North Carolina Newspapers

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YOLK a( USCRIi iiON t.\
VOLliAtti XX V—MLMHtK bl
Will Ask for Only Balance ot Original Sum Ap
proved by 1921 Legislature
Chapel Hill, Dec. 28.—The Universi
ty cf North Carolina, in presenting its
ca&t to I he Budget Commission next
week, will base its requests for the
next two veer:; on the record of ac-
Ctii: ... k! n'ent with the money spet.'
dutin;: the last four.
• it •vi.' endeavor to show the com
mission that to date it has done
wl'at it e.-timated it could do with
appropriations totaling $3,240,00n
were granted in l'J2l and 192 a.
It "'ill then proceed to ask for the
(2,445,00*) now duo on the original
request of $5,580,000 that was ap
proved by the Legislature of 1921
for buildings and permanent improve
ments, and for $2,027,495 for main
tenance for the next two years ($979,-
920 in 1925-26 and $1,047,575 in 192f-
L .«)■
These requests are based on a care
fid survey of the anticipated grow'h
o*the institution and cover the
needs that are certain to arise dur
ing the scholastic years 1925-192*>
and 1920-27. The University will in
sist that these sums are not padded
by one penny and that unless the h
mounts are appropriated in full the
institution will of necessity be crip
pled in meeting its obligations to
the youth of the State, will be un
frble to c: re adequately for those
high school seniors now planning
to ihe University next fall. _____
The University's Case
The University's case, in brief, will
be stilted something like this: That
while SI7,tOO,(MK) of the total of
$20,000,000 allo'ed in the bond hill
of 1921 for buildings and permanent
improvements for charitable and ed
ucational institutions has been spen*
this amount has not been apportions
in proportion to the original requests
made. Certain institutions have re
ceived already more than their tots'
requests in 1921. These excess ap
propriations amount to $1,519,000. In
t-ddityon, institutions not represented
in the origial bill at all have received
$809,000. Oil the other hand, the
University, which had the
requested incorporated in the bond
bill, based on a carefully itimized
statement of needs that would nat
urally arise, has received $3,140,000
or only 56 per cent, of its original
The maintenance fund has gone to
provide for the natural increase in
teaching ad administrative forces in
cident to the steady growth of the
student body and to cover the costs
of the general upkeep of the institu
The building and improvement fund
• lias bee j spent largely in the construr
' tion of new dormitories and class
rooms and in the renovation of old
tuildings. Seven new dormitories hive
been buil', housing 120 students each
Three classroom buildings hav»
been construc'ed. These buildings
were erected at a cost of approximate
ly $150,000 each. They are on the
site of the old athletic field.
The Law budding fills one of 'he
longest felt needs on the campus. The
old Law build t:g was entirely in
adequate in space and equipment, i>nd
in the face of a constantly increas
ing enrolment expansion was impera
tive. The new Law building is one
of the most impressive structures on
the campus.
, Construction of the Chemistry
'Lidlding and Woman's buildii.g ait
HcVSinder way and both wil' i.e emu
lated so on The site ahwi for tl.c
Chemistry building is bclt't I Memorial
Hall, in the southwest corner of the
campiis and fi'.s into tin! scheme to
' build the University in the future to
that lecture room > building* will be
in the center of the campus and dor
mitories will ladiate towar'i them.
The Woman'; building erected at a
cost of SIOO,OOO, will be in the Col
onial stjlc of architecture and three
stories ft height. It will be not only
a dormitory but a social center tor
th«yvomen students as well. The first
floor will bo given over to reception
rooms together with a dining room
and kitchen. The site is that formerl?
occupied by •; the old Ebrsn Alexande
house which has been torn down to
make way for the new building. The
Woman's building will also fill a long
felt need The 97 University co-rids
are now livinsr in cramped quarter?
in the Russel Inn and Robinson house,
bc|£h on Pittsboro street.
A much needed indoor athletic
building has been erected at the south
ernmost end of ths campus. The cost
of erection together with adjoining
grounds was SIOO,OOO. It is of steel
construction and 810 by 110 feet. It
provides space for eight basketball
courts and indoor tennis and ba^*
■ » ""/ ''
ball courts and seats 4,ooo*spectators.
It has been, and will be, necessary
fcr the University to carry on other
forms of construction than those in
volved in the actual erection of new
buildings. For instance, it has been
necessary to build a railroad a mile
••nil a quarter in length from Carr
boro o the campus, at a total cost of
$75,000 for the road and right of way
but by so doing it saves thousands
of dollars, every year. It has built
loads, laid sewers, graded new areas
of campus and enlarged its power
plant, laundry, water supply and so
on. In short the whole physical plan*
oi' the University is beiiiK renil'do an I
brought up to date, with new build
ings added.
Basis of Requests
The University is bar,ing its re
quests for increased appropriations
oi. two general facts: First, at th"
present 'ate of enrolment the Uni
versity will be giving instruction to
more than 8,000 students, resident
and non-resident, during the twelve
month period preceding July 1, 1927,
which is the last yenr of the bienniun
period for which new appropriatej is
have been requested. These figures
j»re based on the number of students
who will be enrolled provideded .he
needed appropriations are granted
The second main point is that *.he
University is more than a college,
TTfougTT it does include the college
Beginning as a single college, with
one course of study for all, the Uni
versity has, during its 131 years of
set vie®, developed into twelve .-ol
leges and schools, each with its own
;>urpo.-.t, its own courses of study ami
teaching force, all enjoying the larg
ei advantages made possible by com
bining resources to secure teach *rs
of quality, special lecturers, facili
ties for investigation and publica
tion, library resources, carefully su
pervised work for student welfare
end so on.
The point that the University is
more than a college is best illustrated
by the fact tha more than half of its
students are enrolled in other school
han the college of arts, that is, it
professional and graduate school.-.
The enrollment includes many stu
litnts from otlier colleges in thi-
Jifiite and ether states who have com
pleted their undergraduate work else
w here and come to the University
f'jr'.her training.
In arriving at a proper understand
ing of the institution's needs, th
' University' character of the wo'k
inuf.t be kept in mind throughout. The
Library, for instance, is called on to
lender services of many more kinds
than a college library; it mun ma>n
t:in specialized collections of booVs
for specialized work. In the same
way, the direct service to the State
rendered ty the University through
its Extension Division must assume
tach year larger proprotiens if it ■?
tc keep pace in scope and varie' y
with the demands made upon it. This
year the Extension .Division, through
i rganizeo classes and correspondent''
courses, rave instruction to 2,200
persons in the State outside of Chapel
Hill. The summer session has become
really a fourth University term, wi'h
60 p*r cent, of its students doing
v.-ork for college or graduate cradi".
The principal itc-ms covered bv lr
request for $2,445,000 for new build
ings and permanent improvements
ure new dormitories, the renova'i in
of old buildings (South, New East.
New West, Pharmacy, Mary Ann
Smith. Old Chemistry building ind
Alumni building), a new Gymnasium,
u Geo!jgy laboratory, the centra! unit
of a new Library, a new classroom
building, a wing for Phillips Halli re
pairs on Memorial Hall, service ex
tensions in heat, light, water, power
f lant and laundry, furniture and de
partmental equipmet, expenditures
for grading roads, and other inciden
A large part of the appropriation
from the 1923 Legislature has gone
into new dormitories, "but the Uni
versity is still crowded for lack of
rooms. The plans cal.l for the con
version of one present dormitory, the
South building, to the uses of the
administrative offices,"by which space
for about 100 men will be lost.
The teaching space is equally full.
The University has M available rooms
for classes. It operates a schedule, be
ginning at 8:30 in the morning *nd
running through the day with out in
termission until 5 p. m.
The i'ems on the University's re
quest constitute a balanced program,
which will make possible a harmoni
ous, not a one-sided, development of
the University's plant to care for 8,-
000 student*.
W iiuaiimafOii, sS.u'i K..xi v.tioiH, iut^uaj,, uectinUci oU, iy24.
James Edwards oi Poplar Point,
turned a Ford cur «vcr the night bo
tore Christinas on the Willmmstoi>-
Everet's highway, breal&iii : his. low- j
ei jaw in three places. 11 •• wa. tak' r :
to the Washington hospital ;it onre |
tor treatment when it found th*« • j
his condition wa.-. vary serious. Tie.}
broken pieces of jaw made an opf
etion difficult It is reported that 'e I
is now getting along very veil
Th • i. f : ".'idci • ». ..,.1
to be by running off. the pavement
with one wheel where jhe grot.iid «, •-
soft from rail), causing the t
t .n over.
At 10:00 o'clock Friday Hiornini',
December 2t>, Miss Sophie >, Topping
of Belhaven and Mr Juliu 1!. I*urvi*
jt. of this C'ty, w re quiei!) mavpiil
r.t the home-of the bride, Rev. Thomp
son of the Christian church and pas
tor.of th" bride officiating.
There were no attendants and
a few intimate friends and memb rs
of the families present.
Immediately r.fter the ceremony
Mr. and Mrs. Purvis motored to
Rocky Mount where they took a tr:s-i
tor Richmond where they vire : pend
ing a few days as gu«str. of th- Jotter
son hotel.
Mrs. Puryit is the daughter of Mr
and Mrs. Joseph Topping if Belheven
i nd is ere cf E i:.t"iii Carolina's mi t
charr.iini/ vounir woman. Mr. Purvh
is liie young''!t so*i of Mr Jiliu: !l
I'urvis nil th' li'e An:ii" Coftit I ,'
F'urvis and is_a d' cf t'v i
of Miirti.i coun'y's oldest families.
Thev will th'-ir home ir» Wll
lian' ton with he ftoier of th" tf'oon .
upon return f-om th- ii woddlr r
Annou'i.-emen's r -'d rs follows:
Mr. and Mrs. -Solomon Joseph Toppi'iir
an noun je the marriage of their
Mr. JuliiM !! Lurvis, Jr.
in Friday 'hr twi nty-sixth of D r i
nineteen hundred and twenty-four
Belhaven, North Carolina. -
At- home
After January first »
Wiliamston, North C-trolina -
Those attending 'from Willi-ims' >"
1 1 re M r ami Mrs. Whit I'urvis, and
''arold Everett, John Herirv
Ed"' d ind Mayor Tohn L.■ !
Man' Fires Reported
TT 'OUt'liout ('ountry
MIIIIV fires reported throughout 'lie
ci un jy, used fremi th old went'iei
in most t 'fT>f > iMires
Five I 'ocks ii the f-shionao'e
Coney Island resort, we-o .-(«««* ri>ye>l
esterday and for a timr it look'-','
as if the entire city would be vip'd
cut. All fire fighting apparatus f'foin
Brooklyn was quickly hrough' in use
which succeeded in checking the
Fifty stores and many other build
ings were buriril Sunday in Corinth,
Miss., cau. ing the loss of nearly two
million dollars.
liijrii lira's in r.toves and ii.ntiiii?
plants o lie the
 rig in of such dealEuettt>u£.
The McKeel-Richardson Hardware
fde whieh has been going on f. r
ome time will be continues! through
January. In another part of thi*
paper will be £ound their announce
This is a going out of business sale,
held because the firm of McKeel-Rich-
Krdson will discontinue the sale of
hardware and will soon move into u
modern building which they have re
cently built on 3rd street where they
wiH handle mill supplies and heavy
machinery exclusively. ,
The news of the death of Mrs. Ed
gar Morrison in Tarboro on Christ
mas Eve was received with rpgre*
by her many friends in Williamston
She is remembered here as Mr-.
Jacksie Daniels Thrash and visited : n j
the home of Mrs. Fannie S. Biggs -in j
several occasions.
Messrs. Harold Everett, C: I). Car
starphen, jr. and W. C. Manning, jr.
motored to Washington Sunday.
Send in your renewal to Ths En
terprise now.
Delegations Ex
pected to Attend;
ISarbeeue Dinner
Tee- t oastaL Uighway Associati->"
Lor.'. \ >o will hold a me»tin:t at
V.'Ti ( ,u 'oinom>vv. Wednesday, IV
;r 'tclegatuins from all the
»xuti»ies along Route No. 30 frori
."'iville to the Virginia line i 1 e
i\| v e-l to attend. New liern a!u'
V»: . i I'lt'ton each expecting to have
».ej.>i" tions if i' least fifty in at
teiuiivice.' Mart n county will als >
in ri- iri-stnti d hy a large delega
Af-er the business session, a real
i : rti • comfy barbecue will lie served.
'I is is irenerallv cenceiled to lie i
i raw'iiLr rar.l and a good time is in
tore f«,i .11 tho,.-- who attend.
Thiv Tomi meetinir is a matter Its:.'
,-liould iii'v'e.-t our |MH>ple and the\
sheuld >ve that Martin county is w i
A cur uriven by Mr. W. D. Pruitt
cf Greenville turned over on the curve
leadii i; from the river bridge Chri«t
i>, i lay, seriously wounding Mrs
I'i nll w iv. iiad her collar hone brok-n
• ■ tt 'n v h.iold.T tind —side- pirtnftr!h
i it. iles ile- Mr. and Mrs. Pruitt
!>.. I'llen and children Wore in the
One c,f his little girls received
ut.. on the leg by the glass. Some
>d the otli-r children were bruised but
not seriously hurt and Mr. I'ruiit If received some painful bruises
too Mrs. Pruitt was rushed to thi
Tli Coun'y hospital where she was
!• vit.-d arid is reported to l>e r -cover
Trinity College
Changes its N-ime
To "Duke University
Dvrhan , Doc. 20. The of
'I rustees of Trinity College vote 1
ttran-naously to change the name of
the College to "Duke University" by
changing the name of Trinity the
trustees accepted the terms of forty
million dollars, a trust fund estab-
I : iir-.i h— Jones Duke under which
tit New I niversity will receive .lot
t.. exceid six million dollars for
building purposes and thirty two per
cent of th- income of the trust fund.
Extends Its
Rest Wishes
The i nterprise extends its best
v . hc-i its friends and subscribers
U , 'lie year 1U25, and wishes 'or
ul »-«• :i .er prosperity an-i more hap-
I'inuss tha.i thes have ever known tie
1924 lias iK-01. a » kml ve"»r in many
p. ct.- . i.d e 'Sole lave been
blessed but we all Itope thai t|»f
farmers, the back bone of the coun
ry, Ail! hav a better farming year.
(," i!i{ to tin heavy r; i y . of last sea
',ui proiiuctioii a.- greatly de
 teased but  ir p i.ple are not dLs
'•i.i.i" ;yd ,and .tr alrvady making
.■ t! pie>>arations for the coming
•err •
Vve have trial nant year past
1 1, c'i-oji rate villi our p ople to
n.ake \Vill : am. toii a better town and
Martin oriun' > a better county and
vve f.-i I rhat on' cc-.'.bined efforts have
:,i.i i>: m asu-ee*fui . But at the oe
v cf tirf N w v «ar, we want
i! 'i. take stock of -urselves and
begin building a "»tr- ater Mart'n
Mr. Lei man T;.> lor of near here
h". : a r.ii ;.culous »scap«- fram death
when 'lu car lie wes driving turned
over O-i Route ISO between here and
Kveretts. Sunday night. Just how the
; i c dent ii ; *npended is no*, known, but
it is thnur it th it 'he car was making
| :i very g;;r«l speed when wrecked. Mr.
Taylor e without a scratch.
Mrs. J. S. Page of Tafboro ant
Mrs. J. W. lfizdl of Bear Grass were
visitors here this morning.
Mr .and Mrs. jr. and
I f hildren of Rocky Mount spent Christ
! mas with his father, Mr. Sam Harreil
I tnd Mrs. Mary Belle Osborne.
' Mrs. Chas. Meekins of Washington
• ' 'td Mrs Myrtle Harris Sunday.
Mrs. ,J»v.el Isetta Brown and chil
.,'rv-? We -' VTrvin : a who hi ve be"ii
visaing Mr and Mrs. C. H. Godwin
returned to th-ir home Sunday.
To iJe Held at Smith Held
Apiil I3th to 18th
Mondav. April 13th
Ai' in —Paraue leii by l.overn >r
. McLean. Rev. Billy Sunoay an I
s who are entered for tee co
t te.-t.
1 :! -t!an 1 cv.crt b> \ c'.-r"- ',-jnd
' and ' is singer.
' ,":t Free act. W alter Stu:*" •• . t'-e
' roost -r man and fimily.
:t .tt- Welcome ad b\ J d-n- .e
1 it unt: man.
Ke. ponse by l*i v*sitle:st !ohr \V
Holm's, Eastern Carolina f."iaitfl*r . '
' '* riireree, Inc , Farmville-. ar.; f . -n:
:.l turning over th. Exposition to th-*
1 | latfi rm manaK -r. u'm m il*
' ,!ohn.' hi county man.
:':4 • Atldn'ss. Rev liillv Sm-.!
1 f- 1 Dnors rlo-o f«»r tin- af"-
7 | in. Dopr- open.
7 Hand concert and free act
K. 1 "•—-Address Rev !!i!l\ Sui» ■>
Tuesday. \pnl I I'S
llaiitl concer' ao.i fr»-i;' ••c'.
3:3t>—Concert, Miss Marie out.:
lius, prices of admLv-ion {la** n '
' .* 1.50.
f>:3'i —Doors clt»e for thi- afteriaH,.-
7:3t>—Band concert and fr»-- act
K:r!o—Concert, Miss Marie
lius, iricts of admission JI .-O a
f2,00. ' i
Wednesday, April IMh
2 :So Band concert awl free act.
2:3o—Babv show, open to t!»e
tire district: Age:. lf> t ■ ■
I months. Special pii*"s r«> b g»v«-e i >
Ixiy baby and th. girl l«ab\ winner
j The rules i-nil regulations to l»- w,.rV
, ed out later
s:3o—Doors close for the afternw!-
7:3o—Band concert and free ar'
B:Bo—Style show.
Thurnda), Afnl Ifcth
12, noon-- Annual"' dinner. A-Ulr--- -
Mr Thos. I Heflin, I S.
from Alaiiama.
2:3o—llantl concert and fr-ee act
3:30—-Presentation of th-
r i gain.
s:3o—Doors dos- for tin* afternoor
f 7:80 Band concert aist frn» act
( B : B(i—Address Thos. J Merlin from
, Alabama.
I'riday, April I7lh
2 p. m -School pa rati
-2:3o—Band0 —Band concert ami free act
k 3:30 —Children's play to he w.irk
i lit Inter.
, 5:30 —Doors close for the afternoon
7:3o—Band, conc-rt and free act.
B:3o—Crowning the Queens.
K: J.%—A'tri-ction to he .«eeunfl
Saturday. April lath
Band concert and act
3:30- SinKing convent ion
>| 5:30 Doors close for th- aft*n»o "n
7:3t»—.Barn' cmice-JflMd fre* act
\ entii n
10 m (>o4xl
The regular
IR- co lductiel in a(?H
in w i ules and
lii.hei! Inter. The
couty will be giv.-n
l aig tiie winner
ston rurntjf will be "iven a IHP
diamond ring,
Mrs. M. B. Boyle h.a,- reiurn—t r.,ii
t after visiting her son, Ralpi W.«r
kins who has been ill for um> tim».
I Mias Itlanche Be||. m\ r— unt-d •.
| Franklinton yes'.erday after sp- ii»tir
. the Christinas holidays her* with
. moth rr, Mrs. M. 1. Bellamy.
I Mr. and Mrs. J. L Jones are speiw'-
| mg the holidays at Wilmirgton
» - M i*s Mamie flyde Ronrer> b sjinn'-
ing the week at home with her par
entf, Mr. ami Mrs. Eli Rog?r%
Miss Gertrude I -ill-y :ml M ---
! Emily Inscoe mot«.re«l to Will«-m -
ton Siiturday.
t Mr. G. E. Ilines of Aho.-kie »per>t
 the week end here visiting fr»eml
1 and relatives.
1 Misses Pauline and L.uiJ jh«-
» sen are visiting frienal. an! rel-jti*--
t in Rocky Mount.
; Mrs. Walter Roberson returned to
here' home in Robenionville after
spending several days here with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Ite*»t»-
1 port.
- Miss Evelyn Hines returned io
Morganton to take up her >'u>lir.
' again after spending the holidev.
- here with' her mother, Mr?. J. E.
I Hines
• Mr. and Mrs. R. F Pope visitel
friends : n Whitakers
Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Lawrence arH
1 daughter left this morning for thei'
1 home in Richmond .after visiting rel
atives here several days. I
- 1
| Shoot at Merchant With
His Own Ammunition, ,
Shoot Houses
J •! I! la Ills, W' !)!«• W illian 1 Klme.- Wii-on. all \ uul'._ whl'l l
r.-ei went >r i riwjvice  'hristma J (
:.r»j shot tV.nirs up rfnm!ly Tr--v
Sr* »»nt in th» countrv store of Mr.
'nn |> hough' 'iin he!! :
•r.i irt»ce«,te! to urive jwiv wit-m>it
pay v: or then, W en reminded ll v
Mr llowrn that th-y .»•( fonfutlen ?
« | i;. him they shir, at him with Si
. »' mmanitiot:. barely mi-sing him
wit' hr ei-tin* load. Fmm hi- * »re
ihei vent o?i liown the roa.l lnwaf'
Mr Calvin Ayers's :'n.i when passing
his re-idence they took a few "crack-"
t i!. (-remise-. Th?y hot at every
1 «u • tli*-\ sending a full load he front ■loti of one man's
Tho wilii riite continue'! un'il
the •v-rt.u-k C!nn*i-oe \yer- .md
! e. V\ 'ham - in Cnws Roads town
hi'- whc v tbey iiei'ite«l to make j'l
full .'tack :tnd (iroc-e«'-.l to fill 'hem
'u'l mall shot, hitting them in
iK p >. ;ck an.l neck ,
~! i. «-enie>i to !>.' the sati-fying 1
i»>.. iii the rule all.! '.heir acts of '
■.. n *v. ceased The
v.e. -h..t procured warrants tgains'.
t!i« i aid >ouiik W.lsoii an.l John
\V; were at resit it ami placed :i
i.« 1 I onnie W illi: ins. iln third man.
! a n>»t V-en caught at pr»-en! The
'w . jp'ives —n r- Ifinr tru-d trxi^v
lwf r ■ Judge Calvin Smith in the K'-
coider's court.
.'n Hertford town basket ball team [
w i I :eet 'he l-ical towi. i|uintet h-re
P;r ilay night, January Ist Thi
ll. 1( iiJ t.-am ha - bade :« vi'r\ credi-
h,.» ing tlu> season ami i- - x
i«-, ■#.' to make the.contest interestnn?
for tie Wiliam-ton hoys.
iln lt\'ii! buy.- ' I*, t the last two
witli h, Uocky Mou'it \ M. t
A a. I t!. • Wa-hington t..«ii tea'r.
lu' two were exceptional!*
tl«r.- t". m.-,»the link. Mount ."'III!
Ik V* «ng the Charlotte \ M i
ie. :r. wlir-h i-« one of tin- - i •Hire.-'
.'j ih Siati-
Mr : uliu- I'uivi.i will return to
imrri * ami is rtprrtnl to take »i
--nrul. r (.la. .- at center
At the curthouse Saturday aite
■ dull, Mr John It. Oanlner ami M r
Annie I WTITiSm- town
■AA.i ii- married by Mr X J
of tl.e Christian rl-u'ch
th>- on of Mi >:
Hk aml Mis- Moon I.
■ri.;\Tii must iim:
' ir til i:»\i» l*lm ll \sfs
f >l , |{!\«; IIOI'F i \o ito \u
The Atlantic Coast I in" Kailroai'
f"in(>.iiiv ha> r«-erntlv |iurchasiil th»*
( J priti.' llope-Role>ville railroad wliich
•  itm-l.' ihr»url Kriiiiklin, Sash an-'
Wak« counties Tlie road is twenty
two r.iiles long and has formerly ln-»r
la-est a- a lot? road
it iu • (irevailiiiK opinion that the '
C.-jL-t ha.- at la decided n
tr.-d it.- line.- into l'aleii;h. The |iiir
has* of the BOW piece of road pit's (
the c impany almo.-t in si|(ht of thi*.
city. It ih understood that the Inler
tale Commerce Commission approv- (
e.l the purchase of the road The ex- |
u n.-i»ii of its lines into Raleigh would
greatly aid f-la»terri Carolina in iret
tlr.t in'o the c?ntral |iait of ire
Th - WomiuiV fe«leratioi. will mee* 1
i«n TUMU) and Thursila)
COM daring the month of Janua.y
with Mr.-. K- J. I "eel at her home on '
Ikufhtim street at 3:fto o'clock. All
mem««ers are urged to be present it
the i ieetinrs
, J
Mr and Mrn- Mark Ruffin and iit- ,
tie iM, Marvin Kuffin of Tarboro |
ifMt Sunday in town with Mr. »n) ]
Mrs J. H Rritt.
Mr. Harry Onion returned to hii ]
work ■ Smithftebl ye>tenia) mom- |
•nit after j wending the holidays T«-e
with friends. I
Mr. Alfred Simmonn of Greenville j
I tfort Sunday in town with friends. j
z -- if
;/ll .HNS * LATCHKEY 10 iW*
-(»;».> Of MARTIN COlVn
iv>i ISiM
Much complaint has been made hv
the people of W dliamston as to the
way the laws wer" maintaineit ami
oh-or\"e.t .iurmif the Chru tiri> sea
T!i« I hri.-tma.- tn-le *a .itturhe-i
bv sii.Kitmu of fire work- and ?*e
Ve-icril ippfirancr *»f or
tne part of '.hose 'Kit were ceiehr-it
It is sa:«l that the town law? for
i-i.i t!ic -h. »f Sr" Wrack*-?--
tiie public ' ri.-t-, \it m aim
. cons»ant r.»ar with th" r*--uit t'-at
!he nt'upli' wen if raid to •>«
•he i rw • r fear of !eir? irjcre l .
From apueararxe.- the charge of the
!'U*ii»-'« m« n was corree*. as th»re
vas :i irenera! .iisresp*t for he
The community Ck"ri.«tmas tr—e
which w.»> to have been helo Chri.-»-
ii as ever, w:i- p.v-tpone>l to Fridiv
or .iicou'it of the heavy rainfall or
Chris mi- Kve, which prevented '>>e
i !»-ctrica! . rcjratin>;.
Owinit to the intensive cold weat'ier
-f Friday niicht the exerci-e- w.-v
---hurt, ntsl um! after prayer am! a f«-
words on the "-pint of Christm*-"*
•jfi re spviken by Mr A J Manning
Ihe distribution of gifts began
Th«ie a targe crow i ' *
id the children had a happy time.
Thi- was \\illiam-t«»n">'fir-t com
munity Christmas tiee am! had Mr
I'urdo, who lia>t the plan- in charge,
not Ixei taken ill. it vroul.f have been
gre tter -ucce-- than it wa
-11 > man Whitley Dead
I Mr. Ilynuin Whitley, a firmer !iv
ii g near Hamilton. .lie>! Sunday fr« n _
an atteck of pneumonia after surf. r
mg * ith it for -everal .lays.
The liedy was burie.! yesieniay ;;t
i lie Spring tireen cemetery
Thi liecea-e*! leaves a WKIOW an«*
.vveral children. He was about
y i ars. old ami wa- a good «|Uiet
iit urn. Imisl by all those wto knew
Mr J A I'helan, an oil n|eit -a""-
tl at lif.'t has the i*wr("?t >e .r
ii man:, for oil companies. Then- are
..U!»o'_.thau piu>iita.iu« well-
thi- I nitel States, these well- av.-r
--agi'ig six ami a half harrel- of
ler day After allowing a reas4«ii..i«le
| I nipin; chrtrge it will t"»ke toll >mr
l«.r a |>i to i-et l«.k 'le in - ••v
re«|u!re«! to l«ore a wel! th« »v*!>.r
vo-t Ix'.iig Mr I'helan «- •-
mate hat i;i.i»>ty prr cent of i! '
I r.nlii.*' iir c..iiina'.ie- will l««-e mor«y
.... ... ■*
thi- > ;ir
I.ONF ItiINT «»\ i:R
' F \KU I. IFF SOliNil FOE
Williainston |t4») Scout- w*o*» bi a
lone point over I arm Llf- when 'hev
■ lefealeit the visiting ba>keteers bv l
-core of 42 to 41
Th? hoys from Farm lafe gave tl.e
-«out ; chase until th-r last iu;*rer
when the local- iiuute J# of their forty
|ioiiit. am! won ti>- gam?.
Tht visiting hoys certainly gave 'lie
cout - a good "jme and m l'le it a
v ry ini> est in- on" for l»-th play
ers and fans
The scout; are schedule to play
u return game with Farm Life to
morrow afternoon at Farm Life. This
however, is not certain as the
(.lairs hay * not been made.
'Siert the New Year rigM >ub
-crib- to Th-- Hnttrpn.e.
Mi.-se. Trula W" Page uJ Eli*-
(iurganus ami Mr Julian Har
rell motored to Tarboro Sunday
The force was all back yesteniny
morning, telling of what he saw ami
what he did.
Misses Mayo and Annie L.mb en
tertained a few friends at canls Sat
urday afternoon.
Mr ami Mrs J. G. Staton ar- spend
■ng several days in Norfolk this
*eek . . £ ■
Misses Gladys ami Marie KH
Miss Helen Fhwh and X. T. Keel. ir.
of Rocky Mount —terr»l down yet
teniay to spend the day with Mte*
Martha*- Louise Anderson
Mill. S. & Lawrence. DM S
Peel, sad Francis Mn—iig MlM*d
to Greenville Smmdmy afterwoo*.
Miss Hener M of TarWro spmt
the On ill— hdidayß wttk Mr*
Anna Harrison at the kwe of Mn
L B. llaiils—

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