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    Advertiser! Will Find Our Col
■ntas a Latchkey to Over 1600
Hoaaes of Martin Gouty.
Teachers' Meet
to be Held Here
Next Saturday
County Commencement
Plans Are Slated
for Discussion
The fifth Martin County teachers'
meeting will be held here next Satur
day in the ichool auditorium at 2 o'-
clock. Supt. R. A. Pope is calling:
special attention to those teachers
who have not attended previous meet
ings, urging that they be at the one'
Meetings of the teachers have been
very well attended during the pres
ent school year, there being about an
80 per cent average attendance record
ad. According to Superintendent
Pope, that average is not a bad one;
however, among the 20 per cent there
are many who have not attended at
all. Under the State law, for an in
crease in a teacher'# salary to take
place, the teacher must attend such
meetings as held by the county in
question. It is under such a ruling
that the teachers of the county are
urged to attend.
At the mee4ing next Saturday plans
for the county commencement are to
be discussed, along with general is
sues. In an interview with the* sup
erintendent this morning it was learn
ed that the value of these meetings
w groat, especially is it so in thesup
erintendent'i office. The amount of
detail reaching that office in the form
of reports requires much time, and
♦here reports are properly treated by
the various schools, a large amount of
time is saved. At these meetings, the
Accurate handling of reports has been
(tressed, and as a result practically
all the chools of the county are now
submitting correct reports.
Land Sales Bring:
Unexpected Prices
Land sales under deeds of trust at
the court house yesterday surprised
many when the bids far exceeded the
prins expected by the attorneys in
charge of the sales. In one or two in
stances, the sale price increased 400
per cent over the first bid. Five salee
were made at the noon hour yester
Robersonville Plays
In Pinetops Tonight
The girls and boys basketball teams
of the Robersonville High School
leave ttaia evening for Pinetops, where
they will meet the two teams of the
achool there tonight. On Thursday,
the Robersonville boys play Nash
ville at Robersonville.
Income Tax Man to be
Here Friday, Feb. 18th
The national income tax man will
be in town Friday, the 18th, for the
purpose of assisting any Federal in
come tax payefs in making out their
reports. Although these reports have
to be made each year, few people
have yet learned how to make them
Miss Louise Hoolu, of Ayden, is vis
iting Mr. and Mrs. Z. H. Rose at the
Atlantic Hotel.
Mr. Paul B&iley, cashier of (he
Planters A Merchants bank, Everetts,
was a business visitor here this morn
Miss Hattie Thrower, assistant to
the County Superintendent of Schools,
is suffering an attack of influenza at
her home in New Town this week.
During her absence at the superin
tendent's office, Miss Thelma Brown
is handling her duties.
■ I ! I
"The Magnificient"
Richard Talmadge
. —in—
The Merry Cavalier*
Don't forget the free
ticket to Friday's
show. ; !
; Always a Good Show
F.ufure of Local Schools i
Before Parents-Teachers
Meet Tomorrow
One of the most important par
ent-teacher meeting; called in
years has been announced for to
morrow afternoon in the school
auditorium at 3U5. In short, the
meeting will deal with the future
of the local school, and every par
ent in the town is urged to at
tend. The public at large is invit
ed to attend.
Superintendent R. A. Pope, and
Helpless Old Dad Asks Aid
the war an old fiisnd said hs had
Mfn him is franco—on the war to
the trenches, he thought, the
Rainbow division. Tile father, W.
J. Mlxon, Route 4, Lumberton, ML
CL," writes this newspaper. "I am
old and almost helpless and I want
my son Any information will bring
comfort to a lonely man."
New Jail Receives its
First Inmate Monday
Martin County's new jail received
it* first prisoner yesterday afternoon
when eDputy Grime*, placed Charles
Spruill, colored, behind the combina
tions. While all the details have not
been completed in the construction of 1
the jail, Spruill rested safely there,
last night An extension was used
to carry light to tht jail until the
regular fixtures can be installed. a
Spruill was placed in the new jail
under two charges, assault and re-1
sisting an officer. His trial comes be
fore Judge liailey today in the county
Firemen Realize But
Little on Week's Work
Picture the local volunteer firemen
riding down the street in a big new
fire truck, and you will be in keeping
with many who think they made a
"killing" at the indoor circus last
week; the statement drawn last night
by the chief throws a different light
on the topic and shows that after all
expenses were paid $139.66 went to
the organization. The statement
sliowed the gross receipts at $400.66,
this amount coming from door re
ceipts and Bingo and Coco-Cola
stands. This figure was badly smash
ed when rental fees, equipment, and
the many Expenses were met.
During the week the entire com
pany, with one or two exceptions,
served in some way at the circus, and
once the value given is considered,
the firemen have gained little or noth
Red Oak Calls Game Off
With Everetts Tonight
The Everetts-Red Oak basketball
game, which was scheduled to be
played here tonight has been called
off. The game wan cancelled when
the extension department of* the Uni
cersity set that date for Red Oak. to
play a game in the State champion
ship series. The championship sched
ule takes precedence over all others,
but the manager of the Red Oak Ave
stated that his team would be glad
to come any other date suitable to
Everett*. No date has been mentioned
at this time, but according to Coach
Hlx a game will likely be arranged
for next week.
The Washington-Everetta girls'
game scheduled here for tonight also
will not be played here, but the two
teams will meet in Everetts instead.
Opened Beauty Parlor
Here This Morning
The Citisene barbershop announces
the opening of a beauty parlor in its
shop in the Peele building. Mrs. E.
F. Burnell, of Norfolk, Va., arrived
here yesterday and she will manage
the parlor. . >
Mr. G. P. Hall, owner, has recently
installed several hundred dollars'
worth of new equipment in the parlor,
and • large patronage Is anticipated.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Tuesday, February 15, 1927
Mr. K. B. Crawford, a member of
the Martin County Board of (Edu
cation, will address the meeting.
In their talks they will undertake
to acquaint the public as to the
future possibilities of the local
school. Just what conrae they
will follow in donig this has not
been announced, but the meeting
will not last altogether over 45
Poorest Games
Seen in Finals
Everetts Gets Two Cups
Ottered When it Wins
Over Jamesville
Running along in a happy fashion
for four days, the indoor circus bas
ketball tournament took a turn down-
ward Friday night when rumors were
started and when Everetts licked
Jumesville 14 to 9. The game was a
sorry one; Jamesville took advantage
of the free-for-all classing and ran
in several supposedly good players.
That was all right, but Everetts look
ed upon the doings with contempt and
fought to win. ,Under such a setting
the game dragger, Everetts playing
rings around the imported stars in
every quarter.
The work of the Everetts guards
stood out ami they allowed their op
ponents to register but one goal from
the Held, seven points coming via the
free-throw route. Joe Dowell and
Jack Yarborough, of Lincolnton,
played an individual game and ham
pered the progress of the Jamesville
boys; this was due, no doubt, because
there had been no practice with that
purticular line up. Britt, for Jamea
ville, was guarded so closely that hia
work in making long shots fell
So the second cup awarded in the
tournament went to Everetts.
Group A Finals Called Off
The final game in group A pf the
indoor circus basketball tournament
failed to take place when Jamesville
withdrew from the contest early Sat
urday morning. It is understood this
action war taken' when charges were
made as To the referee of the Friday
game and when the tournament was
said to have been conducted under
Loo strict a commercial basis. State
ments from those in charge of the
tournament are not in keeping with
the action taken, nor do they give
any cause for Jamesville withdrawing.
The game was called off too late to
make an announcement, and a hurried
game was called between the local
high school boys and Everetts. Out
classed in every phase of the game,
the locals dklj however, make a ci ed
itable showing and went through the
contest in a manly fashion. Everetts
won by a large score, many of their
points resulting from free throws,.
The locals failed in the main to reg
ister free throws, and the majority of
its points were made from the field.
I)r. Poteat Pleases
Large Congregation
Dr. William Louis Poteat, president
of Wake Forest College, delighted his
audience Sunday morning at the Bap
tist church when he spoke on "Educa
tion and the Kingdom."
Dr. Poteat is a clear, concise think
er and a master of the art of "getting
it across."
The Baptist church hopes, from
time to time, to bring into the com
munity men with marked and rare
ability. Dr. R. T. Vann will speak one
week from tonight.
An effort has been made to secure
Rev. A. E. Corey, of Kinston, and it
is hoped that before long he Way
speak in Williamston.
Swine Production
Speaks in Jamesville Tonight
(Agriculture Teacher of JMM
ville High School)
Mr. W. W. Shay, from the
swine extension division, North
Carolina Department of Agricul
ture, will meet with the evening
class at the Jamesville High
Sahool r .Tuesday night, February
16, at 7 30, to discuss swine pro
duction in Martin County.
Mr. Shay is widely known and
recognised as one of the best au
thorities on swine production, and
Noted Lecturer
to Appear Here
Benefiit School
Will Give Two Perform
ances in Strand
„ Theatre
Tuesday afternoon and night, March
1, Charles E. Buck, a humorous lec
turer, will give two lectures showing
the scenery of the United States by
pictures projected on the screen in
the Strand theatre here. The title of
Mr. Buck's lecture is "Picture Stories
oi American Wonderlands." Prof. A-
L. Phillips, head of the Durham High
writes that it was a great
success in his school. The lecture!
contains comments and pictures on
such topics as "Out Where the West |
Begins," "Racing a Storm on Kansas
Plains," "float Likli a Cork on Salt
Lake," and 50 other topics of romance
and adventure. Mr. Buck has visited
all these places and gives us first
| hand information about them. In the ;
afternoon from 2.80 to 4.00 one lec
ture will be given in the theatre at
26 cents admission. "Classes in the lo
cal schools will be luspended at 2.15
and all children will have the oppor
tunity of seeing these pictures. At
7:45 in the evening the same' lecture
will be given at the Strand Theatre
f«T the benefit of those who are un
able to get off in the afternoon.
Mayor Speaks at
* WomanVClub Meet
Mayor K. L. Coburn yesterday af
ternoon uddressed t*it Woman's club
here. Using- "Good* Citizenship" as
his theme, the Mayor stressed the
politcal and social life of the citizen ,
in the community as it uffect.s good l
government. The duties of a good
citizen as pointed out by Mr. Coburni
require an ever increasing interest in j
politics and town affairs. Under town 1
affairs comes the beautifying of lots,!
hunies and streets, the speaker stat-1
ing that the job cannot be success- i
fully handled in a mall town by the'
officer* alone, and (Mat the task be
longs to everyone within the borders
of the town.
The meeting was poorly attended,
leas than fifty per cent of the mem
bers of tho club being present.
Town Commissioners
Fail to Attend Meet
The meeting: of the ®bwn commis
sioners announced for last night wan
not held,' The mayor ami clerk were
out of town and 30 minutes (after the
time set for the meeting only one of
the commissioners hud arrived at the
scene. A committee from the Woman's
Ciub called on him for favorable law*
regarding the club's activities. The
committee's requests will likely reach
the board at a special session some
time within the (tP*t few days.
LedtfepDisnatch Now
(iets Here Day Printed
T h'e Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch,
which has for u long time come to us j
as a morning p'aber, has found a wayj
to get it to us on the same day print
ed and has changed the dating, bring
ing us what was formerly tomorrow's
paper today. The paper heretofore
has printed its f'tgst edition just after
li. o'clock and then brought out a'
later edition, which wa« mailed in the j
kte afternoon, coming on the Nor-1
folk-Southern to Plymouth and on to \
Williamston on the A. C. L. train the
next morning. It now leaves Norfolk I
about 12:30 and comes by A. C. L. to!
Aulander and then by bus to Wil
liamston, reaching here at 4:30 the
same day printed.
The Philathea Class of the Chris
tian church will have a silver tea Fri
day afternoon f{om 3:30 to 5 at the
home of Mrs. George H. Harrison on
Main Street. The public is cordially
invited. \ J
we are fortunate in having him
come to this county. He is not
only able to give much informa
in swine production, but he
MR had much experience in mar
keting hogs and knows the busi
ness side, as well as the produc
tion side of raising hogs. •
When Mr. Shay came to this
State very few hogs were raised
and sold profitably, but thousands
of dollars were spent by farmers
for northern and western grown
meat each year. Now, hundreds
of carloads are shipped from this
Her Home Now Temporary White House
Mk'' RV' ft
. *». PT DM frnmmm. of CWe.™. offwtsd h«r
W4Mra are oo the White House. Thoefh ten
y— Coalttg® majeSto M>
- * — —-
Review of Town Tax Books
Shows 85 Taxpayers Who
Pay More Than SIOO Each
Three Pay Over $1,000;
A. C. L. is Largest
Payer in GroUp
The town tax roll shows omit 3 tax
payers that pay more than $M)00 in
.town taxes; 8 who pay from SSOO to
$1,000; and 74 who pay from SIOO to
Of this number 10 are partner
ships, 10 corporations, the others in
dividuals. All are white, except two.
Following are those who are listed
as paying above SIOO town tajtes:
W. U. Ambers $ 161.92
A. C. L. R. R. Co. 1,966.42
Mrs. A. Anderson 150.H0
Anderson, Crawford & Co. _ 112.60
F. U. Barnes . 231.30
S. RAliggs Iron & Motor Co. 116.02
W. H. Biggs ..... 100.28
John D. Biggs 147.6!)
Mrs. Fannie S. Biggs 514.49
•Geo; W. Blount & Co. 654.43
John M. Bowen ! 243.83
Brick Warehouse Co. 225.00
H. M. Burras 119.10
C. D. Carstarphen i 672.78
I'. H. Cone 106.87
It. S. Courtney ._ 200.58
Mrs. B. A Critcher ... 102.83
K.\P. Cunningham 11012
A. /R. Dunning 270.38
J. A Everett 142.67
Farmers & Merchants Bank 683.68
J. G. Godard __ _i 676.01
Mrs. Alice Codard ; 101.25
Mary P. Godwin 183.02
Mrs. E. L. Godwin _-f. 212.57
Mrs. R. T. Griffin 133.36'
J. S. Griffin i 270.91
Mrs. Eli Gurganus 316.24
Eli Gurganus _._ T __ 329.86
T. S. Hadley 185.11
8. S.Hadley Estate _ 317.36
G. H. Harrison .... 346.76
Harrison Oil Co. ' 343.22
Harrison Wholesale Co. 634.60
L. B. Harrison 21»>K!I
Harrison Bros. & Co * 1,408.76
John L. Hassell , : 631 25
A. Hassell' r 102.37
Mary L. Hassell Z 363.10
Mrs. Fannie Hassell 126.82
Mrs. W. J. Hodges 166.51
Imperial Tobacco Co. 337.50
Mrs. Ada Knight 343.08
W. G. Iamb, Adm. : • 116.40
Luke Lamb, agent 316.16
Mrs. J. D. I/eggett 256.94
Lindsley l(;e Co. r 152 50
W. C. Manning .1 151.09
John W. Manning 101.35
Wheeler Martin 112.59
Mrs. C. A, Martin 378.35
Margolis Bros. 168.75
W. T. Meadows 165.84
Moore, Crawford & Martin 170.93
Clayton Moore : 100.79
C. O. Moore 200.72
M. S. Moore 148.07
Sol. Orleans , 115.75
Mrs. C. F. Page 165.23
H. D. Peel 220.43
Julius S. Peel J 105.51
1!. F. Perry 1 ? 297.82
Mrs. Helen Rhodes 225.00
Roanoke Warehouse Co. 356.95
Roanoke Supply Co. 282.64
H. T. Roberson 124.77
J. R. Robersftn 125.63
Mrs. J. L. Rogerson 170 88
Mrs. J. E. Rogerson 150.60
Mrs. J. H. Saunders 114.95
Mrs. J. D. Simpson 117.66
W. I. Skinner & Co. 124 88
D. D. Stalls 126.54
Standard Oil Co. 207.09
J. G. Staton ..... 311.68
Mrs. J. G. Staton 1,102.76
Union Storage Co. 270.00
J. W. Watts 325.80
C. D. Webb 110.26
Williamston Motor Co. 278.38
M. D. Wilson 673.88
State and thousands of dollars
are kept in this State that one
time went to other States. Per
haps there is no one man that has
dissiminated as much simple spe
cific information that has been
used profitably as Mr. Shay.
Every county agent and agricul
tural specialist in this Sta e uses
Mr. Shay's feeding directions and
directions as to q\«rketing ho*B.
We are tf be congratulated on
having him with us, and every
farmer will be well paid by oom
ing to hear him.
Booking Free Acts
For Roanoke Fair
H. M. Poe, manager of the
Roanoke Fair, in in Florida this
w»*ek visiting many of the win
ter lairs in thai State and gath
ering ideas for the fair here
this year. In a letter from him
received yesterday, he staled
that contracts were being made
for several free acts. The na
ture of the acts was no! men
tioned, but he assured us they
were the latest and would be
enjoyed here.
The Roanoke Fair is entering
its sixth year and will be held
September 27 to 30, 1927.
Mrs. Bettie Mizelle
Terry Died Friday
Mrs. lleUUs Mizei'o Terry beloed
wife of Geergt> U. Terry, died Friday,
February 11, after an illness of two
weeks with acute heart trouble in the
Washington Hospital. She was 07
J cars old and hail been married 50
years to Mr. Terry on the day she
dred. Ihe funeral services were cor
ducted by her pastor, He v. Tom I'ol-
Wd, of the Free Will baptist Church,
frrnl interment was at Hear (Jruss. lie
sides her husband she is survived by
the following children: Messrs. Jim,
Clue, and Lonnie Terry, and
lie Wynne, Mrs. Eddie Whichard, Mrs;.
Messle Cowing, and Mrs. Maggie
White hurst of Heaufort County, aiiil
W grandchildren and 2!t great-grand
children. She, was greatly loved and
honored by her many relatives and
friends. " .
I). A. R.'s Meet with
Mrs. John I) l»i««s
The Gideon Lamb Chapter 15. A.
K.'h held its regular meeting last
Thursday evening with Mrs. John 1).
Iliggs at her home in New Town.
After the formal opening exercises
the business on hand was discussed.
A contribution was made to tho
North Carolina space in the Valley
Forge monument.
A shower of clothes, embroidered
pieces and embroidery floss for the
immigrants at, Ellis Island will be
given at the next.,meeting.
Mrs. A. J{. Dunning anil Mrs. f. U.
Names were elected delegates to the
state meeting at Wilmington and Mrs.
John I), liiggs alternate.
Mrs. E. W. McMaster, mother of
Mrs. F. U, llarnes was a special
Mrs. Biggs served a delicious salad
Town Team to Hay
Rocky Mount "Y"
The local town basketball team will
meet the Rocky Mount ""Y" team here
next Thursday night'at 8 p. m. p in a
benefit game, the proceeds, going to
the Woman's Club. The members of
the team here K'ladly consented to
play the for the club, and a
committee of the at work
selling tickets to the event.
This will make the third game w l ith
the Rocky Mount" team, but this time
there will be a different line up of tha
visitors. Jimmy Simpson, former
,I)uke star in several major sports,
will be in the game. The first time
the locals and the "Y" met, the visi
tors all second-string m«n; the
s cond game saw several members of
the first team in action; and this time
there will be :jdl the first-string men
with stars incllded.
Mrs. Kate York 290.15
W mston A gr. Credit Corp. 135.00
W S. Faulk -i. 137.19
W. V. Ormond 203.78
Watch the Label On Your
Paper; It Carries the Date
Your Subscription Expires.
Indict Two for
Fraud Against
Insurance Firm
W. V. Ormond and Mary
Hyman Bound Over
to Superior Court
Hugh Stephens, deputy insurance
commissioner of Raleigh, is in town
t day to appear before the recorder's
ecurt to prosecute a case against
VV. V. Ormond and Mary Hyman,"
both defendants colored, on a forgery
4 TJae- charge against the defendants
originated back in May of last year
when a policy was written on the-life
of Ada Hyman. It was stated then
that she was then living in the Indian
Woods section of Bertie county. The
policy was issued Wy the Home Secur
i y Insurance company of Durham in
the sum of $250.00. The premiums
were paid by Mary Hyman until De
cember when a death claim with the
policy went into the company. Whita
the proof .seemed to be in correct
form, suspicion, in some way, entered'
ii:. 1 h» matter was referred to the
Insurance department and it was
learned from Mrs. Hugh Early, the
registrar of vital statistics of Indian
Woods township, that no >uch death
had been reported to her. The depart
ment also found that VV. If. Carter,
an undertaker of that section and
whose name Hail been affixed to the
dratii..'pr&of, knew nothing of the
death of such a person.
Further inquiry brought an admis
sion from Ormond that he filled out
all, the blanks and signal the names
thereto, but that he did so at the re
quest of Mary Hyman, the beneficiary.
Mr. Stephens contends * that the
-policy was fraudently issued, there
b 'irig in fact no such person as Ada
Hyman, that it wa» a colusion be
tween Ormond and Hyman to have a
bogus policy issued and a fraudulent
death proof prepared to defraud the
insuring company.
Ihe charge .comes as a great sur-
I "■ if»«> to the people of Williamston as
Ornioiul has .always stood well in the
community as has also Mary Hyman,
i uch being regarded by both the
white as well a.s the people of their
own race with favor.
The two defendants were requir
ed to give borwl'for their appearance
before the next term of the superior
court, the recorder's court being with
out jurisdiction in such a case.
Hat tie Speller is
Aeeidentally Shot
tiattie Speller, colored woman who
lives below the liver hill, was acci
dentally shot in the leg yesterday af
ternoon by Joe Griffin. Griffln, in the
midst of a hog killing, was in the act
ol reloading a .22 rifle when the loose
1i igger slipped and caused the rifle to
fire. 1
The wound, while very painful, is
'■of considered serious.
Judge (.rady Spends
Sunday Here
Judge Henry A. Grady, of Clinton,
spent Sunday night in town. The
judge was on his way to Windsor,
where he two weeks term of
court lor Itertie County. Judge Grady
stands as one of the leading judges
ojitiwr-Kjiperior court bench of North
( (O'olina in justice, knowledge, and
ability in procedure. Although he is
high in the councils of the Ku Klux
Klan, no one has yet been able to
find j.he slightest objection to him as
a judge. . ,
Last Classes Baptist
Mission School Tonight
I onight ( I uesday) at 7.30 o'clock
the mission school at the Baptist
church will have its last regular ses
sion. It is hoped that the fine aver
age attendance will be maintained and
that the school will close with a fine
session. •
Next Tuesday night at the same
hour Dr. \ ann, of Raleigh, will ad
dress those who have been attending
the school; and it is hoped that a
laige audience of people from all over
town will be out to hear him.
Home Department of
Woman's Club to Meet
The American Home Department of
the Williamston Woman's Club will
meet in the club room Thursday, Feb
ruary 17,' at 4 p. m.
"The Home and Its Keeda" Will l>e
considered in the program, as well as
the nutritional subject, "Building the
Body and Keeping It in the Best Con
This department ia open to mem
bers of the Woman's Club or others
who are not members of the club will
b- welcomed as visitors,—Anna Trent
ham, departmental

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