NOT. "TTB, 1984.
Very Sincerely.
I takr this mean- of thanking you
i i '"or - the majority jriwn hie at the
• j IM.II- la-»t Tuexiay ami to say that
I ■ witn )i>ur moral suTpori I will try
II - repay that tru.-t that you have ••
i rillin'Sy towed upon me.
Most -incerely,
11 ,
LAKI;E MMRER attend -
~'th Heaven" in last
' Tue-la) night w?> a real drawing
' i c t rd. for no les-- than -if» '« f tin local
' | |>eopie atten 10l the show. Johnny
Alford clashed it a* mo-t prr«*
' while all attended say i was very
We wish U> lake THV- ■eans of
tbankMg -v tammy CEAD fheih and
■L IT lit IM wh. a* kindly mifUterad
e and ASSISTED H ■ the ROEENF Olneea
' tnd D#B'H ef EER HWHE* and FCUWR,
. waiiam H DaafaJ
MM. Hannah Ikuuel aad children.

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