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Entered at the po*t office at Williainston, N. C., as second-clasS
matter under the act of Congress of 3, 1879.
Address all communications W The Enterprise and not to indi
vidual members of the company,
Tuesday, September 20, 1927
- :
An Appreciation of the Rural Delivery Service
The-United Stales Post Office De
partment is without question Ameri
ca's best big business; and is o|>erat
ed with fewer mistakes in proper
portion to volume tharj. any other j
business. Must of the mistakes that
da occur result from carelessness of
the public rather than, frojn. those
who serve as postal officials.
Perhaps the feature of the postal
operation that appeals more than
any other ojle thing is that it treats
all alike. N T o discounts to the rich,
but the same price to all. The same'
official delivers mail to the big white
house in the groie and to" the little
negro tenant house by the \yayside
alike. 7- . J
It is within easy recolkctioji of'
many now living when we had but
half a dozen |x)st offices in Martin j
bounty. But now we have 767 j
branch offices, within a small radius
• I
of Williamston alone. These i
"branch offices" serve 1,551 fam
ilie« and a total population of 5,203 j
persons above 10 years old. lhesej
"branch offices" are really family
aMh-door post offices, with the same
Just Received
r "
Hardware Co.
Williamston, N. C. *
gg G°°d Friends and Customers:
8B For the last two years I have found the Star Car-rfor power, beauty, and economy—to be the best car you can buy for the money. We don't
Sg have to tell you about the Star—Ask the Star owners.
g? 'if We are locating in Williamston and will be pleased to serve you at any time.
jjj ° ur cars thc P owcr • cotn{oTt > and beauty. Our prices are economical and are in the range of every one.
Before You Buy, Let Us Demonstrate the Star to You. One Demonstration Will Convince You
governmental protection that the offi
-1 ces in any tjf the big cities enjoy.
The bos owner himself has no right
to remove nor destroy his box with*
I out permission.
| . 7.67 jxist offices at the gate by the
iside of the road are divided into
five routes and are served I>y the
[ following Williamston carriers:
Route No. 1, James E. Harrell, 36-
!mile route; Route No. J, J. f*. I-eg
gett, 33.2 miles John 7 - Ed
mondsun, 30.1 ifiiles; No. 4, M. D'.J
! Watts, 30.3 miles; and No. 5, John
A. "Ward. 32.55' miles. The miles
traveled by these men total 162.15
each day, and during the first 16
(days of September they handled 24,-
jt)ls pieces of mail; three of these
t days were holidays or Sundays,,
! which means only 13 working days.
During this period the carrier qp
Route No. 1 handled an average of
1444 pieces of mail each day; No.
12, 381 pieces; No. 3, 352 pieces; No.
I 4, 363 pieces, and No, 5, 375 pieces.
* We get l no servlfe of the same
value half so cheap as the |>ostal serv
ice. A day's reading matter comes
Judge Stack's Criticism o( Henry Fori
It is possible that Judge A. M.
Static, of the North Carolina Super
ior/Court bench, has already been
sufficiently reprimanded for his crit
icism of Henry Ford in one of his
recent grand-jury charges. Yet when
a man holding a place of dignity,
and being the very emblem of jus-
Mice, shoots off stuff that is not true.
' in fact, but only a private opinion
of a man who has jjerhaps given
more attention to law than he has
to the facts in the case, it is time
for a reprimand, certainly. Judge
Stack's *cNvn words were entirely out
of harmony with the spirit of his
charge, "justice to All Men."
Ford has the distinction of build
ing for himself a big business with
out destroying anybody's elses busi
ness; He has given more miles for
The Raleigh Mayor's Stiaw-Hat Decree
, The following communication is
{dipped from the Raleigh A'nw and
1 Obrr server's correspondence column
lof September 19:
To*the editor: 1 have been in
Raleigh some time now on a busi
ness matter. '
A few days ago 1 read in your
paper a proclamation (!) by your
honored mayor concerning the
wearing of straw hats.
Last flight li a,, l " number of
others, was assaulted oh your
Streets by a gang of hoodlums,
perhaps the dutiful (?) sons of
respectable families; my head bad
ly bruised find my hat knocked to
tilt; sidewalk and trampled. No
a thousand miles for 2 cents; and a
letter goes across the continent for
2 cents.
All the postal work-is prompt. The
big industrial masters can't begin to
compare with the promptness and dis
patch of our |*>stal service.
Milt Tolbert's
Tent Show
I In Washington
All This Week
The Tolbert Company invites all the William
ston people to visit their mammoth tent theater
in Washington this week.
Good acting, singing, and dancing. Mr. Mc-
Iver, a black-face comedian, with eight chorus
girls, will appear in the concert every night.
A Four-Act Drama
Admission 25c and 35c
Tent located on corner of Charlotte and Second
A change of program every night. Hear our
nine-piece orchestra. It alone is worth the price
of admission. Begins every evening at 7:30.
than anybody die. St
the samY time he has done more
for his labor than any great indus
trial leader in America has done.
Most of the idle rich are enjoying
riches t rushed out of others. They
have gone In; knocked down and
druged out with merciless and un
fair competition until they have de
stroyed and gobbledsyup tbe business
o( Mothers and are now {reading on
theory bones of the fallen.
Judge Stack has a perfect right
to be for or against Ford, but no
right to use it in a jury charge, un
less Ford has broken the North Car
olina law.
~wT can not sWSndonour educa
tion at the schoolhouse door. We
have to keep it up through life.—~
Calvin Coolidge.
UQIIM this was encouraged by the
proclamation of) your honorable
mayor. /
The policeman on the block
stood idly by and seemed tfVgreat
ly enjoy the embarassment and ir
ritation of the victims of the
hoodlums, and. made no effort tt)
interfere with the sport.(?).
*lt is ■generally admitted. 1 think,
that a man has the right to wear
such apparel as comfort, conveni-*
cute and his finances may neces
sitate, so long as he- observes or
dinary decency in his appearance.
Are parents doing their duty to
permit their- children to become
adults without having taught them
to respect the persons of strang-
N'ow, 1 submit that any full
grown man who will spend two
minutes in writing such an inane
proclamation that will tend to in
cur *uch disrespectful acts as to
cnusc embarassment, loss, and irri
tation to citizens ami visitors has
not sufficient brains to be an effic-
ient janitor for a cow stable.
The less said about a policeman
that witnesses such thing!) oil the
public streets without action the
I think this just about voices the
ideas of a number of other visi
tors to your city, as well as my
St. Louis, Mo.
The above reprimand is none too'
drastic. When the mayor of a capi-;
tal city as fine and homelike as Ra
leigh—in the best State of them all—
Lower Fertilizer Ptices Indicated
Taking the market prices of ni
trates at this time as a basis of prices
for the coming year, it appears that
fertilizers will be cheap again this
Sulphate of ammonia—2s per cent
ammonia—is now selling at $50.00
per ton, equal to 10 cents a pound,
the lowest price for many years.
The other mineral nitrogens are
also low in price.
Of course, if there is not a 'gentle*
man's agreement" among the manu
facturers, ,cut-throat -prices may a-
gain prevail.
. Many of the price-cuttinc com
panies were charged this season with
a? New coats that combine sumptuous furs with youthfulness $ ?
58 of line are here for early inspection and selection of those wo- v ?
88 men and misses who appreciate the many advantages enjoyed
w through unrestricted choice. Style, quality, and price are fac
w tors which rtiake these coats particularly attractive. First Fall S 
vg Showing Saturday. s > t
gets funny enough" to decree the de
struction of straw bats on a certain
Ford ha the distinction of build
ishriess. Regardless ol whether he
was friend or stranger, young or old,
rich or poor, if he walked along the
streets of our Capital City he was
caught in the power of 'low-stoopers'
who knocked his hat off and stamped
it. Mr. Perkins made a strong in
dictment, but not too strong.
The gabble of the geese helped
Carthage more than the mayor's anti
straw-hat proclamation did Ralegih.
cutting quality as well as prices. We
believe the charge was untrue, as we
have seen good cor it, good tobacco,
nnd a fine growth of both cotton and
peanuts, indicating a good grade of
Inventions, through chemical pro
cesses, has been the greatest factor
in lowering prices of all kinds o'f
mineral products; in phosphates, pot
ash, and nitrogen. The improved
machinery and lower freight rates
from Chile has made nitrate of soda
much cheaper.
After all, farmers need not grieve
so much, if guano is low this sea
son. *
Tuesday, September 20, 1927
Germany Pleads Not Guilty
-V . .
President Von Hindendburg now
says that Germany was not guilty
of starting the war.
Hindenburg pleaUs just like all
other criminals, "Not guilty." The
law requires all murderers to plead
not guilty or else they are only
chargeable with insanity. So Presi
dent Hindenburg pleads not guilty
because he has to. It makes the peo
ple who elected him feel a little bet
ter when their president says they
were not bad.
Hindenburg has avoided telling
who it was that started fighting first,
shooting, killing, besieging, and run
ning over somebody's else's country.
Funeral Director
Licensed Embalmer
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/ Excellent Service at
Moat Reasonable Price
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