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Power Company's Proposition Will Come Before Board Monday Night
Number Officials of Virginia
Electric & Power Co.
Touring East
J. T. Chase, Manager of Carolina 1
Division Will Meet With Town
Commissioners Monday
Powerful officials of the Virginia
Electric and Power company, J. F.
McLughlin, J. W. Keeney, Supt. of
Production; P. D. Lawrence, Power
Sales Engineer; C. H. Harris, Elec
trical Engineer, R. J. Throckmorton,
General Manager Electrical Depart
ment, of Richmond and J. T. Chase,
Manager Carolina Division, stopped
over here a few minutes here yester
day, stating that their company
would be represented here Monday at
a meeting of the board of town com
missioners. Mr. Chase, the company's
manager of the Carolina Division,
who ha* carried on the negotiations
with the town as to the purchase of
the light and power system will he
here Monday,
The officials yesterday were tour
ing this section of the State and the
opportunities offered' try this section
H« med to appeal greatly to them.
The Virginia Electric and Power
company now has power lines ex
tending to Aulander, Scotland Neck
and Tarboro. Hamilton and Oak City
which are being lighted by Scotland
Ne«*k, fre also using power furnished
through the Virginia .**ny»a*fy,
A coimtrr propositi made f>y the
town and asking for $100,00« for the
plant here will be heaH from at the
outcome of the mooting furnishes
wid" speculation, and the interest of
the town is focused on the outcome.
Several Outfits Captured by
Officers, But Operators
All Escape
This week has not been a very
healthy one for moonshiners in this
c«unty. Sheriff Roebuck and Deputy
OHmex, and 11. O. Daniel captured a
steam plant and 14 barrels of beer
Tuesday. Deputy Grimes accompanied
by two assistants captured a steam
still with four barrels of beer the
Hume day. On Thursday, Deputies
Grimes and Daniel captured a still in
a wood l»etween Kveretts and Bear
Grass, it being of about 50 gallon ca
pacity. The still was right new and
had never been used. The few pieces
of copper left over were still around
the plant and a considerable quantity
of solder, scraps of copper and other
material used in making the' still
were cauptured and brought in. No
beer was found at the still.
Government officers were also in the
county two days during the week and
they succeeding in picking up five
stills and Urge quantities of beer and
pU.nt equipment. Operators steered
clear in all the raids and not a one
was captured.
Mr. E. H. Ange, of Jamegville, was
a business visitor here today.
Episode No. 4
„ -
Local Graded and High
Schools To Begin Session
On Monday, September 12
Several Members of Last Making Preparations for
Year's Faculty Return i Largest Registration
This Year In History
Uurges Parents, Friends, and Children Mr. Davis Urges Parents of First
.To Bt Present at Opening NA Year "Pupils To See Him Before
Exercises Opening of Term
The Jamesville school will »p''n
for the fall session next Monday,
irfi i.l *» *
Several of las:
faculty will return" io the bcJi .oI this
year. Tht>»e of last y«*r's faculty who
will be here this year are: Misses
Essie Jordan, Hilda Siwnrell, Kath
leen Garren in the elenientury school;
Mfcs Marguerite York and Principal
J. L. Jones in the high school. I'rof
fessor W. T. Overby, who was at the
haad of tho agricultural department
la«t year, and gave half his time to
that work and half to the school, will
bo back this year and will devote all
hie time to agriculture. Mr. Overby
will be in a position to render better
service tills year and will continue
tl»e spendid wok which he started
last year.
The new teachers for this year
are: Mr. A. M. Snapp, of Emory,
Va. Mr. Snapp is a graduate of
Emory and Henry College and will
teach history and roach athletics.
M'ss Annie Young of Cedartown, Oa.
v/ho will teach mathematics and
French; Miss Julia Burwell, of Stov
all, N. C., will teach the seventh
grade, and Miss Elizabeth Watson, of
Murfreesboro, will teach in the ele
nientray school. Miss Annie Glascow
will teach music.
The prospects are veiy bright for
the best year in the school's history
and it is hoped that everyone will
show an interest in the school ami that every child has the best ad
vantage possible to better his intel
lectual abilities.
It is hoped that as many mothers
and fathers, patrons and friends ot
the school as is possible will be there
opening day and give to the teacher.®
and children the best cooperation pos
New Brick Store Being.
Built by Everettsr Firm
J. S. Ayers and company, general
n errhant-s at Everett l *, have just let
a contract for a new nfedern brick
■tore to be erected next to the store
now occupied by the firm and the high
way at Everetta.
The contract, let to Mr. A. T. Per
ry, contractor here, calls for the com
pletion of the building by December
15th. The aproximate cost of the
store will me SIO,OOO, it is under
Messrs. J. S. Ayers and Jesse Keel,
members of the firm, are among the
county's progressive merchants, and
their growing business forces them
to seek better and larger quarters.
The store, when completed, will be
ene of the best in the section.
Eevertts Bunk President
Has Tonsils Removed
Mr. V. G. Taylor, president of the
Planters and Merchants bank, Ever
etts, is expected home this evening
from Rocky Mount where he had his
fusils removed a lew' days ago at
the Park View hospital.
Williamston, Martin County, North Carolina, Friday, September 2, 1927
Vacation days art- fleeting fast
for the children in the local school !
(Jisttict, for the announcement has
been made and schools opens, Mon- j
day, September 12th. Mr.. L.. H: Davis, I
the school's principal, is here now at j,
work making all preparations for the'
largest opening yet experienced by
the school.
With one exception all places in the
I acuity have been filled, and by t>-
nurow the list will be complete, it
is stated. The faculty sees many new j
members this year. Miss Serena |
Peacock, of Fremont, will have the j
fust grade; Misses Mildred Harden,
of Kenly and Lucy Claire Ivcy, of
Scotland Neck will teach the two
sections of the second grade; Miss I
Nallie Wilkins, of Creedmore, will
have a section of the third grade; Miss , '
Elizabeth Ramsey, of Ivor, Va., who j
was in the Plymouth school last year,
will have the other section of the third I
Miss Lillian Sample, of Davidson, '
returns to the fourth grade where I
she taught last year; Miss Lucille j
Allen, of Credmore, will again have
the fifth grade. For the first "section
of the sixth grade, Miss Katherine j
C»le, of Fairmont, has been employ- '
ed. The second section of this grade
has not been filled at this time. Mrs. j
Milton Moye, of Williamston, teaches
the seventh. Miss Mary Fletcher, of
McCall, S. C., Mrs. W. H. Harrell, of
Williamston, Mr. B. E. Wood, of
Gojdsboro, and Principal L. H. Davis, i
of Davis, will be in the high school
department. Mrs. W. C. Manning, jr.
will have charge of the music do-j
To avoid all delay possible in get- 
ting first year pupils started in school
this year, it is urged that the parents '
of these children sec Mr. Davis at the
school building some afternoon be
tween two and four o'clock during the
one week remaining before school .
opens. Such information as the child's
health, nd gen ral disposition is
wanted. Such an intreview with the
parentd will not only give the princi- j
pal an insight into the child's life,
but also the teachers will be saved
the time, trouble and uncertainty in
getting this required data.
Though the age limit has not been
net, it is suggested that all parents
having children to become six years
of age by January 1, 1928 to register
that child during the next week a
long with the rest.
The information received last
spring was greatly appreciated, but
thi;: is no less essential, stated Mr.
Davis yesterday. «
l'emember the hours when the office
will be open, 2:00 to 4:00 every af
Two Negro Quartets at
Court House Sunday
The Peerless Four and the Family
Four, Negro quartettes, will appear
at the court house here next Sunday
afternoon at 3:00 o'clock, according
to an announcement made yesterday.
by one of the quartette's managers.
~ ngß
A few of the many cars that were
, here owning day of the tobacco mar
ket last year (top). Below is an
, interior si r»ne of one of the ware
|house; here while ttfe wile was going
on. I'll opening this year is ex
pected to surpass that of last year.
Inducements Offered by
Town Accepted by
Big Concern
Montgomery I .umlicr Co. Changes
Original Plan to Haul Timber to
Suffolk for Manufacture
Inducements made by citizens of
Montgomery Lumber compuny, and it
is understood that the company wtfF
build a ?argc mill there in the near
The Montgomery Lumber company
has, in the past several months,
bought vast tracts of timber in the
Jamesville section and in Grittins
township. It was first considered by
the company to ship the round tim
ber to its Suffolk plant for manu
facture, but reports reaching here
state that this idea has been abandon
ed and a plant will be erected at
Jamesville. The plans also call for the
shipment of the sawed timber by wat
er, makinj* possible jrreat savings in
freight rates.
Should the present plans mature,
the new mill will be be
low the whurf on'the "Wallace land.
Dr. McMillan to Speak at
Baptist Church Sunday
In the absence of the pastor, Dr.
J L. McMillan will ©reach at
Memorial Baptist Ctarch
morning at 11 o'clock.
I>r. McMillan comes to us from
Wake Forest College, and should beur
up that institution's reputation of
sending out (food-speakers. The people
cf the church, and others not havini?
services of their own, arc asked to
hear him. •
Next Wednesday's mid-week service
a* this church will be in charge of
the Men*?r-fHbb»-X!ass, lead by Bur
ras Critcher. A change of program
will be welcomed by the pn'pie, and
a program of worth will no doubt be
ghen. *
During the next few months, the
town treasurer, Mr. W. T. Meadows
will have an assistant to help take
care of the town's work. rirs. Charlie
Ja men who has been employed will
bo in the office each day to receive
the light and water accounts.
Will Have Capacity of 700
Tons of Fertilizers
Plan To Start Deliveries of Fertilizer
In Ample Time for Next
Yera's Crop
The first unit of the Standard Fer
tilizer company is now well underway,
and will be completed in ample time
t make prompt deliveries of fertil
iser when the season opens, accord
ing to an announcement made by. of
ficials of that company yesterday.
Mr. C. T. Crocket, resident man- i
ager of the plant, stated that the unit I
now under construction, will provide '
a 700-ton out put each day, an 1 that
the construction of the building will i
be such that unit after unit 'an he
added as the demand calls tor it. The
output from the plant will 25
box cars each day. Of course, there
will be other deliveries made, by water
and to local wagons, cutting down the
number of box cars needed. To handle
thr local business, two storage houses
will be built and a large wharf con- ,
structed for handling goods shipped
by water. Piles' for the wharf have
already been placed at the ami
art now ready for the pile driv. r.
On top of the factory, which will
bj threi stories high, the company
ia planning to plate a large electric
sign, Inuring its name and that of
it.- product.
The company's office will he built
rear the car tracks adjoining the
storage plants just this side of the
main factory. Mr. Crockett is in Nor
folk and Baltimore this week, but
expects to move his family here next
week and remain here, giving his en
tire time to the woik here.
Negro A ' rested Here
For Check Flashing
I'roftfssoi .L U. Moore, the one-arm
Negro book rtgent who has been in
■"ur town for a few days was called
on by Deputies Grimes and Koebuck v/ith the Norfolk, Baltimore and Cur
Thursday at *he request coming from „|i na |i t , e> the Rapid Transit company
policd quarters in Aurora. Moore wan] w ill me"t the boats of that company
v.-antedjor (lashing bad check;!, but ||, . r> . |j.stributi freight billed
lie denied the charge when first ar- straight through to Rocky Mount and
rested. | i ther towns between here ami there
The Aurora authorlticH soon ar- twice each week. On till' return trip,
rived and took Moore back to answer! thr> trucks of the Transit company
a number of charges. He w j|| collect freight for shipment from
it 'wan a kind of debt collecting Kume.j t j.j H po j nt to p „antH north. The Rapid
'I iunfit company will also operate a
line out of Washington, where it
ceela other boats of tlie Norfolk,
Business Houses Here Not
To Observe Labor Day
Outside of the post office and the
barber shops* all business houses here
will bo open for business next Mon
Day here has never been ob
served to the fullest, and this year
wi«b the tobacco markets opening in
tht county on Tuesaay and Wedncs.
('ay, practically all the business
be uses in the county are remaining
open to be up with their work Tues
The post offices will only dispatch
and place mail in boxes, there beinjr
reither rural nor city delivery that
day. The barber shops will close only
for a half day in the afternoon.
Rocky Mount Boosters
Were Here Wednesday
Seventy-five Rocky Mount citizens,
led by Josh Horn s ( editor of the
Rocky Mount Evening Telegram,
were here for a short time lut>- Wed
nesday afternoon, boosting their town advertising the fair there. The
drum corps and drill team of the T>.
O. K. K. gave an attractive exhibi-
tion on the corner of Main and Smith
wick streets while traffic was blocked
in every direction. Greetings of good
will were extendedHhe peope here by
the Mcretary of the Rocky Mount
V. M. C, A.
J'ule James With The
!Robersonville Market
Starting in the tobacco businesc
abeut 20 years ago at Robersonville,
Jute James, returns to that market
this year and will be assistant sales
manager for Everett and Taylor. Mr
James was at Tarboro last season. - *
back in hii |
many and best friendK, and that he \* |
with a i{ood market, centrally located
Enterprise Presents
Edition Tabloid Size
The ex-(governor Henry J.
Allen culls tabloid newspapers
"typographical rosities",
but in spite of the ex-Governor's
disheartening statement, we at
tempt, in part, a tabloid edition.
It is, more or less, an experi
ment, and so far us is kn.iwn it
is the first of its kind to be is
sued in a country newspaper
shop. We trust you will like it.
In hrhalf of the tabloid news
paper, it must be said that the
most progressive editors in the
country think it will be the out
standing type in time to come.
111 all those who see a copy
and who do not helonu to our
large family of readers, we in
>i e them to join.
Will Distribute Freight
Between Here and
Mpunt f
Heavy Shipments of Cotton, Tobacco
And Peanuts Looked For
This Fall
Freight service via the Norfolk,
Baltimore un«l Carolina boat line to
Rocky Mount and other Eastern Car
olina towii.s — was established this
v.hen the Rapid Transit company was
organised hy Messrs. li. K. Kicks and
Walter 1,. Harrington, of Greenville.
Acconlini; to •
Baltimore and Carolina line. The In
itial trip wus run hy the company
till;, week, and while th" freights were
rat vejy large, the outlook for in
cu'ising business is very encouraging
to officials.
A ti uck with two trailers will serve
Hit! towns on this route and when
leaded will carry a load equal that
cart ied hy a box car. The trucks will
deliver freight to the customers in
the various townr. and on its return
collect outgoing freight,' With heavy
shipments of cotton, peanuts, and
tobacco expected, the new line will
transport an enormous amount of
freight in both directions. Besides
offering a direct service from north
ern points to the customers' door, the
tv o lines will effect great savings for
th • merchants patronising the system.
Mr. T. E. J ones, special agent for
tie boat line, was here yesterday and
!w stated that the Transit company
i-i expected to make is first run from
here tomorrow morning, carrying a
largo amount of soap to Rocky Mount.
The Norfolk, Baltimore and Carolina
line is bringing larjje freights here
each week, and when the new business
develops, it is the opinion of the offi
cials that two extra boats will be
put on the regular schedule to this
point. However, further attention a
lonir this line will await developments
of the new unit in the system.
Sunday Services at
Episcopal Church
Rev. Clarance 0. Pardo, Rector
Church School 10:00
Holy Communion and Sejmon 11:00
Holy Trinity Mission 8:00
— frironiny Prayer and Sermon 7:45
The regular monthly meeting of the
Vestry will fee held following the
Advertisers Will Find Our Col
umns a iMtchkey to Over 1,600
Homes of Martin County
Large Amount Expected to
Be Received Tomorrow
And Monday
Much Tobacco in This Section Has
Already Been Graded; and Big
Break Is Expected
Statements made by the several
warehousemen here this morning:
print to one of the largest openings
ever experienced by the Williamson
U.baceo marke next Tuesday. All ar
rangi ments possible have been made
'.« handle smoothly the large amount
i.l tobacco that will come in for the
sale that day. Several farmers have
already brought tobacco hero for the
opening, and a large amount of the
gulden weed is expected as early as
i tomorrow night and Monday.
A few of the buyers who will l>.»
011 the market this year have alreay
arrived, and the remaining ones will
arrive not later than Monday noon,
According to letters from the many
companies to the warehousemen here.
uuu'unt of the tobacco in
th# section- mis graded, and a
la'ge break is expected, but with the
two acres of floor space, the day's
;:nles are exepeted to move rapidly
riUul the lloors cleared for -Welne*»
day's offi'rings.
Sales will begin promptly at nine
a .UK and continue straight through
with a short time oiit for lunch. The
people of the entire section are in
vited to visit the market that day.
Hope To Secure Additional
Teacher for Primary
1 The Hamilton school will open
| Monday, September 12. Two tachers
• who were not in the school last year
have been secured, Miss Etlie Waldo,
j ai.d Miss Ruth Faulkner. The faculty
in as follows: Miss Pasco Davidson,
. first grade; Mis Effie Waldo, second
| and third grades; Miss Myrtle Dixon,
fourth and fifth grae; Miss Ruth
j Fauldkner, sixth and seventh grades;
j Miss Cornelia Ayers, high school; W.
i W. Clarke, principal.
! It is hoped that through consolida
tion of other schools or otherwise, an
extra teacher may be employed to
serve in the congested primary d®
! partment.
The school is very anxious that all
j parents who may find it possible
j to attend will come on the opaninK
I morning. Moreover, are they urged to
I see that their children enroll on ithet
first day and attend regulaly through
1 out the school year. In this only
can they secure the best services tha\
the school will have to otter, farents
who have children beginning their
| s hool life this year are very earnest
-1 ly requested to bring these children
and have them start in their work
-j the first day. A proposal for the re
organization of the Parent-Teachers
Association will be made at the as
sembly on this first day.
The byilding is now undergoing re
pairs and both building and grounds
are to be thoroughly cleaned and
I renovated before school opens. A new
high school library is beint? organized,
i The three trucks have been overhuul
;ed and will transport the chidrefi
j in the three sections of the district as
was done lust year.
Program of Services
At Methodist Church
Regular services, 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m.
Because of the revival at Everetts,
) there will be no services at the Metho
dist church there Sunday night.
We shall have our services at Holly
Springs, Sunday afternoon at 8:00
» p. m. v.*.
T. W. IJCE, Pastor.

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