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Mr. J. G. Godard. Jr. patron of
cat-door sports, and a renowned ath
lete, has jast completed a deligh-fu!
sporty golf course adjoining his home
ir the eastern section of the city.
Already a number of Mr. Godard's
friends have enjoyed sevsral rounds
of this with him. and ca Satur
day afternoon a foursome wrh Lon
HasseU. Jr. N. S. Gcdaid, Julius S.
Peel »~4 Joe Godhrd resulted in quite
ca exciting contest.
It is only a matter of time when
there will bo golf links in every town
and Tillage, due to the e\er-increasing
popularity af this gaane, which com
bines a mental as well as physical
ttimulant to those indulging.
Mr. Godard is to he coraptim?r.trd
on his progressive athletic tendencies
When it cones to high school bas
ket ball the trim-- of the Jamemri!le
vehool hare "era al! stepping. "Shut
ot' »** are n.»* r-r* anl lop-si-led
reores are nwi* ir less donurai.
The State high school ."on-. I .all
*-* championship east this year
The leaving of Messrs. Wolff and
Orleans from the local town ba.-k-t
hall five lowered the term's stock a
few pom**. However, the playing «s
- more even divided among jJI the Ave
flayers this year and a much prettier
R*®* »» witnessed. Wh.le Williams
ton has not suffered defeat this year,
the season is Mt far enough advanc
es to form just opinions.
Will!ams*on high school baskit
ball stock took a decided fall lut
Friday when JamesviUe theni
with an unheard-of scare. Though
they lost by an -n-rmously large
•cor*, the spirit that is so vital in
•II athletics is itfll present The sea
son is not over However. Jamexville
neH rot worry.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine
..***—•- *** *» a Tua fciA" run
tkM Oslank bolter* Owa.
ES'k^!L? , !L" fc " thmw "» *■
*Mi fkrt pwm tint while
«*'■■■■■. tt to srcatlf
•anjisi at fcr n-miuiloMl
■uw mtum nmnii u a
***> local and tm
ssstJtlr cSaArvrsrsu'^iir
Ml fcr XarSS*r r "* r *
»TJ. otea .
Worth Carolina
Martin County
In the Superior Court Before the
J. W Watte
— — -vs- -_— J
L. B. Bossermaa Ca, Inc.
and W. F. Dudley.
The defendants above named will •
tike notice that an action as entitled
, if above was instituted in the Superi
or Court af Martin County, North
Carolina on the 28th day af November
IW4 whereia Plaintiff claims the
sum of SIMM due by the defendant
ler breach af contract and of war
*aaty in ike sale ami delivery of a
certain car load af apples which
sammoas is ntuinnbli l before the'
■ j ' . . i. > ' * " '' s - ■' !
Will Discontinue Business In Williamston. Look For Big Circular With |
1 .. ' ' * I ' .' " - • ■' 7. 1 • ■ ; J \
: All Details—Out Wednesday. %
' »' T : ' '' * v,"* • " » ' : # - 1 ' . ' ' ' !
• said Court on the 27th day of De
cember 1924.
' The defndants will also take notice j
that > warrant of attachment was is-!
sued by the said Court on the 28th '
day of November 1924 against the ]
property of said defendants, which j
warran* is re urn able before said
Court at ths time and place above 1
named for the re. urn of the sura- j
mens; when and where the dafend
ants'aie required to appear and an
swer or demur to the complaint, or ;he
relief demanded will be granted. i
This Nov. 29, 1924.
Under and by virtue of the pov-er
oi sale contuii'C.l ir. a certain »d
of trust which is recoidcd in Rook
H-2 page 148 Martin County Reg
istry, to the undersigned trustee, de
fault having been made In the pay
ment of the notes herein secured and
the holders thereof having made for
the exercise of said power, the under
signed will on Saturday, December
6th., 1924, be tore the Court House
door in the town of Williamston, N.
C., offer for sale to the highest bid
der for cash the following described
lands in Martin County, North Cyro
lina, Robersonville township.
Two parcels of land located aid
described as follows, to-wit:
First: One lot in the town of
Parmele. N. C. fully describe'l _in a
deed from Leslie Fowden and wife
Susie Fowden and Wheeler Martin
and wife Louie P. Martin, dated on
the 24th. day of January, 1'.)20, and
recorded in book D-2 page 217, tc
which reference is hereby made, Mar
'in County Registry.
Second: A one-half undivided in
terest in a certain tract of land in
Robersonville township, Martin Coun
ty, adjoining the lands of W. R.
Purvis, Henry Council,, Delia Ward.
John Mayo, O. P. Roberson, The
John Mc. Mathews land, and others,
containing 450 acres, more cr less.
Being the same land described in a j
| deed from J. L. Williams and wife
Ma' tie L. Williams to L 1). lioeburk,
dated on the 17th. day of December
1918, and recorded in 8..0k Y-1 page
49, Martin county Registry, refer
ence to which is hereby mad !ot
a more accurate description.
This November 7th, 1924.
11. PURVIS TAYIXJR, Trustee.
»eil Tool Uncle Widriily !
! | l
* Wasn't tW firmt X ? " ' " You aiA J
I _ _ '2' . -
' * 1
Under and by viriue of the power
of sale contained in a certain deed of
trust executed to the undersigned
trustee by H. M. Burros on tin Ist
day of Oct. 1918 and of record in the
public registry of id a r in County in
Book 0-1 at page 306, ..aid deed of
trust securing certain notes of even
date and tenor therewith -tnd dt fault
having been made in the payment of
the same and the., stipulations con
tained in the said deed if trust not
haviiig been complied with and at
the request of the holder of 'the said
notes the undersigned trustee will on
Friday the 19th day of December,
1924 at 12 o'clock M. in front of the
courthouse door in the town of Wil
liamston, North Carolina offer for
sale to the highest bidder for ca»h the
following described real estate, to
This being the same and identical
land deeded to H. M. Hurra., by C.
H. Godwin and wife. This being for
balance of the purchase money.
The said land is bounded by the
Wicomico Lumber Company, the Roa
noke River, The Williamston Cooper
age Company and M. D. Wilson. For
further description see deed above
A. R. DUNNING, trrstee.
Martin and Peel,
Attorneys at Law. 11-IH-4
Under and by virtue of author I 'y
conferred upon the undersigned com
missioner by an order of ..ale in :\
special proceeding in Margin County
Superior Court, entitled W. IS., Bur-"
nette, et als. -vs- Claranee Lath.un
et als., hers at law of Mrs. Ann Bur
nette, arid the same being No.
u))on the special proceeding Docket
of said Court, the undersigned com
missioner will on the third day of
January, 1925, at 12 o'clock noon, at
the Court house door in Williamston
N C., offer for sale to the highest
bidder for cash the following de
scribed real estate lying, being, and
f.ituate in Goose nest Township, Mnr
tiin County, North Carolina, to-wi!:
All that tract of land which was
conveyed to Mrs. Ann llurnette by
G. L. House which deed i.i of record
in Martin County Public Regis •> i>i
Book NN at page 28. Beginning at
a white oak bush on L. B. and J. W.
Bryant's line; thence S. 4 W. 98 poles
to a lightwood--«stump; thence S. 16
W. 44 poles to a white oak in the
run of Middle Swamp; thence up said
swamp 212 poles to Bells corner;
thence up a ditch 13 poles to a public
road leading from Old Hobgood Fork
to Oak City, N. C.; thence along said
read to the beginning containing: 150
acres, more or less.
This the third day of December,
Under at.d by virtue of an order of
the Superior Court of Martin County
ordering a re-sale of the lands am*
premises hereinafter described, the bid
»t the former sale, which was made
en the 3rd day of November 1924, liav
ing been raised within the 'ime re
quired by law and accord inn: to law,
the undersigned, having been desig
Effective December 2, the Ford Motor Company announces
new low prices on all Ford cars. • A reduction of Twenty
Five Dollars on the Fordor Sedan and lower prices on all
other types make Ford cars even greater values than ever I
RUNABOUT $260.00
COUPE 520.00
CHASSIS 225.00 I
These are the lowest prices ever offered in the history of the Ford
Motor Company. They create a new standard of value for motor
car transportation.
nated to make said re-sale, will on
I the 12th day of December 1924 at 12
o'clock Noon in front of the Court
house door of Martin County at Wil
liamston, N. C. offer for .sale, at pub
lic auction, to the highest bidder for
tash, the following described lands
end premises, viz>
Being the samf property described
in a deed of trust from Warren Whit
field and wife to the undersigned Trus
tee and of record in the Public Reg
istry of Martin County, in Hook K-l
--at page 550, and bounded • and de
scribed as follows:
That certain tract of land lying and
being in Cross Roads Township, ad
joining the lands of J. F. Crawford,
Margaret Andrews (col) ami others.
Beginning at a pine stump on the
Main road, lending from Greenville,
N. C. to Williamston, N. C. and lead
ing past the residence of J. A Hurt Hoe
buck's home farm and being the James
H. Taylor OKI corricr and vunn'iig
thence along the n»w road to a tar
kin bed, th» Hen Oongleton corner,
thence along a ditch to the said Ben
: Congleton's coiner, and now J. F.
I Crawford's corner, and continuing
I c'own branch to the Old Mill
site, thence along the Old Mill Dam
i pnd the Old Mill Path to W. A.
Roebuck line, now Margaret Andrew's
line to an avenue leading from the
said Greenville and Williamston road
to the old James H. Taylor residence,
iow Warren Whitfield's residence;
thence with said avenue to the begin
ning. Same being the old Jnm«s H.
Taylor Homstead, and conveyed to
said Warren Whitfield by A. S. Rob
erson, J. 11. Rawls and R. E. Grimes,
and said to contein one hundred fifty
(150) acres, more or less.
This the 24th day of November,
A. R. DUNNING, Trustee.
Under and by virtue of the power
of sale contained in that certain d*el
of trust executed to me hv S. S.
Hadley on the 10th day of March
1920, amf of record in Martin County
Public Registry in Book A-2, page
460, securing a certain bond of even
date ami tenor therewith, and the
stipulations therein not having been
complied with and at the request of
the holder of said bond, I will, on
the 20th day of December 1924 at
12:00 o'clock Noon, in front of the
Court House door of Martin County
offer at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash the following de
scribed real estate:
Rein* one-half undivided interest
in and to that traet of land adjoining
the lands of W. W. Griffin, I-awrence
Joe Yarrell, the Swain tract
of laiTd, Isaac Nichols and what is
known as Devis Out, containing be
tween eight and nine hundred acres
more or less, and known as the Moore
Island Farm, and beini? the sam* land
purchased by the said S. 3. Hadley
from the Clayton Moore heirs.
This the 17th day of November 1924.

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